Ryback in 2012


What did you think of Ryback's run in 2012 where he got over huge? I don't think he was ready to win the belt when they put him into that title match vs. CM Punk, but he was consistently getting huge reactions and looked like a star in the making. What could they have done differently with him during that time? Keep him away from the title picture, keep having him squash guys, and then win the belt off of Cena after WrestleMania?

​That was a really weird situation for everyone.  They were really backed into a corner by booking Ryback into that match, even though it did business.  It really, REALLY should have been some sort of screwjob DQ, however.  It's not like Hell in a Cell isn't compromised enough as it is that you couldn't make an exception and just have both guys fight out of the cage and call it a no-contest or something like that.  
That being said, I don't think I ever would have put him over Cena, but you certainly could have done pretty well by keeping him unbeaten until after WM and then doing the Cena program.  What was REALLY baffling, though, was getting out of the match with the cheap finish and then beating Ryback four more straight PPVs afterwards.  If they were just going to destroy him anyway, why bother with the banana peel win for Punk?  ​

Extreme Rules 2012

Dear Scott:
So I recently rewatched the main event to Extreme Rules 2012. What was up with that weird promo John Cena cut at the end of the show? It was an oddly placed speech about going home and getting in trouble with the boss, but I remember Cena doing pretty much the same things Cena always does soon afterwards. Any ideas on why that promo happened or what it was supposed to accomplish? 

Far as I can remember it was just Cena going into business for himself with the vague idea of taking a few weeks off and building to a rematch.  Here's the Observer on the subject:
"In addition, when he was given the finish, he was told he was being protected because he was destroying Cena, that Cena would get the win, collapse, and have to be helped out of the ring and left for dead. Instead, Cena did a weird promo that based on what we were told, he was not authorized to do. Everyone backstage, including Vince McMahon either had no idea what he was doing (and it was not in the script for the show), or maybe Vince knew and was pretending. But given how it turned out, I’d bet on the former. In the interview, Cena talked about how much he gave for the match, and he did, how he was now going on vacation for a while. He talked about how everyone in WWE, good guys, bad guys, big guys and small guys, do everything they can to entertain you people. He said he was proud he could have a match like this in Chicago, and that if he’s leaving for a while, he wouldn't want to have gone out any other way."
Clearly that time off didn't happen.  Maybe he was just knocked goofy?  I don't think it was ever established for sure what the intention was.

QOTD – July 9th, 2012

Greetings, children of Elm Street.

Today is a question from me, and one I’m sure will provide some interesting stories.

Any near death experiences? I myself have only had one, thankfully.

I was 14 at the time, and I
live in Washington. One thing we have an abundance of is bridges
with rivers/swimming holes. So, my friend wants to go to one, and
although swimming in areas like this isn’t my thing, I venture along. 

when you arrive, there’s a rope swing. However, you have to cross the
river to get to it, and the only part you can cross at has an EXTREMELY
strong current. If it catches you, it’ll drag you out to much deeper,
faster areas, and you’d probably be good and f-----. So, the way you get
across is walking very, very slowly, so you’re always planted on the
ground. Then, when you get to the otherside, there’s a giant rock with a
rope hanging down that you have to grab. Well, my friend and his
girlfriend make it, now it’s my turn.
I’d always had a fear of
places like this because my mom had a fear of places like this, heh.
She’s not the neurotic type, but the one place she never allowed me to
go was swimming holes like this. So, I lied and went anyway.
I step
in the water, and it’s pretty goddamn cold. I take a few steps and can
feel the rocks that are on the bed shifting beneath my feet. Every time a
strong wave of current rushes by my legs I think it’s some sort of
fish, or tentacle or something ridiculous. Once I’m in the middle of the
lake, it’s about up to my armpits, and I’m anchored to the ground by a
thread. You know that ep of The Simpsons where Homer is Mr. Plow, and
he’s about to fall of the ledge, but changing the radio dial pulls him
back up? That’s about the difference that was keeping me from being
rushed out.
I’m almost to the rock, when for some reason I start to
panic. I don’t know if it’s because I was so close and wanted to get it
all over with, but either way I tried to move fast, and that was it.

BAM! The current takes me.

My friend screams “GRAB THE ROPE!”

Here it is, my only chance. I miss the f------ rope.

slowed down to a f------ crawl. All I could think was “I’m going to
die. This is it. I’m truly going to die. My mom is gonna be so mad at

I feel the current dragging me when all of a sudden I see
it. A second rope. It was extremely thin, about the thickness of twine
almost. It was against the rock, and damn near invisible.

hand shot out and grabbed it. With the current being so strong, and the
rope so thin, it started to cut into my hand. I didn’t care. The only
way I was letting go was if that rope cut my damn hand off. So, I grab
the rope, and the current is so strong it whips my body against the
giant rock, knocking the wind out of me.

I was peaked on
adrenaline and didn’t care. I hear my friend & his girlfriend
screaming something, but all I cared about was holding on.

whip my other arm to the rope and slowly but surely pulled myself up to
the point where my friend could grab me. I then laid there and thought
how Indiana Jones all that was. I damn near die, and I compare it to

My friend said he’d been to that swimming hole a bunch of
times, and he, nor anyone has had ever seen that second rope before. So,
I’ll assume it was some sort of magic rope, to ensure my survival so I could one day over-rate wrestling matches and have non-sexual crushes on Stallone, Van Damme, and Schwarzenegger.

2012 Scott Sez


Writing in with a couple of 'mail bag' questions for the blog.

1. I've noticed that almost every 80s tag match I watch (from the WWF, anyway) was booked as two out of three falls. Was there a reason this stipulation was so popular, and if so, why did they phase it out?

Well of course back in the old days the 2/3 falls match was pretty standard for most major title matches,and I think it was just kind of a holdover from that time.  It was also a great way to get a clean win over a top guy without actually beating him.  I'm sure they just phased it out because it took up valuable Russo time.  

2. Why was Shawn Michaels so inactive during 1994? Most of the year (or at least the summer) he was on the outside as Diesel's buddy, and wasn't booked for King of the Ring, or SummerSlam (except as a corner man). Was there an issue, an injury, something? The timing just seemed odd.

Combination of all three.  He was resting up some injuries and was working without a contract for a while, then negotiated himself a pretty sweet deal where he could be a part-timer.

3. In a related question, when did the WWF decide to push Diesel as hard as they did during 1994? My understanding is that he was in danger of being let go prior to the Royal Rumble, and then suddenly he's tossing guys out like the Terminator, and gets the Intercontinental title, and King of the Ring main event a few months later. Was this all based on the crowds reaction during the Rumble, or was it part of their plans all along? Also, if he was on the way out, why let him leave looking so strong?

Yeah, far as I know Vince basically marked out for his reaction in the Rumble and decided to push him to the moon  as a result.  Plus Shawn's increasing influence probably helped.

Obviously, I know the 'answers' to some of these can only be speculation, but I respect your opinion highly.

Thank you, and keep up the good work!

WON Awards 2012 (aka NJPW Wins Everything)


I'm not gonna just c&p from the new Observer because if I was Dave I'd hate for people to do that, so I'll throw some hits CRZ's way instead.  
Clearly, Tanahashi had a hell of a year and actually got me to watch TWO New Japan PPVs on the strength of his matches, so that's an MVP in my books.  Congrats to Bad Influence on a well deserved Tag Team award, and I'm a little weirded out by TNA winning worst promotion but Impact winning Best Show.  
So yeah, no major quibbles here.  

Fwd: 2012 RSPW Awards


For the second year in a row, I'm conducting the long-running RSPW Awards, except this time with RSPW's Mighty God King, who compiled this efficient way for the ballot to be presented. 40 votes in all a year ago, I'm thinking we can top it this year with a less pain-in-the-ass way of voting.

Mind plugging this? For Herb and CRZ? A reminder of simpler times?

Over-under on how many awards CM Punk wins this year?  
MGK's site is also great for general nerdery and I recommend it in general, by the way.  

Thoughts on 2012

Hey Scott, just a couple of questions.

So with 2012 officially in the books wrestling-wise, what would you say was your favorite moment of the year?
Who was your favorite wrestler to watch throughout the year?
What are your thoughts on where wrestling goes from here in 2013 and whether or not we will see a new champion being crowned?


Favorite moment:  Brock Lesnar delivering an F5 to John Cena and then kicking his stupid hat out of the ring.  That was where I was ALL IN and ready to give them my money for Extreme Rules without any further build.
Favorite wrestler:  Daniel Bryan.  He just did so much with so little given to him.
As for 2013, I'm pretty sure it's time to put the title back on John Cena   

Smackdown – December 28, 2012

December 28, 2012
Blue Cross Arena, Rochester, New York
John Bradshaw Layfield, Josh Matthews
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
close out the year here with a taped Smackdown, which is the norm
around here. Odds are this isn’t going to have anything of note on
it because we’re in that odd period between TKC and the Rumble. Also
after Monday it looks like we’re going to have more Sheamus vs. Big
Show, because they’ve only had three straight PPV matches. Let’s get
to it.

