Smackdown – December 7, 2012

December 7, 2012
North Charleston Coliseum, North Charleston, South Carolina
Josh Matthews, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
nine days from TLC as well as fourteen days away from the end of the
world if you buy into that. Anyway, the main story is that CM Punk
has had knee surgery and may or may not be able to be in the TLC
match against Ryback for the title. Aside from that, there’s likely
going to be more Sheamus vs. Big Show stuff. Let’s get to it.

open with a recap (with no voiceover thank goodness) of the end of
Raw with Ryback destroying Punk and putting him through a table.
tells us that Punk had surgery to fix a partially torn meniscus
(wasn’t that what they said Cena had?). The match in its place will
be HELL NO/Ryback vs. The Shield in a TLC match….which you can win
by pin or submission. Isn’t that pretty much just a hardcore match?
Ryback will get a shot in the future.
Booker to open the show. Booker says that he’s always been one to
take care of his business, be it in the ring, in the back, or in a
supermarket. The ring is set up for a contract signing. Booker
talks about how he has to give us a good show, so here’s a recap
video on Big Show vs. Sheamus. Since he wants to give us a big match
at the PPV, there’s a no contract clause for the next nine days.
are Sheamus and Big Show to sign the agreement. Booker says if they
break the clause, Sheamus loses his title shot and Show loses the
title. They sign and Sheamus says that while waiting for the PPV is
like waiting for Christmas, the title match is going to be like
Christmas morning because he gets to beat on Big Show and win his
title back. Show says that while Sheamus beat on him so many times,
Show kept getting up.
talks about how much experience he has and how Sheamus just wants to
fight no matter what. Sheamus says he made Show relevant again and
how the chairs match might be the end of his career. Show pulls a
2001 HHH and hasn’t signed yet before turning the table on Sheamus.
Booker calms Sheamus down and says it’s Sheamus vs. Del Rio tonight.
Who wants to see this match EVER again? Show gets Bryan next. This
was ridiculously boring.
Bryan vs. Big Show
fires off kicks to the legs but Show easily shoves him away. That
sequence works so well that they do the exact same thing again. Show
keeps pounding on Bryan as Bryan tries his strikes to come back. A
splash in the corner crushes Bryan but he blocks a spear by
dropkicking Show’s leg out. They head to the floor where Show is
sent into the post but he chops Bryan down as we take a break.
with Show getting two off something we didn’t see as Bryan is in
trouble. Show starts working on the arm with his usual slow stuff.
He stands on the arm which is something you don’t often see. Show
charges into a pair of boots in the corner and Bryan adds some
dropkicks for one. Bryan goes up top for the headbutt as the Shield
is seen in the crowd. The distraction lets Show chokeslam Bryan down
for the pin at 6:56 shown of 10:26.
C-. This wasn’t much and I have
no idea why Show was working on the arm. He’s a giant, so why work
on a limb? It wasn’t terrible or anything but it didn’t really work
that well. At the end of the day, giants don’t work on limbs because
they don’t have to. It just didn’t work for me.
Shield shows up at ringside and Show walks away. They circle Bryan
and the beating is on. Cue Kane, walking rather slowly for a savior.
He holds them off for a bit but the numbers catch up to him,
resulting in Kane taking the powerbomb through the announce table.
from a break and it’s time for Sandow to try to find his apprentice.
It’s the same deal as the previous times and it’s still awesome.
Sandow is nailing this character so well and I don’t know of anybody
working better right now. He gets interrupted by Miz who makes fun
of Sandow’s robe and trunks….and that’s it. That would be a good
feud for Sandow actually.
recap the tag match from Monday where Cena and Sheamus beat their PPV
also get Vickie and Vince’s segment almost in full.
Clay/Usos vs. 3MB
vs. Heath to start things off with Slater getting taken down quickly.
Jimmy (thankfully with an arm sleeve tattoo now) comes in with a
middle rope splash for two before it’s off to McIntyre and Clay.
Brodus goes nuts and runs over everyone until Slater and Mahal take
him to the floor. The Usos start diving but McIntyre takes Jimmy
down, followed by the Future Shock for the pin at 2:27. Short and
nothing to see.
says Orton has to worry about the Bull Hammer tonight.
Orton vs. Wade Barrett
is on commentary in a snappy vest. He says that at TLC, it’s going
to have to be a brawl and he’s ready for just that. They feel each
other out for a bit and then start punching away, with Randy taking
over. This only lasts a few seconds until Orton charges into a boot
in the corner. Orton goes after Barrett’s knee and sends him to the
floor. The chemistry isn’t exactly clicking so far.
head to the floor and Wade goes face first into the steps. Brawling
is probably the right choice for these guys. Barrett sends Orton
into the steps as well before heading back inside. Orton is knocked
off the apron and is holding his elbow as we take a break. Back with
Orton escaping a chinlock but getting put into the ropes for some
choking. Barrett kicks Orton in the face to knock him to the outside
again which gets two back in the ring.
goes up but misses a middle rope elbow. JBL makes fun of Josh using
all of the snake references about Orton and the voice is hilarious.
Orton makes his comeback and hits the Elevated DDT but Barrett hooks
the rope to block the RKO. Wade goes to unhook the buckle, but Kofi
yells at the referee to stop Barret. The distraction lets the RKO
hit for the pin at 7:17 shown of 10:47.
D. I didn’t like this for the
most part as they were just missing out there. Also, why would you
have Orton go over here, especially when Barrett has a title show
coming up? Could it be because this company has no idea how to book
its midcard? I’d be as shocked as you are if that was the case.
vs. Hornswoggle/Great Khali
do you expect here? Khali starts with Epico and pounds away on him
before the cousins double team him to the floor. Off to Horny who is
bullied because of his size. He Warriors Up and Khali does the work
to put Epico and Primo down. Tadpole Splash pins Epico at 2:54. Oh
and Natalya is here with the winning team.
Raw ReBound sums up the end of the show and reiterates the Punk
get a Shield promo with one of them holding a camera at themselves.
They say they don’t work for anyone but themselves and talk about the
injustice they’ve gone through. They don’t mention any specifics but
that would be giving away too much. Ambrose says they’ll bring the
sword to the PPV.
Cesaro in the ring and apparently he’s defending the title against
R-Truth at the PPV. Cesaro says that America is weak and there’s
no more American Dream. He says everyone used to pursue the American
Dream, but now they all just look like him. Cesaro has a picture of
Dusty Rhodes and we get some funky music.
comes out and says he sees hard working people doing everything they
can to hang on. Cesaro isn’t impressed and neither am I. Again,
Cesaro has already beaten Truth at least once, so why do we need to
see this match again? The brawl is on but Cesaro bails. This would
have been ok if the match wasn’t already set, but instead it comes
off like tacking on a feud, which isn’t good storytelling.
Del Rio vs. Sheamus
had nightmares about this match before. They brawl into the corner
to start with Sheamus taking over quickly. Alberto comes back with a
kick to the ribs as we hear about the way too long feud they had over
the summer. Sheamus comes back with a neckbreaker for two but he
gets knocked to the apron. Del Rio kicks Sheamus’ leg out and sends
him face first into the apron. Here’s Big Show to watch as we take a
with Sheamus fighting out of something, only to get kicked in the
ribs to break it up. Del Rio uses Rollins’ Black Out to take Sheamus
down, followed by a MOONSAULT of all things. It was a decent one at
that but it only gets two on Sheamus. Off to a chinlock which
doesn’t last long at all. Instead Del Rio goes up top and hooks the
armbreaker over the ropes but has to let go due to the DQ threat.
Rio goes up one more time and dives into a shot to the ribs from
Sheamus. Alberto misses a charge and gets caught on the apron.
There are the ten forearms followed by a suplex and the Battering Ram
for two. Alberto hits a Backstabber (backbreaker according to Josh)
for two but the armbreaker is escaped. Brogue Kick misses and Del
Rio hits the enziguri for two. An attempt at a second moosault
misses and it’s the Irish Curse and Cloverleaf for the submission win
by Sheamus at 9:11 shown of 12:41.
C+. As boring as the feud was,
the matches weren’t that bad. Thankfully Del Rio has been starting
to use that enziguri more often, because there’s no way the
armbreaker is going to work against some of his opponents. Anyway,
decent match here, but the rest of the show has been so bad that it’s
hard to care about this point.
match Show comes in to beg Sheamus to hit him. He closes his eyes
while Sheamus calls for the Brogue Kick, but instead Sheamus throws
Ricardo into Show’s crotch to end the show.
D. Most of the show was
about Sheamus vs. Big Show, but we’re not allowed to see any contact
between the two of them. The rest of it was about random matches
that are vaguely connected to the PPV at best. Nothing here at all
without even a single quality match. Bad episode as Smackdown is
back to what it’s getting into a pattern of: being worthless.
Show b. Daniel Bryan – Chokeslam
b. Brodus Clay/Usos – Future Shock to Jimmy
Orton b. Wade Barrett – RKO
Khali b. Epico/Primo – Tadpole Splash to Epico
b. Alberto Del Rio – Cloverleaf
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NXT – December 5, 2012

Date: December 5, 2012
Location: Full Sail
University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Tony
Dawson, William Regal
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
This might be the week
where Mahal finally gets the title shot that he earned weeks ago.
It’ll be nice if they’ve finally caught up with Raw and he’s in the
Band rather than being his usual self. Other than that hopefully
we’ll have a better show than last week, which was probably the worst
show they’ve had in this season. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.
Michael McGillicutty
vs. Antonio Cesaro
Heel vs. heel? Or was
there a McGillicutty face turn that I completely missed? This is
non-title I believe. They head to the mat to start and Dawson talks
about how McGillicutty wants to complete the first father/son pair to
hold the US Title. I’m pretty sure Dusty and Dustin already did that
but. Anyway, Cesaro chops away and goes to the stomach to take over.
Apparently we’re just ignoring Dustin as we hear about Dusty winning
the US Title as well.
The fans are firmly
behind McGillicutty with a pair of chants for him. Cesaro turns that
to a big gasp instead with a double stomp to the ribs. There’s a
body vice to stay on the ribs but McGillicutty comes back with a
sunset flip for two. Cesaro gets the same off a clothesline,
followed by the gutwrench suplex for two more. Back to the body vice
but Michael GOES OFF on Cesaro, pounding him into the corner and
hitting a clothesline to take over. Cesaro comes back with a classic
thumb to the eye and the European Uppercut to set up the Neutralizer
for the pin at 6:00.
Rating: C-.
The match was pretty dull, but McGillicutty showed a lot of fire
here. That comeback with punches into the corner was a cool moment
and it’s clear that McGillicutty could be an excellent face. Well,
if you change his name to the one he should have had for like three
years now.
Axl Keegan vs. Bo
This is Keegan’s debut.
Dallas takes the bigger guy to the mat to start but goes face first
into the middle buckle. A slam gets two for Keegan and it’s off to
the neck crank. Dallas makes his comeback with a bunch of forearms
and clotheslines followed by the spear for the pin at 2:47. Dallas
still does nothing for me.
Dallas says he’s lost a
bit lately but he gives the pain the respect it deserves. He issues
an open challenge to anyone in the WWE to come and face him, no
matter how big a name they are.
The Raw ReBound is the
end of the show with the lie detector segment and Ryback standing
Corey Graves vs.
Yoshi Tatsu
Graves jumps Tatsu in
the aisle and has a big advantage to start. He goes for Yoshi’s leg
and beats on that for awhile, kicking it in the corner and bending it
around the ropes. There’s a leg crank as the fans think Corey is
awesome. Yoshi fights up and hits some backdrops followed by his
kicks but Graves stops him dead with a knee crusher. Graves hooks
that reverse figure four of his, apparently called the 13th
Step for the pin at 2:59. Just a squash.
Gavid Reid vs. Roman
Oh come on. We’re
supposed to care about a guy named GAVID? Reigns stomps him down in
the corner and shouts a lot. Reigns puts on a cravate and asks the
fans what his name is. A clothesline puts Reid down and that belly
to back slam gets the pin at 2:09.
Reigns yells at ring
announcer Byron Saxton and tells him to get out.
Tyson Kidd says he’s
ready for Leo Kruger and says if that’s what he has to go through to
get to the NXT Title, so be it. Kassius Ohno comes in to make fun of
Kidd, so Kidd quotes Albert Einstein. Ok then.
Rollins vs. Mahal is
next week.
Tyson Kidd vs. Leo
Kruger stares in the
corner while the fans chant for Kidd. We quickly hit the mat but
Kruger makes the rope. Kidd speeds around and has Kruger frustrated
very quickly. Off to a headlock on the mat by Tyson as we take a
break. Back with Kruger holding a full nelson but Kidd fights out.
A cross body misses Leo though and Kidd crashes to the floor. Back
in and Leo stomps away very slowly, which is appropriate for him.
Kruger keeps pounding
away and hooks the full nelson again which even Regal calls an
unusual move. Tyson tries to stomp on the foot to escape but Leo
pounds him down with ease. Here come the kicks from Kidd for the
real comeback including one from the apron. A springboard elbow hits
Kruger’s knee, which again hurts Kidd more than Kruger. Kruger
pounds away some more and goes up, only to be armdragged off the top.
After a kick to the face from the apron, the Dungeon Lock gets the
tap out from Kruger at 9:05 shown of 12:35.
Rating: C+.
Is Kidd capable of having a bad match if he gets more than five
minutes? The match was nothing great, but Kidd looks so smooth out
there every time he’s in the ring. Decent main event here, as I
continue to wonder how much I like Kruger’s character. I like the
facials he gives, but I’m not sure how far a human big game hunter
can go.
Post match Kassius Ohno
comes in for the double beatdown until William Regal of all people
comes out and pulls Kidd away.
Overall Rating: C+.
This was an episode where we got to see a lot of people, mostly in
squash matches. NXT is still a place where that can work, as most of
the matches were short and therefore still got to see a lot of
people. That’s good when you just have an hour a week. Not a great
show or anything, but it was an entertaining hour of TV and I want to
see more of it, which is a good thing.
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Smackdown – November 30, 2012

November 30, 2012
CenturyLink Center, Bossier City, Louisiana
Josh Matthews, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
when Smackdown used to be good? Like when it was the best wrestling
show on TV? I’m trying to give myself a nice feeling before I get
into this show. We’re going to get the Shield interview from Raw I’m
sure, along with Cena and AJ’s latest kiss at least once or twice on
top of that. Oh and the world champions will get a quick bit of time
too if we can squeeze them in. Let’s get to it.

opening voiceover is about Shield and Show vs. Sheamus at the end.
Cena to open the show. Before Cena can eve talk, we get a recap of
him vs. Ziggler. Cena talks about now being on Smackdown that often,
but he’s here tonight because Dolph is in the main event. He makes
fun of Ziggler for being world champion for about ten minutes once
and for losing the MITB case whenever he cashes it in. Tonight it’s
Sheamus vs. Ziggler and Cena is excited about it.
brings out….Alberto Del Rio? Cena sucks up to the fans a bit as
Alberto says the show belongs to him. Del Rio lists off his
accomplishments, all of which Cena himself has done if I remember
correctly. Alberto tells Cena to get out but Cena wants to see the
main event. Cena says he won’t leave now because he has a match with
Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio
a break we come back for the opening bell and to see Cena shoulder
block Del Rio to the floor. We head to the outside and Cena gets
rammed back first into the announce table. Back in and Alberto hits
a top rope ax handle/punch to the face for two. We get a recap from
before the break that set this match up via a splitscreen. Do they
really think we need that much assistance in getting through a show?
running kick to the face puts Cena down and a suplex gets two.
Ziggler is watching in the back as Del Rio hooks an armbar. Cena
blocks a second suplex attempt into one of his own, only to have
Alberto hit a running kick to the arm in the corner. Another ax
handle gets two and it’s back to the armbar. We take a break and
come back with Del Rio missing a backsplash off the middle rope.
initiates his finishing sequence and hits the Shuffle but the AA is
countered into a Backstabber for two. The armbreaker is countered
into a neckbreaker by Cena and both guys are down. John heads up top
but Del Rio takes him down with an enziguri. Another enziguri misses
but Cena can’t get the STF. A backbreaker puts Cena down for two
more so Del Rio goes up yet again. His third attempt at an ax handle
is blocked by a Cena dropkick to put both guys down. The AA is
countered into the armbreaker which is countered into the STF by
FINALLY makes a rope and heads to the apron. As Cena tries to pull
him back in, there’s an armbreaker over the ropes to slow Cena down.
Alberto tries a sunset flip but gets caught in another AA attempt.
THAT gets reversed into a German suplex for two so Alberto puts Cena
in the Tree of Woe. Del Rio tries a spear to an upside down Cena but
hits the post shoulder first instead. The top rope Fameasser hits
perfectly for the pin on Alberto at 11:23 shown of 14:53.
B. This was a solid nearly PPV
quality match with one thing that really set it apart: the ending.
It’s nice to see something other than one of Cena’s two finishers
ending a match for a change. Seeing the same moves get the same two
counts over and over can start to seem like a waste of time after
awhile, so having one of those moves get a pin every now and then is
a good thing. The match was good stuff too and one of their better
Cena poses on the stage, Dolph blasts him in the back of the head
with the briefcase. Josh: “You don’t want to see something like
that happen to John Cena.” John: “Why not?”
for another recap, this time of the main event of Raw where Punk beat
Kane and then the Shield ran in to beat up the monster. The beatdown
on Ryback isn’t shown.
NO is glaring at each other in the back when Kofi comes up to tell
them to get along because they have a six man tonight. The tag
champions shout compliments to each other and agree that they can get
along. Kofi doesn’t know what to think of this.
yells at Booker that he wants Ziggler. Booker says let the match
with Sheamus vs. Ziggler take place tonight. Cena agrees because of
his past with Booker.
Khali vs. David Otunga
says this might be harder for Otunga than passing the bar exam,
causing JBL to go on a big rant. Khali knocks Otunga to the floor
where Horny jumps him, only to get chased away. Khali pulls Otunga
back into the ring for the big chop and the pin at 1:26.
and Khali dance post match.
Time Players/Wade Barrett vs. HELL NO/Kofi Kingston
two feuds, put them into one match. This is something that could be
done far more often. Kane vs. Darren gets things going here with
Young getting punched down very quickly. Off to Bryan for a running
dropkick in the corner and some regular kicks to a seated Young as
well. Kane hits a seated dropkick of his own for two as Young shouts
for Titus.
finally gets in a single shot and runs over to Titus for the tag.
O’Neal has his head kicked off for two and he’s sent to the floor.
There’s Bryan’s running knee off the apron and we take a break. Back
with Kofi getting two on Young off a dropkick. Back to Kane who does
nothing so here’s Bryan again. Daniel fires off kicks and chops but
Titus comes in off a blind tag to take over for the first time.
Players take Bryan down with a double shoulder for two by Young. Off
to a surfboard hold with the knee in the back by Darren. That goes
nowhere so here’s Barrett for the first time. Pumphandle slam gets
two on Bryan and it’s off to a reverse chinlock. Titus hits a
reverse slam on Bryan before suplexing Young down onto him for two.
hooks a chinlock but Bryan fights up with a bunch of forearms. Young
comes back with a northern lights suplex for two as we’re waiting on
the big hot tag. Titus works on the back of Bryan but charges into a
boot in the corner to give Bryan a breather. There’s the tag to Kane
who beats the tar out of Young, getting two off a side slam.
top rope clothesline connects but Titus breaks things up. Kofi comes
in sans tag (such a bad influence on the children) and everything
breaks down. Young tries to come in of the top but jumps into a
chokeslam. Swan Dive and the NO Lock from Bryan get the tap at 10:38
shown of 14:08.
C. This might as well have been
the Players vs. the champions with Kofi and Barrett as managers. The
two singles guys were in the match for maybe a minute each at most
and I actually forgot who they were when I was writing up the
results. The match wasn’t bad or anything, but I’m not sure why
Barrett and Kingston didn’t get more time.
is very excited about kicking Ziggler in the head later.
ReBound is the ending of the show, most of which we saw earlier.
Damien Sandow, who says he’s going to be focusing on individuals
instead of the masses from now on, which is why he’s going to search
for an apprentice. He goes through the front row and finds a guy in
a Punk shirt that suits him. Damien asks the fan some basic
questions (how many wheels on a tricycle and how often does the US
hold presidential elections) before asking what the velocity of
Jupiter’s moon Europa. Sandow’s reply of “YOU IGNARAMOUS!” when
the guy doesn’t know is hilarious. He says the fan has disgraced
Louisiana and wants him out of his country.
Sandow vs. Tyson Kidd
chases Sandow to the apron but Damien rams him face first into said
apron to take over. Back in and the Wind-Up Elbow gets two but Kidd
comes back with kicks to the head for two of his own. Sandow heads
to the floor and gets caught in a suicide dive from Kidd. Back in
and Kidd tries his springboard elbow but it lands on Sandow’s knee.
For some reason this hurts Kidd instead of Damien’s knee is beyond me
but whatever. Terminus ends this at 2:49.
on Cena’s 300th
Make-A-Wish granted.
says that Cena is a liar and liars get what they deserve: MITB case
shots to the back of their heads. There’s a really bad superhero
parody skit in there somewhere.
vs. 3 Man Band
Slater/Mahal again. Slater vs. Jey to get things going here as the
fans go pretty silent after booing 3MB’s entrance. It’s quickly off
to Jimmy who now has a sleeve tattoo which helps tell them apart. A
middle rope splash gets two on Slater but it’s off to Mahal to take
over with a knee and chinlock. A hot tag brings in Jey for some fast
paced offense including a shot to the face and a Samoan Drop for no
cover. The running Umaga attack in the corner gets two but some
Slater interference lets Mahal hit the full nelson slam for the pin
at 2:41. This was nothing.
recap Show and Sheamus’ staredown from Raw with Show breaking a
Ziggler vs. Sheamus
takes over to start but the showing off lets Sheamus get in a few
shots to take control away. Dolph sends him to the floor but dives
into a fall away slam into the barricade. Ziggler is thrown back in,
only to fall right back to the floor. Sheamus throws him back in
again but Ziggler guillotines him down to break up the ten forearms.
We take a break and come back with Ziggler hitting a splash in the
corner for two.
to a chinlock by the smaller guy, followed by a kick to Sheamus’ head
for two. Ziggler chokes and stomps away in the corner but his charge
is countered by a backdrop to the apron. There are the ten forearms
to the chest but Ziggler avoids the top rope shoulder. Brogue Kick
misses and Ziggler gets two off the jumping DDT. The Fameasser
misses as well and there’s the Irish Curse for two. White Noise is
countered but Sheamus counters the counter into the Cloverleaf but
here’s Big Show for the DQ at 8:45 shown of 12:15.
C. Nothing significant here as
it was all leading up to a run-in finish. It’s nice to see Ziggler
not lose clean for once which happens way too often for a guy who is
likely going to be a world champion in the next few months. Other
than that though, nothing to see here for the most part but it wasn’t
comes out to save Sheamus from a double team. There’s an AA to
Ziggler and a double suplex to Show. A double shoulder puts Show on
the floor and the good guys celebrate to end the show.
B-. Let’s see: recaps
kept far lower than previous weeks, some pretty good and long
matches, nothing being horrible for the most part, and a 3 Man Band
sighting. By comparison to most of what we’ve gotten from WWE
lately, this was one of the best shows in months. I’d be much
happier with Smackdown if it were like this all the time, as in NOT
Cena b. Alberto Del Rio – Top Rope Fameasser
Khali b. David Otunga – Chop
NO/Kofi Kingston b. Wade Barrett/Prime Time Players – NO Lock to
Sandow b. Tyson Kidd – Terminus
Man Band b. Uso Brothers – Full Nelson Slam to Jey
b. Dolph Ziggler via DQ when Big Show interefered
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NXT – November 28, 2012

