WWF Wrestling Challenge March 22nd, 1987

March 22, 1987

From the Ohio Center in Columbus, OH

Your hosts are Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

In action tonight will be the Hart Foundation, Koko B. Ware, and the Can-Am Connection. Plus, highlights from the battle royal from “Saturday Night’s Main Event.”

We are show clips from the battle royal that took place at SNME. It lasts for a few minutes.

Hart Foundation w/ Jimmy Hart & Danny Davis vs. Jim Powers & Paul Roma

Here are Powers & Roma are teaming before they officially became the Young Stallions. Also, the feud between Roma and Lombardi was dropped out of nowhere as that has not been mentioned on TV in a while. Roma and Powers are sporting matching trunks though. Hart slams Roma to start then grabs a headlock. Roma catches Bret with a backdrop then a dropkick before he tags out. Powers shoves Hart into the corner but stands around as Bret attacks him from behind. Bret drops him throat-first on the top rope then kicks him out of the ring where Davis lands a few kicks. The Harts use quick tags to isolate Powers before they put him away with the Hart Attack (2:37). After the match the Hart Foundation attack both guys as Davis drops an elbow on Powers after the attack then tosses him to the floor.

Thoughts: Decent action as the Hart Foundation continues to be the most impressive tag team in the WWF. They really had their act down pat in 1987.

Craig DeGeorge is with Roddy Piper. DeGeorge was such a cornball. Anyway, Piper talks about the stars he has faced then mocks Adonis for not being one of them. Not much to this segment.

Johnny K-9 vs. Koko B. Ware

Koko starts the match off on fire as he hits Johnny with a armdrags and a slam. Reed and Slick taunt Koko in an insert promo as Johnny nearly drops Koko while performing a backbreaker. Koko hits a missile dropkick after getting whipped into the corner then gets the win with the Ghostbuster (2:10).

Thoughts: The fans still loved Koko. Poor guy got no push despite that too. He was facing K-9, who is truly one of the lowest forms of life to enter the wrestling business. You can Google all of the crimes he has committed.

Okerlund tries to interview Andre the Giant as Heenan interrupts to tell him that he does the talking for Andre. Heenan then hypes up Andre as the next champion and calls Okerlund a “dummy” for trying to speak to Andre. They are hammering home the point that Heenan is the voice for Andre and that he was somehow brainwashed Andre into aligning with him

A Hacksaw Jim Duggan vignette as he is mopping a floor to show that Americans have not gone soft as he will rid the WWF of Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff. These vignettes were goofy but Duggan was over quickly with the fans.

King Kong Bundy w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Mario Mancini

Johnny V. takes over for Heenan on commentary. As Bundy beats on Mancini, Hillbilly Jim is shown in an insert promo telling Bundy that he better not hurt one of his “little buddies” as Bundy finishes off Mancini with a splash (0:53). After the match, Bundy grabs the mic and warns the midgets that will happen to them if they get in his way as Mancini gets taken out on a stretcher.

Thoughts: The angle of Bundy potentially crushing a midget at least gave the WrestleMania match some sort of storyline as it has been one of the least hyped matches on the card.

Okerlund is with Hulk Hogan who says that WrestleMania III is a big deal unlike his other encounters against Andre. He then asks Gene how he would feel if a kid looked up to Andre and started to “lie, cheat, and steal” as Gene did not appear like he would

Aretha Franklin is with Okerlund, who says that the wrestlers are as big as her “hits.” Brief but Franklin did not come across as embarrassed to be here or anything.

Can-Am Connection vs. Terry Gibbs & Iron Mike Sharpe

The match breaks down off of the bat. The Can-Ams clear the ring with a double dropkick as we get an insert promo from Muraco & Orton, who tell the Can-Ams that its power and knowledge, not excitement that wins matches. They go back and forth for a bit until it breaks down again. The Can-Ams reverse a double noggin-knocker and come back with dropkicks then Zenk catches Gibbs with a powerslam and Martel puts him away with a slingshot splash (2:40).

Thoughts: Nice showcase for the Can-Am Connection as they have a lot of momentum heading into WrestleMania III

Replay of “Piper’s Pit” from the 3/21/87 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling” where Jack Tunney shows us the custom-made belt that Andre the Giant will wear should he become the World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania III.

Snake Pit with guest Hulk Hogan. Roberts first runs down the Honky Tonk Man, saying that he is a bonebreaker and not a tailshaker like Honky. Hogan then talks about how he has to be beaten before Andre can wear his special belt. Roberts points out how the WWF doesn’t think he will win as they already made the belt for Andre as Hogan gets where they are coming from as Jake asks him about people questioning his routine of saying his prayers and taking his vitamins as Hogan tells the non-believers can play with Andre’s toy (as he holds up the special belt made for Andre) until WrestleMania but after that day they can put it in a box as they will not be needing it any longer.

Hercules w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Jim Young

Johnny V. is back on commentary. Hercules destroys Young to start the match then we get another psychotic promo from Haynes as Hercules makes Young submit to the Full Nelson (0:41).

Thoughts: They have done all they could to hype up the Haynes/Hercules match as these two are ready to fight. And its not been a bad feud at all, in fact it was a good one, but its time for these two to fight after months of feuding.

Okerlund is with Randy Savage. He says that Steamboat is nervous as he is just hyper. Ain’t that the truth. Savage says that he will be peaking at the Silverdome and that Steamboat will be unable to take away his Intercontinental Title.

Next week in action will be Tito Santana, King Harley Race, and “Adorable” Adrian Adonis.

Final Thoughts: Not bad but the WrestleMania III card does not need to be hyped anymore. Luckily the show is just eight days after this aired as a few more weeks of build up would have been tiresome. As far as PPV builds go, WrestleMania III might have been the most impressive of all-time.

Here is my schedule for the rest of the week:

Thursday: RF Video Shoot Interview with D’Lo Brown
Friday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 3/28/87
Sunday: WWF Wrestling Challenge: 3/29/87
Tuesday: WWF WrestleMania III

WWF Wrestling Challenge February 22nd, 1987

February 22, 1987

From the Lee Civic Center in Fort Myers, FL

Your hosts are Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

In action tonight will be Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Junkyard Dog, and the featured bout of George “The Animal” Steele vs. “The Natural” Butch Reed. Plus, we will hear all of the announced matches for WrestleMania III and more.

Chic Donovan vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

Both guys start off by trading moves and that leads to a fast-paced Irish whip sequence ending with a hip toss from Steamboat. The Wizard is shown with Sika & Kamala in a screaming promo about WrestleMania III as Donovan has Steamboat grounded. Steamboat hits a backdrop then comes back with a slam and a dropkick. Steamboat hits a clumsy looking backbreaker before applying a chinlock. Steamboat switches to a headlock and maintains the hold after a backbreaker but then gets hit with a back suplex. Donovan dumps Steamboat outside and beats on him as the crowd chants for Steamboat. The announcers hype WrestleMania III as Steamboat fights back and slams Donovan outside the ring then rolls him back in and hits the flying body press for the win (4:53).

Thoughts: The announcers spent most of the match talking about WrestleMania III but really didnt devote all that much time to the Savage/Steamboat saga. Donovan looked solid here. He was a journeyman who wrestled all over and had a solid physique and blonde hair but was on the short side. He could have made a fine lower card guy in the WWF at this time as he had some semblance of a personality. He got in a decent amount of offense as well.

