Ring of Honor: Tradition Continues October 16th, 2003

October 16, 2003

From Michaels 8th Avenue in Glen Burnie, MD

Your hosts are Ray Murrow and Chris Levy

The show starts with Gary Michael Cappetta welcoming the crowd to Ring of Honor and bringing up how Ron Simmons won the WCW title here. Prince Nana interrupts and says that its been almost two years and he has yet to receive a title shot. The crowd chants “we don’t care” as Nana goes on and on about the crowd lacking respect until Samoa Joe interrupts. Nana then gets in his face and demands a title shot right now! Joe then calmly gives him his title shot before attacking him.

RoH World Title Match
Prince Nana vs. Samoa Joe (Champion)

Joe beats on Nana for a minute. Nana fights back and hits a corner splash but takes too long and gets hit with an enziguiri. Joe then follows with an overhead suplex before applying the Coquina Clutch for the win (0:57) 1/4*. After the match, Joe grabs the mic and welcomes the crowd to RoH and promises to make some memories tonight as we will see amazing high-flyers and technicians then will see him choke out Jay Briscoe, who is now in the ring. Jay is then held back by his brother as they build tension for the main event.

Thoughts: Decent way to kick off the show and get the crowd going. Nana was entertaining as a bottom of the card guy at least.

Colt Cabana is behind the desk as he tells us his show, “Good Times, Great Memories” which he got the chance to do after beating Rob Feinstein in a game of dreidel. He welcomes the Backseat Boyz, who light up cigarettes in lieu of the “No Smoking” sign. They put them out as they say it wont bring them down. Cabana makes a lame Backstreet Boys joke as Acid puts over how many titles they have won all over the country. Cabana then asks them if they ever got “chubbed up” from the women in the stands sticking dollar bills down their pants as they said it happens. If you think Cabana is funny, you’d probably like this but everyone else would think that it sucked.

Scramble Match
Ring Crew Express vs. Josh Daniels & Danny Doring vs. Slyk Wagner Brown & Sonjay Dutt vs. The Rottweilers w/ Julius Smokes

The Rottweilers consist of Slugger & Grim Reefer. This is the RoH debuts for Daniels, Doring, Dutt, and Reefer. Match starts with Doring and Marcos doing some chain wrestling as CM Punk joins on commentary. Marcos comes back with a hurricarana and an enziguiri before running into a clothesline. Daniels and Dunn are in now as the announcers talk up Daniels, who never ended up amounting to anything. He overpowers Dunn, who proceeds to hit the slowest victory roll in history. Dutt and Reefer are in now and do a bunch of standing switches at rapid speed. They are going way too fast for their own good in here. Dutt made his TNA the day before this show. Slugger as Brown comes in and chops away but runs into a shoulderblock. Slugger is terrible in the ring by the way. He stomps Brown in the corner but walks around and lets Brown hit him with a missile dropkick. Marcos tags in and hits the Sliced Bread #2 on Slugger, which looked ridiculous. Why let him get hit with that in his first match. The match breaks down as they hit all sorts of stuff, including a ropewalk swanton from Reefer. Dutt hits him with a Phoenix Splash as the crowd goes nuts but Daniels hits him with a German suplex. The match breaks down again as Dunn tries to face off against Slugger but gets booted down. Reefer then hits Dunn with a frog splash and Slugger hits the Bodybag for the win (8:05) **.

Thoughts: Not that bad. It was designed to put over the Rottweilers. I do think they should have made Slugger look a lot more dominant though as all his mystique was gone once he got taken down by one of the Ring Crew Express goofs. Dutt looked okay in his RoH debut and Daniels was a guy trying to wrestle like Chris Benoit but didnt show much. All Doring did here was collect a paycheck.

