WWF Championship Wrestling July 27th, 1985

July 27, 1985

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon

In action tonight are Junkyard Dog & George Steele, Nikolai Volkoff & Iron Sheik, and Pedro Morales & Tito Santana. Plus, Randy Savage and Paul Orndorff in singles action.

Les Thornton & Mr. X vs. Pedro Morales & Tito Santana

The fans go nuts for Tito. Morales takes Thornton over with a headlock and works that for a minute. Mr. Fuji joins the booth and says that he should win the “Manager of the Year” award. Tito tags and takes control for a bit. He ends up in the wrong corner but is able to escape and tag Morales. He roughs up Mr. X for a bit then Tito tags and gets the win with the flying forearm (3:40).

Thoughts: This was a nothing match. Thornton was billed as the WWF Jr. Light Heavyweight Champion but was used exclusively as a jobber during this run with the company. Morales might have been the laziest wrestler in the company in 1985. The crowd loved Tito though.

WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week, Hayes lets us know that Greg Valentine believes he only lost his Intercontinental Championship due to an incompetent referee.

Mario Mancini vs. Randy “Macho Man” Savage

Mancini surprises Savage with an arm drag to start. Savage gets pissed then angers the crowd before taking control. He hits Mancini with a knee in the back of the head before tossing him to the floor. Savage hits his top rope double axe handle before rolling Mancini back into the ring. Savage hits a slam then goes up top but jumps off and rams him into the corner. I think Savage was pissed at Mancini, thinking he was going to stay down for his finish, so he slams him down then kills him with the top rope elbow drop, covering Mancini with his knee while flexing his muscles (3:06).

Thoughts: Fun match. Savage was so fucking good at antagonizing the crowd. They couldn’t stand him. The #1 free agent gimmick they used was awesome too. There was some truth to that as he was wrestling for an outlaw promotion before going to the WWF.

Gene Okerlund is with Ricky Steamboat and asks him about last week’s attack by Don Muraco and Mr. Fuji. He cuts a promo about himself and partner at the upcoming Boston Garden house show, JYD, dealing with racism. He then proceeds to choke himself with his bandana and promises to unleash the “fist of fury” onto Muraco and Fuji. I admire Steamboat’s intensity in his promos but other than that, he was as over-the-top ridiculous as any other performer the WWF had in the 1980’s.

Salvatore Bellomo vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine w/Jimmy Hart, Brutus Beefcake, and Johnny Valiant

Valentine is pissed over losing the IC title. He backs Bellomo into the corner then hammers away. He hits a shoulderbreaker then the fans go nuts as Hillbilly Jim and Uncle Elmer make their way ringside. Valentine works the arm as Hart is squawking away on the megaphone. Bellomo makes a comeback, hitting a dropkick and a snapmare. He tries a reverse rollup but Valentine shakes him off then drops an elbow and shortly after that, he puts him away with the figure four leglock (3:23).

Thoughts: No idea what the deal was with the Hillbillies as they came out but no confrontation was teased.

Okerlund is with Roddy Piper about his match against Paul Orndorff. Piper mocks Okerlund for his comments about the match not being a “walk in the park” then claims that he once fought the entire city of Boston and won. He then blames Orndorff for losing at WrestleMania. Good promo by Piper

Keith Diamond & “Leaping” Lanny Poffo vs. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff w/Freddie Blassie

The crowd starts a “U-S-A” chant. Lanny gets a few nearfalls before tagging out. Diamond is sent to the floor by Volkoff. Sheik tags then hits a suplex before applying the Camel Clutch for the win (1:53).

Thoughts: This match was nothing, really. The crowd still hates Sheik & Volkoff and the Russian National anthem gimmick continues to draw a lot of heat.

Piper’s Pit with guests Adrian Adonis and Bobby Heenan, with the suitcase containing the $25,000 bounty. Piper talks about how Orndorff is wrestling tonight and could use the money. Adonis has his own briefcase and says he had awful partner but now has Bobby Heenan. Piper lets us know that Orndorff is wrestling next. It was pretty clear after this segment that Piper was going to be involved in some way in Orndorff;s match.

The Axe vs. Paul Orndorff

Orndorff gets attacked from behind but fights right back. He hits a slam then a clothesline before hitting the piledriver but Roddy Piper runs in and attacks Orndorff right as he makes a cover for the DQ (0:47). Piper tosses Orndorff to the floor then attempts to grab a chair from Heenan, who is now on the apron, but Orndorff is able to come back in and fight back. Bob Orton runs out and helps Piper beat on Orndorff as Heenan is screaming out orders. Tito Santana and several other jobbers run out and attempt to break up the fight. Several more jobbers then run out and things finally get under control.

Thoughts: This was all just a set up for the brawl between Orndorff and Piper and it worked great.

Captain Lou Albano gives us a PSA about wearing seatbelts.

Jerry Adams & AJ Petruzzi vs. Junkyard Dog & George Steele w/Capt. Lou Albano

The faces work the arm of Adams. JYD then hits a few headbutts before tagging Steele. He rams Allen in the corner then eats the turnbuckle, throwing the stuffing around. He does the same in the opposite corner but this allow Adams to tag out. The faces maintain control then Steele gets the win with a flying hammerlock (4:02). Steele proceeds to throw the stuffing all over the place as Albano finally gets him to stop. Then, JYD and Albano try to teach Steele to dance and he starts to mimic JYD.

Thoughts: It was weird seeing Steele tag in and out like a regular wrestler but the match as nothing and the crowd didnt seem to care at all about this team. There was no chemistry at all between JYD and Steele and honestly, it is tough to develop chemistry with Steele as a partner due to his gimmick. It only works as a singles wrestler.

Okerlund is backstage with Mr. Fuji. He cuts a wacky promo on Ricky Steamboat. He also laughed a lot too

Next week in action are the Hart Foundation (The first time on TV they are referred to as that), Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo, and the British Bulldogs. Also in action are Terry Funk, Randy Savage and the Missing Link plus “Piper’s Pit” with guest Tito Santana

Final Thoughts: This show was okay. The Piper/Orndorff feud continued and the brawl was great but everything else was forgettable. They also heavily promoted the feud between Muraco and Steamboat through backstage interviews. Besides that, it was a skippable show.

WWF Championship Wrestling July 20th, 1985

July 20, 1985
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon.

This week’s main event will be Don Muraco vs. Ricky Steamboat. Also, we will see a clip of Tito Santana defeating Greg Valentine for the Intercontinental Title in a Steel Cage Match. Plus, Terry Funk, Adrian Adonis, Uncle Elmer, and the Killer Bees are all in action.

Steve Lombardi & Ron Shaw vs. Killer Bees
The Bees theme song is pretty crappy, generic whiny rock music. Bruzell uses his speed to take advantage of Lombardi. The Bees then use quick tags and double-teams to isolate Lombardi. Shaw tags but Blair hits an elbow smash then works the arm. They have a major miscommunication during a snapmare spot then Freddie Blassie joins the announcers after we are told that he is in the lead for the “Manager of the Year” Award. Lombardi tags and shortly after that, Blair puts him away with a top rope sitout splash (3:03). And I guess to go along with the awful music, the camera uses a freeze frame as the Bees perform a leaping high-five, making them look incredibly lame.
Thoughts: The crowd reacted favorably to the Bees, who debuted their bee jackets and tights. They were good in the ring and having another established team on the face side of the roster is a good thing at this time. 
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. They are debuting a brand new set and desk with the WWF logo, along with new music. The subject this week is Tito Santana and how he overcame an injured leg to win the Intercontinental Title. We are shown a clip of him in a TV squash.
A WWF Magazine Plug airs, with a feature on “Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling.”
Gary Starr vs. Adrian Adonis w/Bobby “The Brain” Heenan
Adonis is handcuffed to the briefcase and before the match, Heenan handcuffs it to himself. Adonis has gained a lot of weight since returning. He takes down Starr and drops several elbows. He then gives Starr a sleeper hold while grinding his knuckles into the side of his head and he gets the win after Starr passes out (2:57).
Thoughts: Not much of a match. Adonis could still actually move around well at this point but that would be coming to an end soon. 
Freddie Miller is plugging the August 3rd show at the Boston Garden. Don Muraco comes out and lets us know that he won the “King of the Ring” tournament and now wants to be known as the “eliminator.” He will be teaming with Fuji to take on Ricky Steamboat & Junkyard Dog. Muraco was ridiculous on interviews but always entertaining. 
Doc Butler vs. Uncle Elmer w/Hillbilly Jim
Butler lands a dropkick and Elmer doesn’t budge, drawing a big laugh from Vince. Elmer does a wiggle as Butler bounces off of him a few times then Elmer puts him away with a leg drop (1:18). After the match, Elmer tries to pose like Jim and Vince laughs like an idiot. They then both help up Butler.
Thoughts: Elmer was horrendous in the ring but the fans were still buying into the act. 
Freddie Miller is now with Ricky Steamboat. He cuts a generic promo about his upcoming match at the Boston Garden
Terry Funk vs. Jose Luis Rivera
Funk backs Rivera into the ropes. He elbows him down then takes him down with a shoulder block. Rivera hits a backdrop and fires away in the corner. Funk comes back with a suplex then tosses him to the floor, as you can hear Rivera hit the guardrail. Funk follows him out and hits an atomic drop and when Rivera gets back into the ring and lands a few punches but Funk grabs his hair. Rivera fucks up a spot completely and they repeat it as Funk catches Rivera on his shoulders then drops him throat first on the rope. Funk then puts him away with the sleeper (3:43).
Thoughts: Funk was great here. He was also such a different type of heel than anyone else on the roster too. 
Piper’s Pit with guest Capt. Lou Albano. Piper calls Albano one of the biggest pigs he has ever seen in his life. Albano warns him not to touch him then Piper taunts him. Orton holds Albano down and as things heat up, Windham & Rotundo come out. Piper said that they haven’t fought anyone as they challenge Piper & Orton to a match.
We are shown some footage of the Steel Cage Match that Tito Santana defeated Greg Valentine for the Intercontinental Title. Does a full length copy of that match exist?
Ricky Steamboat vs. Don Muraco w/Mr. Fuji
Muraco attacks Steamboat before the bell. Steamboat fights back with his “martial arts” and does a pose to fire up the crowd. He lands some more kicks and chops until Muraco catches him with a powerslam. Muraco dodges a charge then both men trade chops. Fuji tries to interfere but it fails. Steamboat hits Muraco with a flying chop but Fuji is back and ties a strap around Steamboat’s neck for the DQ (2:27). Steamboat then gets tossed over the rope as they hang Steamboat. Muraco whips Steamboat with Fuji’s belt then Tito and JYD run out for the save.
Thoughts: Awesome segment and a great way to start off a feud. They can never do the hanging angle nowadays but it looked awesome here. 
Miller is backstage with Paul Orndorff, who talks about his match in Boston against Roddy Piper. He can understand how people hate him and says that Boston has been behind him for a long time because they have respect, unlike Piper. He also claims that Piper doesn’t know who is own father is and puts over Boston before the interview ends.
In action next week will be Greg Valentine, Randy Savage, Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff, Tito Santana & Pedro Morales, and Junkyard Dog & George Steele. Plus, an appearance by Paul Orndorff.

Final Thoughts: Decent show. The kickoff of the Steamboat/Muraco feud was the highlight and we got to see a clip of Tito regaining the IC title. The tease of a Windham & Rotundo vs. Piper & Orton feud was fun too. 

WWF Tuesday Night Titans: July 19th, 1985

July 19th, 1985
Your hosts are Lord Alfred Hayes and Vince McMahon
This week’s guests include Freddie Blassie, Rick McGraw, and Pedro Morales. Also, “Macho Man” Randy Savage will have all of the managers in the WWF make their pitch to him.

Blassie is the first guest. He is pissed that his team had the Tag Team Titles “stolen” from them. We are shown the clip of the match as Blassie points out how the count was fast and Lord Alfred and Vince actually agree with him. Vince then brings up how at one point the referee was out of position when his man was being pinned and Blassie goes off on a politically incorrect tirade about the referee not being able to count past two due to the fact that he is Puerto Rican and a midget. He also thinks that he should be officiating the women instead of championship matches. Blassie then says that he will get the titles back as Vince shows us some photos in the WWF Magazine from a music video shoot as an attempt to show us how he and his men were not training but in reality, it was Vince showing the public that his wrestlers were crossing over into the mainstream. Blassie said that the made a lot of money and Vince says that he will be back later on the show making his pitch to Randy Savage. Blassie is usually funny (and racist) on TNT and this was no exception.
Rick McGraw is the next guest. He is geeked out of his mind right now, with his jaw grinding all over the place. Vince puts over McGraw for his “never say die” attitude and tells us how he will be getting married shortly. Sadly, McGraw would pass away in a few months. We are shown a clip of his match against Brett Hart from the May 20th house show at MSG. After that, Hayes pleads with McGraw not to get married. McGraw is a fucking mess as this is going on, as he is barely able to speak coherently. Vince then welcomes Opheila, who married Butcher Vachon on TNT last year. She also tells McGraw not to get married and said that the only clothes that she had is her gown and veil, which she is wearing, and that her honeymoon was spent as a “wrestling camp.” Opheila is actually a bit funny here and names off a bunch of wacky wrestling moves that Chris Jericho would have been proud to have read off of his scroll back in WCW. This ends uneventfully. McGraw has to be seen to be believed here. The guy was a wreck.
Randy Savage is out next. He says that he will be the next WWF Heavyweight Champion and guarantees victory over Hulk Hogan. They then show a clip of his WWF TV debut. After that, he continues to guarantee that he will take Hogan’s Title and loves the fact that the managers will be joining the set to make their pitch. Savage was fucking great the minute he debuted with the company.
Bobby Heenan, Jimmy Hart, and Freddie Blassie come out. They will each make an offer to Savage. They all start fighting with each other, pointing out their recent mistakes. Heenan starts and says that he will make more money and wear better clothes. Savage is impressed with his pitch. Hart says that he will not only make Savage money, but save his money and notes that he has his own clothes made in Memphis, prompting Heenan to joke about Hart getting clothes at K-Mart. Hart continues to tell Savage to save his money. Blassie tells Savage he is the only one on the panel that has managed a champion and gave give him diamonds and walking around money, pulling out a stack of cash. He then says that he will up any offer by 25% and will not take a penny until he wins the belt. It ends with the managers all trying to plead Savage to sign with them.
Pedro Morales is the next guest. Vince puts him over for holding all three titles (Heavyweight, Intercontinental, and Tag Team) then we are shown a clip of him in a TV squash. He then talks briefly about the big matches in his career but his voice is incredibly monotone and soft that you just want to fall asleep. A waste of time. Morales was absolutely dreadful during this run.
Freddie Blassie and Jimmy Hart join the set. Vince brings up both men were insulting each other but they just blame Vince and Heenan for what was said earlier. They talk about the “Manager of the Year” award as each man believes that they will win. Vince then says that next week’s guest will be a late entry for the award, which has them worried.
Next week’s guests include Tito Santana, Terry Funk, Uncle Elmer and the newest entrant for the “Manager of the Year” Award, Hillbilly Jim. After Jim is mentioned, Hart and Blassie start to laugh hysterically. It was pretty damn funny to watch them crack up.
Final Thoughts: The Savage and Blassie stuff was fun. Watching McGraw fucked up out of his mind was something else too. This episode was good though, as it continued the angle of Savage being the hottest free agent in wrestling, which was refreshing.