Barry O. vs. Junkyard Dog

Barry bounces off of JYD then misses a dropkick. Heenan is shown in an insert promo with King Harley Race hyping his WrestleMania III match as Barry clotheslines JYD. Barry starts to taunt the crowd but turns around and walks into a sorry excuse for a headbutt then gets the win with a powerslam (1:33).

Thoughts: Barry worked about 99.9% of the match himself as JYD barely even moved. JYD was pathetic in the ring at this point and would become even worse over the next few years.

Gene Okerlund is with Billy Jack Haynes, who talks about how he has been the master of the full nelson for five years. He then asks the fans for support, as he claims he has never turned his back on them, then tells Hercules the only way he will submit is if his neck is broken then yells about how he will break the neck of Hercules to settle this feud once and for all. Holy shit was Haynes scary here. You really believed him when he said that it would take someone’s neck to be broken in order for hi feud against Hercules ended.

We get a replay of Okerlund’s interview with Roddy Piper from the 2/21/87 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling” in which Piper confirms that WrestleMania III will be his last match. They then show a clip of Piper’s match against Adrian Adonis from “Saturday Night’s Main Event”

Okerlund is with Bobby Heenan, who tells us that Hogan has never offered Andre the Giant a championship match and is a “miserable excuse of a human being” for using Andre and now, they will use Hogan.

A replay of the clip with the Can-Am Connection being hounded by female fans from a few weeks with Jesse Ventura disgusted by this taking place.

Cowboy Bob Orton & Don Muraco w/ Mr. Fuji vs. David Stoudemire & Salvatore Bellomo

Freddie Blassie makes a surprise apperance on commentary as Bellomo works over Orton briefly until he runs into a forearm. Muraco tags and hits a gutbuster as the heels are beating on Bellomo in the corner. We get an insert promo from Mr. Fuji warning the Can-Am Connection what will happen at WrestleMania III as Muraco hits Stoudemire with a gordbuster then tags Orton, who gets the win with a superplex (2:04).

Thoughts: Quick match to build up the vets for the Can-Am Connection at WrestleMania III.

Replay of the “Snake Pit” from the 2/21/87 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling” where the Honky Tonk Man attacked Jake Roberts with a guitar.

WrestleMania Report with Gene Okerlund as he runs down all of the matches and gives us information on how to get tickets and the local locations that are showing it on closed-circuit television.

“The Natural” Butch Reed w/ Slick vs. George “The Animal” Steele

Steele chased Slick out of the ring before the match but that allows Reed to attack him from behind. Steele fights back and chases him around the ring but gets distracted again by Slick. Steele fights back and when the ref checks on Reed, Slick hits Steele with his cane. Steele chases Slick backstage and is looking for him as he sees Koko B. Ware backstage watching on the monitor where he tells Steele to get back into the ring. At this point the bell has already rung but Steele & Koko run out to the ring and sees Slick and Reed. Steele chases after Slick then Koko hits Reed with a missile dropkick to finally clear them both from the ring (1:33).

Thoughts: Although the action was poor it was a bit entertaining to watch and it helped build more tension for the Reed/Ware match at WrestleMania III. Steele truly was great in his role.

Okerlund is with Ricky Steamboat, who promises to give everything he has so he can win the Intercontinental Title. He leaves then Hogan comes in and first says that he thrives on the passion of guys like Ricky Steamboat and Billy Jack Haynes then cuts a promo on Andre as he calls him a liar and to be ready for the test of his life. Good promos from both guys.

Next week in action will be Nikolai Volkoff & Iron Sheik, Hart Foundation, and the featured bout of Roddy Piper vs. “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff.

Final Thoughts: This show was okay overall but it would have been a lot better had you missed “Superstars of Wrestling” because you got all of the hot angles. They did some angle advancement for the WrestleMania III lower card matches as far as original stuff and had some entertaining promos as well.

Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Saturday: RoH Wrestlerave 6/28/03
Sunday: WWF Madison Square Garden 2/23/87
Tuesday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 2/28/87
Thursday: Shoot Interview TBD
Friday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 3/1/87

WWF Superstars of Wrestling November 22nd, 1986

November 22, 1986

From the Broome County Arena in Binghamton, NY

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, and Vince McMahon

Tonight, Randy Savage defends the Intercontinental Title against Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. Plus, the results of the “Vote of Confidence” for the Honkytonk Man and Hillbilly Jim & Tito Santana & Pedro Morales vs. The Dream Team and Johnny V.

WWF Intercontinental Championship Match
Randy “Macho Man” Savage (Champion) w/ Elizabeth vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

Dave Hebner is the referee for this match as he orders Danny Davis out of the ring. The fans go nuts for Steamboat as he makes his entrance. These two start off the match by going right at each other. Steamboat uses his speed and catches Savage with an armdrag then work the arm for a bit. Steamboat uses a few reversals then slams Savage before taking him over with another armdrag. Savage fights out and hits a pair of shoulderblocks but gets caught with another armdrag after a fast-paced sequence. Savage grabs Steamboat by the hair then beats on him in the corner. Knee drop gets two. He heads up top and hits the double axe handle but that only gets two. Steamboat fights back and ends up rolling through a flying body press for a nearfall. Savage catches Steamboat with a knee after a charge but Steamboat rams Savage off of the turnbuckle then hits a flying chop. Steamboat hammers away but Savage tosses him to the floor. Savage blocks a sunset flip the Steamboat skins the cat and gets two with a reverse rollup. Steamboat leapfrogs Savage, who crashes into the referee. Steamboat heads up top and hits the flying body press as Hebner is down. Davis runs in and asks Hebner if he is okay just as Hebner got up to make the count as Vince goes off on commentary. Savage takes Steamboat outside then drops him throat-first on the guardrail. Savage drapes Steamboat over the guardrail again and goes up top and hits a double axe handle as Steamboat is grabbing his throat in severe pain as the match ends in a double count out (7:02) **3/4. Savage then grabs the timekeeper’s bell and rams it into Steamboat’s throat as he is rolling around on the mat in pain. savage heads up op again but Hebner prevents him from inflicting further punishment. The medics and some road agents come out and put Steamboat on the stretcher then take him to the back as the fans are in shock. They show a few more replays of the incident.

Thoughts: Just an amazing segment. This worked great with the crowd too as they were in disbelief as to what happened to Steamboat. The match was really a SNME quality match too that was rarely seen on these shows. This was the segment which started the feud that would eventually lead to the blowoff match at WrestleMania III for those who were unaware.

WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. This week’s subject is Paul Orndorff and how his peers have ranked him the #1 contender to Hogan’s title. They show Heenan and Orndorff reading the “WWF Magazine” article that contains that information as they run down his doubters and Orndorff declares that he is the cream that has risen to the top.

Al Navarro vs. The Junkyard Dog

JYD takes down Navarro and hits him with crawling headbutts before getting the win with a powerslam (0:37). After the match he dances with kids.

Thoughts: All of JYD’s TV matches should have been this short as he really could not go at all in long matches.

Sammartino is in front of the locker room as he tells us that Steamboat just had a tube put in his throat and that the ambulance is on their way to take them to the hospital.

Ken Resnick is with Hulk Hogan and asks him about his match in Boston against Kamala. Hogan says that he is ready for Hogan and that Boston knows that he feels no pain and promises that Kamala will find out that he is the king of the jungle.

We get a promo from Superstar Billy Graham from the desert saying that he will be back in the WWF.

Dino Bravo w Johnny C vs. Kurt Kaufman

Bravo chops Kaufman against the ropes then hits him with a backbreaker. He then clotheslines down Kaufman before hitting a back suplex for the win (0:55).