Field of Honor Tournament
Block A
Matt Stryker vs. Chris Sabin

Match starts with both guys doing some matwork as Punk still wants to know who took out Lucy at the Wrath of the Racket show then talks about his match with AJ Styles tonight. They end in a standoff and are met with a light applause. They go back and forth again until Stryker lights up Sabin with chops in the corner. Sabin fights back after a floatover then gets two with an enziguiri. Sabin hits more kicks but gets caught with a powerslam coming off of the top rope and his fortunate not to have been killed. That was fucking scary. Stryker works a surfboard then turns it into a back suplex for two. He hits a powerbomb that looked terrible for two. Sabin comes back with a few flying kicks but Stryker comes back with a neckbreaker for two. These two are not on the same page at all in this match. They trade chops until Sabin hits a springboard DDT for a nearfall. He heads back up top but Stryker climbs up and hits an overheard suplex for two. After another sloppy reversal sequence, Sabin gets two with a rollup. Stryker fights back and tries a Death Valley Driver that Sabin tries to turn into a crucifix but Stryker rolls through it and nearly drops him before getting up and hitting the DVD, dropping Sabin right on his face, for the win (10:03) *1/2. Sabin is pouring blood out of a cut near his eye as the ref is screaming for a towel.

Thoughts: An extremely disappointing match. These two were off all night and Styker almost killed Sabin on more than one occasion. A pretty embarrassing match as part of a tournament celebrating “pure” wrestling.

After the match, we see Sabin and Stryker in the back. Stryker says all he was trying to do was win as Sabin says its just part of the game and not to worry as he is pissesd about losing. He didn’t seem to thrilled about the cut either.

Field of Honor
Block B
Colt Cabana vs. BJ Whitmer

The crowd is all over Cabana, who responds by taunting. The crowd then calls Cabana a “homo” as he stalls to start the match. Punk talks about breaking into the business with Cabana and sometimes you don’t pick your friends and as a result he is stuck with Cabana. Punk also makes fun of Whitmer as their side feud continues. Whitmer catches Cabana with a leg lariat for two the works the arm as Punk makes fun of him for that. Cabana then trips over Whitmer after he dropped down as the fans chant “you fucked up.” Cabana yells at the fans as he is now pissed off. Back inside, Whitmer gets two with a Northern lights suplex as Punk talks about having a few leads on who attacked Lucy. Cabana fights back as Punk compares him to Mr. Wrestling II. He hits a double knee smash in the corner for two. Snap suplex gets two. He then hits a butt smash for two and follows that with an iron claw,something the announcers say doesn’t work as Whitmer fights out then catches Cabana with an overhead suplex as both men are down. Whitmer gets up and hits an Exploder for two. They have a reversal sequence that ends with Cabana nearly killing Whitmer with a back suplex for a nearfall then shortly after that he gets the win wit a bridging rollup (11:30) **.

Thoughts: Not much to this match as well. Cabana did this as a comedy match and it came off like a WWE house show comedy match at times. The highlight of this match was Punk on commentary. He was great here.

Backstage, Cabana tells us that was serious as he can do it all, stressing how he is 2-0 and is all serious in the ring.

AJ Styles is giving pointers to Jimmy Rave. He is a little hard on him as he wants him to take advantage of things.

RoH Tag Team Title Match
Izzy & Dixie w/ Special K vs. Backseat Boyz (Champions)