WWF Madison Square Garden July 13th, 1985

My copy of this show excluded some of the matches. It cut out half of the Rene Goulet vs. Pedro Morales match, which was awful from what I saw, and also cut out Adrian Adonis vs. Jose Luis Rivera, Junkyard Dog vs. Bob Orton, and Terry Funk vs. Lanny Poffo, which is on the “Best of the WWF Volume 6” tape.
July 13, 1985
Your hosts are Lord Alfred Hayes and Gorilla Monsoon

Moondog Spot vs. Ivan Putski
Putski works a side headlock for a long time. He keeps going back to the move as Gorilla puts over Putski’s recent tour of Japan. Spot briefly works on Putski in the corner but until he gets backdropped, allowing Putski to go back to the side headlock. Spot counters that with an atomic drop then goes to work. Flying chop gets two. They slug it out until Spot hits an inverted atomic drop. He grabs a chinlock for a bit then takes him down with a forearm smash. Backbreaker gets two. Spot goes back to the chinlock until Putski escapes and hits an atomic drop. He misses an elbow drop then Spot hits another flying chop for two. Spot hits a crescent kick then both men are down after colliding. Putski backs Spot in the corner, who is begging for mercy, then hammers away. Spot gets tied up in the ropes. He is able to escape after kicking Putski low. Spot leaps over Putski and taunts the crowd but ends up walking into the Polish Hammer (12:58) *1/2.
Thoughts: Spot made this watchable but Putski had no business going this long in the ring in 1985. And speaking of Putski, the crowd was less and less into him each time he went out, especially since the crowds got younger as the years went by. Spot is one of the more underrated workers in the history of wrestling, to be honest.
Rick McGraw vs. Missing Link w/Bobby Heenan
Heenan prevents Link from bringing a chair into the ring. McGraw fires away to start. He hits a dropkick but ends up getting elbowed in the head. Link hits another elbow then starts uses a headbutt. He hits a headbutt from the middle rope then goes out to grab the chair but Heenan prevents him again. In the ring, McGraw fights back but Link no-sells a turnbuckle smash then hammers away in the corner. McGraw runs into a headbutt then Link finishes him off with a springboard headbutt (2:25) ¼*. After the match, Link wants to smash his head off of the post but Heenan controls him
Thoughts: Great match for headbutt aficionados but to everyone else, it was a nothing match. At least it was short. Link was a bust in the WWF. His run was less than memorable to say the least.
Gorilla is backstage with Roddy Piper, who jokingly refers to Gorilla as the Good Humor man before mockingly calling him sexy. Piper blames Orndorff for losing the match at WrestleMania and in regards to the $25,000 bounty, Piper said that he would sell his grandma for that much money.
Roddy Piper vs. Paul Orndorff
The fans are going out of their fucking minds at the start of this match. Orndorff slugs away and knocks Piper to the floor. He follows him out then back in the ring, he hits an elbow smash from the top rope then works the arm as the crowd is still going insane. Piper smacks Orndorff and rams his head off of the turnbuckle but he still maintains the hold. Onrdorff runs into a knee on a charge. Piper hammers away but Orndorff manages to get a nearfall with a backslide. Piper rakes the eyes then stomps Orndorff through the ropes. The fans are all over Piper, who gets dragged off of the apron. After a brief slugfest, Piper whips Orndorff into the post. Back in the ring, Piper takes Orndorff down with a side headlock then both men go back and forth on the mat until Orndorff gets two off of a backslide. Orndorff wins a slugfest then drops an elbow. Orndorff goes for a crossbody block but both men spill outside. Orndorff drags Piper back into the ring and heads up top but Bob Orton comes out and shoves Orndorff off of the top rope for the DQ (8:47) ***. Orton and Piper continue to assault Orndorff until the British Bulldogs run out and eventually fight them off, as Orndorff is bloodied.
Thoughts: Good stuff. The brawling was intense and Piper’s selling was great at getting the crowd to react. Running out to aid Orndorff also shows that the WWF was starting to get behind the Bulldogs too, which would be more prevalent throughout the year.
Iron Sheik w/Freddie Blassie vs. Swede Hanson
Sheik attacks Hanson before the bell, choking him out with his headwear. He chokes him out in the corner and stomps away. A loud “U-S-A” chant breaks out as Hanson fights back with horrible looking punches. He slams the Sheik and drops a knee, which gets one. Hanson chops Sheik down and as the ref is distracted, the Sheik loads his boot. He kicks him in the face then puts him away with an elbow drop (2:24) DUD.
Thoughts: At least it was quick. Hanson was one of the worst wrestlers of all-time. He couldn’t move, had no charisma and everything he did looked bad. Again, at least it was short.
Nikolai Volkoff w/Freddie Blassie vs. George “The Animal” Steele w/Capt. Lou Albano
Steele interrupts Volkoff’s rendition of the Soviet National Anthem, to the delight of the crowd. Volkoff retreats and stalls to start things off. Volkoff kicks Steele after he was distracted by Blassie. Steele bites back but gets distracted and Volkoff puts the boots to Steele, who fights back then tears apart the turnbuckle. He throws the stuffing in Volkoff’s face then grabs a headlock. Both men slug it out and it looks terrible but Blassie hits Steele with the cane behind the ref’s back. Albano goes after Blassie but he also gets nailed with the cane. Steele comes out and no-sells a cane shot but ends up getting attacked from behind by Volkoff and this leads to a double countout (4:18) DUD.
Thoughts: Mostly stalling in this match, which was really all you could do against someone with Steele’s gimmick.
George Wells vs. Brutus Beefcake w/Johnny Valiant
Beefcake attacks Wells from behind after he was distracted by Valiant. He chokes him out with his foot then works a side headlock. Wells catches Beefcake with a crescent kick then takes him down with an armdrag. The crowd is silent as Wells has Beefcake in an armbar for a few minutes. Beefcake rakes the eyes then knocks Wells through the ropes. In the ring, Brutus works a front facelock but Wells backs him into the corner. Snapmare gets two then Wells goes back to the arm. Beefcake knocks him over the rope then Wells skins the cat, in the slowest manor possible and ends up taking Beefcake to the floor with a headscissors, drawing a pop from the crowd. Back in the ring,  Wells hits a few tackles but gets distracted by Valiant and that allows Beefcake to hit the jumping knee smash from behind for the win (7:26) ¾*.
Thoughts: Really dull stuff. The crowd still didn’t care enough about Beefcake at this time and unfortunately for Wells, they never connected with him. He was very bland in the ring so you cant really blame them for that.
Brett Hart & Jim Neidhart w/Jimmy Hart vs. British Bulldogs
Brett and Dynamite start things off. Dynamite hits a few armdrags as Hart is screaming on the megaphone. Dynamite sends Brett to the floor then ends up tagging out. The Anvil overpowers him for a bit but Dynamite kicks him down. Anvil gets hit with a double shoulder block then he and Davey use a test of strength. Davey hits a dropkick then Brett tags back as Hayes call him the most improved wrestler of 1985. Davey is getting beat on by both men, even getting hit with the Demolition Decapitation spot. Hart is pissing off the crowd by speaking through a megaphone as Davey continues to get assaulted. Davey flips out of a backbreaker attempt and hits a slam as both men are down. Bret prevents a tag from being made as a “bulldog” chant breaks out. Davey hits a crucifix but the Anvil breaks that up. Davey dodges an attack from Bret that sends Anvil off the apron then he makes the tag to Dynamite, who runs wild. He is going at a lightning quick pace that has the crowd going crazy. He takes out Brett with a missile dropkick then tags Davey, who hits a running powerslam that Neidhart breaks up at two. Small package gets two after the Anivl breaks that up. Davey tries a reverse rollup but Brett ducks and he flies out to the floor. The Anvil roughs him up then rolls him back inside, where Brett applies a Boston Crab that Dynamite breaks up. Neidhart tags and works a chinlock for a bit. Davey escapes and gets a backslide but Brett breaks that up. He and Davey then have a brief pinfall reversal sequence. Davey dropkicks Brett and tries to make the tag but the Anvil drags him into their corner. Davey tries for a sunset flip but the bell sounds, signaling the match has ended due to the curfew draw (13:12) ***1/4.
Thoughts: Good match. Dynamite was so fast and crisp in the ring that it made him stick out. The crowd loved it when he was in the ring. The not-yet-named Hart Foundation looked great and Brett was starting to show a little bit of personality. This match was featured on the “Bret Hart Story” DVD.
Final Thoughts: From what I saw, the show was okay, basically what you would expect from your average house show in this era. Most of the bad matches were kept short. Orndroff vs. Piper and the final tag match were both good. No champions were on this card, oddly enough. The next house show I will review is the August Philadelphia Spectrum show and until then I will post all of the Championship Wrestling shows and a TNT review leading up to that.

WWF Championship Wrestling July 13th, 1985

July 13th, 1985
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
In action this week are the Missing Link, Paul Orndorff, Terry Funk, and George “The Animal” Steele. Also, the main event will be Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo vs. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff for the Tag Team Championship. Plus, “Piper’s Pit” with guest Randy Savage.

Mr. X vs. Paul Orndorff
Orndorff aggressively attacks the arm. He slams X before tossing him to the floor. Orndorff follows him out and rams his head off of the table before rolling him back inside. He hits an elbow drop from the second rope as Bobby Heenan is shown watching from the aisle. Orndorff hits a sloppy-looking slingshot suplex then flexes to the crowd, which is going crazy for him. He then hits a clothesline and finishes off X with the piledriver (2:33). After the match, Heenan angrily kicks open the door that leads backstage then comes out with the briefcase as the crowd starts a loud “weasel” chant. Orndorff then slams Mr. X on the floor.
Thoughts: Man, the crowd was jacked for Orndorff. The bounty angle is still going strong too.
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. Randy Savage is this week’s subject. We are shown a clip of his TV debut match from last week.
J.A. Rizz & Barry O. vs. Pedro Morales & “Leaping” Lanny Poffo
This is the TV debut for Lanny. Rizz is some hairy fat guy. Bruno talks about Lanny Poffo’s dad for a minute as Lanny and Barry take it to the mat. Lanny does a few flips then hits a dropkick. Pedro tags in and works the arm. They trade slams then Morlaes works the arm. Poffo tags back in the match but gets clotheslined. Rizz tags but Lanny plants him with a pair of super kicks that has Vince laughing. Rizz seems to have no clue what to do in the ring. Pedro tags then makes Rizz submit to the Boston Crab (3:36).
Thoughts: Poffo looked okay but this team had no chemistry and the crowd didn’t care at all.
Jack Reynolds is backstage and alerts us that Tito Santana defeated Greg Valentine for the Intercontinental Title in Baltimore, MD last week. He then brings out Freddie Blassie and he talks about the Tornado Tag Match between Sheik & Volkoff vs. Windham & Rotundo in Providence. He promises that his team will win.
Jim Young vs. Missing Link w/Bobby Heenan
Link hits a bunch of headbutts then rams his own head off of the turnbuckle. He hits an elbow smash then takes down Young again. He then hits a slam before putting him away with a springboard headbutt (1:51).
Thoughts: The Link was not over at all. It made little sense to have him in the same promotion as George Steele, seeing how they basically have the same gimmick. Link’s gimmick was better off in the 70’s.
Jack Reynolds is with Capt. Lou Albano, who talks about the Tornado Match in Providence. He compares the match to painting a “tit mouse’s hind legs on a Saturday night” and that he and his team are ready.
Jerry Adams vs. George “The Animal” Steele w/Capt/ Lou Albano
Adams attacks Steele before the bell but ends up getting tossed outside. Steele then tosses him back outside and rams his head off of the table. Back inside, Steele stomps away then eats the turnbuckle, throwing the stuffing at the referee, Rita Marie. Vince is cackling on commentary as Steele puts him away with the flying hammerlock (2:57). After the match, Albano calms down Steele, who takes some of the turnbuckle stuffing before walking back to the locker room.
Thoughts: The crowd dug Steele as a face, especially the turnbuckle eating. I thought it was odd that they had this right after the Missing Link match but the crowd responded well to Steele and barely reacted at all to Link.
Piper’s Pit with guest “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Piper is enamored with Savage, who declares that Hulkamania is dead. Piper refers to Savage as the #1 draft choice then asks him what it is like to be a real macho man. Savage offers Piper a chance to wear his million dollar robe, while reminding him that Hulkamania is dead, as Piper puts it on and says that he feels better. Funny segment as they continue to push Savage strong right out of the gate.
Mario Mancini vs. Terry Funk
Funk chops Mancini hard in the corner. He hits a neckbreaker then a piledriver but Mancini is able to kick out. He jumps on the back of Mancini, who was hunched over the middle rope, but misses a second attempt. Mancini knocks him out of the ring but back inside, Funk tosses Mancini to the floor. Back inside, Funk puts on the spinning toe hold for the win (3:38)
Thoughts: Funk looks good in the ring and is getting over as heel, although not as much as Macho Man. However, Funk still stands out from the other heels and is a legitimate threat. Pretty sweet that the WWF managed to get Funk and Savage debut a week apart from each other.
Tito Santana comes out with a public service announcement about never swimming alone.
Jesse Ventura does the voice over for the WrestleMania home video.
WWF Tag Team Championship Match
Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff (Champions) w/Freddie Blassie vs. Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo w/Capt. Lou Albano
Windham and Volkoff starts things off. Volkoff does a cartwheel but Windham dropkicks him down. They slug it out for a bit until Rotundo tags himself in and gets two off of a rollup. Sheik kicks Rotundo in the back from the apron. He tags himself in and hits a backdrop before he stomps away. The crowd starts a “U-S-A” chant as Rotundo gets beat down. Sheik gets two off of a slam. He puts on the camel clutch but Windham breaks that up. Rotundo counters a suplex with a small package. Volkoff then reverses the pin behind the referee’s back but Windham reverses it back and the ref turns around and counts to three and we have new Tag Team Champions (3:13). The fans are going nuts for this, throwing trash at the heels.
Thoughts: It was always a treat to see a title change on TV during this time. I doubt that this finish would get over today but it worked great here.
Jack Reynolds is with Mr. Fuji, who talks about Don Muraco’s match in Providence against Andre the Giant. Muraco himself then comes out and wants to know if we have ever seen a giant cry.
Next week, Don Muraco will take on Ricky Steamboat in a rematch from two weeks ago.
Final Thoughts: Good show this week. The tag titles switching hands was fun and the pushes for the new arrivals, Funk and Savage, continue. Even the Poffo & Morales and Link matches, which were dull, didn’t drag the show down too much. The Orndorff bounty angle is still going strong too Plus, the Steamboat and Muraco for next week rematch looks to be good as well. We also found out that the Intercontinental title also changed hands and while it was only mentioned casually here, they will touch upon that more next week. The WWF did cool down after WrestleMania but it was not like they had nothing going on.

WWF Championship Wrestling July 6th, 1985

July 6th, 1985
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
Tonight’s main event will be Ricky Steamboat vs. Don Muraco. Plus, the television in-ring debut of Uncle Elmer. Also making his TV debut is the “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Plus “Piper’s Pit” with Terry Funk and matches involving King Kong Bundy and the British Bulldogs.