Date: November 28, 2012
Location: Full Sail
University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Tony
Dawson, Jim Ross, Tom Phillips
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
Back to the Florida
guys this week as we approach the title match between Rollins and
Mahal. We’re also getting towards the point where this show will
catch up to WWE and we’ll see Mahal as a leather clad rocker and
potentially Rollins as a guy in a police themed gimmick. Other than
that we’ve still got Langston vs. Vickie’s guys for the bounty.
Let’s get to it.

We open with Bryan,
saying that he’s coming back to the place where it all started for
him. Since he was here, he became world champion, started a
successful line of t-shirts and now HE IS THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!
Tonight he demands that no one say YES and that no one call him a
goatface. He also says that Kane, who is standing next to him, must
stay out of his way. Kane says HE is the tag team champions and for
Bryan to stay out of his way. You know where this is going. Bryan
lets out the biggest NO ever but Kane says yes to counter.
Theme song.
Trent Barreta vs.
Leo Kruger
Trent has banged up
ribs due to the presumed attack by Kruger last week. He takes Kruger
down with some running shots to the head to start, but the ribs keep
him from being able to follow up. Leo sends the ribs into the corner
and rips off the tape. A knee drop keeps Trent down and Kruger goes
after the ribs. Off to an abdominal stretch as the tape is rapidly
disappearing from Barreta’s ribs.
Kruger goes up to the
middle rope but jumps into a dropkick for two. Trent keeps hitting
moves but he has to stop to breathe after every single one. The
running elbow in the corner staggers Kruger but a release flapjack
stops the momentum cold. The Kruger End (neckbreaker into a cutter)
gets the pin on Trent at 4:39.
Rating: C-.
The match makes sense from a logic and psychology standpoint which I
like, but it wasn’t exactly an interesting match due to all of the
slowing down. Trent is a guy who will go out there and give you a
good match most of the time, but he wasn’t able to be himself here.
Odds are we’ll get another match soon when Trent is healthy.
Xavier Woods vs.
Memo Montenegro
Woods is billed as
being from Angel Grove, California. Isn’t that where the Power
Rangers were from in the first few seasons? Woods likes to dance
apparently and also is good in hip hop kido. JR doesn’t care for
whatever that is but likes headlocks. The voice Ross uses when
saying that was hilarious. Woods continues to control with the
headlock as JR continues to sound like he cannot stand Woods’
gimmick. Memo misses a clothesline and a dropkick puts him down. In
a stupid/AWESOME ending, Woods shouts that IT’S MORPHING TIME
(awesome) and hits a rolling clothesline for the pin at 2:14.
Wait a second. During
the match, Dawson said that Woods was trained by Zack Taylor in Hip
Hop Kido. A quick Wikipedia search shows that Taylor was the name of
the original Black Power Ranger and his fighting style was in fact
Hop Hop Kido. I take what I said earlier back. Woods is AWESOME!
Audrey Marie vs.
Emma is from Australia
and Audrey is officially a cowgirl. A dropkick puts Emma down
quickly and Audrey hooks a “unique submission” according to Tom.
JR: “It’s called a bodyscissors Tom.” That gets a few rollups
for two on Emma and it’s off to a move I’ve heard called a Tumbleweed
for more twos. JR continues to be funny because he’s annoyed and/or
bored, saying that he feels sorry for these girls because neither has
a last name. Tom calls a cross body a giant play to annoy JR even
more. After a backslide gets two for Emma, Audrey finishes her with
a Catatonic (spinning Rock Bottom) at 2:40.
Roman Reigns has issued
a press release, saying that he doesn’t want to give an interview
right now. He has meetings with his “team” to determine various
endorsements because he’s a blue chipper, but he’ll participate in
this interview at a later date. Ok that’s pretty awesome.
Here’s Michael Cole to
moderate a face to face meeting between Rollins and Mahal. Cole’s
music sounds like it’s being sung by a bad Frank Sinatra impersonator
and is called Never Thought My Life Could Be This Good. It sounds
like it’s describing a scene from Leave It To Beaver, talking about
having a mowed lawn and a picket fence. It’s kind of catchy
Anyway he brings out
Rollins and Mahal for the face to face confrontation. Mahal says
what he did last week wasn’t an attack. Rollins says it was the
action of a desperate man, because Mahal knows he can’t beat Rollins
one on one. Mahal talks about how it’s his birthright (his destiny
if you will) to be a champion. Rollins talks about being a man of
the people and sharing a mind and a spirit. Rollins says he’s better
than Mahal because he has the heart of a champion. Mahal goes on a
rant about prejudice and attacks Rollins, putting him in the camel
Tag Titles: Michael
McGillicutty/Johnny Curtis vs. HELL NO
Curtis is already
dancing and is apparently a stripper now. Oh joy. Apparently THIS
is Johnny’s cash in for winning NXT Season 4. Wow they actually
remembered that. Points for continuity! Bryan and Kane argue before
the match, which starts with McGillicutty vs. Bryan. Michael takes
him down to start and Bryan pretends to tag Kane, just to tease him a
bit. Now be nice to that monster.
Kane tags himself in
and clotheslines McGillicutty to the floor, only to have Bryan tag
himself back in. The challengers take over with some double teaming
and Goatface plays Ricky Morton. Curtis puts on a bow and arrow
submission hold before it’s back to McGillicutty for some shots to
the ribs. Johnny hooks a chinlock for a bit before a double
clothesline puts both guys down. Hot tag brings in Kane and house is
cleaned. Bryan tags himself in again and the champions argue.
McGillicutty gets two off a rollup as everything breaks down. A
chokeslam puts Curtis down as the NO Lock submits McGillicutty at
Rating: D+.
Nothing to see here as the whole match was just killing time until
McGillicutty and Curtis realized they were McGillicutty and Curtis.
Why in the world Curtis is getting repackaged and put on the main
roster instead of McGillicutty is beyond me, but it might be because
Michael is talented and might get over, and we wouldn’t want that.
The champs hug it out
to close the show.
Overall Rating: C-.
This wasn’t their best show. The Power Rangers thing is a great geek
out moment, but the rest of this show doesn’t work for me. The main
guys other than Rollins weren’t here and they were clearly missed. I
can’t complain about seeing Audrey Marie on my screen, but JR being
belligerent is sad to hear. He just doesn’t care anymore and that’s
very clear. Not a terrible show, but their worst in months.
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Smackdown – November 23, 2012

November 23, 2012
Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Josh Matthews, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
the night after Thanksgiving and we’re just after Survivor Series.
Big Show is still champion and it looks like we’re getting Show vs.
Sheamus III in a chairs match at TLC. Other than that it’s hard to
say what we’re going to get at that show, but I have a feeling it’ll
be a lot of rematches. Let’s get to it.

the voiceover deal to start, recapping Raw with the Cena/AJ stuff.
You know, in case seeing it five times on Raw wasn’t enough for you.
We also see the ending with Ryback getting beaten down again.
open with MizTV. The guest tonight? John Cena. Well you can’t say
they’re being weak with the guests on this one. Cena sits on a couch
and says this is awesome. Miz talks about how Cena is more famous
for his in ring stuff but lately it’s been like a TMZ story. To
prove it, we see the Cena/AJ kiss for the second time in five
minutes. Miz asks how the kiss was and how Cena’s knee is after the
attack by Ziggler. Apparently Cena has a tweeked knee but it’s
nothing serious.
that’s enough about wrestling, so let’s talk about AJ some more. Miz
wants to know if Cena and AJ are more than just friends, but Cena is
tired of hearing that question. Cena does admit that AJ is a good
kisser though. Riveting stuff here people. Miz again asks if
they’re more than just friends and here’s AJ before Cena can answer.
AJ says Cena was just doing that to prove a point to Vickie but Cena
seems to dispute this. Miz makes fun of them for being in love, but
Cena calls Miz an idiot.
brings out Ziggler because this segment needs to keep going for some
reason. Ziggler says that it’s AJ’s fault that Cena hurt his knee
because she burst into the men’s locker room. Pay no attention to
the fact that Cena hurt his knee jumping out of the ring after
Ziggler which we already saw a video of today I guess. This of
course leads to ANOTHER video from Raw with AJ going into the locker
room and yelling at Ziggler, leading to a brawl between Dolph and
we haven’t covered this entire storyline yet, here’s Vickie to run
her mouth a bit more. Vickie says Dolph kisses real woman which Cena
calls a lie because there’s no proof Vickie is an actual woman.
Guerrero insists their relationship is just professional and Dolph
says he’d bring the woman out of AJ. Cena says Vickie is nuts and
Dolph is still looking for his. The segment finally ends with
nothing at all new being added.
vs. Darren Young
comes out second which is kind of odd. Titus sits in on commentary.
Young pounds away to start but Ryback casually shoves him down.
Young gets his head slammed into the mat and Titus blows the whistle
at him. Ryback takes Young’s head off with a clothesline on the
floor and we head back in. Titus: “Somebody get that boy some
medication. Something’s wrong with him.” Meat Hook and Shell
Shock end this in 2:03. I’m sure Young will in a title match soon
after this and WWE will be confused when no one buys him as a title
yells at Ryback post match and gets a Shell Shock too.
vs. Antonio Cesaro
is non-title and is happening because Cesaro has only beaten Truth
clean once so far, which means absolutely nothing in the modern WWE.
Cesaro insults Thanksgiving before the match as you would expect him
to do. Cesaro immediately hits the gutwrench suplex followed by a
double stomp and a body vice. Truth comes back with punches and a
side kick before countering the Neutralizer with a backdrop. Little
Jimmy hits for the clean pin at 1:33.
to recap: Cesaro pinned Truth 100% clean at Survivor Series, then
Truth gets another match with him and pins him in under two minutes.
I SO want to see another match between them now and this certainly
doesn’t hurt Cesaro’s credibility at all. My goodness they bring so
many problems on themselves it’s unreal. Have Truth beat ANYONE else
to earn another shot and this problem does not exist. Is it any
surprise that Cesaro is a total afterthought at this point?
arrives and Booker stops him from going to the locker room. Due to
the attack at Survivor Series, Sheamus can’t compete tonight.
Instead Booker gives him a chairs match for the title at TLC.
Sheamus gets to go to Booker’s personal suite and watch the show.
Big Show has a handicap match later against HELL NO.
Cara vs. Alberto Del Rio
lights are back. JBL says Del Rio is a former AAA champion but I can
find no record of that anywhere. Cara immediately knocks him to the
floor and hits a big dive on Del Rio and Rodriguez for two back
inside. A big running kick misses Del Rio and a tilt-a-whirl
backbreaker gets two for Alberto. Cara’s right shoulder goes into
the post and we take a break.
with Alberto pulling on the mask before shifting over to a chokehold.
Del Rio fires off kicks to the back as JBL continues to amuse me.
Josh talks about how he and JBL watched the 2/3 falls match earlier
today, but JBL makes sure to point out that they were in separate
rooms so people don’t think they’re friends. Back to the chinlock by
Alberto but Cara comes back with a rana for two. Del Rio hits a kick
to the side of the head, drawing a big gasp from the crowd but only
getting two.
slow down a bit as JBL rips into Mil Mascaras a bit more. Alberto
slams Cara down as the announcers stay in their argument. At least
this one is entertaining though, unlike Titus and Jerry’s debate
about washcloths on Raw. Back to the chinlock for a bit but Cara
speeds things up and hits an armdrag and cross body for two. The
Tajiri Elbow looks to set up the Swanton but Del Rio arm drags Cara
off the top and the Cross Armbreaker gets the tap at 6:21 shown of
The commentary was more entertaining than the match here but the
match wasn’t bad. Seeing Del Rio ground Cara and work the arm over
was another example of the solid psychology that Alberto has, which
is one of the things that makes him so fun to watch. Pretty decent
little TV match here.
tells Kane to stay out of his way tonight because he can beat Big
Show in 45 seconds. Kane asks Bryan if he thinks that’s going to
happen again. Guess what Bryan says. Kane says he and Show used to
be tag champions and thinks Bryan and Show could be a team called No
Show. Bryan: “Is this because I didn’t invite you to my house for
Thanksgiving?” Kane: “…….maybe.” Bryan says it was great
because they had vegan turkey. Kane wants to know what the point is.
If they win tonight, Kane gets to come over for Christmas and beat
up Santa Claus. These two are still hilarious.
Show vs. HELL NO
champs (as in the tag champs) have to tag here and Bryan starts with
Big Show. Bryan’s trunks are partially black tonight which is a new
look for him. Bryan fires off kicks to the leg but Show shoves him
down with ease to take over. Show sends him shoulder first into the
buckle and works over the arm a bit which isn’t usually his custom.
Show lifts him up in the air by the beard as JBL kind of rips into
Josh for calling Bryan a goat face.
comes back with more kicks but Show casually shoves him back down.
Back to the arm as Show drops a knee on it and shouts at Kane a bit.
Do all the shouting you want as long as we don’t have to sit through
another Show vs. Kane match. Show misses a middle rope elbow as
Regal and Sheamus are watching from the sky box. Bryan has a chance
to tag but shouts NO instead and fires off kicks to Show.
big kick to the head puts Show down but Show LAUNCHES Bryan off of
the cover at two. The chokeslam is countered into a guillotine choke
but Show (who is supposed to have a knee injury isn’t he?) throws him
off. It’s a sleeper now from Bryan which lasts for over a minute
without Show going down at all. There’s the hot tag to Kane who
dropkicks Show’s knee out and hits a top rope flying body attack (it
was supposed to be the clothesline) but the chokeslam is broken up.
A DDT puts Show down but Bryan tags himself in. Bryan tries the NO
Lock and Kane walks. The hold is broken and the chokeslam ends Bryan
at 10:02.
C. Not bad here but did this
need to be against the tag champions? That’s the problem with the
way they’ve set up the roster: there are only a handful of teams that
could challenge Big Show, but Show has been booked so strong that no
one can give him a legit fight. Also you don’t want Show vs. Kane
again as that might be considered torturing the audience. At the end
of the day, there wasn’t much they could do here but job the
champions. Again.
NO beats up Big Show post match, because we need to make sure
everyone stays strong. I know the idea of DON’T HAVE THEM FIGHT IN
THE FIRST PLACE is hard to grasp, but it might be a better way to go.
yells at Sheamus, saying that he’ll have a chair too. Sheamus is all
comes out for commentary for the next match.
Title: Kofi Kingston vs. Damien Sandow
hits a quick suplex for two but Kofi rolls out of a belly to back
suplex and sends Sandow to the outside. Kofi gets sent into the
buckle and to the floor as well as we take a break. Back with Damien
holding a kind of crossface chickenwing before hitting a knee to the
ribs to keep control. Apparently Barrett has earned an IC Title shot
from his win on Monday. What exactly did Damien do to get this show?
Wind-Up Elbow gets two for Sandow followed by the running hip attack
to the back of Kofi while he’s in 619 position (you come up with a
name for it) for two. Off to a chinlock which doesn’t last long. A
quick slugout goes to Sandow because of Kofi’s bad eye and Kofi’s
back gets rammed into the apron.
stomps away but Kofi gets up top for the cross body for two. Damien
sends him into the middle buckle for a rollup for two, followed by
the SOS for the same result for the champion. Kingston speeds things
up and fires off chops and a dropkick to put Sandow down. There’s
the Boom Drop and Trouble in Paradise for the pin at 5:57 shown of
C+. As usual, the midcard
champion is in need of a win to get any kind of momentum back. You
know, because we had to have him lose on Monday to Barrett. The
better idea would have been to have Barrett win by referee’s
stoppage, making it so that Kofi didn’t get pinned but acknowledging
that he’s in danger against Barrett. But instead let’s just have him
get pinned and have him lose some credibility because, you know, who
cares about stuff like that. The match was fine.
says he’s coming for the title.
to my watch, we’ve gone a whole twenty minutes since we talked about
something on Raw, so here’s a recap of the end of the show with the
Championship Celebration and Ryback getting beaten down again.
Rollins and Ambrose will speak on Raw.
Ziggler vs. Randy Orton
event time here. Orton pounds away to start and Ziggler hides in the
corner. Ziggler takes him to the mat before pounding away on Randy’s
head in the corner. Orton comes back with his dropkick for two and a
slingshot suplex for the same. They head to the outside with Ziggler
trying to hide in the crowd, but it’s kind of hard for a large man
with blonde hair and pink trunks to hide, even in a mass of people.
gets knocked down on the concrete as we take a break. Back with
Dolph breaking out of a chinlock before Orton suplexes him right back
down for two. With Ziggler laying on the apron, Orton stomps away
and hits a slingshot to send Dolph throat first into the bottom rope
and out to the floor. Ziggler throws Orton into the announce table
and dropkicks him down, but Dolph might have injured his own knee in
the process.
in and Ziggler erupts on Randy, pounding away on him with kicks and
punches. The jumping elbow gets two and it’s off to a chinlock.
Ziggler’s knee seems to be fine. Orton fights up and gets that
rolling cradle out of the corner for two. We get a dueling chant
from the crowd as the chinlock goes on again, this time resulting in
Orton punching his way out of it. Ziggler stops the comeback dead
with a DDT for a close two. This is starting to get better.
goes up top and is immediately superplexed right back down. It’s
cool to see Orton expanding his moveset with stuff like the superplex
and the slingshot suplex he used earlier. There’s the powerslam
followed by the Elevated DDT but the RKO is countered into a rollup
with trunks for the surprise pin at 9:37 shown of 13:07.
B-. Solid TV main event here
but it’s a match we’ve seen several times before. It’s nice to see
Dolph win here and a little bit of cheating never huts a good heel.
Orton is one of those guys who isn’t going to be hurt badly by a loss
so there’s no problem on his end. Dolph seems to be getting a push
lately, which is nice to see as it seems that he’ll be cashing in his
case soon. Then again it’s felt like that for months now.
match Ricardo and Alberto try to run in but Orton hits the RKO on
Ricardo and Alberto stops on the apron. WHY IS THIS STILL GOING???
Cena comes out and puts Ziggler in the STF on the stage to end the
D+. Did I miss
something or did almost nothing happen on this show? It felt like a
supplement to Raw, and while it usually feels like one of those, this
was even worse than usual. There was just nothing going on here at
all and the booking made limited sense at best. The main event stuff
seems to be pointing to a tag match which is fine, but other than
that I’m not sure what the point of this show was. Nothing to see
here at all.
b. Darren Young – Shell Shock
b. Antonio Cesaro – Little Jimmy
Del Rio b. Sin Cara – Cross Armbreaker
Show b. HELL NO – Chokeslam to Bryan
Kingston b. Damien Sandow – Trouble in Paradise
Ziggler b. Randy Orton – Rollup with a handful of trunks
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The Only Review Of Night of Champions 2012 That You’ll Ever Need