open with a recap of the latest stuff with Big Show vs. Sheamus,
complete with the voiceover. The AJ/Langston/Cena stuff is thrown in
Sheamus to open things up. He hopes we all had a Merry Christmas
because he had a great one. He drank gallons of egg nog flavored
ale, got a bunch of sweaters he’ll never use, and a bunch of
sunscreen from his mom. Are we going for ironic humor now? Anyway,
his New Year’s resolution is to win the title back, so get out here
Big Show.
the champ who wants to know if he looks like Santa Claus. The fans
and Sheamus say yes, but Show is fatter. Show makes fun of Sheamus’
bad humor and says no more title shots. He says the victory on
Monday meant nothing because Show wasn’t really trying. Show was in
Christmas mode and it wasn’t even for the title. Sheamus calls him a
coward and says Show’s pride was on the line on Monday and says he’s
here for the title. If he can’t get that though, he’ll have to
settle for a fight.
Booker before things get physical of course because that’s not how we
roll on Smackdown. So much for what Bradshaw says I guess. Booker
agrees with Show and says that Sheamus lost at TLC. He did however
win on Raw but Show doesn’t want to hear this. Show says no one in
the locker room is worthy of a shot at him because it reeks of
inferiority. Booker says Show is in action tonight and there’s going
to be a drawing to determine Show’s opponent.
drawing is right now as I guess the entire roster was waiting in line
behind the curtain. Teddy and Eve argue over who gets to spin the
tumbler because that story is still going for some reason. The
tumbler is knocked over to fill in more time. Santino wins the match
which I don’t think is for the title. They have a brief staredown
which results in non-comdy. Apparently it is for the title.
vs. Brodus Clay
if nothing else the girls give us something to look at before the
match. Epico offers a quick distraction which gives Primo his only
offense. Clay catches a cross body in a powerslam before headbutting
Primo down. Splash and we’re done at 1:13.
Funkadactyls beat up Rosa post match for no apparent reason. Dancing
is having a sandwich in the back with Sheamus but the pale one throws
said sandwich away. Sheamus is offering him some advice and Santino
asks to learn the Brogue Kick. Marella can’t get his foot above his
waist so Sheamus fires him up. Santino tries it again….and pulls
his hamstring, sending him to the floor in screaming pain.
NO/Kofi Kingston vs. Rhodes Scholars/Wade Barrett
would be the Christmas gift for those of you interested in stuff WAY
past its expiration date. Cody and Bryan start things off with
Rhodes actually taking him to the mat. Off to Kane instead who isn’t
as easy to take down. Kane misses a charge into the corner and it’s
off to Sandow instead. There’s a side slam to Damien for two and
it’s Kofi in off the tag. Not much to see so far. Cody comes back
in for about three seconds before it’s off to Barrett.
hits his jumping back elbow and puts on a front facelock. Everyone
gets in for a standoff and we take a break. Back with the Scholars
pounding on Bryan. There’s the Wind-Up Elbow followed by some knees
to the face and the big boot in the ropes from Barrett. We hit a
camel clutch for a bit before Cody comes in to a LOUD Cody Sucks
chant. Bryan escapes a chinlock and drills Rhodes to bring in Kofi.
Everything breaks down and everyone hits a mid level signature move.
Trouble in Paradise takes out Cody but Kofi walks into the Bull
Hammer for the pin at 7:05 shown of 10:05.
C+. This was fine from a
technical standpoint, but man why can’t WWE get this idea of once
someone is pinned clean, there’s no reason to continue a feud? Kofi
has beaten Barrett 100% clean on PPV, but they’re going to have
another match, presumably at the Rumble or on a special. Why in the
world should they fight again if we’ve already seen it happen? Well,
aside from the writers being lazy and incapable of coming up with
more than one idea for a guy every three months of course.
is injured and can’t fight tonight, so we draw another name for
Show’s match. The name will be announced later apparently, and by
later they mean after a break. It’s Ricardo Rodriguez. Show is very
pleased and makes fun of Ricardo by putting the title on his
shoulder. He makes Ricardo do the announcement that he (Ricardo) has
won the title, but Show knocks him cold instead. Booker promises
that Show is in trouble.
Ryder vs. Antonio Cesaro
again. Cesaro shoves him into the corner to start and suplexes him
down for two. We hit a quick chinlock as the fans chant USA. Cesaro
cranks on the arm and hits the gutwrench suplex for two. A big
double stomp gets another two and we hit a body vice. Ryder fights
up and hits a missile dropkick but the Broski Boot misses. The
European Uppercut and the Neutralizer end this at 3:28.
D. This was exactly the same
Cesaro vs. Ryder match we’ve seen half a dozen times now. Why would
I want to watch this again? This is another of WWE’s problems that I
keep harping on: they have a HUGE roster yet they use the same
matches over and over again. Was there no one else in the back that
can’t be used here? Geez at this point they might as well bring in
jobbers. It’s not like anybody buys Ryder as a threat to win this
match anyway, especially with Khali getting a shot at the title on
recap the MizTV segment from Raw.
Ziggler vs. The Miz
not usually one to notice fake pops, but there is no way Miz is
getting that kind of a reaction. During the entrances, we see MORE
from MizTV. For those of you with a REALLY short attention span I
guess. Well to be fair no one watched Raw on Monday anyway so it’s
not the worst idea. AJ continues to look great in the Ziggler shirt
and shorts.
takes over to start with a headlock as JBL lists off Langston’s power
lifting records. Josh runs his mouth so JBL threatens to smack him
every time Matthews says something stupid. JBL: “I would do it but
I’d hit you so often it would sound like applause.” Miz hits a
flapjack and throws Ziggler to the floor, but Langston catches him in
mid air. Back in and Ziggler takes over, getting two off the jumping
elbow drop.
hit the chinlock for a bit until Miz comes back with some ground and
pound. We take a break and come back with Ziggler getting another
two off another elbow drop. Dolph hooks another chinlock as we
repeat the same sequence from before the break for no apparent
reason. Miz comes back with some clotheslines and avoids the
Fameasser. There’s the corner clothesline followed by the top rope
ax handle, but a Big E. distraction lets Ziggler hit the Zig Zag for
the pin at 7:50 shown of 11:20.
C. Miz still isn’t over as a
face but having him face heels is going to help him a bit. It’s
certainly going to do more for him than being an annoying talk show
host. I’m a Miz fan but this turn isn’t working for him. The
biggest issue for him is he never really had a moment where he
turned. He just kind of started to fight heels and that doesn’t work
too well. The match was perfectly fine.
makes fun of AJ post match and implies she’s a whore. Ziggler runs
in and takes a mic to the head but Langston runs Miz over.
is out of the title shot tonight. Brad Maddox comes in and wants one
more shot. For no apparent reason, Booker gives him ONE MORE shot.
So Maddox is Christan from last year now? Brad leaves and Alberto
says he wants a shot at Big Show for what he did, so Booker gives him
the title shot tonight. So is Alberto face again after being a heel
on Raw after being a face for weeks after being a heel for years?
Maddox vs. Sheamus
what you would expect with the only entertaining part being JBL’s
response to Josh asking what percentage JBL gives Maddox in this.
“About the same as you becoming a good announcer.” The Brogue
Kick ends this at 3:54.
D+. Boring match, HILARIOUS
commentary. Maddox needs to change things up now because you can
only do this so many times. It doesn’t help that he has nothing
going for him at all. Nothing to see here, just like the case for
every other Brad Maddox match he’s ever had in any organization.
ReBound is the Santa story along with the main event. I love people
that say this insults their intelligence. They’re watching WWE and
THIS is what insults their intelligence?
Time Players vs. Usos
Players have new music which isn’t as catchy. Young and Jey start
things off and Darren gets double teamed a bit. Titus makes a blind
tag and kicks Jey in the head to take over. There’s some heel
miscommunication but Young hits the gutbuster for two on Jey anyway.
The twins switch allowing Jimmy to roll up Young for the pin at 2:07.
hear from the Shield again where they recap everything they’ve done
over the year. They promise more next year.
Show doesn’t think much of Alberto.
World Title: Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio
Rio gets an even bigger fake pop than Miz from earlier. After some
big match intros (it’s so odd hearing Alberto’s entrance in English),
Del Rio pounds away to start and blocks the chop in the corner. The
second attempt isn’t blocked though and down goes Alberto. Show
takes him to the mat with a headlock takeover and cranks away on the
throws Alberto to the outside and sends him into the steps before
hooking an armbar back inside. Alberto comes back with a kick to the
head and some shots to the arm but the armbreaker is broken up by a
shove to the floor. Show tries to leave but Sheamus jumps him in the
aisle for the DQ at 5:21.
C-. They kept this short here
and that was definitely the right idea. This was a styles clash
because Del Rio only has one move that could win here and Show is too
big to get it on. Having Del Rio stand up against a bully is the
best idea to make him a face that could be used aside from using his
money for something good. Not a bad match, but it would have been
with more time.
walks away but runs into about half the roster (including heels) who
beat him back into the ring for an enziguri from Del Rio and a Brogue
Kick from Sheamus.
C-. This wasn’t
terrible but it certainly wasn’t good. It did a good job of pushing
Del Rio as a face…..which makes almost no sense given what happened
on raw but to be fair that was four days ago so we’re not supposed to
remember it. The Rumble build will likely begin next week, but most
of that show is going to be based around the Rock anyway so it’s
interesting to see where the Rumble will rate in importance in the
month before the show.
Clay b. Primo – Splash
Barrett/Rhodes Scholars b. HELL NO/Kofi Kingston – Bull Hammer to
Cesaro b. Zack Ryder – Neutralizer
Ziggler b. The Miz – Zig Zag
b. Brad Maddox – Brogue Kick
b. Prime Time Players – Small package to Young
Show b. Alberto Del Rio via DQ when Sheamus interfered
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NXT – December 26, 2012

December 26, 2012
Tony Dawson
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
to Florida and we’ve got a new challenger for Rollins in the form of
Corey Graves. That’s by far the biggest thing that happened last
week as the main event was Big Show squashing Bo Dallas for no
apparent reason. The shows have been solid lately and hopefully they
close out 2012 with another good one. Let’s get to it.

Home…..to a year in review show. Apparently this is going to be
highlights from the season, so I’ll be cutting and pasting a lot
here. Note that the full matches likely won’t be shown but I’ll be
posting the full review from the match.
August 29:
Championship: Jinder Mahal vs. Seth Rollins
have a ton of time for this. Fink may be fat and older now (he’s
only 62 so he’s hardly ancient), but that voice is still perfect.
Mahal won’t shake Dusty’s hand before the match. Rollins tries to
take him to the mat to start but Mahal gets back up quickly. A
dropkick puts Mahal down again and Rollins hits a hard chop. Mahal
gets sent to the floor but he avoids a dive and sends Rollins face
first into the apron. A suplex onto the ramp has Rollins in trouble
and we head back in.
take a break and come back with Rollins in even more trouble. Mahal
stomps him down and hits a backbreaker to start setting up the camel
clutch. Rollins gets choked against the ropes and the fans are
behind Rollins now. He tries a comeback but gets kneed in the face
by Mahal to take him back down. The camel clutch is escaped so Mahal
pounds him in the back again. An enziguri out of nowhere puts Mahal
down and Rollins punches Jinder down.
goes up for another knee but Rollins knocks him off the top and out
to the floor. Rollins hits a HUGE dive to the floor and both guys
are down. Back in and Seth goes up again, only to get crotched and
superplexed from the top. We take another break and come back with
the two of them slugging it out. Mahal might have a bad knee but he
pulls off a sitout slam for two. A full nelson slam is countered and
Rollins goes to the apron.
hits an enziguri to the head and a running knee for two. The near
falls are getting closer and closer here. A running forearm in the
corner staggers Mahal but he manages to drop Rollins face first into
the buckle. The low superkick (I think he calls it Avada Kadavra,
making Rollins awesome) gets two. Phoenix Splash (moonsault into a
450) misses and Mahal hits the full nelson slam for two. Rollins
gets to the rope before the clutch can go on and Rollins rolls him up
for two. Rollins comes back with the buckle bomb and the Blackout
out of nowhere for the pin and the title at 14:24 shown of 21:24.
B. I’m still not wild on Rollins’ in ring work but the fans are
into him and he’s not dull. He also needs a new finisher as the
Blackout looks pretty forced to put it mildly. As for the match
though, they did a great job of building both guys up as unbeatable
and then having them go at it. The match was very good as far as
making you wonder who was going to win and it turned into a good back
and forth fight at the end. Not a masterpiece or anything, but for
the first NXT Championship, this was more than acceptable.
get some clips of the rematch. This segues into clips from Raw of
the Shield.
get some highlights of various stars from NXT, such as Richie
Steamboat, Bo Dallas, CJ Parker, Audrey Marie, Big E. Langston and
Bray Wyatt (gets by far the most time).
July 11:
English vs. Bray Wyatt
talks on the way to the ring, calling himself the angel in the dirt
and singing Time is on My Side by the Rolling Stones. Wyatt pounds
him down and sends English to the floor and into the barricade. Back
in and Wyatt rolls around on the apron before splashing English in
the corner. Wyatt dances with English a bit (literally) before
hitting a rolling Downward Spiral for the pin at 1:48. Awesome debut
here and a good transition from promos to in ring work which was what
I was worried about from Wyatt.
Wyatt talks about how it’s a new year for your loved ones to betray
you in his name.
get an exclusive match tonight between Kane and Rhodes.
on Kassius Ohno. I still don’t care. He talks about inflicting pain
on people and we get a recap of his attacks on various people with
Regal making the save.
says a new year is coming and that the year of 13 will be a year for
talks about telling Rollins to beat respect out of people and somehow
that evolved into the Shield. The future is here in NXT and he hopes
people are taking notice.
on Langston and the FIVE count.
November 28:
vs. Big E. Langston
is a match for the $5000 bounty that Vickie has put on Langston’s
head. Camacho tries to pound on him but Langston keeps shoving him
away. A shot out of the corner puts Big E. down but Camacho slaps
him like an idiot. The Big Ending (falling slam) ends Camacho at
demands the five count and you don’t tell a man like that no.
Camacho gets two more Big Endings for good measure.
get a clip of Langston debuting on Raw. Ok, now the question is are
they going to reference this on NXT starting next week? They’re
making it clear what’s going on in the main world, so they can’t (and
by can’t I mean will but shouldn’t) ignore it from now on.
says he attacked Cena because he was helping his friend. His
business here on NXT is to become NXT Champion. His New Year’s
Resolution is to do just that. Unfortunately his manic style is gone
now and he sounds all serious.
on various people in NXT that we haven’t covered yet, including
Kruger and Paige.
Rollins defending against Graves next week.
get a clip from Main Event of Kane injuring Cody’s shoulder.
vs. Cody Rhodes
is from July but it’s never before seen. Cody immediately bails to
the floor and stalls. Back in and Cody pounds away in the corner,
only to be pounded right back down. Kane hits the low dropkick for
two and Cody heads to the floor. Rhodes gets beaten up on the stage
and aisle before we head back to the ring. Kane misses the
clothesline and Cody escapes the chokeslam before sending Kane into
the corner.
goes after the knee as we get into a more standard match here. We
take a break (complete with a John Cena loves NXT promo) and come
back with the announcers talking about a HUGE leap from Cody. We
don’t get to see it of course, but here’s a sidewalk slam from Kane
for two instead. The top rope clothesline hits but Cody grabs the
rope to avoid a chokeslam. There’s the Disaster Kick for two but
Cross Rhodes is countered into a chokeslam for the pin at 7:00 shown.
D+. This was pretty lame.
Neither team was formed yet so there’s only so much to care about
from these guys. Cody had a pretty awful year after showing amazing
potential in 2011 while Kane resurrected his career for about the
time with the comedy team. This match didn’t show much of either
though and it was a dull match as a result.
is talking about the upcoming year when Shield cuts into the feed.
Rollins talks about being NXT Champion for months but never getting
the call from WWE. Ambrose talks about how the WWE is ill and
suffering from lies and corruption. The real world has enough
injustice in it already and that’s not how WWE is supposed to be.
Rollins understands why Corey Graves did what he did but next time,
Graves is leaving on a stretcher. Ambrose says they’re the best.
Reigns gets in a great line of “NXT is our house and while we may
come and go as we please, we’ll always collect the rent.” The
Shield is here next week.
B+. What a great show.
This was designed to recap everything that happened in NXT so far and
I don’t think they missed a thing. Everyone got at least a soundbyte
or a video about them and we got some matches on top of it. The
feature match holds this back because it’s just not that good, but
it’s nice to see them acknowledging what’s going on at Raw and
hopefully incorporating that into NXT. Good stuff here that reminded
me what I love about NXT.
b. Cody Rhodes – Chokeslam
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Top Matches Of 2012

If this article doesn’t get the desired amount of views, Thomas Hall will be to blame..

Who doesn’t love a good list? With Christmas rapidly approaching I contacted Scott to see if he’d be interested in doing a Top Matches style article with a couple fellow BoD’ers. At first he was opposed, but later that night the Ghosts of BoD showed up, and he quickly changed his mind. Especially when he saw that the Ghost of BoD Future offered up a vision of the wife leaving and Scott ending up sharing a studio apartment with The Fuj.

There was no set number for people to list, so we came up with whatever number we wanted.

Thomas Hall –

begin with, this is going to be a WWE heavy list. I only watch WWE
and TNA and there’s a lot more WWE out there than TNA, so there’s a
bigger selection of matches for WWE to pick from. Also I’ve always
been a WWF/E guy and it’s a natural bias for me. Also this is a
combination of my favorites and what I found to be the best matches
of the year, so your stances on them may widely vary. Let’s get to

Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode – Destination X
was a match where the build to the match worked better than the
overall match, even though the match itself was quite good. The
story behind the match was Aries cashing in the X Title to get a
guaranteed world title match here. This is where things got
interesting, as you had Aries as the unbeatable X Division Champion
facing the longest reigning world champion in company history. The
idea was simple: take two guys who are perceived as unbeatable and
put them in a match. The fact that the match was great helped a lot
Big Show vs. Sheamus – Hell in a Cell
makes the list for the simple reason of how shocking it was. By
shocking, I mean people were expecting a horrible match but we got a
great showdown instead. Sheamus playing the giant killer worked very
well for him as he’s strong enough to be able to move Show around,
but at the same time he’s small enough to make Show’s offense look
good. This turned into the heavyweight slugfest, as in a match where
both guys use their biggest power moves possible and the last man
standing wins. Those can get very fun in a hurry, and this got
excellent by the ending.
John Cena vs. The Rock – Wrestlemania 28
isn’t on here for the match, but rather the buildup. Cena vs. Rock
was one of the only matches ever where I knew it would be good, but
no matter how good it was I absolutely had to see it. I don’t recall
a match ever before where that happened other than maybe Rock vs.
Austin II. The match itself is very good but I wouldn’t call it
great. Cena losing is still a questionable move, but it’s not the
worst decision of all time. On top of that, a match that draws a
million PPV buys has to be doing something right.

CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan – Over the Limit
idea here is simple: take two guys that can work almost any style and
give them 25 minutes. The match was good and the fans reacted to it.
I don’t have much else here because I actually don’t remember much
of the match, but the ratings I have for it seem to say I really
liked it, so here’s a spot for it.
Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus – Extreme Rules
was another war, with Sheamus’ arm being such a factor that you
couldn’t tell if he was going to survive or not. This wasn’t really
a rematch but rather the first match between them, as the first match
is the infamous 18 seconds match. It was 2/3 falls because that’s
EXTREME of course. These two beat the tar out of each other and it
turned into an incredibly entertaining match. This match was also a
part of the eventual Daniel Bryan anger management story, as he
snapped in the first fall and kicked Sheamus long enough for a DQ. I
like Sheamus a lot and this match was a good example of why.

James Storm vs. Bobby Roode – Lockdown

was a bloodbath and seemingly the perfect blowoff for this feud.
Naturally since this is TNA the feud continued over the summer and
finally ended at Bound For Glory, but that’s another story. The
majority of the match was an excellent brawl with both guys bleeding
like crazy. Storm kept beating on Roode until he couldn’t take
anymore, but the superkick knocked Roode out of the cage to keep the
title on him. The problem of the match at the end of the day was
there was no reason for Roode to keep the title here other than to
extend the feud. If this was the blowoff, it likely would have
cracked the top three.
Shield vs. HELL NO/Ryback – Tables Ladders and Chairs (TLC Match)
likely high for this match but it blew my mind at TLC. This was the
Shield’s debut match and to say they delivered is the understatement
of the year. It was a 25 minute war between six guys that looked
like they wanted to maim each other. There were some huge spots,
with the biggest one being Rollins going off the huge ladder and into
a pile of tables, somehow without breaking his neck.
top of that, the psychology was excellent here. The idea behind the
match was Shield pounding down one guy at a time, giving them a 3-2
advantage at any given time. This was played up for the entirety of
the match and it worked very well throughout. The match was all
about a (non) blood feud and it came off feeling like a war rather
than a match. On top of that, the idea of it being pinfall or
submission made things even better. I’m surprised I rated this so
high actually.
Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk – Wrestlemania 28
this wasn’t on this card, it would have been the best match of the
night by far. This was built upon the Punk is Drunk story with
Jericho pushing the idea that Punk is an addict no matter how
straightedge he is. This set Punk off, setting up a war here. Much
like Wrestlemania 25 though, they decided that if the champion got
disqualified, he would lose the title. In other words, we need a 22
minute wrestling match from Chris Jericho and CM Punk.
followed was a classic, with both guys showing some insane psychology
and the finish coming from Punk hooking the Anaconda Vice for the
second time. Earlier in the match, Jericho had kneed Punk in the
head to escape the hold, so to end the match, Punk leaned his head
forward to prevent the knees. I’m a huge fan of people learning
during the match and adapting to it later to win. Excellent match
Undertaker vs. HHH – Wrestlemania 28 (Hell in a Cell)
Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena – Extreme Rules (Extreme Rules)
tried and tried but I can’t decide between the two of these. They’re
different kinds of matches but they both were home runs in what they
were going for. In wrestling, there is more than kind of great story
and great match to end it. These two matches were prime examples of
two very different kinds of stories and we’ll look at them a bit
here. We’ll start with the battle of the legends in the cage.
begin with, when I refer to the first HHH vs. Undertaker match, I
mean the one that happened in 2011, not the one from eleven years
match might have the longest buildup for a match in the modern era.
Think about it. This match was legitimately built up for over three
years. The Shawn matches were more or less forerunners to this
match, as was the match at last year’s Wrestlemania. It helped that
all three of the previous matches ranged anywhere from good to
excellent. Every part of the final match was great, starting with
the buildup.
stipulation for the match was set up on an episode of Raw after HHH
and Undertaker had spent a few weeks glaring at each other and
cutting overly dramatic promos. At the end of the day though, a
stipulation was promised. My guess was that it was going to Streak
vs. career again, but in something that hasn’t happened in years, HHH
offered a Hell in a Cell match at a point in the year other than the
showed what is lacking from the HIAC PPV. As opposed to the PPV,
this match felt natural and a logical progression and ending to the
feud between Undertaker and HHH. On top of that, having the match
come out of nowhere rather than being the inevitable conclusion makes
the match feel bigger. The match fit the feud rather than the feud
being made to fit the match, which you can’t get at the PPV anymore.
let’s get to the actual match. With Shawn as the referee, the
question became could the Streak actually end. The problem with
Undertaker matches at Wrestlemania is making people believe the
Streak is in jeopardy. The second Shawn match and the first HHH
match couldn’t get over this issue: at no point did I ever feel that
the Streak was in jeopardy. The matches were good, but they didn’t
hit that higher level. On the other hand, the first Shawn match and
the second HHH match had me freaking out over the near falls. That’s
not something that often happens, but when it does, things get
match itself was an all out war with a ton of drama the whole way
through. Between HHH massacring Undertaker with a chair and Shawn
nearly stopping it to the DX finisher of a superkick into a Pedigree
only getting two to Undertaker not being able to finish HHH despite
using finisher after finisher. After finally finishing him with a
tombstone, we got perhaps the image of the year with the three
legends embracing. I’m not sure what era this ended, but it was a
great way to end that era.
let’s move on to the next month and the other match of the year. The
night after Wrestlemania, Brock Lesnar returned and laid out John
Cena with an F5. They brawled a few times over the next few weeks
until we got to their Extreme Rules match, appropriately enough at
Extreme Rules. The bell rang and the war was on.
match was a war from the bell and was the most physical match I’ve
seen in years. John Cena took one of the worst beatings I can ever
remember but he stayed in the match somehow. This match was all
about violence and it worked amazingly well. It was more of a fight
than a match, which is something we haven’t seen in the company in
years. These two beat each other up and the place was losing their
minds over it.
top of that, and I know this isn’t the most popular opinion, but this
match was a testament to John Cena, as was the match the previous
month’s battle with Rock. Cena has reached the point where no one on
the regular roster can give him a legitimate challenge, so they had
to bring in one of the biggest stars of all time and the former UFC
World Heavyweight Champion. That says a lot about where Cena is on
the all time greatness scale.
2012 had some great matches, but the problem was getting between
those matches. The TV shows are beyond watered down at this point as
there’s too much TV going on. The good thing is that the PPV matches
can be quite good, but the TV continues to get worse. Between the AJ
saga and Aces and 8’s and Del Rio vs. Sheamus, these stories just go
on too long. Still though, some matches were excellent and are well
worth checking out again.
Caliber Winfield –  
Much like Tom, I have a WWE heavy list, because I’m mainly a WWE guy. I’m a big pro-wrestling fan, but it doesn’t consume most of my day. I watched most of the big matches from TNA this year, and while there were a ton of great ones, they just couldn’t top the stuff in my top 5.
5. Bobby Roode vs James Storm
– Street Fight – Bound For Glory, 2012

Hey, did you know James
Storm is a redneck?! Just in case you didn’t know. It would have made
more sense for King Mo to be the enforcer in the Aces & Eights
match. I mean, what’s he gonna enforce here? The lighting and camera
guys? Kudos to Storm’s blade job, one of the goriest I’ve ever seen,
and something that’s absolute perfect in a match of this magnitude. Later, Roode sells the JS’ version of the Codebreaker like The Rock sold the Stunner. Near the end, Roode breaks out the guaranteed pop, the thumbtacks.. They were over used for a while there,
but now they’re rarely seen and a perfect addition to a match such as this. The way Roode collapsed after getting hit with the beer bottle
was fantastic, and made all the greater when Storm sat him up, only
to send him crashing back into the tacks with the Last Call. This was
a great brawl that was made all that more special by the fact we just
don’t see these types of matches that often anymore. It is a shame
that this wasn’t for the title, and in the main event, as it should
have been.
Storm grabs the pin after
Last Call at 17:35 | ****3/4
4. Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus –
2/3 Falls for the World Heavyweight Championship – Extreme Rules

Sheamus has finally shown the rest of us what Triple
H has seen in him. He went out there and hung with the best technical
wrestler today, in one hell of an exciting match. They started off
with the traditional style of wrestling, trading locks & holds
back and forth. Once they elevated past that, they beat the hell out
of each other to try and score the first & crucial win. It was
great to see Bryan get so viscous, drawing out the DQ for refusing to
quit kicking Sheamus’ shoulder, and then following it up by
slapping him in the Yes-Lock until the fella passed out. I was pissed
at the WM match up, but in hindsight, it wasn’t a bad move. As it
gave a real reason for having 2 out of 3 falls, Sheamus a chance to
prove he’s no fluke champion, and showed that Bryan deserves to be
a main event star. One hell of a match, with a nice, clean finish.
Best technical match of the year.

Daniel eats a Brogue Kick and a pin at 23:01 |

3. CM Punk [C] vs John Cena –
WWE Championship – Night of Champions
It should come as no
surprise what a great match this is. The last two matches between
these two, Punk & Cena were evenly matched, however, this time
around, the last year’s experience has put Punk on a different level.
He dominates Cena for the first half of the match, and stops short
his come back at every corner,
countering the 5 Knuckle Shuffle twice. One of which is a sweet
counter into the Vice, as he looks right into Cena’s face and screams “I’M BEST
IN THE WORLD!”. It’s also fantastic to see Heyman on the
outside, at times beaming like a proud father, and at others worrying like a wife. In
this match, I truly see Punk as best in the World. Cena can’t put him
down, and Punk has an answer for him at every turn. An awesome spot where Punk
hits a Rock Bottom, trying just about everything to wipe Cena out.
Both men are dead, absolutely dead, and I’m a bit upset that I know who wins,
because this would have been incredible to see live. Honestly, this
match deserves the full monty, because it was nothing but absolute fire the entire bout.
Without a doubt their best match to date. I’d love to go full monty,
but I can’t with that ending. In any other year, this would have been
on everyone’s list, but 2012 had a large list of not only MOTYC, but
matches that could contend to be the best.

Both CM Punk & John
Cena’s shoulders are down for the count of 3 at 26:50 | ****3/4

2. John Cena vs Brock Lesnar
– Extreme Rules Match – Extreme Rules
Brock is such a f------
bad-ass. That’s the only way I can even begin to describe him; a
f------ bad-ass. While re-watching matches for this list, the video before this match got me amped to see it,
despite the fact I’d already seen it twice. The elbows he unleashes
on Cena in the beginning are unbelievable, and easily the most vicious start to a match ever.  Later, Lil
Naitch earns credit for taking the sickest ref bump I’ve ever seen; a full force
elbow from Lesnar, and then Lesnar earns more than he already had for picking the ref up
with one hand, like so much luggage. This is one of those matches
that will be talked about for as long as pro-wrestling is around, and
beyond. They had a chance to tell a great story with Cena, and of
course they just went with the same ol’ come the end, but until then,
a masterpiece.
Cena pins Brock after an
FU on the steel steps at 17:52 | ****3/4

1. Chris Jericho vs CM Punk
[C] – Street Fight for the WWE Title – Extreme Rules

Yes. Hell yes. This is exactly why I was so excited
for Jericho to return, because I knew who ever he’d get put with,
I’d be guaranteed at least one classic. After Sheamus & Bryan
put on one of the best technical matches we’d seen in years, Punk &
Jericho come out to deliver a match that’s the exact opposite, and
even BETTER. It’s not often that matches have me sitting &
cheering, and getting completely absorbed into what’s on the
screen, but they did just that. I knew what the finish was, and I was
STILL marking out at the near falls. This was absolutely brutal, and
a war not seen since Jericho took on Shawn in the Unsanctioned Match.
They played this so well, with Jericho keeping up his taunts, and
Punk losing it on several occasions. I absolutely loved this, with the match reaching 5 stars before Punk even put Jericho through the announce table. Not
only is it my pick for MOTY, but it’s my 2nd favorite
match of all time.
Punk hits the GTS for the pin at 25:15 | *****