The Backseat Boyz start off hitting some double-team moves. Acid beats on Izzy then gets the crowd going but ends up getting tossed off of the top rope. Kashmere dumps Dixie then gets caught with a wheelbarrow slam/leg drop combo onto the floor. Ouch. Acid is in the ring fighting off both guys but that doesnt last as the Special K guys are in control. Punk leaves to get ready for his upcoming match against AJ Styles as Dixie gets a nearfall with a suplex. Acid fights back but Kashmere is still out on the floor as he looks for a tag. Izzy hits an inverted hurricarana then a snap suplex as Kashmere has now finally made his way onto the apron. Acid dodges a double-team attack and comes back with a Yakuza kick before finally making the tag. Kashmere cleans house as Becky Bayless is distracting the ref so the Special K goofs on the outside can try an interfere but that fails. Backseat Boys hit Izzy with the Dream Sequence then they hit Dixie with the T-Gimmick. They cover but Lit pulls out the referee and Acid chases Dixie around but gets hit with the belt by Izzy. Dixie covers but only gets two so he then hits a gordbuster as Izzy follows with a springboard 450 splash for the win and the titles (8:44) **. As the lights are off for Special K’s celebration, Loc runs into the ring but gets jumped by the rest of Special K until Julius Smokes and the Rottweilers make the save. Levy tells is that DeVito was working overtime and could not be here tonight. Kashmere was also seen walking away, leaving his partner behind.

Thoughts: The story of Kashmere getting taken out early on was good but Special K was far too weak of a team to be holding the belts. I swear to god Dixie had to have been blowing someone to get his spot because he is one of the worst wrestlers in the company. He is terrible at everything. The run-ins at the end were okay but it highlighted the lack of depth in the tag division more than anything else.

Punk comes out and tells the crowd that prescription drug use is on the rise but will not make fun of them for that or their failures. He then tells us that he is straight edge, which also means he is better than you.

CM Punk vs. AJ Styles

Both guys start by jockeying for position as Levy goes over the Code of Honor. They continue to trade holds on the mat as Samoa Joe has joined on commentary. Levy asks Joe about Jay Briscoe as he tells us everyone knows he will choke him out. Back to the match as both men continue to go back and forth as Joe leaves. AJ grabs a side headlock for a bit until Punk catches him with a back suplex. Punk attacks the neck but runs into a dropkick as both men are down. AJ gets two with a knee drop but gets caught with a drop toehold as he charged into the corner. Punk chops away then almost gets caught with the Styles Clash. AJ lands on his feet after a counter then drills Punk with an enziguiri that sends him outside. AJ tries for a moonsault off of the apron but Punk sidesteps that then rams Styles into the guardrail a couple of times. Back inside, Punk gets a nearfall with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. He hits a delayed vertical suplex then targets the back some more. AJ fights back with a moonsault kick but Punk takes him down and stretches him out. Punk gets a few more nearfalls, growing increasingly frustrated. He tries a spilt-legged moonsault after taunting the crowd but AJ gets his knees up as both men are down. They exchange chops then fight over a suplex until AJ hits a cradle back suplex for two. Punk slips out of a pumphandle then hits a legsweep DDT for two. They now fight up top as Punk hits a sunset powerbomb for two. Punk taunts the crowd then ends up getting hit with a discus clothesline. AJ tries for a super Styles Clash but Punk escapes. Punk tries for a shining wizard but AJ catches him then turns that into the Styles Clash for the win (18:44) ****.

Thoughts: Awesome match. Both guys were superb ad really laid into each other as well. Easily the best match on the show.

Cappetta is with the Backseat Boyz, who are not happy after losing the belts. Acid finally speaks and says he cant believe they lost to Special K as Kashmere gets pissed and walks off.

We see the Special K party in the hotel room as Lit is hurling in the bathroom with the others making fun of him.

Field of Honor
Block B
Jimmy Rave vs. Dan Maff w/ Allison Danger

A light “welcome back” chant breaks out for Maff. Rave offers a handshake but gets booted in the gut. Rave comes back with a pair of armdrags but gets hit with a backdrop driver and rolls outside. Maff follows him out and attacks the back and rams him into the guardrail a few times. Punk rejoins on commentary and tells us that he is still better than AJ due to the fact that he is straight edge. Rave fights back with after dropkicking Maff off of the apron then follows with a flying knee smash. Rave complains to the ref then Maff gets up and hits a clothesline after a Burning Hammer attempt failed. Maff hits the cannonball in the corner as Punk makes fun of Danger’s hair. Rave comes back with a crossface off of a tilt-a-whirl but Maff power out then hits the Burning Hammer for the win (6:50) *1/4.