Thoughts: No one cared about Bravo at this point. The announcers made fun of the jobber’s slight build throughout the match.

Bruno rejoins commentary and tells us how Steamboat needed that tube in his throat to save his life and that he is being taken away to the hospital.

Resnick is with The Islanders as they run down their opponents in Boston, the Dream Team. Nothing special here.

Another Outback Jack video, this time of him with a group of Aborigines. Jack also sported the tribal face paint.

Jimmy Jack Funk vs. Dick Slater

Jack attacks Slater as he enters the ring. Slater then knocks down Funk and heads up top but gets tossed. Funk drops Slater across the top rope then they slug it out for a bit as Slater wins that. Slater then hits a swinging neckbreaker then an elbow smash. Slater tries a figure four but Funk blocks that and tosses Slater on the apron. Slater fights back and sends Funk into the corner then climbs up top and hits an elbow smash then drops another elbow for the win (2:12).

Thoughts: Barely anyone cared about this match either as Slater was never over with the crowds during his time in the WWF.

Piper’s Pit with guests Kamala, Kimchee, and the Wizard. Piper makes fun of them as the Wizard drones on and on. Piper mocked the Wizard pretty well here but other than that it was unmemorable.

Ray Vance vs. Billy Jack Haynes

Haynes hits a back suplex then follows that with a kneelift. Haynes hammers away as a few in the start a boring chant. Haynes then locks on the full nelson and gets the win via submission (1:06). Haynes got booed after he was introduced as the winner surprisingly enough.

Thoughts: This crowd in Binghamton hated Haynes for some reason. Usually, Haynes received favorable crowd reactions.

Jesse Ventura is shown with the Honkytonk Man as he reveals the results of Honky’s “Vote of Confidence.” 674,383 votes were cast and the results but only 71,111 who voted liked the Honkytonk Man. Honky is in shock and promises to go seek out “Big Fat Tunney.” This vote was in no way legitimate as the show took place at the same taping as the show when the “Vote of Confidence” was announced. However, it still was a brilliant way to have him turn heel.

The Dream Team & Johnny V vs. Hillbilly Jim & Pedro Morales & Tito Santana

Jim boots down Valentine to start. Pedro tags and hammers away but referee Danny Davis stops him as Pedro is pissed. Valentine cheap shots him as the Dream Team briefly double-team him until Pedro backdrops Beefcake then tags Tito, who fires away. Jim tags and tosses Beefcake, who asks for a timeout. Johnny tags and rakes the eyes but Jim no-sells then tags Tito as he kills him with a flying forearm. He goes for the figure four and Valentine breaks that up then the match breaks down as Davis calls for the bell and awards the match to the Dream Team & Johnny V. as he claimed that the other team started the brawl (3:12).

Thoughts: The match was a backdrop for the continuation of the Davis angle as these six guys were stuck having meaningless midcard matches.

Resnick is with Bobby Heenan and asks him about the matches his men have in Boston (Race vs. Morales and JYD vs. Orndorff). He says that Orndorff has a “news blackout” and will not be giving interviews and is upset that Orndorff is not getting a shot at the title. He then talks about Morales being washed up.

Sammartino is backstage and said that Steamboat as left in an ambulance as he was barely able to breath even with the tube in his throat. Savage then interrupts as he sarcastically asks Sammartino how Steamboat is doing and says he is proud of what he has done and this sets Sammartino off as he chokes out Savage until he is pulled off by S.D. Jones, Corporal Kirchner, and Hillbilly Jim. After that, Jesse goes off on Sammartino for being a biased reporter. And this segment would start a feud between Bruno and Savage with matches at various house shows. Savage was so fucking awesome as a heel here.

Final Thoughts: Great show as the Steamboat/Savage angle completely dominated things. They really got these guys over strong and it was compelling to watch at the time as this type of show-long angle rarely happened on these shows. Other than that, the matches were complete filler, which was fine as they were getting overshadowed by Savage/Steamboat anyway. Definitely check out the Steamboat/Savage stuff if you can.

Ring of Honor: Road to the Title June 22nd, 2002

June 22, 2002
From the Murphy Recreation Center in Philadelphia, PA
Your hosts are Steve Corino and Donnie B.