Scott Keith –
Ho ho ho, Merry Everyone! 
I generally hate top 5 lists, but there
was a lot of good wrestling in 2012, so here’s the definitive guide
to what I thought was awesome for the year. This is not a
comprehensive numerically accurate summation of the BEST matches
technically, it’s the ones where I LIKED them the most and felt the
most excited about wrestling in the larger sense after watching them.
You’re welcome.
5) James Storm v. Robert Roode,
Bound for Glory.
This match was so fun that I actually
posted in the live thread about it. The flaw with the match was the
booking, unfortunately, as it was set up to be the giant blowoff in a
feud for the World title, but it wasn’t for the World title. And
then Roode got his win back a few weeks later anyway and cost poor
James Storm yet another shot at the title. However, as a
demonstration of the “less is more” philosophy when it comes to
blood use, this was aces. We rarely see blood on the national stage
these days, so when Storm goes out there and bleeds like Ric Flair on
an aspirin bender it has MEANING. The very definition of a Memphis
brawl, with perhaps the perfect pro wrestling finish (Storm knocks
him out with a beer bottle as retribution for losing the World title
a year previous, then finishes with the superkick), this one made me
giddy again, just for one night. (****1/2) 
4) The Shield v. Kane/Daniel
Bryan/Ryback, TLC
Another goofy brawl, although this one
had more in common with the cartoonish 90s WWF and ECW brawls that
were so much fun in small doses. This one was great because it
introduced new players into the main event scene and featured the
smartest booking of heels I’ve seen since the Four Horsemen. The
story of the match was that the Shield would constantly manipulate
the numbers game to keep it 2-on-1 at all times, by incapacitating
one member of the babyface team and then double-teaming one member
while the third Shield member tied up another babyface. It was like
a constant face-in-peril scenario, leading to an epic Ryback comeback
that was the perfect use for him. Fast-paced and never boring, which
is my favorite kind of brawl. (****3/4)
3) Minoru Suzuki v. Hiroshi
Tanahashi, NJPW King of Pro Wrestling
I had heard endless praise for this
one, and even with the impossible buildup, it was still tremendous.
Suzuki is the grizzled grumpy bastard and Tanahashi is the ROCK STAR
IWGP champion and it was an amazing chemistry there, with some
sportsmanlike conduct to start before Tanahashi played air guitar on
him and suddenly it’s ON. Some amazingly creative working of the
arm from Suzuki that never feels dull, and Tanahashi just gets his
ass kicked and makes a series of short comebacks by constantly taking
out the leg, before the one big comeback to finish. 30 minutes flies
by and I was oohing and aahing along with the Japanese crowd because
the facials are so good you don’t even need to understand the
language. (*****) 
2) Undertaker v. HHH, Wrestlemania
If this was the last match for
Undertaker (which it’s likely not, but you never know) it was a
hell of a way to go. Even with the Hell in a Cell concept diluted by
the yearly PPV, two aging stars showed that they still knew how to
tell a story and beat the hell out of each other. Although
Undertaker’s new haircut and the logistics of hanging a cell in an
open air stadium threatened to overshadow the match in the days
leading up to it, all was forgotten once HHH tried and failed yet
again to end the streak, even with conflicted special ref Shawn
Michaels at least temporarily on his side. Even in a match where
everyone knew what the result would be going in, the drama that
unfolded still kept me on the edge of my seat, especially when D-X
reunited for the superkick-pedigree spot that ALMOST convinced the
audience that maybe this time, the streak would end. Once again, it
shows that the old tricks and blood, used in moderation, can bring a
good match into a legendary match. (*****)
1) John Cena v. Brock Lesnar,
Extreme Rules
But nothing all year was going to touch
this one. When Brock Lesnar returned, people knew he was
“representing” UFC fighting, but no one suspected how much of it
he would bring into the match with Cena. Whereas almost all of the
WWE main events of the past decade or so were largely interchangeable
with a few exceptions, this was DIFFERENT. It didn’t feel like any
other pro wrestling match I had ever seen, it felt like some sort of
shoot fight gone horribly wrong, with Lesnar repeatedly potatoing
Cena and busting him up like he was a punching bag. And even Cena’s
typical smarmy babyface comeback suddenly became a fresh and new
thing, as for once he was the sympathetic underdog fighting back
against all odds with legitimate crowd support behind him. And then
he won, and we all realized that it was just the same old stuff over
again. But up until that moment, this was the most hellacious fight
that I had ever seen and by far the most fun I had watching a pro
wrestling match in 2012. This, my friends, was the Match of the
Year. (****3/4)

ROH TV 12-22-12 (Best of 2012)

I was expecting these Best of 2012 specials to be nothing
but clips, but they’re actually showing complete matches and it’s stuff I haven’t
covered before. So let’s get to it.

Eddie Edwards vs.
Davey Richards (aired 6-9-12):
So they’re going to show this, instead of
the incredible Young Bucks/Coleman & Alexander match from August? Ugh… I
don’t think I saw this match when it originally aired, though given how little
I care about either of these guys it’s possible that I did see it and just
forgot about it 2 minutes later. Richards is the heel here, for reasons I don’t
remember or particularly give a rat’s ass about. Steve Corino is on commentary,
but he’s just putting over Kevin Steen instead of trying to be funny and isn’t
as entertaining as he usually is. Long chain wrestling sequence, and the crowd
basically no-sells it, even throwing in some boos instead of popping. Both guys
end up on the outside and Edwards chops away. Back in Edwards runs into a boot
on a blind charge, Richards goes up top but gets caught with a jumping
enziguri, Edwards hits the chin-checker but Richards locks in an armbar. Edwards
makes the ropes, a fight on the apron leads to Richards doing a cool looking
move where he twists Edwards’ arm and drops him shoulder-first on the edge of
the ring as we go to break.
Back from commercial and Richards is working the arm. That
goes on for a while, Edwards hits a missile dropkick for 2 and chops away.
Richards comes back with some kicks to the injured shoulder. Tiger suplex by
Edwards for 2, and that should have been the finish, but it keeps going. He
goes up top, Richards catches him and hooks a kimura while Edwards is on the
top rope, which makes absolutely no sense at all. Some crappy looking headbutts
lead to a superplex rolled into an armbar, Edwards reverses that into the
Achilles lock. He can’t really crank it because of the bad arm, and Richards
reverses that into the anklelock. Edwards gets free, both guys hit simultaneous
boots to the face and Richards goes back to the armbar. Long pinfall reversal
sequence ends with Richards no-selling a superkick and hitting Edwards with a
clothesline (with the full 360 sell by Edwards). Richards runs into a boot,
Edwards gets caught going up top again but reverses the superplex into what I
think was supposed to be a top rope double-knee gutbuster but looked more like
an X-Factor. Richards is on his knees and Edwards just chops him right in the
face for 2. Double stomp from the top misses and Richards goes back to the
anklelock. Uh, Davey, you’ve been working the ARM the entire match, remember?
Edwards gets free but gets kicked in the face, and here’s Jimmy Jacobs to
distract Richards, and Edwards hits a missile dropkick and a rollup for the win
at 15:39 shown. **, others will probably give this a higher rating but I was
just bored out of my damned mind watching this, and it had the usual issues that plague Richards’ matches. It also went on too long,
especially with that cheap finish. This, BTW, was not even CLOSE to one of the
best ROH TV matches this year.
Clips of a Briscoes vs. Steen and Jacobs match from a house
show earlier this year. Pretty funny to see that the ramp leading to the back
is clearly one of those ramps from a U-Haul truck. Match ends with Mark diving
about 40 feet from a balcony to splash Steen trough a table. This looked
f------ insane, why couldn’t they have showed it in full? Better question: why are they wasting crazy s--- like that on house shows instead of doing it on TV or PPV?
Mike Bennett (w/Maria
& Brutal Bob) vs. Lance Storm (aired 8-3-12):
I don’t remember this
either. Unfortunately it’s clipped to shreds. Last 5 minutes or so are shown, match
ends when Maria hops up on the apron to distract the ref and Bennett TKOs Storm
on a chair that Brutal Bob slides in. Looked about ***ish at least, and again I
would have much rather seen this match than Richards/Edwards.
Quick overview of the title changes that happened though out
the year.
ROH TV Title: Adam
Cole vs. Roderick Strong (w/Truth Martini) (c) (aired 7-28-12):
This one I
definitely did see when it first aired. Cole gets baited into shaking hands
with Martini during the Code of Honor and gets nailed from behind by Strong.
That’s just inexperience right there. Strong dumps him to the floor and pounds
away, then drops him back-first on the edge of the ring. Back in Strong
continues to beat Cole’s ass with a little help from Truth when the ref’s not
looking. Cole tries to come back but eats a stun gun and a backbreaker gets 2.
More punchy-kicky stuff from Strong but it’s pretty stiff so I don’t mind it.
He dumps Cole again, Irish whip into the barricade by Strong is reversed but he
comes right back with a superkick and just launches Cole right into the
ringpost. That looked REALLY painful. Strong rolls in to break the count and
heads back out to continue the beating. This kid is just getting the s---
kicked out of him. Suplex on the floor gets 2 back in the ring, Strong grabs a
headlock as we cut to commercial.
Cole is throwing forearms as we return but Strong stops the
comeback with a dropkick to the knee. He goes for the jumping double-knee
backbreaker but Cole reverses it into a crucifix for 2, then hits a backslide
for 2. He tries a vertical suplex but his back is shot from the beating he’s
taken and Strong gets the Liontamer, Cole makes the ropes. Jumping enziguri by
Cole but he’s too worn out to take advantage and we have a double-KO. Both guys are back up and Cole
fires away with forearms and clotheslines Strong to the floor, then hits the
Bret Hart dive through the ropes. He tosses Strong back in and hits a crossbody
from the top for 2, but runs into a boot on a blind charge and is nailed with a
jumping knee. Cole back with a dropkick to the knee of his own, and a Shining
Wizards gets 2. He tries for the Florida Key but ends up getting put on the top
rope and hit with the turnbuckle backbreaker for 2. That still looks stupid,
especially with the ROH turnbuckle covers being so big that they look like
pillows. Double-knee gutbuster and Cole just barely kicks out. Strong tries for
the Gibson driver but Cole reverses into a rana and hits the slingshot DDT onto
the apron for 2. He heads towards the ropes and Truth hops up on the apron and tries to nail
him with the book, Cole ducks and sends Truth right over the turnbuckles and to
the floor. Strong nails Cole from behind and goes for the double-knee
backbreaker but can’t land it and Cole tries the figure 4, Strong gets a small
package off it for 2. Superkick and a shoulderbreaker get 2 for Cole and he
gets the figure 4 this time as Michael Elgin makes his way to ringside. He just
stands there, another superkick from Cole and the Florida Key finishes it and Cole is
your NEW ROH TV champ at 12:06 shown. Kelly seems really excited about it for
some reason. ***1/2, good stiff match with a hot crowd behind it. Random fun
fact: Cole is actually a product of the CZW school, which means that either
that camp is a lot better than we give it credit for or he really is that
talented to overcome training that crappy. Probably a combination of the 2…
Next week they’re showing the ROH MOTY, if they show it in
full I’ll review it, if not I’ll find something else to do next weekend. Until
then, have a Merry Christmas. 

NJPW 2012 10 08 King of Pro Wrestling

Your random great match of the day:  Tanahashi v. Suzuki from the October 2012 NJPW PPV.  What a brutal and great match.  Tanahashi looks and acts like a rock star and Suzuki is this grizzled tough guy and it’s such an awesome dynamic, especially with Suzuki just beating the hell out of Tanahashi with everything he has, and the supposed pretty boy champion coming back with shots to the leg.  Plus there’s this awesome spot where Tanahashi puts him into an abdominal stretch and plays air guitar on him, and Suzuki has a supremely pissed off look and proceeds to just slap the s--- out of him.  30 minutes just flies by, an easy ***** match.

NXT – December 19, 2012

December 19, 2012
Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
William Regal, Tony Dawson
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
into the new cycle of NXT now, but the problem continues to be the
gap between the current WWE product and the current NXT product.
It’s a bit off putting to have the Shield version of Rollins on Raw
and this version of him on NXT. It looks like we’re moving towards
Rollins vs. Graves in the main event scene around here. Oh and Big
Show vs. Bo Dallas is tonight. Let’s get to it.

opening video is all about Dallas vs. Big Show.
vs. Usos
starts with Primo and we quickly hit the mat. There’s an armdrag to
put Primo down but Primo comes back with a hammerlock. Primo rolls
away from an arm hold by Jimmy and we’ve got a standoff. Rosa gives
Primo a quick kiss which earns him an elbow to the face. Back to the
armbar and here’s Jey for the first time. Epico comes in as well and
immediately puts on a chinlock which doesn’t last long either. This
is a back and forth match so far but no one has any kind of long term
Usos load up the Superfly Splash but Primo bails to the floor for a
breather. Jey is all cool with that and hits a HUGE dive to take out
the cousins. We take a break and come back with Epico holding a
chinlock on Jey. Epico rolls some belly to back suplexes for two.
Primo gets the same off a dropkick as the fans want Carlito. Jey
avoids a dropkick in the corner and gets Primo caught in the Tree of
Woe for a few seconds.
tag brings in Jimmy but the referee didn’t see it. Nice touch. Jey
counters a whip into the corner and hits a big backdrop to give
himself a breather. There’s the real hot tag to Jimmy and a Bubba
Bomb takes Primo down. The running Umaga attack in the corner sets
up a Samoan Drop for two. Everything breaks down and a Jimmy
superkick sets up the Superfly Splash to Epico for the pin at 8:28
shown of 11:58.
C+. They stuck with the formula
here and it worked really well. The Usos are so talented and smooth
together out there but they can barely ever get on TV. The few times
recently where they were on television, they got the biggest
reactions of the match. Interesting how that works. Anyway, good
stuff here and a nice opener.
match the lights go out and it’s Ascension (complete with recently
released Kenneth Cameron) on the screen, telling the Usos that the
war is far from over.
English vs. Big E. Langston
can pick anyone to fight Langston with him and he picks this jobber?
English has to start and is immediately pounded down by knees in the
ribs and a running clothesline. Langston drags English over to
Camacho and extends English’s hand for a tag but Camacho bails. Big
Ending ends English at 1:12.
match there’s another Big Ending and the FIVE, then does both of them
again. The reactions for the FIVE thing are tremendous.
Watson vs. Kassius Ohno
speeds things up to start and pounds on Ohno’s back to start. Ohno
comes back with a suplex and a corner splash followed by some high
energy stomps/knees to the head. Off to a dragon sleeper by Kassius
followed by some choking on the top rope. They chop it out a bit but
Ohno charges into an elbow to the face. Percy makes his comeback but
the Persecution is blocked. Ohno Blade (or whatever he’s calling
that elbow now) knocks Watson out cold at 5:23.
D. I am so bored with Ohno.
The guy is talented but he’s got NOTHING going for him at all. He’s
a bad guy who likes to strike people, but his attitude is all wrong
for it. There’s nothing to dislike about him and that makes him a
weak heel. He’s just kind of there and has his time every week.
Watson continues to be nothing.
shouts at Regal post match.
Seth Rollins for a chat with JR. Seth says he’s here for anyone that
wants to fight him and he’s not hard to find. Corey Graves jumps
Rollins from behind and puts him in the 13th
Step leg lock. Graves talks about how his tattoos all tell a story
and now he wants the Title. He says Rollins feeds off the fans and
he’ll see Seth in hell. Not bad here but calling himself the Savior
of Misbehavior isn’t going to get him over.
tells us to watch the NXT Year In Review show next week.
Dallas vs. Big Show
I’d assume. This is about what you would expect to start: Dallas
goes nuts with strikes and is easily shoved away. The beating goes
on for awhile until Dallas gets on his back and chokes away. Show
falls back on him to break the hold but misses an elbow. Dallas
escapes the chokeslam but a bulldog is countered with a basic slam.
WMD ends this at 4:53.
D. What in the world were you
expecting here? It’s a tiny minor league guy against a massive world
champion. I have no idea why they picked Show here because it
doesn’t do Dallas any good and the match sucked as a result. I don’t
get this one at all, as there are a ton of guys you could bring in to
beat Dallas but get a better match out of him at the same time. Odd
choice here.
C. This didn’t work all
that well for me. It wasn’t a bad show or anything, but this didn’t
really advance anything. The only storyline stuff we got was
Ascension vs. Usos which we’ve done before and Ohno staring at Regal.
Oh and Graves vs. Rollins, but we already knew that was coming. Not
much to see here but it wasn’t terrible or anything.
b. Epico/Primo – Superfly Splash to Epico
E. Langston b. Camacho/Aiden English – Big Ending to English
Ohno b. Percy Watson – Ohno Blade
Show b. Bo Dallas – WMD
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ROH Final Battle 2012