 Night of Champions – 2012
Venue: TD Garden
City: Boston, Massachusetts
Attendance: 14,886
Buyrate: The event was up 20,000 from the year before, bringing in 189,000 buys
We get a great video to
open the show about CM Punk and Cena. I have no idea what’s on this card, but
the Punk/Cena deal is a good sign. 
JBL comes out to announce.
Wow, he’s lost A LOT of weight. He’s a complete stick. 
The Miz [C] vs Rey
Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes vs Sin Cara – Intercontinental Championship
I have a question before
the match begins. Isn’t an ‘Intercontinental Champion’ the same as a World
Champion? I mean, intercontinental means
all the continents, right? And wouldn’t all the continents be the world? Or
does the world count the oceans, and IC doesn’t? I digress.
Really great opener. There
wasn’t a second of down time, and honest to God, for the first time I was
actually impressed by The Miz. The
match includes a lot of great spots, including everyone going for the pin on Miz
after a 619 and Frogsplash, with each pin feeling like it was going to
be the one. It was also funny to see Sin Cara all of a sudden decide he needed
to try and put an extra mask on folks. 
Miz hits the Skull Crushing
Finale on Cody Rhodes for the pin at 12:05  | ***1/2

We get an absolutely DREADFUL scene with Kaitlyn
being hurt, giving the Claire Lynch performance of a lifetime. 

Recap of Team Hell No. Am I the only one who
thinks their finisher needs to be Kane setting up for the Tombstone, as Bryan
then hugs him, and they both drop
down? S’perfect. 

Team Hell No vs Kofi & R-Truth [C] – Tag-Team

The match is moving along nicely, and then it abruptly
stops so they can do the stupid “hug-it-out” spot. After that, the match
never really picks back up, and they end up winning in a way conducive to their
gimmick, but still lame. 

Daniel Bryan kicks Kane off the turnbuckles onto
an unconscious Kofi for the pin at 8:22  | **

Teddy Long and Booker T are talking in a room
that’s reminiscent of the sweet WCW interview locker rooms where Lex Luger
is talking amongst lockers that display casually hung WCW and Total Package T-shirts
and foam fingers. Eve gets the title shot now that Speed Racer [oh ho ho] is

Antonio Cesaro [C] vs Zack Ryder – US Championship

Zack Ryder won a battle royal on the pre-show to
earn this shot, tossing out Tensai last. The match is about as you’d
expect, with Zack Ryder getting the ever-lovin’ hell kicked out of him. Cesaro
is somewhat impressive, although
nothing I’d go crazy for. At one point
he does a pretty sweet move where he tosses Zack upward, and greets him with an
uppercut on his way down.
Zack himself gets a great moment where Cesaro goes for the suplex, but Zack
throws his weight, lands on his feet while still in a suplex hold, and
turns that into a neckbreaker. An average bout, very fitting for the US title. 
Antonio hits Zack with the Neutralizer for the pin
at 6:32 |  **

Ricardo, Del Rio, and Otunga do some wacky stuff
with neck braces.

Dolph Ziggler vs Randy Orton

JBL says this match would be good in a phone booth.
The only two people I believe could pull that off is Roddy Piper & Keith

Honestly, I don’t watch much current wrestling
unless there’s a big time match that people are buzzing about. However, because
of these requests, I’ve been seeing a lot of Ziggler, and I’m sure you
all already know this, but he’s the man. He’s fresh, original, and one
of a wrestler. Hell, he’s supposed to be the heel here, but the crowd is
cheering him like crazy. He and Vickie make one hell of a combo too.
Nice spot where Orton gets Ziggler outside, and starts to lose it. He slams
Zigger into the barrier, then lays him on top of it and does the second-rope DDT, effectively killing
him. So it makes Ziggler look like the man when Orton throws him in the ring,
and he’s able to throw his leg on the
ropes. Great match. Not as good as Ziggler’s bout with Sheamus, but still
great. Man, does Ziggler EVER win?

Orton throws Ziggler up in the air and hits the
RKO at 17:58  | ***3/4


Layla [C] vs Eve – Divas Championship

I truly cannot understand why they have women’s
wrestling. EVER. No one has EVER paid a ticket or spent a dime to watch women
wrestle. Perhaps in Japan, but in America? Not once. Not gonna lie though, Eve
having Layla in a head-scissors is
pretty hot. This was honestly a
pretty decent match, Eve is an actual talent, I think, although I could have
just caught her on a great night. 
Eve hits Layla with a neckbreaker to snag the win
at 6:29  | **1/2

We get a commercial for Rock vs Cena. Has anyone
seen this? Is it as absolutely boring as I imagine it to be?

 Kane & Daniel Bryan argue over who happen to be the Tag Team Champions. The major highlight being AJ drenched in ice cold Gatorade. That’s a
bit of alright. NAY…quite a bit of alright. 

We get a recap of the Sheamus vs Alberto, in which
the entire feud is all about David Otunga taking a deposition from Sheamus.
This is all about banning the Brogue Kick. It’d be so much easier to get to
that point without all this crap. I’m

not looking forward to this, damn
you Jobber123.

Alberto Del Rio vs Sheamus [C] – World Heavyweight

Is it just me, or does Sheamus’ song really sound
like “it’s a shameful thing, Lobster Head”? Booker comes out and
announces the Brogue Kick legal. So, everyone got to see all that exciting court
room stuff simply for the entertainment value of it. It’s also
nice that
an interesting stip has been dropped. Also nice is when WWE chooses its
history. Sometimes they talk about how the WHC dates back to Lou Thesz
and Ed Lewis, other times it’s only 10 years old. Either way, two World Titles
is stupid.
Del Rio spends the first round of his momentum
working the arm in various ways, until Sheamus turns the tides by catching Del
Rio with a clothesline as he leaps off the turnbuckle. A Brogue Kick attempt is
thwarted, with Del Rio turning it into a chance for an
enzuiguri. I hate it when wrestlers telegraph their finishers like
Sheamus, Orton, and Shawn, because the person they’re targeting would have to
be Bernie Lomax to not see it coming. The ending was cooking along
pretty nicely there. I’m more than happy to admit that this was a great match,
much better than I expected. 
Alberto eats the Brogue Kick and the pin at 13:56
| ***1/2

CM Punk [C] vs John Cena – WWE Championship

Cole says that at MiTB, Punk defeated Cena to
completely change WWE. I think that’s a bit of an understatement. I mean, back
then we had a stupid looking title belt, Triple H forcing himself in
main events, Cena being all over TV and the top of the company, 50/50 booking
crap, and talent being completely wasted! Now-a-days, well, the WWE
comes with a brand new hat!
It should come as no surprise what a great match
this is. The last two matches between these two, Punk and Cena were evenly
matched; however, this time the last year of experience has put Punk on
a different level. He dominates Cena for the first half of the match, and stops
comebacks at every turn,
countering the 5 Knuckle Shuffle twice, with one being a sweet counter into the
Vice, as he looks right into Cena’s face and screams “BEST IN THE WORLD!”. It’s also fantastic to see
Heyman on the outside, at times beaming like a proud father and at others
worrying like a wife. This match truly displays Punk as best in the world. Cena
can’t put him down, and Punk has an answer for him at every turn. An awesome
spot sees Punk hit a Rock Bottom, as he’s tried just about everything to wipe
Cena out. Both men are dead, absolutely dead, and I’m a bit upset that I
know who wins, because this would have been incredible to see live. Without a
doubt their best match to date. I’d love to go full monty, but I can’t with
that ending. 
Both CM Punk & John Cena’s shoulders are down
for the count of 3 at 26:50 | ****3/4

We end with an awesome scene as Heyman and Punk
walk to the back, while Punk’s yells “I’m the best in the World! Best in
the World!” and Heyman pets his ego with “and that’s why I
respect you! That’s why I respect you!”

Showcase Showdown: Compared to the last two shows I reviewed, this one was disappointing me at first. The matches weren’t terrible by any means, but they weren’t blowing me away like last time. However, once we got towards the Main Event scene, things really picked up and this show became another thumbs up. After disappointing main events with Del Rio & Sheamus, they really had to prove themselves this time around and did so. CM Punk & Cena are this generation’s Rock & Austin. Untouchable chemistry both in the ring and on the mic. A match that people need to seek out if they don’t feel like watching the entire show. 

Before I get into my shameless self-promotion, and I do mean shameless, I’d like to thank Steve Ferrari for proof reading this bad-boy. 

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NXT – November 21, 2012

November 21, 2012
Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Tony Dawson, Jim Ross
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
last week not a lot has changed, as we’re still moving towards Mahal
vs. Rollins II for the title. On top of that we’ve got Vickie
continuing to have her bounty on Langston who is rapidly becoming one
of my favorite people on this show. NXT has been the best wrestling
show on TV for months now and hopefully that remains the case here
tonight. Let’s get to it.

today, Kassius Ohno didn’t want to talk about Trent Barreta. He has
a premonition about ending Trent’s career tonight like he did to
Richie Steamboat.
vs. Alicia Fox
out process to start of course before Paige takes over with a
Japanese armdrag. Fox lands on her feet out of a monkey flip as the
fans are WAY behind Paige. Alicia mostly botches what I think was
supposed to be a suplex but it looked more like a slam. A northern
lights suplex gets two on Paige and it’s off to a bow and arrow hold.
Paige finally makes a rope and gets two off a cross body. A sunset
flip out of the corner gets the same for Fox but she walks into the
Paige Turner (kind of a snap Angle Slam but Paige never lifted her
off the mat) for the pin at 4:52.
D+. Fox just isn’t that good.
She’s very sloppy when she’s on offense and has been for years now.
Paige is one of those girls that could be very good when she gets
some more experience and the fans love her. On top of that, she’s 20
years old. That’s very impressive when you consider how good she is
vs. Big E. Langston
is a match for the $5000 bounty that Vickie has put on Langston’s
head. Camacho tries to pound on him but Langston keeps shoving him
away. A shot out of the corner puts Big E. down but Camacho slaps
him like an idiot. The Big Ending (falling slam) ends Camacho at
demands the five count and you don’t tell a man like that no.
Camacho gets two more Big Endings for good measure.
go to the back and Trent Barreta is down and in pain. Leo Kruger can
be seen out of range smiling evily.
break we’re told Trent isn’t cleared for the main event yet.
vs. Nick Rogers
Bronson is back! He shoves Rogers into the corner and completely no
sells all of the shots from Nick. Bronson goes after the leg before
hitting a crossface to the head. A lot of stomps and knees keep
Rogers down as Bronson works on the leg. An STO sets up that kind of
inverted Figure Four from Bronson for the tap out at 1:49. I love
this guy.
Bray Wyatt who says all of the little lambs should fear him. Tonight
he’s giving our lives purpose for the first time ever. He sits down
in a rocking chair as Luke Harper comes out for his match.
Harper vs. Mike Dalton
looks like he looked as Brodie Lee in the indies. The fans chant for
Ziggler who Dalton does look a bit like. Harper pounds away as Wyatt
sits in the rocking chair. Dalton gets thrown around a lot as Harper
keeps looking at Wyatt. A BIG spinning Boss Man Slam completes the
squash at 2:41. Harper won in case you’re a rather dense person that
needs everything explained to them.
gets on his knees in front of Wyatt. Bray says he’s been around for
2000 years and says that once he decides it’s time to start hurting
people, there will be no one left.
today, Mahal attacked Rollins in the back but Seth beat him down.
Raw ReBound recaps (shocking) the end of the show.
Ohno vs. Trent Barreta
a lot of time left in the show for this. Ohno says that there’s no
opponent for him tonight because Trent is injured. Ohno demands that
the referee count to ten and declare him the winner, but here’s Dusty
Rhodes with something to say. He says that he knows Ohno had
something to do with Trent’s attack and he’s got a replacement.
Total time between Dusty appearing and the replacement’s music
hitting: sixty seconds.
Ohno vs. Richie Steamboat
starts fast and beats Ohno into the corner and hits a quick cross
body for a two count. Steamboat pounds away in the corner and sends
Kassius to the apron. Ohno skins the cat but Richie clotheslines him
to the floor. It’s almost like Richie has insight into that move. A
big dive to the floor takes Ohno out and we take a break.
with Richie holding a chinlock on Ohno until Kassius makes it to the
rope. A low dropkick to the head puts Steamboat down and it’s
cravate time. Ohno pounds him in the head some more for a pair of
two counts and it’s back to the cravate. Steamboat fights up and
gets a pair of quick rollups for two. Ohno comes back with a kind of
lifting Downward Spiral for two of his own as this keeps going back
and forth.
fires off a bunch of chops to the chest and head to slow Kassius down
before they head to the corner. Richie comes off the top but dives
into a headbutt from Ohno to put both guys down again. In a bit of a
strange ending, Ohno hits a running clothesline in the corner but as
he goes to throw Steamboat to the floor, Steamboat rolls him up for
two and hits the Slingblade (swing around neckbreaker) for the pin at
10:28 shown of 13:58.
C-. Sudden ending aside, this
wasn’t an incredibly good match. I know Ohno is considered a great
talent, but I really don’t see the appeal of him from what I’ve seen
in FCW. He’s not bad but if I didn’t know he had been such a big
deal in the indies, I wouldn’t have much interest in him at all.
Steamboat is pretty generic as well with nothing interesting going on
about him. Not a bad match but it was bland, like most of their
matches so far.
C+. This was another
solid episode of NXT. There’s an energy to this show that you don’t
get on any other wrestling series at the moment which makes it the
most fun show going. It’s a combination of them using their time
efficiently as well as having interesting characters who are all
treated as big deals rather than there being a clear hierarchy like
Raw or Impact have. Also the title match isn’t the focus at all but
the other guys are built up well enough that it can be overlooked,
which says a lot about the rest of the show.
b. Alicia Fox – Paige Turner
E. Langston b. Camacho – Big Ending
b. Nick Rogers – Inverted Figure Four
Harper b. Mike Dalton – Spinning Boss Man Slam
Steamboat b. Kassius Ohno – Slingblade
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The Only Review of No Way Out 2012 That You’ll Ever Need

This is brought to you via a request from Jobber123. Any other requests, movie or wrestling, or pretty much whatever you’d like to see reviewed, just let me know in the comments, or email at [email protected] . I’m also up for answering questions, mailbag style if you guys would like.

Before we get started, I thought I’d list my Top 5 favorite matches, so you guys have a reference point for how I see & rate matches.

1. Mick Foley vs Randy Orton – Backlash 2004
2. Bret Hart vs Mr. Perfect – SummerSlam 1991
3. CM Punk vs Jericho – Extreme Rules 2012
4. Kurt Angle vs Undertaker – NWO 2006
5. Hulk Hogan vs The Rock – WMX8

I have absolutely no idea what’s on this card, besides the triple threat, so I’m actually looking forward to it.

Sheamus [C] vs Dolph Ziggler – World Heavyweight Championship
I had my fingers crossed that it wasn’t Del Rio, so now I can look forward to this bout. Geez, Sheamus really is a smiling goof, isn’t he? A few minutes in, and the match is really working. It reminds me of Freddy vs Jason, in that Sheamus is Jason, a big monster who chooses his attacks, and when you’re hit, you’re down. Then obviously Dolph is Freddy, who’s extremely quick and agile, hitting you 10 times before you have a chance to block the first attempt. It’s great how in the beginning, Dolph could barely get a 1 count, now as the match moves along, he’s getting longer 2 counts the more he lays into Sheamus. I’d also like to give some credit to Vickie, she really is a great heel manager. This really is great so far. I haven’t seen a match where a guy truly makes himself in it in years. I’m buying Ziggler as a legit threat because of this match alone now. The crowd agrees as they chant like CRAZY for him! Now what’s gonna happen? Alberto will get the feud, then Big Show gets the strap, and THAT’S why the E is where it’s at now. This is a great match, and further proof that Ziggler is the future. However, he may end up being the future for another company.
Ziggler eats the Brouge Kick, giving Sheamus the pin at 15:10 | ****

Santino Marella vs Ricardo Rodriguez – Tuxedo Match
You know, Ricardo is actually a talent. He knows how to play the Bobby Heenan style heel better than I’ve seen anyone since, well, Bobby. I know Santino annoys others, but I think he’s damn funny. Ater Ricardo rips his pocket, Santino looks at him with disbelief and says “This is my ONLY tuxedo!” The crowd is chanting “boring”, and at first I thought they were chanting Goldberg. Which makes sense I’d think that. You think formal where, you think  Goldberg.
Santino kicks Ricardo in the face, rips off the rest of his tux at 4:25 | *

We interview CM Punk, and it’s the usual. By the way, he digs crazy chicks. I’m shocked they never had a Bunny Boiler Match with her.

Cody Rhodes vs Christian [C] – Intercontinental Championship
They do a great little chain of spots at the beginning that’s unlike most of the RVD-esq chain wrestling you’d see. Honestly it’s sort of like martial-arts choreography, with kicks, jumps, blocks & reversals. Cool stuff. For a bit, there’s nothing wrong with the match, but nothing memorable. However they really picked it up near the end, putting a sweet spot on an already fine wrestling match. Great stuff. Followed up the WHC match perfectly.
Christian hits Cody with the spear, snagging the pin at 11:30 | ***1/2

We get the unskippable ‘Don’t Try This At Home’ msg. I wonder if they had this when I was a kid if it would have kept me from leaping off the sofa onto pillows while I watched Action Zone and my parent’s were at church. Severely doubt it.

Epico & Primo vs Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd vs Primetime Players vs The Usos – Winners are #1 Contenders
Oh man, I’m really bummed now. I seriously only know about 3 of these guys, and since I already don’t favor tag-wrestling  I’m starting to feel angry towards Jobber123. We’re told that the tag-champs are out due to injury by The Big Show. Well,  I’m really salivating now. I mean, if one of these nobodies get a shot, they’ll be on to face a team that couldn’t handle themselves against one man! Tyson Kidd gets his chance, and he’s actually pretty exciting. Rosa Mendes is a bit of alright. Darren Young has a vicious finisher, wow. I have no problem admitting that this match completely won me over. Good stuff.
Darren Young hits Primo with his finisher for the win at 9:30 | **3/4

We get a recap of Brock Lesnar vs Triple H. Wow, what a feud. Will Lesnar face him in a cage? In a hardcore match? HIAC? NO! This will be done in a court room! With celebrity enforcer, the baddest man on the planet, Andy Griffith.