Thoughts: Nothing more than a glorified squash. Rave’s losing streak continues as they try an re-establish Maff back into the Field of Honor tournament after getting knocked out cold by Low Ki. I dont think this match accomplished a whole lot for him in that regard.

Backstage, AJ shares his disappointment with Rave for not listening to him. AJ says he is knows what he is doing and that he needs to stay on the attack as Rave looks disappointed.

Maff tells us that Cabana and Whitmer are next as he will win the Field of Honor. He then tells Low Ki he is standing tall after taking his best shot as he walks over yelling “bitch.”

Dan McDevitt from Maryland Championship Wrestling comes out to thank the fans. He also tells them that a lot of independent promoters tried to run here and it was not until Rob Feinstein called from RoH that he decided to let them fill the spot vacated. He then talks about the Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup and that RoH will be hosting the 6th Annual version of that as the crowd applauds.

Justin Credible vs. Raven 

Raven roughs up Credible to start as he rams him against the guardrail. They head back inside where Credible escapes from a DDT then takes a breather. Credible now beats on Raven in the corner then takes him outside with a drop toehold. Credible beats on Raven outside then heads back in where he works the leg. Credible works a figure-four that Raven breaks then crotches himself against the post when Raven moved out of the way. Raven fights back with a pair of clotheslines and a kneelift. Bulldog gets two. Raven pulls up as to not hit the ref then moves away as Credible takes the ref out with a super kick. Credible hits Raven low then grabs a chair but that backfires as Raven takes him down then hits the Evenflow DDT for the win (7:56) *1/2.

Thoughts: Not the best effort from these two, especially by Credible. Raven’s feud with Punk has cooled off considerably and he had nothing else going on here besides that. This was Raven’s second to last match with the company.

John Walters vs. Mark Briscoe vs. Homicide w/ Julius Smokes vs. Xavier

Typical back-and-forth action early on in this match. Xavier taunted Walters a bit but nothing else notable so far. The crowd is into Homicide more than anyone else. The action is fine but these four-way matches are all really wrestled the same way so it all comes off as old hat at this point. They work a contrived spot where Walters grabs Briscoe in a single leg crab and Xavier in a stretch while Homicide runs the ropes sevearl times before breaking that up with a dropkick. Walters then messes up another trainwreck spot after mistiming a springboard. Walters and Xavier trade chops but Homicide clears the ring and takes Walters out with a tope con hilo. Briscoe climbs up top and hits a shooting star press that drew a lot of “holy shit” chants. Xavier tries an Arabian Press but overshot the move. Walters teases a dive then Xavier snaps his neck off of the rope. Xavier rolls through a 450 then Homicide hits a draping DDT on Walters for a nearfall. Now everyone breaks up pinfalls after big moves until uses an eye poke before hitting Walters with the Kiss Your X Goodbye for the win (16:41) ***.

Thoughts: Good action but it didnt really resemble a match. It was a ton of cool moves done well and entertaining but these matches have been done so many times here that I cannot get to excited over this stuff anymore.

Jim Cornette tells us he is coming back to RoH on November 1st.

RoH World Title Match
Jay Briscoe vs. Samoa Joe (Champion)