Live from the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. Anyone want to
take a guess at how long it will take for an ECW chant to break out? Hosted by
Kevin Kelly and Caleb Seltzer, who announce that the new commentator (who was
supposed to be Adam Pearce) no-showed. OK then…

Michael Elgin vs.
Roderick Strong:
Good enough choice for the opener. The slug it out to
start, then Elgin ends up on the floor on a blind charge. Strong tries a
plancha but Elgin catches him, Strong gets out of the powerbomb into the ringpost,
but a forearm shot finds the post. Elgin gets caught coming back in and Strong
takes over with chops and forearms as Truth Martini makes his way out. Elgin
belly-to-belly suplexes Strong to the floor and hits a flying shoulderblock
from the apron. He sends Strong into the barricade a couple times and hits the
Bulldog powerslam on the floor. The fight it on the apron, Strong hits
a belly-to-back on the edge of the ring and hits a dive from the apron of his
own. Martini isn’t yet letting us know where his allegiances lie, cheering on
both guys and occasionally popping over to the commentator’s table to talk to
the people at home. More brawling on the floor and back in the ring, a quick
reversal sequence leads to a Black Hole Slam from Elgin for 2. Some guy tries
to start a “Let’s go Elgin” chant but the rest of the crowd won’t get into it.
Strong misses a blind charge and Elgin hits the corner Death Valley Driver for
2. Elgin goes for the corkscrew but gets crotched on the top rope and Strong
drops him into a backbreaker on the top turnbuckle. I question the
effectiveness of trying to hurt someone’s back on padding, but it was a
creative spot and it gets 2. Strong hits a couple jumping knees for 2, he sets
up for what looked like a front superplex, but Elgin knocks him to the apron
and hits the second rope apron-to-ring superplex. “Holy s---” chant is of
course not bleeped here, and that’s the one good thing about iPPV, it’s totally
unregulated. Strong no-sells the bucklebomb and hits the double-knee gutbuster,
Elgin no-sells that and clotheslines the s--- out of Strong (with the full 360
sell). Martini hops up on the apron and slides the Book of Truth into the ring,
Elgin goes for the spinning powerbomb but gets nailed with the book and Strong
hits the jumping double-knee backbreaker to end it at 11:32. Decent opener,
**1/2, Strong tells off Martini AGAIN (can’t this guy take a hint?), so Martini
tries sucking up to Elgin, and when that doesn’t work he starts telling him off
and slaps him and gets bucklebombed for his troubles.
Jay Lethal vs. Rhino:
Not really any angle with these two, just a case of 2 guys with nothing else to
do getting matched up with each other. Here’s our first ECW chant as Steve
Corino makes his way out to do commentary. Awesome. Lethal hits a springboard
crossbody and tosses Rhino over the top to the floor. Corino: “That should be a
DQ!” Kelly: “It’s not 1975 anymore!” Rhino tries getting back in and Lethal
hits a springboard dropkick to send him back out. Lethal misses a plancha but
lands on his feet and hits a superkick and the Bret Hart dive through the ropes,
then tosses Rhino into the barricade as Corino talks about how he used to date
Lethal’s mother. Back in the ring Lethal gets a kick for 2 and calls for the
Lethal Injection, it misses and Rhino hits a spinebuster for 2. Corino informs
us that Rhino is being paid off to bust up Lethal and keep him from getting
involved in the main event tonight. Forearm shots to the back from Rhino,
Lethal tries to come back with chops but just gets beat on in the corner. Rhino
hooks a body scissors as Corino makes fun of Seltzer, Lethal gets free but
keeps getting pounded. Now a bearhug, and if not for Corino’s commentary I’d
seriously be losing patience with this match. Lethal gets free and hits a
handspring elbow and a leg lariat. Irish whip is reversed and Lethal gets
speared in the corner and eats a belly-to-belly. Rhino attempts the Gore and
gets superkicked, Lethal locks in the Koji clutch, Rhino just lifts him right
up while the hold is on and drops him for 2. Lethal is back up with punches and
the Lethal Injection finishes it at 9:33. Corino’s commentary was ***** as
usual, match itself was about *, way too much laying around for a match that
short. Corino hops up on the apron to talk s--- and Jimmy Jacobs attacks Lethal
from behind, 3 on 1 beatdown results.
RD Evans (w/QT
Marshall) vs. Prince Nana:
While Evans is only a manager in ROH he’s a
CHIKARA regular (as Archibald Peck) and a 10 year vet of THIS BUSINESS, so this
shouldn’t be too horrible. Evans is wearing a fruity looking pink and black
outfit with a sash, Nana is dressed like New Jack. Evans bitch slaps Nana, Nana
attacks and we’re on. Nana pounds away for a while but gets tossed to the
floor, Evans tries a plancha but lands on his face. Nice bump there, QT
Marshall helps him up and Nana takes them both out with a running dive from the
ring to the floor. Back in Evans trips up Nana and sends him into the corner
and stomps away. A few shots to the back get 2. He grabs a sleeper then hits a
backdrop suplex and goes up top, Bret Hart elbow finds nothing but boot, a
spinning side slam and a standing senton gets 2, Evans tries a springboard
bodypress but lands in a Diamond Cutter, and Marshall pulls out the ref.
Arnesto O’Cyrus (whoever the hell he is…) attacks Marshall but gets wiped out as
Evans gets a scoop slam and goes up to again, this time he gets crotched and
Nana gets a superplex for 2. He charges, Evans boots him in the gut and hits an
inverted Styles Clash to end this one at 6:40. I thought for sure Nana was
winning here. *1/2, which is better than I expected. Tomaso Ciampa tries to
attack from the crowd but gets held back by security.
NYC Streetfight:
Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. Rhett Titus and BJ Whitmer:
and Whitmer jump WGTT from behind as they make their entrance and beat their
asses all around ringside. Titus pulls out a big stocking from under the ring
and start beating on WGTT with huge candy canes. So it’s going to be one of
those sort of streetfights, eh? I’m waiting for the plastic lizard, or I guess
maybe a plastic Frosty the Snowman. Kelly tries to tell us that there are now
dangerous shards of candy in the ring but can’t even say it with a straight
face as the crowd chants “Merry Christmas”. Whitmer tosses Hass to the floor,
Titus heads back outside and tosses one of those 3-foot tall fake Christmas trees
in, Shelton grabs it and nails him in the head with it. Meanwhile, Hass and
Whitmer are in isle tearing s--- up, in the ring Benjamin starts beating on
Titus with a crutch. Whitmer attempts to piledrive Hass on the concrete but
Benjamin runs up and blasts him in the face with a kick, Hass takes his belt
off and goes after Titus with it in the ring as Benjamin hits Whitmer with
pieces of the barricade. Benjamin back in the ring now and they double-team
Titus with belt shots, Whitmer crawls back in but gets sent out and beat on by
Benjamin while Hass goes to work with the crutch. Benjamin gets back in and
grabs a kendo stick, but for whatever strange reason tosses it outside right in
front of Whitmer, and of course he’s back in with it and goes to town on WGTT.
Why the hell would Benjamin toss it right to him? Whitmer dumps Benjamin to the
floor and hits the rolling Northern Lights suplex for 2. Haas comes back with
the Olympic Slam for 2, Benjamin brings in a piece of the barricade, Whitmer
(who’s bleeding, looks hardway, probably from a piece of Christmas ornament off
the tree) gets dropped back first on it, Titus makes the save. He and Hass go
out to the floor as Benjamin grabs a chair but Titus nails him from behind and
he lands face-first on the chair for 2. Haas sets up the guardrail in the
corner but ends up getting hiptossed into it, Benjamin makes the save and
superkicks Titus. He sets up a really beat-up table on the floor and both he
and Titus end up going through it as Whitmer gets a rollup on Haas for 2.
Exploder suplex on Haas gets 2 and Whitmer grabs another table, but ends up
getting belly-to-belly suplexed off the top rope through the table 3/4 of the
way across the ring (Holy S---!) to finish at 15:27. One HELL of a finish right
there. Some might hate the goofy weapon shots at the start, and this doesn’t
even pale in comparison to the craziness in Brooklyn later that night (though I’d
say this match had the better finish), but it was still damned entertaining.
****, replays show that Whitmer landed right on his head and he looks to be out
Mike Bennett (w/
Maria Kanellis and Brutal Bob) vs. Jerry Lynn:
This is Lynn’s final match
in ROH, as he’s retiring next month. He’s looks like he’s hardy aged since his
ECW days. Crowd gets into the “F--- him Jerry, f--- him up!” chant before the
match even starts. This is the first time we’ve seen the Code of Honor tonight,
for those that care about that sort of thing. Headlock-based chain wrestling
sequence to start with the camera focusing more on Maria (who’s wearing shorts
so small I’m surprised that New York state law allows them, not that I’m
complaining about it or or anything) than the match. Lynn goes for the cradle
piledriver about 3 minutes in but Bennett quickly gets free and goes for some
advice from Brutal Bob. A tilt-a-whirl headscissors sends him to the floor and
Lynn follows with a plancha and Bennett hides behind Maria, Lynn chases him
around but gets nailed by Brutal Bob. Bob hops on commentary for a minute as
Bennett sends Lynn into the barricade. Is there some reason that spot has to be
in every match tonight? Back in Bennett tries a suplex and Lynn reverses it
into a rollup for 2. Bennett goes to the eyes and charges at Lynn in the
corner, Lynn gets his feet up but Bennett catches them and drops Lynn into a
backbreaker for 2. Bennett punches away, Lynn fires back and hits a rolling
elbow and a back rake, then does the 10-count punches in the corner. DDT for 2,
then Lynn hits an Ace Crusher from the apron to the floor. That was cool, and
it gets 2 back in the ring. Cradle piledriver attempt #2, Bennett gets free
again and hits a spinebuster for 2. Maria hops up onto the apron to distract
the ref as Brutal Bob tosses in a chair, Bennett tries a TKO onto the chair but
Lynn reverses it into one of his own for 2. Now Bob distracts the ref, Lynn
tries to go after Maria, she drops him throat-first on the top rope and Bennett
hits the Box Office Smash for 3 at 10:08. Seemed about **ish, but it’s kind of
hard to give it a fair rating with the camera more focused on Maria than the
match. Bennett tries to attack Lynn but Lynn spears Brutal Bob, DDTs Maria, and
lands the cradle piledriver on Bennett. Crowd gives him a standing ovation and loud “Thank
you Jerry” and “You still got it” chants.
Lynn gives a really nice farewell speech thanking the fans
and Cary Silkin for everything, Nigel McGuiness comes out and gives him a
plaque commemorating all his contributions to wrestling, Lynn gives another
speech thanking the crowd and he and McGuiness pose for some photos. Glad to
see Lynn get out of the business relatively healthy and on his own terms, class
act all the way. Now Jay Lethal has to stick his nose into all this and pester
McGuiness about not getting his title shot. Lethal says he’s taking El Generico’s
spot in the main event tonight, McGuiness tells him he’s not, Lethal starts to
whine about Kevin Steen spitting on his mom, and at this point this has all
gone on a bit too long and is starting to kill the crowd. Lethal spits in Nigel’s
face, Nigel tries to attack and security breaks it up, McGuiness has them toss
Lethal out of the building.