Da Hit Squad pumps up Low Ki in the locker room by telling him that the tournament is all about him. Ki then gets up and starts to throw forearms against the wall before promising to win the title.
Block C
Bio Hazard vs. American Dragon
Bio Hazard cheapshots Dragon after shaking his hand. The rules of the tournament are explained as the final four competitors tonight will compete in an hour-long Ironman match for the belt at the next show. Bio Hazard hits a few suplexes but Dragon chops him back. He hits a few forearm smashes but eats boot on a charge. Dragon comes right back with a DDT and an inverted suplex before locking on the Cattle Mutilation for the win (2:34) *.
Thoughts: Fine for what is was but too short to really develop. Bio Hazard looked solid.
Block A
Paul London vs. Spanky
These two start on the mat as neither guy can gain the advantage. London slingshots in with a flying headscissors and follows that with a few armdrags. London sends Spanky to the floor with a spinning heel kick but was unable to follow him out with a tope as Spanky moved out of the way. Spanky gets back in the ring and hits London with a few suplexes then works the arm. Spanky spins out of a sunset flip attempt then sets him up for a running kick that got two. Suplex gets two as Spanky is getting frustrated. They trade forearm smashes as London gets the best of that. London hits him with a twisting senton but charges and runs into a flying headscissors. London then dodges a kick and murders Kendrick with a super kick as both men are down and the crowd going crazy. London is up first and heads up top. He shoves Spanky down but misses the shooting star press. Spanky tries for the Sliced Bread #2 but London crotches Spanky on the ropes then kicks him outside. London then flies out with a somersault plancha, nearly killing himself in the process. He rolls Spanky inside then hits a sweet double springboard quebrada for a nearfall. Spanky fights back but London slams him down with a chickenwing facebuster for two. London heads up top but Spanky cuts him off and then London almost dies as they completely botch a superplex. Holy shit was London lucky to be able to get up after that. Spanky hits a brainbuster then heads up top and that leads to a few reversals that finishes with Spanky hitting the Sliced Bread #2 for the win (9:57) **1/2.
Thoughts: Clunky at times but entertaining enough. Spanky was a lot more advanced in the ring than London was at this point. Spanky was also the most charismatic person in the promotion. The superplex botch was incredibly scary to watch.
Block C
Jay Briscoe vs. Doug Williams
Williams starts by schooling Jay with his mat wrestling. Mark then Briscoe comes out to show his brother support. They go back and forth some more until Jay hits a dropkick. He then hits a trio of suplexes for a nearfall before chopping Williams in the corner. Williams reverses an Irish whip and send Jay in the corner and hits consecutive running knee smashes. Jay floats over on a suplex attempts then folds Williams in half with a powerbomb. Top rope leg drop gets two. He tries for the Jaydriller but Williams is able to block the move. He fights back with European uppercuts then finishes him off with the Chaos Theory (Roll up into a German Suplex) (6:18) **1/4.
Thoughts: Fine match. Williams looked good in his RoH debut and they continued the friction between the Briscoe Brothers.
Block A
Jonny Storm vs. Jody Fleisch
Both of these guys are from the FWA promotion in England. They start by going a million miles an hour and end in a standoff, which the crowd applauds. Not bad but it was extremely choreographed. Storm kicks Fleisch through the ropes and follows out with a senton. Back inside, Storm’s momentum sends him flying through the ropes and then he comes back in where they completely botch a floatover. Fleisch super kicks Storm then sends him to the floor with a clothesline and follows him out with a springboard shooting star press. Back inside, they engage in a pinfall reversal sequence that lasts just a bit too long. Storm follows Fleisch to the top rope and takes him down with a German suplex. Storm messes up a springboard frankensteiner but recovers and gets a nearfall. They mess up another spot but that leads to a rana for two. Fleisch comes back with a tornado DDT  but it gets blocked when he tries it again. Storm tries for another springboard rana but Fleisch catches him in a sitout powerbomb for the win (7:01) *1/2.
Thoughts: Neither guy impressed to be honest and the match was really sloppy. Fleisch is the least impressive guy to make it into the second round.
Block D
Prince Nana vs. Low Ki
Nana attacks Ki before the bell. He rams him into the turnbuckle then hits a suplex. Nana stomps away then hits an avalanche in the corner. The crowd chants for Low Ki as Nana continues to destroy him. Ki tries to fight back but Nana knocks him back down. Nana misses a second avalanche then Ki absolutely drills him with an enziguiri as the referee calls for the bell (3:54) ½*. A few officials and Rob Feinstein, dressed like a gay raver (well, the rumors state that he was one), comes into the ring to check on Nana.
Thoughts: They put over Ki strong here, which was the main thing. Nana was never thought of as someone who would win this match.
Block D
Xavier vs. Amazing Red
Xavier hits Red with an overhead suplex to start. Red comes back with a tornado DDT then hits him with a running flip dive. Back inside, Xavier catches Red and power bombs him. Red floats over on a pumphandle then takes down Xavier with a rana, who ends up using a handspring and from that hits Red with a kick. Red comes back with a nearfall off of a sunset bomb then hits a few kicks. Xavier slams Red down and heads up top but misses the 450 splash. Red comes back with a springboard into a DDT. Xavier cuts off Red  but Ed counters the splash mountain and hits a spinkick then goes up top for the Infrared before finishing off Xavier with the Red Star Press (4:21) **.
Thoughts: Good action but too short to mean anything. Xavier’s push has been put on hold,  for tonight anyway.
Block B
“Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels vs. Scoot Andrews
Before the match, Daniels talks about the Prophecy and its first member, Simply Luscious. Daniels attacks Scoot as soon as he enters the ring. He hits a clothesline but Andrews slams Daniels off of a tilt-a-whirl. Dropkick gets two for Andrews but Daniels comes back with a neckbreaker. He punches away in the corner but Andrews counters a bulldog attempt and hits a few punches. Daniels floats over on a pumphandle slam but Andrews hits a Tiger Bomb for a nearfall. Daniels comes back with a STO then hits the Best Moonsault Ever for the win (2:29) *.
Thoughts: Again, too short to mean anything.
After the match, Luscious hits Andrews then begs for him to hit her back. Andrews says that he has never hit a woman but knows someone who will then brings out Sumie Sakai, who the crowd applauds and we get an impromptu match.
Simply Luscious vs. Sumie Sakai
They trade nearfalls to start then Sakai hits a few dropkicks and a slam for a nearfall. Luscious comes back with a dropkick then hits a spinebuster for two. Sakai hits a pair of missile dropkicks but still cannot put Luscious away. Luscious gets two off of a suplex but Sakai hits several overhead chops then locks on an abdominal stretch. Sakai hits a terrible-looking slam and heads up top for the moonsault and the win (3:26) DUD.
Thoughts: Awful match. These two were not on the same page at all and why even bother to have a title tournament match set this up, when RoH was not even promoting a women’s division at the time. A giant waste.
Block B
AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn
This is just before they started their great feud in TNA. They both trade off working the arm to start the match and that ends in a standoff. They are now engaging in a fast-paced reversal sequence that looks fine but a little too choreographed. Lynn grounds AJ then puts him in a bow-and-arrow lock. He stomps AJ then hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker that gets two. AJ blocks a tornado DDT attempt but Lynn ends up tossing AJ into the turnbuckle with an overhead suplex and that gets two. AJ took one hell of a bump on that. AJ escapes from a Gory Special and connects with a super kick. Swinging neckbreaker gets two. AJ goes to work on the arm for a while until Lynn backdrops AJ to the apron then hits a leg drop. AJ blocks a suplex attempt and comes back with a fallaway neckbreaker that gets two then AJ goes back to the arm. Now they counter each other’s finishers until Lynn plants AJ with an enziguiri as both men are down. They get up an engage in a pinfall reversal sequence. Lynn hits a German suplex with a bridge for two as both men are down again as Corino mentions that the winner will face Christopher Daniels. AJ goes up top and hits the Spiral Tap but Lynn kicks out much to AJ’s dismay. Lynn comes back with a DDT then hits the TKO but AJ kicks out of that but AJ comes right back and hits the Styles Clash for the win (15:30) ***1/4.
Thoughts: Good match but these two would have better in TNA. A win over Lynn gives AJ more credibility with the RoH fanbase and that is a good thing.
Dunn and Marcos are in the ring proclaiming that they are the top tag team but Da Hit Squad run out and beat the shit out of them. After that, Quiet Storm come out and cannot believe that they call themselves the greatest team seeing as they haven’t had a match (they have but lets just play along). Now the SAT’s come out as RoH shows the complete lack of depth that they had at this time and a six-man brawl breaks out. After that, the Christopher St. Connection come out and kiss in the middle of the ring until Homicide & Boogaloo come out and break that up then Homicide bends Allison Danger over his knee and pulls up her skirt and slaps her ass. Now the Carnage Crew comes out as the announcers try to figure out who is the best tag team in RoH. This lasted for way too long and none of these teams were any good at all. Well, Natural Born Sinners seemed to have some potential but Boogaloo was gone after the next show. 