British Bulldogs vs. Barry O. & Dave Barbie
Dynamite takes down Barry a few times before hitting a snap suplex. Barry accidentally hits Barbie when Dynamite ducked a punch then tags Davey. Vince puts over the Bulldogs recent tour of Japan as Barbie is working over Davey. He misses an elbow drop then Davey hits a slam. Dynamite tags and takes his head off with a clothesline then hits a back suplex. Barbie gets hit with a double shoulder block then Dynamite locks on a sleeper. Barry breaks that with an elbow smash from the middle rope. The match breaks down and Barry gets knocked out of the ring. Barbie gets knocked down and Davey launches Dynamite halfway across the ring, who uses a diving headbutt for the win (4:27).
Thoughts: Dynamite looked incredible in the ring and was put over strong on commentary. His movement was on a whole other level from the rest of the company. Once the Bulldogs returned from Japan, they started to get a push.
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’s subject is Roddy Piper and how he runs his mouth. We are shown a clip of “Piper’s Pit” from the first “Saturday Night’s Main Event.”
Sal Gee vs. King Kong Bundy w/Jimmy Hart
Bundy brushes off Gee with ease. He roughs him up in the corner as Hart agitates the fans. He drops a knee but pulls up Gee at two. Bundy chops Gee as Vince plugs the “Manager of the Year” award. Bundy then hits the Avalanche before putting Gee away with an elbow drop, insisting the referee for the five count (2:34).
Thoughts: About what you would expect to happen here. Bundy was in neutral at this point, as he was only squashing lower card talent and not involved in any feuds.
Freddie Miller runs down the card for the “King of the Ring” tournament. Greg Valentine and Jimmy Hart then come out, with Valentine doing all of the talking. He doesn’t care about winning a trophy. Valentine cut a decent enough heel promo.
A.J. Petruzzi vs. Uncle Elmer w/Hillbilly Jim
Elmer spends a few minutes with the fans before entering the ring. He is carrying a cowbell with him. The camera focuses on the injured leg of Jim. The match starts with Petruzzi bouncing off of Elmer a few times, much to the delight of Jim. He shoves Petruzzi in the corner before bouncing Petruzzi off of him a few times. He hits a few slams then hits a leg drop for the win (1:46). After the match, he and Jim dance in the ring as Vince is happy as can be.
Thoughts: Elmer was really bad in the ring. He did get over a bit here and Vince was strongly pushing him on commentary. It wouldn’t last though. The real reason for him was to keep the injured Hillbilly Jim on TV.
Freddie Miller is with the Iron Sheik. Not much of an interview and Sheik wasn’t as crazy as usual so that was disappointing.
Jose Luis Rivera & Paul Roma vs. Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake w/Jimmy Hart & Johnny Valiant
Valentine suplexes Rivera then works the arm. Vince alerts us that Terry Funk was fined $5,000 after beating up Mel Phillips last week. Rivera fights back against Beefcake then tags Roma, who gets backed into the opposing corner. Valentine fights off both men  until Rivera gets the upper hand. He hits a dropkick but Valentine makes a blind tag and Beefcake nails Rivera with a jumping knee smash for the win (2:51).
Thoughts: Match was forgettable but the team of Valentine & Beefcake were starting to gel.
Piper’s Pit with guest Terry Funk. Piper asks Funk why he is looking at him with envy and he says that he is jealous of Hogan, JYD, and even Piper himself because they make more money than him. We see the replay of Funk assaulting Phillips as Funk says that you do not put on a cowboy’s hat then puts over his toughness. Funk is then on his knees and says that he wants to be remembered for taking out JYD and killing rock ‘n’ roll. Funk was great here and the crowd already hates him.
Aldo Marino vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage
Savage hits an arm drag then taunts the crowd. Marino hits an arm drag of his own then we are shown all of the heel managers at ringside, scouting Savage. Marino gets a sunset flip but Savage comes back with a clothesline. The crowd starts a “weasel” chant as Savage tosses Marino to the floor. He follows him out with a double axe handle from the top rope. Back in the ring, he slams Marino then puts him away with two flying elbow drops (2:45). All of the managers come into the ring to congratulate Savage, who decides to inflict some more punishment onto Marino, which further impresses the managers.
Thoughts: Great TV debut for Savage. The angle of Savage being the hottest free agent was a great choice for his debut too. It made him feel that much more special.  
Ricky Steamboat gives us a PSA about quit smoking cigarettes so we can breathe “good, clean air.”
Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs. Don Muraco w/Mr. Fuji
This is the first time on TV in which Steamboat was referred to as “The Dragon.” Steamboat sends Muraco to the corner with his martial arts poses. He then catches Muraco with some chops then an enziguiri. Muraco gets his knees up on a splash attempt then headbutts Steamboat in the groin from the second rope. They fight over a bridge and that ends in a standoff. Steamboat works the arm as Vince announces that next week the Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff will defend their Tag Team titles against Mike Rotundo & Barry Windham. Muraco hits Steamboat with a Samoan drop then beats on him in the corner. Steamboat fights back then ends up on the apron. Steamboat fights back and hits a top rope chop. Both men spill outside and Muraco rams Steamboat into the guardrail. Steamboat hits Muraco with an atomic drop, who ends up colliding with Fuji, then rolls inside just beating the ten count for the win (4:58).
Thoughts: Fun match, which certainly seems to be setting up for a feud between the two.
Freddie Miller is now with Nikolai Volkoff, who will be facing Hulk Hogan for the World Heavyweight Championship at the King of the Ring. Volkoff says he hates Hogan for having the belt, which belongs to him. He then takes off his shirt and starts putting over his physique.
Next week, the Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff will defend the Tag Team Titles against Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo. In action will be Paul Orndorff, Missing Link, George Steele, Pedro Morales, and Terry Funk. Plus, “Piper’s Pit” with “Macho Man” Randy Savage.
Final Thoughts: Good show this week. The main event was good and we had the TV debut of Randy Savage and the manager angle. Plus, Terry Funk did well on “Piper’s Pit” and next week, the Tag Team Titles are on the line. The WWF feels a lot more exciting now, with the new talents and feuds.

WWF Championship Wrestling: June 29th, 1985

June 29, 1985
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
Tonight, Terry Funk will make his WWF in-ring debut. Also in action tonight are Don Muraco and Ricky Steamboat. Plus, Mike Rotundo & Barry Windham, Junkyard Dog & Tito Santana, and the new team of B. Brian Blair and “Jumping” Jim Brunzell.

Rick Hunter & A.J Petruzzi vs. Tito Santana & Junkyard Dog

JYD starts off the match by overpowering Petruzzi. Tito tags in and works the arm for a bit. Petruzzi gets hit with a double elbow smash then JYD follows that up with some crawling headbutts. Hunter tags and grabs a headlock but JYD counters that with an atomic drop. Tito tags and gets worked over for a second but makes the tag. JYD cleans house then finishes off Petruzzi with a powerslam (3:49).
Thoughts: Not much to say about this match. It is the same as every other that JYD & Tito had together. Also, the team of JYD and Tito is starting to get stale, as they only started due to their mutual hatred of Valentine and have not progressed into any feuds.  
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’s subject is Bobby Heenan and the $25,000 bounty that he placed on Paul Orndorff.
Aldo Marino vs. Terry Funk
The announcers put over the toughness of Funk. Before the match, in one of the most memorable post-match moments in history, ring attendant Mel Phillips carries away Funk’s ring gear and in the process, puts on Funk’s hat. Well, Funk sees this then yanks Phillips into the ring and beats the shit out of him. Marino tries to make the save but immediately gets tossed to the outside. Funk continues to beat on Phillips until he tosses him outside. Funk beats the piss out of Marino in the corner as two ring attendants carry Phillips into the locker room. Funk tosses Marino then jaws with the fans. Back in the ring, Marino reverses an Irish whip then tosses Funk through the ropes. Funk comes back in and Marino sends him back outside with a dropkick, as the fans are going crazy. Funk comes back in and hits a back suplex then gets the win via submission with the spinning toe hold (3:02). After the match, Funk taunts the fans, who already hate his guts.
Thoughts: One of the greatest TV debuts in wrestling history. At the end of this match, Funk was loathed by the crowd. Hell, they went crazy for the jobber’s offense. You have to check this out.
Vince mentions that we will get more news about the “Manager of the Year” award later on in the show. We never did though.
Gene Okerlund plugs the first ever “King of the Ring” show at Sullivan Stadium (The old Foxboro Stadium) in Foxboro, MA. Hulk Hogan comes out and says that he was hanging with “Sly” and what he went through filming “First Blood.” He promises the same will happen when he defends his belt against Nikolai Volkoff.
Steve Lombardi & Dave Barbie vs. Killer Bees
The Bees are wearing black trunks and vests for this match. Blair grounds Lombardi to start the match. Brunzell tags and hits a monkey flip then a jumping knee smash. Blair tags and gets two off of a clothesline. Blair gets caught in the wrong corner and gets slammed by Barbie. Blair is able to elude an elbow drop then tags Brunzell, who hits a beautiful looking dropkick. The Bees use the double noggin knocker then Brunzell catches Barbie with a sleeper for the win (3:52).
Thoughts: The Bees worked at a fast pace but their opponents really couldn’t keep up with that. Still, its nice to have another solid tag team in the company.
Okerlund is with the King of the Ring trophy and JYD. They talk about the competitors in the tournament.
Rick McGraw vs. Don Muraco w/Mr. Fuji
The fans start a “beach bum” chant aimed at Muraco. Muraco hits a clothesline but McGraw fights back. He hits a backbreaker and a slam before sending him out of the ring with an atomic drop. The fans are into the action tonight. Muraco comes in but misses a dropkick. McGraw tries a Boston Crab but Muraco rolls out. They slug it out until McGraw gets a nearfall with a small package. McGraw then whiffs on a dropkick and Muraco puts him away with the tombstone piledriver (2:42).
Thoughts: The fans really bought into McGraw here. The match while sloppy at points, was wrestled at a brisk pace, making it fun to watch.
Piper’s Pit with a returning Roddy Piper. He says that he went on vacation then welcomes Hillbilly Jim. Piper mocks him with banjo noises then accuses him of faking his leg injury. Jim then tells Piper he has someone he wants him to meet and brings out his Uncle Elmer. Piper mocks him for a few seconds as the segment ends.
The Axe vs. Ricky Steamboat
Steamboat scares off the Axe with his array of chops and poses. He takes him down with a few arm drags before the Axe grabs a headlock. Steamboat escapes and hits a running knee smash before putting him away with a flying body press (3:08).
Thoughts: Good god was this boring. The crowd, which was hot all night long, was just about silent for this match. The martial arts gimmicked they saddled on Steamboat was really bad at the beginning, as his matches consisted of goofy chops and kicks, along with ridiculous posing.
Hillbilly Jim gives us a public service announcement about making sure your animals have plenty of fresh air and water during the hot Summer days.
Terry Gibbs & Rene Goulet vs. Mike Rotundo & Barry Windham w/Capt. Lou Albano
Windham catches Gibbs with an arm drag. Rotundo tags and works a side headlock. Goulet tags and Rotundo grounds him as Vince tells us that Mel Phillips was taken to the hospital. Lots of fast paced action in this match. Rotundo gets double-teamed until Windham breaks it up. Rotundo continues to play face-in-peril as this match is surprisingly fun. Rotundo reverses an Irish whip by Gibbs then makes the tag. Windham hits a dropkick and a slam. He tags Rotundo, who catches Gibbs with an airplane spin, and gets the win. The finish looked bad as Goulet was right next to the pin attempt and sat there until Windham came over to shove him away (4:36)
Thoughts: Fun stuff, despite the terrible looking finish. Gibbs was solid as far as jobbers are concerned. Windham looked really good in particular.
Okerlund interviews a bunch of heels about the King of the Ring. Nothing memorable happened here except for Okerlund reminding the Iron Sheik that the show was in Foxboro, not Boston.
The announcers talk about Terry Funk and how there should be action taken against him for what he did to Mel Phillips.
Next week, Ricky Steamboat will face Don Muraco. Also, the television debut of “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Uncle Elmer. Plus, King Kong Bundy will be in action.
Final Thoughts: I thought this was a really fun show. The debut of Funk was awesome. If you haven’t seen it before, go do it now. The Killer Bees looked solid in their TV debut too. We also saw Uncle Elmer for the first time, even though it was a very brief appearance. The last match of the show was really fun too. Plus, next week, you get the debut of Savage and a match between Muraco and Steamboat.

WWF Championship Wrestling: June 22nd, 1985

June 22, 1985
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
Matt Borne vs. Paul Orndorff
Before the match, Borne gets on the mic and claims that he will collect the bounty. Borne lands a cheapshot off of a clean break but Orndorff fights right back. He beats the shit out of Borne until he is stopped by an eye rake. Orndorff kills Borne with a clothesline before putting him away with the piledriver (1:50). After the match, Heenan is seen in the back of the arena. Orndorff then grabs the mic and wants Heenan to come into the ring. Heenan is pissed as the crowd starts up a “weasel” chant, then he retreats to the back.
Thoughts: Heenan’s bounty on Orndorff has been a pretty good angle. The crowd absolutely loathes Heenan too so that helps out a lot. Still, the Orndorff turn has been a success at the start.  
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes, who lets us know that the WWF has just signed Terry Funk to a contract. We are then shown a vignette of Funk on his horse as he talks about his neighbor told him that Steamboat and Hogan have bigger muscles but that he has heart and the talk about muscles pisses him off as he spits on the ground.
Brett Hart & Jim Neidhart w/Jimmy Hart vs. Tony Garea & Jim Powers
Garea and Neidhart go back and forth until Hart tags. Garea shoves him in his corner then tags Powers. He backdrops Hart then follows that with a dropkick. He tries another backdrop but Hart kicks him in the face. Neidhart beats on Powers for a minute until they put him away with the Hart Attack (2:09).
Thoughts: Dull squash match, even if it was just over two minutes long. Anything involving Tony Garea is usually terrible though. The team of Bret & Neidhart are struggling to get over as heels, even with Hart as their manager.
Freddie Miller is with Hulk Hogan, promoting his match at the Boston Garden. His head is all bandaged up as Hogan tells Studd that he is never going to give up and that all of the Hulkamaniacs hang out in Boston.
Gary Starr vs. The Missing Link w/Bobby Heenan
Link rams Starr’s head off of the turnbuckle repeatedly. He then chokes him out on the mat and delivers a few headbutts, busting open his own head in the process. He then leaps off of the middle turnbuckle with a flying headbutt for the win (2:27). After the match, Heenan has to control Link from smashing his own head off of the turnbuckle.
Thoughts: The Link gimmick is still too similar to what George Steele was doing and all of his matches consisted of headbutts. Plus, the crowd bought into Steele and they do not feel the same way about Link.
Jack Reynolds is with Big John Studd. He talks about his match against Hogan in Boston while holding the bag that contains Andre’s hair. Studd said he can bench 700lbs and that Hogan has to look up at him, the biggest man in the WWF.
Doc Butler & A.J. Petruzzi vs. Ivan Putski & Tony Atlas
Finkel brings up that Atlas has been named “Mr. Universe.” Petruzzi tries to attack Putski from behind but that plan fails. The faces take turns headlocking Petruzzi before Butler tags. Atlas puts him in a headlock then tags Putski, who hits the Polish Hammer for the win (2:46).
Thoughts: Another dull tag squash. The seemed to be trying to do something with Atlas but his problems around this time are well documented and he was never very good in the ring to begin with. He and Putski had no chemistry to speak of either.
Piper’s Pit with guest host Bobby Heenan. His guest is Big John Studd but first, Heenan announces that Piper will be returning next week. Studd says that he is going to collect the $25,000 bounty on Orndorff and that no one embarrasses the Heenan Family. Heenan then says that everyone is in the running for the $25,000 bounty.
Johnny Rodz vs. Ricky Steamboat
Rodz ducks outside after Steamboat does some of his martial arts poses. He comes back in and rakes the eyes and takes control. Steamboat chops him back but misses a corner charge. Rodz chops him on the apron but misses a flying attack. Steamboat hits a chop off of the top rope but Rodz gets his knees up on a splash attempt. Rodz hits a top rope elbow smash then a slam. He hits a flying headbutt but misses a splash. Steamboat hits a chop then gets the win with a flying body press (3:17).
Thoughts: Decent enough action, even with Steamboat’s martial arts gimmick
A plug for the WrestleMania home video airs, with Jesse Ventura doing the voice over.
Iron Sheik w/Freddie Blassie vs. Mike Rotundo w/Capt. Lou Albano
The crowd is jacked up for this match. They take it on the mat to start, with neither guy able to gain the advantage. Rotundo grabs a side headlock as the crowd starts an “Iran sucks” chant. Rotundo hip tosses the Sheik then hits a slam. They go back to the mat until Rotundo sends the Sheik over the top rope with an atomic drop. Back in the ring, Rotundo catches the Sheik with an airplane spin but Nikolai Volkoff runs in and breaks up the pin as the match is ruled a DQ (3:37). The heels beat on Rotundo until George Steele runs in for the save as the heels flee to the back.
Thoughts: No idea where Windham was for this but it certainly sets up for a title match down the line. The heat for this match was incredible too.  
Jack Reynolds is with Jimmy Hart. He talks about the Junkyard Dog dumping water on him during “Tuesday Night Titans” and we are shown a clip of that happening. A running gag on TNT was Hart playing pranks on Hayes. Valentine comes out and says that JYD made a joke out of him and Hart and is ready to take out all of his anger.
Vince and Bruno recap the show then get cut off by Rotundo. He promises that Barry Windham will be back next week and that he is sick and tired of Sheik & Volkoff cheating and issue a challenge, stating they will face them at any time or place. 
Final Thoughts: This show was jsut okay. The heated up the tag-title feud and furthered the Bounty Angle on Orndorff. The wrestling was duller than usual though, featuring makeshift teams and newcomers who are struggling to get over. Studd and Hogan also is a bit stale, considering it was being down at the end of 1984, so the World Title picture needs to freshen up.

