Impact Wrestling – December 3, 2014

December 3, 2014
Mike Tenay, Tazz
Christy Hemme, Jeremy Borash
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
is a special Best Of 2014 show as TNA is out of new material to use
and still has a month’s worth of shows to air to wrap things up on
Spike. The solution is a highlight show covering their best moments
from the year. That could actually work well as TNA can have good
material when they cut out the nonsense. Let’s get to it.

be posting the full reviews of the matches, even if only clipped
versions were showns.
and Christy welcome us to the show and start things off with the safe
bet of Kurt Angle from Genesis on January 16.
Angle vs. Bobby Roode
has a new sleeveless full body vest. It’s pin/submission/escape
here. There’s no bell after the break so we’ll say this is joined in
progress. Roode goes after Kurt to start but walks into a belly to
belly suplex to give Angle control. He stomps Bobby down in the
corner but his right hands are countered with a powerbomb into the
cage. A suplex gets two for Roode and more choking ensues.
grabs the legs and catapults Roode into the cage, setting up the
Rolling Germans. The Angle Slam is countered and Angle is sent into
the cage. A spinebuster gets a fast two for Roode but a Roode Bomb
attempt is countered by Angle ramming Bobby into the cage. Now the
Slam connects for two and there go the straps. Ankle lock goes on
but Roode fights to his feet and takes Angle down with an enziguri.
go old school with Roode’s Northern Lariat (clothesline to the back
of the head) for two. Roode goe sup but Angle makes a save and rams
Roode into the cage over and over again until he falls down. Kurt is
still on the ropes and goes to escape before looking back at Roode.
Oh no. Angle busts out the moonsault but only hits mat in a HUGE
crash. Roode crawls out the door but Angle grabs the ankle to pull
him back in. Kurt is kicked away so they do the same thing again but
this time Kurt puts on the ankle lock, only to have Roode whip him
into the cage.
Roode Bomb gets two and Bobby climbs the cage, so Angle runs the
corner and hits the Angle Slam to put both guys down again. Kurt
crawls over for a slow two before making a very slow climb to the
corner. He gets a leg over but Roode pulls him back in onto the top
rope. They slug it out until Roode is crotched on the top, allowing
Angle to climb out for the win at 14:17, seconds before Roode makes
it out the door.
B. Angle is going to die in a wrestling ring at some point and
there’s no way around it. This was a good but not classic cage match
and there’s nothing wrong with that. Above all else, this match was
given time to develop and it worked much better as a result. I’d buy
this as the ending of the feud but there’s a chance they could get
one more match out of them.
jump back in time a week for this match on January 9, 2014.
World Title: AJ Styles vs. Magnus
DQ and both guys are champion coming in. Magnus immediately goes to
the floor and does it again for a second time in less than ninety
seconds. No contact yet. Magnus gets back in but here are Ethan
Carter and Spud to jump AJ before any contact is made. AJ fights
them off and superkicks Magnus in the ribs but Carter breaks up a
Styles Clash attempt. Sting finally comes out for the save but
doesn’t do anything as AJ saves himself. Magnus bails to the floor
and we take a break.
with the two champions still not making contact as the Bro Mans and
Zema Ion come out to jump Sting and AJ and giving us six run-ins in
less than eight minutes. Zema DDTs AJ and the Bro Down gets a
delayed two on Styles. Sting comes back in as Magnus just chills at
ringside. The Brit finally comes back in and AJ quickly loads up the
Clash, only to have Bad Influence make the save and lay him out with
a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo.
Hebner refuses to count so Dixie and Brian Hebner get us to ELEVEN
people coming out for this match. Bad Influence goes High/Low on AJ
for two and Brian gets yelled at. Sting lays out the Bro Mans with a
double Death Drop on the floor before putting Ion in the Deathlock.
AJ fights back against Bad Influence as Sting comes in to help even
more. We’re down to Magnus vs. AJ with Styles getting the Calf
Killer, only to have Kazarian take out the referee.
monkey flips AJ into Daniels but AJ clotheslines him down and Peles
Kaz. Now the Styles Clash takes out Magnus but there’s no referee.
Earl Hebner hobbles back out (we’ll call that #12) to count two
before AJ dives over the top to take out Bad Influence yet again. AJ
goes up top but Bobby Roode makes it #13 by shoving Styles into the
ropes. Three AA/DVDs lay AJ out for about the fifth time, giving
Magnus the pin (thanks to referee #3 and the fourteenth person added
to the match) and the undisputed title at 15:47. Sting was being
held back by most of the heels in case you were wondering.
So they spent all night hyping up the match before going full Russo
on it. That’s what we spent months and months building to? The
match was definitely energetic but we really had to spend all this
time setting up Dixie with her corporate champion? Assuming AJ
leaving isn’t a HUGE swerve, this was one of the biggest wastes of
time I can remember in years.
on Willow.
on Ethan Carter III.
May 8, 2014.
Angle vs. Ethan Carter III
Angle goes after the
arm to start but Ethan backs off. A snap suplex sets up the Rolling
Germans to Ethan but Angle falls down holding his bad knee. Angle
tries to fight back with a German suplex but the knee is just gone.
Ethan gets in a quick chop block and pins Angle at 3:27.
D+. This didn’t have time
to go anywhere and the injury took up a good chunk of the match.
I’ll give them points for keeping Ethan so strong and I kind of like
not having Angle beat him with ease. It’s making Ethan look like a
much bigger deal which is something TNA really needs to do.
recap Gunner vs. Storm with James turning heel and attacking Gunner’s
father, setting up this match from March 27, 2014.
vs. James Storm
is an Unlocked match, which is another name for a street fight. The
fight is on in the aisle again and Gunner quickly sets up a table.
Storm gets in a right hand before the table is completely set so he
finishes Gunner’s job. Gunner is whipped knees first into the steps
as Tenay tells us we’ll see Ethan and Willow’s confrontation before
the show ends. A running knee to Gunner’s head knocks him from the
apron to the floor. They haven’t been in the ring yet.
Storm suplexes Gunner
onto the ramp but gets sent into the steps for his efforts. Gunner
nails him in the ribs with a chair and they finally get inside. The
Cowboy comes back with a middle rope DDT of all things for no cover
as we take a break. Back with Storm loading up a chair in the corner
but getting reversed by Gunner. They slug it out with trashcan lids
before Storm gets speared down for two.
Storm counters a sunset
flip into a catapult, sending Gunner face first into the chair. A
Backstabber sets up a VERY long top rope elbow to give Storm a near
fall. Storm pulls out a beer bottle but the distraction lets Gunner
spear him through the ropes and through the table on the floor ala
Edge and Mick Foley. That only gets two so Gunner sets up two chairs
(one of which is broken) in the middle of the ring.
A superplex through the
chairs (Storm barely hit them) is enough for two in a nice throwback
to the ending at Lockdown. Storm comes back with a Closing Time and
a pair of Last Calls for two. James gets the beer bottle but Gunner
finds his own to lay out Storm. An F5 is enough to pin the Cowboy at
B+. This was one heck of a fight with both guys beating the tar
out of each other. There’s something awesome about two men just
hammering each other until one of them can’t get up. I don’t like
the story here though as the match was tacked on to the feud after
the previous match should have ended things. Still though, awesome
on MVP debuting and promising to make it about the fans.
see the very end of Lethal Lockdown at Lockdown 2014 where Bully Ray
turned on Dixie Carter to give Team MVP the win.
Slammiversary 2014.
Ray vs. Ethan Carter III
Death Match, meaning last man standing. Ray brings out a bullrope
ala Stan Hansen for a nice tribute. Carter is thrown to the floor by
the rope to start and Ray brings out a pair of tables. They’re
stacked next to each other on the floor but Carter recovers from the
coma he was in to get in a few shots and take over. Ray fights right
back and sets up another table in the corner but the fans want
avoids the table but gets his chest ripped off by more chops. Time
for the cheese grater to rip up Ethan’s chest (barely), which isn’t
something you often see. Carter gets in a few shots to take over and
sends Ray face first into a chair on the mat. He goes up top but
gets crotched and superplexed onto the chair to put both guys down.
Ray grabs a Dallas Cowboys trashcan from under the ring before
starting to cut up the mats to expose the wood under the canvas.
Spud comes out with a kendo stick shot to Ray’s back for no effect.
Ray kicks him low and knocks Spud silly with the stick but Carter
hits a quick One Percenter onto the exposed boards for our first
count over twelve minutes into the match. Ray is up at eight so
Carter pours out the glass in the trashcan. Carter goes up but dives
into a Bubba Cutter, sending the injured chest into the glass for a
cool spot. He’s up at eight though so Ray takes the stick outside to
knock Ethan silly again.
puts him on the tables and goes up but here’s Dixie for a
distraction. Bully goes after her and sends Ethan into Dixie to
knock her out cold. Ethan gets punched down and Ray puts Dixie on
the table. He takes too long though, allowing Spud to pull her off
and Ethan knocks Ray through the tables with a kendo stick shot for
the win at 17:05.
C. It was a nice brawl with some nice spots but NO ONE CARES
ABOUT DIXIE. After all this, if she doesn’t go through a table in
New York, this whole story has been a huge waste of time. Also,
never accept an induction to the Hall of Fame unless you want to lose
on a last second fluke the same night. At least D-Von didn’t join
forces with Dixie.
breeze past Eric Young winning the title back in April and jump to
the main event of Slammiversary.
World Title: Austin Aries vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Eric Young
a cage with Young defending with wins by pin or submissino, not
escape. Lashley takes over to start but gets double teamed down.
The smaller guys do a fast paced sequence until Lashley throws Aries
into the cage. Young gets the same as well, allowing Lashley to
stand tall. Bobby throws both guys around again but misses a charge
into the post. Young and Aries go at it again until Eric hammers on
Bobby in the corner.
powerbombs the champion down but stops to go after Lashley again,
only to be suplexed into the cage for two. We get a bad looking
botch as Aries hits a running cross body in the corner but Young just
lets him bounce off of him for some reason. Young gets to show off
his freakish strength with a double Death Valley Driver but Lashley
is up at two. He puts Young on top of the cage as the fans chant
please don’t die. Aries goes up top as well to take Lashley down
with a hurricanrana, but Eric stands up on top of the cage for the
huge elbow to Bobby.
punts Eric in the head though and hits the brainbuster for a very
close two. Lashley spears Austin down for two and spinebusters the
champion, only to miss the spear and fall out of the cage. Remember
that doesn’t end the match though as escape doesn’t count. Young
hits the top rope elbow on Aries for another close near fall. The
piledriver is countered with a low dropkick to Young’s face and
everyone is down. Young and Aries slug it out but both guys miss
forearms. Aries hits some discus forearms and the corner dropkick
but walks into the piledriver to retain Eric’s title at 12:10.
B-. This got better near the end but Eric keeping the title made
me roll my eyes. The reign has been far better than I expected it to
be but he needs to be the focal point of the company instead of the
other guy in the major feuds. To be fair though, I’d assume MVP was
supposed to take the title tonight before the injuries.
some actual storyline development, James Storm watches Veera train
and looks impressed. He promises to take care of Veera and then
attacks him.
recap the Beautiful People reuniting and then going to war with
Madison Rayne.
Sacrifice 2014.
Title: Angelina Love vs. Madison Rayne
is defending and quickly knocks Angelina out to the floor with a
shoulder. Angelina has a meeting with Velvet Sky and comes back in
for a headlock and shoulder of her own. Madison takes her down with
a nice trip but can’t use the headscissors face slam into the mat.
Instead it’s a baseball slide to send Love back to the floor but she
sends a following Rayne face first into the apron.
Back inside and the
Beautiful People take turns choking on the ropes and in the corner to
little avail. Madison gets a quick sunset flip for two but gets sent
to the floor where she beats on Velvet a bit. Back in and the
challenger puts on a figure four with her legs in a nice touch. An
enziguri puts Love down again though and now the face slam works.
Velvet tries to help
her friend but the champ dives on both of them in an awesome visual.
They head inside again and it’s the Rayne Drop for two. Angelina’s
Botox Injection (Brogue Kick) gets the same and the fit is thrown.
Madison comes back with a spear but Velvet sprays her in the eyes
with hairspray, allowing Love to roll Rayne up with a handful of
tights for the pin and the title at 8:15.
C-. It’s a Knockouts match so you’ve seen the whole thing before
at least a few times. Angelina winning the title again makes sense
in storyline terms but it’s still nothing new. I don’t really care
about the Beautiful People reunion as it feels like we’ve traveled
back in time instead of doing something that might get people to
care. That almost never works in wrestling, at least when the past
act is the focus.
Slammiversary 2014.
Title: Sanada vs. Tigre Uno vs. Davey Richards vs. Eddie Edwards vs.
Crazy Steve vs. Manik
is defending and this is a ladder match. Also keep in mind that
Destination X and Option C are coming up soon. Manik dives through
the ropes to take out Sanada before the bell. The Wolves follow suit
with stereo suicide dives and Steve has apparently knocked Tigre Uno
down. Steve gets a ladder from under the ring and uses it to climb
back to the apron. Tigre dropkicks him down and mostly misses a
corkscrew dive to take everyone out.
and Manik fight over a ladder in the ring with the champion taking
over via a springboard chop to the head. Tigre replaces Manik and
kicks Sanada in the back of the head but the Wolves double team him
into a German suplex onto the ladder in the corner. Edwards throws
in a fresh ladder but Manik dropkicks both of them down. Steve (very
popular tonight) comes in for the Terry Funk spinning ladder spot,
taking down everyone that comes into the ring.
makes a save but Steve shoves the ladder over, only to have Manik
land on the top rope and dive out to knock out the Wolves. Steve
goes up again and touches the belt but of course loses his hand eye
coordination since this is a ladder match, allowing Sanada to make
the save. The ladder is busted so Sanada slams Steve onto it to set
up the moonsault. The fans think this is awesome as Tigre enziguris
Sanada off a better ladder.
wedges the broken ladder into the standing one to form a bridge, but
the Wolves catch him in a powerbomb/top rope Backstabber combo. The
Wolves both go after the belt but Sanada makes the save. Edwards
Sanada clothesline each other to the floor and Eddie crashes into the
barricade, leaving Davey on top. Manik makes the save and powerbombs
Davey onto the bridged ladder in a SCARY landing. Sanada climbs up
to retain at 9:40 before someone dies.
B-. The match was fun but some of those spots looked too
dangerous for my taste. Richards getting powerbombed was way too
scary looking and I didn’t like how he landed. Hopefully everyone is
fine, but I question having people go through a match like this
without even giving the match hype on TV.
tells Mania to throw Veera into something with just enough water to
survive. He gives Manik what looks like a paper to give Veera when
he wakes up. Storm leaves and Manik tells Veera that it’s going to
be ok before closing a door.
see the ending of the Von Erich’s match at Slammiversary.
June 19, 2014.
TNA World
Title: Bobby Lashley vs. Eric Young
is on his own while King and MVP are in Lashley’s corner. A
clothesline puts Lashley to the floor and a big cross body off the
top puts Lashley down again. Back in and Eric’s cross body is caught
in mid air but he rolls Lashley up for two. A HUGE backdrop puts the
champion down again and Eric is sent to the floor. Back from a break
with Eric in trouble and getting suplexed down with one arm.
champion makes his comeback and gets two off his third cross body of
the match. Lashley stomps him in the corner but misses a charge,
only to come back with a kick to the ribs. Eric nails the piledriver
out of nowhere but King pulls the referee out at two. Lashley nails
Kenny by mistake and Eric hits a quick DDT. The top rope elbow
misses though and Lashley spears him down for the pin and the title
at 8:45.
This was just a step above a squash for Lashley and WHY DID THIS NOT
HAPPEN ON SUNDAY? I’m sure there’s some reason for it but given that
it’s TNA I doubt they can explain it to you. Thankfully Young
doesn’t come off as a worthless champion, but he’s only a step above
We look at
MVP being stripped of power and attacked by Roode. Kurt Angle
replaced him as boss and asked Willow to bring Jeff Hardy back.
Willow agreed and performed as Jeff Hardy later in the night.
see the end of the battle royal from the same night with Hardy
winning a World Title shot.
July 17, 2014.
World Title: Bobby Lashley vs. Jeff Hardy
is defending. Hardy tries to hammer away to start but realizes he
has to speed things up. He sends Lashley out to the floor and hits a
big dive, only to have Lashley trip him up on the steps and send Jeff
face first into the steel as we take a break. Back with Lashley in
control and choking Jeff on the middle rope. He puts Hardy in a
torture rack but some right hands get Jeff free.
running forearm drops Lashley and a dropkick does the same as the
fans chant for CM Punk. Hardy’s headscissors out of the corner is
caught in the powerslam but Jeff comes back with a Twisting Stunner
and Twist of Fate. The Swanton get two and Jeff takes it back to the
floor and rams Lashley’s head into the steps. Hardy goes up for a
Swanton to the floor but lands on the steps. Jeff is done and the
spear retains Lashley’s title at 12:45.
C+. This was a win that Lashley needed to get as Jeff Hardy is
the guy that is always hanging around the main event and could take
the title at any time. They’re actually building Lashley up as a
major force and he’s coming off like a monster instead of a guy just
keeping the title warm for MVP. That Swanton the steps was insane
off the air at 10:58.
C-. This special showed
me one major thing: TNA really wasn’t all that memorable in 2014.
There’s a part 2 next week though and I’m sure it’s going to focus on
the tag team series which really was excellent stuff. One thing here
stood out to me more than anything else though. On and off
throughout the show, the dates on the graphics were wrong.
know it’s rather minor, but think about this for a second: this is a
best of show, meaning they had all of five minutes of new material to
shoot and they get something as simple as a date wrong? They had to
find the footage for the matches, so you would think the dates would
be RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM, but somehow they got them wrong anyway.
The worst part though: it wouldn’t have felt right if TNA didn’t have
a mistake like that somewhere. It’s the perfect way to sum them up:
the wrestling isn’t bad, the action is entertaining for the most
part, but the people working behind the scenes are incompetent.

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Smackdown – November 28, 2014

Date: November 28, 2014
Location: Allen County
War Memorial Coliseum, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Commentators: John
Bradshaw Layfield, Michael Cole, Tom Phillips
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
The Authority is gone,
for now at least, and much like Raw we don’t have a permanent boss.
There’s a chance that WWE will just use the same rotating boss idea
like they’re doing on Raw, because goodness knows wrestling fans just
aren’t smart enough to get by without a GM pointing the way. Let’s
get to it.