Block A Finals
Jody Fleisch vs. Spanky
This starts out with another fast-paced sequence that has been seen in almost every match. Fleisch takes down Spanky with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors and a spinning wheel kick. Spanky takes a breather and leaps up to the apron and blocks a dive attempt by Fleisch. He gets nearfalls with a brainbuster and a back suplex but Fleisch blocks a Sliced Bread #2 attempt and kicks Spanky to the floor. Fleisch tries a springboard moonsault but overshoots it and takes out the guardrail. He’s lucky he didn’t kill himself and the crowd applauds when he gets up. Back inside, Fleisch lands on his feet after Spanky rolled away from a shooting star press then gets two off of a rollup. Spanky misses a charge in the corner but ducks a flying attack then gets two with a La Magistral then follows with the Sliced Bread #2 for the win (5:15) *1/2.
Thoughts: Fleisch was nowhere near polished enough of a wrestler to be in this tournament, IMO, nevermind advancing to the second round. Spanky did a fine job.
Block C Finals
Doug Williams vs. American Dragon
Dragon hits an enziguiri to start off the match. He kicks Williams again and grabs a front facelock. Williams escapes and takes Dragon down then they take it to the mat. They bust out all sorts of wacky holds mixed in with stiff strikes. Williams catches Dragon on a crossbody attempt and hits a backbreaker then stretches him out over his knee. Butterfly suplex gets two then Williams puts Dragon in the Gory Special and drops him in the tree of woe. Williams dropkicks him then takes him down with a pair of running knee strikes. Dragon catches Williams with a dropkick as he comes off of the top rope then works the leg. They end up rolling out to the floor as Dragon works a figure four but the referee breaks it up. Dragon tries to suplex Williams back into the ring from the apron but Williams counters that and they end up on the floor. Back inside, Williams gets a nearfall with a rollup. They work a reversal sequence that ends with Williams hitting a tornado DDT that gets two. He lays into Dragon with a few European uppercuts but Bryan comes back with a neck crank suplex as both men are down. They get up and trade shots until Dragon knocks him down with a dropkick. He hits a suplex and follows with a diving headbutt but that only gets two. Williams dodges a corner charge and hits the Chaos Theory on Dragon but that only gets two as the fans are into this match. Dragon kicks the shit out of Williams and places him on top and hits a super back suplex but sells the move before covering and only gets two. He tries the Cattle Mutilation but Williams rolls through and hits a gutwrench suplex then pins him with a bridge for the win (13:36) ***1/2.
Thoughts: Damn good match. Some of these strikes were brutal as these two did not mind working snug. Dragon losing is a bit of a shock though.
Block D Finals
Amazing Red vs. Low Ki
The crowd chants “You killed Nana” at Low Ki, who starts off the match by kicking Red in the leg. Red comes back with a spin kick and that starts off a pretty great martial arts sequence which has the crowd going nuts. Ki grounds Red then blocks a few kicks and takes him down with a dragon screw. Ki hits a few kicks but Red takes him down then almost puts him away with the Red Star Press. Red’s bandana comes off as he attacks Ki. After countering a rana, Ki takes Red down with a rolling koppu kick that looked fantastic. He chops Red in the corner but Red dropkicks him in midair after he tried a handspring kick. The crowd is going apeshit right now as these two are doing some incredible spots that all look crisp. Ki kicks Red off of the second ropes and he takes a nasty bump to the floor. No wonder his knees are all fucked up today. Back inside, Ki attacks Red for a bit until Red comes back with a tornado DDT. Red dropkicks Ki off of the apron but is met with a knee to the head when he attempts to fly outside. Jesus. Ki signals for the Ki Krusher but Red is able to reverse it into a small package of sorts for a nearfall. Red then blocks a powerbomb attempt and off of that ends up hitting an inverted hurricarana. Ki rolls away from the Infrared then murders him with an European uppercut before sending Red into the turnbuckle with a Ki Krusher. Ki rolls Red back inside then rolls through his Phoenix Splash attempt. Red is then able to cut off Ki on top with a kick but Ki blocks a Hurricarana and hits a Super Ki Krusher for the win (11:13) ****. After the match, Brian XL comes in and cuts a promo that I cannot understand due to the poor audio quality then attacks Red until the SAT’s make the save and hit him with the Spanish Fly.
Thoughts: Fantastic match. These two had some incredible sequences and the work was all crisp. The Super Ki Krusher was an insane move too. This match gave Red some credibility, even in a losing effort. That is what you want out of these matches when your promotion is in it’s infancy.
Backstage, the Natural Born Sinners call out the Carnage Crew and say that they will kill them in a Bunkhouse Brawl match at the 7/27 show.
Brian XL bitches at Divine Storm for not making the save when he was attacked by the SAT’s. They couldn’t care less and neither could I to be honest.
Block B Finals
AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels w/Simply Luscious
These two start off the match with some mat work as Donnie B informs us that he has some breaking news to deliver after this match. Neither man can gain the advantage as they are frequently countering each other’s moves. Daniels grabs a quick rollup then they go back to the mat. Donnie B then breaks the news that on the 8/24 show, AJ Styles will face Low Ki in a rematch from the “Night of Appreciation” show. AJ gets a nearfall with a dropkick then they go back to the mat. The mat work is pretty good but it is getting a bit repetitive now. AJ kips up and catches Daniels with a rana then they trade shots until AJ dropkicks him to the floor. AJ slingshots outside with a twisting pescado  then they brawl on the apron until Daniels gains the advantage with a low blow then knocks him off the apron into the guardrail with a forearm smash that busts AJ open. Daniels attacks the cut on AJ’s head. They are back inside the ring as Daniels continues to attack the cut on AJ’s head. Daniels waves his blood-covered hand in front of the camera then goes back on the attack. Daniels pancakes AJ and that gets two. He misses a quebrada then AJ comes back with a brainbuster as both men are down. AJ is up first and sends Daniels to the floor then they brawl on the apron. Daniels is hung over the middle rope and AJ takes him down with a double jump moonsault for two. Daniels then comes back with a Flatliner and from that he immediately locks on the Koji Clutch as the crowd chants for AJ. Daniels has the hold broken up but comes back with a guillotine leg drop to the back of the head for two. Falcon Arrow gets two. Daniels gets pissed at the crowd chanting for AJ then stops a comeback with an eye poke. AJ comes back with an enziguiri then they blow a discus clothesline spot. AJ gets two off of a powerslam then hits a German suplex and rolls through that to hit a front face suplex, which gets two. Daniels comes back with a STO as both men are down again. Blue Thunder Bomb gets two. Daniels stalls and that allows AJ to stop a Best Moonsault Ever attempt. AJ tries for the Styles Clash but Daniels rolls through with an ankle lock then grapevines the leg. After that, they engage in a pinfall reversal sequence that the crowd appreciates. AJ then tries for the Phenomenon but Daniels blocks that and hits the Last Rites for the win (21:45) ***3/4. The crowd appreciates the efforts of both guys.
Thoughts: Started off a bit too slow but built up to a damn good match. AJ has established himself as a top guy in RoH tonight and worked the most out of anyone else on this show. Daniels winning was not a shock, especially considering that Low Ki advanced and they have feuded since the debut show.
Donnie B. comes into the ring and makes his announcement but Daniels grabs the mic from him and tells the fans that the “Code of Honor” is a farce. Daniels keeps grabbing the mic away from Donnie until Spanky comes in and tells off Daniels before knocking him down. Donnie finally speaks as the tells the fans that Ring of Honor TV can be shown weekly on WGTW-48 starting on Sept 2nd. Now, all four participants in the Ring of Honor 60 Minute Ironman Match come out as they reveal the RoH Championship but first Daniels interrupts by trying to steal the belt and this triggers a brawl between all four men. Ki refuses to let Daniels go from a Dragon Sleeper as Da Hit Squad begs for him to let go as does others then they try to pull him off and they carry them both out of the ring as Ki still has the hold locked onto Daniels.
AJ, still bleeding from his forehead, tells us that on the 7/27 show, he will face Adam Jacobs and David Young in a three-way match as they will all show us what the South is really about.
Rudy Boy is backstage looking for Simply Luscious.
Spanky taunts Dragon for not being in the finals or even booked for next month’s show. Dragon then challenges Spanky in a best of three falls match in Boston on 8/24 but Spanky just walks away.
Carnage Crew promises to take out the Natural Born Sinners then toss around a couple of the ring guys.
Outside of the arena, Corino is seen making out with Simply Luscious and stops to sarcastically thank Rudy Boy for making this happen.
Final Thoughts: Not a bad show as it featured four matches above ***. However, the tag team stuff was all horrible and the terrible production values, specifically the sound quality, made it difficult to follow the in-ring promos. The backstage stuff is generally terrible too, as is the announcing. The only thing the company has going is the in-ring product. The 60 Minute 4-Way Iron Man Match for the Belt should be interesting but besides the Bunkhouse Brawl tag, the next show has nothing else of importance.