WWF Madison Square Garden: June 21st, 1985

June 21, 1985
Your hosts are Gene Okerlund and Gorilla Monsoon

Terry Gibbs vs. “Leaping” Lanny Poffo
The MSG debut for Poffo, who has not even made his TV debut. Gibbs hits a shoulderblock but Poffo kips up then shows off his quickness. He works the arm for a bit then gets two off of a crossbody block before going back to the arm. Gibbs yells at the ref about how Poffo is breaking his arm then backs Poffo into the corner. He misses a corner attack but cheapshots Poffo and stomps away. Elbow drop gets two. He tosses Poffo through the ropes. Gibbs follows him out and slams him on the floor. Back in the ring, Gibbs blocks a sunset flip then gets two off of a suplex. He grabs a bearhug but Poffo manages to take him over. Poffo whiffs on a senton and Gibbs covers for two. Poffo fights back and hip tosses Gibbs out of the corner. He then hits a dropkick before putting him away with the moonsault (6:34) **1/2.
Thoughts: Solid match that was all action and minimal restholds. The crowd popped for the moonsault but were quiet for everything else. Gibbs did a good job as a heel, easily the best I have seen from him. Poffo looked good in his debut and his perm was something else.
Tony Atlas vs. Matt Borne
Borne shoves Atlas off of a lockup then mocks him by flexing his arms. Atlas responds by shoving him away then hitting a few armdrags. He then sends him to the floor with a poor excuse of a dropkick. Borne goes back inside as Atlas outsmarts him before hitting an atomic drop. Borne works the arm the fires away when Atlas tries to power out. He works a chinlock then targets the back. Borne starts to punch Atlas in the face but he no-sells the attack. Borne tries to escape but Atlas drags him back in by his tights, exposing his ass in the process. Atlas beats on Borne then rams his head off all four corners of the ring. Back suplex gets two. Borne lands a few shots in the corner but misses an elbow drop from the middle rope and that allows Atlas to hit a press slam then put him away with a splash (7:03) *1/2. Borne attacks Atlas after the match but ends up getting tossed over the top rope.
Thoughts: Borne looked good and carried the whole thing. The match was designed to make Atlas look good and Borne did everything that he could to make that happen while Atlas basically did poses.
Jose Luis Rivera vs. The Missing Link w/Bobby Heenan
Link takes forever getting into the ring as he kept on running backstage. Heenan eventually gets him to go inside as some of the crowd taunts him but most really do not care. Rivera attacks him before the bell but ends up eating elbow off of a charge. Link then hits a headbutt from the second rope and uses a few more headbutts . Link hits a slam then another headbutt off of the middle rope for the win (1:43) ¼*. After the match, Heenan prevents Link from ramming his own head off of the post.
Thoughts: Fine for what it was I guess. The match probably would have been a lot worse if it had gone any longer. Link just did not get over at all in the WWF and I think that part of that was due to George Steele having the same gimmick.
Moondog Spot vs. “Jumping” Jim Brunzell
This is also the MSG debut for Brunzell, who is sporting the Killer Bees tights. Okerlund said it is about time that Brunzell got into the WWF and they both put over the Killer Bees team with Brian Blair. Spot works a leadlock but Brunzell escapes and uses a flying head scissors. Brunzell works a key lock before working using another head scissors. He works the arm some more as the camera shows a hot blond in the crowd that has Okerlund going out of his mind. Spot begs for mercy after a headbutt then Brunzell goes back to the arm. Brunzell leapfrogs Spot but ends up walking into a forearm. Spot hits a backbreaker then a fist drop. He then lands a kneelift before hammering away in the corner. Brunzell comes back with a bell clap but misses a corner charge and ends up getting booted out of the ring. Spot follows him out and rams his head off of the steps. Brunzell is able to pull Spot’s leg down after he went in the ring and rams it off of the post. Spot comes back with an inverted atomic drop, while selling the leg, then uses a chinlock. Spot kicks him repeatedly and gets two before going back to the chinlock. Brunzell comes back and works the leg but ends up getting clocked in the face.  Both men slug it out then end up colliding, which starts to wake up the crowd. Brunzell is up first and lands an uppercut. Spot begs for mercy in the corner then Brunzell ends up firing away. Atomic drop gets two. He ducks his head for a backdrop and gets elbowed but manages to duck down then plants Spot with a dropkick for the win (12:22) ***.
Thoughts: Really good match that the crowd didn’t seem to care about that much. Despite not being advertised on TV yet, the announcers put over the Killer Bees team on commentary. Okerlund was putting over Brunzell strong, likely due to their connection from the AWA.
Rick McGraw vs. Randy “Macho Man” Savage
Before the match, Finkel refers to Savage as “wrestling’s number one free agent.” Savage yells at everyone before the match then orders that the camera lenses get cleaned. The announcers talk about how all of the managers have their eyes on Savage. Macho starts by stalling then both guys jockey for position. Savage ducks outside and picks up a chair then jumps on the guardrail to stir up the fans, getting hit with debris in the process. Savage continues to taunt the crowd, who already hate him. Savage finally goes into the ring and works an armbar. He pulls him back down by the hair then dumps McGraw throat-first onto the top rope after he attempted a head scissor takedown. McGraw manages to put Savage in the airplane spin but Savage is able to put his foot on the ropes. Savage boots him in the face after a backdrop attempt then fires away. McGraw blocks a turnbuckle smash then monkey flips Savage out of the corner. Backslide gets two. Savage ducks outside for a breather and chases the camera man up the aisle. He then yells at an old couple at ringside and taunts the crowd some more then attacks McGraw from the apron. Elbow drop gets two. Suplex gets two. He sends McGraw to the floor with an elbow smash then follows him out with a double axe handle off of the top rope. The crowd was amazed by that spot. He then suplexes McGraw on the floor as the crowd is pelting him with trash. Savage hits him with a running knee smash that sends him flying over the stairs. Back in the ring, Savage hits a flying attack on McGraw, who was hunched over the middle rope , but misses a second attempt. McGraw sends Savage into the corner, who ends up in the tree of woe. He works on Savage but gets clotheslined after he charged at him and that allows Savage to climb up top and hit the flying elbow drop for the win (12:52) ***.
Thoughts: Despite being somewhat of a glorified squash match, Savage put on an absolute clinic on how to be a heel. He went from being an unknown to loathed by the crowd in a matter of minutes. The wrestling was good too.
Adrian Adonis & Big John Studd & Bobby Heenan vs. Mike Rotundo & Barry Windham & George Steele w/Capt. Lou Albano
Adonis is back after five months, carrying more weight in his gut. Match starts with Steele chasing Heenan around the ring, which gets a big pop from the crowd. Adonis enters and Steele goes nuts but Windham calms him down and tags into the match. He takes down Adonis with a few armdrags. He then hits three straight slams as Adonis goes into the wrong corner and Steele rakes his eyes on the ropes. Adonis then tags Studd and heads up the aisle, eventually going back to the apron. Windham slugs away and almost slams Studd, who is able to grab the rope. Windham comes back with a crossbody block as the crowd is going insane. Studd comes back with a few elbow smashes then tosses Windham into the corner. Heenan tags but Windham reverses an Irish whip then beats on him in the corner. Heenan then takes a crazy bump over the rope and Steele catches up to him this time and rams his head against the guardrail as the fans go crazy. Albano settles down Steele then Rotundo and Studd tag into the match. Rotundo works the arm for a bit but gets overpowered. Adonis tags and stomps a mudhole into Rotundo. Adonis hits a jumping DDT and that gets two. The match breaks down after the heels beat on Rotundo in the corner. Steele grabs a chair then chases out the heels before hitting the referee, who then rules the match a DQ (9:59) **1/4.
Thoughts: Even though this had a good amount of stalling, it was still enjoyable. The crowd was more pumped for this match than anything else to be honest.
Desiree Peterson vs. Judy Martin
Okerlund makes a comment about Martin having the biggest set of eyes that he has seen on a woman. Martin uses a hairpull then hammers away. Petersen ducks a chop and hits a sitout atomic drop. Martin ducks outside after a punch to the mid-section then gets caught in an arm wringer when she returns. Petersen continues to work the arm until Martin chops away then throws her out of the ring as she lands awkwardly on the announcers table. Christ that looked painful. Martin then catches her with a reverse Death Valley Driver then throws some chops and kicks before tossing her outside. The bell keeps ringing for some reason. Martin rams Petersen against the post then roughs her up inside the ring. She places her in the tree of woe as the referee tries to intervene. Martin goes outside and pulls her hair then goes back in and places her on the ropes. She uses a mat slam on Petersen then gets two off of a chop before throwing her outside of the ring yet again. Martin stomps Petersen, who landed on the table, then continues to stomp her in and out of the ring as the announcers are yelling for the ref to disqualify Martin. Back inside, Martin powerbombs Petersen and that only gets two. She uses a chinlock for a minute then tosses her back outside. Back inside, Martin works a headlock then puts her between the ropes and kicks her to the floor. Petersen fights back then slams Martin’s head off of the table repeatedly. They go back inside as Petersen fires away. She tries a flying headscissors but Martin counters with a backdrop. Petersen is able to reverse an Irish whip then uses a reverse rollup with a bridge to get the win (16:05) **1/2. The win got a bog pop from the crowd.
Thoughts: A much better match than I ever would have thought. Although it didn’t need to last this long, it was well worked. Martin was really good here and was pretty underrated as a worker in general.
Tony Garea vs. King Kong Bundy w/Tony Garea
Garea bounces off of Bundy a few times. He the punches away at Bundy but it has minimal effect. Bundy catches Garea with an elbow but misses an elbow drop. Garea takes down Bundy and works the leg as Hart is going nuts on the megaphone. Bundy gets back up as Gorilla claims that Bundy is 500 lbs. Bundy chokes out Garea with his foot and the ropes. He pulls him up after an elbow drop then applies a chinlock. Garea comes back with a dropkick and punches away in the corner but Bundy reverses an Irish whip and finishes him with the Avalanche (6:17) ½*.
Thoughts: Dull match and there was no reason on earth for Bundy to sell this much for Garea.
Intercontinental Title Match
Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs. Greg Valentine (Champion) w/Jimmy Hart
This was the first time I have heard Steamboat called “The Dragon” since joining the WWF. Steamboat looks absolutely ripped. Steamboat uses his poses and that angers Valentine. Steamboat takes over Valentine then chops away in the corner. Valentine bails as Hart is screaming “no karate” into his megaphone, with the fans going nuts. Back inside, Steamboat hits a barrage of chops before working on the neck. Steamboat catches him with a heel kick and Valentine retreats to the corner. Steamboat chops him down then uses a chinlock. Crossbody gets two. Valentine backs Steamboat into the corner then kills him with forearm smashes. Steamboat fights back from the apron then hits a chop from the top rope, which gets two. He hits a slam and goes for a splash but Valentine gets his knees up. Valentine stomps away then goes to work on the leg. Steamboat manages a small package but fails on a slam attempt then gets knocked to the floor, where he gets taunted by Hart. Valentine continuously kicks Steamboat off of the apron until both guys have an intense slugfest in the ring. Steamboat wins that as the fans are going crazy. Steamboat uses more of his “martial arts” then heads up top and hits the flying body press but Valentine is able to get his foot on the ropes. Valentine catches him with a back suplex and both men are down as the fans chant for Steamboat. Valentine gets two off of a pair of elbow drops then tries for the figure four but Steamboat sends him into the corner. He sends him to the floor with an enziguiri then the bell rings when Valentine enters the ring but both guys continue to slug it out until Steamboat chops him through the ropes, then it is announced that Steamboat won by countout (14:20) ***1/4.
Thoughts: Good, but certainly not great. Steamboat’s karate gimmick slightly hindered his in-ring work though and just made him look life a goof.
B. Brian Blair vs. Barry O.
Blair is rocking the Killer Bee trunks. Barry attacks him before the bell but Blair reverses an Irish whip and hits a backdrop. Barry bails and gets chased around until he runs into a punch. Blair works the arm then takes Barry down with a shoulder block. Barry catches him with a clothesline then gets two off of a backbreaker. He uses a chinlock then catches Blair with a running knee smash before tossing him outside. Barry attacks Blair then puts on another chinlock. Blair comes back with a crossbody but gets dumped outside. Blair goes back inside and fights back, knocking Barry to the floor. He drags him back inside and hits a clothesline. He then hits a top rope elbow smash and a series of punches but misses a charge in the corner. Blair goes behind Barry then locks on the sleeper and after the ref drops his hand three times, Blair gets the win (8:13) **1/2.
Thoughts: Good action. No one cared though. Blair could work but really had no personality to back it up.
Okerlund interview Don Muraco and Mr.Fuji in the locker room. They promise victory tonight.
Okerlund know interviews B. Brian Blair. He asks him about his new team with Jim Brunzell as Blair says that the Killer Bees were named after the Miami Dolphins defensive line. This interview was quite generic.
Okerlund is now with Hulk Hogan. He says that Hulkamania lives one day at a time and that steel cages are for animals but that this is the only way to win the war. He also says that he doesn’t care about fame, just the WWF title and that he has been training with “Rambo” and does not feel pain.
Steel Cage Match
WWF Heavyweight Title
Don Muraco vs. Hulk Hogan (Champion)
Fuji is not ringside with Muraco. Hogan tosses the belt at Muraco. He picks it up but Hogan ducks the shot then uses it to whip him as the ref grabs it then shuts the cage door. Both guys try to ram each other into the cage. Muraco hits a low blow then stomps away. He hits a kneelift then tries to go out of the door but Hogan stops him. Muraco hits several chops but Hogan hulks up and chops back. He drops an elbow then rams his head into the cage, busting him open. Hogan picks him up and launches him into the cage as Muraco is dripping blood. He charges but Muraco pushes him into the cage. He slingshots Hogan into the cage then tries to climb out but Hogan stops him. They fight on top of the cage as they are both covered in blood. Hogan gets booted down then Muraco slowly comes down and beats on Hogan, who is wearing a crimson mask. Muraco runs into a boot and ends up getting caught in the ropes and Hulk scrambles to the door and tries to go out but Muraco grabs his leg. Hogan manages to fight him off then steps outside for the win (9:05) **1/4.
Thoughts: Bloody match but they really didn’t do a whole lot in the ring. The outcome was never in doubt though and the crowd didn’t react a whole lot.
Final Thoughts: I thought this was a very good house show. Most of the matches were fine and the MSG debut of Savage was great. One of the better house shows you will see in this time period.

WWF Championship Wrestling: June 15th, 1985

June 15, 1985

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon.
In action tonight are Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake, Tito Santana, Ricky Steamboat, and Paul Orndorff.

