WWF TV 2/18/84: Championship Wrestling & All-Star Wrestling

Championship Wrestling
Your announcers are Vince McMahon and Gene Okerlund
Ring Announcer Joe McHugh announces the death of David Von Erich and they have a ten-bell salute. A graphic of David is shown.

Ron Butler vs. Ivan Putski
Putski overpowers Butler, who is bigger than him. Putski no sells a shot to the abs and then takes down Butler with a clothesline. Butler with an eye rake and lands a few shots. Putski fights back and whips Butler, who lands on the apron. Putski slingshots him back in the ring and gets an atomic drop, setting up the Polsih Hammer for the win (2:51). After the match, Putski grabs the mic and yells “Polish Power.”
Thoughts: Crowd is getting quieter each time Putski appears. His offense is bad and the comical overselling from his opponents doesn’t make him appear to be strong but rather old and slow.
Rudy Diamond vs. Paul Orndorff w/Roddy Piper
Orndorff beats on Diamond and gets a flying knee. Front slam by Orndorff is followed by a clothesline and the piledriver finishes (0:46).
Thoughts: Another dominating squash by Orndorff, who continues to impress.
Rene Goulet & Paul Vachon & Goldie Rogers vs. SD Jones & Rocky Johnson & Tony Atlas
Brawl almost takes place before the match but the heels escape. Faces all take turns working on the arm of Goulet. Rene then bites Rocky and tags Vachon. Vachon with a few shots until Rocky hits him and tags Atlas. Vachon hits Atlas a few times then he tags Jones. Goldie tags in and gets headbutted by Jones. Atlas tags and press slams Goldie before hitting the splash for the pin (2:04).
Thoughts: Dull six-man tag. Goldie was billed from Hollywood but is Canadian. He had long hair and a beard and is quite short. Unfortunately, Goldie passed away this past July.
Frankie Williams vs. Greg Valentine w/Capt. Lou Albano
Before the match, McHugh announces Jimmy Snuka, who is injured, and he comes out and waves to the crowd. Snuka waves and goes in the ring and offers Valentine a handshake, but he brushes him off. Valentine beats on Williams in the corner. A slam is followed by a few elbow drops and then the figure-four finishes the match (0:42).
Thoughts: A brief squash but it did set up a potential angle for Snuka and Valentine.
Piper’s Pit with Tony Garea. Piper tells Garea that winning the tag-titles five times just means that he has lost it five times. He mentions Rick Martel as the only partner he had more than once. Piper points out that he is the reason his team always loses the tiles. Garea is pissed and says he will never be caught dead wearing a skirt and walks off as Piper mentions that Garea resorted to the lowest common form of humor. Piper upsetting Garea was a bit amusing but it was not a memorable Piper’s Pit.  
Iron Sheik w/Freddie Blassie vs. Sgt. Slaughter
Beofre the match, the two engage in a flag-waving battle. The crowd is going apeshit. Sheik hits Slaghter from behind as he is saluting the American flag. Sheik loads his boot and stomps away. Sheik now takes off his belt and whips Slaughter. Sheik hammers away until Slaughter pumps himself up and Sheik bails. Sheik gets drenched with a drink thrown from an audience member and he yells “Iran number one.” Slaughter is in the ring with the flag and crowd yells “USA.” Not an official match but it furthers the feud between Slaughter and Sheik and the crowd is buying into it 100%.
Rocco Verona vs. Masked Superstar
Superstar tosses Verona around and applies a chinlock. He gets a front facelock for a bit then tosses him outside. Superstar kicks him into the guardrail then continuously knocks him off the apron with forearms to the chest. Back in the ring, Superstar chokes him out then takes him down with a clothesline before hitting the swinging neckbreaker for the pin (4:02).
Thoughts: This lasted far longer than it should have. Superstar is good but they could have gotten the same point across in half the time.
Bill Dixon & Charlie Fulton vs. Tony Garea & B. Brian Blair
Blair is wearing a white jacket with “USA” on the front. Blair and Fulton start off with some decent looking matwork. Fulton gets a rollup for two then tags Dixon. Blair puts Dixon in a hammerlock and tags Garea. As usual, Garea works the arm then tags out. Blair works on Dixon and tags Garea. Backdrop by Garea then tag to Blair who gets the cradle out of the ab stretch for the pin (2:45)
Thoughts: The team of Garea & Blair is as dull as it gets. They have no chemistry working together.