WWF Championship Wrestling February 22nd, 1986

February 22, 1986

Your hosts are Jesse Ventura and Vince McMahon

Tonight, we will see the Intercontinental Title match from the Boston Garden between Randy Savage and Tito Santana. Also, Adrian Adonis and Paul Orndorff are in action. Plus, Hulk Hogan will make an appearance and much more.

Dave Barbie & Les Thornton & Rusty Brooks vs. Pedro Morales & Danny Spivey & Corporal Kirchner

Morales looks thrilled to be here. He starts the match by taking down Thornton a few times with a side headlock. Kirchner tags but Thornton takes him down with a belly-to-belly and tags Barbie. They completely fuck up a side slam spot then Kirchner hits a backbreaker and tags Spivey, who gets caught in the wrong but is able to escape and tags Morales but quickly tags back in and hits the bulldog for the win (3:07).

Thoughts: The action was pretty bad and no one at all cared about any of these guys.

WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week, he talks about Roddy Piper and “Boxing” Bob Orton. Hayes puts over Piper for being a champion boxer as a team and brings up his challenge aimed at any who has ever wrestled.

A plug for the “Wrestling Album” airs.

The WWF LJN “Thumb Wrestlers” commercial airs.

Jim Londos vs. Don Muraco w/ Mr. Fuji

Before the match, Muraco dedicates his piledriver to Jesse Ventura, who he calls the greatest announcer ever. Londos’ graphic gives him the first name “Jeff,” despite him being used on TV several times. The WWF production team frequently fucked up names. Muraco beats the fuck out of Londos, who is frequently out of position. Vince brings up how Hogan’s “Real American” music video will debut at next week’s “Saturday Night’s Main Event” as Muraco finishes him off with the tombstone (1:50).

Thoughts: Muraco was in the midst of his last push of any signifigance. He was very entertaining here.

Mean Gene is with Tito Santana. This is the same exact promo as the following week. They kept the title change a secret until they showed the clip on TV, despite the match taking place two weeks before this aired.

Mohawk Kid (?) vs. Paul Orndorff

Vince called him the Mohawk Kid on commentary and he was never given any other name. He jumped Orndorff to start but that didnt go anywhere. Orndorff slams him on the floor as Jesse talks about how he is ruthless. Orndorff hits an elbow smash and a knee drop then rubs his face into the mat.  Orndorff then takes his head off with a clothesline before finishing him off with a piledriver, complete with the arrogant cover. Jesse pointed out the hypocrisy of the crowd cheering Orndorff for that but booing him (2:10). After the match, Orndorff invites a kid into the ring who has a Hulk Hogan foam finger but has him put it down then takes off the kid’s shirt and teaches him how to pose before leaving the ring.

Thoughts: Orndorff beat the fuck out of this guy. Also, having the kid pose in the ring with him was new.

Mean Gene is backstage and breaks the news that Randy Savage beat Tito Santana for the IC Title. He then brings out JYD who says that one of the Funk brothers will bite the dust. This was also the same promo that aired last week.

Paul Roma vs. “Adorable” Adrian Adonis w/ Jimmy Hart

Roma hits a few hiptosses and Adonis is pissed. Adonis fights back and drops Roma on the ropes and hits a slam. Roma fights back but misses a charge and Adonis finishes him off with the DDT (2:50). After the match, two heffers in the crowd wearing Hogan shirt’s hold up a giant bra in an attempt to taunt Adonis.

Thoughts: The Adorable gimmick really pissed off the crowd, especially at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center. They hated him. Roma still showed a little something here, despite being squashed.

Piper’s Pit with guest Hulk Hogan. Piper makes fun of Hogan, calling him “Bozo,” for trying to box Orton. Hogan says that despite wanting to face Orton, he has a friend who asked him to make a challenge for him against Orton. Piper says that he can write any name that he wants on the contract and after Hogan signs, Piper learned that Hogan’s friend was Mr. T as he is pissed and yells that he has been tricked.

The last few minutes of the IC Title change at the Boston Garden are shown, with Savage beating Santana after hitting him with a foreign object.

Jim Powers & Scott McGhee vs. The Dream Team w/ “Luscious” Johnny Valiant

Powers briefly works the arm but Valentine takes over. He slams him then tags Beefcake, who rams Powers in the corner. Brutus uses a spinning toe hold then the Dream Team target the legs. Powers escapes and tags McGhee, who hits some nice European uppercuts and a dropkick. Powers tags and dropkicks Valentine then gets two off of a sunset flip. Valentine tags Beefcake, who hits a powerslam, then tags Valentine who gets the win with the figure four (3:06).

Thoughts: A showcase for the Dream Team, who looked alright. Match was pretty heatless, even with the “A” jobber squad in the ring, who the fans would sometimes buy as having a chance.  

Next week, we will see a Mr. T boxing training video. Also, the British Bulldogs and King Kong Bundy will be in action.

Final Thoughts: A big show in that they announced that Savage won the IC title and even bigger, that Mr. T will box Bob Orton on “Saturday Night’s Main Event.” Even Hogan appearing on “Piper’s Pit” was a huge deal. The opening match sucked and the fact they announced Savage winning the belt before they showed the clip after two weeks of teasing was odd, as was all of the repeated promos from last week.