Dave Barbie vs. Tito Santana
Barbie shoves Santana twice off of a lockup. Tito then goes behind him and from that hits a slam and a dropkick. Barbie ducks outside for a breather for a moment then comes in only for Tito to take him down. Tito ducks a clothesline and they have some miscommunication before Santana takes him down with a leg whip. Santana knocks Barbie down with some forearm smashes, which prompts Vince to remind us of his “Latin temper.” The crowd chants for Tito as he works the arm of Barbie. Tito gets backed into the corner but fights right back. He hits a backdrop then attempts to put on the figure four but Barbie seemed to not be able to take the hold and from there, Tito drops a knee right on his chest before putting him away with the flying forearm (4:30).
Thoughts: Tito seemed pissed at Barbie, who was out of position on more than a few occasions. The announcers hyped Tito, referring to him as one of the greats in the company.
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week, the subject is Jesse “The Body” Ventura and how he has been taunting Bruno Sammartino.
B. Brian Blair vs. Steve Lombardi
Blair makes his return after a nine month leave. They start by trading go-behinds until Blair grabs hold of the arm. He hits a shoulderblock then uses a drop toehold. As Blair works the arm, Finkel does a voiceover for a local show in Fitchburg, MA that will feature newcomers like Randy Savage and Jim Brunzell, who we will be seeing in the upcoming weeks. Lombardi fights out and even manages to hit a backbreaker but Blair fires away then slams him down. He hits a clothesline then heads up top before hitting a double axe handle then drops the elbow for the win (4:08).
Thoughts: Blair was a little less boring than usual but still doesn’t show much at all in terms of personality. At least is was a good worker but I cant help but think that if he hadn’t been thrown into the Killer Bees gimmick, he would have been on the same level as guys like Lanny Poffo and Rick McGraw during the rest of his run, due to the complete lack of personality
Jack Reynolds runs down the June 25th show at the Boston Garden before welcoming the Junkyard Dog, who will be facing Greg Valentine for the Intercontinental Title. JYD said the last time he was in Boston, he got his pocket picked then calls Jimmy Hart a mouse. JYD also promises that Big John Studd will bite the dust after facing Hulk Hogan.
Rene Goulet vs. Ricky Steamboat
Steamboat leapfrogs over Goulet then hiptosses him out of the corner. He hits some sort of karate kick, which looked pathetic, that sends Goulet to the floor. Back inside, Steamboat hits a flying headscissors and Goulet goes back outside. The announcers put over his agility as he grabs a side headlock. Goulet catches him with an inverted atomic drop then puts on the claw. The ref counts to two then Steamboat fights back. He takes him down with a chop then does some karate poses before hitting the flying body press for the win (3:25). After the match, Goulet attacks Steamboat from behind but that doesn’t last as Steamboat hits a backdrop that has Goulet scrambling outside.
Thoughts: I give Steamboat all of the credit in the world for pulling off this goofy martial arts gimmick. He somehow made it work, despite his goofy kicks and poses.
Reynolds is with Freddy Blassie. He says that Windham & Rotundo have no chance at getting the belts then does an impression of JYD before saying he will lose to Valentine. He also promises that Studd will beat Hulk Hogan.
Jim Young & Bobby Leon vs. Barry O. & Moondog Spot
Spot beats on Young as Finkel does a voiceover promoting the first ever “King of the Ring,” which took place at Sullivan Stadium in Foxboro, MA, which was the former home of the New England Patriots. Barry is now beating on Young, who makes the tag to Leon. The heels work over Leon in the corner until Spot drops him right on his head after performing a shoulderbreaker then Barry hits a knee drop from the middle rope.
Thoughts: I am shocked that Leon got up after that move and when he did, he was dazed and confused. Barry O. was an average wrestler with little personality and would be a permanent jobber when Rex made his return.
Piper’s Pit with guest host Bobby Heenan. He says that Piper is home resting his vocal cords and comments on Orton’s watch, which he said was a gift from Piper. As this is going on, the Missing Link is pacing all over the set like a maniac while Heenan tells the crowd to take a look at the man who will collect the $25,000 bounty on Orndorff. Link growls into the microphone at the end of the interview. Link is not really getting over and his gimmick was more of a hit in the 1970’s than here.
A.J. Petruzzi vs. Paul Orndorff
Orndorff comes out to some generic 80’s rock music and the crowd goes nuts. Orndorff backs Petruzzi into the ropes then hits a shoulderblock. He drops an elbow, which prompts Vince to say “vintage Orndorff.” Orndorff hits a running knee smash then a kneelift before tossing him over the top rope. Orndorff follows him out and slams him on the floor then goes into the ring and poses before hitting the piledriver for the win (2:28).
Thoughts: Its funny how despite turning face, Orndorff continued to wrestle the same way he did as a heel. You rarely saw babyfaces in the 1980’s toss job guys out of the ring then slam them on the concrete.
Mario Mancini & Paul Roma vs. Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake w/Jimmy Hart & Luscious Johnny Valiant
Both men take turns beating on Roma. Mancini tags and gets the same treatment. Mancini tries to fight back but Beefcake rakes the eyes then tags Valentine, who beats on Mancini. He also knocks Roma off of the apron before he can make the tag. Beefcake hits a flying knee smash then Valentine softens him up before applying the figure four (4:16).   
Thoughts: They are putting over the team of Valentine & Beefcake strong. Their opponents didn’t land any offense at all.
Reynolds is with Jimmy Hart, who briefly says that JYD has nothing. Heenan and Studd then come out afterwards and talk about trophies as Studd holds the bag containing Andre’s hair.
Next week, Tony Atlas & Ivan Putski will be in action. Plus, the Missing Link, Brett Hart & Jim Neidhart, and Ricky Steamboat will be in action.
Final Thoughts:  The action was decent enough but not a whole lot happened here as the Pit segment with Missing Link didn’t go over well and the return of Brian Blair was also pedestrian. There isn’t a whole lot of direction right now, with Hogan out of the storylines and Piper at home.

WWF Championship Wrestling June 8th, 1985

June 8, 1985
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
In action this week are Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff, Ricky Steamboat, and George “The Animal” Steele. Plus, Bobby Heenan hosts “Piper’s Pit.”

Sal Gee & Jose Luis Rivera vs. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff w/Freddie Blassie
After an Irish whip spot, Rivera gets two off of a sunset flip. Sheik quickly regains control and hits a backdrop. Volkoff tags and hammers away on Rivera in the corner. All of a sudden, George Steele runs up on the apron but Albano get him off as Vince lets us know that Steele’s match is coming up next. Back to the action as Sheik has Gee in the Camel Clutch and gets the win (2:38). After the match, the jobbers get tossed out to the floor.
Thoughts: The tag champs have been heavily featured on TV. The crowd still hates them though.
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’s subject is about Jimmy Hart. They show a clip of him tossing a bucket of water at Lord Alfred Hayes on the set of TNT as he laughs hysterically. They put over the stable of wrestlers that he has acquired.
Mike Powers vs. George “The Animal” Steele w/Capt. Lou Albano
Steele refers to Animal coming to the ring like a madman as “vintage.” Now we know where Cole gets it from. Steele chases Powers outside and lands a few shots. Powers stays outside for a minute then comes back in and submits to the flying hammerlock (1:51).
Thoughts: Steele as a face is still in its infancy but the crowd has taken a liking to him so far.  
Gene Okerlund is with Capt. Lou Albano. He asks him about Steele and how he has helped him. Steele comes out as Albano says that shock treatments have been helping as Steele says relax.
The Spoiler w/Johnny Valiant vs. Joe Mirto
The Spoiler hits a few kneedrops before choking out Mirto. He gets on the top rope and hits Mirto with a forearm smash. Mirto gets booted right in the face then continues to get his ass kicked until he gets hit with a flying forearm off of the top rope then the Spoiler gets the win with a claw hold (3:08). The Spoiler kept the hold on after the match for a minute.
Thoughts: The Spoiler made his first appearance on “Championship Wrestling” since the beginning of the year. He wasn’t bad at all but past his prime and the crowd never really seemed to care about him in his final run.
Okerlund is with Blassie, Sheik and Volkoff. Blassie makes fun of Albano for feeling the effects of Steele’s shock treatments as Volkoff is sick of Rotundo & Windham whining.
The Axe vs. David Sammartino
They start out at a fast pace as Sammartino is in control. He takes the Axe over with a hip toss then hits a cradle out of an abdominal stretch. He works the arm for a bit then catches him with a backbreaker that didn’t quite work out and looks like a botched attempt at the powerslam, which followed that sequence and Sammartino gets the win (3:33).
Thoughts: The botch was really noticeable but that was all that stood out. Sammartino wasn’t bad in the ring but he wasn’t deserving of a push. He did not have charisma.
Piper’s Pit with guest host Bobby Heenan. Orton is still the bodyguard here. Anyway, the guest is Tito Santana. Heenan asks Santana if he is interested in his bounty, so he can send some pesos back to his family at home. Tito promises that it will be a cold day in hell for anyone who steps in the ring with Orndorff. Heenan threatens a bounty on Santana, who says that he wouldn’t mind teaming up with Orndorff and putting a bounty on him.
Aldo Marino vs. The Missing Link w/Bobby Heenan
The Link attacks Marino before the bell. He no-sells a dropkick then continues his assault. He mostly uses headbutts to attack then no-sells some more offense as he is busted open. He hits a slam then rams his own head off of the turnbuckle before hitting another slam, setting up the flying headbutt for the win (2:12).
Thoughts: The match was boring and the Missing Link never caught on in the WWF. He wasn’t around much longer.
Mr. X vs. Ricky Steamboat
The announcers put over Steamboat’s martial arts skills. Steamobat is even wearing newer gear, including long tights. He gets the better of Mr. X, who ducks outside for a breather. Back in, Steamboat uses a pair of leapfrogs before hitting an armdrag. Mr. X comes back with a slam but walks into another armdrag. Steamboat skins the cat and Mr. X charges but Steamboat leapfrogs and X spills out to the floor. X drags Steamboat outside and rams him against the post. Back in the ring, Steamboat fights back and hits  a few chops. He then hits a swinging neckbreaker and a few more chops before putting him away with a flying body press (5:06).
Thoughts: Long for a TV squash but a nice match overall. The karate gimmick for Steamboat is terrible but he somehow made it work. His chops and “karate” kicks were really goofy and over-the-top though.
Okerlund is with Big John Studd. He calls him out for still carrying Andre’s hair as he promises to walk out a champion in Boston, just like the Boston Celtics.
Next week, Paul Orndorff will be in action. Also, Ricky Steamboat, Tito Santana, Moondog Spot, Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentine and the returning B. Brian Blair.
Final Thoughts: A fairly uneventful episode of Championship Wrestling. There were no big happenings this week either. Even the guys on the show weren’t people that the fans particularly cared about.

WWF Championship Wrestling June 1st, 1985

June 1, 1985

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
Tonight’s main event is Hulk Hogan vs. Ken Patera in a non-title match. Plus, Paul Orndorff returns to the ring and a surprise wrestler makes his return in a non-wrestling role.

Howard Finkel welcomes the surprise wrestler to ringside, which happens to be Hillbilly Jim. The fans give him a huge ovation as he comes out on crutches.
Johnny Rodz & The Ax vs. Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo w/Capt. Lou Albano
Rotundo dodges a few attacks from the Ax and comes back with a dropkick. Windham tags and hits a few forearms before hitting the bulldog for the win (1:39).
Thoughts: Very short as the ex-champs continue to show aggressiveness as a result of losing their belts. This team is really over with the crowds.  
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’s subject is Paul Orndorff and his troubles since WrestleMania, including the $25,000 bounty placed on his head by Bobby Heenan. Hayes says that Orndorff is ready for any wrestler that thinks the can collect the bounty.
Greg “The Hammer” Valentine w/Jimmy Hart vs. Mario Mancini
Valentine backs Mancini in the corner and hammers away until referee Rita Marie backs him away. Valentine hits a back suplex then works the arm for a bit. He then works on the leg before slapping on the figure four leglock, getting the win via submission (2:53).
Thoughts: Valentine beating the shit out of jobbers is always a good time. I have it said many times but he was one of the best in-ring performers of 1985. Everything he did was awesome and he wasn’t coasting by like he did later on in the decade.
Freddie Miller runs down the June 22nd card at the Boston Garden. Hulk Hogan comes out and apologizes to the “normal” people in Boston for not “getting off” on Hulkamania during his last visit.  Hogan promises to cheap shot Big John Studd and slam him.
Doc Butler & Terry Gibbs vs. George Wells & Tony Atlas
Gibbs and Atlas go at it before the bell. Atlas tosses Gibbs in the corner then uses a flying headscissors. Wells tags and puts Butler in a headlock but he gets trapped in the opposite corner. Wells ducks a double clothesline and comes back with a crossbody. The faces take turns working on the arm of Butler, who eventually tags out. The faces continue to beat on both men as Wells hits Butler with a flying shoulder tacakle. Atlas tags and hits a press slam before putting him away with a splash (3:15).
Thoughts: The duo of Atlas & Wells did not appear to have any chemistry at all. They were both just floundering at this time as Atlas was all fucked up on drugs and Wells came in and did nothing during his WWF stint. 
Freddie Miller is now with Bobby Heenan. He promises the crowder eaters in Boston that Studd will become the new WWF Heavyweight Champion. Studd goes on about how he put Andre the Giant out of the country and brings out his bag to hair.
Barry O. vs. Paul Orndorff
The fans give Orndorff a standing ovation. He even plays up to the crowd a little bit. Orndorff goes full speed ahead and hits a few armdrags and a dropkick as Barry bails. Back in the ring, Orndorff hits a slam and works the arm as the crowd is going nuts, even starting a “weasel” chant. The camera shows Heenan in the aisle as Barry works on Orndorff in the corner. Orndorff fights back and hits him with a running knee smash. He then murders him with a clothesline before hitting the piledriver for the win (3:07). After the match, Orndorff stands on the middle turnbuckle and tells Heenan to come into the ring.
Thoughts: The fans are really buying Orndorff as a face. Plus, it is easy when your antagonist is Bobby Heenan, who was loathed by the fans.
Piper’s Pit with guest Jesse Ventura. Piper refers to Jesse as a “rockstar” as Jesse says he is not a “three dollar” star like Boy George and Prince. Jesse says that he saw Piper beat down Mr. T at WrestleMania and thinks that he should be the champion. Piper brings up Orndorff’s bounty a Piper does an impression of Orndorff by laying down on his back as Jesse counts to three. An alright segment, with the heels making fun off the faces.  
Jim Neidhart & Brett Hart w/Jimmy Hart vs. S.D. Jones & Joe Mitro
Neidhart pulls up on a dropkick attempt by Jones then he and Brett hammer away. Brett ducks his head and Jones kicks him then makes the tag. Neidhart knees Mirto in the back from the apron and the heels beat him down until they put him away with the Hart Attack (2:54).
Thoughts: The future Hart Foundation are starting to get a little bit of traction as a heel team, mostly due to them constantly being featured on TV.
Ken Patera w/Bobby Heenan & John Studd vs. Hulk Hogan
The fans go out of their minds for Hogan. They lockup to start. Patera hammers away in the corner until Hogan reverses an Irish whip then follows with a clothesline. He slams him down before hitting another clothesline. Hogan suplexes him but runs into Patera’s knees off of a charge. The fans are going crazy as Hogan hulks up. He slams Patera and hammers away as Studd is now on the apron. They slug it out until Patera hits him from behind and the ref rings the bell for the DQ (3:05). Heenan comes in the ring with scissors but Orndorff runs out and tosses him away. Hogan and Orndorff then clear the ring of the heels as the entire building is going apeshit as the faces pose to the crowd.
Thoughts: This segment was fucking great and the slow turn that they built for Orndorff was just tremendous. I cannot say enough good things about this segment. This also started the partnership between Orndorff & Hogan, which would lead to a great feud the following year.
Freddie Miller is with Capt. Lou Albano. He promises that Windham & Rotundo will regain the tag belts. He then brings out George Steele, saying that he is suicidal, homicidal, schizophrenic, and that the doctor found a calcium deposit lodged into his medulla oblongata. They leave as Blassie comes out with Sheik & Volkoff. They accuse Windham & Rotundo of crying to their mother’s and even the promoters.
Next week, Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff are in action.
Final Thoughts: The Hogan/Orndorff segment will go down in history as one of the best in the history of “Championship Wrestling.” Everything else that happened in the show was an afterthought. 

WWF Championship Wrestling May 25th, 1985

May 25, 1985

Your hosts are Jesse Ventura and Vince McMahon

Tonight, we will see highlights from the six-man tag match from Saturday Night’s Main Event. Also, Junkyard Dog & Tito Santana, Greg Valentine, Pedro Morales, Ken Patera, and Jimmy Snuka will all be in action. Plus, Piper’s Pit with the Tag Team Champions, Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff, and the manager Freddie Blassie.

Matt Borne & Steve Lombardi vs. Tito Santana & Junkyard Dog

The match breaks down as the faces gain the advantage. The heels flee as Jesse doesnt think the faces can communicate together because JYD is illiterate and Tito cannot speak good English. Tito hits both men with atomic drops then tags JYD. They use some quick tags until Tito puts Lombardi away with a flying forearm (2:45).

Thoughts: They continue to push Santana & JYD not only as a team, but also as a threat to the Intercontinental Title. The fans dig this duo too, especially JYD.

WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’s subject is David Sammartino. Hayes puts over his power and thinks that one day, he could capture the gold. We see a clip of him pinning a jobber with a powerslam. It’s been about nine months and Sammartino still has not gotten over as much as his push.

Jimmy Londos vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine w/Jimmy Hart

Londos surprises the Hammer with a few sloppy armdrags to start, which even has Vince making fun of him. Valentine pounds away as Hart is riling up the fans. Valentine hits a slam and a shoulderbreaker then tosses Londos to the floor. Valentine hits a few suplexes then drops an elbow before applying the figure four, getting the win (2:55).

Thoughts: Good squash match as Valentine destroyed this guy. He was still awesome in the ring in 1985, one of the best in the company to be honest. He has been good as the IC champ too and Hart has helped him get heat.

Okerlund is with Hulk Hogan. This took place in the locker room during “Saturday Night’s Main Event.” Hogan cuts a promo on Big John Studd, his next opponent at the Boston Garden. Hogan says that he will slam Studd and win the $15,000.

Pedro Morales vs. Mr. X

Pedro gets a hiptoss and a slam. Mr. X works a side headlock until Morales counters that with a shinbreaker. Mr. X bails then comes back in and goes for another headlock but Pedro counters that with a backbreaker. Pedro takes him over with a headlock then hits a slam before applying the Boston Crab for the win (2:56).

Thoughts: Morales came back for another run but it didnt catch on and he mostly wrestled on the beginning of the card after returning.