Triple H comes out to amp up the excitement. He takes about 3 hours to explain he wants to fight Lesnar at SummerSlam. He really should have been wearing a duster and telling us ‘queerin don’t work’ if he was going to conduct an interview like that.

Beth Phoenix vs Layla [C] – Divas Championship
Typical match. Nothing terrible though. Perfectly acceptable. High point being when she goes for the pin she totally grabs some of Beth’s boobage. Right on. I don’t have the ethics of Scott, that boobage earns a quarter star.
Layla hits Beth with a reverse stunner for the pin at 6:30 | *1/4

AJ’s been going around, kissing people and wishing them good luck. Well, it ends with her making out with Kane, which I just find odd for some reason. Does she not see his previous track record with woman? Does she want to end up a violated corpse? Or raped & forced to wed? Could be worse, New Jack could be telling stories about her. And uh, I don’t watch Smackdown or Raw, but I clearly see the fuss about AJ. She’s more than a bit of alright.

Hunico vs Sin Cara

I don’t get it. Is there some sort of bill
that was passed that said all Spanish wrestlers must be as stereotypical
as a George Lopez stand-up routine? Alberto is the only one who’s
escaped it. They say Sin Cara was at one point Mexico’s biggest
box-office draw. Normally I’d doubt this claim, but I’ve seen the $5 bin
of Spanish DVDs at Wal-Mart, and if I had a choice between Peligro Es Mi Segundo Nombre – Quatro, and Sin Cara, well….Honestly, not a bad match. Good enough filler.
Sin Cara hits a Hurracarana on Hunico for the pin at 5:48 | **


Kane vs Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk [C] – WWE Championship
I seriously don’t see the problem with running Punk vs Bryan for a year straight. Cool moment that reminds me of Joe vs AJ vs Daniels where Bryan & Punk take turns kicking Kane, as Bryan screams “Yes!” and Punk screams “No!”. I’ve still got 10 minutes left, and this may be the best triple threat I’ve ever seen. It’s so fluid, there’s never an extended period where a guy lays out side, and the other two brawl. Wow. I didn’t type much, because I was completely involved in this match. One of the most exciting title matches I’ve ever seen. When it was announced that Kane was involved, I remember being really mad, thinking he’d drag them down. But I’m more than happy to admit I was wrong. His power based offense mixed seamlessly with Punk & Bryan’s technical wrestling. Absolutely fantastic.
Punk hits the GTS on Kane for the pin at 18:18 | ****3/4

Ryback vs Delaney & Grimes
Well, I think after last night’s Survivor Series match, the Ryback Main Event Trial is over. How many fantastic matches has Punk had this year? What two were at the bottom? The ones with Ryback. But this isn’t about that. It’s what you’d expect.
Ryback rocks a double Muscle Buster for the pin at 1:31 | *

John Cena vs Big Show – Steel Cage
So far, this match is exceeding the dread I had going into it. It’s not nearly as boring as I thought it might be. Great spot where Big Show drops an elbow from the top rope. Thankfully he doesn’t hit Cena, because there’s no way he could have kicked out of it, and not even I could suspend my disbelief if he had. Laurinaitis’ suit is insane. He looks the Kool-Aid Man, if he’d given up the drink game to become a pimp or something. Big Show knocks out the ref by accident, then Cena, and as he heads to the door, Brodus Clay shows up with a chair to prevent exit. Some nice continuity. For those who don’t remember, Show had knocked out Brodus weeks earlier, giving him a concussion. All in all, a lot of people may dislike this bout, but I thought it was a pretty decent power match that I think really established Show’s dominance. I mean, Cena only won because of other people. Flat out. Nice little spot at the end where the hero Cena puts a defenseless man though a table after he was fired. I do like that he adjusted his tie after knocking him out though. That Cena, he’ll adjust your attitude & tie.
Cena wins by escaping the cage at 19:33 | **3/4

Showcase Showdown: Big recko for this show. Almost every match was great, and those that weren’t were thankfully short. Definitely belongs alongside Extreme Rules & WrestleMania as the best the WWE has to offer this year. One hell of a show that I plan on adding to my DVD collection, and that’s the highest recko I can give something.

Hope you guys dug the review. If you’re wanting some more of the Cal-Cal Man, here’s some links:
Str8 Gangster, No Chaser – Movie reviews, Man Movie Encyclopedia, Top 5’s, wrestling articles.
WCW In 2000 – A full recap of every Nitro & PPV from the year 2000.
Man Movie Encyclopedia – 28 films, baby. Each recapped, then you’re given the count of every 1-liner, person beat up, killed, boobies, swear words, and other bad-assery. You also get unknown facts, and box-office trivia. At $2.99, you can’t beat it. Maddox & Scott Keith themselves have both endorsed it. So if you liked the Twilight books, you’ll love the MME!

Smackdown – November 16, 2012

November 16, 2012
Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, Ohio
Josh Matthews, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
two days away from Survivor Series and did you know Sheamus is
fighting Big Show again? That’s a serious question actually as it’s
been passed over even more than most Smackdown main event matches
have been in recent memory. Other than that this is likely going to
be used to talk about Foley vs. Ziggler some more, because there’s no
real reason for that match to happen, but it’s happening anyway
because WWE has no idea what they want to do right now. Let’s get to

do the voiceover nonsense again to preview the show. It’s a recap of
Raw and a quick discussion of Sheamus vs. Show.
is in the parking lot and waiting on Show I think.
the freshly face Miz to open the show with MizTV. This will help the
face reactions but it’ll be interesting to see what happens when he’s
not in his hometown. He gets a Miz Is Awesome chant and welcomes us
to his show before talking about his match on Sunday. Miz sucks up
to the fans about voting him into the PPV but thinks it might be
because he’s on the poster.
talks about how he’s accomplished more than anyone else in the match,
including Ziggler. This brings him to the guest of the evening: Mick
Foley. Foley immediately goes for the cheap pop but Miz says this is
his hometown so he gets the cheap pop. After a cheap plug for
Foley’s new book, Mick talks about how Miz is a new person at the
moment. However, he isn’t sure which Miz is going to show up at
Survivor Series. Will it be the one that beat Cena in the main event
of Wrestlemania or the one that is always taking vacations and
growing a weak beard?
thinks there’s no point to asking that question because Miz is the
last person who Foley has to worry about. There’s the guy that stole
the Intercontinental Title from Miz and tag champions that don’t like
each other. Foley brings out those three people (Kofi and HELL NO)
along with Orton, which is all of Team Foley. Foley tells someone to
start the conversation, leading to an argument between Bryan and
says his back feels better from not having to carry Miz on Monday.
Bryan says because of him, Kane isn’t roaming basements and scaring
little children. Kane: “I roam basements and scare little children
regardless.” Kofi breaks up the argument so Miz yells at Kingston
for playing peacekeeper. He didn’t like Kofi kicking him in the face
last week and Foley has to break up another argument.
talks about his history with Foley but says he likes Foley more than
anyone else on the team. Orton shoves down part of the set and
here’s Team Ziggler. I completely forgot Barrett was on that team at
all. Ziggler says that team is pretty sad even for Foley, which is
kind of a stretch I’d think. Dolph talks about team unity but keeps
having to call down Del Rio for talking to Ricardo too much.
Rio wants to be team leader and an argument breaks out until Foley
says he has match making power tonight. Well sure, why not. It’s
Ziggler/Del Rio vs. Miz/Orton. Ziggler says Barrett is better than
Miz so it’s Barrett vs….Kane? Bryan yells NO a lot but Sandow
demands SILENCE. He runs down the team but Kofi cuts them off and
it’s Kingston vs. Damien right now.
Sandow vs. Kofi Kingston
of course and the pink trunks are back. Kofi snaps off some armdrags
as we see the backdrop that hurt Cody. Kofi sends Sandow to the
floor and hits a dropkick back inside for two. More kicks put Damien
down for two and we head back to the floor for a suicide dive by
Kofi. We take a break and come back with Kingston hammering away but
Damien hitting a running flip neckbreaker for two.
Wind-Up elbow gets two more and it’s time for Kofi’s comeback. He
fires off forearms and a Boom Drop for two, followed by the top rope
cross body for the same. Sandow kicks him in the knee and rolls Kofi
up with trunks for the pin at 6:05 shown of 9:35. It’s just as quick
and out of nowhere as it sounds.
C-. Sandow getting another win
is only a good thing for him, but the problem with having so many
champions on a team is that someone has to lose at some point.
Sandow looked fine here and it’s a good sign that his in ring work is
where it is, as he’s mainly a mic based character. Any good stuff in
the ring is a bonus.
is still in the back.
recap (as in reair) the AJ/Cena/Vickie stuff from Raw.
vs. Alicia Fox/Eve Torres/Aksana
start with Natalya beating on Aksana before Layla beats on her a bit.
Off to Alicia for a mat slam by the hair for two before it’s off to
Eve for a flip splash on Layla for two. JBL tries to talk about the
Kaitlyn attack storyline as if anyone cares anymore. Off to Alicia
who gets kicked away and the tag is made to Kaitlyn. House is
cleaned and the crowd is dead. Kaitlyn dropkicks Alicia into Eve and
hits the reverse DDT for the pin at 3:42.
D. That’s becoming my standard
rating for Divas matches anymore. They’re fine I guess but man alive
I don’t care about this storyline. I don’t think they really know
what the story is anymore other than someone attacked Kaitlyn like
two months ago and a bunch of other girls are involved also. It’s
not even four minutes though so I can’t complain much.
comes up to Sheamus and says Big Show isn’t going to show up with
Sheamus in the parking lot. Sheamus says if Show has any guts he’ll
meet Sheamus in the ring. Booker threatens consequences if anything
Orton/The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler/Alberto Del Rio
and Ziggler start things off at a fast pace with Miz hitting a
flapjack for two. JBL and Josh continue to be hilarious. Josh: “Of
course Orton was the sole survivor of JBL’s Survivor Series team.”
JBL: “I’m about to be the sole survivor of this commentary booth if
you bring that up again.” Miz misses a charge and hits the floor
as Del Rio knocks Orton to the outside as well.
take a break and come back with Orton fighting out of a Ziggler
chinlock. A knee to the ribs and elbow drop get two for Dolph and
it’s back to Alberto. After he does nothing of note, Ziggler comes
in for a foot on the chest for two. Orton starts another comeback
but gets kicked in the face for his efforts. A clothesline puts
Ziggler down and it’s off to Miz. The hometown boy pounds on Ziggler
in the corner and hits the top rope ax handle for two.
goes up again but a Ricardo distraction lets Alberto shove Miz off
the top and out to the floor. Ziggler and Del Rio take some cheap
shots on Miz and Alberto hits a running kick in the corner to Miz’s
arm. Miz avoids a charge and sends Del Rio to the floor, allowing
for the hot tag to Orton. Both heels take powerslams and there’s the
Elevated DDT to Del Rio. Miz tags himself in though and hits the
Finale on Alberto for the pin at 7:24 shown of 10:54.
C. This was your standard main
event tag match which was only decent. They’re pushing the idea of
the teams arguing a lot but it’s not really coming through on the
Ziggler side. Orton and Miz looked fine here as Miz is basically his
old self but with a leapfrog now. It’s too early to tell how his
face push is going to go, but they need to change something about him
other than who he fights.
is annoyed at Miz post match and gives him an RKO to a good deal of
Sheamus to confront Big Show. Sheamus rants about Big Show attacking
Regal on Raw and being a bully. Well Sheamus wants to BE A STAR and
wants to fight. Maybe he isn’t being a star after all. Here’s Show
who says Sheamus should thank him for not coming down there. Sheamus
comes up the aisle but Booker says no and tells Sheamus to leave the
building. Sheamus goes for Show again and we go to a break.
the back, Show acts like he’s Booker’s buddy but Booker doesn’t see
it that way. Booker puts Show in the main event against a surprise
opponent. It’s not Sheamus though. Booker says no one is bigger
than the show. Ok then.
vs. Wade Barrett
has potential. Barrett immediately pounds away and hits the Winds of
Change for no count. Kane boots him down and clotheslines Barrett to
the floor….and here’s Team Ziggler for the DQ at 57 seconds.
comes in for the save and there are no other partners with him. Oh
wait here’s Kofi but the numbers are too great. Orton finally makes
the save and it’s RKO’s all around for Team Ziggler. Miz comes out
to glare at Team Foley.
recap the Raw World Title stuff from Raw.
Cesaro vs. Sin Cara
comes out for commentary. Cesaro takes him to the mat to start but
Cara grabs his arm and hits a rana out of the corner. Antonio
immediately comes back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two
followed by the gutwrench suplex. A European Uppercut to the back of
Cara’s head puts him down but a big spinning headscissors takes
Cesaro down. West Coast Pop gets two for Cara but Cesaro throws him
into the air for the uppercut followed by the Neutralizer for the pin
at 2:20. Just a squash for the most part.
quotes Jim Duggan and starts a USA chant.
Show vs. Great Khali
of course. This is going to be your standard battle of the giants
with a lot of slow offense. Khali stomps him down in the corner but
Show slugs away at him. A spear puts Khali down for two but Khali
breaks up the chokeslam and chops Show down for two. The Punjabi
Plunge is broken up and the KO Punch gets the pin at 3:32.
D. Was there any real doubt
about how this was going to go? Nothing match here with Khali
basically being a body for Show to beat up and bump from a bit. If
nothing else, it’s good to see Khali back in the ring after having
brain surgery or whatever it was he had done. Not exactly a quality
main event here though.
music plays but he doesn’t come out so it’s back to Show’s music.
match Show walks to the back but Sheamus jumps him as he gets on his
bus. Show fights back and shoves Sheamus through the windshield of a
car, but Shemaus dives off the car and rams Show into another
windshield. Booker pulls Sheamus off to end the show.
D+. This is one of
those shows where it depends on how you look at it. From a quality
standpoint, it was nothing at all of note. It was full of nothing of
note matches and nothing new being added for the most part. From the
standpoint of a go home show, it pushed the two main Smackdown
matches which is what the final show before a PPV is supposed to do.
That being said, I still don’t care about the show because we have no
reason to care about Ziggler vs. Foley and the world title match has
been done before. Not much here but it’s not horrible. As with most
WWE at the moment, it’s just kind of there.
Sandown b. Kofi Kingston – Rollup with a handful of trunks
b. Alicia Fox/Eve Torres/Aksana – Reverse DDT to Fox
Orton/The Miz b. Alberto Del Rio/Dolph Ziggler – Skull Crushing
Finale to Del Rio
b. Wade Barrett via DQ when Team Ziggler interefered
Cesaro b. Sin Cara – Neutralizer
Show b. Great Khali – KO Punch
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The SmarK Rant for WWE Survivor Series 2012

