How to break the streak yet keep 21-0

Maybe this is dumb, I've never fantasy booked before but today I had a thought because for me there's no real buzz to Punk/Taker which is a shame…

Why not have Punk beat Taker within an inch of his life (zombie life?) and in a moment akin to Triple H delivering the tombstone we get the buy-in from the crowd that CM Punk could end this here…

One… two… two and a half…. lights go out.  Nobody know if it was a 3-count or a kick-out.  The stadium is in darkness.  We get some archive audio from Paul Bearer play into the arena, summoning Taker to rise. Lights come up. A bitching CM Punk is apoplectic with the ref…. zombie sit-up…. takes advantage… 21-0

The streak continues, CM Punk can forever claim to have broken it and a nice and respectful nod to Paul Bearer all in one.
Me crazy?

Crazy is such a strong word.  
I think the "respectful nod to Paul Bearer" train sailed as soon as Punk dumped his supposed ashes on Undertaker last week.  I do think they'll play a Bearer soundclip to distract Punk so that Taker can tombstone him for the win, though.  I'm not a fan of wishy-washy finishes where you don't know who wins, though.  Either break the streak or don't.  Preferably don't.