Okerlund is with the Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff, with manager Freddie Blassie. Sheik does most of the speaking, or ranting, and promises to send Lou Albano to Hollywood with Cyndi Lauper.

Garry Starr vs. Ken Patera w/Bobby Heenan

Vince brings up last week and how Heenan put a bounty on Orndorff as Jesse agrees with the decision. Starr gets tossed halfway across the ring as the crowd starts chanting for Orndorff. The fans are getting louder as Patera is tossing Starr all over the ring. He drops several elbows then chokes him out on the mat. The crowd continues to drive Heenan and Patera crazy with the chants then Starr gets it with the swinging full nelson and covers him with one foot for the win (2:43).

Thoughts: Watching Patera toss jobbers all over the place is fun. Also, the crowd being all over Heenan makes it fun whenever his guys wrestle.

Piper’s Pit with Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff, and Freddie Blassie. Before they come out, Piper talks about Lauper slapping him in the face and continues the angle from SNME in which Piper accused Lauper of telling Steven Spielberg of keeping him out of her video for the film “Goonies.” Blassie also comes out and talks about Lauper and Albano ruined the deal for them too.

We are shown the last few minutes of the six-man tag from “Saturday Night’s Main Event,” that ended with George Steele turning babyface after being attacked by Sheik & Volkoff then getting consoled by Lou Albano.

A.J. Petruzzi vs. Jimmy Snuka

Snuka stalls before entering the ring. He breaks a full nelson and takes down Petruzzi but gets caught with a thumb to the eye. Snuka no-sells a few turnbuckle smashes then uses a chinlock. AJ escapes and lands a few shots but runs into a chop. Snuka slams him down then finishes him off with the Superfly Splash (3:30).

Thoughts: Snuka was struggling to move around here but could still perform his splash well, which is all the fans want to see from him anyway.

Jack Reynolds is with Barry Windham, Mike Rotundo, and Capt. Lou Albano. They all put over Steele as a changed man and an American, despite the fact that Albano thinks he needs the proper psychiatric care.

Vince informs us that Bruno Sammartino will return next week which upsets Jesse as he refers to Bruno as a “hook-nosed vagabond.” Next week, Hulk Hogan will face Ken Patera in a non-title match. Plus, Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo, Tony Atlas & George Wells, Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart, and Paul Orndorff.

Final Thoughts:   Decent show this week. With Ventura replacing Bruno on commentary, the show feels a lot more lively as Bruno really only spoke when prompted by Vince. Jesse does a great job at elevating the talent, even if he does mix in politically incorrect jokes with his commentary. Next week’s main event is huge, especially for this time period as it was very rare for stars of that caliber to meet up on TV for free.

WWF Championship Wrestling: May 18th, 1985

May 18, 1985

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon

In action this week are Ken Patera & Big John Studd, Nikolai Volkoff & Iron Sheik, and Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart. Plus, an edited version of the “Piper’s Pit” from the Nassau Coliseum. Again, they do not refer to it as “Saturday Night’s Main Event.”

Ken Patera & Big John Studd w/Bobby Heenan vs. Paul Roma & Jose Luis Rivera

Heenan has a briefcase with him that contains money. Rivera fails to slam Studd then stuns him with a dropkick. Studd easily slams him then tags Patera, who overpowers him for a bit. Roma tags and Patera takes him right down and hammers away. They take turns slamming Roma then Patera makes him submit with the swinging full nelson (2:18).

Thoughts: A quick squash. The heels looked dominant and it went fine. That is really all I can say about this.

McMahon is interviewing Heenan, Studd, and Patera on the podium. Heenan opens the briefcase that contains $25,000 and puts a bounty on the head of Paul Orndorff as whoever takes him out will get the money.

WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. The subject this week are the tag team champions, Nikolai Volkoff and the Iron Sheik. Hayes thinks it is unusual for a “Russian and an Arab” to team together and brings up how they have not given the ex-champs a title shot.

Aldo Marino vs. Don Muraco w/Mr. Fuji

Muraco looks flabbier than usual. This show was the first of a new taping cycle. He takes Marino down and works over the leg. He rams Marino’s leg against the ring post a few times as Fuji is seen laughing in the background. Muraco continues to work on the leg until he finally puts Marino out of his misery with a tombstone (2:51).

Thoughts: This dragged and at this point, there was a noticeable drop in quality of Muraco’s in-ring work. He was getting heavier and it made him lazy in the ring. There were still much worse than him but he wasnt the worker that he was two years prior.

An address pops up for you to write so you can get a free catalog. For those of you who do not know, that catalogue was how you got the WWF merchandise at that time. It wasnt readily available in stores like it is today. If it was, I couldnt even imagine how many shirts Hogan would have sold in the 1980’s.

Gene Okerlund is with Roddy Piper & Bob Orton. They are facing Hulk Hogan & Jimmy Snuka at the Boston Garden but Piper welcomes Fuji and Don Muraco, who will be taking their place. The heels area are all wearing “Saturday Night Main Event” shirts.

David Sammartino vs. Charlie Fulton

Sammartino gets taken down by a shoulderblock but catches Fulton with an armdrag immediately afterwards. He works the arm for a while until Fulton escapes and works over Sammartino in the corner. Fulton misses a corner charge and Sammartino catches him with a powerslam on the rebound for the win (3:00).

Thoughts: Dull stuff as Sammartino doesnt have any superstar qualities about him. Realistically, he should be on the same level as someone like Rick McGraw.

Okerlund is with Jimmy Hart and Greg Valentine, who will be facing the Junkyard Dog. Valentine calls JYD a “nasty black man” and says he can’t stand his theme song. He also says that they will get down and dirty and that JYD will in fact bite the dust tonight after he rubs his “nasty black face” right into the ring until there is only a big black spot left. One of many racist promos that Valentine cut on JYD during their feud in 1985.

Jim Young & Rick McGraw vs. Brett “The Hitman” Hart & Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart w/Jimmy Hart

Neidhart beats on McGraw to start. Brett tags but McGraw catches him with an atomic drop. He hits a dropkick then Young tags in and works the arm until Neidhart knocks him down from behind. Hart tosses Young to the floor, where he gets slammed by Neidhart. Young gets rolled back inside where he gets double-teamed then booted out of the ring again. McGraw chases Hart around the ring but Neidhart rams Young against the post and rolls him back inside. Brett hits a back suplex then they put him away with the Hart Attack (3:59). After the match, Brett stomps on Young and Neidhart rips up a fan’s sign then throws it into the crowd.

Thoughts: I thought this went on too long but the crowd was into it a little. Then again, they always seem to be into the first show of the taping cycle. The team of Hart & Neidhart are slowly climbing up the card and getting a lot of TV time but they still are a ways away from being a top team.

Piper’s Pit with Paul Orndorff. This was from “Saturday’s Night Main Event.” We are joined in progress here and only get the five minute version. If you missed it, Orndorff fought off both Orton and Piper until he got cheapshotted from behind. Mr. T then ran out to make the save on behalf of Orndorff.

Sal Gee & Mario Mancini vs. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff w/Freddie Blassie

The heels are drawing nuclear heat from this crowd. They are pelting them with trash. Sheik tosses around Mancini for a bit then taunts the crowd. Volkoff tags and drops Mancini throat-first on the top rope before hitting a double underhook suplex. Gee tags but Volkoff immediately hits him with the backbreaker then the Sheik tags and kills him with a back suplex before getting the win via submission with the Camel Clutch (3:21). After the match, the heels toss the jobbers to the floor.

Thoughts: The heels looked good here as they completely dominated their opponents. Mancini was one shitty wrestler too. The crowd hated the champs and they played up to it well.

Okerlund runs down the card at the Boston Garden before welcoming Tito Santana, who will be facing Brutus Beefcake. Santana continues to call him “Fruitcake” and says that he and Greg Valentine will go down tonight. Okerlund slips up and almost says “Fruitcake” before welcoming Hogan and Snuka. Snuka looks geeked as Hogan cuts one of his typical promos.

Next week, we will see highlights of the six-man tag from SNME. Plus, Junkyard Dog & Tito Santana, Greg Valentine, Pedro Morales, and Jimmy Snuka will be in action.

Final Thoughts:  Besides the bounty that was placed on Orndorff by Heenan, not much else of note happened on this show. Some of the tag squashes were fun but most of this was filler, except for the edited version of Piper’s Pit from SNME.

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event: May 11th, 1985

Unfortunately, my old VHS copy of this show was not working so I watched in on YouTube, which did not have the interview with Lauper & Albano before her music video was shown.

May 11, 1985

Your hosts are Jesse Ventura and Vince McMahon

Vince welcomes the crowd, which is absolutely jacked, and runs down the show. Both Mr. T and Cyndi Lauper will be here. Also, two championship matches will take place as Wendi Richter defends her Women’s Championship against the Fabulous Moolah and Hulk Hogan defends his World Heavyweight Championship against Bob Orton.

Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff & George “The Animal” Steele w/ Freddie Blassie vs. Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo & Ricky Steamboat w/Capt. Lou Albano

Windham works over Sheik to the delight of the crowd. The faces then all take turns working on the arm until Rotundo grabs a front facelock. The match breaks down then the faces clear the ring of the heels. Back from break, Steamboat is working the arm of the Sheik. He hits a powerslam then a missile dropkick. Flying body press gets two after Volkoff breaks up the pin. The faces take turns beating on Volkoff for a bit. Rotundo gets a few nearfalls until the Animal tags into the match. He runs around then looks for a tag but his partners bail and that allows Windham to rolll him up from behind for the win (6:29) **1/4. After the match, Sheik and Volkoff return to beat on the Animal. Albano comes into the ring and consoles his former client.

Thoughts: Good action and it was weird to see the faces completely dominate the match. Also, the first ever segment on SNME had George Steele turn to the lovable babyface he portrayed until he retired.

Piper’s Pit with guest Paul Orndorff. The segment starts with Orndorff ordering Orton to the corner, quoting Eastwood’s “make my day” line. Piper flips out about this then Orndorff finally sits down and calls out Piper for abandoning him after their match at WrestleMania. Piper accuses Orndorff of losing his guts then says that he has drinking “too much of his own bathwater.” Piper flat out calls him a piece of garbage and calls Orndorff an embarrassment to him, Orton, and his family. Piper tries to cheapshot Orndorff but he blocks it and goes after Piper and Orton. He has Piper up for the piledriver but Orton attacks him from behind. They beat on him until Mr. T runs out for the save. Good stuff.

Okerlund is with Hulk Hogan. He asks him about what just happened on “Piper’s Pit.” Hogan says that Orndorff felt what it was like inside to have people behind him and says that he now has a change of heart and wishes him the best.

WWF Heavyweight Championship Match
“Cowboy” Bob Orton w/Roddy Piper vs. Hulk Hogan (Champion) w/ Mr. T

Mr. T and Hogan rip off each other’s shirts in an attempt to showcase wrestling’s homoeroticism to a national audience. Orton tries to attack from behind ut Hogan catches him. He chases him around then gets a backdrop and a few slams. Orton bails then Hogan works the arm when he re-enters the ring. Orton comes back ith a knee smash then hammers away for a few minutes until Hogan hulks up. He hits a clothesline then drops an elbow for two. He works on him in the coner but Orton breaks that up with an inverted atomic drop. He sets him up for the superplex as the crowd is in awe but Hogan knocks him off the top and hits an elbow smash. Hogan then drops the leg but Piper cheapshots him and the ref rings the bell for the DQ (6:54) *3/4. After the match, Mr. T runs out but he gets duble-teamed in the corner. Orndorff runs out to back the faces, officially cementing his turn.

Thoughts: Not much of a match but decent enough. Lots of stalling and a good amount of attention was paid to the guys on the outside. We now have our main event matches set up for the next few months.

We are shown a music video from Cyndi Lauper’s song “Good Enough” from the “Goonies” sound track. The song was awful. Afterwards, Albano and Lauper call it the greatest song ever until Piper runs out and rants at Lauper, stating that Sreven Spielberg asked him to be in the video and she had him cut his part.

WWF Women’s Championship Match
Fabulous Moolah vs. Wendi Richter w/Cyndi Lauper

Before the match, Howard Finkel reads a note that orders Lauper to leave the floor and head back to the dressing room. Moolah kicks Richter out of the ring then stalls for a minute, allowing Richter to dropkick her out to the floor. Moolah gets roughed up for a minute then the girls slug it out in the ring. She pulls her off the ropes a few times but gets chopped and Moolah uses some cheap heel stuff until Richter hits her with a small package for the win (3:14) 1/4*. Lauper runs out with Dave Wolfe to congratulate with Richter.

Thoughts: The match was a lot of stalling but it most likely would have been a lot worse had it gone longer than several minutes.

Okerlund is with the Junkyard Dog and his mother. JYD says he took his mother to New York for Mother’s Day. That was it for this interview.

Pete Dougherty vs. Junkyard Dog w/Bertha

JYD headbutts Dougherty then hits a clothesline. Dougherty starts screaming outside then JYD yanks him up by the hair. In the ring, JYD no-sells a few punches then uses his crawling headbutts. He slams Dougherty off the top rope then uses some more headbutts then hits the powerslam for the win (3:15) 1/4*. After the match, JYD and his mother dance in the ring to the delight of Vince.

Thoughts: A long, dull squash match. I am pretty sure that Vince wanted to highlight JYD dancing on a national stage as he was always way into his dancing segments.

Okerlund is backstage with everyone at Lauper’s Mother’s Day party. Typical wackiness from the 80’s WWF including a drunk, ranitng Albano and Blassie lying to Okerlund about the hot young girl in a bikini being his mother. Moolah comes out, upset that she is not invited and ends up getting tossed into the giant cake that was on the table.

Final Thoughts: The wrestling wasn’t much but they ran a really hot angle and the production values were much better than their other shows so it turned out okay. Two free title matches on TV was a huge deal back then as well.

WWF Championship Wrestling: May 11th, 1985

May 11, 1985
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
In action tonight are Tito Santana & Junkyard Dog & Pedro Morales, who is making his return to the WWF, in six-man tag action. Plus, Ken Patera and Jesse Ventura.