WWF Championship Wrestling: June 22nd, 1985

June 22, 1985
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
Matt Borne vs. Paul Orndorff
Before the match, Borne gets on the mic and claims that he will collect the bounty. Borne lands a cheapshot off of a clean break but Orndorff fights right back. He beats the shit out of Borne until he is stopped by an eye rake. Orndorff kills Borne with a clothesline before putting him away with the piledriver (1:50). After the match, Heenan is seen in the back of the arena. Orndorff then grabs the mic and wants Heenan to come into the ring. Heenan is pissed as the crowd starts up a “weasel” chant, then he retreats to the back.
Thoughts: Heenan’s bounty on Orndorff has been a pretty good angle. The crowd absolutely loathes Heenan too so that helps out a lot. Still, the Orndorff turn has been a success at the start.  
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes, who lets us know that the WWF has just signed Terry Funk to a contract. We are then shown a vignette of Funk on his horse as he talks about his neighbor told him that Steamboat and Hogan have bigger muscles but that he has heart and the talk about muscles pisses him off as he spits on the ground.
Brett Hart & Jim Neidhart w/Jimmy Hart vs. Tony Garea & Jim Powers
Garea and Neidhart go back and forth until Hart tags. Garea shoves him in his corner then tags Powers. He backdrops Hart then follows that with a dropkick. He tries another backdrop but Hart kicks him in the face. Neidhart beats on Powers for a minute until they put him away with the Hart Attack (2:09).
Thoughts: Dull squash match, even if it was just over two minutes long. Anything involving Tony Garea is usually terrible though. The team of Bret & Neidhart are struggling to get over as heels, even with Hart as their manager.
Freddie Miller is with Hulk Hogan, promoting his match at the Boston Garden. His head is all bandaged up as Hogan tells Studd that he is never going to give up and that all of the Hulkamaniacs hang out in Boston.
Gary Starr vs. The Missing Link w/Bobby Heenan
Link rams Starr’s head off of the turnbuckle repeatedly. He then chokes him out on the mat and delivers a few headbutts, busting open his own head in the process. He then leaps off of the middle turnbuckle with a flying headbutt for the win (2:27). After the match, Heenan has to control Link from smashing his own head off of the turnbuckle.
Thoughts: The Link gimmick is still too similar to what George Steele was doing and all of his matches consisted of headbutts. Plus, the crowd bought into Steele and they do not feel the same way about Link.
Jack Reynolds is with Big John Studd. He talks about his match against Hogan in Boston while holding the bag that contains Andre’s hair. Studd said he can bench 700lbs and that Hogan has to look up at him, the biggest man in the WWF.
Doc Butler & A.J. Petruzzi vs. Ivan Putski & Tony Atlas
Finkel brings up that Atlas has been named “Mr. Universe.” Petruzzi tries to attack Putski from behind but that plan fails. The faces take turns headlocking Petruzzi before Butler tags. Atlas puts him in a headlock then tags Putski, who hits the Polish Hammer for the win (2:46).
Thoughts: Another dull tag squash. The seemed to be trying to do something with Atlas but his problems around this time are well documented and he was never very good in the ring to begin with. He and Putski had no chemistry to speak of either.
Piper’s Pit with guest host Bobby Heenan. His guest is Big John Studd but first, Heenan announces that Piper will be returning next week. Studd says that he is going to collect the $25,000 bounty on Orndorff and that no one embarrasses the Heenan Family. Heenan then says that everyone is in the running for the $25,000 bounty.
Johnny Rodz vs. Ricky Steamboat
Rodz ducks outside after Steamboat does some of his martial arts poses. He comes back in and rakes the eyes and takes control. Steamboat chops him back but misses a corner charge. Rodz chops him on the apron but misses a flying attack. Steamboat hits a chop off of the top rope but Rodz gets his knees up on a splash attempt. Rodz hits a top rope elbow smash then a slam. He hits a flying headbutt but misses a splash. Steamboat hits a chop then gets the win with a flying body press (3:17).
Thoughts: Decent enough action, even with Steamboat’s martial arts gimmick
A plug for the WrestleMania home video airs, with Jesse Ventura doing the voice over.
Iron Sheik w/Freddie Blassie vs. Mike Rotundo w/Capt. Lou Albano
The crowd is jacked up for this match. They take it on the mat to start, with neither guy able to gain the advantage. Rotundo grabs a side headlock as the crowd starts an “Iran sucks” chant. Rotundo hip tosses the Sheik then hits a slam. They go back to the mat until Rotundo sends the Sheik over the top rope with an atomic drop. Back in the ring, Rotundo catches the Sheik with an airplane spin but Nikolai Volkoff runs in and breaks up the pin as the match is ruled a DQ (3:37). The heels beat on Rotundo until George Steele runs in for the save as the heels flee to the back.
Thoughts: No idea where Windham was for this but it certainly sets up for a title match down the line. The heat for this match was incredible too.  
Jack Reynolds is with Jimmy Hart. He talks about the Junkyard Dog dumping water on him during “Tuesday Night Titans” and we are shown a clip of that happening. A running gag on TNT was Hart playing pranks on Hayes. Valentine comes out and says that JYD made a joke out of him and Hart and is ready to take out all of his anger.
Vince and Bruno recap the show then get cut off by Rotundo. He promises that Barry Windham will be back next week and that he is sick and tired of Sheik & Volkoff cheating and issue a challenge, stating they will face them at any time or place. 
Final Thoughts: This show was jsut okay. The heated up the tag-title feud and furthered the Bounty Angle on Orndorff. The wrestling was duller than usual though, featuring makeshift teams and newcomers who are struggling to get over. Studd and Hogan also is a bit stale, considering it was being down at the end of 1984, so the World Title picture needs to freshen up.

QOTD – August 22nd, 2013

Greetings, sneakypetes.

Today’s question was inspired by a post I saw the other day regarding things we dug as kids.

What’s something you absolutely loved as a kid, and forced your parents to watch/read it as many times as you did, and now you feel really bad about it because viewing it without the kid’s gloves is one hell of a painful experience.

As a kid, I loved all things martial arts. So, I feel very bad about forcing my mom to take me to see Sidekicks opening night, as well as 3 Ninjas, and then 2 other viewings in theater, not to mention at least 30 or so when I got the VHS, and then Power Rangers. I mean, I even had the Green Ranger’s karate instructional tape. Man, my parents were saints, because all of that shit is TERRIBLE. Although, the stoners in 3 Ninjas are damn entertaining and should have been featured a lot more in the original film.

How say you?

Just updated scrublife.wordpress.com with reviews for The Wolverine & Kick-Ass 2.

QOTD – July 22nd, 2013


Today’s question comes from Bill Ray:

“What’s up Caliber,
Here’s a wrestling-related question of the day: if you could pick any wrestler past or present that you think could be a star in any promotion, be it the AWA or Stampede all the way to WWE, TNA, and ROH, who would it be? My personal one is Randy Savage, but I’m interested to hear you and the blog on this one.”

Honestly, I think Savage is probably the best choice. You could put him anywhere, in any time zone, and he’d work. Hell, I loved it when Jay Lethal was doing it because it was just like watching Macho. I even thought they made up his hometown, but turns out it was just a massive coincidence he hailed from Elizabeth, NJ.

Some may say Stone Cold, but you couldn’t do what he did in the 80’s, nor could you now in the PG era. With Hogan you couldn’t do his schtickt in the Attitude Era. So, really, I think you’re right on the money with Savage.

Although, there is Flair…

How say you?

Anyone else who wants to send in a QOTD, [email protected]

RoH TV: June 22nd Edition

Sorry about the delay, a combination of Final Exams and unpleasantness in my personal life conspired against getting this out by Monday like usual

Brace yourselves boys and girls, shit gets weird this episode.

We open with a vignette of highlights on the Briscoes before the traditional RoH opening.

Now this is usually where we’d go to an announcer hyping tonight’s card, but tonight there is no card!  Instead we’ve been taken to Sandy Fork Delaware to see the Briscoes at their Chicken farm.  Mark takes us through the chicken coop which houses 30,000 birds and talks about having to clean out the dead chickens.  Jay says sometimes there are so many dead chickens they build a “big ass hole” and throw them in.  Well this is fucking morbid.  There’s then this horribly acted bit like something off a “reality” TV show where they pretend the camera’s not there (you know the type) in which Papa Briscoe throws a fit about Jay and Mark being late to deal with the chickens because they were getting stuff for wrestling together.  There’s lots of swearing and I’m still not sure when this became a bad reality show.  What WOULD the Briscoes reality show be called?  “Homophobes in the Morning”? “Dumbest and Dumberest”? “The REAL house hillbillies of southern Delaware”?

So with that it’s time for the Briscoe Brothers to hit the road!  Mark hops in the Doge pickup but Jay says they shouldn’t take the truck.  oh my god the drama is killing me.  The truck wont start anyways rendering the conversation moot.  Upon Jay’s suggestion they decide to take the RV instead.

Jay says Mark is a fool who thinks he could survive a leap of the Chesapeake bridge.  Mark confirms this and explains his “pencil diving” method; Mark does admit that he’s not a physics expert.  Understatement of the year right there.

commercial break, this may be the first RoH to feature zero wrestling before the first break.

We return with them interviewing Papa Briscoe, as this episode suddenly decides its a documentary instead of a reality show.  Papa says that his sons were always wild kids and crazy competitive.  every Saturday morning at 12:00 the Briscoe kids tuned into the WWF.  In his teenage years Jay converted to being an ECW mutant, and it was getting bled on by Kronus at an ECW show that really solidified that this is what he wanted to do with his life.  well that’s a new one, fuck Hogan, Savage or Steamboat–Kronus’ Hemoglobin inspired me to be a wrestler!

Next Mark talks about him and Jay backyard wrestling on a trampoline before they wore it out and built a ring instead.  Tables, barbed wire, it was ECW they emulated at 15 and 14 as their dad laughs remembering a funny story involving a FLAMING TABLE!  I mean Holy Fuckballs, the Hardys showed more restraint in their backyard wrestling then that.  Mark shows all the buildings around the farm he’s jumped off of and onto Jay.