We open with a Sting
montage. That’s still so strange to see in WWE.
Opening sequence.
First up is MizTV with
Miz saying he became WWE Tag Team Champion at Survivor Series. The
fans of course cheer for Mizdow. Tonight’s guest is Big Show and we
see a clip of Rowan knocking him to the floor on Monday. Miz says a
lot of people aren’t happy with Big Show but the only problem Miz
sees is that Show joined Team Cena. Show is so glad that someone
finally gets it. He had to look out for himself because no one else
will and no one knows his situation but him.
Cue Daniel Bryan for an
interruption and a huge ovation. On Monday, Show said that if anyone
has something to say, they should come say it to his face. Well
Bryan has something to say: he’s in charge tonight. First of all,
we’re going to have Ryback vs. Seth Rollins. That’s not all though,
as a title is going to be defended tonight when Luke Harper defends
against Dolph Ziggler.
Miz tells Daniel to
stop stealing his spotlight. Bryan: “Mizdow already did that.”
Show wants Bryan out, but Daniel has something for Big Show too. On
Monday, Rusev refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance, so tonight
he’s defending the US Title in a 20 man battle royal, which starts
right now.
Title: Battle Royal
Rusev, Big Show, Miz,
Damien Mizdow, Erick Rowan, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Diego, Fernando,
Titus O’Neil, Jack Swagger, Heath Slater, Tyson Kidd, Adam Rose, Sin
Cara, Cesaro, Goldust, Stardust, Justin Gabriel, Curtis Axel
It’s a huge mess to
start with Show crushing Los Matadores in the corner before throwing
Gabriel and Cara out with ease. Rowan does the same to Slater and
Cesaro punches Axel over the top. Los Matadores throw out Rose but
Show tosses both of them at the same time. We get the showdown with
Rowan and Big Show and Erick gets the better of it by knocking Show
into the corner and eliminating him pretty easily. Show isn’t done
though as he grabs Rowan from behind, allowing Rusev to dump him.
A bunch of guys go
after Rusev to no avail as we take a break. Back with Miz saving
himself and no new eliminations as far as I can tell. We have Jimmy
Uso, Jey Uso, Tyson Kidd, Cesaro, Miz, Damien Mizdow, Stardust,
Goldust, Rusev, Titus O’Neil and Jack Swagger to go. Stardust low
bridges Miz to the floor so Mizdow eliminates himself. Swagger puts
out the Dusts before Titus knocks Jimmy out.
Jey dumps Titus, Kidd
eliminates Jey and we’re down to four: Swagger, Kidd, Cesaro and
Rusev. Everyone goes after Swagger but he fights his way off the and
back inside. He throws all three evil foreigners into the corner and
gives Rusev the Vader Bomb, only to have to save himself from Cesaro.
Kidd dives at Jack but gets dumped, allowing Cesaro to send Swagger
to the apron. He backdrops Cesaro out but Rusev hits the running
superkick to eliminate Swagger and retain at 13:27.
D+. This was a fast moving
battle royal that didn’t have any significant threat to the champ.
Show and Rowan could have won just on size and power alone but Rusev
is going to have the title a lot longer than he has so far. You
could tell there wasn’t going to be much here with all those tag
teams in there though.
Kane is working
merchandise tonight when Santino comes up. He mocks Kane’s Ryback
shirt, gets stared at, and runs away.
Bray Wyatt is here for
a chat. When Ambrose started climbing that ladder on Sunday, he
looked like an angel climbing up to Heaven. It almost brought a
smile to Bray’s face, but there’s not enough room for people like
them up there. He could feel those chairs crashing down on him and
it almost made him think he failed Dean for the first time. They
have reached the point of no return and what happens next will change
Ambrose. Tables, ladders and chairs. Bray says it over and over
because he’s going to enjoy torturing Ambrose’s body with all those
things. Follow the buzzards.
TLC ad, set to Jingle
Bella vs. Emma
Non-title. Nikki slams
Emma down with ease but gets caught in the Dilemma for a few seconds.
A big slap puts the champ down but Emma runs into an elbow to the
jaw. Rack Attack ends this at 1:29.
Post match Nikki has
Brie hold the title and say it’s time to hear the truth about AJ Lee.
We’ve heard her sob story over and over, but Nikki has worked
harder. She’s what a real Divas Champion looks like and AJ will
always be that pathetic little girl from New Jersey. AJ runs in and
nails Brie as Nikki bails. Nikki had good passion in her promo, but
trying to take her seriously as this hard working woman who has
clawed her way to the top cracks me up every time.
Kane has destroyed the
merchandise stand.
vs. Seth Rollins
Ryback quickly shoves
him down so Rollins grabs a headlock to take away the momentum. A
slam sends Rollins rolling to the floor but he comes back in for some
unsold chops. Ryback gets all fired up but misses a charge and goes
shoulder first into the post. Back in and Rollins nails a dropkick
for two and puts on a front facelock. Rollins fights out of a quick
Shell Shock attempt and hits the Downward Spiral into the corner for
two. They head outside with Ryback going after Mercury, only to have
Rollins send him into the steps as we take a break.
Back with Rollins
holding a headlock until Ryback lifts him up into a kind of slingshot
belly to back suplex. Ryback’s powerbomb is escaped and an enziguri
connects, followed by a superkick for two. Seth misses a splash in
the corner so Ryback lifts him up, only to be countered into a
running buckle bomb for two. That was a surprising power display
from Rollins. The big guy backdrops Rollins onto the Stooges before
planting him with a spinebuster back inside. There’s the Meat Hook
but Kane runs in for the DQ at 14:46.
C-. They telegraphed the ending
with that shot of the destroyed merchandise stand and the match felt
like it was just killing time until we got to this point. That and
Kane runs in on at least a match a week anymore so you had to know
this was coming. At least Ryback should be able to destroy him in a
few weeks.
and Kane take Ryback down and Kane destroys
him with a chair.
Axel/Slater Gator vs. New Day
Day is very excited to be making their debut here. Woods
dropkicks Axel down to start before bringing Kofi in to kick him in
the chest. Big E. nails the Warrior Splash but stops to wipe the
sweat off his face. Axel finally takes Xavier down and it’s off to
Slater for some stomps to the chest. The heels start taking over
until Woods flips out of a suplex and tags out to Kofi. Everything
breaks down and Big E. backdrops Kofi onto Titus and Axel. Back in
and a combination top rope DDT/Big Ending puts Slater away at 3:23.
D+. This wasn’t bad but what
are you expecting from two former Intercontinental Champions and
Woods? That’s the problem with a team like this: two of the three
members have already had success, so it’s not like them beating a
team of jobbers really means anything. It’s not a bad idea but they
need to actually go somewhere instead of acting like these wins mean
of the Authority having to leave and Bryan’s revenge on all of the
Team Authority members.
makes Ryback vs. Kane in a Chairs match for TLC. Oh and YES he will
be back soon.
says the Cosmic Key is gone but their anguish goes on and on. He
says each day is part of the endless march to oblivion and welcome to
the Black Hole. Goldust declares that darkness has fallen on the New
Day. There’s the first feud.
Title: Dolph Ziggler vs. Luke Harper
is challenging and goes right at Harper with a rollup like he beat
him with on Sunday. A dropkick puts Luke on the floor and we take an
early break. Back with
Ziggler fighting back with Cole saying it’s rally time. A high cross
body gets two but Harper sends him face first into the buckle. We
hit the chinlock from the champ but Ziggler hits a quick jawbreaker.
Back up and Ziggler hammers away before getting two off the big
elbow. The Fameasser is countered but Dolph slips out of a powerbomb
and hits the running DDT for two.
gets the same off the sitout Boss Man Slam and Ziggler nails a
Fameasser for yet another two. Luke comes back with the big boot and
Batista Bomb for two more and Harper is getting shocked. Why he’s
shocked I’m not sure as that’s the third time that combination has
gotten a near fall. They
head outside with Ziggler being launched over the announcers’ table,
only to pop up with a superkick, allowing him to beat the count for
the win at 10:52.
C+. Nice match here as these
two have good chemistry and Ziggler can take big bumps like almost no
other. Harper is going to be a good dragon for someone to slay and
take the belt but I can’t imagine him as a long term champion.
They’ll likely have a ladder match at the pay per view which should
be fun.
Post match Harper lays
Ziggler out with the discus lariat but takes too long getting the
belt, allowing Ziggler to hit the Zig Zag to end the show.
C-. This felt like a B
house show that was filmed and aired on a Friday night. Nothing on
here meant anything and the only thing that mattered was Ryback vs.
Kane being announced for the pay per view. That being said, it
wasn’t really bad or anything, but it’s back to the old Smackdown
standard: it came, it aired for two hours, it had some passable
matches and I’m never going to think of it again. That makes it far
more dull than bad, which isn’t necessarily a good thing.
Rusev won a battle
royal, last eliminating Jack Swagger
Nikki Bella b. Emma –
Rack Attack
Ryback b. Seth Rollins
via DQ when Kane interfered
New Day b. Curtis
Axel/Slater Gator – Big Ending/Top rope DDT combination to Slater
Dolph Ziggler b. Luke
Harper via countout
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NXT – November 27, 2014

Date: November 27, 2014
Location: Full Sail
University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Rich
Brennan, Renee Young, Jason Albert
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
The big story this week
is Finn Balor facing Tyson Kidd in his first singles match in NXT.
It’s going to be interesting to see how much more impressive he is
than Itami, who hasn’t done much for me, though he needs a longer
match than he’s had so far. Other than that we’re gearing up for
Zayn vs. Neville II in two weeks and it should be glorious. Let’s
get to it.

Louis vs. Tyler Breeze
continues to be in a state of shock and potentially psychotic over
losing his hair. He
doesn’t take his towel off for a few moments as Tyler looks disgusted
by Louis. Fans: “WHERE’S YOUR EYEBROWS???” Breeze says he can’t
be asked to take on the uggo of all uggos and won’t be the precious
to Louis’ Gollum. Marcus takes the towel off his head and Breeze is
even more disturbed. Now he thinks Louis is an idiot and a freak.
“NOBODY WILL EVER LOVE YOU!” Louis looks away and turns around
into the Beauty Shot for the pin at 2:28. Breeze was as evil as I’ve
ever seen him here and I LOVED IT.
rolls out and screams as he leaves. I could go for more of this
Louis Is Nuts thing as he’s selling the heck out of it. Marcus
gets back in the ring and the fans think this is awkward.
After a break, Louis very slowly walked out the front door of the
vs. Blue Pants
Enzo says he has a
surprise for Carmella (Fans: “BLUE PANTS! BLUE PANTS! BLUE
PANTS!”) and of course it’s Blue Pants, complete with Big Cass
humming a theme song for her. He does the entrances and the fans
actually give her a standing ovation. Fans: “REMATCH! REMATCH!
REMATCH!” Carmella runs her over to start and does it again with a
dropkick. Off to the leg crossface from Carmella for the submission
at 0:48.
Carmella laughs at Enzo
post match. They better not split up Enzo and Cass.
Balor says Kidd should
send a tape of their match tonight to Kidd’s uncle Bret.
Dragons vs. Tye Dillinger/Jason Jordan
Non-title. Cara and
Dillinger get things going with Sin grabbing the arm and taking him
back into the corner for a tag off to Kalisto. The champs keep
taking turns on the arm until Dillinger takes Sin over to the corner
for the tag off to Jordan. In something you don’t see all that
often, Jason covers him for no count. Back to Dillinger for some
stomps but we get heel miscommunication to frustrate Dillinger. The
hot tag brings in Kalisto to speed things up with a very high
springboard wristdrag to Tye. Cara’s suicide dive takes Tye out
again and the Salida Del Sol pins Jordan at 3:35.
D+. Glorified squash here but
the Dragons looked good going into their title match against the
Vaudevillains at the next Takeover. The problem though is their
reign hasn’t had the time to build yet, and when you’re coming off a
year long title reigns, it’s kind of hard to get into one that has
consisted of the rematch with the champs and potentially the feud
where the titles change. At least there’s been a bit of build to the
upcoming defense though.
recap Sasha Banks costing Bayley a match against Becky Lynch last
week and Charlotte making the save post match.
Owens, complete with a FIGHT t-shirt, is coming in two weeks.
Bayley with something to say. She doesn’t have a match tonight
(“BOO!”) but she has to deal with something tonight. Charlotte
may not be here, but she’s used to dealing with bullies like Lynch
and Banks. When she was a kid she was bullied every day and when she
came home from school crying, her mom told her to go back the next
day and stand up to the bullies because they’re cowards. Cue Banks
and Lynch to shove Bayley but she nails Sasha in the face. Becky
nails her from behind though and they stomp away until the referees
come out. Again, Lynch
looks like a star here.
is excited for her husband to get to face Balor tonight. Tyson cuts
her off (Natalya: “But I’m putting you over!”) and says Justin
cost them that match because he has a knack for losing. Tyson has
been working with Bret recently and is the new Hitman. Balor is a
guy who can’t live up to his hype. Yeah he’s good, but he’s not THAT
good. Natalya goes to hug him but Tyson has to go Facetime with the
cats. She doesn’t seem too bothered by this.
for a silent movie starring the Vaudevillains. The Lucha Dragons are
trying to rob a bank and it’s up to the Vaudevillains to stop them.
But first, TRAINING MONTAGE! English does push-ups while Gotch gets
in a fist fight WITH A BEAR. They go for a run before heading to the
bank where they find a box of TNT. It’s the Mini Lucha Dragons
behind it of course, and they wind up getting blow up, somehow making
Gotch and English the NXT Tag Team Champions. Voiceover: “No Lucha
Dragons were harmed in this production, but at NXT Takeover:
we make no such promises!” This was GREAT.
run down the Takeover card and Sasha vs. Charlotte is confirmed.
Balor vs. Tyson Kidd
Itami/Balor vs.
Ascension is confirmed too. Technical sequence to start with Tyson
grabbing a wristlock to take over but Balor spins him down to the mat
in a nice counter. Kidd comes back with a chinlock as the fans call
him Nattie’s Wife. It turns to a TYSON CHICKEN chant as Balor
dropkicks him to the floor, only to have Kidd hide behind Natalya to
avoid a dive.
We take a break and
come back with Balor kicking Kidd from the apron but having his
springboard broken up. Kidd knocks him out to the floor and follows
up with a neckbreaker outside. Back in and Tyson hammers away in the
corner before catapulting him face first into the bottom turnbuckle
for two. Another chinlock doesn’t last that long but Kidd stops the
comeback with a kick to the ribs. Tyson puts him in the Tree of Woe
for some knees but stops to yell at Natalya for not helping him
There’s a running
dropkick in the corner for two and we hit another chinlock. Kidd:
“ASK HIM!” Referee: “He said no!” Kidd: “WELL ASK HIM IN
IRISH!” Back up and Balor escapes a suplex and fires off some
chops followed by a Pele. A spinning suplex gets two for Finn but he
charges into a boot in the corner. Balor kicks him off the top but
misses the top rope stomp. Tyson can’t hook the Sharpshooter so he
sends Balor face first into the buckle again. The springboard elbow
hits knees so Finn hits a running knee to the face. Up top again for
the stomp but Ascension runs in for the DQ at 14:41.
B-. Good but not great match
here as they were just getting going near the end. Balor continues
to look like a much more well rounded guy than Itami, but again I
need to see Itami in a long match like this one to get a better feel
for him. Kidd is still the work horse of this show and I’m glad that
he’s getting some shots on Raw as a reward.
comes in for the save and a big pull apart brawl ends the show.
B-. I want to see
R-Evolution. That’s the key to TV shows like this and it’s worked
like a charm here. They spent last week building up the main event
and this week it was all about almost every other match on the card.
This was a good, entertaining episode with more wrestling to balance
out last week’s talking heavy show. Good stuff again and the big
show looks like it could blow the roof off the
place again.
Tyler Breeze b. Marcus
Louis – Beauty Shot
Carmella b. Blue Pants
– Leg crossface
Lucha Dragons b. Tye
Dillinger/Jason Jordan – Salida Del Sol to Jordan
Finn Balor vs. Tyson
Kidd went to a no contest when the Ascension interfered

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The SmarK Rant for WWE Survivor Series 2014

The SmarK Rant for WWE Survivor Series 2014 So my local EBGames has WWE 2K14 used for $20 here lately. I recall it getting rather mixed reaction – is it worth the buy? Because I’m certainly not dropping $70 on the Xbox One version of 2K15. Live and FREE (except for those already subscribed to the Network, or Canadians, or those without broadband access who have to order the PPV) from St. Louis, MO. Your hosts are Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler & JBL Vince McMahon is out and guarantees we won’t forget this show. This brings out HHH & Steph, who are in full kiss-ass mode, as well as John Cena. Vince recaps the stakes tonight and Cena wonders if he’ll have to personally throw HHH out of the building later. Stephanie clarifies that even if they lose, they’ll still be running the show from Stamford, but Vince re-clarifies that in fact they will be fired from running the show ever again. And the only person who can bring them back is John Cena. You’d think that would be the kind of exposition that would be on the RAWs leading up to the show. And really, they can’t even commit to firing the Authority? They have to remind us that they’ll still be given cushy office jobs even if they lose? WWE tag team titles: Goldust & Stardust v. Miz & Mizdow v. The Usos v. Los Matadores Great, four teams where I have no way to tell them apart. I hate that. Fernando rolls up Stardust for two, but Miz (or is it Mizdow?) rolls up Fernando for two. Fernando and Miz do a goofy sequence while Cole overexplains the Mizdow gag and thus kills it. JBL notes that Papa Shango cursed Mizdow years ago and that’s why he can perfectly emulate Miz. Jey exchanges chops with Fernando, but Stardust pulls down the top rope and the tag champs work Jey over. You know this whole thing is a big buildup to Mizdow getting a hot tag and the crowd exploding so I bet the crowd is indifferent to everything leading up to it. Miz tags himself in and Diego runs wild on him with a backstabber for two. Miz comes back with a beating in the corner and they do a really clever bit where Miz poses for boos and Mizdow mirrors the pose to cheers, and finally Miz tags him in. And then Goldust tags himself in immediately and the crowd is robbed of Mizdow again. So the Dusts beat on Diego with more boring stuff and Stardust informs us that we don’t want Mizdow, we want him. Good to know. Diego keeps taking a beating while the crowd only cares about Mizdow. Stardust with a sunset flip on Diego for two, but they exchange tombstone attempts and Diego gets a tornado DDT and brings in Jimmy. He runs wild on Goldust and the crowd absolutely does not care. They clear the ring with superkicks but Goldust powerslams an Uso for two. Dogpile on the floor and the Usos hit them dives while JBL cheers like a dork. So everyone is out after the trainwreck and we get the Tower of Doom spot, but Mizdow tags himself in and steals the pin on Goldust for the tag titles at 15:41, finally giving the crowd their payoff. And of course Miz keeps both titles. **1/2 More like a RAW match, but it was the right time to pull the trigger on the Mizdow deal. Steve Austin comes to the WWE Network with his podcast next week. Now that’s an awesome idea. Meanwhile, Adam Rose and the Bunny settle things with action figures. Welcome back to 1995. Slater Gator interrupts the proceedings, and Rose challenges them to a tag match tonight. Paige, Cameron, Summer Rae & Layla v. Natalya, Naomi, Emma & Alicia Fox Paige dumps Nattie and brings in Layla. Emma rolls Layla up for two while the announcers immediately start ignoring the match and making jokes about Doink the Clown in 1994. Paige beats on Emma while JBL starts talking about Alundra Blazye & Aja Kong for some reason. They fight on the top and Emma gets a superplex, but Paige tags out to Cameron. Apparently the Funkadactyls split up at some point when I wasn’t paying attention, which would narrow it down to the past three years. The crowd is so excited that they chant for Mizdow. Naomi comes in with something resembling a crossbody and follows with a stunner for two. Everyone runs in for some reason and we get more embarrassing spots before Naomi rolls up Cameron to eliminate her at 6:27. Over to Summer, who stomps Naomi down for two and shoves all the faces off the apron. The announcers continue reminiscing about stupid Survivor Series teams while this match just keeps going for no reason I can fathom. And then we get Fox teasing a highspot on the heels before backing off and yelling at them for being chicken. JBL clarifies that this is “The old chicken spot.” This match feels like a rib on all of us. Fox pins Layla with a backbreaker at 9:35. Nattie dominates Summer, but gets booted by Paige from the outside. Summer celebrates prematurely and gets knocked off the apron, so Paige throws her back in and Emma finishes her with the Dilemma at 12:05. This leaves Paige alone and friendless, much like watching this match feels like, and she wisely takes a walk, but the faces cut her off. Naomi misses a moonsault but hits the butt-butt for the pin at 14:20 to sweep the heels. * for Tyson Kidd standing at ringside like a douchebag the whole time and then celebrating for the ladies when they win. Otherwise this was a total disaster. Dean Ambrose v. Bray Wyatt Slugfest to start and Ambrose stomps him down in the corner, but they brawl to the floor, where Wyatt takes over. Back in, Ambrose comes back with a corner clothesline and they head to the floor again, giving us the best sign of the night: “HA HA / I LOVE IT / MAGGLE!” Back in, Wyatt with a senton for two while the stream drops to dial-up modem quality off and on. And I’m watching this on the PS3, with a hardwired Ethernet connection, so the problem is not on my end. Back to the floor and they collide with a clothesline out there and then charge back in to beat the count. Ambrose makes the comeback with a bulldog and does his own crabwalk in the corner (“That’s what Bray Wyatt does!” notes Michael Cole) and guillotines Bray for two. They fight over a superplex in the corner, but Wyatt fights him off and hits the uranage for two. Senton misses and Dean gets two, and follows with a crossbody for two. Wyatt cuts off his comeback with a lariat and Ambrose bails to the floor, so Wyatt drops him on the stairs and back in for two. Bray is so distraught that he stops to cut a promo about how they should be ruling the world together, and chairs get involved for some reason. And so Ambrose lays him out for the DQ at 14:03 for the shit RAW finish. Mediocre match with no real finishing sequence or ending. ** Ambrose puts him through a table afterwards, buries him in chairs, and then hauls out a ladder to pose. So this is obviously setting up something at TLC. And in fact they announce later in the show that they’ll have a TLC match next month. And hey, here’s some commercials for Kmart. Meanwhile, HHH gives Team Authority a pep talk. Adam Rose & The Bunny v. Slater Gator Adam Rose immediately runs into a Slater high kick for two as the announcers give up on the match and start making rabbit jokes. Slater Gator double-team Rose in the corner, but he makes the hot tag to the Bunny, who cleans house and hits a missile dropkick for the pin on Slater at 2:34. The entourage leaves with the bunny and abandons Rose, as they’ve been running this storyline for weeks now with no point evident. DUD And now some commercials for knockoff WWE Lego and Larry the Cable Guy. Roman Reigns does a satellite interview. He dislikes Seth Rollins and he’ll be back in a month. Divas title: AJ Lee v. Nikki Bella Brie grabs AJ for a kiss, and Nikki pins her with the Rack Attack at 0:30 to win the title. DUD See ya, AJ, enjoy married life. So I guess the Bellas are reunited. And yet they gave the elimination match FIFTEEN MINUTES?!? John Cena, Big Show, Ryback, Dolph Ziggler & Erick Rowan v. Seth Rollins, Kane, Rusev, Luke Harper & Mark Henry Big Show knocks out Mark Henry at 0:45. Which makes one wonder why he doesn’t just do that all the time. Rollins tries to attack Show and gets chased out of the ring, so Kane comes in and gets dominated by Cena. Next up, the big Harper v. Rowan showdown, but Rollins tags himself in to prevent that. So Ryback overpowers him, and splashes Kane for two. Rusev comes in and walks into a spinebuster and clothesline, and it’s BREAKING LOOSE IN TULSA. Rollins curbstomps Ryback and Rusev pins him at 8:08 to even it up. Rusev slugs away on Big Show and then tags in Harper, who puts Show down with a dropkick. The heels pound away on Show, but he gets the tag to Ziggler as the announcers discuss the “elation around the world” if the Authority loses. Oh come on now. Ziggler quickly gets beat down and worked over, and it’s VINTAGE KANE with a sideslam for two. Big boot gets two. Apparently the Authority will somehow gain “absolute power” if they win, despite Vince already being established as above them in the fake hierarchy. Dolph fights back on Rusev, but gets slammed for two. Cole notes that Ziggler has “the uncanny knack for being able to hang in there.” Except for all the matches that he loses. Rollins runs Ziggler into the corner and Rusev chinlocks him, until Dolph fights back with a DDT on Rusev for two. And then it suddenly breaks down again with everyone hitting their finishers and a big trainwreck on the floor. Rusev puts Ziggler on the Spanish table, but misses his splash and puts himself through the table for the countout at 21:03. Lame. Back in the ring, Cena runs wild on Kane, but Rollins comes in with a curbstomp and Cole is OUTRAGED. What does he want the ref to do, tackle the guy on the way into the ring? Harper and Rowan renew their rivalry, and Harper finishes him with the lariat at 24:12 with an assist from Rollins. And then Big Show turns on Cena and Rollins pins Cena at 25:00. How many heel turns now for Big Show? And Show walks out at 26:15, leaving Dolph Ziggler by himself. Way to go John, maybe don’t be such a selfish dick. So it’s Ziggler v. Harper, Rollins and Kane and they toy with him, but Ziggler gets the Zig Zag on Kane at 29:33. Ziggler bails and Harper follows with a dive on him. Back in, superkick gets two. Powerbomb gets two. Ziggler grabs a rollup and hooks the tights for the pin at 31:38, and it’s down to Rollins v. Ziggler. Seth beats on him outside, but a small package gets two in the ring. DDT gets for two Ziggler. Rollins powerbombs him into the corner for two, however, and goes up to finish. Flying knee misses and the fameasser gets two. Rollins blocks the Zig Zag, but a second one hits and HHH pulls out the ref. The beatdown is on and Rollins gets another powerbomb, but Ziggler gets another Zig Zag and HHH lays out another ref. So this time he takes matters into his own hands and beats on Ziggler personally with a KICK WHAM PEDIGREE. Scott Armstrong comes out to count, but STING IS FINALLY HERE. And he’s not taking HHH’s shit tonight. HHH takes the deathdrop, Ziggler gets puts on top of Rollins, and the Authority is finally done at 43:14. I wouldn’t say this saved the show, but the drama with Ziggler fighting alone at the end was off the charts, and the one match on a one-match show delivered. **** The Pulse Although the main event exceeded expectations, the rest was a boring mess on a night where they were supposed to winning over new fans. Thumbs in the middle, leaning down.