The SmarK Rant for WWE Survivor Series 2012 Live from Indianapolis, IN Your hosts are Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and JBL Brodus Clay, Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd, Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio v. Titus O’Neil, Darren Young, Primo, Epico & Tensai It’s Team Leftovers! What a concept – sticking 10 guys with nothing better going on into an elimination tag match so they can have a fun opener. Epico and Kidd trade wristlocks and do a cool little sequence before Epico bails. Epico comes back in with a slingshot senton, but misses, and Gabriel comes in with a sunset flip for two. Standing moonsault gets two. Kidd & Gabriel double-team Epico for two as JBL talks about Gabriel’s father in South Africa, apparently a former promoter. He got lobbed the softball of a tag team wrestler from SOUTH AFRICA and he didn’t talk about the damn Simpson brothers? What’s wrong with him tonight? Rey & Cara double-team Young with a bulldog for two, so he tags out to Primo and Cara hits him with a rana. Sweet cross body gets two. You can tell his confidence is growing with every match now. Cara with a sunset bomb for two, but Primo puts him down with a clothesline and it’s over to Tensai. Tensai and Titus trade off on Cara and Primo drops a leg for two. The heels cut off the ring as Cara is no-face-in-peril, but he comes back with an enzuigiri and it’s hot tag Brodus. See, this is his strong point: Cleaning house as the guy who gets the hot tag. Everyone gets dumped for a crazy series of dives, leaving Tensai and Clay in the ring. Brodus badly messes up a suplex attempt, then misses a blind charge, allowing Tensai to eliminate him with a senton at 8:22. Gabriel attacks next and gets beat down, allowing Titus to get the abdominal stretch. Nice overhead fallaway slam sets up another senton from Tensai, for two. Another one misses and Gabriel pins him at 10:22. The Playaz haul Gabriel back to the corner and pound him, and Epico gets a butterfly suplex for two. Kidd comes back in and quickly gets taken to the floor by Primo, and back in for two. Kidd keeps getting cut off by the heels before coming back with a rollup on Titus at 13:50 to get rid of him. Young drags Kidd back to the heel corner to continue the very long heat segment, but Kidd wraps up Epico in the Sharpshooter. And he taps at 15:00. Well, he’s no Shawn Michaels. Primo goes up and Tyson dropkicks him coming down, and it’s finally hot tag Rey. Low kick on Primo gets two. Rey goes up and gets the flying senton to set up the 619, but Primo ducks it. Backstabber misses and Rey rolls him up at 17:30. So the cheese stands alone and Young goes quickly via everyone’s finishers at 18:23. Survivors: Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel. Fun opener, although it dragged a lot and the crowd didn’t really care. I’m glad to see that they continue to book Kidd & Gabriel like equals to the stars. **1/2 Meanwhile, someone in a blonde wig attacks Kaitlyn backstage, and it turns out to be Aksana. Can she even sneak up on someone without saxophone music playing? Divas title: Eve v. Kaitlyn Kaitlyn attacks and Eve runs away. After a couple of minutes of that thrilling open, Eve gets a cheapshot and gets two. Eve chokes her out in the corner and drops an elbow for two. She figure-fours the head in a kind of triangle choke, but Kaitlyn makes the ropes. Eve goes up and gets knocked to the floor, and now she’s running away again. Kaitlyn stands there making menacing faces before finally attacking with a shoulderblock and gutbuster for two. Eve runs away yet again and yanks Kaitlyn to the floor, and back in to finish with the neckbreaker at 7:00. Kaitlyn looked like an amateur out there, with no timing whatsoever. And the match was ridiculously long. DUD I’m tempted to bump it up to ½* because the replay shows Eve feeling up Kaityln while making the pin, but that would compromise the integrity of the system. US title: Antonio Cesaro v. R-Truth I don’t see this one waking up the crowd. Truth quickly gets a rollup for one, and then another one for two. Cesaro comes back with a headbutt and pounds away in the corner, then goes to a neckvice while JBL and Cole have a bizarre discussion about how JBL was tweeting in Russian with Cesaro. Cesaro with the double-stomp for two. And we go to the waistlock on the mat and now JBL and Cole are bickering about Cesaro’s fake rugby history. Gutwrench gets two. Uppercut gets two. And back to the waistlock, but Truth makes the comeback with a spinkick for two. Stunner gets two. Truth misses the axe kick and the NEUTRALIZER finishes at 6:55 to retain. Basic house show match. * AJ joins us to continue this stupid fucking storyline on a show I’m paying $55 for. So now she’s got her own evidence, and of course it’s a series of wacky Photoshopped pictures, a Vince McMahon favorite. And just as they’re about to fight or something, a repackaged Tamina Snuka (who is the daughter of Hall of Famer Jimmy Snuka, you know) attacks AJ and lays her out with the splash. What a waste of time. Meanwhile, Paul Heyman lets us know that Punk is now at #8 all time and will continue to be so after tonight. So let’s see, we’ve got Bruno, Backlund, Hogan, Morales and Bruno again as untouchables, but other than that he’s got a good shot at #6. He passes Hogan’s 1990 reign tonight, and he’ll pass 1998 Savage and 2006 John Cena by TLC, and then that’s as far as he’s going with it. World heavyweight title: Big Show v. Sheamus Slugfest to start, which Show wins easily. Sheamus clips the knee and ties him up in the ropes for some abuse. Sheamus goes up for the shoulderblock, but Show spears him on the way down and Sheamus ends up on the floor. Back in, Show pounds on the arm and slowly works him over, then cuts off a comeback and drops an elbow for two. Into the armbar, and a sideslam gets two. Sheamus fights back with a sleeper, but misses a charge and hits the post, allowing Show to hit the neckbreaker for two. Show goes up and Sheamus brings him down with an electric chair, and they slug it out as Sheamus makes the superginger comeback. Show catches the Brogue kick, so Sheamus hits him with White Noise for two. Show pulls the ref into the path of the Brogue Kick, and the medical crew immediately runs in to check on him. Geez, it’s just a referee, who cares? Sheamus goes to check on the ref, and Show knocks out Sheamus to retain at 14:51. However, another referee reverses the decision and Sheamus wins by DQ instead. Wow, that’s so much better. HHH would never let himself look like a dumbass that way. So now we get a THIRD match at TLC. ** Sheamus, sore winner, attacks Show with a chair and then lays him out with the Brogue kick while he’s on his knees begging for mercy. I stand corrected: Now THAT’S how HHH would book himself. Team Edward (Randy Orton, Kane, Daniel Bryan, The Miz & Kofi Kingston) v. Team Katniss (Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio, David Otunga, Damien Sandow & Wade Barrett) There’s an old saying in the wrestling business: If David Otunga can’t save this shitty PPV, it’s not worth saving. They still haven’t bothered to explain what the issue behind this match is, or why Miz is a babyface now. Kofi quickly rolls up Otunga for two and chases him out of the ring, then follows with a dive off the apron. Back in, that gets two. Bryan comes in as the crowd goes BATSHIT, but Otunga powerslams him and brings in Sandow. The ELBOW OF DISDAIN gets two. Bryan comes back with the corner dropkick and fires away with kicks, but Sandow bails. He tries to take a walk, but Kane sends him back in and finishes him with a chokeslam at 3:02. Bryan throws a tantrum, allowing Ziggler to hit Kane with the Zag Zag and pin him at 3:44. Orton comes in with the slingshot suplex on Ziggler for two, and Kofi gets a monkey flip for two. Bryan comes in and gets worked over by Barrett, missing the corner dropkick and ending up on the floor. Back in, that gets two. Otunga with a shoulderblock for two. Bryan quickly turns him into the No-Lock for the submission at 7:13. Del Rio comes in and hits the chinlock on Bryan, but gets dumped to the floor. Kofi comes in and runs wild on ADR with the Boomdrop and a crossbody for two. Barrett comes in with the Bossman slam and finishes with the elbow at 9:45. Over to Orton, who dropkicks Barrett for two. Suplex and kneedrop get two. Miz doesn’t want the tag, so Bryan comes in and wakes up the crowd again with a missile dropkick for two. Barrett dumps him, but Bryan comes back with a No-Lock on ADR, which is easily escaped. Del Rio with the enzuigiri and armbar at 12:35. So Mizzy Sue comes in for the first time and goes after Del Rio, and Orton stomps him down for two. Del Rio takes him down with an armbreaker and it’s over to Dolph with a chinlock, but Miz gets the hot tag and runs wild on Barrett. Barrett escapes the Finale, but a second try hits at 16:02. DDT on Del Rio gets two. ADR with a german suplex for two. He goes up and gets brought down by Miz, but recovers with the enzuigiri to finish at 17:15. So it’s Orton alone against Ziggler and Del Rio, and ADR quickly gets the enzuigiri for two. Ziggler with a neckbreaker for two. Del Rio goes up and Orton dropkicks him coming down and makes the comeback before getting distracted by Ricardo. Del Rio gets two off that while Foley beats up Ricardo, and heel miscommunication results in an RKO for Del Rio at 20:56. Ziggler blocks another RKO and gets the Zig Zag for two. Fameasser misses and Orton gets the draping DDT, but goes for the punt and walks into a superkick at 23:45 to give Ziggler the win. Holy crap, Ziggler won an important match cleanly! Once it got down to the final four it was pretty good, but it took a long-ass time to get there. **3/4 WWE title: CM Punk v. John Cena v. Ryback Punk runs away from both guys to start, but the babyfaces argue over who gets to beat him up. Ryback gets the honors and clotheslines him to the floor, giving us Ryback v. Cena. Cena quickly goes for the FU, but Ryback escapes and stomps him down in the corner. Punk comes back in with a suplex on Ryback, but it’s no-sold and Ryback gives him a fallaway slam to put him on the floor again. Cena grabs a headlock on Ryback as the fans alternate chants for Punk and Cena and totally ignore Ryback. Now Punk puts Cena on the floor and goes up with the flying axehandle on Ryback and a leg lariat to put him on the floor. Cena comes in with a rollup for two, but Punk gets a DDT for two. Punk with a Last Chancery, which has to be a wink at Aries, but Ryback breaks it up and then no-sells Cena’s backdrop suplex. Punk pulls Cena out and runs him into the stairs, then comes back in with a flying clothesline on Ryback for two before going to a chinlock. Ryback comes back with a spinebuster and the lariat, but Cena breaks up the Shellshock with the STF. Punk breaks that up with the flying elbow in a great visual, as you see him rising up the top rope from behind the move. Punk and Cena slug it out, but Ryback puts them both down and draws BOOS. This crowd is not drinking the Ryback Kool-Aid. Ryback tries to do something to both guys at once on the floor, but they beat him down and wisely team up to put him through a table and get rid of him. Back in, Cena makes the comeback with the FIVE MOVES OF DOOM, but Punk gets the GTS for two. Cena with the FU for two. Notice they get rid of Ryback and immediately the match is 1000% better. Punk throws the kicks, and fights off an STF attempt, but Cena blocks the bulldog and this time he hooks it. Ryback saves this time and dumps Cena, then hits Punk with the lariat and Shellshock gets two as Cena saves. Shellshock for Cena, and three guys run in from the crowd and destroy Ryback. It’s Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and someone else, all dressed in black. Punk pins the dead Cena to retain at 18:00. Kind of a crap finish, to say the least. Match was decent with Punk and Cena at the end, but the Ryback stuff was SO clunky that it dragged the rest down a lot. *** And it’s about time they did something with Rollins and Ambrose, although I don’t know if Nexus v2 is what’s going to get them over. The Pulse A horribly bland and dull show with a bunch of mediocre matches and predictable finishes means this is not worth your $55 by a long shot. Wait for the recap on RAW and move on with your life. Thumbs down.

NXT – November 14, 2012

Date: November 14, 2012
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Luftman

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

have a world title match scheduled now and we have to get to that
match, which may be tonight. They weren’t really clear when the match
would be going on but tonight would be a bit soon I’d think. Other than
that we’ve got Vickie holding a bounty over Big E. Langston’s head,
which is good as he needs a story of some kind. I’ve been loving NXT for
the last few weeks so hopefully it stays this good. Let’s get to it.

is in the back to open the show and talks about how awesome he is. Bo
Dallas is called a nobody and comes up to challenge Mahal to a fight.
Dallas says since he’s so easy to beat, put up the title shot. Mahal:
“Why would I do that?” Dallas: “Why not?” Apparently it’s on and the
title match isn’t tonight.
Ascension vs. Yoshi Tatsu/Percy Watson
would be a good place for Tatsu to remind people what he’s capable of.
Cameron and Watson start things off but it’s quickly off to a now nearly
bald O’Brien. Ascension does their very fast tagging with the quick
striking offense ala Demolition. Conor puts on a hard headlock to keep
Watson down even longer. Watson finally escapes and it’s off to Tatsu
vs. Cameron as things speed up. Ascension turns up the awesome and hits
the Fall of Man (Total Elimination) for the pin on Tatsu at 2:54. Total
squash and Ascension looked great.
Aksana and Layla have one of those stupid Divas moments in the back about Layla’s hair looking bad.
Corey Graves vs. Oliver Gray
fight over an arm hold to start as we hear about Gray being a former
lumberjack. So he made his living filling in a spot around the ring for a
match no one wanted to see? How do I get that job? Graves works on the
knee as the fans cheer for him, despite him seeming to be a heel. JR
gets Tony’s name wrong (Tom) as Graves stays on the knee. Off to an
Indian Deathlock by Graves as we go back to the 1970s. Graves hooks a
cool looking rolling leg lock for the tap out at 4:13.
Rating: C-.
Not much to see here but Graves looked good which is what NXT has been
good at lately. They’ve built up a few guys and it’s hard to say who is
better than whom. In something I can’t say about WWE or TNA at the
moment, I buy this show as having a chance at not screwing this up. Good
squash here.
Video on Big E. Langston
Langston for a special interview. SWEET this should be good. He talks
about how he’s worried about Vickie’s bounty. Worried for the other
people that is, because the E stands for their end. Langston has five
reasons why he’s awesome but Camacho jumps him from behind. He hits
Langston once then holds up five fingers.
Layla vs. Aksana
quick rollup gets two for the British chick (Layla) but Aksana MESSES
WITH THE HAIR!!! Aksana puts her down and crawls along the apron for no
apparent reason. A baseball slide puts Aksana on the floor and a few
rollups get two each for Layla. Layla gets pulled off the middle rope
and pounded on a bit and it’s off to a triangle choke from Aksana. That
goes nowhere so they get into a modified catfight. Aksana takes over and
does the slow sexy crawl again which lets Layla make her comeback with
clotheslines (arms to the chest according to Tony. He’s trying at least)
and a high kick for the pin for Layla at 5:21.
Rating: D+.
This wasn’t horrible but at the end of the day, Aksana just isn’t that
good. Layla is one of the fun Divas and there’s nothing wrong with that
at all, but it kind of limits where she can go. Aksana tries out there
and there’s nothing bad about that sexy crawl, but the whole idea of
them fighting over hair and then having a not very good match isn’t
going to help shake the stigma this division has.
go to a field with Bray Wyatt, talking about how he’s a monster and
he’s never told us a lie. He’s been around for centuries and has been
worshiped by every civilization and if you want to find the sign of him,
follow the buzzards in the sky. I have no idea what he’s talking about,
but the delivery is so awesome it’s hard not to stop and watch him,
which is what promos are supposed to be about.
Roman Reigns vs. Chase Donovan
throws him into the corner to start and hooks a cravate. JR calls
Reigns the LeBron James of the WWE. That’s a bit of a stretch I’d think
but JR hasn’t cared in years so why should I? A spinebuster puts Donovan
down and it’s off to a nerve hold. Reigns lets that go, roars a lot,
and hits the belly to back slam for the pin at 2:41.
makes Byron Saxton announce him as the Thoroughbred Roman Reigns twice
because he wasn’t happy with just being announced as the winner.
Jinder Mahal vs. Bo Dallas
winner gets the shot at Rollins. Feeling out process is won by Mahal
and it’s off to a top wristlock. Dallas hooks a headlock and they slow
things down a lot. They’re using the formula usually reserved for the
long and big matches even though there isn’t a ton of time left here.
Dallas sends Mahal into the corner but misses a dropkick. Mahal’s camel
clutch doesn’t work so Jinder hits the floor as we hit a break.
with Dallas hammering away in the corner but getting caught by a
running knee in the face for two. Off to a double arm trap hold by Mahal
which goes on for a good while until Dallas flips him over for two.
Backslide gets two for Dallas so Mahal kicks him in the head a few
times. A knee to the ribs gets two and Dallas is in trouble. Dallas gets
knocked to the apron but he comes back with a kick to the head and a
slingshot clothesline for two. Dallas misses a charge into the buckle
and there’s the camel clutch for the tap at 9:03 shown of 12:33.
Rating: C.
This wasn’t that interesting of a match. They started off slowly and
usually once the break is over, things would pick up but in this case it
never got into a higher gear. Dallas is a guy that gets a good reaction
but he just isn’t that good in the ring. Mahal isn’t bad as a heel but
he doesn’t really have much of a character other than he’s Indian and
rich. Granted this is before 3MB started so that’s a moot point.
Mahal attacks Dallas post match but Rollins makes the save to end the show.
Overall Rating: C.
This was one of those shows that only kind of worked. The stuff on it
that was good was good but the stuff on it that was dull was quite dull.
The main event didn’t work that well at all but they had to have
something to fill in the time before the title match. I liked Graves and
the Ascension stuff and the Wyatt promo as well, but I’m not sold yet
on Reigns. The character development here is light years ahead of WWE
and TNA at the moment though.
Ascension b. Yoshi Tatsu/Percy Watson – Fall of Man to Tatsu
Corey Graves b. Oliver Gray – Rolling Leg Lock
Layla b. Aksana – High Kick
Roman Reigns b. Chase Donovan – Belly to Back Slam
Jinder Mahal b. Bo Dallas – Camel Clutch
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Fwd: 2012 Scott Sez

Good evening,

Hope all is well. Have been keeping up with your work since the late 90s – have been very much enjoying the Scott Sez series this past year.

Ran across this ( while browsing (I was reading Lucy Punch's Wiki page, which noted that she was in an episode of TNT's Robin Hood. That page actually has a link to that – small world) and thought it might make an interesting topic for a Scott Sez, or just general discussion. It was nice running across it either way – haven't seen it since I was about 15 years old.


I know that's my namesake document, but there's SO much wrong with it.  It was written with the intention of finally updating and expanding the ancient (92-93 era) Frequently Asked Questions list for RSPW (thus why I'm always rspwfaq, get it?) and I went a bit overboard with the opinionizing.  My first draft was described to me as "The Wrestling World According to Scott Keith" and I toned it WAY down from that, so keep that in mind.  Plus I basically wrote it over the course of a weekend.  If I even had Wikipedia around back then I'd have done it a lot differently.  

NXT – November 7, 2012

Date: November 8, 2012
Location: Full Sail
University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: William
Regal, Tony Luftman, Byron Saxton
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
Tonight the focus of
the show is on the fourway between Mahal, Dallas, Gabriel and
McIntyre with the winner getting a shot at the NXT Title I believe
next week. However that’s not the most interesting thing we might
see tonight. More importantly: will Big E. Langston get to talk
about the number five anymore? That’s what I want to hear more than
anything else. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of
the announcement of the fourway last week.
Theme song.
Kassius Ohno vs.
Trent Barreta
This is a rematch from
two weeks ago where Richie Steamboat cost Ohno the match. Trent
chops away to start and Kassius hides on the apron. Barreta tries a
sunset powerbomb to the floor but Ohno kicks him in the head to
escape. Back in and it’s a dragon sleeper by Ohno which is treated
like any other hold here. Regal says Trent enjoys pain because it
makes him feel alive. Well I guess it would.
Trent’s enziguri is
blocked and Ohno gets two off a rollup. Barreta gets the same off a
tornado DDT and Ohno is staggered. They trade elbows before Kassius
kicks Trent in the face for two. Kassius puts Trent on top, only to
be shoved off and caught by a missile dropkick. Trent loads up the
running knee but Kassius ducks to the floor. Back in and the
spinning elbow to the head gets the pin for Kassius at 6:08.
Rating: C-.
I’m not sure what it was but this didn’t work too well. The
chemistry didn’t work here as it was like they were just trading
moves while building to nothing. It wasn’t terrible or even bad but
it felt more like a collection of spots instead of a flowing match if
that makes any sense.
Post match Trent ducks
another elbow and dropkicks Ohno.
Cory Graves talks about
how his tattoos tell his story and says come and read them.
Big E. Langston vs.
Memo Montenegro
Langston starts a FIVE
chant before shoving Memo down to the mat. A big clothesline kills
Memo and the slam drop gets the pin for Langston at 1:00.
Langston does the drop
again and counts five himself to a big pop. It’s remarkable how such
a simple idea can get so over. The fans DEMAND he does it again but
they get Vickie on the screen instead. She’s issues a five thousand
dollar bounty on him and promises to laugh last. Langston is annoyed
and goes to drop Memo again, but some guy named Chad Baxter jumps
Langston. You can figure out what comes next yourselves.
Jason Jordan is in the
ring for a match but HE’S BACK!!! AND HE’S GOT A MIC! Bray Wyatt I
mean, as in the former Husky Harris who is now doing a freaky gimmick
that seems to be inspired by the villain from Cape Fear. He says
that he’s back with his wings healed, then he says something in some
other language. Wyatt talks about taking us to the top of a mountain
so we can watch everything turn to ash and then fly away. Jordan
wants to fight right now but Wyatt says he’s a monster that is never
alone. An even scarier looking guy comes to the ring to fight Jordan
for him.
??? vs. Jason Jordan
The guy who isn’t named
yet is played by former indy guy Brodie Lee, a pretty tall guy who I
think had a truck driver gimmick. Regal thinks Lee (who isn’t named
here mind you but it’s the only think I know to call him) just came
out of a swamp. He kills Jordan with HARD punches and a big
clothesline gets two. Lee misses a big boot in the corner so Jordan
goes for the knee. That goes well for about eight seconds before Lee
DESTROYS him with a Boss Man Slam for the pin at 2:18.
Wyatt says that this is
the first son of the Wyatt Family and his name is Luke Harper. This
was awesome.
Roman Reigns comes out
for an interview but says he doesn’t need Saxton for this. Reigns
says he’s sure people are doing better now that Saxton is gone and
he’s here. He says that when you’re the man like he is, all you have
to do is get up. Whether you’re with him or against him, it’s
irrelevant because everyone wants to be Roman Reigns. What he said
was fine, but he sounded scared to be talking. He’s got to work on
that for a gimmick like this.
Justin Gabriel vs.
Drew McIntyre vs. Jinder Mahal vs. Bo Dallas
The winner gets a title
shot at some point in the future and this is under elimination rules
with no tagging. Drew and Gabriel fight in one corner while Dallas
and Mahal do so in another. The heels both get knocked to the floor
and Dallas hits a baseball slide to take McIntyre out. Gabriel dives
onto all three guys as we take a break. Back with Mahal suplexing
Dallas for two. Jinder and Drew tease a fight but instead they both
stomp on Dallas.
McIntyre kicks Mahal
down as the South African cross bodies the Scotsman who kicked the
Indian in the head after beating up the American. JR’s words, not
mine. Gabriel hits an STO on Dallas and knocks him to the floor. A
spinning sitout powerbomb puts Mahal down and there’s the 450, but
Gabriel hurt himself in the process. Drew dumps Justin to the floor
but Dallas spears McIntyre down for the elimination. He also spears
a diving Gabriel out of the air and we’re down to one on one with
Dallas vs. Mahal.
We take another break
and come back with Dallas knocking Mahal down and screaming a lot.
We head to the floor and Dallas gets sent into the steps to give
Mahal control. The title match is indeed next week. Mahal drops a
bunch of knees for two which frustrates him. A jumping knee to the
head gets the same result, as does a full nelson slam. Dallas breaks
up what appeared to be a Rock Bottom and hits a powerslam to put
Mahal down. The spear misses though and the camel clutch gives Mahal
the win at 8:26 shown of 15:26.
Rating: B-.
This was pretty entertaining and while I’m not crazy about Mahal
getting another shot, it’s only his second so it hasn’t been driven
into the ground yet. Having four guys in there was a fine idea and
they didn’t feel like they were just filling in spots, which is a
good thing. Fine main event here and it sets up something later,
which is even more important.
Post match Dallas is
put in the Clutch again but Rollins makes the save. Seth gets beaten
down too and a staredown between he and Mahal ends the show.
Overall Rating: B+.
This was an awesome show overall with the highlight being the return
of Wyatt, who might have the best gimmick in wrestling today. The
cool part about that is you can’t really put your finger on what it
is, which is what makes monsters creepy. They’re unknown, which can
be quite frightening. I’m digging NXT a lot right now as it comes
off like a full on promotion where the gimmicks don’t overlap and you
really don’t know if one person could beat another. That’s never the
case in WWE where it’s easy to tell who is going to win most matches
and feuds. Great show this week.
Ohno b. Trent Barreta – OBE
E. Langston b. Memo Montenegro – Slam Drop
Harper b. Jason Jordan – Spinning Boss Man Slam
Mahal b. Justin Gabriel, Bo Dallas and Drew McIntyre – Camel clutch
to Dallas
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Observer Hall of Fame 2012!

