The Top 55 Matches.. of the first half.. of 2014 (# 25-16)

A couple Shield matches, a couple Ricochet matches, and a 450 that might be the single most impressive ‘what a maneuver’ I’ve ever seen. #25 was #1 in terms of pure fun. #21 was the last great, completely unleashed KENTA match that we’ll get for a long while. Meltzer dropped a ‘MOTYC’ on #19 because he had friends over, and they thought it was the best match they’d ever seen… and #17 could be MOTY if not for the finish. The crowd’s so worried about the health and safety of blonde dude dying for his art that the finish comes off flat. Gotta stick that landing. But there ya go..

Top 55 Matches (25 thru 16)