Smackdown – November 21, 2014

Date: November 21, 2014
Thompson-Boling Arena, Knoxville, Tennessee
Commentators: Tom
Phillips, Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
It’s the final show
before Survivor Series and we’re all the way up to five matches for
Sunday. With the addition of the always treasured Divas elimination
match, the card….is pretty much exactly the same as it was on
Monday. There’s a major change to Sunday’s main event announced
though so things aren’t all finalized. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of
the Authority forming their team and decimating Team Cena. This
turns into a music video like you would see on a pay per view.
Cole brings out HHH to
open the show. We recap Sunday’s main event in case the video you
saw two minutes ago didn’t get the message across. HHH basically
tells Cole to shut up but Cole goes into a list of various sports
teams winning that would be similar to Team Cena winning on Sunday.
The boss sucks up to the fans before saying their opinions are
Cole asks if this is
all about the Authority’s egos but HHH goes into a rant about his
legacy and how he became a huge star in the Attitude Era and lists
his name alongside Hart, Austin and Rock. Now some people could
argue that some of them were bigger stars than him or that that they
were more popular, but he’s the only one still around. He’s still
here because he’s always been smarter than all of them, just like
HHH talks about how
brilliant Vince was and how he’s been the constant in WWE all these
years. There are only two people that can follow Vince’s footsteps:
the Authority. Without them, this place has two years max. Without
them, the WWE has no future. HHH brings up Cole’s sitdown interview
from earlier in the week with John Cena but he’d like Team Cena to
come out and see it for themselves.
The clip is Cole asking
Cena if he’s responsible for what happens to his teammates at
Survivor Series. Cena says he’s asking his teammates to put their
livelihood on the line. If they lose, the Authority will be all over
them and that’s something they have to risk. He doesn’t actually
answer the question though. Back in the arena, HHH says that when
Team Cena loses on Sunday, they’re all fired. Well other than Cena
of course because he’s good for business. Team Cena is all stunned
as Rusev and Lana come out for the first match.
vs. Dolph Ziggler
Non-title. Rusev
quickly knocks Ziggler out to the floor but Dolph comes back in and
hammers away. That’s fine with Rusev who throws Dolph into the
corner and stomps Ziggler down, only to eat a dropkick. Another
dropkick puts Rusev on the floor but he whips Ziggler hard into the
steps as we take a break. Back with Dolph fighting out of a chinlock
and avoiding a charge in the corner.
Rusev’s powerbomb is
countered into a sunset flip for two before a superkick gets the same
for Ziggler. JBL talks about how he’d turn on Cena to keep his job
as Rusev throws Dolph out of the corner to take over again. Ziggler
escapes the Accolade and nails a quick Zig Zag for a delayed two.
Back up and Rusev avoids the Fameasser before the jumping superkick
ends Dolph at 10:18.
C+. This was about what I
expected. At least Ziggler has lost the title so the belt isn’t hurt
by another loss and Rusev gets to rack up another big win. That
superkick as a finisher is going to work better for him as he rises
up the card as some guys just aren’t going to lose to a submission
hold no matter what.
Accolades him for good measure.
is on the phone when an unseen someone comes in for a talk.
Kingston’s New Day video.
a break, Cesaro is in the back with Kane. Cesaro may not be an
official member of Team Authority but his loyalty will be rewarded
after Sunday. Kane needs
one more thing from Cesaro though: slaughter Erick Rowan.
Mizdow vs. Los Matadores
Dusts and Usos are on commentary to give us a seven man booth. Miz
works on Diego’s arm to start but gets chopped to the ropes. We get
a criss cross until Fernando
knocks Mizdow off the apron, only to eat a forearm from Miz. The
Reality Check is countered but Mizdow tags himself in and hits it
with ease. That’s too much for Miz who tags himself in and has the
Finale countered. The masked men send them outside and Miz is thrown
onto the Usos. Of course Mizdow launches himself onto the Dusts,
leaving Diego to hit a high cross body on Miz for the pin at 2:40.
Dean Ambrose to talk about his survival kit for Bray Wyatt. Dean
talks about having a screw loose and how he isn’t going to change for
anyone. When he was a kid, his mom gave him a $20 bill to go buy her
cigarettes and lottery tickets. He ran into some older guys who beat
him up and robbed him.
went home and told his mom what happened, so she gave him a pair of
brass knuckles. They were his survival kit back then but now his
survival kit is every single part of his body. On
Sunday, Dean is going to use every part of his body to send Bray
running back to the woods. Now he’s the hunter and Wyatt is the
prey. On Sunday, he’s going to be put down.
pops up on screen from inside a prison cell. He asks Dean if this is
how he remembers his father, locked inside a cage like an animal.
Maybe Bray reminds Dean of his father right now. The apple doesn’t
fall far from the tree, so this is Dean’s future: being trapped
inside a prison of his own design, begging for freedom that he’ll
never receive. It doesn’t have to be like this though. Dean is
trapped inside a cell full of filth and it’s never going to end.
Lee vs. Brie Bella
Non-title and AJ is
dressed as Nikki, complete with strategic stuffing. Brie takes her
down to start but AJ uses her enlarged hips to take over. Back up
and Brie sends her face first into the buckle a few times before AJ
does the same to her. Some right hands have Brie in trouble and it
turns into catfight mode until Brie counters into a half crab.
AJ grabs the ropes and
slaps on a guillotine choke. That goes nowhere so Brie dropkicks her
down and hits a running knee against the ropes. A missile dropkick
gets two on AJ but Nikki gets on the apron. AJ rams them together
for the pin on Brie at 3:23. You could see that one coming a mile
D. This would be the second
match in a row where the story was about someone dressing up as
someone else in the match. Aside
from that though, what happened to the whole personal servant thing
between the Bellas? They seem to be fine here and Brie has a reason
to fight AJ after AJ beat her up on Monday, so Nikki really didn’t
need to be there. I’m actually not clear on who I’m supposed to
cheer or boo in this feud and I have a bad feeling we’re just getting
a Bellas reunion out of it, three months after they first split. It
would make for quite the Total Divas season finale though right?
on Sheamus’ injury.
Rowan vs. Cesaro
Cesaro slaps the mask
off his face but Rowan easily knocks him outside. Back in and Cesaro
scores with a running dropkick, only to get caught in a bearhug.
Cesaro snaps Rowan’s throat over the top rope and grabs a sleeper.
That goes nowhere so he heads to the top, only to be slammed down. A
pumphandle backbreaker and torture rack make Cesaro tap at 2:40.
This was just a step above a squash.
Harper comes out to
stare down Rowan post match but leaves before any contact.
Big E.’s New Day promo.
Team Cena, minus the
captain and with Rowan playing with a Rubik’s Cube, talks about how
everything is on the line on Sunday. HHH’s tactics didn’t have the
intended effect because it just fires them up more. Ryback says
actions have consequences and his job being on the line just makes
him hungrier. Tonight, he and Big Show are feeding on Kane and
Rollins. Ziggler talks about the Authority costing him the
Intercontinental Title, which he shared with the entire WWE Universe.
He has nothing left to lose so he has nothing to fear. They can put
the Authority out of power and he isn’t backing down now. Rowan:
Rollins/Kane vs. Ryback/Big Show
Ziggler and Rowan are
banned from ringside. Ryback drives Rollins into the corner to start
and Seth bails to the floor. Back in and Rollins hammers away but
Ryback takes him down with a Thesz press. Off to Big Show for the
loud chop in the corner before Ryback no sells Seth’s chops. He
shoves Rollins into the corner and calls him stupid before planing
Seth with a powerslam.
Kane gets knocked off
the apron and Seth gets backdropped… to him as Kane
completely missed catching him. That one might be worthy of an ice
pack. Cue HHH and the rest of Team Authority as we take a break.
Back with Show slamming Kane for two but ducking his head and taking
a running DDT. Off to Rollins for some running kicks to the face for
two. Kane gets the same off an elbow drop and we hit the chinlock.
Show powers out of it and makes the hot tag so Ryback can clean
house, only to have Team Authority come in for the DQ at 10:25.
C. This
was your standard main event tag and it was fairly obvious that we
were getting a run-in finish. It’s a good sign that the fans were
into Ryback but there wasn’t much interest outside of him. Granted
the fact that two of the others were Big Show and Kane probably had
something to do with it.
Authority beats down Ryback and Show until Ziggler comes out for a
failed save. Rowan comes out as well to take down Rusev and Henry
before going inside for the showdown with Harper. That
goes nowhere though as Kane chokeslams Rowan, only to have Ryback and
Ziggler get back in it. Henry and Rusev are back up as well though
and the Authority’s advantage takes over. Big
Show does his war cry to alert the Authority that he’s coming. The
Stooges get chokeslammed but HHH comes in with a chair to take down
the giant. All of Team Cena takes chair shots and Ryback takes a
Pedigree to end the show.
C-. This
was a pretty standard go home show when the entire pay per view is
about one match. They aren’t even trying to hide the fact that they
don’t care about anything else on the card and it’s been old for
weeks. I’m so sick of hearing about the match that even if it’s
good, which it likely could be, I’m so burned out on that I’m not
going to care as much as I should. Thankfully
some of the other matches on Sunday (as in the four others) got some
hype save for the Divas elimination match, but that might not have
been announced when this show was taped.
Rusev b. Dolph Ziggler
– Superkick
Los Matadores b.
Miz/Damien Mizdow – High cross body to Miz
AJ Lee b. Brie Bella –
Erick Rowan b. Cesaro –
Torture rack
Big Show/Ryback b. Seth
Rollins/Kane via DQ when Team Authority interfered
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NXT – November 20, 2014

Date: November 20, 2014
Location: Full Sail
University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Renee
Young, Alex Riley, Rich Brennan
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
We’re getting close to
the end of the year and ultimately the next Takeover special, but now
the main event isn’t as clear. Last week Sami Zayn was tricked into
losing his NXT Title shot against Adrian Neville, leaving his future
up in the air. Other than that we have Itami/Balor getting ready for
their showdown against the Ascension which will be the newcomers’
official welcome to the company. Let’s get to it.

We recap Sami’s loss
last week.
Opening sequence.
vs. Becky Lynch
Bayley is sent out to
the apron to start and gets dragged right back in. A release
northern lights suplex and legdrop give Becky two and we’re already
in a chinlock. They get right back up with Bayley hitting some quick
ax handles to the chest for two. Sasha offers a distraction from the
floor though, allowing Lynch to pull the hair and grab a rollup and
tights for the pin at 2:14.
Charlotte comes out to
save Bayley from a post match beatdown.
Bayley thanks Charlotte
for the help but warns her to stay away from Sasha. They hug and
everything seems ok.
Here are the
Vaudevillains with something to say. They’re patient gentlemen, but
they deserve the title shot that they’ve earned. Cue two mini
wrestlers dressed like the Lucha Dragons (Renee: “Kind of like
Lucha-Loompas!”) and we’re actually having a match.
Lucha Dragons vs. Vaudevillains
The full sized guys
takes turns with airplane spins on #1, even handing him off between
each other instead of dropping him. #2 gets tagged and doesn’t want
to come in. A quick neckbreaker from English gets the pin at 1:29.
Kevin Owens (Steen) is
coming on December 11, 2014.
Corbin vs. Elias Sampson
End of Days, 22
seconds. The fans were counting again.
Bull Dempsey comes out
for his match and stares Corbin down on the way.
Dempsey vs. Steve Cutler
The fans start counting
again. Fans: “21! 22! 23! BARON’S BETTER! BARON’S BETTER!”
Bull destroys Cutler and no sells some right hands before the top
rope headbutt ends this at 54 seconds.
Kidd vs. CJ Parker
It’s the rare heel vs.
heel match here. Kidd grabs a hammerlock around the ropes as the
fans chant TOTAL DIVAS. Parker nails a quick kick to the face for
two but Kidd knocks him out to the floor. A dragon screw leg whip
onto the ropes has Parker in even more trouble and the Sharpshooter
ends him at 2:59.
Kidd offers to
excellently execute Finn Balor next week.
Enzo takes credit for
Carmella’s success but nothing comes of it.
Amore/Colin Cassady vs. Dash Wilder/Scott Dawson
Enzo and Cass aren’t
the Parker Brothers, but they’ll scrabble your headpiece, monopolize
you, connect your four eyes and never feel sorry for it. Enzo grabs
a headlock on Dawson to start as Renee critiques Amore’s hair. Off
to Cass to clean house before shouting “ENZO! I’M GONNA TAG YOU
IN!” Cass kicks Dawson’s head off, giving Enzo the pin at 1:38.
Ascension runs in and
destroys Wilder with the Fall of Man. Fans: “SEVEN MORE TIMES!”
They’re going to kill Itami and Balor before they rise again.
Zayn thanks Regal for
the chance to get something off his chest tonight. End of scene.
Here’s a serious
looking Sami Zayn to talk about last week. He’s known he has what it
takes to be a champion his entire life, but last week proves
otherwise. We see a similar video to the opening montage of Neville
pinning Sami in the title match last week. Fans: “YOU GOT ROBBED!”
Sami asks Neville to come out so here’s a limping champion.
Sami talks about having
no business being here if he can’t win the big one. Now Neville
doesn’t owe him anything because he gave him a title match last week,
but if their friendship means anything to him, Adrian will give him
one more chance at the NXT Championship. If Zayn can’t win that one,
then he’s done. Neville says he’d give him a rematch tonight but
that’s not his decision.
Above all though
they’re friends, and Neville thinks Sami has nothing left to prove.
Zayn gets mad and says the only thing he has left to prove is on
Adrian’s shoulder. If he can’t beat Neville for that title, then he
doesn’t need to be here. Sami sounds like he’s on the verge of
tears. Cue Regal who says Zayn is far from a failure.
Sami was part of NXT
Arrival and Regal can’t think of any main event better than Sami Zayn
vs. Adrian Neville. That rematch will take place at NXT Takeover:
Our Evolution on December 11. Neville is pleased but he doesn’t want
Sami’s career on the line because he won’t be responsible for ending
Sami’s dream. Zayn again says he’s done if he loses and drops the
mic to end the show.
B-. This is a hard one
to grade as everything went by so fast. I kind of like it that way
though as the matches may have been short but they all did their jobs
efficiently enough, especially when two of them were about winning as
fast as they could. Sometimes you don’t need to keep a match going
just for the sake of keeping it going and NXT was smart enough to
realize that. Sami’s promo at the end was awesome but it kind of
telegraphs the ending to the match. Still though, solid show tonight
as NXT continues to destroy the main show in making
the most out of their time.
Becky Lynch b. Bayley –
Rollup with a handful of tights
Vaudevillains b. Mini
Lucha Dragons – Neckbreaker to #2
Baron Corbin b. Elias
Sampson – End of Days
Bull Dempsey b. Steve
Cutler – Top rope headbutt
Tyson Kidd b. CJ Parker
– Sharpshooter
Enzo Amore/Colin
Cassady b. Dash Wilder/Scott Dawson – Big boot to Dawson
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Impact Wrestling – November 19, 2014

November 12, 2014 
Sands Bethlehem Events Center, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 
Mike Tenay, Tazz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall 

so, it ends. Well at least on SpikeTV. Tonight is the last episode
of Impact Wrestling on the major network before it takes two months
off and returns on a network in about 40 million less homes. To be
fair though, it’s better than no network at all… theory.
Tonight is about setting up Roode vs. Lashley III so let’s get to it.