Match starts with Joe grounding Jay on the mat. Jay tries to keep up and is able to grab a front facelock. Mark is now out at ringside to support his brother as Joe is in control. Joe now uses a Boston Crab but Jay reaches the ropes. Joe facewashes Jay in the corner but takes his time as Jay comes back with a Yakuza kick. Joe is now outside as Jay takes him out with a plancha. He sends Joe into the guardrail. Back inside, Jay gets a bit more offense in before he gets caught with an uranage. Joe takes Jay outside and connects with the ole kick. Back inside, Joe locks on the STF. He then uses a rolling cradle that gets two. Jay then blocks a strike and hits a back suplex as both men are down. Jay fights back with a DDT then climbs up top and hits a leg drop for a nearfall. Jay fights out of an abdominal stretch and lifts up Joe for a Death Valley Driver for two as the crowd is now solidly behind Jay. He now tries for the Jaydriller but Joe blocks it and tries for the Coquina Clutch. Jay bites out of that but Joe hits a Dragon Suplex. Joe slaps and kicks Jay repeatedly before hitting the Island Driver but Jay kicks out of that as the fans go nuts. Joe then turns Jay inside out with a lariat and gets the win (15:03) ***1/4. After the match, Joe crouches over Jay and shakes his hand while slapping him in the face. Mark comes in and is pissed but Joe takes him down with an enziguiri then puts him in the Coquina Clutch. Joe leaves then the Briscoes eventually get up and receive a standing ovation from the crowd.

Thoughts: Fun match that told a good story of Jay not backing down from the monster Joe, giving him everything he had. I did think the finish was weak though as a lariat getting the pin after everything else came off weak. But if the goal was to establish the Briscoes as threats, it was accomplished.

Christopher Daniels tells us that another show has passed and the Prophecy are still in the middle of things. He switches attention to Joe and says just because his first title shot did not go as planned doesnt mean he will not fulfill his destiny of being the RoH Champion. Daniels now tells Steve Corino he was surprised when he wished him luck in his title match then tells a story of a man who found a frozen snake and took care of it only to get bit and killed by it at the end. He then tells Punk that he doesnt appreciate being accused of attacking Lucy and the next time he steps in his face he better bring more than loud talk. This still continues as Daniels alerts RoH that they are not so big until he makes an appearance so they can sell their tapes. This promo went on for too long but it did show how RoH had a number of ways to go in building up feuds.

John Walters tells us that Xavier has cheated him out of two matches and that this injustice will be taken care of as next time they face he will throw respect out the door and will be there for a fight. Promos are certainly not Walters’ strong suit.

Trent Acid then tries to stop Kashmere from leaving but it fails as Kashmere says that he needs some time. This story line was really rushed.

Xavier tells Walters that he hears him crying and a win is a win. He also tells him that he can have another battle but in a tag match as he will find a partner.

The Briscoes tells Joe he can hit them as hard as they want but they will hit him back harder and assure him the war has just begun.

Final Thoughts: This show was average. It had some good matches, some bad matches and a bit too much filler. The Field of Honor stuff came off poorly and the Tag Team Division is a joke but they did build up a few people and seem to have many directions to head in when building new top feuds. Joe is great as the champ and Punk was entertaining all around here. RoH is still trying to build up compelling feuds as they close out the year and they are getting closer.

Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Sunday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 8/22/87
Tuesday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/23/87
Thursday: Highspots Shoot Interview with Brickhouse Brown
Friday: WWF Sam Houston Coliseum 8/28/87 (Paul Boesch Retirement Show)
Saturday: Brickhouse TV: Season 1, Episode 1

WWF Wrestling Challenge August 16th, 1987

August 16, 1987

From the Lacrosse Center in Lacrosse, WI

Your hosts are Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

In action tonight will be Superstar Billy Graham, Koko B. Ware, and Rick Rude

Barry Horowitz vs. Superstar Billy Graham

Graham overpowers Horowitz, who is doing all of the work here. We get an insert promo from Butch Reed telling Graham he is proud after attacking him during the posedown and will attack his injured hip. Back to the match as Graham hits a backdrop then catches Horowitz in a bearhug for the win (1:40).

Thoughts: Graham was essentially immobile here as Horowitz bumped his ass of to make things look passable. This crowd was not that into Graham.

Craig DeGeorge gives us an update on the “Battle for Bam Bam” as he tells us he can do dropkicks and cartwheels. We then get a clip of Freddie Blassie who is unable to tell us which manager would be best for Bam Bam. A waste of Blassie here if you ask me and it did nothing to intrigue of the storyline.