The Brothers start talking about Mark’s RoH debut.  Jay was on a losing streak at the time as a single wrestler while Mark sat at home because at 17 he couldn’t legally compete in Pennsylvania where Ring of Honor was holding its shows.  This show was in Boston, which made Mark’s participation legal.  We then get footage of…
Jay Briscoe VS Mark Briscoe
Match in progress.  Jay powerbombs Mark and puts both men down. German suplex gets 2.  some countering ends in Mark getting a Dragon Suplex for 2.  Mark continues the offense with a Fisherman suplex which gets 2.  He goes up for the moonsault but Jay rolls out of the way.  Jay gets up and delivers a VICIOUS lariat which turns Mark inside out.  Death Valley Driver only keeps Mark down for 2.  Jay Driller is reversed, but Jay just catches Mark with an Emerald Flowsion instead.  Jay goes up for the senton bomb, but this time its Mark’s turn to roll out of the way.  Jay pulls him self up with the ropes and eats shining wizard up against them.  Mark hits the Cut-Throat Driver which is good enough for the three count.  This was a fun couple minutes.  Any reason we couldn’t just get this whole match instead of all the chicken talk?

Jay says he can’t remember who won that first match against Mark while he drives the RV.  Mark gloats about his victory.

Jay is asked what the craziest in ring moment of his career was by the previously invisible camera man.  He says it’s either Mark getting stretchered out after landing on his head once, or the time Mark lost his front teeth.  Mark makes fun of people who ask what happened to his teeth; “they got knocked out stupid.”  Turns out Jay did it.  They were wrestling some indy team at a small show in 2006 in a No Holds Bared Match.  Jay wound up to hit his opponent with a chair but, and i quote, “Some Redneck Dumbass who was standing behind me”.  Mark says he wasn’t shocked when he lost his teeth because he always knew he’d end up looking like Mick Foley or Chris Benoit.  lets hope for his kids sake it’s the former  They argue* it was each others fault.  They finished the match anyway
*They were interviewed in different places, and edited together to look like an argument

They start talking about the first time they won the tag titles, but now everything is clearly in kayfabe, talking about how it was a breeze winning the match thanks to the leadership of their manager, Jim Cornette.  *insert joke about Arn Anderson here.*  we then go to the match

RoH Tag Team Titles: Jay and Mark Briscoe vs Whoever the Hell the Champs Were.
Seriously, they don’t actually bother telling us who the hell they are fighting!  According to the title history on RoH.com the Briscoes beat “Izzy and Dizzy” for their first reign. Rip Impact called and wants his shittiest ring name title back.  don’t ask me which is which, from here on they are only known as J1 and J2.  J stands for Jobber.  The match is joined in progress with Mark back suplexing J1.  He follows up with a delayed vertical suplex.  Mark keeps the punishment going with a gut wrench suplex and some choking.  J1 dodges a boot and Mark takes out his brother.  J2 is running wild till Mark goes low and shuts him down.  Mark looks to fly put gets sent to the ring mat when he is enzugiried by J2.  J2 dives over the top rope to wipe out Jay Briscoe.  Mark gets up and tries to avenge his brother with a shooting star press to the outside, but he only hits Jay  The match skips forward.  A spring board Ace Crusher on J1 puts him out of commission.  P2 is set up for the doomsday device but gets out with a reverse rana.  Sliced Bread #2 for Mark gets J2 a two count but Jay then breaks it up.  Veg-O-Matic is a homage to Cornete’s old clients in The Midnight Express, but it’s also only good enough for a 2 count.  now J2 eats the doomsday device.  Mark dives out of the ring on J1, while the Jay Driller kills J2 for the three count and the titles.  This was alright, again it’s hard to judge a match soley on the last few minutes.  The supposed champions looked completely out of their league in retrospect, I don’t know how seriously they were taken 10 years ago, but looked ridiculous here.

Jay and Mark start talking about the Steenerico feud and seemingly Kayfabe has been dropped.  Next the show a montage of The two teams tearing into each other in all kinds of Hardcore matches.  Jay describes what those 4 did to each other as “some dumb shit”.  Mark talks about the bittersweet feeling of knowing that the Ladder War they had was they end of an era for them–the final blow off of a year long blood feud.

Ladder War 1 for the Tag Team Titles: Jay and Mark BriscoeVSKevin Steen and El Generico      This match is, shockingly, joined in progress.  El Generico is taken out with the doomsday device and both Briscoes start climbing.  Steen brings in a ladder and hits both Briscoes with it.  Steen makes a bridge of the ladder that goes from the turnbuckle to the ladder.  Steen tries to power bomb Mark, but he rolls through and hits a pair of super kicks on Mr. Wrestling.  Mark starts climbing, but Kevin brings him back down onto his ladder bridge.  Steen hits the package piledriver right through the ladder and ends Mark’s night.  Generico stumbles back into the ring and starts climbing, but Jay makes a ladder bridge in the corner opposite Steen’s and brings him down.  Generico wants the Brain Buster onto the ladder, but Jay counters and puts him through it with a Jay Driller.  Well that’s two wrestlers who are done for the night.  Steen and Jay climb either side of the ladder and get into a slug fest up top.  Steen goes down and Briscoe gets the strap undone but cant pull the belts down.  Steen climbs back up, probobly to ask Jay what is taking him so damn long as he’s been dinking around with the belts for a good minute at this point.  Steen is slugged down again and Jay finally pulls the belts down to retain the titles.  A Huge match of the year chant breaks out at this point.  The end of a classic match–but all we get here are the final two jaw dropping spots.

Next there is a random clip of the Briscoes beating WGTT.  no one addresses the clip or explains it’s significance–it’s just there

Papa Briscoe talks about the angle he did with his sons that culminated in The Kings of Wrestling battling the Briscoe clan.  I genuinely enjoyed hearing how enthusiastic Pops was to take part with his kids.  If there is a reason to watch this episode this interview is it.

Jay, Mark, and Papa Briscoe vs The Kings of Wrestling and Shane Hagadorn
So this match is joined in progress.  Papa rolls out side the ring and Sara Del Ray comes after him as the Kings manager.  He then uses the most overused RoH spot ever, as he forces a kiss on Del Ray.  Why does every match with a female manager have that spot?  Bennett has lost like a dozen matches in that fashion with Maria being SEXUALLY ASSAULTED as a distraction, it’s embarrassing.   Papa climbs back in the ring and takes a rolling elbow from Chris Hero.  That was a damn fine elbow, that Kassius Ohno clown should take notes.  The Kings set up KRS-1.  Jay and Mark break it up and then Papa delivers a Stone Cold Stunner to Claudio.  Papa scales the ropes as Claudio is hoisted up.  He hits the diving clothesline to complete the doomsday device and give the Briscoes the win.  Papa looked really good for a non-wrestler old man.  Another match I’d like to see the rest of.

Recap of Jay Briscoe becoming the RoH World Champion.

Various members of the locker room are interviewed on who will win the Brother vs Brother match at BitW.  Nigel takes Jay.  Rodderick Strong thinks he’s better then both, but Chicken will win.  Elgin thinks they’re both losers, because whoever wins, has to face him.  after that we get a final promotional video for the Briscoes World title match and we’re done

This was weird.  Part Documentary, Part Clip show, part Reality TV, 100% a commercial for BitW.  I’ll say give it a watch if you want to see the strangest episode of RoH TV to date, or if you are massive  Briscoe fan, otherwise missing this show ‘aint missing much

Review of Best in the World should be up sometime before Sunday