open with a recap of Roode taking the title from Lashley a few weeks
ago, followed by Lashley being driven insane by not being champion.
Roode to get us going. He
talks about having a few real friends in wrestling and two of them
are Eric Young and Austin Aries. Now Lashley is going around trying
to put those two out of wrestling. If Lashley wants a shot at the
title, he can certainly have one, but not tonight. Tonight isn’t
about the World Title or professional wrestling. Instead it’s about
fighting with no referee and no rules. Roode
calls Lashley out right now and the fight is on in the aisle. They
fight into the stands and Lashley misses a big chair shot. Security
breaks them up after only a few seconds though.
Carter says he’s giving Spud a chance to prove that he’s a man
next show on SpikeTV is in two weeks on December 3 for a best of the
year show.
on Havok’s dominance, which has spanned about five matches. Taryn
and Gail are ready to slay the best.
Title: Havok vs. Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell
is defend and this is one fall to a finish. The
challengers go right at Havok but get dropped with a double
clothesline. Havok throws
Gail onto Taryn and then sends her shoulder first into the post. A
spinebuster plants Taryn but Gail tries AJ Lee’s Black Widow on the
champ. Havok is in trouble
and Taryn adds an Indian Deathlock for good measure. Somehow Havok
powers out of it and they all fight to the floor with Havok catching
Terrell, only to have Gail dive on both of them as we take a break.
with Havok still on the floor and Taryn rolling Gail up for two. A
running flip neckbreaker puts Gail down again but Havok pulls Taryn
from the ring and drops her throat first across the barricade. Gail
heads outside also but gets spinebustered onto the floor. Back
in and Havok splashes both girls for two but Gail is up first and
drapes Havok across the top rope.
kind of Fameasser from the top puts Havok on the floor but Taryn
jumps Gail from behind. Terrell
takes her to the top but Havok comes back in to make it a Tower of
Doom. The
champ stacks them up again but misses a middle rope splash. Taryn
and Gail break out of a double chokeslam attempt and hammer away
until Gail scores with a DDT. A cross body gets two each before Eat
Defeat and an RKO get two for Terrell. Gail rolls up Taryn but gets
caught in a sunset flip to give Terrell the title at 14:32.
This was the best Knockouts match in awhile but it doesn’t mean what
TNA wants it to be. First of all, as mentioned, Havok has won
something like five matches in TNA over the course of six weeks with
one of those being a battle royal. That’s hardly taking the title
off Roode after seven months. Also, Terrell pinned Gail, which
likely sets up a showdown later. It’s a good match but nowhere near
the moment they were hoping for.
rants at Kenny King about being called a manager. King sounds
of Joe vacating the X-Division Title last week. There’s a fourway
for the title later tonight.
of the opening brawl.
isn’t going to let his friends get taken out or be intimidated by
Lashley. Now the champion is challenging Lashley to a fight. Didn’t
he do that already?
King vs. Chris Melendez
shoves him into the corner to start and King mocks the mechanical
leg. Chris finally hammers
away but walks into an elbow in the corner. A
hiptoss sends Kenny to the floor but he jumps up and kicks Chris in
the face. Melendez gets
snapped down across the top rope but Chris comes back up with a
mechanical kick to the chest. A
fisherman’s suplex gets two for Chris and he kicks King in the face,
only to have MVP come in with a chair for the DQ at 5:05.
D. I probably should but I just
do not care about Chris Melendez. It’s amazing how he’s come this
far, but after you get over the shock of seeing someone being able to
do this, he’s just a green wrestler that can’t do much in the ring
yet. The match was nothing special and just there to set up stuff
(likely a tag match) for the future.
goes after Chris’ good leg until Mr. Anderson makes the save.
agrees to meet EC3 tonight.
is sent to the hospital but Anderson wants revenge. Kurt Angle says
he’ll deal with it.
are EC3 and Tyrus to address Spud. Carter
likes the idea of Spud trying to come across the pond and make
himself big. Along the way Spud has picked up some friends like Eric
Young, who is now in the hospital and Jeremy Borash, who Carter
slapped so hard that the entire Borash family died. Well tonight,
Spud can fight Carter for one night only. Cue
Spud in a suit that looks like a brick wall (seriously) and Carter
even has Tyrus go to the floor.
gets right in his face and Ethan offers a free shot but Spud can’t do
it. Instead
he kicks Carter low and then hits him in the face as the brawl is on.
gets the better of it and takes Spud down as the fans tell him that
he can’t wrestle. Spud
pulls himself up but Carter lets him go from the 1%er. Spud pulls
himself up again but Tyrus comes in for the Tongan Death Grip into a
clothesline. Now
Ethan (busted open a bit) gets a mic and threatens to rip Spud apart
until he decides to stop. First up, Ethan cuts off some of Spud’s
hair and holds it up like a trophy. Nice
segment here.
yells at King but gets jumped and beaten down by MVP. Even King
thinks that was too far.
vs. Tommy Dreamer
of course. They start in
the aisle as Dreamer looks older than ever. Bram
slams him down on the ramp and nails Tommy with a trashcan. Dreamer
is already busted open so Bram fires off more right hands, only to
get sent into the post. Tommy hits Bram with the old WWE spinner US
Title for a bizarre moment. We take a break and come back with Bram
sending Tommy face first into the steps.
in and we hit a chinlock before Dreamer gets a boot up in the corner
to stop a charge. Some
kendo stick shots and Russian legsweep gets two for Tommy and he
crotched Bram on an opened chair. A clothesline knocks Bram out of
the chair for two and Tommy ties him in the Tree of Woe. Dreamer
shouts T-N-A and hits a basement dropkick into a trashcan but Bram
counters the DDT with a legsweep.
top rope elbow with the chair is blocked with a raised boot and
Dreamer’s DDT gets two more. Now
it’s a barbed wire chair but Magnus runs in with a Rock Bottom to
plant Dreamer. The Brits load up something else but Al Snow of all
people runs in for the save. Dreamer
gets up and grabs the cheese grater as Snow punches Magnus up the
ramp. Bram’s cut is grated open even worse but he comes back with a
low blow and sends Tommy face first into the barbed wire chair in the
corner. An inverted DDT
pins Dreamer at 14:54.
It got fifteen minutes, Bram needed help to beat Tommy Dreamer, Al
freaking Snow ran in (wearing wrestling gear for some reason) and
Tommy Dreamer is STILL ON MY TV IN 2014. I would love to know what
Dreamer has on the management of this and all those other wrestling
companies he works for because it must be gold.
is going to deal with MVP once and for all.
asked Manik what he needs to do to get Storm to like him. Manik
tells him to awaken.
Title: DJZ vs. Low Ki vs. Tigre Uno vs. Manik
title is vacant coming in and this is one fall to a finish. Tigre
and Manik fight to the floor, leaving Low Ki to kick DJZ across the
ring but Manik comes back in to jump Ki. DJZ
dropkicks both of them down as Tigre comes back in to speed things
up. A quick dropkick gets two for Uno but Manik suplexes him down
and puts on a surfboard. As he has Tigre in the air, DJZ covered
Manik, only to have Low Ki hit a Warrior’s Way onto Tigre, crushing
everyone else at the same time for a scary looking landing.
charges into Low Ki’s kick to the face but DJZ elbows Ki in the face.
Tigre sends Manik to the floor and hits a huge twisting springboard
moonsault to take everyone down. Back
in and Low Ki gets Tigre in the Tree of Woe but Manik breaks up a top
rope double stomp. DJZ hits a tornado DDT on Ki but Manik dives onto
DJZ for the save. Manik covers, looks DIRECTLY AT TIGRE, and stays
there while Tigre dives on him. Come on man. Tigre
and Ki go up top and a Ki Crusher off the top gives Ki the title at
Rating: C+.
Of all the multiman cruiserweight spot fests that I’ve seen, this one
is the most recent. That’s really all there is to it. They did some
spots, there was no flow to the match, they did a lot of stupid stuff
that got on my nerves and one guy hit a big move for the win. That’s
every almost cruiserweight match in this company for months now and
this was just another on the list.
calls someone and leaves a voicemail about burning the place down.
Angle to call out MVP. He
talks about watching MVP cheat his way to the top when he was in
charge but here’s MVP to cut him off. MVP is sick of being here but
mocks Angle for running to the Board of Directors when something goes
wrong. Angle isn’t going to fire him and the fight is on. Kenny
King comes out to help but MVP shoves him away and keeps stomping
before hitting the Blackout Kick (Drive-By) to send Angle outside.
Anderson comes out to get
King but Lashley takes him down. This brings out Roode to take out
King and brawl with Lashley to end the show.
Overall Rating: C.
This show had some decent wrestling but it felt like any other show
for TNA. At the end of the day though, you can see one of the things
that has held them back for years right there front and center: an
old, past his prime guy living on nostalgia got the longest match of
the night, including longer than two matches with new champions
the time off will do TNA good, but they need to stop doing stupid
stuff like having Tommy Dreamer around to score nostalgia points from
a tiny number of people they might bring in. They have a big roster
but can’t fit them in because of stuff like that. That’s a badly run
business and it’s killed them for years. I’m hoping it gets better
on the new network, but 12 years have taught me not to get my hopes
up for TNA.
Terrell b. Gail Kim and Havok – Sunset flip to Kim
Melendez b. Kenny King via DQ when MVP interfered
b. Tommy Dreamer – Inverted DDT
Ki b. Tigre Uno, DJZ and Manik – Top rope Ki Crusher to Tigre Uno
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Smackdown – November 14, 2014

Date: November 14, 2014
Location: Echo Arena,
Liverpool, England
Attendance: 2,500
Commentators: Michael
Cole, Tom Phillips, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
We’re wrapping up the
European shows here with the blue show over in Liverpool. By now
most of the Survivor Series main event is set as I believe we have
five guys apiece. It should be interesting to see if any of them are
swapped out again. They’ve done a nice job so far of building up the
people in the match other than Cena, which should be the point of
something like this. Let’s get to it.

We open with a long
recap of Raw’s events and all the changes to the teams.
Here’s the returning
Chris Jericho for a British Highlight Reel. Jericho has one burning
question: Who is Adam Rose’s Bunny, because he’s AWESOME. He thinks
it’s Funaki, drawing the first Funaki chant in WWE history. That’s
enough hijinks though so let’s get our guests out here. This brings
out HHH and Stephanie, with Steph doing Jericho’s pose in a cute bit.
Jericho would like to
know why the Authority wanted to be on the show. Stephanie says it
was because it’s been too long since Smackdown had the Highlight Reel
and they like to have fun. She sucks up to the fans and calls them
the most important part of the show. We get a YES chant, which shows
how important the fans are because they keep him that popular.
However, he wouldn’t be there without the Authority. Who could run
the WWE without the Authority? Jericho: “I could.”
Actually he has a
better idea: the fans run WWE. He lists off some humiliating ideas
for HHH, such as cleaning Jericho’s boots, before showing us a clip
of Vickie Guerrero shoving Stephanie into the mud in her retirement
match. That’s enough for HHH who says the wolf doesn’t ask to be
embraced by sheep. The Authority is going to be laughing when they
win at Survivor Series. Jericho should learn that when he calls
again to come back and get his WWE fix, because he might be erased
from the WWE history books by then. Chris thinks this is an arena
full of Jericholics and starts singing the Goodbye song.
Video on Wyatt costing
Ambrose the Cell match.
Wyatt vs. Sin Cara
Bray nails him a few
times to start but misses a charge. Cara goes up for the Swanton but
only hits mat. Back up and the charge hits this time, setting up the
suplex slam. The Spider Walk sets up Sister Abigail for the pin at
2:16. Total squash.
Post match Bray says he
can feel Ambrose screaming for help in his heart. Dean used to feel
unloved and woke up every Christmas morning, hoping that daddy would
come back. But when he came downstairs, only darkness was waiting
for him. That’s what life has become for Dean, but Bray is the light
he’s been searching for his entire life.
Salvation is at hand so
let Bray fix him. Cue Ambrose but Bray bails and calls Dean
predictable. All he has to do is push the right buttons and Dean
will be there right on time. Ambrose wants to punish him, just like
he wants to punish his daddy. Bray gets in but gets knocked out by a
single right hand. As he walks away, Bray says Dean is crying out
for help and that he is the key.
Xavier Woods’ new day
is coming.
vs. Adam Rose/The Bunny
Non-title. Rose is a
bit less energetic on the way to the ring this week. We get a clip
from Main Event where the Bunny took out Goldust, allowing Rose to
roll up Stardust for a surprise pin to get back in Adam’s good
graces. Adam runs over Goldust to start but gets thrown into the
corner for a tag off to Stardust. The Express tries to fire up Rose
as he fights out of a chinlock. Goldust and Rose bang heads and the
hot tag brings in the Bunny. Stardust gets taken down and won’t tag
out, allowing Stardust to block a splash with knees. Dark Matter
ends the Bunny at 2:03.
Rose Party Fouls the
Bunny post match.
WWE2K15 stuff.
Dolph Ziggler looks at
what the Authority has put him through in recent weeks and isn’t
worried about his triple threat elimination title defense tonight.
He says he’s survived everything they’ve thrown at him and if this is
the night he loses, he’s going down with a fight and staying on Team
Cena. All he has to do is survive until Survivor Series and then the
Authority is gone.
Video on Ryback.
Ryback says he’s on his
own team and the only person who needs to worry about survving is
Kane, who he faces tonight. What you saw on Monday was just an
appetizer and unfortunately for Kane, it’s almost feeding time.
Title: Tyson Kidd vs. Cesaro vs. Dolph Ziggler
Ziggler is defending
under elimination rules. Kidd gets shoved away to start and Cesaro
kicks Dolph in the face. The smaller guys dropkick Cesaro down but
Dolph has to kick out of a rollup from Tyson. They trade rapid fire
rollups for two each until Dolph dropkicks Cesaro down again. We
take a break and come back with Cesaro suplexing both guys at the
same time in a nice power display. A powerbomb plants Dolph and Kidd
comes back in with a springboard elbow drop.
Cesaro throws Tyson
down to cover Ziggler for two and the fans think this is awesome.
Dolph gets two off a Fameasser to Kidd but gets caught in the Tree of
Woe. Now it’s Kidd with some delayed dropkicks to Dolph’s face but
Cesaro nails a clothesline for two on the Canadian. The champ comes
back in with a high cross body to Cesaro as JBL rips on Ziggler for
complaining too much. Ziggler neckbreakers Kidd and DDTs Cesaro at
the same time for two each. Kidd pops back up with a neckbreaker of
his own to the champ but gets caught with an uppercut on the top.
They all head to the
corner and grapple up top until Cesaro superplexes Ziggler while Kidd
powerbombs Cesaro for the Tower of Doom. Cesaro covers Ziggler but
Kidd slaps on the Sharpshooter to the European at the same time.
Pure leg strength breaks the hold though and Cesaro counters the
running DDT with Swiss Death. We take another break and come back
with Kidd hitting a Blockbuster on Cesaro, driving him into Ziggler’s
raised knees at the same time.
For once that hurts the
knees so Kidd puts on the Sharpshooter with Cesaro adding a Crossface
at the same time. In what JBL calls a very stupid move, Kidd lets go
of his half and stomps on Cesaro, earning him a Cesaro Swing.
Ziggler comes back with the running DDT for two on Cesaro but Kidd
kicks the champ in the face, right into a German suplex from Cesaro.
Back up and a Zig Zag nails Cesaro but Kidd dropkicks the champ down
and steals a pin to eliminate Cesaro at 18:17.
So it’s Ziggler vs.
Kidd for the title now with the champ on the floor. Tyson
headscissors him down into the steps before running the barricade for
a kick to the face. Back in and Kidd chokes on the ropes but gets
rolled up for two. A Moss Covered Three Handled Family Credenza gets
two for the challenger so Kidd springboards with a dive only designed
to get superkicked down for two. Tyson pops back up and grabs the
Sharpshooter, only to have Dolph roll through into the Zig Zag for
the pin at 21:43.
B+. This had the time to get
going and worked out quite well by the end. I
like that Kidd is getting a solid push and getting to show off his
skills instead of just being an accessory to Natalya. This feud is
doing a great job to build up Ziggler, and more importantly the
Intercontinental Title, which have been needed for a long time now.
Really good, long match here.
vs. Layla
steals the shirt Natalya is about to throw into the crowd. Natalya
rolls out of a wristlock ala Owen Hart but Layla rolls out of an
early Sharpshooter attempt. They
trade some hard forearms until Layla just kicks her in the head.
Some choking on the ropes gets two for Layla and we hit a figure four
neck lock. Off to a body vice instead as we keep cutting to Summer
Rae on the floor, even though she hasn’t done anything. Layla
poses a lot but gets dropkicked down for two. Natalya
gets thrown out to the floor but slaps Summer hard in the face. Back
in and a quick Sharpshooter makes Layla tap at 3:55.
D+. Eh Summer looked good in a
short black dress and Layla is always good looking. I’m not sure why
I’m supposed to care about this though but I’m assuming it’s
something related to a show that doesn’t air with the rest of WWE’s
shows and is about four months removed from current events.
of the opening segment.
Kofi Kingston’s new day
is coming as well.
We recap Bray’s promo
on Dean earlier.
Ambrose shouts about
being sick of Bray Wyatt. Bray jumps him from behind and lays
Ambrose out. He says this world isn’t made for people like them and
labels are the way the world puts them in a box.
vs. Kane
HHH and Stephanie are
at ringside. Kane grabs a headlock to start as we’re already in the
slow power counters stage. Ryback runs him over with a shoulder but
eats an uppercut for his efforts. Cole wants to know what HHH and
Stephanie could possibly do if they lose at Survivor Series because
it’s all the know. A suplex puts Kane down and we take a break.
Back with Ryback hitting his Thesz Press and slamming Kane’s head
into the mat.
The Meat Hook is
stopped by a big boot and an elbow drop gets two for Kane. Ryback
fights back with chops but gets whipped hard into the corner. We hit
the chinlock for a bit but Ryback powers up and breaks a chokeslam
attempt. Now the Meat Hook connects but Kane escapes the Shell Shock
and takes it to the floor where a chair to Ryback’s ribs draws a DQ
at 11:45.
C-. Watchable power match here
with neither guy doing anything of note but enough big crashes to
make it work. Ryback continues to look good in the ring and capable
of doing more than big spots, though I’m not sure why they couldn’t
have Kane take a pin here. I don’t know why they keep letting him
lose by DQ but it’s not going to kill him to lose to a fairly big
shrugs off the chair shots and nails Kane with the chair. He stares
HHH down to end the show.
B-. Smackdown and WWE
continue to pick up steam as they let the wrestlers do their thing
tonight. It’s almost like interesting stuff happens here, including
Ambrose vs. Wyatt which has mainly been built up on Fridays. This
wasn’t a must see show or anything but it had a great TV match that
got a lot of time. What more can you ask for from Smackdown anymore?
Bray Wyatt b. Sin Cara
– Sister Abigail
Stardust/Goldust b.
Adam Rose/The Bunny – Dark Matter to the Bunny
Dolph Ziggler b. Cesaro
and Tyson Kidd – Zig Zag to Kidd
Natalya b. Layla –
Ryback b. Kane via DQ
when Kane used a chair

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NXT – November 13, 2014

Date: November 13, 2014
Location: Full Sail
University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Jason
Albert, Alex Riley, Rich Brennan
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
Tonight is a big show
for NXT as we have the showdown between Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville
for the NXT Title. I don’t quite believe we’re getting the full
match tonight though, or at least we’re not getting a clean ending.
Other than that we have the fallout from the debut of Finn Balor, who
will be helping Itami in his war against the Ascension. Let’s get to