…kinda sucks.

John Cena, Hans Schmidt, Mick McManus, Gus Sonnenburg, Captain Lou Albano and announcer Alfonso Morales.  Cena was a shoo-in, Albano should have been in there already, and the rest are pretty whatever to me. Big Daddy didn't even get close after all the hysteria from his supporters, Sting is still stuck at 38%, Edge wasn't even close in the year where you'd think it would be his best shot.  Rock N Roll Express and Bill Apter are still creeping up and hopefully one or either gets in soon.
So there you go.

Smackdown – November 6, 2012

November 6, 2012
LG Arena, Birmingham, England
Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
is one of those cockamamie live Smackdowns that almost no one watches
because there’s no reason to care about Smackdown. The main event
for tonight is Del Rio vs. Orton, because we need it hammered into
our heads that we wasted our time watching the three Barrett vs.
Orton matches. Other than that there’s nothing announced for this
week. Let’s get to it.

open with a recap from last night with the Survivor Series
elimination match being shifted around.
Sheamus in the ring to open things up. Apparently there was an
incident in a pub last night and we’ve got footage of it. It shows
Regal, Sheamus and Big Show in a pub and a brawl breaks out. Show
destroys Sheamus using various furniture. Back in the arena, Sheamus
tells Cole to get out of the ring. He doesn’t respect Show because
of Regal getting attacked in the pub, so Sheamus wants to fight right
now. Not for the title, but just to fight.
Show pops up on screen and calls Sheamus an ungrateful ginger. Show
held back in the pub but at Survivor Series Show is going to go at
Sheamus full speed. Sheamus calls him out again but here’s Barrett
instead. Barrett says that Sheamus already has to face him on Main
Event so don’t even worry about Big Show tonight. Sweet goodness
just make the tag match already. Sheamus calls him to the ring again
but Barrett leaves.
is in the back post match and Booker makes the tag match. Why do
they bother having these ten minute openings when that’s the match
announced every time? Seriously, that’s good TV time being totally
wasted on pandering when you know the outcome the second the names
are mentioned. It’s Sheamus/Regal vs. Show/Barrett if that’s not
Title: The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston
is defending. Now remember: Miz has lost three straight times to Kofi
but he got a pin in a tag match. That pin after a Show punch was
apparently enough to convince Booker to give us this match. The
first thing said during this match is that Kofi has Miz’s number.
They’re not even hiding that there’s no reason to believe Miz can win
here. The ropes seem extra loose here for some reason.
a headlock by the champion he hits a monkey flip and clothesline to
put Miz on the floor. A baseball slide misses for Kofi and Miz puts
him on the barricade. Kofi is fine with that and walks the barricade
like Jeff Hardy used to do, hitting a clothesline to take Miz down.
Back in and Miz drops Kofi out of the corner and might have hurt the
champ’s knee. We take a break and come back with Miz getting two off
something we didn’t see.
holds onto the ankle in a hold that really doesn’t look like it
hurts. During the break Miz dropped Lofi’s knee on the steps and
back live a dropkick to said knee gets two. Miz hooks a weird kind
of standing Figure Four before going to the mat with a generic leg
lock. Kofi’s solution? Kick him in the face. Why overcomplicate
things? Kofi fights back and hits the Boom Drop but Trouble in
Paradise is countered. The Finale is countered into a series of
rollups before Miz hooks a half crab. Kofi goes up again but gets
crotched. Miz’s superplex attempt is blocked and Kofi hits a top
rope cross body to retain at 11:29.
We get it: Kofi can beat Miz. Now why did we need to see this for a
fourth time? I’ve heard the plan is to move Miz to the main event
again, so the solution is to have him lose FOUR TIMES? The lack of
drama hurts this, as the announcers kept harping on the 3-0 that Kofi
has been since this feud started. Not a bad match but it was beating
a dead horse.
match Miz offers a handshake (you read that right) but Kofi dropkicks
him to the floor. Jerk.
Time Players vs. Sin Cara/Rey Mysterio
vs. Cara to start with Darren taking control. Titus adds his power
stuff before it’s back to Young with a cravate. Titus breaks up a
hot tag for a second before an enziguri from Cara lets him tag
Mysterio. Rey speeds things up and ranas Titus into 619 position,
only to have Darren break it up. Titus grabs a charging Rey and hits
the Clash of the Titus for the pin at 3:13.
At least with this feud that keeps going the teams are alternating
wins. Titus and Young have charisma to them where they’re fun to
watch. Mysterio and Cara are going to be popular no matter what they
do, so there’s nothing for them to lose here. This was short but it
was competitive enough to not be terrible.
match Striker tries to interview the Players, but the Players
interview themselves with every answer being millions of dollars.
They make Striker say it too but he’s not so enthusiastic. They try
to get Striker to do the millions of dollars dance but he gets
whistled at for having no rhythm and a bad mustache. The Players do
the dance instead.
this is being written, Linda McMahon has officially lost her race in
the Senate.
recap the Cena/AJ/Vickie stuff from last night and by recap, I mean
show the whole thing. We’re going to get MORE footage on Raw. Good
and Teddy talk about the tag match tonight with Teddy saying that he
made a lot of tag matches too. This turns into Booker implying Teddy
is sucking up to him. Oh wait Booker is just kidding.
Show/Wade Barrett vs. William Regal/Sheamus
the break, we look at the video from earlier again in case someone
forgot it. BIG pop for Regal. Sheamus chases the heels to the floor
before the match starts and we stall a lot. Show wants to start with
Regal but both guys tag to bring in Barrett vs. Sheamus. It’s their
usual power brawling stuff to start with Sheamus finally getting two
off a clothesline. Off to Regal in his one piece women’s swimsuit
for his usual hard stuff to Barrett’s chest. Sheamus hits the
slingshot shoulder for two.
yells at the referee a lot and it’s back to Regal, who gets a pop on
his second tag instead of the first. Regal gets his legs swept out
from under him and Big Show comes in to pound him down. The heels
double team the home country guy but Regal keeps fighting back. Show
shoulders him right back down and puts on a nerve hold as we take a
break. Back with Barrett still working over Regal before bringing
Show back in.
works on Regal’s arm and Regal yells a lot while having an EVIL look
on his face. I think JBL said that the Souvenir has been changed to
the Bull Hammer now. I wouldn’t be complaining about the name
change. Barrett hooks a front facelock but Regal shakes him off.
That and a forearm to Barrett’s face are enough to make the tag to
Sheamus who fires off a bunch of ax handles to drop Show. The top
rope shoulder looks to set up the Brogue Kick but a Barrett
distraction allows Show to spear Sheamus down. Off to Regal who
fires on Show with everything he’s got, but the WMD knocks him silly
for the pin at about 14:00.
This was your standard main event tag match for the hometown
audience. I’m kind of glad they didn’t have Regal get a win over
either of these guys because it would have been silly to have a guy
never on the show get a win over a top guy. If this were a house
show it would have been fine but on TV Regal losing was the right
recap the food fight last week with Orton and Del Rio.
Rio doesn’t have much to say but Rosa wishes him luck.
get the Brad Maddox segment from Raw. This one is clipped though.
says he’s crazy and doesn’t mind being called names by Del Rio.
Del Rio vs. Randy Orton
is falls count anywhere and anything goes, since I guess Hardcore is
on the not cool list of terms now. We come back from a break but
WAIT, before the match we have to look at some SyFy show to fill in
more time so we don’t have a 25 minute main event. Here’s Alberto,
but here’s ANOTHER recap before the bell can ring. If anything goes
here, why doesn’t Ricardo come in and help Alberto?
hands Del Rio a chair but Orton knocks it away from Alberto. The
chair gets wedged between the top and middle rope in the corner but
Orton dropkicks Del Rio to the floor. Alberto sends him into the
barricade and has to escape the Elevated DDT. They head into the
crowd with Randy giving chase. Del Rio whips him into some big metal
cases. They head into the concourse and we take a break.
with the brawl continuing in the back before they head into the arena
again. Del Rio drapes him over a barricade and hits a knee lift for
two. They fight back up the steps with Orton pounding him in the
head. A cameraman goes down as we go to a flat area where Del Rio
hits a superkick and a chair shot for two. We take another break and
come back with Del Rio having steps placed in the ring. Orton fights
back and they go to the floor by the stage where Orton backdrops Del
Rio from the floor to the ramp for two.
tries to choke Randy a bit and is immediately shrugged off. Orton
throws Ricardo into the British phone booth on the stage and pounds
on him a bit. It’s about time some of those props up there were
used. Orton hits the clotheslines back in the ring and sends Del Rio
into the chair that Alberto set up earlier. Del Rio sends Orton to
the apron but Orton comes back with a headbutt.
a table set up at ringside but Orton can’t suplex Bertie through it.
Instead Alberto hits an enzugri to send Randy through it VERY slowly.
That gets two on the floor and Alberto grabs a mic. He says he’s
the new Apex Predator of the WWE and there’s the armbreaker.
Apparently rope breaks don’t count here (yet they count in the Cell I
believe) so Orton has to hit Del Rio in the head with the mic to
escape. Alberto sends him shoulder first into the post and pulls the
steps into position. Del Rio tries an Elevated DDT onto those steps
but Randy escapes and it’s the RKO onto the steps for the pin at
For a main event on free TV, this was a solid hardcore match. Does
Orton ever lose matches with rules like this one had? They beat on
each other really well with Orton getting the better of it for the
most part, but Alberto didn’t look bad at all. Hopefully this ends
the feud like traditional storytelling would dictate.
line to close the show: “Who is the Apex Predator of the WWE?”
in a brutal match but we’re still not sure? And they wonder why no
one is interested in their stories anymore.
The main event was good but the rest of the show was only ok. Te
real problem here is that Smackdown adds absolutely nothing to WWE
anymore. It’s a lot of matches you different versions of on Raw and
a big tag match that doesn’t mean anything outside of England. On
top of that you get long recaps from Raw and that’s it. Seriously,
what else is there on Smackdown? Oh there’s that wacky Teddy and
Booker bantering.
show is worthless anymore and the rating is going to bomb with the
election being tight at the moment. But hey, when you have a ton of
bad stuff on Raw, the solution is to just air it again right?
Tonight’s episode did not need to be on Tuesday and it’s not going to
mean anything, as these feuds are the same ones you get on Raw. Why
the WWE thinks people want to see them again on Tuesday/Friday is
beyond me, but what do I know?
Kingston b. The Miz – Cross Body
Time Players b. Sin Cara/Rey Mysterio – Clash of the Titus to Rey
Show/Wade Barrett b. Sheamus/William Regal – WMD to Regal
Orton b. Alberto Del Rio – RKO onto steel steps

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Smackdown – November 2, 2012

November 2, 2012
Crown Coliseum, Fayetteville, North Carolina
Josh Matthews, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
in the Big Show Era here and for the life of me I’m not entirely sure
why. Sheamus was doing ok as champion (other than the three months
that Del Rio sucked the life out of him) so they put the title on Big
Show of all people? At least the match was good though so that helps
a bit. Other than that we’re going to have to speed through the
build to Survivor Series in three weeks. Let’s get to it.

start with a kind of commercial for the show, talking about what
we’re going to see. Most of it is related to Raw of course, because
being bored by that stuff on Monday isn’t enough anymore.
open with MizTV and Miz talks about Ryback a bit before moving on to
Sheamus getting knocked out. Sheamus is the guest tonight and as he
comes to the ring, we see another clip from Raw of Sheamus hitting
White Noise on Big Show. Miz asks Sheamus about being a loser, but
Sheamus asks him about losing to Kofi on Sunday. Miz says the
difference between the two of them is that he can beat Kofi and will
do it again to get back the IC Title. Sheamus agrees that he’s never
beaten Big Show but he’s not going to hide.
cuts him off and says he doesn’t want to hear cliched stock answers.
See, it’s Miz that can be blamed for Sheamus losing the title. He
won the match at Wrestlemania that got Johnny Ace power, which led to
Show getting his job back, which led to Show’s change in attitude,
which led to Show winning the title. Sheamus: “So it’s you whose
head I should be kicking off?” Miz backs off and says he’ll win
his title back from Kofi.
Miz can say his catchphrase, here’s Kofi. Kofi says Miz hasn’t been
on the Real World in awhile, but apparently Kofi has kicked the sense
out of Miz, because Miz can’t beat him. Miz says he’ll beat Kofi at
Survivor Series, but here’s Big Show for another interruption. He
isn’t happy with Miz taking credit for Show’s victory, so he’s siding
with Kofi in saying there’s something wrong with Miz. Why is Sheamus
getting interviewed instead of the new champion? Why ask Sheamus
what it’s like to get knocked out when you can ask Show what it’s
like to knock him out.
asks him just that but as Show starts talking about euphoria, Sheamus
cuts him off and asks what it felt like to take White Noise on
Monday. Show laughs it off and says no rematch at Survivor Series.
Miz tries to jump Kofi and is immediately knocked to the floor. I’m
pretty sure you can figure out the main event already.
a break, Big Show is in the back and runs into Booker who makes the
tag match with the four guys in the opening segment.
Cara vs. Darren Young
start fast and Cara spins Young around with a rana and armdrag off
the middle rope. Darren wisely slows things down and hits a
neckbreaker for two. Off to a chinlock but Cara fights up and grabs
a small package for two. Back to the chinlock by Darren which
doesn’t work again as Sin fights up and hits a middle rope dropkick
to take over. A jumping back elbow gets two for the dude in the mask
but Young knees him in the ribs to put Cara right back down. The
gutbuster gets the pin for Young at 3:37.
D+. Not bad here but the time
hurts it. It’s nice to see these guys doing something other than
having the same tag match over and over again as it’ll keep the feud
somewhat fresher. I’m still amazed by how much better Young and
O’Neil are than when they were on NXT, just by doing some stupid
match Titus starts blowing on a whistle and talks about beating on a
pinata in the ring. Those little dogs tried to get in the ring with
some big dogs and Titus is going to give another little dog that
chance. He calls out Mysterio and we’re getting another match.
Before we get to that, quick sidebar about something Titus said:
regarding pinatas, is there a more bizarre tradition ever for
children? “Here son, here’s your favorite cartoon. NOW BEAT HIM
Mysterio vs. Titus O’Neil
get the bell after a break and Rey fires off kicks to the leg. Titus
gets in a single shot to knock Rey down and the beating begins. A
slam gets two for Titus and it’s time to stand around. O’Neil misses
a running boot to Rey who was against the ropes. The partners fight
on the floor as Titus catches the 619. He takes Rey to the corner
and gets down in a three point stance, only to hit the middle buckle,
allowing Rey to roll him up for the pin at 2:55.
and Rey do the Players’ dance on the stage.
get a recap video from the end of the PPV with Maddox hitting Ryback
low to give Punk the pin, followed by the Shell Shock on top of the
will be on Raw on Monday.
get the full ending segment from Raw, starting with Heyman
introducing Miz as Punk’s first team member.
and Booker are in the back and Teddy thinks there’s going to be
mutiny in the Raw locker room. Natalya comes in and wants to be the
assistant since Eve is on the European tour. Otunga comes in and
says he’ll do anything Booker needs. Booker says he needs Otunga to
compete against a returning superstar. Otunga says ok but Booker
says it’s Great Khali. Otunga spits his coffee on Nattie. After an
insult from Otunga, more coffee goes flying at Teddy. This was
supposed to be comedy I believe.
Barrett vs. Randy Orton
Rio is on commentary. While Orton is doing his pose on the ropes,
Del Rio tries to run in and jump him, only to get knocked right to
the floor. Ricardo rams Orton into the post and a double beatdown
ensues as we take a break. Back and the scheduled match is in
progress with Orton clotheslining Barrett to the floor. They head
back in with Barrett taking Orton down upon reentry.
chokes away on the middle rope and does the same on the top rope so
it doesn’t feel left out. There’s the running big boot while Orton
is sitting on the middle rope, knocking him back to the floor. After
ramming Randy into the steps a few times, it’s back inside for ye
olde chinlock. Orton tries a comeback with a belly to back suplex
but immediately after taking Barrett down with it, Wade kicks him in
the ribs to slow Randy back down.
slug it out and Orton takes over, which even Josh thinks is very
surprising given that Barrett is a bareknuckle fighter. Barrett
comes back with a kick to the face and a middle rope elbow for two.
Back to the reverse chinlock followed by Barrett slamming him down.
Wade goes up for another elbow but Orton crotches him and hits a
superplex to put both guys down. Orton busts out some clotheslines
and the powerslam followed by the Elevated DDT. Before the RKO can
be loaded up, Del Rio shows up on the stage. Orton has to knock
Ricardo to the floor and Wade gets a rollup win at 8:43 shown.
C+. The match was pretty good
here but I’d like for Barrett to be more than a prop in someone
else’s feud, which is all he is anymore. These two have fought three
times now and have alternated wins every time. It’s hard to get
behind either guy, especially when Barrett isn’t even getting any of
the focus. Has he even gotten an entrance in any of the matches?
get the segment from Raw of everyone talking about breast cancer and
a clipped down version of Cena presenting the million dollar check to
the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
asks Alberto why he keeps tormenting Orton. Orton comes up from
behind and they brawl. They head to the catering table and Orton
throws hot coffee on Ricardo. Once Alberto is down, Randy pours what
looks like barbecue sauce on Rodriguez as well. Alberto gets thrown
over a table. The desserts are spared and when Del Rio runs away,
Striker tries to talk to Randy, earning him a trip into a cake. When
did Striker become the whipping boy of Smackdown?
Khali vs. David Otunga
recently had to have some kind of surgery on his brain so it’s a good
thing to see him back. During Otunga’s entrance, we actually recap
the scene that set this match up. Teddy and Nattie having coffee
spat on them deserved a recap? Seriously? Otunga takes him down but
Khali chops him from his knees. More chopping in the corner follows
and Natalya is watching in the back. Khali misses a boot but comes
back with the big chop for the pin at 1:35.
break Natalya thanks Khali for beating up Otunga. They shake hands
and Nattie thinks his hands are big. Ok then.
vs. Justin Gabriel
out process to start and Truth starts gyrating. Gabriel avoids a
shot of his own and gyrates a bit as well. Truth hits the spinning
forearm for two but Gabriel dropkicks him down and kicks away a bit.
Off to a chinlock by Justin as JBL is talking about Shawn Michaels.
A spin kick puts Truth down and since it worked so well the first
time, Justin does it again. Gabriel tries a springboard I’m assuming
clothesline but Truth ducks out of the way and hits Little Jimmy for
the pin at 3:23.
D+. Wasn’t Gabriel supposed to
get a push? Now he’s losing to R-Truth clean of all people? This
was a rather random match between two faces with no tease of either
guy turning or anything. This whole show has felt like it doesn’t
need to exist and this is another match that would fit on the same
list. It wasn’t bad or anything though.
recap from Raw, this time about the AJ/Vickie/Cena/Ziggler segment.
You know, WWE’s PG version of TNA’s horrible Clair Lynch story.
tells Miz to follow his lead tonight because Show is in charge out
recap Alberto and Ricardo costing Orton the match earlier as well as
the brawl. Next week on the live Smackdown (as in taped earlier in
the day) it’s Del Rio vs. Orton in a falls count anywhere match. In
other words, the Barret matches meant nothing at all.
Kingston vs. Big Show/The Miz
Sheamus’ entrance, we get I believe the sixth video from Raw of the
night, this one being Sheamus hitting White Noise on Show. Didn’t we
see that already? Miz and Show keep changing places to decide who
faces Sheamus. It’s eventually Miz with Sheamus hammering away to
start in the corner. I’m so used to calling Sheamus the champ but I
can’t do that anymore, so it’s just Sheamus working on the arm.
to Kofi who comes in off the top with a shot to the arm, only to be
clotheslined down by Miz. Kofi hits the same move to knock Miz to
the floor, followed by a suicide dive to take over. Show and Sheamus
stare at each other on the floor as well and we take a break. Back
with Show slamming Kofi down before doing some amateur stuff (yes you
read that right) to take Kofi to the mat.
side slam puts Kofi down for the third time and Show keeps looking
over at Sheamus. Off to Miz to work on the downed Kofi. A knee drop
gets two and Miz puts on a reverse chinlock which doesn’t last long.
Kofi tries to dive over Miz to get to Sheamus but the right route is
apparently going through the legs instead. Sheamus gets the hot tag
and destroys Miz, hitting a powerslam and the ten forearms in the
ropes. The Regal Roll takes Miz down and it’s off to Kofi for his
top rope cross body. Show gets knocked off the apron but as Kofi
pounds on Miz in the corner, Show knocks him cold, giving Miz the pin
at 6:42 shown of 10:12.
C-. Standard main event tag
match here that wasn’t anything great. Thankfully Show didn’t lose
in his first match as champion and Miz FINALLY pins Kofi to give us a
reason to care about a fourth match between them. Other than that
though, this was a pretty dull match with nothing significant
happening at all.
poses over Kofi post match and Sheamus kicks his head off. Well he
was too busy yelling at the referee while Show punched Kofi so he had
to do something good here.
D-. This is officially
a Raw supplemental show. They recapped EVERYTHING that happened on
Raw and nothing here was anything new. Between meaningless matches
(Gabriel vs. Truth and Khali vs. Otunga) and the same match we’ve
seen on the last two TV shows which apparently is just to set up Del
Rio vs. Orton again, what’s the point in watching Smackdown anymore?
I certainly can’t think of why anybody would sit through this.
Young b. Sin Cara – Double Knee Gutbuster
Mysterio b. Titus O’Neil – Rollup
Barrett b. Randy Orton – Rollup
Khali b. David Otunga – Chop
b. Justin Gabriel – Little Jimmy
Show/The Miz b. Kofi Kingston/Sheamus – Miz pinned Kingston after a
WMD from Big Show
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NXT – October 31, 2012