Intermission, video packages for Steen/Generico, Cole/Hardy,
and the tag title match are shown.
Mike Mondo is out for a promo. He’ll be back in a month.
Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish join us to run their mouths and attack Mondo.
Davey Richards makes the save but gets beat down, Eddie Edwards saves him, and
takes us right into…
Bobby Fish & Kyle
O’Reilly vs. Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards:
The Wolves start by
double-teaming Fish while O’Reilly is down on the floor, he gets back in and
gets beat on in the corner. O’Reilly gets dumped, Fish and Edwards are the
legal men and Edwards hits a snap suplex for 2. Richards in now and he hooks in
a modified Texas Cloverleaf, O’Reilly tries to get in and Edwards provides a
little more leverage to the hold behind the ref’s back. Richards turns it into
a pin, Fish kicks out. Edwards back in and he gets backdropped to the apron, O’Reilly
knocks him to the floor and goes after Richards but gets tossed over the top
and out. Richards tries the kick off the apron on Fish but it’s caught and O’Reilly
nails him from behind. Edwards is sitting in that chair that always in the
corner of the ringside area for whatever reason and O’Reilly nails him with a
missile dropkick from the apron. Fish takes over on Edwards back in the ring,
he and O’Reilly go into the classic formula, baiting Richards to distract the
ref so they can double-team Edwards. Sidewinder on Edwards, Richards makes the
save. Backdrop suplex by Fish for 2, O’Reilly in and some double-team kicking
gets a couple 2 counts. Richards has had enough and goes after the heels
(including a nice German suplex on O’Reilly) but gets caught with a Falcon
Arrow by Fish. All 4 men end up on the floor thanks to twin suplexes from the
faces. Nice looking spot there. Richards and O’Reilly are back in first and
they slug it out, O’Reilly grabs a standing Dragon sleeper, Richards hooks in a
standing anklelock while still in the sleeper. Richards wins that battle and
turns it into a standard anklelock, O’Reilly gets free but eats a kick to the
head from Edwards. Tombstone by Richards gets 2, Edwards tries a powerbomb but
O’Reilly gets free and hits a brainbuster for 2 as it appears the ref no longer
cares who the legal man is. O’Reilly goes for the Dragon sleeper, Edwards rolls
it into a pin and Fish breaks it up with a moonsault from the top and seems to
have messed up his knee doing it. He gets dumped to the floor and the faces hit
a double-team powerbomb on O’Reilly for 2, Edwards hooks the Achilles lock
while stomping on the back of his head and the ref stops the match at 12:27.
Kind of an odd ending there… ***1/2, good classic formula tag match that’s
pretty much impossible to screw up, with some crazy near falls towards the end.
Matt Hardy vs. Adam
Crowd is NOT happy to see Hardy (nor am I), with quite a few fans
throwing him the double bird. Cole is the ROH TV champ, but the title isn’t on
the line here because Hardy doesn’t work for ROH. Pretty loud “F--- you Hardy”
chant as we begin. Can’t say I disagree. Lockup to start goes nowhere, another
one has them fighting over a wristlock. Cole gets free and hits some forearms
and a dropkick and Hardy bails. Cole follows with a running dive to the floor
that also nails a cameraman, he tosses Hardy back in and Hardy bails again, so
this time Cole hits him with a plancha. He tries a German suplex from the apron
but Hardy gets loose and nails Cole with a Side Effect on the edge of the ring
for a 2 count. He hooks a sort of inverted full nelson, Cole gets loose. I’m
loving the crowd here, as they are just merciless in their abuse of Hardy. He
goes for the Twist of Fate, Cole turns it into a figure 4, Hardy reverses it
and Cole makes the ropes. Another Side Effect gets 2, he hits 2 more for
another 2 count and it’s pretty clear at this point that he doesn’t have much
else. Another one for 2 and I’m rapidly getting irritated with this match, it’s
starting to remind me of that HHH/Steiner Royal Rumble atrocity. He goes for
the Twist of Fate again, Cole shoves him into the corner but runs into a boot,
Hardy hits an elbow from the second rope but Cole pops right back with a superkick
for 2. Cole stomps Hardy down in the corner, Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate
again, Cole turns it into a backslide for 2. Now Cole hits the Twist of Fate
for 2, jumping enziguri and a knee to the face for2, and he tries to go up top
bet gets caught with a crucifix powerbomb. Both guys tumble out and Cole hits
the Florida Key on the floor and rolls him back in for 2, Hardy is back up and
finally hits the Twist of Fate. It gets 2, Hardy goes to the second rope but
gets pulled off and put in the figure 4 again. Hardy makes the ropes, Cole goes
for the Florida Key but Hardy grabs the and pulls his shirt over his head and
boots Cole in the balls while the ref can’t see it, and gets a small package
for 3 at 11:47. God f------ DAMNIT! The crowd is about as happy with that
finish as I am. Well, at least it wasn’t clean. Cole’s really talented but he’s
not a miracle worker, at least not yet. 1/2*, match was terrible, Hardy was
totally out of shape and had nothing here, doing only 4 moves in the entire
match. I’m not looking forward to the rematch, that’s for damn sure.
ROH Tag Team title:
Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander vs. The Briscoes vs. Steve Corino &
Jimmy Jacobs (c):
This is sudden death rules, meaning that the champs somehow
have to be involved in the fall to end the match. Better than WWE-style first
fall wins 3-ways, but I don’t see why it couldn’t be elimination rules. The
Briscoes are the pretty clear-cut favorite of the crowd. The rules basically
make this a 4 on 2 handicap tornado match, and the challengers jump the champs
and double-team them, with Jay and Coleman taking on Corino and Mark and
Alexander going after Jacobs. Mark hits an elbow from the top on Jacobs, but
Coleman grabs the ref to break the count. C+C gets into it with the Briscoes,
so S.C.U.M. takes the opportunity to try and walk out, but the Briscoes grab
them at the curtain and Jay tosses Corino (who’s wearing that awful looking
singlet again) back in, but Alexander knocks him off the apron and C+C take
over on Corino. They hit the obligatory completely f----- up Total Elimination,
then Alexander hits a running somersault dive to the 3 guys on the floor.
Coleman hits a springboard splash on Corino, Mark makes the save. Jacobs goes
for Sliced Bread #2 on Mark but can’t hit it, springboard Diamond Cutter does
hit for 2. Jay back in and he dumps Corino and slugs it out with Coleman, but
he too takes a Diamond Cutter and bails. Corino back in, Jacobs spears Coleman
and Corino hits a belly-to-back suplex, Mark and Alexander make the save but
quickly get tossed out. Jacobs hits the Corino-assisted Slice Bread #2 and
Corino hits a lariat, Coleman kicks out. Corino tries to hit Alexander with the
roll of nickels but eats a jumping enziguri as Coleman nails a top-rope rana on
Jacobs. Corino nails Coleman with the roll of nickels, it only gets 2. Briscoes
hit the Doomsday Device on Jacobs and we have NEW tag team champions at 7:06.
**, I feel like this should have been better than it was, and it was way too
short, there’s absolutely NO reason that the shitty Cole/Hardy match should
have gone longer than this one. The Briscoes cut a celebratory promo and tell
Coleman and Alexander that they will get the first title shot just out of
respect. Works for me.
Ladder War 4, ROH
Title: El Generico vs. Kevin Steen (c):
Steen is carrying the old belt, the
new one is hanging above the ring. Brawling to start, Generico hits a tornado
DDT and a Yakuza kick and Steen bails, Generico follows with a tope. Generico
sends him back in, grabs a ladder (there’s a bunch of them at ringside, and
they’re pretty cheap looking) and starts going to town on Steen with it. He
tries to set it up but Steen nails him from behind, Generico charges and Steen
backdrops hin onto the ladder (leaning up against the ropes) and it bends right in
half. Ouch. Now Steen goes to work with the busted ladder, he throws it at
Generico and a big chunk of it breaks right off. I hope they have a stronger one
under the ring or something, these ones look like they could barely support
Steen’s weight. Cannonball into the ladder with Generico lying under it, then
Steen nails him with the chunk that broke off. Steen heads out for a couple
fresh ladders, Generico tries throwing one of them at him but he just catches
it and bounces it off Generico’s face. Steen dumps him and tosses him right
through the guardrail and into the first row, then decides to go f--- with a
fan wearing a Generico mask. Generico sets up the ladder while Steen is
distracted, but he gets caught before he can start climbing. He gets whipped
into a ladder set up into the corner and Steen stomps away. There’s a bigger
(and what looks be a better constructed) ladder in the isle, Steen grabs that
and nails Generico with it, and Generico falls to the floor. Steen sets it up
in the center of the ring and starts climbing, Generico pulls him down and
suplexes him into one of the ladders in the corner. Generico starts climbing,
Steen pulls him down but Generico suplexes him onto the ladder again. Generico
goes for the belt again, this time Steen just pushes the ladder over and
Generico lands in the corner. He’s back up and tries for the tornado DDT again
but Steen gets the knee out and turns it into a backbreaker. He dumps Generico
to the floor and starts climbing, Generico pulls him down, so Steen dumps him
again and goes for the belt, Generico catches him again. Steen dumps him back
out and this time follows him out and tosses him through the barricade again.
He sets up one of the ladders between the guardrail and the ring but decides to
just send Generico into the barricade one more time and goes under the ring
looking for something, but comes up empty. OK… He goes to the other side of the
ring and finds what he’s looking for: a table. He sets that up on top of the
ladder that’s between the ring and guardrail, tries to powerbomb Generico through
it from the ring but ends up getting backdropped through it. Generico sends the
ring crew to the back for a really big ladder and the crowd gets into the “Si!
Si! Si!” chant. He sets it up, Steen is back in and goes to the top rope,
Generico meets him and goes for the super brainbuster but gets put through the
timekeeper’s table. Steen starts climbing the really big ladder, Generico is
back in and uses the other big ladder to knock Steen down. He sets the 2 big
ladders up and tries to wedge one of the cheap looking ladders horizontally in
between them but Steen nails him and sets it up himself. Steen powerbombs
Generico onto the ladder and goes for the belt, Generico pulls him down and
hits the package piledriver. Generico climbs, Steen pulls him down, grabs
another one of the smaller ladders and wedges that one between the 2 big ones
above the first and tries to reach the belt from there but he’s about 4 feet
too short. Generico gets up there with him as the crowd chants “Please don’t
die!”, Steen boots him in the balls and hits the package piledriver through the
ladders. Generico ain’t getting up from that, Steen claims the belt for the win
at 28:03. ****, this was really good but not one of the greats, and I honestly liked
Steen’s match with Elgin at Glory by Honor (or even the streetfight from
earlier tonight) better.
Like the ladder match this was a good but not great show,
but more than worth the money. Next PPV isn’t till March and the next TV show
won’t be for at least another 3 weeks, so no more ROH for a while.