We open with a recap of
Itami vs. Ascension and Balor debuting last week.
Opening sequence.
Here’s Balor to open
the show with a rather epic entrance. He says he’s here in NXT
because he’s the future….and here are Natalya and Tyson Kidd arm in
arm. Tyson is sure that Balor has a fascinating story but no one
cares. Fact. Kidd was brought into this business as a Hart, so the
first thing he was ever taught was respect. Cue Justin Gabriel who
says a new international superstar is here every week to be a top
guy. Finn has to get through them first though, but let’s pause for
a WHO ARE YOU chant at Gabriel. Kidd and Gabriel get in the ring but
here’s Itami, walking very slowly out to save his buddy.
Balor/Hideo Itami vs. Tyson Kidd/Justin Gabriel
This should be good.
Gabriel and Itami get things going but it’s quickly off to Kidd for a
wristlock. Balor comes in for the first time and Tyson is already
out for Gabriel. A dropkick puts Gabriel down but he bails to the
floor, setting up a big flip dive from Balor as we take a break.
Back with Itami putting Justin in a chinlock and getting two off a
kick to the chest. Off to Balor vs. Kidd with Tyson taking him
outside for a neckbreaker on the floor. Gabriel hits a LOUD chop on
the floor before kicking Finn in the back.
Tyson does the same for
two as the heels take over on Finn in the corner. We hit the
chinlock on Balor before Justin cranks on both arms at the same time.
Kidd and Gabriel keep making the fast tags until Balor nails Tyson
with a Pele Kick. The hot tag brings in Itami to clean house and a
big kick gets two on Kidd. Justin dives into a knee to the ribs for
two as everything breaks down. The newcomers hit stereo corner
dropkicks, setting up a top rope double stomp to end Gabriel at
C+. This was a much more
promising match from Itami than the previous weeks singles efforts.
Balor continues to look like the star of the team though and the more
complete wrestler. Itami is coming around though and just needs some
more time to get used to the WWE style.
look back at Zayn vs. Neville from about a year ago in a great #1
contenders match.
says tonight feels different than all of the previous times. The
road to redemption is more than just a nice tagline because destiny
never makes mistakes. Tonight is going to unfold just like it’s
supposed to.
Banks vs. Alexa Bliss
sends her into the corner to start and nails a low clothesline for an
early two. The fans argue
over whether Sasha is ratched as she puts Bliss in a modified
surfboard. Bliss nails a dropkick but gets caught in the Backstabber
into the Bank Statement for the tap out at 2:18.
wants to make her title match against Charlotte official.  She
doesn’t do anything to accomplish that but she does indeed want it.
says Sami is his friend but he’s going to be disappointed again
Dragons vs. Wesley Blake/Buddy Murphy
need new jobbers around here. Non-title
again. Kalisto throws Blake
around to start but Murphy sneaks in to catch Kalisto in mid air for
a suplex. Murphy gets two off a clothesline before it’s back to
Blake for a top rope stomp to the back for two of his own. Buddy
comes back in to hammer away but Kalisto slips through his legs to
tag Sin. Cara speeds things
way up but gets thrown into Blake to knock him off the apron.
Kalisto hits a HUGE corkscrew plancha to drop Blake again, setting up
the Swanton from Cara to Murphy for the pin at 5:07.
B-. Those dives from the
Dragons are just nuts and made the match that much better. This was
in the classic power vs. speed mold and worked as well as you would
have expected it to. Murphy and Blake have a future if they’re
allowed to get some more ring time. They’ve got a look and aren’t
bad in the ring which puts them ahead of a lot of teams.
Vaudevillains applaud the Dragons but tell them to keep the titles
Title: Adrian Neville vs. Sami Zayn
Zayn is challenging and
quickly flips Adrian down to send the champion into the corner. He
does it again before avoiding some dropkicks and dropkicking Adrian
out to the floor. Sami loads up a dive but backflips back in when
Neville moves. The OLE chants start up as Sami holds the ropes open
but Neville flips back in. Now it’s the champ’s turn for some rapid
fire kicks and Sami is in trouble.
Back from a break with
Neville holding a chinlock to slow things down. Sami fights up but
is pulled right back down into the same hold. Back up again with
Sami nailing three clotheslines because that’s the standard comeback
anymore. The third puts Neville on the floor and now the flip dive
connects. Back in and Sami hits the cross body but hurts himself on
the impact. Adrian hits a quick standing shooting star for two but
can’t hook a powerbomb.
Sami gets back up and
catches Neville on his shoulders for a BIG spinning powerbomb and
two. Fans: “THAT WAS THREE!” Neville nails another kick but
Sami ducks the second and rolls some Germans, capped off by a release
half nelson suplex for two. The Helluva Kick is blocked by a kick to
the face and the exploder is countered with a rollup for two more.
Neville goes up for the Red Arrow but only hits mat to put both guys
down. Adrian comes up holding his knee and Sami won’t go for the
Helluva Kick. The referee throws up the X so Sami goes to check on
Adrian….and gets rolled up for the pin at 15:33.
B. They were starting to feel
it here but it’s clear that they’re setting up another match down the
line. I’m glad that this didn’t come off like a full heel turn but
rather Adrian continuing to do whatever it takes to retain the title
while staying within the bounds of the rules. Sami is getting the
title though and the match at Takeover (you know it’s coming) is
going to blow the roof off the place.
is stunned as trainers check on Neville to end the show.
B+. Two good matches
and a nice debut from Balor are about as good as you can get out of
an hour of wrestling. Sami’s road getting stopped for a bit is a
nice twist but you know Zayn vs. Neville is headlining the next
special. This was an awesome show though and felt like a big one
even though it only had one major match. Really good stuff.
Hideo Itami/Finn Balor
b. Tyson Kidd/Justin Gabriel – Top rope double stomp to Gabriel
Sasha Banks b. Alexa
Bliss – Bank Statement
Lucha Dragons b. Wesley
Blake/Buddy Murphy – Swanton bomb to Murphy
Adrian Neville b. Sami
Zayn – Small package
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Impact Wrestling – November 12, 2014

Date: November 12, 2014
Sands Bethlehem Events Center, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Mike
Tenay, Tazz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
We’re down to just two
episodes left but I’m sure the TV deal is coming any day now, right
Dixie? The main story at the moment is the build to Roode vs.
Lashley III, but as is the case with everything else, there isn’t
anywhere to actually air the match. We also have the Wolves vs. the
Hardys coming up at some point. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of
MVP getting on Lashley’s nerves last week and then losing a title
Lashley is waiting for
MVP but finds Kenny King. He asks where MVP is but King doesn’t
know. That’s not good enough though as Lashley wants to know where
MVP is. King keeps walking and doesn’t like Lashley’s attitude.
Here’s the Revolution
to open the show. Storm offered Richards a chance to join the team
last week and now he wants his answer. He gets both of the Wolves
though with Eddie saying that the answer is always going to be….cut
off by Davey apparently. Davey says he can speak for himself and
he’s been listening to what Storm has been saying. A lot of it makes
sense, but after after all this time, he’s come to the conclusion
that Storm is out of his mind.
The answer is no so
Storm sends the Revolution after them. Storm uses his noose around
Davey’s legs before crushing it with a chair. Security gets rid of
Storm but he comes back with a briefcase. Edwards tries to fight
back but takes a briefcase to the head. Eddie takes a case shot to
the ankle before Storm yells at the referee. The case is his Feast
or Fired Tag Team Title briefcase, meaning he has a shot with a
partner of his choice at any time.
Team Titles: James Storm/??? vs. Wolves
James covers Eddie for
two before planting him with the Eye of the Storm. Storm grabs the
mic and says he told Edwards to stay out of it. Cue Abyss as the
newest member of the Revolution. A chokeslam to Edwards sets up the
Black Hole Slam to give Storm the pin and the titles at 3:06. I’m
not rating it due to the announcement and entrance taking up so much
time but this was an angle instead of a match.
Storm lays out Richards
post match for good measure.
Rayne vs. Taryn Terrell
Taryn gets jumped as
she comes in but fires away on Madison. Rayne runs up the ramp but
Terrell throws her back into the ring for another beating. Madison
comes back with a kick to the ribs for some two counts as frustration
is starting to set in. Taryn’s face is bounced off the mat for two
but Madison runs into some knees in the corner. A running
neckbreaker drops Madison and Taryn is all fired up….until she runs
into a boot in the corner. Madison hammers away but the Rayne Check
is countered into an RKO to give Terrell the pin at 6:38.
C-. Not bad here as Terrell is
starting to look better out there every week. Madison getting beat
is a good thing for her as she can only win the title so many times
before it stops meaning anything (see also Gail Kim). Terrell vs.
Havok could be interesting if they let it go the right way but it
would be tricky.
comes up to Angle and demands his rematch tonight. That can’t happen
because Roode isn’t here, so Lashley gets in Angle’s face. The
tension continues to grow.
the Indian wrestler, is in the back when Manik jumps on his back. In
a friendly way of course. Manik says there’s a powerful man that
Sheera is ready to meet. Sheera goes off with him.
Kenny King with something to say. He doesn’t like the fact that
Lashley is so angry at everyone because it means bad things for
Impact Wrestling. However, he’s here to address Chris Melendez, who
had a little dust up with him a few weeks back. Cue
Melendez and Anderson with King calling Melendez a fraud.
not cool with Anderson who calls Melendez a hero and an inspiration.
King says he’s talking to
peggy over here because Melendez doesn’t belong in this ring. He
wants to fight Chris one on one but Melendez says Anderson is his
role model. King says role models don’t exist and sucker punches
Anderson before running.
Gail Kim and Taryn are
in Angle’s office to complain about Havok so Angle makes a triple
threat for the title next week.
vs. BroMans/Beautiful People
Handicap elimination
tag. Angelina and Rebel get things going with Love avoiding a kick
and scoring with a dropkick for two. Rebel comes right back with a
quick rollup for the pin to get us down to 3-3. Off to Knux vs.
Jesse with the big man cleaning house with a cartwheel into a
dropkick for two. Knux lifts DJZ up for a slam but Jesse dropkicks
his partner’s back and grabs the foot, giving DJZ a fast pin.
Steve rolls up DJZ for
the pin a second later, leaving us with Sky/Jesse vs. Steve/Rebel.
The girls go at it for a bit until Angelina sneaks back in with
hairspray to Rebel, giving Sky the pin. DJZ flips Steve into a
facebuster, setting up a gorilla press drop. Sky comes back in to
kick Steve in the ribs, only to get rolled up (and kissed) for the
pin. It’s down to Jesse vs. Steve with the Craazy one being
powerbombed for an arrogant two. Jesse puts him on the top but gets
caught in a tornado DDT for the pin at 7:04.
D. This was a waste of time as
they could have just done Steve vs. Jesse and gotten the same result.
I have no idea why they had to do an elimination tag other than
maybe Survivor Series coming up. Nothing to see here as this match
was a mess with the eliminations coming so fast that you couldn’t
keep up with them.
Young is in the back when Spud comes up and asks to be in his corner
tonight. Young says okey dokey.
look at the opening again.
Revolution is in the back with Storm telling Abyss that this is just
beginning. Sheera comes in but Storm spits on him and tells him to
leave. Storm whispers something to Manik who bows and leaves.
Young vs. Tyrus
goes after Tyrus to start but the big man throws him into the corner
and heart punches him out to the floor. Back
in and Young tries a slam for the exact result you would expect. We
hit the nerve hold on Young before Big E.’s Big Ending plants Eric
again. A Vader Bomb misses
though and Young fires off whatever he can. Spud stops Carter’s
interference as Young shoves Tyrus off the top, setting up a top rope
elbow for the pin at 4:50.
D+. At least Young isn’t in the
main event anymore. The guy just does not fit in that role so moving
him down to hopefully put Carter over at some point is a good idea.
Spud needs to do something to get his momentum back, even though
that’s rarely something that can be done.
match Lashley runs in and cleans house, including Pillmanizing
Young’s arm and putting him in a Crossface. Austin
Aries comes out with a chair of his own for the save. A
challenge is made for later.
is with Samuel Shaw in the back and says Gunner came onto her. Shaw
isn’t pleased and storms off.
Here’s Samoa Joe who
says he has to make a difficult but correct decision. He isn’t
medically cleared to compete for quite awhile and therefore he can’t
defend the title. When he won the X-Division Title again, it was to
rebuild the division that the company started on. The wrestlers in
the division as well as the fans deserve better, so he’s vacating the
title tonight. There will be a new champion crowned but the belt is
a beacon to bring Joe back for his title.
Bram wants to face
Tommy Dreamer in a hardcore match next week. Dreamer’s time is over
so he’s going to bleed next week.
vs. Samuel Shaw
No DQ. Shaw hides next
to the entrance and jumps Gunner at the entrance. We pause so Shaw
can kiss Brittany, allowing Gunner to take over again. Shaw sends
him into the post but again looks at Brittany, setting up a fall away
slam from Gunner. They head inside with a bunch of chairs, including
one going into Shaw’s ribs. He comes back with a dropkick to send a
chair into Gunner’s face but Gunner escapes the choke.
A Cactus Clothesline
puts both guys on the floor and Brittany makes sure Shaw is ok. She
distracts Gunner again, allowing Shaw to send him face first into the
steps. Back in and Gunner punches Shaw out of the air before
stacking up the chairs on the floor. A superplex puts both guys down
on the chairs but Brittany gets up on the apron again.
That’s fine with Gunner
who powerbombs Shaw off the apron and onto the steps.
All three get in now and Brittany kicks Gunner low before trying to
drag Shaw over. Gunner grabs her leg though, allowing Shaw to nail
him in the back with a chair. He takes too long to go for his choke
though and takes an F5 onto the chairs for the pin at 8:58.
D. Good grief this felt long.
These guys have been feuding for almost six months now and for the
life of me I have no idea what either guy has gained from it. I can
barely remember why they’re even fighting anymore and I really don’t
care. Shaw is just not an interesting character and it shows more
and more every time he gets in the ring.
Aries vs. Lashley
throws his shirt in Lashley’s face to start and tries an early
brainbuster but is easily powered down. The Last Chancery doesn’t
work either as Lashley throws him out to the floor. Aries
nails the running dropkick against the barricade to take over but
Lashley shrugs off the missile dropkick back inside. Lashley
shoves him out of the corner and we take a break.
with Lashley snapping off so many belly to belly suplexes that even
Scott Steiner would say
something incomprehensible about sugar or being from a highly
educated university. Oh and freaks. Always freaks. The spear is
blocked though and Aries scores with a missile dropkick. Some discus
forearms put Lashley on the floor for the suicide dive but Lashley
throws him into the steps. The spear connects on the floor but it’s
a double countout at 15:23.
B-. These guys have always had
good chemistry and I liked the ending they went with. Lashley
doesn’t care about anything but the title and is willing to destroy
someone like Aries to get there. Austin is going to bounce back up
and be one of the most popular guys in the company again just by
smiling so there’s no damage.
press slams Aries on the ramp and puts Aries in the Crossface to end
the show.
This was one of the less annoying shows they’ve had in awhile but
unfortunately the TV deal looms over everything. They cut out a lot
of the drama tonight and just let people wrestle. Unfortunately a
lot of that wrestling wasn’t great but the show flew by and didn’t
get on my nerves, which is a huge step up for them in a lot of ways.
They’re setting up some intriguing stuff, but we’re likely going to
have to wait at least a month for any of the payoffs. Decent show
tonight with some promise for the future, assuming there is one.
James Storm/Abyss b.
Wolves – Black Hole Slam to Edwards
Taryn Terrell b.
Madison Rayne – RKO
Menagerie b.
BroMans/Beautiful People – Tornado DDT to Godderz
Eric Young b. Tyrus –
Top rope elbow
Gunner b. Samuel Shaw –
F5 onto a chair
Lashley vs. Austin
Aries went to a double countout
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Smackdown – November 7, 2014

Date: November 7, 2014
Location: Times Union
Center, Albany, New York
Commentators: Michael
Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield, Tom Phillips
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
As we switch from red
to blue this week, the big story has Randy Orton being thrown out of
the Authority and laid out with a pair of Curb Stomps. Other than
that we have Cena and the Authority trying to firm up their teams for
Survivor Series. So far both teams have only a few people but we
have a few weeks to get ready. Let’s get to it.

Team Titles: Stardust/Goldust vs. Usos
The Dusts are defending
and this is inside a cage with pins, submissions or escape to win.
Stardust tries to escape early but Jey makes a save. All four come
in and we have an early standoff. We settle down to Goldust getting
double teamed in the corner until Jimmy gets two off a standing flip
splash. Jimmy sends him into the cage for the same result but his
cross body only hits steel.
We take a break and
come back with Goldust rubbing Jimmy’s face against the cage. A
chinlock doesn’t get Goldust anywhere as Jimmy fights up and climbs
the cage, only to be taken down with an electric chair. The second
chinlock has Jimmy in more trouble but he fights up and climbs again.
Goldust makes another stop but gets nailed by Whisper in the Wind.
Jey comes in off a hot
tag to clean house and sends Stardust into the cage, setting up a
superkick for two. Everything breaks down and Cross Rhodes gets two
on Jey. Stardust goes up but Jey makes a save. All four guys get on
turnbuckles, allowing Jimmy to superplex Goldust, setting up a
Superfly Splash from Jey. Goldust is done but the legal Stardust
grabs a rollup out of nowhere to retain at 12:15.
B-. That kickout of the Cross
Rhodes helped this a good deal but I’m tired of seeing these guys
fight so many times. Hopefully
this wraps things up and we can get onto some new challengers. That
brings us to the big problem though: who else can fight them? Los
Matadores? Or are we stuck waiting on another thrown together team?
hype time.
recap the Authority’s issues from Monday, culminating in Orton being
knocked out so badly that he thinks he’s an actor.
is in the ring to talk about handling Orton before Survivor Series.
Randy should serve as an
example of what’s coming to anyone else stands up to the Authority.
Dolph Ziggler thinks he can
survive Team Cena, but tonight he has to survive against Kane inside
that steel cage. Back to
Survivor Series, Team Authority has an open spot.
wants to bring out a man that has everything they’re looking for but
Cesaro cuts him off. Cesaro says he can survive everything WWE has
thrown at him and would love to be on Team Authority. Kane says he
wasn’t thinking about Cesaro, but if he can beat the guy Kane was
thinking of, he can be on Team Authority.
vs. Ryback
is joined in progress after a break with Cesaro driving him into the
corner and putting on a chinlock. A
low dropkick to the face gets two on Ryback and a suplex gets the
same. Back to the chinlock
but Ryback fights up and flips Cesaro down. A big spinebuster puts
Cesaro down and there’s the Meat Hook, only to have Cesaro escape
Shell Shock.
is sent shoulder first into the post and a top rope elbow gives
Cesaro two more. Cesaro
loads up a suplex but Ryback counters into one of his own, only to
have Cesaro drive upside down knees to Ryback’s head. Ryback grabs
Cesaro’s leg as it comes down though and Shell Shocks him for the pin
at 3:53.
C. Nice power match here with a
good ending. I like stuff like that instead of just picking someone
up and hitting your finisher as it looks like the guys are thinking
instead of just following a script to a match. Ryback is starting to
get momentum again and that’s a good thing for the weak face side of
the roster.
applauds Ryback but Ryback walks away without acknowledging him.
vs. Adam Rose
is a result of Truth saying the Bunny was the real star of the team.
Truth nails a shoulder to
start and does a quick Bunny hop. Rose puts his hand up and jumps
into Truth’s arms, only to be thrown down. The Bunny jumps up on the
apron, allowing Truth to roll up Rose for the pin at 1:24.
lays out the Bunny post match and
dances with the Rosebuds. The Bunny looks stunned. Well, as stunned
as a Bunny can look.
the returning Christian for
one more…..episode of the Peep Show. He asks the fans who they
think is winning at Survivor Series and of course the people are
behind Team Cena. Guest Dean Ambrose cuts him off though as
he doesn’t like being patience. Christian asks what it’s like to be
Dean now, because the last thing Christian remembers is Dean ticking
off the entire roster as a member of the Shield.
says he has no friends and is always looking over his shoulder but he
wouldn’t have it any other way. As for Bray Wyatt, Dean doesn’t
really know why he’s coming after him. Dean doesn’t have a title
that Bray wants or anything like that, so maybe Bray is just preying
on people like he always does. Bray likes to manipulate people’s
minds, but Dean is just crazy enough that it doesn’t work. It’s a
thrill to live the way he does, riding the edge of a lightning bolt.
He loves living this way…and here’s Wyatt to cut him off.
says Dean has nothing to fear because he has nothing to lose. There
was a time when Dean had the security of the Shield around him but
that was taken away, leaving Dean like a fish on land, gasping for
air. Bray however, is a
healer. He healed Harper and Rowan and now he can heal Ambrose.
Wyatt can take Dean’s hand
and heal all his pain, but not everyone can be saved.
Bryan once defied him and now Bryan is nowhere to be seen. What does
Dean have to lose? His own father turned his back on him. Does he
still send Ambrose postcards from prison? Bray invites Dean to prove
him wrong, so Dean goes up the ramp as the lights cut off again.
Ambrose gets to the stage and there’s no one in sight.
Video on preacher
Xavier Woods.
We look at Rusev
beating Sheamus on Monday’s post show. Since it’s an “exclusive”,
we only see the last three minutes or so. After the match, Lana said
they were taking the title back to Russia for Putin.
AJ says Brie slapped
her on Monday but it was the evil twin that made her do so. Brie
comes in to apologize, but it’s a ruse so Nikki can get in a cheap
Rae vs. Natalya
This is due to Summer
spending too much time around Tyson Kidd earlier today. Considering
how much Tyson and Natalya hate each other on Total Divas, it’s odd
that Natalya would be annoyed at all. Kidd is on commentary and
takes credit for weakening Sheamus for Rusev. Summer takes Natalya
down with a bodyscissors until Nattie comes back with a slam. Cole
suggests Kidd support his wife, so he gets up and tells her to put on
the Sharpshooter. The distraction lets Summer grab a rollup for the
pin at 1:34.
2K15 hype.
Cena vs. Ryback on Raw
in England.
Dolph says he’ll do
whatever it takes to get rid of the Authority. Cue HHH, who is
surprised Ziggler is here after the beating Rollins gave him on
Monday. Orton isn’t here tonight though, so who is going to save him
tonight? Maybe he should save himself by joining the Authority.
Cole brings out the
founder of an organization called Soldier Socks and a wounded soldier
named Dan Rose. The founder talks about the organization as Rose is
put into a different wheelchair. We get a news clip about some new
technology that allows wounded soldiers to walk again. Back in the
arena, Rose talks about losing the use of his legs due to a roadside
bomb in Afghanistan. Using the new equipment, Rose is able to stand
up and walk across the stage using two walking sticks. Rose gets a
well deserved standing ovation. That’s a very cool moment to see and
one of those things that is almost hard to believe.
Ziggler vs. Kane
Inside a cage and
non-title. Before the match, we get the eyes vignette from Raw.
Ziggler looks at the screen and isn’t sure what to make of it. Kane
slugs away to start but gets caught in a faceplant for two. Dolph
tries to climb out a few times but gets sent into the cage for his
efforts. We take a break and come back with Dolph getting kicked in
the face for two.
Kane takes off a
turnbuckle pad but misses a charge into another corner, setting up
Ziggler’s running DDT. Both guys climb to the top rope and both
quickly get crotched for their efforts. Ziggler dives into an
uppercut but escapes the chokeslam. He tries to escape and gets
slammed down, setting up the chokeslam to knock him silly. Kane
calls for a tombstone but takes WAY too long, allowing Ziggler to hit
the Zig Zag for two.
Dolph takes too long
going for the door, setting up a collision to put both guys down
again. Back up and Kane misses a charge into the exposed buckle.
Dolph climbs his back and over the cage but Kane kicks the door open
to break Ziggler’s balance and leave him hanging on the door. Kane
goes to escape but Dolph kicks the door onto his head and drops down
to win at 11:36.
B. I liked this far better than
I was expecting to as Ziggler got to look like a big deal in a
showdown instead of having to have a bunch of run-ins to water the
match down. Kane is a good guy for something like this as he looks
intimidating and is a good monster to conquer. One thing I don’t get
though: why not make this a title match? Kane is more than worthy of
a midcard title shot and you can give Ziggler a win in a fairly big
match. That could happen far more often than it does but you rarely
see it. Good match though with a solid ending.
B. This was the best
Smackdown in probably months with two good matches that felt big and
some promos that made the show feel like it mattered. It
didn’t feel like it was a boring show that just there to fill in a
few hours and then mean nothing. We
even got something resembling an explanation from Wyatt for why he
interrupted the Cell match.
While most of the stuff isn’t going to go anywhere, it’s nice to
treat this show like it matters for a change. Fun stuff tonight and
the kind of show Smackdown needs to be more often.
Stardust/Goldust b.
Usos – Rollup to Jey
Ryback b. Cesaro –
Shell Shock
R-Truth b. Adam Rose –
Summer Rae b. Natalya –
Dolph Ziggler b. Kane –
Ziggler escaped the cage
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NXT – November 6, 2014

Date: November 6, 2014
Location: Full Sail
University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Jason
Albert, Alex Riley, Rich Brennan
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
It’s a big night in NXT
as we have two major stories to get to. First and foremost, Tyler
Breeze is Sami Zayn’s latest obstacle on his road to redemption.
Breeze is one of the only guys that Sami has never beaten and tonight
they square off in what might be a #1 contenders match. Other than
that we get to find out who Hideo Itami has found to help him in his
war with the Ascension. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of
Zayn’s road to redemption. I like this story more every time I see
Opening sequence.
Zayn vs. Tyler Breeze
Feeling out process to
start with Tyler getting two off an early backslide. Sami flips out
of an armbar and nails an atomic drop before taking Breeze into the
corner. Tyler comes right back with some stomps in the corner before
bulldogging him face first onto the middle buckle for two. We take a
break and come back with Sami fighting out of a chinlock but eating
an elbow. Back to the chinlock as the fans are chanting for Breeze.