One Man Gang w/ Slick vs. Billy Beauman

Gang attacks Beauman to start as the announcers talk about Gang being fined for attacking referees and wrestlers a few weeks ago after one of his match. Gang destroys Beauman as Slick is shown in an insert promo telling us that he will sign Bam Bam and put him together with Gang. Back to the match as Gang continues to beat the crap out of Beauman until putting him away with the front suplex (2:52).

Thoughts: They are gearing up Gang for the house show circuit against Hogan as he was being portrayed as a monster. I liked Gang here and too bad he couldn’t have done more with that character.

Gene Okerlund is with Jake Roberts and asks him about his recent surgeries while mentioning how the Honky Tonk Man hit him with his guitar. Roberts then tells Honky he is an easy man to find and he has been stirring up while awaiting a rematch. He tells us that his biggest goal is to abuse the Honky Tonk Man, like he did to him. As usual, solid stuff from Jake.

Clips of the Don Muraco/Bob Orton split, with Gorilla officially telling us that they are done as a team. Too bad no one cared as they were booked as afterthoughts for this feud.

Brian Costello vs. Koko B. Ware

Koko hits a monkey flip and a pair of armdrags to start. The crowd is behind Koko here, who is now working the arm. Koko hits a dropkick after blocking a reverse rollup and follows that with a powerslam as the announcers mention Koko singing the title track of the “Piledriver” album. Costello backs Koko in the corner and tries a headbutt but that fails as Koko drops an elbow then goes back to the arm. Koko keeps playing to the crowd, who is really cheering him on, then there is a big miscommunication spot as Costello ducked his head while Koko ram him over. Koko then hits a missile dropkick while landing on Costello before getting the win with the Ghostbuster (3:24). Koko dropped Costello right on his head with that one.

Thoughts: The last 30 seconds or so of the match broke down with Costello fucking up left and right. I don’t think Koko was too happy here. Anyway the crowd was firmly behind Koko, who got the biggest face reaction on the show.

Okerlund is now with newly crowned WWF Women’s Champion “Sensational” Sherri Martel. She tells all the women in the WWF that this belt belongs to her while egging on the others to try and beat her. Sherri then tells us that she has the best body and is the best wrestler and can cook the best as well. She closes by telling us she is so happy that she parties every night with the belt. Given her history that was probably a shoot. Good promo by Sherri. We were not used to them by the WWF women’s wrestlers at this point either.

We are shown the Hart Foundation vs. Jim Powers & Paul Roma match from the 8/8 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling” where Mr. T as the enforcer overruled the match in the favor of Powers & Roma when he saw Hart cheat on a rollup.

DeGeorge is on the podium with “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase and Virgil. DiBiase cuts off the introduction and says that everyone knows who he is and that he is wealthy. He then tells the crowd he is better than the crowd as they are poor, unlike himself. DiBiase then tells the crowd they all have a price and he will show us how generous he is by giving away $300 then calls a lady up as he makes fun of her for looking poor. DiBiase tells her she can make $300 by barking like a dog then tells her to get down on all fours and bark in front of him. She obliges and barely makes any noise so DiBiase tells us that he wants to hear a high-pitched bark. The lady does so and earns $100 then gets another $100 each of two other barks. DiBiase then asks Virgil if she earned the money as he says no as DiBiase agrees and calls the crowd all a bunch of poor “dog faces” and “suckers” as the woman walks away without any money. This stuff really was genius. A simple and effective way to get heel heat and a great gimmick for house shows.

Now, we are shown David Wolff as he talks about producing the “Piledriver” album. He mentions calling Rick Derringer then talks about how well the wrestlers sung as he hypes it up.