Smackdown – December 18, 2012 (Live Commercial Free Show)

December 18, 2012
Consol Energy Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Josh Matthews, John Bradshaw Layfield, Michael Cole
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
is a special show so that they can start taping the holiday episodes
sooner. This is live as well as commercial free for no apparent
reason. After last night’s Slammys, we’ve got a lot of places we can
go now, so hopefully the show tonight is as good as Raw was last
night. It’s hard to say what to expect from these shows though as
they can be hit or miss. Let’s get to it.

open with a recap from last night as you would expect a show to do
main event is Cena/Sheamus vs. Big Show/Ziggler as you would expect.
open with MizTV which has to be the most frequent talk show segment
in years. The guests tonight are Ziggler and AJ who haven’t been
confirmed as a thing yet. Langston is with them as well. Ok
considering AJ and Ziggler kissed on the stage, maybe they are a
thing. Miz asks why all of this stuff has happened and AJ says ask
Cena why he played with her heart. She lost her job as GM to keep
Cena’s good name clean and we get a clip of Cena kissing AJ.
goes on a rant about having her heart broken by Cena. We get a clip
from thre weeks ago with Cena and Vickie talking about the bows
Vickie found in the locker room. Cena made fun of them, AND THAT IS
A PLOT POINT. Yes, an eight second line about FREAKING BOWS is the
reason this story is happening. Then Cena told AJ to stop coming to
the ring with him, like she was some dirty little secret. Cena is
supposed to be better than that, but he broke her heart. Therefore,
she broke Cena’s chances at TLC.
asks who Langston is so AJ says he’s Big E. Langston. Ok then. Miz
doesn’t really care about what’s going on because AJ is crazy.
Apparently that work ticks her off, but she’s proven to Dolph that
she’s not crazy. He doesn’t care that Cena won Superstar of the
Year, because he stole the show and Cena’s girl. Miz makes fun of AJ
for being a slut and says Ziggler is the sixth member of One
Direction. Langston lays out Miz.
comes up to talk to Booker T with a prospect for a job later. It’s
Brad Maddox and Booker goes off on Teddy. Long says that Brad is a
good prospect because he has a big social media following. Booker
gives him the chance because Teddy says Booker knows what a second
chance means. What is with the references to him being an ex-con
lately? Maddox gets the match and finds out his opponent later.
Sandow vs. Sin Cara
music hits for some reason but there’s no Rey. Cara speeds things up
to start and Damien bails to the floor. Back in and Cara walks the
corner for the armdrag, followed up by a springboard missile
dropkick. Cody breaks up a springboard something and Cara is down on
the floor. That gets two for Sandow back inside, as does a suplex.
A quick chinlock goes nowhere so there’s the Russian legsweep.
Wind-Up Elbow misses, but Sin can’t get anything going. Back to the
chinlock for a bit until Cara escapes and hits a quick cross body.
Cara dives on the Scholars on the floor….and here comes the Shield.
They have Mysterio’s mask and throw it at Cara, allowing Sandow to
hit the Terminus for the pin, appropriately enough at 6:19.
D+. Dull match here which
didn’t go anywhere. Shield attacking various people is still a good
idea, because at least they’ve proven they can back it up. Not a
terrible match here, but once Mysterio didn’t show up it was clear
that something was up and Shield is the right idea. We still need
some reasoning behind these attacks, but it’s not bad yet.
match, Shield destroys Cara and hurts his knee, which is likely a way
to get Cara off TV for a legit knee problem he’s been having.
and Miss Piggy waste some time so we can get Cara out of the ring.
Marella vs. Tensai
is fallout from the presentation of an award last night. Santino
grabs a headlock to start but Tensai runs him over. Santino does his
power walk thing but stupidly tries to slam the big bald guy.
Instead he escapes a powerslam and tries a German suplex. That goes
nowhere and a slam completely fails. Off to a weak looking chinlock
by the monster before a cross body is no sold. Santino does his
signature stuff and finally slams Albert. The Cobra is blocked and
Santino is put in a sleeper. The Cobra hits the top of Tensai’s head
to no effect. The backsplash misses Santino and he steals a pin that
was clearly going to him the whole time at 4:18.
D-. Tensai, go away. Get off
of my television, go back to Japan, go to Belarus, go wherever will
take you, but get away from me. You’re a joke, not interesting, not
anything to see, and just annoying overall. Just go away already so
no one can miss you. Why he was hired back I have no idea.
has a severely injured knee.
recap the Cena/Flair/Punk/Heyman/HELL NO/Shield/Ryback segment from
last night.
and HELL NO are in the back with Kane telling Kofi to watch over his
shoulder for the Shield tonight. Bryan looks ticked off and
apparently he’s mad for not winning a Slammy last night. Kofi pulls
his Slammy out. “You mean like this one?” They try to console
Bryan by reminding him that he got to hang out with Flair, but make
the mistake of saying Flair has the best catchphrase ever. Bryan:
“NO! NO! NO!” Funny stuff.
Kingston/HELL NO vs. Prime Time Players/Wade Barrett
apparently has a neck injury from the attack by Shield. Kofi and
Titus start but Kingston goes right for Wade, allowing the heels to
take over. Young gets dropkicked down and here’s Bryan to kick him a
lot. There’s the surfboard hold by Bryan and it’s off to Kane for a
low dropkick to Young’s chest. Back to Daniel for a dropkick of his
own as I think this match is going to last awhile.
fires off the kicks to Young in the corner but gets caught in a Stun
Gun to change the momentum. Barrett comes in to pound away for a
bit, but Bryan dives away for a tag to Kofi. The IC Champion goes
off on Wade but Young breaks up Trouble in Paradise, allowing Barrett
to clothesline Kofi to the floor. The Players work over Kingston as
we look at the crowd to see if Shield is coming. Apparently
Mysterio’s neck injury is a SEVERE neck injury and not just a regular
one. Good to know.
pounds away on Kofi a bit for two before it’s back to Young. Kofi
finally comes back with a tornado DDT out of the corner, allowing for
a double hot tag to Kane and Titus. The masked man takes over and
hits a side slam for two. The top rope clothesline misses and
there’s the Clash of the Titus to Kane, but Bryan makes the save.
Everything breaks down and Darren gets the tag. Bryan pulls Titus to
the floor and the chokeslam pins Young at 10:45.
C-. Not bad here but where are
we supposed to go with either of these feuds? HELL NO has beaten the
Players time after time, while Kofi has beaten Barrett in their PPV
title match. Then again, these feuds are likely going to keep going
because that makes it easier on the writers, and Heaven forbid they
have to figure out something new.
the top of the hour so let’s hit that recap button.
explains some UK comedy show to Cena but he doesn’t get it. He says
Langston is the strongest person he’s ever faced, which seems to turn
Sheamus on. Sheamus asks what’s up with AJ. “You can tell me, no
one is around.” Cena whispers in Sheamus’ ear and Sheamus starts
to laugh but is disturbed by something Cena says. John says more
though and Sheamus isn’t sure what to think. He looks scared but
Cena was kidding him. Sheamus: “But is that even possible?”
are Punk and Heyman with something to say. Punk says the fans are
going to look back in the years and be shocked that they didn’t vote
Punk Superstar of the Year. He talks about how the fans clearly
don’t care about winning and losing, meaning they’re the kinds of
parents who put their kinds in t-ball where they don’t keep score so
the kids don’t know how big of a failure they are. Punk rips on Cena
for being a mockery of the words on his shirt: Hustle, Loyalty and
turns into an anti-Flair promo because Punk says he never loses.
He’s been champion for nearly 400 days and he’s still here two weeks
after having knee surgery. He’s not on strike like the Pittsburgh
Penguins because he doesn’t have an off season. No one can beat him,
and here’s Ryback. You know, that guy that loses every match he’s in
anymore. Ryback actually talks, and says that on the first Raw of
the year, he’s getting his title shot against Punk.
Cesaro vs. Ryback
throws Cesaro to the floor to start and pounds his head into the mat
back inside. The Goldberg chant start and Ryback hits the Thesz
Press and a splash. All Ryback so far. Cesaro bails to the floor
before the Meat Hook can hit and gets his belt to leave. Ryback
heads to the floor and tries to throw Antonio back in, but Cesaro
escapes and sends Ryback into the steps for a nine count.
in and Antonio hooks a cobra sleeper for a few moments. Ryback
misses a charge in the corner, sending his shoulder into the post. A
middle rope European Uppercut gets two for Cesaro and it’s off to a
cravate. Ryback fights up and pounds Cesaro down before hitting the
Meat Hook. Shell Shock gets the clean pin at 5:11.
C. Erg. If you need to put
Ryback over someone to keep him strong, PICK SOMEONE OTHER THAN THE
FREAKING UNITED STATES CHAMPION. This was just a step above a squash
as the steps and post did way more damage to Ryback than Cesaro did.
The match was nothing good either, but the fans were WAY into it.
see Miz going through Navy training. He also flies a plane.
Riveting stuff.
comes up to Kaitlyn in the back and Kaitlyn doesn’t want to talk to
her. Kaitlyn tells AJ she’s tired of this and a brawl breaks out.
Title: Eve Torres vs. Kaitlyn
get a freaking recap of the brawl that just happened ON A SHOW WITH
thrown down to start and Eve hits her running flip splash for two.
We head to the floor with Eve still in control. Nothing happens
there so here’s a Downward Spiral for two by Eve.
to a chinlock by the champion (Eve if that wasn’t clear) until
Kaitlyn gets two off a small package. A sloppy middle rope sunset
flip gets two for Kaitlyn as does the reverse DDT. Kaitlyn dives
onto Eve off the apron to the flor as this just keeps going. Kaitlyn
goes up but Eve grabs the referee’s foot….AND THAT’S A DQ at about
there was EVER a time to change this stupid belt, it was right here.
Kaitlyn isn’t anywhere near good in the ring and now we have to sit
through a long match until we get to THAT stupid ending? Give me a
freaking break. Terrible match with a bad ending on top of that.
says he’s a future world champion when Show comes up. He threatens
Ziggler and Langston looks to stare Show down, only to have AJ stop
him. Show threatens to kill Dolph if he tries to cash in tonight.
recap the Sheamus/Show stuff from last night which included the
attempted cash in by Ziggler, only to see Cena spoil it. Jerk.
Maddox vs. Brodus Clay
pounds away with headbutts to start and drops some elbows. Maddox
comes back with a quick dropkick to the side of the head for one and
we hit the chinlock. Brodus comes back with a splash in the corner
and suplex to set up the splash for the pin at 2:08. Same Maddox
match as always.
match it’s the Shield to beat down Brodus. They actually hit the
Ziggler/Big Show vs. John Cena/Sheamus
Santa Claus is hosting Raw on Monday. Shouldn’t he be working? Cena
and Ziggler start things off with Dolph ducking under a Cena punch
and strutting a bit. Off to Show so Cena can fire away punches with
little effect. Show misses the chop and gets dropkicked into the
corner. Show pounds him right back down again and it’s off to
Ziggler for some elbow drops.
backdrops Ziggler down but can’t make the tag before Show comes back
in. He stays in for about two seconds so it’s back to Ziggler.
Dolph misses a splash in the corner and there’s the tag to Sheamus.
He hits the ten forearms on the apron but has to stop to punch Show
before he can hit White Noise. The Cloverleaf is broken up with
Sheamus being kicked to the floor. Show takes Sheamus’ head off and
the match slows down again.
gets pounded on now as we hit the second heat segment of the match.
Show gets in his usual power stuff, followed by Ziggler pounding away
for awhile with his usual stuff. Back to Show whose chokeslam is
countered into a DDT to put both guys down. The double tag brings in
Cena to face Ziggler and everything breaks down. Sheamus and Show
head to the floor and then up the ramp as Ziggler gets two off the
Zig Zag. There’s the AA to Dolph but Langston comes in for the DQ at
C-. Why, it’s almost like this
writers that creatively bankrupt? I mean, it’s the NEXT DAY and you
can’t come up with another idea? This match did very little to make
me feel better about this show, which has been the same story that
this match had: no reason for it to exist.
heels pose to end the show. Seriously, that’s it. Oh wait we do get
a commercial for Tribute to the Troops because EIGHT HOURS OF TV THIS
D. What in the world
was the point in this being a special? The lack of commercials makes
an already tiring show even more exhausting as you don’t get a
breather if you want to see the whole thing. The main event was your
standard main event tag match and it’s nothing to see at all.
There’s nothing of note here and while it’s not a horrible show, it
falls into the same category Smackdown stays in anymore: completely
unnecessary viewing.
Sandow b. Sin Cara – Terminus
Marella b. Tensai – Pin after Tensai missed a backsplash
NO/Kofi Kingston b. Prime Time Players/Wade Barrett – Chokeslam to
b. Antonio Cesaro – Shell Shock
b. Eve Torres via DQ when Eve grabbed the referee
Clay b. Brad Maddox – Splash
Cena/Sheamus b. Dolph Ziggler/Big Show via DQ when Big E. Langston
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Smackdown – December 14, 2012

December 14, 2012
Webster Bank Arena, Bridgeport, Connecticut
John Bradshaw Layfield, Josh Matthews
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
the final show before TLC and most of the show is set. We’ve got Big
Show vs. Sheamus not being able to fight each other (despite having
dark matches at these TV tapings) until their chairs match on Sunday.
We’ve also got the potential of the Shield attacking again which
should be interesting for the most part. Other than that it’s likely
to be another dull show. Let’s get to it.