Zayn fights up again
but Tyler fights out of the Blue Thunder Bomb and drops Sami with a
neckbreaker for two. Sami shoves him off the top rope but Tyler
dropkicks him out of the air. The Koji Clutch is quickly broken and
neither guy can hook a German suplex. A HUGE Supermodel Kick gets
two on Sami and frustration is setting in. Breeze takes him into the
corner but walks into the exploder suplex, followed by the Helluva
Kick to give Sami the pin at 14:43.
B-. It’s good but they weren’t
going to be able to live up to their Takeover match with the time
they had. Sami getting a clean pin over Breeze is a big step for him
and he looked all fired up throughout the match. They’re doing a
great job of making Sami look unstoppable leading up to the showdown
but I’d like to see Adrian get in some big wins of his own. Good
stuff here.
isn’t afraid of Sami because he can’t win the big one.
Wilder vs. Tyson Kidd
runs him over to start so Tyson begs off in the corner. Kidd
unloads in the corner and catapults Wilder face first into the bottom
turnbuckle. A kick to the back gets two and we hit the chinlock on
Dash for awhile. Wilder finally gets up and nails a powerslam for
two, only to get kicked in the head again. A
Moss Covered Three Handled Family Credenza sets up the Sharpshooter
to make Dash at 4:28.
D+. That chinlock took way up
way too much time and it hurt whatever they were going to be able to
do here. Wilder was being treated like a bigger deal than usual
here, even though he only had limited offense. This is the kind of
stuff I’d like to see on Raw: let some of the guys that don’t get
much time show up on TV and have a quick match instead of doing star
vs. star all the time.
Louis is completely insane and ranting like a crazy man. I didn’t
recognize him at first.
Zayn says he feels like the Count of Monte Cristo by beating all of
these people in a row. The road to redemption is more than just a
tag line and he wants his shot at Neville next week.
Lynch/Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte/Bayley
and Becky get things going with Bayley driving Lynch into the corner
with aggression to start. Off to Banks who gets dropped with a
clothesline and knee dropped for two. Charlotte
and Becky come back in with the champ taking Lynch down in a cravate.
We take a break and come back with Charlotte
taking her back down with another cravate.
talks trash to Sasha on the apron before whipping Lynch into the
corner to knock Sasha to the floor. She spends too much time yelling
at Banks though and gets nailed for two. Banks comes in now for a
few shots and immediately tags back out. Charlotte
comes right back and drops a knee on Lynch’s head before bringing in
Bayley. Lynch takes her
into the corner and tags in Banks for some forearms to the back.
an evil nod, Banks hooks Bayley in a figure four neck lock and drives
her face first into the mat ala Charlotte. The heels take turns on
Bayley until she finally suplexes Banks down for a breather. Sasha
knocks Charlotte off the apron and gets rolled up, only to roll
through on Bayley and grab the tights for the pin at 11:34.
C. This was about setting up
two future matches and there’s nothing wrong with that. I like Banks
being more of a cowardly heel now as it fits her personality to show
that she can win on her own but want everyone else to do it for her.
Lynch continues to look like the biggest star in forever though and
seems more than ready for the main roster.
confirms Neville vs. Zayn for the title next week.
Here’s the Ascension to
call out Itami. They tried to be patient but Itami has done nothing
but make threats. Get out here right now so we can finish this.
Itami comes to the stage and is joined by…..FINN BALOR! I believe
the screen was originally supposed to say Prince Devitt and then turn
into the new name but it just said Finn Balor (pronounced like
valor). They charge the ring and destroy Ascension with a variety of
kicks and knee shots as the fans chant THIS IS AWESOME and DREAM
TEAM. Finn goes to the top for a double stomp to Konor’s back to end
the show. Finn looked AWESOME here and the fans ate him up.
B. This show was a
blast and proof of what you can get if you actually take your time to
set something up. It has me wanting to see the next Takeover show
because the card is going to be stacked with matches that are waiting
for a blowoff. Something tells me we’re not going to get a clean
finish to the title match next week and there’s nothing wrong with
that. Really solid show this week Balor’s debut being a highlight.
Sami Zayn b. Tyler
Breeze – Helluva Kick
Tyson Kidd b. Dash
Wilder – Sharpshooter
Becky Lynch/Sasha Banks
b. Charlotte/Bayley – Rollup to Bayley with a handful of tights
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Impact Wrestling – November 5, 2014

November 5, 2014
Location: Sands
Bethlehem Events Center, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Mike
Tenay, Taz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
might be getting close to the end of Impact’s run as there are only a
handful of episodes left before their TV show runs out. We keep
hearing about various other networks that want to pick TNA up but
there’s never anything definitive about them. As for the show
tonight, we’re likely setting up Roode vs. Lashley III and finishing
the tag team tournament. Let’s get to it.

open with a recap of Lashley vs. Roode from last week with Roode
winning the title.
is in the ring to start the show and says there’s a new World
Champion in the house. Roode comes out and talks about how this is
all he ever wanted to do since he was a kid. Now he gets to be the
best because he’s the World Champion. He’s proud to be here in the
ring with the best ever in Kurt Angle and is proud to be our
Lashley with MVP and King for the big showdown. MVP calls Lashley
the most dominant champion in TNA history but Roode is just a guy
that needed help from Angle to win the title. He keeps talking
though and says Lashley only became champion because MVP hurt his
knee. MVP wants a shot and Kurt agrees, seeing where this could be
going. Roode agrees and Lashley doesn’t look pleased.
Quick video on the
tournament final.
Joe and Low Ki say
they’ll prove everyone wrong when they work together to win the
Team Tournament Finals: Samoa Joe/Low Ki vs. Hardys
get a title shot at some point in the future. Jeff and Ki get things
going with Hardy taking a kick to the knee. They both start slowly
until Ko grabs the arm, only to get nailed in the back. Off to Matt
for an arm wringer of his own before Joe comes in for some right
hands to pound Matt down in the corner. The non-brothers take over
with their strikes until it’s back to Jeff for a front facelock.
comes right back in with the middle rope elbow to the back for two.
A double belly to back suplex gets two with Joe making a quick save.
Jeff headscissors Ki out of the corner but charges into some boots in
the corner. A Shining Wizard misses but Ki kicks Jeff in the back of
the head to take over. Back to Joe for the knee drop for two as we
take a break.
with Jeff nailing the Whisper in the Wind to drop Joe next to him. A
double tag brings in Matt and Ki with the Side Effect connecting for
two. Another Side Effect gets the same result and a
bulldog/clothesline combination takes down both X-Division guys. Ki
crotches Matt on the top to break up a moonsault, setting up the top
rope Warrior’s Way for two.
up and a Twist gets two on Ki as everything breaks down. Joe breaks
up Jeff’s Twist and kicks him in the head. The Twist from Matt is
countered with the Clutch but Jeff Swantons Matt to break it up.
Most people would have just kicked Joe but that’s not how Jeff rolls.
Things settle back down and Ki can’t hit the Ki Crusher on Jeff.
Back to Matt for Poetry in Motion followed by the Swanton and a
moonsault from Matt for the pin at 14:38.
Good match but it doesn’t hold up that well after the tag team series
rocked the house for so many weeks. Also I’m not all that wild on
seeing the Hardys again but they’re still good enough in the ring and
over with the crowd so it’s not the worst idea in the world. At
least we don’t have the potential of champions that hate each other
Storm is with Davey Richards in the back and says he wants an answer
in a week.
says MVP suspended him months ago but now he can take care of MVP
once and for all. He won’t hide as champion and he’ll prove why he’s
recap Gunner and Samuel Shaw’s long running story with Brittany
catching Shaw’s eye and breaking the team up.
are Shaw and Brittany to rip on Gunner and Christy Hemme, who never
appreciated Shaw’s artistic genius. Neither of them can ever do the
things that she can do, which include licking Shaw’s face. Cue
Gunner to say Shaw turned on him for a girl. Crazy attracts crazy
though and that’s another problem for Shaw. His biggest problem
though is that Shaw wanted to be Gunner instead of just being like
him. Gunner calls them creepy again and the fight is on. Brittany
saves her new man by jumping on Gunner’s back, allowing Shaw to hit
him low. Shaw puts on gloves and chokes Gunner out.
Indian wrestler named Mahabali Shera is coming to TNA. We get a nice
package on his international accomplishments and how sure he is that
he belongs on the roster.
recap the opening segment.
tells Angle that this is all about him (MVP) despite what Angle
Dreamer vs. Bram/Magnus
for the ECW tribute match of the week. The old guys jump the Brits
from behind to start and take over early on. They get back to
ringside for a baseball slide from Dreamer and a beer shot to Magnus’
head. Back in and Magnus hits D-Von in the knee with his metal rod
as the weapons are brought in. Dreamer gets a flashback with a drop
toehold onto the chair. A trashcan shot puts Dreamer down again and
Bram adds a chair to the back.
Brits backdrop Dreamer down but D-Von comes back with some chair
shots of his own. We get the Tower of Doom out of the corner with
Dreamer taking the worst of it but D-Von taking almost nothing at
all. Magnus comes back with some kendo stick shots to Dreamer’s
back. Tommy fights up and sends Magnus into a trashcan in the
corner, setting up a DDT for the pin at 9:40.
GO AWAY TOMMY DREAMER! If you want to go to your “it’s not ECW!”
ECW tribute promotion then fine, but stop bringing him around and
having him beat World Champions. Dreamer stopped mattering years ago
and has been doing a legends tour for what feels like forever. I
used to like the guy but man alive how many times can he do the same
Gail Kim wants her
title back.
Spud for a chat. He doesn’t want anyone to feel sorry for him, even
though he’s had to do some things that he isn’t proud of. When he
won British Boot Camp, he had no friends and nothing to do in TNA.
Then he became Dixie Carter’s Chief of Staff and he loved every bit
of it.
would have done anything for the Carters but then his best friend
Ethan turned into a complete and utter wanker. Ethan said Spud’s
suits make him sick but he isn’t changing for anyone, especially
Ethan Carter III. Carter calls himself a 1%er, so Spud is Mr. 99%
and has these people behind him. JB talks about Spud growing up on
British Boot Camp and says he’s with Spud.
brings out Ethan and Tyrus with Carter calling everyone in the crowd
a loser. The villains get in the ring and Ethan demands an apology
from Spud but the Rockstar says no. Tyrus grabs him from behind and
Spud apologizes….for Ethan being so worthless. Ethan goes after JB
for some reason and slaps him, only to have Spud get in some shots
from behind. Eric Young runs in to save Spud from the double
Title: Havok vs. Gail Kim
is defending and has a bad shoulder. The brawl starts in the aisle
with Gail getting in some shots, only to have Havok try to ram her
shoulder first into the post. Gail comes back with some kicks but
Havok just runs her over. The bell hasn’t rung yet as Gail is sent
face first into the post. Havok drags her up the ramp and throws
Gail off the stage. We get a maniacal laugh as medics check on Gail.
No match.
break Gail says let’s fight.
Title: Havok vs. Gail Kim
sends her shoulder first into the buckle to start and slams Gail down
on the arm. Gail’s rollup is blocked but she dropkicks Havok into
the corner. They head outside with Havok missing a dive off the
apron and landing on the steps. Havok comes right back by sending
Kim face first into the steps but the champ breaks up the count at
in and Gail hooks on something like the Black Widow, only to be
countered into a kind of Samoan drop. Gail gets slammed down but
pops back up for a top rope cross body and two more. Eat Defeat is
countered into a spinebuster on the arm for another two. The
chokeslam is countered into Eat Defeat for two but Gail jumps into
the chokeslam to retain the title at 6:35.
The match wasn’t bad but I’m just not interested in Gail Kim anymore.
There’s almost nothing left for her to do and it’s not interesting
anymore. It didn’t help that the story was almost identical to what
they did the first time. Havok is a good monster and whoever gets to
slay her is going to be a big star.
Shera is at TNA when
Manik comes up to him. Manik is very nice and asks to hear some more
about Sheva. I’m not sure where this is going.
Lashley leaves as MVP
asks if Lashley is really mad.
World Title: Bobby Roode vs. MVP
is defending of course. A quick suplex gets two on Roode and a
clothesline sends him outside. Back in and the crowd is completely
behind Roode, only to have MVP take him down with a facebuster.
Ballin Elbow and a fisherman’s suplex get two and we hit a crossface
chicken wing on the champion.
fights up and avoids the running boot in the corner, setting up a
Roode Bomb attempt. MVP flips out though and avoids a Blockbuster
before kicking Bobby in the face for two. The Drive By misses and
Bobby gets two off a rollup. Now the running boot connects but the
Playmaker is countered into the Roode Bomb for the pin at 6:55.
Well that happened. This felt like a post show dark match instead of
the TV main event with Roode beating him in a hurry and barely being
in any real trouble. It’s clear that we’re going to get Lashley vs.
Roode III eventually so this was little more than a pit stop for the
Post match Lashley
comes in and spears Roode down. He walks past MVP to end the show.
If TNA is about to wrap up, this is the perfect way to start going
out: potential to be interesting but tripping up too many times on
the way there. The wrestling wasn’t bad tonight, save for the stupid
ECW match. That’s another thing TNA has done to death over the
years: try to imitate some other company in hopes of generating
nostalgia. It works for awhile, but then TNA just can’t let it go
and be its own company. The show was good enough tonight but as
usual lately, TNA seems to be content sticking with basics instead of
trying to do anything special.
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NXT – October 30, 2014

October 30, 2014
Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Albert, Renee Young, Rich
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
getting very close to the next big show and Sami’s road to the title
is on fire. Other than that the main story is Hideo Itami having to
face the Ascension on his own which hasn’t been working all that well
for him. Things are starting to pick back up around here and it’s
made things much easier to get through. Let’s get to it.

says he hasn’t won the big one yet but he’s still on the road to
redemption. Titus O’Neil comes in and says he’s the next challenger
on the way. They agree to a match, presumably tonight.
Team Battle Royal
Colin Cassady/Enzo Amore, Ascension, Tye Dillinger/Jason Jordan,
Buddy Murphy/Wesley Blake
get a title shot and if one member is out, the whole team is out.
the usual brawl to start with the Vaudevillains having to slide back
under the ropes early on. Dillinger
rips off a chop to Amore but Big Cass makes a save. We get back to
the brawling with Gotch saving himself over and over. There
aren’t any eliminations yet and we’re coming up on four minutes into
the match. Blake/Murphy
and Dillinger/Jordan are in trouble but the Ascension dumps all four
guys at once.
Vaudevillains bail to the floor, leaving Cassady and Amore to fight
the monsters. Enzo
jumps on Viktor’s back and hammers away, only to walk into an STO.
fights back as the Vaudevillains come back in. Well crawl to the
apron at least. Enzo and Cass are thrown into each other for an
elimination and here comes Hideo Itami to stand on the stage. The
distraction lets the Vaudevillains dump the Ascension for the
surprise win at 6:28.
Eh it’s a battle royal so what are you looking for here? The
Vaudevillains are the best option here as they’re over with the crowd
and a unique act so why not give them the shot? Itami helping is a
good idea and since it’s been awhile since the last distraction win,
the ending didn’t make me roll my eyes as much.
comes in after the match but gets laid out again. Konor tells him to
go back to Japan or they’ll send him back in a box.
vs. Carmella
line: “Bada bing, hottest chick in the ring.” A
quick rollup gets two on Emma but she drops down next to Carmella on
an Irish whip. Carmella
stomps away in the corner as the announcers suggest costumes for
Albert. She
stops to check her nails while choking Emma on the ropes (Albert:
“Renee are they real?” Renee: “Uhhhhh…….”) before
putting on a bodyscissors. Emma
blocks a kick and Carmella panics, allowing Emma to take over with
clotheslines, followed by the Dilemma. The Emma Sandwich gets two
but Carmella trips her up and puts on the crossface with her legs for
the submission at 4:57.
Not bad here with Carmella being another decent character to help
fill out the division. NXT’s women’s division is so much better than
WWE’s in terms of developing personalities for the girls. Yeah
Carmella’s character may be very stereotypical, but it’s unique for
the division and is something different than some chick that just
happens to wrestle.
Dempsey vs. Justin Gabriel
Dempsey didn’t cry at the end of Old Yeller. Dempsey
easily stomps away as someone tries to start a Sawyer Fulton chant
for some reason. A
side slam gets two on Justin and Bull just hammers on the head. We
hit the chinlock for
a bit before Justin counters into a reverse DDT. A moonsault gets
two for Justin but he dives into a backdrop, setting up a running
Vader body attack. Bull’s top rope headbutt gets the pin at 3:47.
I’m getting a Bam Bam Bigelow vibe from Dempsey minus a lot of the
high flying stuff. He’s not great in the ring but he plays the role
well enough and looks like a machine every time. He’ll be a good
dragon for someone like Sami to slay later on and that’s all he needs
to be.
says if Becky Lynch wants to bring Sasha, she’ll bring Charlotte.
Corbin vs. Tony Briggs
NXT crowd’s newest cool idea: counting the time before Corbin gets
the pin at 18 seconds with End of Days. He’s getting faster at it
says he isn’t leaving and will have a friend next week.
Louis vs. Sylvester LeFort
isn’t hiding the bald anymore and throws Sylvester down by the
throat. LeFort
tries to crawl away again but gets nailed with a clothesline. A
release Rock Bottom ends Sylvester at 1:26. Louis came off like a
killer here and
kept shouting YOU DID THIS TO ME.
O’Neil vs. Sami Zayn
throws him around to start but Zayn comes back with some chops. They
trade more chops in the corner until O’Neil plants him with a pair of
backbreakers. We take a break and come back with Sami caught in a
bearhug. Sami
gets choked in the corner as Titus mocks the OLE chant. More chops
have no effect on Titus as he just throws Sami down.
gets tossed to the floor but Titus lets him get back in, only to do
the same thing again. He
tries it again but Sami hangs on and comes back in with a high cross
body for two. A
big boot and over the shoulder backbreaker get the same for Titus as
frustration is starting to set in. Back
up and Sami grabs the exploder suplex in the corner followed by the
Helluva Kick for the pin out of nowhere at 11:30.
It’s still not a good match but this was miles better than their
first one because Sami got the win. Titus is still little more than
a musclehead but I liked his talking to make him seem all the more
arrogant. Nothing special here but it plays into the road to
redemption story and gave the fans something to cheer for.
match Tyler Breeze comes out and says hang on a second. Sami doesn’t
get a title shot for beating a couple of uggos. If he wants the
title shot, he has to beat the one person he’s never beat. Regal has
already made the match for next week.
This was all about moving the stories forward and the depth they’re
reaching is great. Sami having to go back and avenge each of his
losses is a great story and the rematch with Breeze could tear the
house down. By this point I’m sure you know who Itami’s friend is
going to be and the reaction is going to blow the roof off. Not a
great show this week but they have me wanting to see more. That’s
something I haven’t been able to say about WWE in a long time.
won a tag team battle royal last eliminating Ascension
b. Emma – Leg Crossface
Dempsey b. Justin Gabriel – Top rope headbutt
Corbin b. Tony Briggs – End of Days
Louis b. Sylvester LeFort – Release Rock Bottom
Zayn b. Titus O’Neil – Helluva Kick
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Impact Wrestling – October 29, 2014