“Ravishing” Rick Rude w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Sonny Rogers

Johnny V. has replaced Heenan on commentary. Before the match, Rude tells the men in the audience to be quiet so the ladies can see him remove his robe. Match starts with Rude slamming Rogers then taunting the crowd as he flexes. He then catches Rogers with a clothesline as we get an insert promo of Rude, with the camera zoomed in on his abs as he opens his robe. Rude then picks up Rogers and makes him submit to the backbreaker (0:57).

Thoughts: They are no starting to build up Rude’s heel persona as he begins his ascension up the card. Rude looked good in the ring here.

Lanny Poffo & Mark Richards vs. Kamala & Sika w/ Mr. Fuji & Kimchee

We get an insert promo from Fuji to start but we see a photo of Bam Bam in its place as he tells us Bam Bam can be a “volcano.” Poffo tags out after getting roughed up then Sika hits Richards with the Samoan drop and holds him down so Kamala can hit a top rope splash for the win (2:00).

Thoughts: Not much to this as Kamala & Sika were afterthoughts at this point.

Okerlund is with Mr. Fuji, who tells us that Killer Khan loves to be tortured. Khan comes out as Fuji tells us that all the “little Hulksters” will see Hogan get tortured. Okerlund keeps asking Fuji about Khan’s training as Fuji tells us that he teaches him martial arts and hits him hard when he screws up as Khan is hitting himself. Fuji cut a more serious promo than usual here. It was alright I guess.

The medics are shown taking Richards out of the ring on a stretcher.

Next week in action will be Ted DiBiase, Randy Savage, Demolition, Brutus Beefcake, and the Junkyard Dog.

Final Thoughts: Not a bad show at all. We saw the TV debut of DiBiase’s fan out of the crowd gimmick. We also got to see newer acts like the One Man Gang and Rick Rude pushed as well. The WWF was starting to build a nice collection of upper card heels at this time, which was a desperate need.

Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Saturday: RoH The Tradition Continues 10/16/03
Sunday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 8/22/87
Tuesday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/23/87
Thursday: Highspots Shoot Interview with Brickhouse Brown
Friday: WWF Sam Houston Coliseum (Paul Boesch Retirement Show) 8/28/87

WWF Superstars of Wrestling May 16th, 1987

May 16, 1987

From the Centrum in Worcester, MA

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, and Vince McMahon

Tonight’s featured match is Ken Patera vs. Hercules. Also, we will see the Islanders vs. Demolition, Honky Tonk Man, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

The Islanders vs. Demolition w/ Mr. Fuji

Haku starts by hammering away on Ax. Tama tags and works the arm as the Islanders use quick tags to stay in control as we get an insert promo from Demolition, stating they will demolish anyone who stands in their way. Tama gets trapped in the wrong corner as Demolition beats on him for a bit. Smash and Haku slug it out briefly then the Islanders take control of the match. Tama climbs up top as the ref tries to separate Ax and Haku, allowing Fuji to trip him with his cane then Smash drops an elbow for the win (3:50).

Thoughts: The action here was okay but the main purpose was the Demolition push as they slowly went through the bottom of the Tag Team Division

WWF Update with Craig DeGeorge. This week’s subject is King Harley Race. We get a clip of him beating the Junkyard Dog at WrestleMania III then Race talks about how everyone, including Hulk Hogan, will bow to him. Gotta sell the Hogan/Race main events across the house show circuit.

Ricky Steamboat hypes up the WWF Ice Cream Bars. This was very corny, much like 95% of Steamboat interviews in the 80’s.

Dave Barbie vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Duggan beats on Barbie inside and outside of the ring as we are shown an insert of Slick singing the Russian National Anthem. Duggan hits a clothesline and drops a knee as he has the crowd chanting along with him. He then catches Barbie with a slam before finishing him off with a flying clothesline (2:49). After the match, Duggan calls out Volkoff, Sheik, and Slick before singing “America the Beautiful.”

Thoughts: Duggan’s mega push continues as the crowd chants along with everything he does and loves the pro-USA gimmick too.