October 31, 2012
Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
William Regal, Tony Luftman
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
Halloween and we’re coming off a pretty good show last week. I’m
hoping to see more of that Bronson guy as his debut last week
impressed me. Other than that I’m hoping we don’t see more of Slater
vs. Rollins as the match last week wasn’t anything interesting. We
should be getting close to the time when Bray Wyatt comes back too.
Let’s get to it.

vs. Johnny Curtis/Michael McGillicutty
a different ring announcer this week who doesn’t sound very confident
in her abilities. I don’t know why the Usos can’t get on the main
shows. They’ve got experience and a decent enough gimmick, so why
can’t they get a spot? Curtis seems to want to pose instead of get
ready and McGillicutty is getting annoyed at him before the bell.
McGillicutty and Jey start things off with Jey no selling a smash
into the buckle. It’s nice to see some stereotypes being followed in
modern times.
to Curtis who starts dancing. Jey punches him in the face and brings
in Jimmy to work on the arm. McGillicutty breaks up an O’Connor Roll
before yelling at Curtis some more about messing around. Off to
Curtis for a double clothesline to the back of Jimmy’s head which
gets two. It might have been three if Johnny wasn’t gyrating while
covering. Back to McGillicutty who whips Jimmy into the corner but
misses a splash. There’s the hot tag to Jey who cleans house and
hits a Bubba Bomb on Michael, followed by a Samoan Drop. Jimmy
finishes McGillicutty with a Superfly Splash at 4:17.
C-. I like three of the people
in this match and I like that they’re trying something with Curtis,
but the guy just isn’t that good or interesting at all. I’ve heard
they’re giving him a new gimmick on the main shows which at least
shows that they’re trying, but I’m not a fan of the guy at all.
the Usos are celebrating, Ascension appears near the top of the arena
for a staredown.
Woods vs. Leo Kruger
might remember Woods as Consequences Creed from TNA. Apparently he
and Regal are both big fans of funk music and they trade 8-tracks.
Woods takes over with a headlock but Kruger counters with a
backbreaker. Kruger pounds on the back for a bit and gets two off a
to a bearhug and Woods is in trouble. Woods starts pounding out of
it so Kruger belly to belly suplexes him down. Xavier finally
escapes and gets in some shots to the head followed by a clothesline
(the new commentator calls it an explosive athletic move. He doesn’t
know many move names but he’s good at the delivery). Woods misses a
missile dropkick and Kruger hits that spinning face first mat slam of
his for the pin at 4:00.
D+. This was just a step above
a squash which is ok. One of the major advantages NXT has over WWE
at this point is that they can throw out new guys like Woods all the
time who know what they’re doing and can do jobs like this one. It’s
much better than how WWE has big names facing big names all the time
and one has to lose or we get a screwy finish. They’ve got something
decent with Kruger but he needs to do something instead of constantly
squashing people.
on Big E. Langston.
is in the arena and Saxton asks him about the five count. Langston
talks about how much he loves the number five. He has five fingers
on each hand and five toes on each foot. People also have a high and
low five…..and here’s Vickie. Dang I was wanting to see where he
was going with that. No seriously, how much further could he go with
Vickie says she’s here to recruit and someone has caught her eye.
She offers her services to Vickie. Fans: “JUST SAY NO!”
Langston says he has what she needs and throws powder on her. This
was bizarre, primarily due to Langston’s voice. He has an odd
speaking pattern where he sounds like he’s trailing off and then gets
a burst of energy before going back down again.
Jinder Mahal with something to say. He says he’s the modern day
maharajah but doesn’t have his crown jewel. Being a champion is his
birthright and it’s also his right to have a rematch with Seth
Rollins. Mahal demands Dusty Rhodes come out and present him with
his rematch.
he gets Justin Gabriel who says that Jinder should get in the back of
the line. Mahal says that Justin lost in the first round, so Justin
polls the audience. After the fans pick Gabriel, here’s Drew
McIntyre who says it’s reality check time. He says it should be his
shot because he’s the only person that has a victory over Seth
Rollins. Now here’s Bo Dallas who says all of these guys have had
their shot at Rollins, so it’s time to give someone new a chance.
Dusty comes out and says it’ll be a fourway next week with the winner
getting the shot.
Reigns vs. CJ Parker
used to be Leakee in FCW. He’s a member of the Anoa’i family and is
the son of Sika and the brother of Rosey. The announcers pound in
the fact that Reigns has the IT factor and that we’ll be talking
about this debut for years to come. Reigns catches Parker’s
crossbody and pounds on the arm and shoulder. A DDT on the arm puts
Parker down and Reigns cranks away on it some more. Parker fires
away some elbows to escape but a side kick misses and Reigns slugs
him down again.
belly to back suplex by Reigns is countered into a cross body by
Parker for two. Parker hits some knees in the corner but gets caught
by a flying forearm. Reigns kind of roars and hits a belly to back
slam for the pin at 3:43. Think Cena’s Protoplex (the spinning slam
he sets up the Shuffle with) but instead of spinning the other guy
around, Reigns drives the down with his hand.
D+. The commentary is over the
top but Reigns looked fine here. He’s got a good look and a good
physique and his in ring abilities were fine. The match was just a
squash though with Parker getting in a few shots here and there.
Much like everyone else, it’s too early to say what Reigns has
without giving him a more serious challenge.
Title: Tyson Kidd vs. Antonio Cesaro
is defending. They immediately head to the mat with Cesaro holding a
front facelock to control. He switches over to a test of strength
grip but Kidd bridges off the mat. Cesaro jumps on him to break the
bridge, but Kidd bridges up with Cesaro on top of him. Kidd grabs a
rollup for two and what looks like a heel hook for a bit but Cesaro
makes the rope.
grabs another pair of rollups for two each and they trade near falls
in a very good pinfall reversal sequence, ending with Kidd holding an
armbar as we take a break. Back with Cesaro putting on a bearhug as
Kidd is in trouble. Kidd fights out of it and backdrops his way out
of the Neutralizer before hitting a low dropkick to put the champ
down. Kidd starts firing off kicks before hitting a slingshot
reverse rollup for two.
sends him back to the apron where Kidd hits an enziguri and a
slingshot rana for two. A legdrop to the back of Cesaro’s head puts
the champion on the floor. Kidd hits a kick from the apron and a
springboard elbow back inside for two more. Tyson tries for the
Sharpshooter but Cesaro kicks him away. The uppercut hits Kidd and
the Neutralizer gets the pin at 7:10 shown of 10:40.
B-. This is what guys like
Cesaro and Kidd, as in guys not trained by FCW, are great at: having
flashy matches that aren’t like the same style that you so often get
in WWE anymore. Cesaro is definitely a great overall package and
Kidd has more than enough skill to get over his size limitations.
Good match here and I’d like to see more of Kidd on WWE TV.
celebrates and JR plugs the fourway next week to end the show.
B-. NXT is starting to
click again as they’re back to having solid wrestling throughout the
show and pretty much no time being wasted. We’re also moving towards
the next challenger for the title which is treated as a big deal,
which it should be. NXT continues to be a solid wrestling show and
pretty easily the best one going today.
b. Michael McGillicutty/Johnny Curtis – Superfly Splash to
Kruger b. Xavier Woods – Spinning Face First Mat Slam
Reigns b. CJ Parker – Belly to Back Mat Slam
Cesaro b. Tyson Kidd – Neutralizer
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Hell in a Cell 2012

in a Cell 2012
October 28, 2012
Phillips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia
Michael Cole, Jim Ross, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
main event here is Ryback vs. Punk and there’s one thing I love about
it: I have no idea who is going to win. They really could go either
way and as a big supporter of Rybac, I’d love to see it. The main
event is in need of a major change, so why not Ryback? The main
issue for him though is that the fans are going to have the Goldberg
chants going on high tonight. The Sheamus vs. Big Show match should
be good too. Let’s get to it.

the preshow, here’s Cena to address the AJ/Vickie/Cena story.
Apparently Vickie has evidence of the inappropriate relationship
which she’ll show tomorrow on Raw. Tonight, Cena is answering
questions from social media. The first questions is about him
passing a torch to Ryback. Cena says no but he never had any fire to
pass. A TOUT asks what advice Cena would give Ryback for the Cell
tonight. Cena says that brute strength alone isn’t going to do it.
Tweet asks if Cena could beat Ryback. Cena asks the fans who aren’t
really clear on an answer. He does however say if Ryback wins the
title, he’d love the first shot. Another TOUT is about what was
Cena’s toughest match. Of course he says it’s the one against Rock.
Cena wants another shot of course. This isn’t going anywhere is it?
Another TOUT asks if Punk is the best in the world but Cena won’t say
yes. Another TOUT is from Dolph Ziggler asks if Cena will tell the
truth. Cena says the people should cheer Dolph because he used TOUT.
If Dolph is here, why not just come out here and fight?
Dolph…..or make that Vickie. She says the fans are more confident
in her than in Cena because Cena got his hand caught in the cookie
jar. Ziggler finally charges and gets knocked right back to the
floor. This was free on Youtube and I feel like I deserve a refund
after sitting through it.
on to the actual show.
opening video is about the two world title matches, just as it should
Del Rio vs. Randy Orton
quite the opener. Orton immediately jumps Del Rio and we’re out on
the floor very quickly. Alberto goes face first into the announce
table and back inside we get the Orton Stomp. Orton stomps away in
the corner until the referee pulls him off. Alberto throws him to
the apron and rams the arm into the bar connecting the buckle to the
post. Back in and Del Rio hooks a kind of armbar followed by
something close to the armbreaker over the top rope.
shoulder goes into the post and Randy is in big trouble. Alberto
hooks a different kind of armbar to keep control. It’s nice to see
the holds used being mixed up as watching the same stuff over and
over again gets old in a hurry. Orton jumps over Del Rio out of the
corner and grabs a rollup for two. Del Rio hits a DDT on the arm for
two and puts on yet another kind of armbar, followed by another
armbreaker over the rope. This time though Orton shoves Del Rio off
and out to the floor. Basic storytelling and psychology there but it
worked just as well.
sets for the powerslam back inside but Del Rio hangs onto the ropes.
More good psychology there as you can only have Orton or anyone use
the same moves so many times before someone sees it coming. Del Rio
tries the armbreaker but Orton makes the rope almost immediately.
The backbreaker from Randy looks to set up the Elevated DDT but Del
Rio counters into another shot on the arm. Alberto tries the RKO but
gets countered into the Elevated DDT.
tries the mat pounding but hurts his bad arm again. Nice touch there
again. Del Rio hits the Backstabber for two but the armbreaker is
countered into the powerslam for two. They go to the corner but
Orton gets shoved off. He hangs on by the ropes but Del Rio hits a
double stomp to Orton’s chest for two. This has been way better than
I was expecting.
as I say that, Del Rio goes up and I think is supposed to jump into
the RKO, but instead he just lands next to Orton and they’re
completely out of sync now. The RKO is countered as Orton is sent
into the corner where Ricardo rams the arm into the post. There’s
the armbreaker but Orton somehow hangs on and rolls on top of Del Rio
for two. Del Rio tries the running enziguri in the corner but Orton
ducks and catches Del Rio in the RKO as he comes down for the pin at
13:06. That didn’t have the impact they were looking for I don’t
B-. This was higher until the
jump off the top which looked horrible. Either way, this was a very
nice surprise with some solid psychology and storytelling the whole
way through. Orton isn’t great all the time but if you get him the
right kind of opponent, which is usually a guy who isn’t a giant, he
can have some solid matches and this was one of those. If the botch
hadn’t happened, it would have been an excellent opener. With it,
the match is just quite good.
recap the AJ/Vickie/Cena stuff and Vickie says she’s got the pictures
to prove the affair happened. Vickie turns around and runs into
Heyman. Paul wants the match canceled but Vickie will have none of
it. Heyman snaps at the theory that Ryback scares Punk and goes off
on Vickie for a bit. Vickie continues to do nothing for me at all.
Titles: HELL NO vs. Rhodes Scholars
Scholars won this shot in a long tournament. In case it’s not clear,
HELL NO is defending. The Scholars say that there’s one thing for
sure: at the end of the night they’ll be able to say “WE ARE THE
TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!” Funny stuff. Bryan vs. Sandow (in dark gray
trunks, just like Cody) starts things off and Bryan hits a running
knee to Damien’s ribs. Off to Kane for a low dropkick before it’s
off to Cody for the same move for two.
gets caught in the champions’ corner and it’s back to Bryan for some
rapid fire kicks in the corner. Kane comes in again and throws Cody
around again until Damien gets in a chop block to take Kane’s knee
out. More leg work keeps Kane down but Sandow jumps into an
uppercut. There’s the tag to Bryan who moonsaults over Sandow in the
corner and hits a running clothesline to take Damien down. There are
the NO Kicks and the Scholars are both sent to the floor. Bryan hits
a BIG suicide dive to take them both out.
they head back in, Cody grabs Bryan’s leg and Sandow knocks Daniel
into the barricade. Back in and a running knee gets two for Rhodes
as we enter the tag team formula mode. Bryan plays Ricky Morton for
a bit as Cody comes in to work on the arm a bit. Bryan punches his
way out of the corner but a knee to Bryan’s ribs takes him right back
down. Off to Sandow again who pounds on the ribs for two.
windup elbow gets two (I’m not even going to try to spell the real
name) and it’s off to a chinlock. Kane: “COME ON GOAT FACE LET’S
GO!” That actually works as Bryan almost gets the NO Lock before
hooking a drop toehold to send Sandow into the middle buckle. A
double tag brings in Cody to face the fresh Kane and the Big Fried
Freak takes over. The sidewalk slam gets two and the top rope
clothesline kills Cody. Kane signals for the chokeslam but Bryan
tags himself in and hits a Swan Dive, but Kane breaks up the cover.
pulls Kane to the floor and gets punched in the face. Bryan
backdrops Cody to the floor onto Kane and misses the running knee,
taking out Kane by mistake. The champs get into a shoving match and
a pair of baseball slides take out Kane. Back in and Cody hits Cross
Rhodes on Bryan but Kane makes the save. Kane is losing it and
destroys everyone in sight drawing a lame DQ at 13:30 for beating on
Sandow in the corner.
C+. This was getting good at
the end before the lame DQ. They did set up another match later on
which is fine, but with all of the teams they’ve got built up, do
they really want to go another month with the same guys? Still
though, entertaining enough match here and the champs fighting is
almost always entertaining.
gets a chokeslam post match.
talks about how Kofi brings mediocrity and mediocrity brings the end
of civilization, so Kofi brings the end of the world. It ties into a
show coming up about people who are preparing for doomsday if that
clears up anything.
Title: The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston
inflatable AWESOME from the Mania match with Cena is back. Kofi is
defending and this is a rematch from a few weeks ago on Main Event.
Both guys try and miss their finishers less than thirty seconds in,
sending Miz to the floor to regroup. How much regrouping do you need
after half a minute? Kofi jumps over the steps on the floor but Miz
kicks his head off to take over. That gets two back in the ring and
things slow down a bit.
to a chinlock for awhile followed by a clothesline to put Kofi down.
There’s a top rope double ax for two and Miz punts him in the ribs.
Miz’s corner clothesline is blocked by a hard clothesline from the
champ and both guys are down. Kofi chops Miz down and hits the Boom
Drop for two. Miz runs from Trouble in Paradise but gets caught by
the spinning top rope cross body for two.
SOS is countered into half of the Reality Check but they seem to miss
on something before the neckbreaker. SOS gets two and Miz hits a
kind of Stunner to the leg. Miz bends the leg around the ropes and
takes off the leg pad and boot from Kofi’s left leg. Kofi gets to
the second rope but Miz slams him off and puts on a half crab.
crawls to the ropes but Miz pulls it right back to the center. The
champ counters into a cradle for two but Miz gets the same off a
short DDT. Miz loads up the Finale but Kofi counters into a kind of
victory roll for two. The kick misses for Kofi but the Finale can’t
hit again. Miz gets kicked to the floor and as he comes back in,
Kofi kicks him into oblivion for the pin to retain at 10:44.
C+. Another good and lengthy
match here as this show is already better than anything WWE has
thrown at us in weeks. This gets Miz out of the title picture and
hopefully pushes him back up the card. Kofi is fine in this role and
can be put with almost anyone to get a good match. Solid stuff here
and a fine match.
says Miz has brought out the wildcat in him and that he’s proud to be
the champion.
NO argues again. Kane thinks Bryan almost lost because he was
thinking about vegan candy. Bryan yells at Kane for bringing up
Halloween when he’s always wearing a mask. Kane says that Bryan has
been wearing a mask since he was born on Old McDonald’s Farm….AND
AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!” I love these two.
Title: Antonio Cesaro vs. Justin Gabriel
we only had three announced matches left and it’s ten after 9, they
had to add another match or two. Antonio says something in what
sounds like German or Swiss before the match. Cesaro is defending
and they’ve traded wins on Raw lately to set this up. Cesaro takes
it to the mat as soon as the bell rings before cranking on the arm a
bit. Gabriel counters a hip toss and monkey flips Cesaro down.
goes up top but the champ knocks him off to the floor. Back in and a
legdrop gets two for Cesaro and he pounds away with some rough
looking shots to the head. An uppercut to the back of Gabriel’s head
gets two and it’s off to a chinlock with a knee in the back of
Justin. Cesaro puts him face down on the top rope and hits a running
knee to the ribs. A double stomp gets another two on Gabriel and
it’s back to the arm. The crowd is pretty dead for this so far.
comes back and takes Cesaro down for a quick top rope Lionsault for
two. Cesaro takes Justin’s head off with a clothesline for two. The
champ pounds away in the corner but Gabriel comes out with a spinning
DDT for two. Gabriel tries the 450 but rolls through when Cesaro
moves. Cesaro goes to the floor so Justin hits a dropkick through
the ropes for two. He heads back in but dives into the uppercut to
knock Gabriel silly. Back in and the Neutralizer retains the title
at 7:35.
C. I know there wasn’t much
here, but having Cesaro run through the entire lower card is a fine
way to keep him on TV without having him face guys he’s not ready to
beat yet. It’s also a good way to make him look like more than he
really is, which is something Cesaro needs. Imagine that: using
jobbers to the stars to push someone higher up the card. It’s so
crazy that it just might work.
cancer is bad.
on Ryback and how unstoppable he is.
sucks up to Vickie in the back because apparently the Cell has been
canceled. Vickie doesn’t seem to understand what he’s talking about.
The match is still on.
Time Players vs. Rey Mysterio/Sin Cara
Cara and Darren start things off with Young slapping him around on
the mat. Cara headscissors him down and there’s the tag to Rey.
Cara has what looks like a Mysterio mask on the back of his own mask.
The main event for Main Event this coming week is these four teaming
with Del Rio and Orton respectively. Yep the card is already falling
down. Off to Titus for some power to take over on Mysterio. A
double elbow by the Players take Rey down and Young comes in for some
near falls.
to a quick reverse chinlock by Young but Titus charges into a boot in
the corner to let the masked guys make a tag. Back to Cara who
speeds things up and hits a top rope cross body on Titus. Cara’s
spinning armdrag out of the corner is caught by Titus and he rams
Cara into the corner. Back to Darren to pounds away a bit more
before hitting the belly to back suplex onto the apron for two.
to Titus who suplexes Young onto Sin for two. JR says the Players
are trying to get a big payday for a win on a major PPV. What
exactly would be a minor PPV? Titus yells at Cara in the corner and
tells him to speak English, which will probably be a fine for O’Neal.
Titus puts on a kind of abdominal stretch before slamming him down
for two. Back to Young for a backbreaker which gets two. Titus gets
in a three point stance but charges into the post.
hits a kind of standing Sliced Bread #2 and makes the hot tag to Rey.
Mysterio speeds things up and hits a tilt-a-whirl DDT on Darren for
two. JR: “Keeping up with Rey is like trying to pour smoke through
a keyhole.” JBL: “Who would want to do that?” Cara dives on
Titus on the floor as Rey counters the gutbuster from Young into the
619 and top rope splash for the pin at 12:50.
C-. This wasn’t a bad match at
all but it ran too long and overstayed its welcome. These guys are a
good undercard feud for the tag division (imagine THAT say six months
ago) and putting them on here was as decent enough of an idea as you
were going to get. Either one of these teams could get a title shot,
and that’s kind of cool to think about.
may have hurt his neck but he gets up on his own power. Apparently
on that standing Sliced Bread he landed on the top of his head.
is promoting a Rolling Stones PPV concert.
recap Big Show vs. Sheamus. The idea is that Sheamus can’t Brogue
Kick Show but he wants to fight no matter what.
World Title: Big Show vs. sheamus
is defending. Show throws him around to start and Sheamus tries to
brawl with him. That results in the champion being knocked down into
the corner and Show is in command. Ziggler is watching with the case
in the back. Sheamus knocks Show to the floor and as the challenger
gets back in, Sheamus fires away with all he’s got. It does a bit of
damage but Show shrugs it off and knocks Sheamus to the floor again.
head to the floor with Show throwing Sheamus into the barricade.
Back in and Show keeps pounding on Sheamus very slowly. He steps on
Sheamus’ head and knocks the champ to the floor before sending him
over the announce table. This has been almost all Show so far and
Sheamus is looking like a ragdoll. Back in and Show hits the Eye of
the Hurricane for two. I think he used to call that the Final Cut.
Sheamus tries to fight back with some punches to the ribs but Show
throws him over the top to the floor.
Sheamus comes back in, he hits the slingshot shoulder but charges
right into a superkick for two. Show knocks him down again with
Sheamus only being able to get in some punches before charging into a
bearhug. Show gets on his knee instead of picking Sheamus up,
allowing Sheamus to hit some forearms. A slam doesn’t work at all
and the Vader Bomb Elbow gets two for Show. He calls for the
chokeslam but Sheamus counters into a DDT but the kickout sends
Sheamus out to the floor.
tries the ten forearms in the corner but Show shoves him off. The
chokeslam hits but it only gets two. Show is getting ticked off now
but he can’t hook the Colossal Clutch. Sheamus avoids an elbow and
tries the Cloverleaf of all things but Show kicks him off. They head
to the floor and Sheamus drives Show into the post a few times. Back
in and Sheamus goes after the knee before hitting some ax handles to
take Show down.
hits White Noise and does it with EASE. That looked better than a
lot of the AA’s Cena hits on Show. That only gets two and Sheamus
charges into the WMD…..for two. Show tries another punch but
Sheamus kicks Show’s head off…..FOR TWO. This is getting AWESOME.
Sheamus gets WAY fires up but the Brogue Kick charges into the WMD
for the pin and the title at 21:37.
B+. This was exactly what it
was supposed to be: a heavyweight slugfest with Sheamus pounding away
with everything he had but it just wasn’t enough. I would initially
say that Show winning the title was a bad thing but the way they were
going with the feud it was probably the best idea. This was a great
match though and WAY better than I was expecting. The kickouts were
great and the match worked really well. I can’t believe I’m saying
this, but match of the night so far.
tries to talk to Booker but Booker goes to check on Sheamus. Teddy
says Eve is going to lose when Ryder comes up dressed as a witch. Oh
ok he’s Eve. Teddy says that’s one letter off.
is here and Punk asks him to cancel the match. Vince asks if Punk is
afraid of Ryback but Punk says no and leaves.
Title: Layla vs. Eve Torres vs. Kaitlyn
was attacked at Night of Champions and Layla had to defend against
Eve instead of Kaitlyn. Eve won the title and was accused of
attacking Kaitlyn, setting up this. The challengers double team Eve,
argue a bit, and then double team Eve again. Eve and Kaitlyn finally
start fighting and we get a pinfall reversal sequence. Eve comes
back in and knocks Layla to the floor so she can beat on Kaitlyn a
works over Kaitlyn’s leg with a long hold until Layla finally gets
back in. A hard kick to Eve’s face slows her down and Layla pounds
away in the corner. A cross body gets two for Layla but Eve throws
her into the splits. Eve gets thrown into the splits as well and
Kaitlyn gives us a DOUBLE NOGGIN KNOCKER!!! Kaitlyn puts Layla in a
Fujiwara Armbar but Eve makes the save. The crowd dies as the match
starts to drag. Kaitlyn hits Stratusfaction on Eve to send her to
the floor and powerslams Eve down. Eve hits a middle rope Swanton to
break up the pin and covers Layla to retain the title at 6:39.
C-. The girls are getting
better and they have an actual story anymore, but the fans still
don’t care. This is MILES better than they were having a few months
ago, but at the same time it’s still nothing to write home about.
Kaitlyn appears to be the future but I’m still not sold on her at
all. Decent match that ran too long.
Show brags about getting the title back and dares anyone to try to
take it from him. That sounds like a match for Ryback once he’s done
with Punk.
is getting looked at.
recap Punk vs. Ryback. Punk and Cena were feuding, then Cena got
hurt and Ryback was the next best thing they could come up with.
It’s in the Cell because the calendar says it needs to be.
Cell is lowered. Cole says the Cell was introduced 15 years ago. My
goodness do I feel old.
World Title: Ryback vs. CM Punk
honestly don’t know who is going to win here and I love that feeling.
The Goldberg chants start before the music hits. Ryback has a red
singlet tonight. Not much of a pop for him though. The big match
intros inform us that this match will indeed be taking place inside
the Cell. You know, in case you’re REALLY FREAKING STUPID. The fans
get fired up for the Feed Me More chant at least.
immediately heads to the floor and we’re in the big Cell where
there’s almost no room at ringside. Punk gets back in and
immediately runs to the floor again. After almost a minute and a
half Ryback gets his hands on Punk and chokes him in the air. Ryback
kicks him in the chest and Punk is in trouble early. Punk gets a
boot up in the corner but a tornado DDT is easily countered.
is sent back to the floor where he tries to get out of the door.
Ryback throws him into the Cell wall and then does it again. The
Goldberg chants start up and Punk hides under the ring. Heyman
distracts Ryback, allowing Punk to spray him with a fire extinguisher
and knock Ryback into the cage. The champ finds a chair but Ryback
knocks it into Punk’s head. Back in and Ryback hits a Warrior
gorilla press drop.
misses a charge into the corner and Punk hits a springboard
clothesline to take him down. A top rope double ax only kind of hits
so Punk hits a second to stagger Ryback. A third attempt is caught
in midair but Punk hits a leg lariat to take Ryback down again. Punk
sends him to the floor and hits the suicide dive but Ryback is
slammed into the cage instead of being knocked down. Ryback easily
breaks up a neckbreaker on the floor but his spear hits the steps.
in and Punk puts on a chinlock. We’re over eight minutes into this
and it’s been pretty good stuff so far. Another Ryback charge hits
the post and Punk smiles. Heyman: “HE’S STILL ALIVE!” Punk hits
the running knee in the corner and a clothesline to set up the Macho
Elbow for no cover. Punk brings in a kendo stick and mocks the FEED
ME MORE chant.
Hulks Up and takes the stick out of Punk’s hands. Ryback is all
fired up now and Heyman is panicking. The fans are getting into the
chant now and there’s the Meathook (clothesline). Ryback loads up
Shell Shock….and the referee hits Ryback low and fast counts a Punk
rollup for the pin to retain at 11:45.
B-. This is one of those what
the heck was that endings but it was a good match until we got there.
I don’t like the screwjob ending and I wanted Ryback to win, but
this sets up another match down the line I guess. I don’t recognize
the referee but I’m sure we’ll find out who he was later on. The
fans went silent after the pin which is a good thing….I think?
gets up and murders the referee as Heyman pulls Punk through the
door. Ryback catches up to him though and throws Punk at the Cell,
but Punk climbs up to escape. Ryback follows him and hits the Shell
Shock on top of the Cell.
poses on top of the Cell to end the show.
B+. This was a really
good show actually and the ending has me wondering where they’ll go
next. There wasn’t a really bad match on the show but a few of them
were pretty slow. The Show title win was a nice surprise and the
ending visual of the Shell Shock was good, but it wasn’t a classic
show. For what it was, this was solid, but it’s another show that
leads to another one instead of something conclusive, which is an
annoying habit WWE has.
Orton b. Alberto Del Rio – RKO
Scholars b. HELL NO via DQ when Kane would not stop attacking Sandow
Kingston b. The Miz – Trouble in Paradise
Cesaro b. Justin Gabriel – Neutralizer
Mysterio/Sin Cara b. Prime Time Players – Top rope splash to Young
Show b. Sheamus – WMD
Torres b. Kaitlyn and Layla – Eve pinned Layla after a powerslam
from Kaitlyn
Punk b. Ryback – Rollup after a low blow from the referee
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Smackdown – October 26, 2012

