The 2014 Doomies!

Last week the blog cast its votes for the top (and worst) wrestlers and moments of 2014.  The voting deadline has passed and all of the votes have been counted.  Remember, a first place vote was worth five points, a second place vote was worth three points, and a third place vote was worth one point.  In case of a tie, number of first place votes was used to break it.

I included the top three finishers for each category below, but if you wish to see the entire spreadsheet and how many first place, second place, and/or third place a choice received, go to this link:

Keep in mind that not all voters cast a ballot with three choices for each category and some refused to vote in some categories altogether.

Wrestler of the Year
Winner:  Daniel Bryan – 65 pts.
2nd:  Seth Rollins – 35 pts.
3rd:  AJ Styles – 27 pts.

Women’s Wrestler of the Year
Winner:  AJ Lee – 61 pts.
2nd:  Charlotte – 58 pts.
3rd:  Paige – 38 pts.

Worst Wrestler of the Year
Winner:  Kane – 58 pts.
2nd:  Big Show – 29 pts.
3rd:  Nikki Bella – 15 pts. (3 first place votes vs. 2 for Adam Rose)

Tag Team of the Year
Winner:  The Usos – 52 pts.
2nd:  Goldust & Stardust – 28 pts.
3rd:  The Young Bucks – 25 pts.

Match of the Year
Winner:  Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H (WrestleMania XXX) – 50 pts.
2nd:  Sami Zayn vs. Adrian Neville (NXT R-Evolution) – 34 pts.
3rd:  AJ Styles vs. Minoru Suzuku (NJPW G-1 Climax) – 26 pts.

Feud of the Year
Winner:  Daniel Bryan vs. The Authority – 91 pts.
2nd:  Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose – 27 pts.
3rd:  WWE vs. The Fans and CM Punk vs. WWE (Unbreakable tie) – 19 pts.

Best Pay-Per-View
Winner:  WrestleMania XXX – 110 pts.
2nd:  NXT R-Evolution – 44 pts.
3rd:  SummerSlam and Money in the Bank (Unbreakable tie) – 13 pts.

Worst Pay-Per-View
Winner:  TLC & Stairs – 82 pts.
2nd:  Hell in a Cell – 34 pts.
3rd:  TNA Bound for Glory – 26 pts.

Moment of the Year
Winner:  Daniel Bryan Wins WWE Title at WrestleMania XXX – 86 pts.
2nd:  Brock Lesnar Breaks the Streak – 58 pts.
3rd:  Sting Debuts in the WWE – 24 pts.

Worst Segment of the Year
Winner:  Dean Ambrose Loses via Bray Wyatt Hologram – 42 pts.
2nd:  Dean Ambrose Loses via Exploding Television – 28 pts.
3rd:  Batista Wins the Royal Rumble – 15 pts.

Promotion of the Year
Winner:  New Japan Pro Wrestling – 51 pts.
2nd:  WWE – 49 pts.
3rd:  NXT – 42 pts.

Wrestling TV Show of the Year
Winner:  NXT – 97 pts.
2nd:  WWE Raw – 49 pts.
3rd:  Lucha Underground – 27 pts.

Most Improved
Winner:  Rusev – 28 pts.
2nd:  Damien Sandow – 18 pts.
3rd:  Bobby Lashley – 15 pts.

Bigger Wrestling News Story
Winner:  CM Punk Walks Out on the WWE – 60 pts.
2nd:  WWE Network Has a Disappointing Launch – 54 pts.
3rd:  Brock Lesnar Ends the Streak – 20 pts.

Blog Column of the Year
Winner:  Smark Rants and Scott Sez (Scott Keith) – 27 pts.
2nd:  BOD Daily Update (Brian Bayless) – 22 pts.
3rd:  Shoot Interview Recaps (Brian Bayless) – 14 pts.

Blog Poster of the Year
Winner:  Brian Bayless – 20 pts.
2nd:  Officer Farva – 15 pts.
3rd:  Scott Keith – 11 pts.

Most Loved Blog Topic
Winner:  WWE Network Failures & Ideas for Fixing It – 18 pts.
2nd:  CM Punk Walks Out – 14 pts.
3rd:  WWE’s Booking – 12 pts.

Worst Blog Topic
Winner:  CM Punk Walks Out – 37 pts.
2nd:  The Montreal Screwjob – 19 pts.
3rd:  Daniel Bryan’s Push – 13 pts.

And that concludes this year’s Doomies.  Thanks to all who cast a vote.  Hopefully we can make this a yearly thing at the end of each year and reflect on what went right and what went wrong in the world of professional wrestling.