Date: October 29, 2014
Sands Bethlehem Events Center, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Mike Tenay, Taz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall

is a big show for TNA as we have Bobby Roode vs. Lashley for the
World Title and the two semi-finals matches in the tag team
tournament. TNA is capable of throwing a lot of good wrestling at us
and having a solid show when they cut out all the storyline nonsense.
Granted at this point they need to worry about having a place to air
their TV shows instead of what’s on them. Let’s get to it.

arrived earlier today. I wish regular companies praised you for
showing up for your job.
open with a recap of the first Lashley vs. Roode match. I’m not sure
what I think about Roode losing the first time and potentially
winning a rematch to even the series. There would be something to be
said about a guy rising to make two unbeatable forces.
Team Tournament Semi-Finals: Kenny King/MVP vs. Samoa Joe/Low Ki
and Ki get things going with a quick wrestling sequence on the mat
until Kenny sends him into the corner to take over. Ki
takes him into a corner of his own and snaps off a chop before they
circle each other again. Off
to Joe vs. MVP with the Samoan cranking on a hammerlock but MVP rolls
into a headlock to escape. Joe comes back with a legbar, sending MVP
running into the ropes.
gets another tag to face MVP but gets driven into the corner by King
to give the heels control. That
doesn’t last long though as a chop and snapmare get to for Ki and
it’s back to Joe for some right hands. MVP
pulls his partner to the floor for a breather so Low Ki just dives
onto both of them to take over again. Back
in and Ki kicks King in the chest for two but poses too long,
allowing MVP to nail him in the back of the head.
take a break and come back with MVP still in control without much
having changed. Back
to King for a spinning kick to the face and two with Joe making the
save. Ki
fights out of a double arm crank and hits a springboard spinning kick
to the face (hands) for two on MVP but King gets a tag to keep Joe
works on the arms again for a few seconds until Ki just nails both
guys with kicks and makes the hot tag. Joe
cleans house and King taps to the Clutch in front of the referee but
it doesn’t count for some reason. MVP makes the save as everything
breaks down. Ki
dives over the top onto MVP with a kick to the head, setting up the
Clutch on King for the submission at 15:20.
Nice match here but it never got to a level they were hoping for.
I’d assume we’re setting up Joe vs. Ki again because that’s almost
all the division is anymore. If nothing else we can always have a
six man elimination mess that proves nothing but somehow tells us the
division’s rankings before getting back to Joe vs. a challenger of
the month named Low Ki again.
recap Bram and Magnus attacking D-Von last week.
says Bram is just a punk. He likes a fight just as much as anyone
and has something up his sleeve for Magnus. D-Von’s phone rings and
his buddy is here.
on Roode vs. Lashley.
Bram who says he’s rewriting history. He’s going to destroy the
brotherhood of hardcore and nothing is going to stop him. D-Von and
Abyss’ time is up and it’s now Bram on top. He wants to call out his
brother Magnus and here’s the other Brit to join in the fun. Magnus
says they may not see eye to eye but they’re brothers due to the
blood they’ve spilled. They’ve been disturbing the peace since they
were kids and Bram’s potential can be unlimited.
is still the guy that broke the glass ceiling for the Brits and it’s
their time. Bram
says they’re going to make all the hardcore dinosaurs extinct but
here’s D-Von to interrupt. He
says the two guys in the ring are the only ones that believe
everything they’re saying. Now it’s time for D-Von’s backup and of
course it’s Tommy Dreamer. I mean, where would we be without Tommy
Dreamer in 2014? The brawl is on and the Americans clean house.
Taryn Terrell don’t like each other but they’ll work together against
the Beautiful People.
Boy is annoyed that some
interrupt his hot dog to request an autograph. Simon
Diamond comes in to yell at him and wants the REAL Shark Boy back.
Sharky says SHELL YEAH and leaves so a cameraman can ask Diamond if
that’s possible. Diamond: “Of course not!”
People vs. Madison Rayne/Taryn Terrell
and Madison get things going with a brief slugout until Taryn gets
two off a swinging neckbreaker. Some drop toeholds put the Beautiful
People down and a dropkick puts them down again. Terrell
knocks them outside but Madison goes to throw them back in instead of
tagging. She
also watches
Velvet trip Taryn to take over and
doesn’t seem to mind all that much.
comes back with a double clothesline but Rayne drops down again
instead of taking the tag. That’s
fine with Taryn as she
cross bodies both Beautiful People, only to have Madison come in
without a tag. She cleans house but nails Terrell and lays her out
with the Rayne Drop. Madison
walks out and the Beautiful People get the pin at 4:56.
This was more about building up Terrell as a giant killer who can
beat the Beautiful People by herself, but you can’t really have them
lose to a single girl who has her partner turn on her. Terrell could
be a big deal for the division if they give her the ball, even though
it’s only a matter of time before we get back into the same cycle
we’ve been stuck in for years on end.
on Lashley.
promises to call it down the middle.
Team Tournament Semi-Finals: Hardys vs. Ethan Carter III/Tyrus
and Ethan trade hands to the face to start before Carter takes him
down into the corner. It’s
quickly off to Jeff for a middle rope splash after Matt takes Ethan
down with a suplex. A
headscissors puts Carter down again and there’s Poetry in Motion,
followed by the Side Effect for two. Tyrus
gets the tag to clean house and Matt is in trouble. It’s
back to Carter to slam Matt face first into the mat before Tyrus
slaps on a nerve hold.
comes back in almost immediately with a chinlock of his own before
mocking Sting in the corner. Matt
kicks him away though and makes the hot tag to Jeff. The
more famous Hardy destroys Ethan with the usual as everything breaks
down. Tyrus comes in off the tag and nails a double clothesline,
only to miss a middle rope splash. The Twisting Stunner and Twist of
Fate set up the Swanton to give Matt the pin at 7:06.
This was fine with the power heel destroying the smaller guys but the
teamwork and experience coming back to win at the end of the day.
The Hardys are going to be in any major match like this because
they’re the Hardys and one of the best teams ever, so I’m not sure
what the benefit is to have Tyrus lose this early.
blames Tyrus for the loss.
Storm says the Revolution expands tonight.
is getting ready.
Revolution is in the ring and Storm says there’s always a calm before
the storm. TNA needs to listen to him: the storm is very close.
Sanada and Manik were lost on their own but now they preach his
gospel. They want another now and that man is Davey Richards. This
brings out Davey on his own (with no belt) but he isn’t all that
says Davey is in a great tag team, but he’s (Storm) been in several
great tag teams of his own. His partners let him down though, so
Davey needs to join the team so that will never happen. Cue Edwards
to say this isn’t something Davey should listen to because Storm is
out of his mind. Richards
takes the mic away and says he can speak for himself. Eddie
says Storm is crazy and wants to fight right now. He slaps James’
face and we have a match.
Storm vs. Eddie Edwards
nails a kick to the head to start but he stops to look at Davey,
allowing Storm to nail a running shot in the corner to take over.
hammers away with forearms but charges into a boot to the face. An
over the shoulder Stunner out of the corner gets two on James but he
comes back with a DDT to plant Edwards.
is looking conflicted as Storm stalks Edwards. A mic shot to
Edwards’ head misses and Eddie grabs a rollup for two. Edwards
dives on Storm as Manik goes over and whispers to Richards. That
earns Manik a baseball slide but Davey gets up to yell, allowing
James to hit the Last Call for the pin at 5:11.
This is an interesting story as there’s only so much left for the
Wolves to do in the division. They’ve dominated the whole thing all
year so what else do they have to prove? It’s better to build up
another story than to just have the same boring ideas that they’ve
done for years so at least it’s fresh.
World Title: Lashley vs. Bobby Roode
have a ton of time for this, Lashley
is defending and Kurt Angle is guest referee. MVP
and King are nowhere in sight.
powers Bobby into the corner to start and easily takes him down with
an amateur move. A
hard shoulder to the ribs has Roode in even more trouble but Bobby
comes back with a clothesline and tells Lashley to bring it on. The
champ is all fired up but his clothesline is countered into the
Crossface, sending Lashley out to the floor.
take a break and come back with Lashley
holding a reverse wasitlock until Bobby fights up with forearms. A
quick Blockbuster gets two but Roode charges into a spinning
spinebuster. Lashley
ducks another shot but clotheslines Angle (first time he’s meant
anything in the match) by mistake. The Roode Bomb is countered and
Lashley nails the spear with no one to count the pin. Another
spear hits Angle to knock him to the floor, allowing Roode to
enziguri Lashley to the floor.
follows and avoids a spear, sending a ring attendant flying. A
Roode Bomb on the ramp puts both guys down but there’s still no Angle
to count anything. Instead
Brian Hebner comes in to count the near fall and Bobby is frustrated.
Lashley hits Roode low and gets the belt but Hebner says no.
earns him a knockout clothesline, allowing Lashley to hit Roode with
the belt. Angle comes in to count two and
is finally back to his feet. The Roode Bomb is countered and Lashley
snaps Bobby’s throat across the top rope. Another
attempt is countered into a sunset flip attempt but Roode falls on
top for the pin and the title at 17:49.
The match got going near the middle but I really don’t see why Angle
needed to be out there. Any
regular referee could have played his role to the same degree but
maybe they’re setting up Lashley vs. Angle down the line? The
important part though is Roode being made into a bigger deal than he
was before, but now he needs to have a very solid title reign to make
it even better. TNA is really needing a top face and if Roode is
that guy then so be it.
announcers mention a rematch clause as the show ends.
TNA is actually starting to click, which means it must be time for a
disaster sooner than later. This episode was all about one match
which delivered so it’s almost an automatic success. The tournament
matches were good enough and the Revolution stuff continues to
intrigue me. Good show this week as TNA is starting to make things
interesting again.
Joe/Low Ki b. Kenny King/MVP – Koquina Clutch to King
People b. Madison Rayne/Taryn Terrell – Both Beautiful People
pinned Terrell after a Rayne Drop from Rayne
b. Ethan Carter III/Tyrus – Swanton Bomb to Tyrus
Storm b. Eddie Edwards – Last Call
Roode b. Lashley – Rollup
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Smackdown – October 31, 2014

October 31, 2014
Toyota Center, Houston, Texas
Michael Cole, Tom Phillips
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
onto a new set of new stories for a change now with a focus on Cena
vs. the Authority and Ambrose vs. Wyatt. That isn’t the best pair of
stories in the world but we’re stuck with this until we get to the
Rumble and the wrestling actually matters to the company anymore.
It’s also Halloween so hopefully things aren’t all that campy
tonight. Let’s get to it.

open with….Vince. He tells us about the big news from the
conference call: November is a free month of the WWE Network (for new
subscribers), meaning Survivor Series is a free show. That’s quite
the incentive and the lack of a commitment should help them in the
long run.
(Summer Rae), Natalya (Queen of Hearts), Naomi (paratrooper), Summer
Rae (schoolgirl nerd), Layla (clown), Emma (Tarzan), Rosa Mendes
(zombie nurse), Cameron (cop), Alicia Fox (firewoman), Nikki Bella
in costumes of course and the winner gets a Divas Title shot so AJ is
on commentary. We
get a video from earlier today of Brie dressed as Daniel Bryan but
Nikki sending her to get her Louis Vaton bag in
San Antonio. Naomi
quickly kicks Rosa out to the floor and Natalya kicks out Summer (AJ:
“There goes the sexy D-Von Dudley.”).
gets tossed as well as Layla pulls the stuffing out Paige’s top.
earns her an elimination before Cameron and Naomi go out one after
another. We’re
down to Natalya, Paige, Nikki and Fox but Alicia quickly kicks
Natalya out. Fox dumps Paige but eliminates herself in the process,
giving Nikki the win at 2:43.
are Kane, Rollins and the Stooges for a chat. Kane
loves this time of year because he gets to torment little kids but
the fun keeps going into November with Survivor Series. Tonight
though it’s Ambrose vs. Cesaro in a Trick or Street Fight but Rollins
thinks Bray Wyatt might interrupt. If that happens though, Dean will
fall just like he did on Sunday inside the Cell. Rollins
laughs at the YOU SOLD OUT chants before taking the focus back to
Survivor Series. Who could Cena possibly get on his team? Who would
be willing to team with him against the Authority and risk their
careers in the process? Kane can think of one man so get out here
Dolph Ziggler.
vs. Dolph Ziggler
again. Ziggler
dropkicks the knee but the DDT is countered with Kane just throwing
Dolph down. A
clothesline gets two for Kane but Dolph avoids an elbow drop. Back
up and Kane uppercuts Dolph off the top and out to the floor as we
take a break. Back with Kane missing a big boot and taking a
Fameasser for two. Jamie
Noble gets on the apron for a distraction though, allowing the big
boot to connects for another two count. The
chokeslam is countered into a sunset flip just like Monday but Kane
pops up. Ziggler’s Stinger Splash is caught in the chokeslam for the
pin at 8:27.
Kane. Beat Dolph Ziggler. Clean. In 2014. I’m sure this has
nothing to do with Ziggler saying legends can’t just come in and get
handed big matches at Wrestlemania earlier this week. If that’s
true, and given the company’s track record it wouldn’t be all that
shocking, WWE needs to get over itself already.
match Kane hits
another chokeslam and makes
Ziggler vs. Rollins.
Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler
Stomp, 23 seconds.
Slater vs. Ryback
is a scarecrow. He
hammers away with right hands but loses his fake hand so it’s time
for air guitar. Ryback plants him with a spinebuster, setting up the
Meathook and Shell Shock for the pin at 1:28.
Exotic Express is looking for people to party with and find Goldust,
Stardust, Sin Cara as a Ninja Turtle and R-Truth as a ghost. Truth
asks what it’s like to have the Bunny upstage Rose all the time and
thinks Adam should have been the Bunny for Halloween. Rose laughs it
off so Truth gives him a rock. The Bunny hops around Rose and that’s
it. If there was a point here, I must not be smart enough to get it.
for MizTV with Miz
saying he may be available to join Team Cena. However that’s not
what we’re here to talk about. Instead, let’s focus on the special
guest tonight: Mark Henry. Miz
asks Mark what happened on Monday but Henry says it was exactly what
should have happened. Miz shows us a clip of Rusev making Show tap,
which Henry says was a result of Show trying to upstage him.
didn’t help Henry on Sunday and Mark
annoyed at the WHAT chants. Henry says Show has been acting like he
knows everything for months but he’s just a nosy guy with an
overactive pituitary gland. It’s all about strength but here’s Big
Show for
a brawl. They fight at ringside with Henry sending him into the post
and through the barricade.
recap the Authority vs. Cena on Monday.
vs. Los Matadores
the match the champs say they’d listen to offers from either team at
Survivor Series. So the Authority team might not be Authority
members? Fernando
works on Stardust’s arm to start and sends him over to Diego for a
dropkick. A
slingshot hilo gets two on Stardust but he comes back with a
springboard dropkick of his own. The
champs send Fernando to the floor and we take a break.
with Torito getting knocked off the apron but Fernando plants
Stardust, setting up the hot tag to Diego. A
hurricanrana sends Diego outside and the masked men hit a huge double
suicide dive. Stardust jumps backwards onto both guys before
throwing Torito inside. Torito
will have none of that though and dropkicks Stardust to the floor,
distracting Goldust long enough for Fernando to roll him up for the
pin at 7:24. That match needed a commercial?
Why do we have titles anymore? The only way they set up a title
match is to have the champion lose (or in this show’s case, lose
TWICE to set up a match where Ziggler is just a piece), meaning we
need a title match later where Los Matadores can lose. You
have a roster so full of people not working and you don’t have ANYONE
else for Los Matadores to beat to earn a shot?
This is getting old in a hurry.
vs. Great Khali
fans chant USA so I guess they’re neutral. Khali immediately chops
Rusev in the head so the Russian hammers away in the corner. Another
chop has the same result so Rusev kicks him in the face and Accolades
him for the submission at 47 seconds.
match Lana talks about new orders from Russia: crush the US Champion
give the title to Putin as a present.
This brings out Sheamus who says he’s been waiting on for a long
time. The challenge is accepted because Sheamus takes personal pride
in what this title represents. Sheamus comes to the ring and tries a
Brogue Kick, sending Rusev running. This
would be the most logical feud in the world at the moment and exactly
what they should have done. It
shouldn’t be surprising as Rusev’s story has been one of the few well
done thing in the WWE for months now.
Bray Wyatt for a chat. Today
is a special day because all of the people here get to pretend to be
something that they aren’t. Have
you ever wondered why costuming yourself makes you feel so
comfortable? Do you wear a mask to hide from the horrors of the
world? Or is it because everyone hates everything about you? You
can’t pretend forever though because tomorrow morning you’re just
another one of those anonymous souls.
Ambrose is different though because he never takes off his mask.
Ambrose is like Wyatt: a creature, an animal and a monster. Bray
understands what it felt like to have someone at a point like Rollins
had Ambrose on Sunday. He knows what that power feels like and it
makes you feel immortal. You
have the power to take everything away from someone and Dean can’t
just wash away his sins. They will stain him forever and she still
cries for him. Follow the buzzards.
Ambrose vs. Cesaro
fight. There
are a bunch of Halloween items at ringside, including
about twenty pumpkins inside the ring,
because we’ve got a theme match. Ambrose
brings out a candy corn themed kendo stick because even he can make
candy corn look cool. Dean
hammers away to start and drops Cesaro with a bulldog.
comes back with some kendo stick shots to the ribs and right hands to
the head followed by a big swing to the chest. More
stick shots have Dean in trouble but he blocks a big swing and
hammers away with right hands. Cesaro
comes right back with a tiger bomb for two followed
by more stick shots. He
piles up a bunch of pumpkins but can’t quite suplex Dean onto the
Dean sends him out to the floor, only to take some more stick shots.
dropkick destroys a bucket full of candy but Cesaro throws him over
the announcers’ table. Ambrose pops up with a stick of his own
before throwing him back inside for a backdrop on the pumpkins. They
head outside again with Cesaro nailing him out of the air with a
kendo stick.
head is shoved into a bucket of apples and water but he comes back
with a skeleton. Cesaro
grabs a chair but gets knocked onto a table with some broom shots. A
middle rope elbow with the broom sends Cesaro through the table on
the floor. They head back inside where Ambrose puts a pumpkin on
Cesaro’s head and Dirty Deeds is good for the pin at 7:18.
was your usual fun main event with all the weapons and props being
used in the right way. Ambrose getting a pin is a good thing and
makes him look stronger going into the PPV showdown with Wyatt. Bray
can get by on his talking alone and Dean can look good in matches
like this one.
Dirty Deeds ends the show.
Decent wrestling aside, this was one of the most frustrating shows I
can remember in along time. We had three losses for champions and
Kane of all people getting his win back instead of laying down like
he should be doing at this point. Hopefully the audience for this
show is so low that most people don’t watch and this doesn’t mean
much. This
is a decent show but it’s more frustrating than anything else.
Bella won a battle royal last eliminating Alicia Fox
b. Dolph Ziggler – Chokeslam
Rollins b. Dolph Ziggler – Curb Stomp
b. Heath Slater – Shell Shock
Matadores b. Stardust/Goldust – Rollup to Goldust
b. Great Khali – Accolade
Ambrose b. Cesaro – Dirty Deeds
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The SmarK Rant for WWE Hell In A Cell 2014