October 26, 2012
Dunkin’ Donuts Center, Providence, Rhode Island
Josh Matthews, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
the final show before the PPV and I think everything major is set.
We finally know the tag title match so you can probably expect to see
some more about that. After the disaster of a Raw this week, maybe
Smackdown can redeem things a bit. If nothing else, Sheamus vs. Big
Show is probably the best feud going in the WWE right now. Let that
sink in for a minute. Let’s get to it.

Orton to open the show. As he comes to the ring, we get a history of
Orton vs. Del Rio, including the graphic for their match on Sunday.
Does anyone else find it stupid looking when they have the video game
graphics in the background? It takes away how serious the feud is
supposed to be. Orton says he doesn’t hate Del Rio for attacking him
last week, but rather why the attack happened. If it was because Del
Rio was embarrassed for losing to Sheamus over and over, that’s one
thing. But doing it and pretending to be a tough guy was a mistake.
says he’ll be honest with Del Rio: on Sunday, Alberto is getting the
most brutal beating of his life. Alberto cuts Randy off and says
they’re doing this on Del Rio’s terms. Randy isn’t a viper but
rather a garden snake. Orton says no one here knows what Del Rio
just said. Apparently Del Rio is all talk and is a spineless bottom
feeder with no cajones. Randy’s words, not mine. Del Rio starts to
come to the ring with Orton saying bring it on, but here’s Barrett
from behind to jump Orton.
break Del Rio is in the back when Teddy comes up. Before anything
can be said, Barrett comes up and asks if that was what Del Rio was
looking for. It’s Barrett vs. Orton tonight.
vs. Cody Rhodes
and Sandow are on commentary. Kane takes him into the corner to
start as Bryan and Sandow argue back and forth. There’s the top rope
clothesline followed by an uppercut to put Cody down. Cody escapes a
side slam and hits a running knee to the face of Kane. A Disaster
Kick winds up being a dropkick for two and Cody goes for the knee.
Sandow and Bryan argue over whose beard is better. Josh: “Damien
what is your IQ approaching?” Sandow: “It’s approaching
infinity. I become smarter merely by sitting here.” Cody tries
that uppercut from the mat of his but Kane grabs him for the
chokeslam and pin at 3:15.
D+. This didn’t have time to
get anywhere but the champions dominated for the first time in this
feud that I remember. This is an interesting feud as the champions
completely dominate on an individual basis but when they combine it’s
not so one sided. That makes for an interesting match on Sunday if
nothing else.
comes in to see Show, who is face to face with Sheamus tonight.
Booker requests professionalism tonight but Show cuts him off. Show
won’t cause any trouble because he’s got nothing left to prove until
Sunday. I keep forgetting how tall Booker is.
Miz vs. Yoshi Tatsu
a name I haven’t seen in awhile. Feeling out process to start with
Miz taking him down via a shoulder. They head to the floor with
Tatsu having his back rammed into the barricade. A boot to the side
of Yoshi’s head puts him down and Miz puts on a reverse chinlock with
a hand full of face. Another running boot to the face takes Tatsu
down. A belly to back suplex is countered into a cross body for two
for Yoshi. Miz’s short DDT puts Yoshi right back down and it’s the
Skull Crushing Finale for the pin at 4:02.
D+. Another squash here but
even less competitive. Like I’ve said for a few weeks now though,
WWE is finally starting to use its army of wrestlers in spots like
this instead of someone that’s currently being used in a story.
Yoshi losing here doesn’t mean anything and doesn’t hurt him at all
while giving Miz a boost before the PPV. It’s not hard.
on the Egyptian tour.
ReBound is Ryback destroying Punk on Monday.
also get a video from Main Event with Heyman talking (on the monitor)
about how Ryback isn’t in Punk’s league. Now when Miz (who is in the
ring at this point. On Main Event that is) faced Ryback, he took his
beating like a man. Ziggler losing to Ryback has no correlation with
Punk because Punk is a much better strategist than Ryback.
ANOTHER recap about the Divas situation with Kaitlyn saying she has
proof of Eve being behind the attack at Night of Champions.
Booker’s office, Aksana says it was a text from Eve and not an
e-mail. Teddy tries to make sense of this whole story, which boils
down to Eve is behind everything. Booker says if this is true, then
Eve is off his staff. Eve says she’s too trustworthy and leaves her
iPad and iPhone out with no pass code on it. More yelling ensues
between all four girls in the office until it’s announced as Eve vs.
Layla vs. Kaitlyn for the title. Tonight it’s a tag match though.
Orton vs. Wade Barrett
is sent to the floor very quickly with Orton following and in full
control. Back in and Orton does his circle stomp before hooking a
chinlock. Barrett comes back and sends Randy into the buckle but
Orton clotheslines him down and drops a knee. They head to the floor
with Orton being rammed face first into the apron a few times. As
they come back in, Orton’s Elevated DDT is countered and Barrett
sends him back to the floor.
gets sent into the table and we take a break. Back with Barrett
holding a chinlock, only for Orton to elbow out of it. Scratch that
comeback as Orton gets taken right back down by Wade. Barrett puts
Orton in the ropes and hits that running big boot to the face that
looks awesome. A backbreaker gets two for Barrett and it’s off to a
reverse chinlock. Barrett fires off knees to the ribs of Orton
followed by a clothesline for two.
tries going up top but gets crotched and eventually superplexed down
for two. Randy starts his finishing sequence with the clotheslines
and a powerslam. The place freaks out over the RKO coming up but
Barrett comes back with the Winds of Change for two. Barrett misses
the Souvenir and gets caught in Orton’s over the back backbreaker.
Now the Elevated DDT hits and Orton loads up the RKO, but here’s Del
Rio. The distraction lets Barrett hit the Souvenir for the pin at
9:12 shown of 12:42.
C+. The more I see of Barrett
the more I like him. He’s got a good physical style and looks like
he could take down anyone in any given match. Orton losing here is
fine as it advances his feud with Del Rio before the payoff on
Sunday. I’m already digging this feud WAY more than the Sheamus one,
mainly because there’s a chance Alberto could win.
match Del Rio attacks but neither the cross armbreaker or the RKO can
Torres vs. Kaitlyn/Layla
and Aksana get things going but it’s off to Kaitlyn. Aksana
continues to be the current worst worker on the roster so thankfully
it’s off to Eve. She pounds on Kaitly a bit but a backsplash hits
knees. Eve blocks the tag to Layla so we get more Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn
runs over both heel girls and Layla kicks Aksana in the ribs. Layla
misses a high kick and knocks Kaitlyn out, giving Eve the pin on
Kaitlyn at 3:43.
D+. To be fair, the girls
aren’t as terrible as they used to be as Kaitlyn is at least passable
in the ring. Layla and Kaitlyn….eh not so much. Aksana continues
to be there for looks only but someone has to do that I suppose. Not
horrible here, but the NXT Divas matches are much more entertaining
ReBound sums up the Vickie/AJ/Cena stuff.
doesn’t believe Show will be calm tonight.
tells Bryan that he won his match so if Bryan loses, it’s clear that
Bryan is the weak link.
Bryan vs. Damien Sandow
offers the audience some better words than YES to use, such as
undoubtedly his beard is better than Bryans and absolutely the Rhodes
Scholars will win the titles on Sunday. Kane and Bryan are in on
commentary now. They start on the floor before Bryan takes over with
kicks in the corner back inside. Bryan works on the arm as we take a
break. Back with Sandow on the floor and Bryan firing off kicks.
in and Sandow hits the Russian legsweep and the windup elbow for two.
Off to a chinlock before Sandow fires away right hands to the head.
Kane won’t say a thing. Bryan starts firing off the YES Kicks and
backdrops Damien to the floor. There’s a suicide dive and Cody gets
in Bryan’s face. Kane goes after Sandow but no DQ has been called
yet. Cody posts Bryan and Sandow slides in for the Terminus and the
pin at 5:00 shown of 8:30.
C. Sandow getting a pin on
Bryan is a big win for him and splitting up the wins tonight is a
good move for the tag match. Nothing great here but seeing Damien
hang in there with a guy like Bryan is a great sign. The guy could
be a big deal for years to come, and having him get wins like this is
a good idea.
are Sheamus and Big Show for their face to face time. There’s a ton
of security here just in case. Show lists off a lot of famous
finishers that the KO Punch is stronger than, including the Brogue
Kick which they’ve proven scientifically. Sheamus says the KO Punch
has to connect to work, so Show gives us some footage from a few
weeks ago where he blocked the Brogue Kick.
says the Kick can’t get high enough and it’s a matter of physics that
says Sheamus can’t beat him. If Sheamus thinks he can win, he’s
either stupid or delusional. Sheamus there there are two thinks he
loves: cold ale on a hot day and a good fight. The idea of fighting
Show has his mouth watering. Sheamus again says that the title he
holds today is the same as the WCW Title.
champ is looking forward to fighting Show because he’s the ultimate
fight. Show says Sheamus is scared but Sheamus says he doesn’t care
how many Brogue Kicks it takes. Sheamus shouts that the time for
fighting is now and it’s on. The security all gets tossed out but
Show leaves before fighting Sheamus. Good hard sell for the title
match here which you don’t get enough of anymore.
C+. This was a solid go
home show as the main matches all got a focus. The show isn’t going
to be great but they’ve done enough here to make me interested in
seeing it, which is exactly what they were shooting for here. I’m
pleased by how Big Show vs. Sheamus is looking, as they’ve done a
great job of building up the idea of can Sheamus beat him. I’m not
at all saying it’s a great feud or that the match is going to be
awesome, but they’ve done well with what they’ve got. Good show
b. Cody Rhodes – Chokeslam
Miz b. Yoshi Tatsu – Skull Crushing Finale
Barrett b. Randy Orton – Souvenir
Torres/Aksana b. Layla/Kaitlyn – Torres pinned Kaitlyn after a high
kick from Layla
Sandown b. Daniel Bryan – Terminus
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