Barry O. & Jim Haley vs. Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo
Rotundo gets the best of Barry O. in a brief fast-paced sequence before tagging out. Haley messed up the timing off a Thesz Press and that legit pissed off Windham, who stiffed him with a forearm smash. Powerslam gets two. Rotundo tags and works the arm of Haley. The ex-champs take turns beating on Haley until Rotundo gets him up for the Airplane Spin and gets the win (3:30).
Thoughts: The former champs were wrestling aggressively tonight as they are pissed over losing the belts at WrestleMania. Once again, Albano was not with Windham & Rotundo.
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’s focus is on the British Bulldogs as we see a clip of them in a TV squash. Hayes puts them over for their innovative offense and says perhaps they could take the titles away from the Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff.
“Judo” Joe Black vs. Ken Patera w/Bobby Heenan
Black is dressed in a gi and leads the crowd in a “weasel” chant. He also uses various martial arts poses. Patera grabs a front facelock then works the arm. Black tries to use “judo” moves but just ends up getting tossed around. After some stomps and turnbuckle smashes, which all looked horrible, Patera slams him off the top rope then drops the elbow for the win (1:45).
Thoughts: I have no idea who Black was and he might have been the single worst wrestler I have seen but this match was so bad it actually came off as entertaining. Even the announcers were ragging on “Judo Joe.” Anyway, here is a link to the match: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEZgvid1ckk
Gene Okerlund welcomes Tito Santana, who will be facing Brutus Beefcake at the Boston Garden on May 18th. Tito compares Brutus “Fruitcake” to a combination of Gomer Pyle and a “fruit” before wishing a happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers.
Aldo Marino vs. Jesse “The Body” Ventura
Before the match, Jesse points at Bruno. After some stalling, Jesse backs Marino to the ropes then knocks him down with a cheap shot. Jesse overpowers Marino, stopping to taunt Bruno, then puts him away with the Bodybreaker (2:35). After the match, Jesse continues to taunt Bruno, who is now standing up and pointing at Jesse. The fans are going nuts for Bruno.
Thoughts: They are looking to set up a feud between Jesse and Bruno in a battle between color commentators. Jesse wasnt much at all in the ring.
Okerlund is with the Junkyard Dog. Speaking of Okerlund, he is tanned to the point that it looks like he is wearing blackface. He then tries to teach JYD the Boston accent. JYD gets upset when Okerlund breaks up Jimmy Hart, who JYD refers to as “mouse.” JYD plays up his relationship with Tito during the interview and it is inevitable that they will be feuding against Greg Valentine and Brutus Beefcake.
Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentine w/Jimmy Hart & Johnny Valiant vs. Paul Roma & S.D. Jones
S.D. headbutts the heels before putting Valentine in a headlock. Beefcake interferes behind the referee’s back then tags in and beats on S.D. Valentine roughs him up too but S.D. rolls away from a pair of elbow drops and tags Roma, who promptly gets destroyed. Beefcake hits Roma with the running knee lift then tags Valentine, who makes him submit to the figure four (3:25).
Thoughts: Beefcake and Valentine looked good here and are starting to gel as a team.
Piper’s Pit with guest Ricky Steamboat. Piper brings up how the women are calling Ricky a heartthrob but then says that he is much better looking according to the ladies. He also calls Steamboat a cheater for using martial arts in his matches. Steamboat pisses off Piper by calling him “Rodney” and this ends in a stand off.
Mad Maxine w/Fabulous Moolah vs. Desiree Peterson
Maxine bails after Peterson hits a few armdrags. Maxine boots her down then overpowers her. Her offense looks bad but she does look the part as the was legitimately 6’2 and dressed like a punk rocker, complete with a mohawk. She hits a leg drop then works a headscissors. Slam gets two. Then, in one of the worst sequences you will ever see, Desiree hits Maxine with a dropkick and off the rebound takes her over with a monkey flip. Maxine had no clue as to where she was supposed to be. Maxine slams her down then hits a suplex for the win (2:57). After the match, Moolah attacks Peterson.
Thoughts: Maxine would be gone just as soon as she appeared. She was being groomed for a feud with Wendi Richter. She had a great look but was horrendous in the ring. She went on to the AWA then quit the business a few years after that and now apparently works as a journalist.
WWF Magazine Plug
Mike Powers & Doc Butler & Johnny Rodz vs. Tito Santana & Junkyard Dog & Pedro Morales
Rodz chops Pedro against the ropes to start. They go back-and-forth for a bit until Morales tags Tito. The faces then all take turns beating on Rodz until Morales gets trapped in the wrong corner. The match completely breaks down and Powers ends up landing right on his head after being thrown into the ring then submits to a Boston crab applied by Morales (4:17). After the match, the heels attempt to attack the faces as they dance but get chased away.
Thoughts: Pedro didnt really fit in the WWF at this time. He was old and part of the crew that Vince Sr. pushed that was being kicked to the curb at this time.
Okerlund is with Bob Orton, who is plugging his tag match with Piper against Hogan & Snuka. He makes a point that they cannot lose since Orndorff is no longer part of their team. After that, Luscious Johnny Valiant and Brutus Beefcake come out and run down Tito. Valiant thinks Tito belongs in a psychiatric unit then mocks Hillbilly Jim with a stereotypical hillbilly voice.
Next week, we will see a special episode of “Piper’s Pit” from the Nassau Coliseum. It was actually the installment that took place at the debut episode of “Saturday’s Night Main Event,” which aired on the same day as this show. Oddly enough, that show was not promoted on this episode at all, or even on the TNT show from the prior day.

Final Thoughts: Not much of a show this week. The Judo Joe match was so bad it has to be seen though and it did contain a rare TV appearance rom Mad Maxine but not much of note happenend other than that.

WWF Tuesday Night Titans: May 10th, 1985

May 10th, 1985
Your hosts are Lord Alfred Hayes and Vince McMahon
This week’s guests include Roddy Piper & Bob Orton, Bruno Sammartino, and Ivan Putski

The show starts with Bruno coming out to the set. Vince asks him about his son and Bruno says that they train together and that David wants to team with him. Vince brings up WrestleMania and we see the clip of him going after Johnny Valiant during his son’s match. Vince then talks to Bruno about getting called out from the ring by Jesse Ventura as we see a clip of that. Bruno then says he is still training incase he has to get back into the ring.
After a break, we are shown a squash match featuring David Sammartino. Bruno talks some more about his training and the segment ends after that. The whole Bruno segment lasted for fifteen minutes and wasn’t very exciting but they made it clear that he was going to get back into the ring again, at least for a few matches.
Roddy Piper and Bob Orton come out to the set. Vince asks Orton about his arm not healing yet as Piper puts him over for not backing down and still wrestling then says that is the reason why he still wearing the cast. Orton then says he is what a real man should be and that if he went to Canada instead of Vietnam, they would have won the war. We are seen the clip of Orton injuring his arm at an MSG.
We see a match between Paul Roma and Bob Orton joined-in-progress from Maple Leaf Wrestling. After it ends, Vince calls out Orton for not appearing to be in pain. Orton then says that he might have to wear the cast for the rest of his life as everyone tries to attack him. Vince then brings up Paul Orndorff and Piper says that he has abs but no guts or brains then makes fun of him for a bit. Vince asks about him being a guest on Piper’s Pit and Roddy says that they want him to clear the air and fess up for being a wimp so they can “carry him for another two years.”
Vince angers the heels by telling them that the TNT resident physician, Dr. Stevens, is here to take a look at the arm of Orton. The doctor shows the x-rays right before his injury, which shows a break, then compares it to a recent injury that shows significant healing. Piper tries to say that it isn’t his x-ray and that it is a mistake. The doctor performs some tests on the arm and he reveals that Orton’s arm is fine. Piper was hysterical, quacking like a duck the whole time, as the heels refuse to accept the dcotor’s diagnosis. Funny stuff.
Ivan Putski is out next. He says that he is down to 240 lbs as the talk about kielbasa and the time he faced Lord Alfred Hayes.
Goldie Rogers vs. Ivan Putski
This is from Maple Leaf Wrestling. Putski hits a few hip tosses then a slam. Goldie rolls out as Ventura says he calls Ivan “Paduski” as he likes that name better. Goldie uses a thumb to the throat but Putski slams him down then stomps away. Putski hits some windmill punches before putting Goldie away with the Polish Hammer (3:08).
Thoughts: Not as bad as most Putski matches. Despite being a legend in the WWF, there was really no place for Putski at this time in the company.
After the match, Putski shows us the Polish Sausage Harvest. We are shown an old lady who welcomes us to the kielbasa tree. She shows us how to pick a sausage and they make Hayes taste it, who is absolutely repulsed. The lady spreads mustard all over the kielbasa tree to prevent “weebles” from ruining them. After that, Hayes puts the kielbasa in her mouth and they try to get him to bite the other end but he doesn’t go for it, stating that it is not for an English gentleman. This was bizarre to say the least.
Next week on TNT will be Wendi Richter, Rocky Johnson, Brutus Beefcake and Johnny Valiant and Salvatore Bellomo and his family.
As Vince closes the show, he talks about Orton’s arm being healthy then Orton comes out and says that he will not be discredited by some quack then Piper goes on a crazy rant against Vince, stating that they were set up by him.
Final Thoughts: A fairly entertaining episode. The Piper and Orton stuff was good and the news of Bruno getting back into the ring was exciting. The kielbasa tree segment was one of the oddest things I have ever seen on TNT though. Overall, this was more entertaining than most TNT shows.

WWF Championship Wrestling: May 4th, 1985

May 4th, 1985

Your hosts are Jesse Ventura (Filling in tonight for Bruno Sammartino) and Vince McMahon.

In action tonight are the British Bulldogs, Don Muraco, and Paul Orndorff, who will be without Bobby Heenan. Also, Ricky Steamboat and King Kong Bundy are in action and Piper’s Pit with Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo.

Dave Barbie vs. Ricky Steamboat

The crowd is loud for Steamboat. He dodges a few attacks before taking down Barbie with an armdrag. He continues to work the arm until he gets caught with a slam. Barbie misses an elbow drop then Steamboat goes back to the arm. Barbie lands a few knee smashes in the corner but eats boot on a charge. Steamboat knocks him down with a double chop then puts him away with a forearm drop after a flying body press (4:12).

Thoughts: A bit on the dull side as most of this was Steamboat working on the arm. Looks Like Barbie screwed up the finish as he didn’t catch Steamboat on the flying body press. Steamboat just rolled off of him.

WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’s subject is Greg Valentine and we see a clip of him making a jobber submit to the figure four. Hayes says that the Junkyard Dog is looking for a rematch.

Mario Mancini vs. King Kong Bundy w/Jimmy Hart

Ventura makes a joke at the expense of Bundy, stating they can use his back as the screen at a drive-in movie theater. Bundy knocks down Mancini with a back elbow smash. He slams him with one arm then hits a clothesline. The fans start a “Ding Dong” chant aimed at Bundy, who roughs up Mancini in the corner. Bundy hits the Avalanche then drops the elbow for the win, making the referee use the five count (2:33).

Thoughts: Vince was putting over Bundy strong on commentary. The fans hated Bundy too, which is a good sign for the new monster heel the WWF is trying to push.

Freddie Miller is with Roddy Piper and Bob Orton. They are cutting a promo on Jimmy Snuka, who is teaming with Hulk Hogan against Piper & Orton at the Boston Garden. Piper brings up American History and laughs at the idea of the Boston Tea Party and says that Hogan is afraid of him and brought Snuka in the match as someone who is “tough and dumb” that can face him.

Charlie Fulton vs. Paul Orndorff

Heenan comes out after Orndorff, who then grabs the mic and says that Heenan is fired. The fans go nuts as does Heenan. Ventura thinks Orndorff is stupid as a “Weasel” chant breaks out. Fulton grabs a side headlock but Orndorff escapes and hits a knee smash. He tosses Fulton to the floor then stares at Heenan. Orndorff suplexes Fulton back into the ring then destroys him with a clothesline before hitting the piledriver for the win (2:12). After the match, Heenan continues to rant and rave.

Thoughts: Although not a full-fledged babyface yet, Orndorff received about 75% cheers after the match. It seems that Heenan will be finding a guy to feud with Orndorff going forward. The slow-turn for Orndorff has worked out well so far.

Freddie Miller is now with Greg Valentine, who will be facing the Junkyard Dog at the Boston Garden. Valentine is pissed that JYD slapped Jimmy Hart at WrestleMania. Valentine calls JYD a “nasty black person” then says that he find out real soon that he is the master of the figure-four leglock.

Jim Neidhart & Brett Hart w/Jimmy Hart vs. Jim Londos & Jim Powers

Ventura puts over the team of Neidhart & Hart. Brett beats on Powers for a bit. Powers comes back with a ugly-looking crossbody that gets two. Londos tags but Hart hits a backbreaker and tags Neidhart. Londos is getting destroyed then they hit him with the Hart Attack for the win (2:35).

Thoughts: The Hart Foundation looked impressive and Ventura was putting them over strong on commentary.

Piper’s Pit with Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo. Piper says that he is with a couple of losers then is handed a roll of toilet paper from Orton, which Piper says represents their talent and that they can use that to wipe away their tears. Rotundo makes a skirt joke and Windham calls him as “has-been nothing” as Piper unwinds the roll of toilet paper. Windham and Rotundo get up and wrap it around Piper then throw it at him as they leave. Fun stuff.

Joe Mirto vs. Don Muraco w/ Mr. Fuji

Muraco attacks Mirto from behind to start. He hits a few snapmares then hits a kneelift. The crowd angers Muraco with a “beach bum” chant as he continues to destroy Mirto. Muraco catches Mirto off an Irish whip then puts him away with the tombstone (3:00).

Thoughts: Dull as Muraco is starting to decline as a worker.

Rusty Brooks & A.J. Petruzzi vs. British Bulldogs

Ventura puts over the Bulldogs for their innovative offense. Davey hits a crossbody and a sunset flip before tagging Dynamite. He hits a snap suplex and a leg drop. Dynamite is going full speed here. He hits a few more suplexes before tagging Davey. Petruzzi gets hit with a running powerslam then is able to fight back. Tag to Dynamite who kills Petruzzi with a dropkick. Brooks tags and the Bulldogs hit him with a double shoulderblock. After a bit, Petruzzi tags and hits a slam before tagging right back out. Petruzzi breaks up a sleeper hold then the match breaks down. The heels collide and Davey launches Dynamite at Brooks as he hits a headbutt. His head completely misses Brooks and hits off the mat but he covers Brooks anyway for the win (5:14).

Thoughts: The Bulldogs looked awesome and again, Ventura was putting over another new tag team strong on commentary

Freddie Miller is with Tito Santana, who will be facing Brutus Beefcake at the Boston Garden. He mentions that Beefcake and Valentine are becoming friends and says that he will come out fighting. Santana leaves then Hulk Hogan comes out. He says that first, he wanted Piper and Orton by himself. But now that he has a partner, he promises that it will be bigger than WrestleMania and that Snuka has taught him how to fly.

Next Week, Bruno Sammartino will be back. Ventura makes fun of him then puts over the British Bulldogs. In action next week are Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo. Also the team of Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake, Ken Patera, Jesse Ventura, and the debut of Mad Maxine.

Final Thoughts: Good show. Ventura was a breath of fresh air on commentary and brought life to the show. Bruno is incredibly dull in his role. Unfortunately, it was a one-shot deal for Jesse. Still, he was shining on commentary  during the “All-Star Wrestling/Maple Leaf Wrestling” shows with Jack Reynolds and on “Prime Time Wrestling” as well. The push of the tag team division continues and the Orndorff angle is going along great.

WWF Philadelphia Spectrum April 27th, 1985

April 27th, 1985

Your hosts are Dick Graham and Gorilla Monsoon

Tonight, Hulk Hogan defends the WWF Heavyweight Championship against Paul Orndorff. Plus, a tag team battle royal featuring ten teams for the chance to win $50,000. This card also features the first tag team match between the Hart Foundation and the British Bulldogs.

Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart & Brett Hart vs. British Bulldogs

Jimmy Hart is not present for this match. The ring announcer also calls refers to Bret as the “Hitman” for the first time I have heard in the WWF. Dynamite and Bret start off with a lockup. Brett complains about a hairpull as Gorilla notes that Bret has had a recent change of attitude and says that the money offered from Jimmy Hart has changed him. Davey tags and Brett works a hammerlock until Davey uses his momentum to send him to the floor. Back in the ring, they have a rollup reversal sequence then Brett tags out. Davey hits the Anvil with a pair of hip tosses then Bret tags. He catches Davey’s foot but gets nailed with an enziguiri and the fans pop as Brett ducks outside. Back in, Dynamite hits a snap suplex but Anvil breaks up the pin. Brett catches Dynamite with a running knee smash then he and the Anvil double-team him. Neidhart works a chinlock for a minute then breaks and spits towards Davey on the apron, which angers the crowd. Dynamite catches Bret with a backslide but that Bret holds him up while Neidhart hits him with a dropkick. Dynamite catches the Anvil with a dropkick and after a struggle is aboe to make the tag but the referee did not see it and Davey goes back to the apron. Bret slams Dynamite on the floor then Anvil works another chinlock in the ring. Brett tags and Dynamite flips out of a side slam attempt and hits Brett with a backbreaker then tags Davey. He runs wild on both men, showing off his power and speed with the crowd going crazy, but gets outnumbered. Brett drops an elbow then beats on Davey in the corner. Anvil tags and pounds away on Davey. The match slows way down as Brett uses a nerve hold on Davey. However, the crowd gets behind Davey and he ducks a clothesline and hits an atomic drop as both men are down. Both guys thenget up only to collide. Brett takes control and Davey is now getting destroyed in the corner. Davey gets tossed outside but he is able to reverse an Irish whip and send Bret into the guardrail. Davey fights Neidhart on the apron and slingshots in with a sunset flip but is unable to get him over. Bret tags and goes up top but gets tossed off and Davey climibs up and hits a missie dropkick before tagging Dynamite. He runs wild on Brett until Neidhart attacks him from behind. After a minute, Dynamite hits Bret with a tombstone but Anivl breaks it up. Davey tags and hits a running powerslam before tagging right back out. The Bulldogs use quick tags to attack Brett but Anvil makes the save and tags himself into the match. Brett comes back in and the bell rings, signaling a time-limit draw (20:00) ***.

Thoughts: Good match but not the best from these two teams. It was slow at times but there was a lot of moves by the Bulldogs that were not usually seen on WWF shows. Brett (Yes, it is spelled like that here) continues to show little personality in the ring. His complaining of a hairpull was the most animated I have seen him in the WWF at this point.