Next week’s main event is Iron Sheik vs. Salvatore Bellomo
Final Thoughts: The Sheik/Slaughter stuff was great and Orndorff’s squash was impressive. However, everything else was boring.
All-Star Wrestling
Ron Butler & Rene Goulet vs. Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson
Atlas tosses around Goulet then does the same to Butler. Double team to Goulet but he tags Butler who punches Rocky for a bit. Rocky gets whipped into the corner but lands on the apron and slingshots back in with a sunsetflip for the win (3:33).
Thoughts: Another squash for the Tag-Champs. They really aren’t that impressive of a team but the tag-team depth in the WWF is quite shallow at this point so there really isn’t anyone else who is more worthy than they are.
Steve Lombardi vs. Masked Superstar
Superstar tosses Lombardi around then keeps him grounding with some matwork. Gene goes on about Superstar’s credentials and calls him “verbally articulate” Superstar tosses Lombardi to the floor as Gene neglects to answer another fan mail question. Back inside, Superstar with a bearhug but Lombardi fights back with a few forearms that are Kris Lewie-like in execution.. Superstar takes him down with a clothesline then finishes with the swinging neckbreaker (3:50).
Thoughts: Another longer than necessary squash for the Masked Superstar. Lombardi was a really shitty worker when he first started.
Goldie Rogers vs. Ivan Putski
Putski tosses around Rogers then gets a back suplex. Goldie lands a few shot but Putski comes back with some forearms then goes for a chinlock. Putski is busted open and hits a terrible looking atomic drop before grabbing a side headlock. He didn’t even bother to use his knee for the move. Putski breaks cleanly and hits some windmill punches after an eye rake by Goldie and finishes with the Polish Hammer (3:42).
Thoughts: No different than Putski’s squash from Championship Wrestling.
Israel Matia vs. Eddie Gilbert
They trade hammerlocks until Gilbert gets a drop toehold. Gilbert grabs an armbar then takes down Matia and gets an armdrag. Gilbert goes back to the armbar until Matia counters. Matia gets a turnbuckle smash and stomps away. Matia punches away and bitse the forehead but Gilbert comes back with punches then finishes with a jumping back elbow smash for the win (2:54).
Thoughts: Gilbert was a good worker at the age of 22 but he was a step above a jobber at this point.
Replay of Championship Wrestling’s Greg Valentine squash match and confronation with Snuka.
Replay of Piper’s Pit with Tony Garea from Championhship Wrestling.
Replay of Iron Sheik vs. Sgt. Slaughter from Championship Wrestling.
Ken Jugan vs. Paul Orndorff w/Roddy Piper
Orndorff yells at the ring attendant, telling him he better hang up his jacket correctly asPiper instructs him on how to carry the jacket. Orndorff beats the piss out of Jugan then tosses him to the floor. Piper yells at Jugan to get back in and fight. Jugan rolls in and gets tossed again, this time Orndorff comes out and slams him to the floor. Back in the ring, Orndorff with a backbreaker then stretches him out. Orndorff yells about his lack of competition and takes down Jugan with a clothesline. Piper is yelling like a maniac for Orndorff to hit the piledriver and orders him to jump a he performs the move and Orndorff absolutely kills Jugan with it to finish the match (2:24).
Thoughts: One of greatest squash matches I’ve seen from these shows so far. Orndorff was a total prick here and Piper yelling at Jugan and screaming like a lunatic was just fantastic to watch. Also, I give credit for Jugan as he took an ass kicking here. The poor guy was abused by Orndorff. Anyway, they have been doing a really good job at making Orndorff a viable threat.
Ron Shaw & Butcher Vachon vs. Tony Garea & B. Brian Blair
Garea and Shaw start off and trade hammerlocks and full nelsons. Tag to Blair and he works the arm of Shaw for a while. Vachon tags in but Blair boots him then gets a slam and elbow drop get two. Vachon forearms Blair but he manages to tag Garea. Vachon gets in an eye rake and some punches before tagging out. Garea gets the advantage on Shaw and all four men are now in the ring. They whip the heels into each other and Garea catches Shaw in an abdominal stretch and makes him submit (2:54).
Thoughts: Boring and the crowd was completely silent. The abdominal stretch as a finisher is lame, even in 1984.
Next week’s main event is Eddie Gilbert vs. Iron Sheik.
Final Thoughts: The Orndorff squash was great but everything else was forgettable. Not much else to say.