The SmarK Rant for WWE Hell in a Cell 2014 Live from Dallas, TX Your hosts are Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler & JBL Intercontinental title: Dolph Ziggler v. Cesaro Roku immediately pisses me off by repeatedly picking up the show halfway in, even though I asked for “from the beginning”. Thankfully switching to the Xbox One fixed the problem, although the show just picks up from Ziggler’s entrance without any fancy graphics or intro. Turns out that was another problem with the stream, as it crashed back to the WWE Network interface after this match and when I restarted, I got the full intro. On the bright side, I unlocked an achievement (“Time Traveller”) for fast-forwarding through the match the second time! Cesaro has now given up the dream of having hair and is rocking the bald look. Now if he shaves the beard into a goatee he might have something there. Cesaro works the headlock to start, but Ziggler gets a backslide for two and they do a pinfall exchange sequence before Cesaro tries a Giant Swing. Ziggler reverses into a small package for two, but a second Swing succeeds and gets two, before Ziggler reverses for the first fall at 3:38. Cesaro immediately double-stomps him and hits a running forearm in the corner for two. Middle rope elbow misses, but he slugs Ziggler down and goes to a chinlock. Dolph fights out with an armbreaker, but Cesaro double-stomps him for two and follows with a nice powerbomb for two. Ziggler bails and comes back in with a weird wristlock submission out of a suplex attempt, but Cesaro breaks in the corner. And then he deadlifts Ziggler into a superplex for two. That was a very cool sequence of stuff, very different from what you see typically. Cesaro charges and hits the corner, and Ziggler hits the fameasser for two. Zig Zag is reversed into the Swiss Death forearm for two, but Ziggler cradles for two. Another Zig Zag is reversed into a backbreaker, but Ziggler goes to the arm and superkicks him into the Zig Zag for two straight falls at 12:20. So yeah, the lesson here is “don’t do an interview where you bitch about the main eventers having 500 straight matches” because this is what happens. Good and different type of match, but only 12 minutes for a 2/3 falls match? Why even bother? ***1/4 Meanwhile, I get a commercial for the WWE Network…on the WWE Network. And again the announcers call everyone watching on PPV idiots for doing so. Meanwhile, the Authority wants Orton to channel his anger into John Cena rather than worrying about Seth Rollins. Nikki Bella v. Brie Bella Brie gets a rollup for two and a backslide for two as Lawler calls it the “ultimate sibling rivalry in WWE”. COME ON. Nikki gets a knee to the head for two as the crowd decides to turn on the match now and starts chanting for JBL. Brie with a carpet muncher for two. Brie with a running knee and Nikki bails to escape, but Brie follows with a suicide dive where Brie literally misses so badly that she lands headfirst on Nikki’s knee instead. Back in, Brie with a missile dropkick, but Nikki hits the torture rack drop for two. Brie then wraps her up in the Yes-Lock, but Nikki makes the ropes. And another Rack Attack finishes at 6:20. Oh no, now Brie has to be her assistant for 30 days or get fired. You know, like she was already fired earlier this year. They tried, I guess, but it was like watching a couple of backyard wrestlers imitate what they see on TV thanks to Brie still being awful. *1/2 Meanwhile, Booker T declares the previous match the “shucky ducky quack quack moment” of the show thus far, and indeed after only two matches I can’t think of a match presented on this show that better fits the description of shucky ducky quack quack. As Dusty Rhodes used to say, sometimes you just say “wubba”, ya know? WWE tag titles: Goldust & Stardust v. The Usos The Usos double-team Stardust and Jey throws chops on Goldust, but Jimmy gets caught in the Dust corner and they work on his knee. Goldust with a chinlock and Jimmy fights out of that, but Goldust gets a powerslam for two. Stardust chokes him out for two while JBL reverts back to stories about 1982 World Class again. You what would be legitimately awesome? If Michael Cole then said “By the way, if you want to see what JBL is rambling about, World Class is available on demand RIGHT HERE ON THE NETWORK!” They could even do like YouTube and have a little annotation box where you can just click on the Missing Link and watch his match from WCCW. But no one ever thinks to do that. Jimmy finally dumps Goldust and makes the hot tag to Jey, who follows with a dive onto Goldust. And one for Stardust as well. Back in, cross body gets two. Corner splash gets two. Goldust comes back with a spinebuster for two as Jimmy has seemingly disappeared. Jey with a superkick for two and they head up as Jimmy finally emerges from the hyperspace where Optimus Prime’s trailer goes, and we get a stereo superplex. Flying splash on Goldust gets two and it’s now breaking loose in Tulsa, but Stardust clips an Uso behind the ref’s back and Goldust finishes with the Curtain Call at 10:18. Never really got into a groove and the whole weird sequence with Goldust and Jey near the end kind of killed the momentum. **1/2 Meanwhile, breast cancer is, like, bad, you know? I feel so much more aware now. Hell In A Cell Match For A Future WWE World Heavyweight Title Opportunity: John Cena v. Randy Orton This is MUST WIN for Cena, guys! He might never get another shot at becoming a sixteen-time champion without it! Those first fifteen were NOTHING. This time it’s really, really, really, really, REALLY personal. Also, I got the “Locked On” achievement after sitting through the promo video for this. I have to say, if I get achievements for watching the Network on the XBone, I might just switch to that for a while and see what I can unlock. They brawl for a bit to start and Orton gets two, but he goes for a chair and Cena suplexes him. Orton gets it now and uses it for two. Cena tries the FU but Orton reverses into a neckbreaker for two. Orton presses Cena’s face into the fence for a bit and Cole is like “He’s TORTURING him!” And they wonder why people hate the announcing. In the ring, now it’s apparently the defining moment of their career, unlike the other 30 or so times they’ve met on PPV. This year. Orton stops to pose and Cena takes him down for two. Well now Orton’s special attack will take forever to build up again! My wife’s perspective on all this: “I know you say Orton is a douchebag who shits in people’s bags, but he’s pretty damn hot. Also, if John Cena threw me his t-shirt, I’d squee.” So there you have it. Orton with the chinlock to really emphasize the hatred and torture in the cell, but Cena comes back with backdrop suplex before walking into a powerslam for two. So as Lawler notes, Orton apparently COULD see him. Shit, he stole my joke. Cena backdrops out of the draping DDT, but Orton runs him into the post to take over again. They run each other into the cage a few times and Cena brings a table in, but Orton thwarts that plan and puts the table in the corner instead. NO ONE PUTS TABLE IN A CORNER! RKO Outta Nowhere gets two. Orton kind of gently runs Cena through the table and gets two. I don’t know if it’s just me, but the amount of replays tonight is really annoying, as anything with the least bit of impact is immediately double-featured. So Orton grabs the stairs, but Cena suplexes him onto the stairs and does a ridiculous five knuckle shuffle on the stairs, which is apparently more devastating than the usual version because…reasons. Orton goes low for two, however. And then they SLOWLY set up for the next spot, but Orton misses the punt and Cena gets the STF, but Orton bails to the floor. Cena is so ENRAGED by this that he tosses the stairs at him, which seems a tad extreme, but then he missed by six feet anyway. Back in, FU gets two. RKO gets two. FU gets two. Cena gets another table and goes up, but Orton follows with an RKO attempt that is blocked, and Cena finishes with an FU through the table at 26:00. Say it with me: CENA WINS, LOL. This was literally every other Cena v. Orton match you’ve ever seen in your lifetime with nothing to distinguish it. Except 8 million replays. Thanks, Kevin Dunn! *** So yeah, it’s Cena v. Lesnar at the Rumble. Again. Just accept it. Also, a note to the announcers: If it’s the middle of the show, you’re not really “stealing the show.” US title: Sheamus v. The Miz Sheamus quickly beats on Miz while Mizdow sells it on the floor, and it’s actually so funny that it’s completely distracting. Like, it’s a really funny opening match gag, but for a serious US title program it’s a total mess because you want to like the guy but he’s supposed to be an obnoxious heel. Miz gets a cheapshot on the floor to take over and JBL goes back to the Sportatorium well for material. Miz with a chinlock but Sheamus makes the comeback and the crowd is just deathly silent for all of this, with Mizdow as the only one getting any reaction. Sheamus goes up with the shoulderblock for two. Backbreaker gets two. Miz comes back with a neckbreaker for two and the short DDT for two, but Sheamus escapes the figure-four. Mizdow distracts him and the Skull Crushing Finale gets two. Miz goes up, however, and lands on the Brogue Kick to finish at 8:17. This was a trainwreck, with Mizdow getting the only reaction out of the crowd. *1/4 And then it turns into a comedy routine, with Sheamus using Miz’s unconscious body to force Mizdow into dancing. They need to just have Rusev squash the shit out of Sheamus and get that US title tomorrow. Meanwhile, the comedy continues unabated, as Nikki is already torturing Brie. JBL notes that she shouldn’t have lost. Big Show v. Rusev Rusev goes for the knee and works on that for a bit, including an impressive suplex, but Show pulls on Rusev’s leg to escape. Rusev ducks the knockout punch, but Show comes back with shoulderblocks before Mark Henry wanders out to no doubt support his friend and America in general. I have literally no doubt in Henry’s patriotism or friendship. Show gets the chokeslam for two and Rusev bails, but Show throws him back in and superkicks Henry off the apron. And RUSEV CRUSH at 7:50. This was fine. ** Divas title: AJ Lee v. Paige AJ kicks her down and Paige bails, so AJ goes after Alicia Fox who is now with Paige for some reason. Paige swings AJ into the railing to take over and the crowd is just dead silent. AJ with a tornado DDT as I’m really kind of bored and over this show and ready for it to be done with. To the floor and they try…something…on the railing, but Paige falls and hits her head. Back in, AJ quickly finishes with the Black Widow at 6:50. Can we finally end this feud now? * Hell in a Cell: Seth Rollins v. Dean Ambrose Ambrose, who would naturally do whatever Terry Funk suggests, starts on top of the Cell and entices Rollins to follow him up there. So instead, Seth sends Noble & Mercury up there and you just know that’s not going to end well. So yeah, Dean beats on them with the kendo stick and Rollins sneaks in for the ambush. The Stooges are unable to throw Ambrose off the Cell and Rollins runs away, but Dean follows him down and both guys go through the tables. EMTs try to haul them off on stretchers, but Ambrose is too crazy for that and tosses Rollins into the cage to finally start the match for real. You know it’s on because the Twitter hashtag finally appears! Luckily, Dean has a bag of torture implements and a ring full of chairs, and he uses those chairs for the purpose that the lord intended. Both for sitting and beating on people. He tries to lobotomize Seth with a screwdriver, but luckily he escapes and they fight to the floor, where Rollins goes into the cage again. Back in, Rollins comes back with a suplex onto a pile of chairs and tries a suplex onto a table outside, but that backfires and Ambrose drops an elbow on him and through the table. Kane pops in with a fire extinguisher to throw off Ambrose, however, and Rollins powerbombs him on the floor to take over again. Curb Stomp gets two, but Ambrose makes the crazy idiot comeback with a lariat and BRIEFCASE TO THE HEAD for two. And now it’s time for the cinderblocks, but just before Ambrose can finish the feud, the lights go out and someone’s speaking in tongues. Just like in the Mankind-UT match! Oh wait, no, because it’s stupid. So Bray Wyatt’s lantern magically teleports into the ring and casts a hologram, and Michael Cole notes “It’s Bray Wyatt!” Really? DO YOU THINK? Bray also manages to magically teleport into the ring, lays out Ambrose, and Rollins gets the cheap win at 13:56. Funny how they spend weeks burying WCW on their Monday Night Wars show for doing stupid shit like this and then they go and do the EXACT SAME STUPID SHIT. Like really, Ambrose survives falling off a cell and taking chairs to the head and stuff, and then gets pinned because midcarder Bray Wyatt gives him a magic slam? Fuck that noise. There goes the thumbs up for this show, as the ending out of left field totally ruined all the good will that the entertaining brawl had built up. Since WWE is all about comparing themselves to other, better, pop culture, this was like if you were watching a dramatic cop movie like Heat and just as the movie is building to the climactic fight between Deniro and Pacino, suddenly the smoke monster from Lost appears and magically knocks out Pacino so that Deniro can shoot him in the head and get away. *** The Pulse Nothing was really bad on the show, except for the finish of the show itself, but that was all-time terrible stuff. Thumbs in the middle.

Hell In A Cell 2014 Thread

Kick off show starts at 7/6c. It’s schedule to have Mizdow TV with Miz as a guest.

Here’s the card going into the show:

Brie Bella vs. Nikki Bella – Loser becomes the Winner’s personal assistant
AJ Lee vs. Paige – WWE Divas Championship
Jimmy & Jey Uso vs. Gold & StarDust – WWE Tag Team Championship
Dolph Ziggler vs. Cesaro – 2 out of 3 Falls Match – WWE Intercontinental Championship
Sheamus vs. The Miz – WWE United States Championship
The Big Show vs. Rusev
Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins – Hell in a Cell Match
John Cena vs. Randy Orton – Hell in a Cell Match – Winner gets a future WWE World Heavyweight                                                                                        Championship title shot.

Smackdown – October 24, 2014

Date: October 24, 2014
Location: Intrust Bank
Arena, Wichita, Kansas
Commentators: Michael
Cole, Tom Phillips, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
It’s the final show
before Hell in a Cell and things are all set. The main story coming
out of Raw is Seth Rollins finally attacking Randy Orton, his partner
on Monday, by Curb Stomping him to end the show. This is likely
going to help set up Orton’s face turn and then Orton vs. Rollins,
which could be some very interesting stuff down the line. Let’s get
to it.

Here’s Ambrose to open
things up. Ambrose talks about defying the laws of physics because
he keeps getting back up no matter what the Authority does to him.
Yeah it hurts to get knocked down so many times, but the difference
between someone like he and Mick Foley is that Foley is a nice guy.
Dean doesn’t have anything to live for beside hurting the people that
hurt him. He’s been waiting for this day since Rollins stabbed him
in the back for business so if Rollins has any final words, come out
here and say them now.
Rollins pops up on
screen and says Dean can’t call him out. Seth is the one that does
the calling out and he’ll be doing that later tonight. It was always
Dean believing that something special was coming from the Shield but
Seth was just using it to get ready for his big moment. On Sunday,
Dean Ambrose goes away and Rollins can cash in his contract to become
World Champion. Dean wraps it up by saying they’ll burn together on
Sunday, but Seth will burn alone.
Mizdow vs. Los Matadores
Sheamus is on
commentary. Damien hammers on Diego to start and it’s quickly off to
Miz who gets chopped in the corner. Miz comes right back with ten
forearms to the chest to annoy Sheamus but the champ is just bored.
It’s back to Damien, but Fernando kicks him in the face to take over
and make the tag to Diego. They head outside for a Figure Four on
Diego as Miz puts one on Fernando for the submission at 2:56.
Bo Dallas interrupts
the Dusts’ odd chat of the week. They’re in a six man later and Bo
thinks they just need to Bolieve. Goldust: “What a weirdo.”
Lee vs. Alicia Fox
Still non-title despite
Fox pinning AJ on Monday. Fox takes her down to start but gets
caught in a guillotine choke. Paige, in Fox’s corner, shouts
instructions to get out of the hold and Fox takes over for the first
time. Lee fights out of a chinlock but gets slammed down with ease.
Paige gets on the apron but AJ slams them together, setting up a
rollup for the pin at 2:04. So AJ now needs heel miscommunication to
beat Alicia Fox?
Remember that Wyatt
Family video where the Family is free but Bray is never free? Well
it’s airing again here.
We get a sitdown
interview from earlier in the week with Big Show to talk about what
happened with the soldier on Monday. Show asked for the interview
and we see a clip from the incident to get things going. Big Show
talks about how personal some of the things Rusev say can get but
Rusev attacked the soldier when the incident was over. He has a lot
of friends who are Russians (seriously) and he’s had to apologize to
them more than once.
Show has been lucky
enough to go around the world and meet some wealthy people, but those
aren’t his heroes. He gets to meet his heroes when he goes around
the world and meets the servicemen and women who defend this country.
A few years back he met a two star general who broke down when
meeting Big Show because it was such a big deal.
Now we get a clip of
Big Show’s “idol” (to be fair Show laughs this off) Hulk Hogan
saying no one is more American than the Big Show. On Sunday, Show is
going to feel the power of America and it’s going to carry him to
victory. We close out the interview where Show says he can’t keep
his emotions under control but he’ll knock Rusev out for a pin on
Sunday. This was longer than it needed to be and I see no reason for
it not to take place in the arena.
Title: Dolph Ziggler vs. Cesaro
Cesaro is challenging
after pinning Dolph on Monday. Why the Divas didn’t do the same
isn’t quite clear. They hit the mat to start with Ziggler actually
in control but getting nailed in the ribs. Dolph flips out of a
monkey flip attempt and gets two off a rollup. A nice pinfall
reversal sequence ends with Ziggler nailing a dropkick for two but
Cesaro sends him shoulder first into the post.
Back from a break with
Cesaro putting on a sleeper but having to break up Ziggler’s sleeper
a few seconds later. Dolph’s hurricanrana is countered so he comes
back with a sunset flip for two instead. The running DDT is
countered into a spin out slam for two as Cesaro is getting
frustrated. A big boot and powerbomb get two more but the Swing is
countered into a small package for two. Cesaro loads up an uppercut
but gets Zig Zagged to retain the title at 11:25.
C+. Nice match but was there a
need to have Dolph lose via pin on Monday? Couldn’t you accomplish
the same thing by having them both get counted out or something like
that, setting up a big match on Sunday? Heaven
forbid of course because we need to give Cesaro another win over a
champion to make him strong, even though you could do the same by
having him Neutralize Ziggler on the floor and win by countout. That
might be too much creativity though so it’s clear why it didn’t
Bella/Cameron/Summer Rae vs. Brie Bella/Naomi/Natalya
Brie gets an entrance because we need BRIE MODE. Brie
and Cameron get things going and Cameron actually manages to not
botch anything in the first ten seconds. She
elbows Brie down and starts a YES chant before it’s off to Summer for
a clothesline. We get a
totally genuine Brie chant as she kicks Summer down but Cameron takes
Naomi off the apron. Nikki
comes in for the Rack and the pin on Brie at 2:02. Well that
match Nikki says for thirty days, she’ll be the evil sister and Brie
can be the Cinderbella. This is what I sit through for you people.
Remember that.
in a Cell by the numbers.
on Orton vs. Cena.
picks Cena to win on Sunday.
Henry vs. Goldust/Stardust/Bo Dallas
runs from Henry to start so it’s Stardust and Jey
starting instead. A
headbutt has Stardust in trouble so it’s off to Jimmy vs. Goldust.
The Usos clothesline Goldust
out to the floor and we take a break. Back with Stardust
clotheslining Jimmy before it’s off to Goldist for some choking. We
hit the chinlock for a bit but Jimmy fights up for an enziguri. The
hot tag brings in Henry for clotheslines as everything breaks down.
Jey dives onto Goldust and
it’s Dallas alone with Mark. Henry throws him into the corner but
has to World’s Strongest Slam Stardust, allowing Bo to hook the Bodog
for the pin on Henry at 8:00.
D+. This was every six man tag
with two different people to supplement the standard tag match that
we’ve seen a half dozen times now. I
don’t know what there is to gain by having Dallas pin Henry again as
you would think we got the idea when he beat him twice in a row, but
that might require a fresh thought from creative.
is in the back bragging about his wins when Cesaro comes in and says
Dolph got lucky. Cesaro
calls the title the most prestigious in the company and asks for a
2/3 falls match for the title on Sunday.
are Rollins and the Stooges to
the ring where there are
some tables covered with weapons. Rollins
says he bought in for the millionth time and says it’s foreign to
everyone here in Kansas. There
are no rules on Sunday so let’s have a preview of what Ambrose is in
store for on Sunday. Seth
starts with the handcuffs because Dean has surprised him from
different places. Now he can have Ambrose in one place.
up is a screwdriver to prove that Dean has been a screwup all along.
Seth picks up a lead pipe to
prove that Dean is indeed destructable before moving on to a chair
which stared the whole thing. We
get to the point now as Rollins calls Dean out because this is his
chance to have things one on one.
no Ambrose though so maybe he’s smarter than Seth
thought he was. We see a
clip from the end of Raw as Ambrose sneaks up behind Seth and nails
him with a kendo stick shot. The Stooges come in but Dean fights
them off and tries a powerbomb through a table. The Stooges finally
do their job and take Dirty Deeds before being elbowed through the
tables to end the show.
C-. This was about
everything other than the Orton vs. Cena match which makes me think
that it’s getting the main event slot, despite it having no need to
do so.
The problem with Ambrose vs. Rollins is they have to go insane with
the violence to justify everything they’ve talked about and I don’t
think that’s going to be allowed. The show should be entertaining
but I don’t know if they’ll be able to take it far enough or be able
to resist going with Orton vs. Cena as the main event. Nice
build show this week but it’s clear that these stories are almost out
of gas.
Miz/Damien Mizdow b.
Los Matadores – Figure Four to Fernando
AJ Lee b. Alicia Fox –
Dolph Ziggler b. Cesaro
– Zig Zag
Nikki Bella/Summer
Rae/Cameron b. Brie Bella/Naomi/Natalya – Rack to Brie
Dallas b. Usos/Mark Henry – Bodog to Henry
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