Tito Santana & David Sammartino vs. Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake w/Luscious Johnny Valiant

Sammartino and Beefcake start things out. Sammartino gets a hiptoss and a press slam. Beefcake tries to bail and gets decked by Tito. He is able to regroup outside as David tries to ignite the crowd. Valentine tries to go in but the referee orders Beefcake back into the ring. He hits Samamrtino with a tag before tagging out. Valentine misses an elbow then Tito tags in but Valentine immediately bails. He stalls outside the ring then teases a confrontation with Tito before tagging out. Sammartino tags back in and Beefcake works a headlock. Sammartino catches him with a slam then works the arm. Tito tags and also works the arm but decides to attack Valentine on the apron. Valentine runs in and Tito continues to fire away and the heels briefly regroup. Tito puts Beefcake in a headlock then stomps away. Samamrtino tags and works the arm but Beefcake backs him into the corner and hammers away. Beefcake slams him and tags Valentine, who targets the back. He uses a reverse chinlock as this crowd is surprisngly dead for this match. The heels use quick tags to neutralize Sammartino, who tries to fight back  and finally makes the tag. Tito goes right after Valentine and beats the shit out of him as the crowd slowly awakes. Valentine gets his knee up on a splash attempt then chokes out Tito. Valiant slips something to Valentine and he hits Tito with a back suplex. He tries for the figure four but Tito shoves him into Beefcake, who falls off the apron. Valentine yells at Beefcake to get up then Tito uses a reverse rollup to score the win (11:04) **.

Thoughts: This was really dull at times but the stuff between Tito and Valentine was fun. Tito would really lay into Valentine with his punches.

Roddy Piper & “Cowboy” Bob Orton vs. George Wells & S.D. Jones

Piper and Orton stall to start then attack from behind. The faces come right back and double team Piper briefly but Orton comes off the rope and hits Jones on the back of the neck with his cast and Piper covers for the win (2:24) DUD.

Thoughts: Barely a match and the crowd did not even buy the finish. I did not get the point of making this match so short, especially considering the length of the other matches on the card.

Kal Rudman is backstage with the Tag Team Champions, Nikolai Volkoff and the Iron Sheik. Nikolai runs down the United States for inflation as the Sheik rants about winning the prize. Rudman then asks them about Piper & Orton stating their plan of hiding in the corner and waiting until everyone else beats each other up then throwing out the last team. Volkoff then goes on about Russia having more gold medals than any other country. Rudman was pretty good, actually. If you dont know who he is, Rudman was the host of “Friday Morning Quarterback” in Philadelphia and apparently was a huge philanthropist. I know this because BoD commenter Adam B. posted that on a previous review that I wrote. Thank you, Adam.

Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff vs. Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo

This is a non-title match. Windham and Rotundo run down and attack the champs as they sing their national anthems. The crowd pops huge for that. The “U-S-A” chants rain down before Sheik and Windham start the match. Windham ducks a punch and Sheik goes over the top rope. Back inside, Sheik gets double-teamed and the action is all fast-faced. Volkoff holds up Windham but he escapes and Sheik takes him off the apron with a dropkick. Volkoff tags into the match and Windham rolls him up for two. Rotundo tags but Volkoff grabs his hair and backs him ino the corner. Rotundo is able to duck a charge and tags Windham. He works the arm of Nikolai for a minute but Volkoff escapes and targets the knee. Sheik tags and hits a backdrop then puts on an abdominal stretch. Windham takes him over but misses an elbow drop. Sheik gets two off a gutwrench suplex. After a struggle, Windham hits a delayed vertical suplex as both men are down. Both men then collide and are down again. Volkoff tags but so does Rotundo and he runs wild. He hits a dropkick then slams Volkoff for two. They work another collision spot then trade pinfalls. Rotundo jumps on Volkoff’s back and puts on a sleeper. Volkoff shakes him off then climbs up top and hits an axe handle. He works on Rotundo in the corner but Rotundo fights back and covers but Sheik breaks it up then the match breaks down. Volkoff misses a running knee smash in the corner then Rotundo rolls him up for the win (14:07) **3/4.

Thoughts: Solid match. These two teams always had good chemistry too. Its clear that the feud between them will continue.

Kal Rudman is here to introduce us to the new “Rock ‘n’ Roll Connection” music video. Holy shit was this song corny. The odd thing about the video, which was all clips of matches and entrances, is that guys that hadnt been in the WWF for several months, like Buzz Sawyer and the Freebirds, were featured throughout the video. Some of the fans shown are really something else.

Charlie Fulton & Moondog Spot vs. Ricky Steamboat & Jimmy Snuka

Spot and Steamboat start things off. Steamboat hits a bunch of chops on then Fulton tags and gets taken down after trying to land a cheap shot off of a break. Snuka tags and works the arm and Fulton is able to reach for a tag. Gorilla lets us know that Moondog Rex has a knee injury that will keep him on the :injured-disabled list” as Fulton tags back in and works a side headlock. Thwy work a criss-cross and that ends with Snuka landing his trademark chop. Steamboat tags and works the arm for a long time. Steamboat runs into a clothesline but rolls away from an elbow drop and goes back to work on the arm. They work a criss-cross spot and Steamboat tags Sunka, who armdrags Fulton and goes to work on the arm. This match is dragging as Graham notices that Snuka looks “beefed up.” Fulton knocks down Snuka then nearly breaks his neck when it looked like Snuka was supposed to roll away from a knee drop and his back lands on the neck of Snuka. Fulton gets slammed shortly after that then in a cool spot, Snuka tags Steamboat and slingshots him in with a splash that gets two. Fulton hits a poor excuse of an inverted atomic drop then tags Spot. The action picks up as Spot goes to work on Steamboat. Steamboat is able to make the tag but the ref did not see it happen then doesnt see Fulton tag in but allows that. Steamboat gets backdropped then Spot tags and hits a gutbuster. The ref allows another blind tag as Fulton works a headlock as the crowd grows restless. Steamboat get the crowd back into the match a bit by kicking his feet on the mat but ends up getting double-teamed in the corner. Spot and Steamboat collide as both men are down. Steamboat hits a suplex but Spot is still able to tag. The heels use quick tags to neutralize Steamboat in the corner but Steamboat fights back and makes the tag. Snuka headbutts the heels then Steamboat flies of the top witth a bodypress on Fulton for the win (16:09) *1/2.

Thoughts: This was way too long. Fulton, who was usually competent in the ring, had a really bad match. Snuka couldnt move around much either. Spot and Steamboat worked well together at least.

Kal Rudman is with Hulk Hogan. He mentions how Hogan is on the cover of “Sports Illustrated” then suggests that he might even be on the cover of “Rolling Stone” holding his base guitar. Hogan calls Rudman “Killer Kal” then mentions how they both live in the fast-lane as Hogan brings up how Orndorff embarrased himself and his team at WrestleMania. He also brings up how Orndorff fired his manager and that he will beat him up in the middle of the ring by himself. Even the faces are burying Orndorff for choking at WrestleMania.

WWF Heavyweight Championship Match
“Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff vs. Hulk Hogan (Champion)

Hogan received a few boos here from the crowd. Orndorff gets right up in the face of the referee after a lockup. Hogan gets the crowd to start a “Paula” chant, which pisses off Orndorff. He attacks Hogan from behind and runs his face aganist the ring rope. Orndorff taunts the fans then Hogan fights back and rams his head off the turnbuckle repeatedly. Orndorff takes a timeout in the corner then ducks outside. He continues to stall, pissing off the crowd in the process. He finally re-enters the ring and Hogan puts him in a headlock. He takes Orndorff down with a shoulderblock then hits a back suplex. He clotheslines Orndorff in the corner then get two off of a backbreaker. He applies a chinlock as the crowd starts another “Paula” chant. Orndorff catches Hogan with a knee then goes to work. He hits a suplex then drops a knee but that only gets two. Hogan hulks up and knocks down Orndorff. He then dodges a charge in the corner then hits the leg drop for the win (10:06) *1/2. After the match, Orndorff extends his hand in a gesture of respect but Hogan looks confused about what to do. The fans are teling him no then Hogan reluctantly shakes his hand and the crowd goes nuts as Hogan is in shock that nothing happened to him. Orndorff leaves as Hogan poses in the ring.

Thoughts: This was mostly stalling but at least it was somewhat entertaining. The handshake deal at the end was unexpected at this time, especially since Orndorff was being portrayed as not trusting anyone since losing at WrestleMania.

Mel Phillips runs down the next card at the Spectrum show, which will take place on May 25th. Matches include Charlie Fulton vs. Swede Hanson, Bob Bradley vs. Johnny Rodz, Spoiler vs. Salvatore Bellomo, Big John Studd vs. Rocky Johnson, Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff vs. Mike Rotundo & Barry Windham for the Tag-Team Championship, and the main event of Hulk Hogan vs. Ken Patera for the WWF Heavyweight Championship.

$50,000 Tag Team Battle Royal
Brett Hart & Jim Neidhart, British Bulldogs, Roddy Piper & Bob Orton, Tito Santana & David Sammartino, George Wells & S.D. Jones, Nikolai Volkoff & Iron Sheik, Mike Rotundo & Barry Windham, Charlie Fulton & Moondog Spot, Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake, Ricky Steamboat & Jimmy Snuka

The rules here are that you and you partner are eliminated if you get tossed over the top rope and land on the floor. During the ring introductions, Sheik & Volkoff and Windham & Rotundo brawled on the floor and continue when the bell rings then the ref disqualifies both teams. Steamboat almost has Piper eliminated but Valentine makes the save. Hart gets double-teamed by Snuka and Steamboat then Beefcake eliminates Santana for the first over the top rope elimination. Piper accidentally hits Orton when Snuka ducks a punch. Snuka goes towards Piper but Orton is able to make the save. Beefcake charges at Snuka then gets dumped to the floor and eliminated. It looked bad as Beefcake’s leg landed on the steps and he easily could have went back into the ring but instead rolled off and landed on the floor. Davey Boy eliminates Brett then Piper eliminates the Dynamite Kid. Orton and Piper thought they eliminated Steamboat but he skinned the cat as Piper and Orton are beside themselves. Snuka eliminates Spot and Orton is able to eliminate S.D. and that leaves Piper & Orton and Steamboat & Snuka as the last two teams. Spot & Fulton beat on Steamboat on the floor, who was tossed through the middle rope. In the ring, Orton and Piper almost have Snuka eliminated but Steamboat makes the save. Piper rolls through the botton rope and runs back in for a sneak attack but Snuka backdrops him to the floor as Snuka & Steamboat win the match (8:37) **. Piper then manages to run away with the winner’s money.

Thoughts: Pretty decent for a battle royal. The pace was quick and the end was a nice way to send the fans home happy.

Final Thoughts: The show was decent. Some of the matches dragged, which was usual back then but there was some good action across the card. The next Spectrum show seems like shit compared to this but I thought this was solid.

WWF Championship Wrestling April 27th, 1985

April 27th, 1985

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon

In action this week are Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo, Tito Santana & Junkyard Dog, Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff, Don Muraco, Brutus Beefcake, and David Sammartino. Plus, Piper’s Pit with guest Bobby Heenan.

Mr. X & Charlie Fulton vs. Tito Santana & Junkyard Dog

JYD works on the arm of Fulton then tags Tito, who does the same. The announcers put over how the styles of Tito and JYD compliment each other. Mr. X tags but he gets destroyed then tags out as Fulton reluctantly enters against JYD. Fulton uses an eye rake and lands a few punches then chokes JYD. Mr. X tags but runs into a clothesline then Tito tags and uses the figure four to get the win via submission (3:05). After the match, Tito dances just like JYD then dances with a kid for a second.

Thoughts: Standard squash match. They seem to be trying to not only establish them as a team but also as threats to the Intercontinental Title.

WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’s subject is Ricky Steamboat. Hayes says that he has a great personality and is very good looking and knows his way around the ring. They show a clip of him beating a jobber with a splash.

WWF Magazine Plug

Brutus Beefcake w/”Luscious” Johnny Valiant vs. Jim Young

A kid in the crowd shows a sign that reads “Broootos Flatcake.” Truly, a scathing insult. Young starts by taking him down twice with a headlock. He maintains the hold for a minute until Beefcake hits him with a back suplex. He hits a slam as the announcers bring up the injured Hillbilly Jim. The crowd starts a “Fruitcake” chant as he destroys Young then puts him away with a jumping knee smash (3:07). The crowd boos after the match as Beefcake does his strut.

Thoughts: Maybe the frequent mentioning of Beefcake injuring Hillbilly Jim has finally got him over as a heel with the crowd. They were actually mad at him for once.

Gene Okerlund runs down the card for the next Boston Garden show. Hulk Hogan comes out and plugs his match, teaming with Jimmy Snuka to face Bob Orton & Roddy Piper. He promises that it will be a brawl and puts over the win at WrestleMania.

Moondog Spot & Bob Wade vs. Mike Rotundo & Barry Windham

No Albano this week. The former champs work the arm of Wade. Spot tags and they work a nice fast-paced sequence that ends with Rotundo getting two off a crossbody. Spot takes control and hits a backbreaker but Windham tags in and fires away. He hits a dropkick then Spot tags Wade, who gets knocked down then Windham puts him away with the bulldog (2:54).

Thoughts: The ex-champs showed a lot of aggression here as they are pushing that they are angry abut losing the belts.

Okerlund is with Tito Santana. He will face Brutus Beefcake at the Boston Garden. This was set up when Beefcake was overly aggressive with Tito in his lumberjack match against Greg Valentine. He called him “Fruitcake” then promised victory.

Salvatore Bellomo vs. Don Muraco w/Mr. Fuji

Muraco backs Bellomo against the ropes then breaks cleanly. Muraco sidesteps a dropkick then hits a swinging neckbreaker. He drops him throat-first on the top rope then hits a Russian leg sweep. He knocks Bellomo outside with a bell clap then back inside, Bellomo lands a few feeble punches then Muraco catches him off a crossbody attempt and turns it into a tombstone for the win (3:01).

Thoughts: Bellomo was completely squashed in this match. He usually got in some offense in his squashed but he was dominated from start to finish. Even the announcers acted surprised that Bellomo did nothing at all.

Piper’s Pit with guest Bobby Heenan. Piper calls Heenan the greatest manager ever and tells us that Heenan has a special announcement. Heenan says that he can transform careers of everyone but tells us that Paul Orndorff has fired him as his manager. Heenan calls him a low-life then becomes angry and kicks over chairs as Piper calms him down by saying he is a coward and that he doesn’t have enough guts to stay with him. Heenan is pissed that Orndorff has put a blemish on his managerial record. Great segment and Heenan was fantastic. He really sold it well. I give a lot of credit to the WWF with this angle as they still left you with a little bit of doubt that Orndorff would still be a heel when he returned but also made it so when he returned and went after guys like Piper, they would explode.

Steve Lombardi vs. David Sammartino

Sammartino takes Lombardi down and grounds him with a hammerlock. He works the arm as Bruno reluctantly talks about his son after asked by Vince. It was painfully cleat that Bruno did not want to talk about David on commentary. Lombardi lands a few forearms but Sammartino blocks a hiptoss and hits a slam before going back to the arm. Lombardi comes back with a jumping back elbow smash and a slam but David fights back and hits a few suplexes before putting him away with a powerslam (3:45).

Thoughts: Sammartino seemingly always has a match on Championship Wrestling. This was really no different than any other match he has had at this point.

Ron Dee & Jose Luis Rivera & Tony Garea vs. Nikolai Volkoff & Iron Sheik & George “The Animal” Steele w/Freddie Blassie

Steele made his own entrance as everyone else was already in the ring. Vince tells us that Blassie has brought Steele back. Garea hits Sheik with a hiptoss and a slam before tagging Rivera, who gets a crossbody for two. The Sheik boots him down then hits a backdrop. Steele tags and bites the forehead of Rivera. Dee tags and Steele throws him before tagging Sheik. The heels use quick tags to work the arm of Dee then Steele gets the win by making Dee submit to a lifting hammerlock (2:49).

Okerlund is with Roddy Piper and Bob Orton. They know get to speak about the tag match in Boston. Piper said that the first thing he does when he gets into Boston is to beat up the entire city then goes on another one of his crazy rants. Good stuff.

Bruno and Vince tell us that next week, Paul Orndorff will return to action. Plus, Don Muraco, King Kong Bundy, Ricky Steamboat, Brett Hart & Jim Neidhart and the British Bulldogs. Also, Piper’s Pit with Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo

Final Thoughts: Another good show as they continue to keep things interesting after WrestleMania. The Orndorff angle has been great and they are still showcasing the tag team division as well as newer talents.