open with a recap of the end of Raw with the massive brawl between
Shield, HELL NO, Ryback, Cena, Show, Sheamus and Ziggler. We also
cover the major feuds going into Sunday.
Show vs. R-Truth
and Cesaro are both on commentary. Show pounds away on him to start
and beats him into the corner with a shot to the ribs. We head to
the floor where Truth gets beaten up even more, including being
bounced off the ropes to crash onto the floor. Cesaro looks to
interfere but Sheamus shoves him back into his chair. After Show
yells at Sheamus a bit, Truth FINALLY gets his feet up in the corner
and chokes Show a bit. Show misses an elbow and Truth hits the ax
kick for two. The Little Jimmy is countered and the WMD gets the pin
for Show at 4:44.
D. Nice to see a guy that is
treated as someone who doesn’t have much of a chance to win the title
on Sunday getting destroyed here on Smackdown. Truth got in like two
kicks and that’s the extent of his offense here. In other words, the
#1 contender to the US Title is being treated like a jobber. Why is
anyone surprised the midcard titles mean nothing?
gets in Sheamus’ face post match and Cesaro jumps Sheamus from
behind, sending him into Show. Show laughs and shouts that Sheamus
touched him so the match is off.
break Show tries to talk Booker into calling off the match because of
Sheamus hitting him. Booker says that it was because of Cesaro so
the match is still on. What an excessively pointless segment.
Damien Sandow (with what sounds like new music) to search for an
apprentice. Instead of looking tonight though, he brings out Cody
for their match. Cody’s mustache gets another chant which is at
least a reaction for him. Cody starts to talk about Miz but the
Usos’ music cuts him off.
Scholars vs. Usos
is joined in progress after a break with Jimmy hitting a clothesline
on Cody. Off to Jey who gets distracted by Sandow, allowing Cody to
crank on the arm. Sandow comes in and drops a knee for two. We hear
about Sandow graduating from high school at 12 and being
valedictorian. The Wind-Up Elbow gets two and here’s Cody again.
After a release from suplex, Rhodes hooks a seated full nelson.
talks about how Cody’s mustache looks (JBL: “He looks like a bowed
up Freddie Mercury.” Josh: “I’ll have to Google him later.”)
until it’s a hot tag to Jimmy who cleans house. Jimmy loads up the
splash but Cody crawls over to Sandow for the tag. Everything breaks
down and Sandow rolls up Jimmy for the pin with a handful of tights
at 3:52.
C-. JBL’s mustache lines made
this match better but it was fine in its own right. This was about
giving the Scholars momentum going into Sunday and it did that well
enough. The one thing I really liked here was Josh mentioning
Sandow’s background. Making up stuff about characters is a great way
to push them forward, yet for some reason it’s been decided that such
an idea is evil. I’d love to see it make a comeback.
talks to Otunga about the no contact clause.
are Show and Otunga in the ring for another legal issue because we
haven’t had one of those angles in a few months. David talks about
how Booker is clearly biased and they’re going to the Board of
Directors. Otunga is going to demand that the chairs match be called
off and that Booker be thrown out as GM. Booker comes out and says
that the match is still going to happen, but Otunga says that just
because Booker was in prison it doesn’t make him a legal expert.
Also they’re going to get Sheamus fired too.
Sheamus with a chair and a microphone. He says if there’s no match,
there’s nothing stopping him from beating up Show right now. Show,
the ferocious monster, says the contract is still valid and the match
is still on. You know, because THE BIG SHOW has to be a coward heel
as well. Brogue Kick lays out Otunga.
get a clip of Orton destroying Brad Maddox two weeks ago. They might
as well show the whole match as it wasn’t even 90 seconds long. This
led to the Shield attacking Orton
come back from a break to see Orton being destroyed by the Shield
after apparently putting him through a table. I believe he has a
wrist injury so there’s his exit off TV. Orton is injured. Imagine
vs. Aksana
hits a knee to the ribs and hooks a headlock to take over on the mat.
Kaitlyn fights up and flips Aksana forward but can’t break the hold.
Some forearms get two for Aksana and it’s off to a chinlock. Josh
keeps asking why the Shield would do that to Orton, causing JBL to go
into a hilarious rant against Josh, telling him to take his spiky
hair and go ask them.
to the chinlock by Aksana which can’t even be broken by a side slam.
This match has been going on for three and a half minutes and Aksana
has had a head/chinlock on for about three minutes out of that.
Kaitlyn comes back with forearms and a beal to set up a gutbuster for
the pin at 4:18.
D-. This had to be a rib right?
Aksana was basically no selling everything that Kaitlyn did to her
by not letting go of that hold, which doesn’t really do any good for
anyone here. The Divas are somehow getting worse over time, which
completely boggles my mind. Aksana may very well be the worst in
ring working chick I’ve ever seen. Let that sink in for a bit.
has a separated shoulder and might have a concussion.
MizTV with special guests HELL NO. Bryan says that he doesn’t want
to talk about how he’s feeling, because it’s time to unleash all of
the anger that he apparently has in him. He’ll do that on Sunday
with tables, ladders and chairs. When the Shield is begging for
mercy, Bryan is going to tell them NO. Kane talks about looking
forward to using everything they can on Sunday and Bryan says YES
they will.
champions are cut off by another Joker style promo from the Shield,
who say you can ask Randy Orton what happens when you mess with the
Shield. They say Bryan can’t hide behind Kane and that the sword of
justice will be served. Kane says why wait until Sunday and Shield
says they agree. Miz is gone as Kane and Bryan look for the Shield.
They’re in a sky box and slowly come down, but cue Ryback before
Shield can make it to the ring. Shield turns and walks away.
Khali/Hornswoggle/Tyson Kidd/Justin Gabriel vs. Epico/Primo/Prime
Time Players
vs. Khali to start things off with Khali chopping him down quickly.
Young gets a chop as well before it’s off to Horny for some comedy
spots on O’Neal. Young comes in to try to take over on Horny as Josh
doesn’t know who Harpo Marx is. Tyson comes in but is almost
immediately stomped down. Primo gets in some shots before it’s off
to Epico who gets two off a slingshot elbow. Natalya and Rosa get in
a fight on the floor as Primo gets two off a dropkick. In a cool
ending, Tyson tries a sunset flip but Primo falls on top in a cover,
but Kidd rolls backwards into a sunset flip for the pin at 3:19.
D+. I really would love it if
Kidd and Gabriel could do something other than fill in spots in a
stupid tag match like this. Khali and Horny are your usual opposites
tag team who do nothing new but are there for the kids and the heels
are all relatively entertaining. For some reason this is the best
spot that Kidd and Gabriel can get. Welcome to modern day WWE.
match Horny dives on Titus and has to be saved by Kidd and Gabriel.
Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio
Rio takes him into the corner to start as JBL talks about how awesome
his Spanish is now. Kofi speeds things up and does his double
leapfrogs before hooking an armbar. Del Rio takes it to the mat to
take over before missing a charge in the corner. Ten punches in the
corner stagger Del Rio and a European uppercut gets two for Kingston.
Alberto works on the back and arm for a bit before Kofi climbs the
corner and hits a top rope chop. The Mexican is sent to the floor
and Kofi hits a big dive to take him out. Del Rio shoves him into
the post on the apron as we take a break.
with Del Rio putting on a reverse chinlock which doesn’t last that
long. Almost none of the spots or holds in this match are lasting
long at all. Kofi tries to speed things up but walks into a
tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Alberto loads up Trouble in
Paradise (you read that right) but Kofi sends him into the corner
instead. Del Rio does the exact same thing to take over again before
hitting the running enziguri for two. Back to the reverse chinlock
for a few moments, followed by a belly to back suplex for two on
Kofi. Out of nowhere, Kofi escapes another belly to back into a
rollup for the pin at 8:37 shown of 12:07.
D+. Alberto Del Rio is very
uninteresting. He’s long since reached one of the worst points you
can reach in wrestling: he’s just there. There’s nothing going on
with him but he keeps appearing on TV to remind you that he does in
fact still exist. I’ve heard rumors of turning him face, but unless
they give him a character, nothing is going to come from it.
goes to the ramp and ducks a charging Barrett before kicking him in
the face.
Raw ReBound is Ziggler’s promo from the opening of the show, the
interaction with Show vs. Sheamus, AND most of the match with Ziggler
vs. Sheamus. I’m very curious if they aired the whole thing on the
regular broadcast as the international broadcast that I watch is
often changed. Upon watching the regular version, it is indeed
different. Instead of the match, it’s a LONG recap of the entire
Cena vs. Ziggler buildup. That’s rather interesting.
run down the PPV card.
we look at the Sheamus/Show/Otunga segment from earlier.
is in the back with Show and says stay calm but don’t take Cesaro
lightly. Sheamus says he’ll lay Show out on Sunday with chair shot
after chair shot.
vs. Antonio Cesaro
rams into him to start, knocking Sheamus down. Sheamus does the
exact same thing and it’s a standoff. Apparently Orton doesn’t have
a concussion. Sheamus hits a shoulder in the corner and a running
knee lift for two. Antonio tries to jump over Sheamus out of the
corner but gets caught in a Regal Roll for two instead. Sheamus gets
sent to the floor but gets caught with a knee coming back in.
to a kind of chinlock by Antonio, followed by a European uppercut to
the back of Sheamus’ head for two. The gutwrench suplex gets the
same in an impressive display of strength. They slug it out with
Sheamus taking over, including a top rope shoulder for no cover.
There are the ten forearms in the ropes….and here’s Big Show on the
stage with an injured Regal in front of him. Sheamus goes to get him
but Show cracks Regal with a chair. Cesaro wins via countout at 7:24
to end the show.
C+. Cesaro continues to impress
and it’s a good sign that they’re keeping him this strong. Truth has
zero chance of taking the title on Sunday and that’s a good thing, as
Cesaro isn’t quite ready for the main event yet but he’s making a
strong champion. Other than that, Sheamus could indeed win the title
back on Sunday and this loss allows for him to be kept strong while
advancing the title match as well. Good little main event here.
C+. This show was like
a car that kept trying to start but it couldn’t quite get going.
They did a decent job of setting up the PPV, but at the same time
there was a lot of filler in this. Some of the matches felt like
they were just there to fill in time, but on top of that we had the
show contained angle of Show trying to get out of the title match.
That added more or less nothing other than making Show look like a
coward which seemed to be forgotten by the ending.
almost like they have no idea what to do with the huge roster they
have and throw out random things that are somewhat related to their
active stories to fill time. Nah that can’t be right. I clearly
just don’t get the nuances of the stories they’re telling. Decent go
home show this week but not a good show overall if that makes sense.
Show b. R-Truth – WMD
Scholars b. Usos – Rollup to Jimmy with a handful of tights
b. Aksana – Gutbuster
Khali/Tyson Kidd/Justin Gabriel b. Epico/Primo/Prime Time Players –
Sunset Flip to Primo
Kingston b. Alberto Del Rio – Rollup
Cesaro b. Sheamus via countout
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NXT – December 13, 2012

December 13, 2012
Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Tom Phillips, William Regal
finally time for Mahal vs. Rollins II, which is annoying as things
have changed a lot since this was filmed. Anyway, the match last
time was fine but I wish there was more of a reason for these two to
be fighting instead of just over the title. All we’ve really heard
is “I’m the champion” and “I want the title.” That’s not
exactly enough to hook fans with a guy treated as a jobber in WWE vs.
a member of a team whose gimmick doesn’t exist in NXT yet. Let’s get
to it.

open with a recap of the title situation and Mahal attacking Rollins
vs. Sasha Banks
Banks is debuting here and has been in the New England indies for a
few years. I really have an issue with two people in a match being
younger than me. It makes me feel old watching this. Banks isn’t
bad looking but Paige is WAY over with the fans here. Paige takes
Banks to the mat with a headscissors and rolls her around with it in
a move I haven’t seen before.
nips up to escape and hits a Sin Cara armdrag out of the corner for
two. Paige goes into banshee mode with her screaming and the fans go
NUTS. A fisherman’s suplex gets two for Paige and it’s off to a
double chickenwing. Sasha escapes with a pair of rollups for two but
Paige hits that snap Angle Slam kind of move called the Paige Turner
for the pin at 4:03.
C. Nothing too bad here as
Paige continues to impress. She’s clearly very comfortable in the
ring and can do whatever is needed of her. Her looks are just a
bonus at this point, but unfortunately she likely would get messed up
on the main roster because of her pale skin color. Anyway, decent
match here and Sasha looked decent enough.
Reigns brags about the size of his watch but gets a phone call and
recap the end of last week’s show where Regal saved Kidd from Kruger
and Ohno.
and Kruger are gunning for Steamboat, Kidd and Barretta. Kruger’s
voice is pretty awesome here. Oh and if Regal gets involved in their
business again, Regal can join them in the ICU.
Grey vs. ???
the match, we get another awesome Bray Wyatt promo about love and
power. Wyatt brings out his son, who is a big bald guy with an
awesome beard whose name I couldn’t understand. The guy is big and
muscular and he kicks Grey in the face to start. He looks like he’s
in green prison garb for lack of a better description. Wyatt is
sitting in a rocking chair on the stage. The guy slams Grey down and
puts on a bearhug where he whips Grey from side to side. A big side
slam ends Grey at 2:00.
match Wyatt says the man’s name is Rowan and says to follow the
Commissioner Dusty Rhodes to hype up the main event. However, he
also wants to talk about Vickie Guerrero. Vickie is welcome here any
time, but there are no bounties allowed in NXT unless it’s run by
Dusty. The bounty is officially revoked and here’s Camacho to
protest. He calls Dusty jefe (boss) and Dusty says it’s either
General Commissioner or…..Camacho: “El Capitan?” Dusty: “I
LOVE THAT!” Camacho says the bounty has to be on because he has to
get Hunico out of Mexico. If Dusty doesn’t reinstate the bounty then
Camacho is going to reinstate it on Dusty.
brings out Big E. Langston, and Dusty makes a handicap match with
Camacho and whoever he picks against Langston. Big E. is cool with
that. Again: Dusty isn’t out here long and he makes something happen
while advancing a storyline. Dusty was there about four minutes,
which is the longest time he’s been on camera yet on this show.
Show is answering Bo Dallas’ challenge. He says that he’s going to
knock out Dallas so that Dallas never makes it to the main shows.
That’s next week as well.
Title: Seth Rollins vs. Jinder Mahal
is now in 3MB, which is annoying as all the promos and videos tonight
have had Mahal in his old attire. After some big match intros we’re
ready to go. Mahal immediately heads to the floor for a few seconds
to mess with Rollins’ head. Back in and the champion (Rollins) goes
for Mahal’s arm, sending him to the ropes for more stalling. Rollins
hooks a headlock which goes nowhere so Seth peppers him with
head to the floor and Rollins hits a HARD chop. Back in and Seth
hits some kicks as Mahal is in trouble. Jinder sends him to the
apron and shoves Seth off the ropes to finally take over. We take a
break and come back with Mahal choking in the corner. A suplex on
the floor gets two for Mahal and it’s off to a double arm hold. That
doesn’t last long so a backbreaker gets another two count, as does a
knee to the face.
hit a quick chinlock but Rollins fights out with some shots to the
ribs and a backdrop. Seth tries to go up top but is almost
immediately crotched. A clothesline gets two for Jinder and it’s
back to the chinlock as we take another break. Back with Rollins in
a reverse chinlock which is transitioned into a regular version.
Rollins fights up and hits a big enziguri to put both guys down.
up and Seth dropkicks Mahal down and fires off right hands on the
mat. They slug it out until Mahal gets clotheslined to the floor.
Rollins hits a suicide dive and Mahal is in trouble. Back in and
Seth hits a springboard knee to the side of the head for two. Seth
puts him on the top and kicks Mahal in the head, but his super rana
is countered into a sunset flip for two.
comes back again with a sitout slam for two but jumps into a
dropkick/knee to the ribs from Seth. This is a very back and forth
match. Rollins misses a splash in the corner and Jinder pounds away.
Seth counters out of it and hits the running buckle bomb on the
opposite corner. The full nelson slam is escaped so Mahal hits a
knee to the back of the head and hooks the camel clutch. Seth
immediately gets to the rope and comes back with the low superkick
(Avada Kedavra) and the standing Sliced Bread (Skywalker) for the pin
to retain at 15:20 shown of 22:20.
B. No complaints here as these
two have some solid chemistry together. Thankfully this wasn’t a
comedy match for Mahal and he was just in different attire instead of
being completely goofy. Rollins winning these come from behind
matches is the perfect way to build up a guy like him and the match
worked very well overall. Good stuff, especially for a TV match.
Graves gets in Rollins’ face to end the show with a sarcastic clap.
A. Good match, decent
Divas match, good character stuff with Wyatt and Rowan, setting up
the next title feud, promo addressing the end of last week’s show and
two big matches announced for next week. What else could you
possibly want in a one hour wrestling show?
b. Sasha Banks – Paige Turner
b. Oliver Grey – Side Slam
Rollins b. Jinder Mahal – Skywalker
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