Gene Okerlund is with Hulk Hogan, who has his head bandaged up selling the attack from Harley Race in Boston, who will be facing Race again in Boston in a Texas Death Match. Hogan sells us on the stipulations, which Hogan will retire if he loses the match.

Clips of the Honky Tonk Man, disguised as Kimchee, attack Jake Roberts on “Saturday Night’s Main Event.”

Joe Milano vs. Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy Hart

Hart is still carrying his “Ban the DDT” sign around with him. Honky beats on Milano as the camera zooms on the back of Honky’s guitar that also has a “Ban the DDT” sign. Honky maintains control then puts away Milano with the Shake, Rattle, and Roll (1:46). After the match, Honky dances and plays the guitar as Hart dances around with his sign.

Thoughts: Honky continues to draw a ton of heel heat. His pairing with Hart was perfect.

Okerlund is with George Steele and asks him about the card at the Boston Garden Show. Steele gives one word answers and does his usual schtick, which still works in small doses.

Rick Hunter vs. Killer Khan w/ Mr. Fuji

Khan attacks Hunter from behind then stomps away. Bob Orton & Don Muraco are shown in an insert promo putting over how dangerous Killer Khan is as he continues to beat on Hunter until he hits a top rope leg drop for the win (1:23).

Thoughts: Khan is getting pushed as a monster who will soon be fed to Hogan.

DeGeorge is with the New Dream Team, who warn Brutus Beefcake that he will pay for humiliating Johnny V.

Hercules w/ Bobby Heenan & King Harley Race vs. Ken Patera

Hercules ambushes Patera from behind. He stomps away as Jesse talks about Patera being away from wrestling too long to compete in this match. Hercules continues the assault but Patera comes back and looks awful as even Jesse flat out says he looks out of shape. Patera appears blown up already as Hercules hits a backbreaker. Patera escapes from a bearhug then comes back with a clothesline. He slams him down as the crowd wakes up. Patera slams Hercules again then puts on a bearhug but Race comes in and knees Patera in the back for the DQ (3:18). Both Hercules and Race beat on Patera until Billy Jack Haynes clears the ring. The fans go nuts for Haynes.

Thoughts: The match itself was awful as Patera was not in any sort of ring shape here. They did continue the Patera/Heenan family feud and with this segment they have a tag match to go with but Patera looked really bad in his TV return to the ring.

Okerlund is backstage with Patera, who tells Heenan to bring out all of his men as he will rid the WWF of all the scum, with Heenan at the top of the list.

The Shadows & Iron Mike Sharpe vs. Blackjack Mulligan & Tito Santana & Billy Jack Haynes

The Shadows are Randy Colley and Jose Luis Rivera wearing body suits and masks. Jesse tells us that he heard the Shadows go by “Light and Dark.” This match starts out with a lot of weak brawling and restholds. Tito gets caught in the opposite corner as Vince tells us that next week we will see Bob Orton vs. Hulk Hogan. That’s a pretty huge deal, actually. The heels beat on Tito behind the ref’s back but he breaks free and tags Haynes, who beats on Sharpe. He also kicked the shit out of Sharpe in real life as well. Haynes then puts him in the full nelson for the win (4:40).

Thoughts: The match was completely boring but the news of Hogan appearing and in a match against a non-jobber was big as Hogan rarely ever wrestled TV matches.

We get promos from Orton and Hogan to hype their match next week. Hogan’s promo is set to his theme song with fireworks in the background as Hogan proclaims he will beat Orton for the veterans on Memorial Day. Bit of an odd promo from the Hulkster here, with the background making it seem wacky.

Final Thoughts: Not a bad show. They are pushing all the top TV feuds but the momentum from WrestleMania III is waning. Patera ended up flopping as a babyface and Duggan blew his chance as he was fired ten days after this show aired after getting arrested with the Iron Sheik and charged with drinking and driving. Duggan really fucked up a huge push with that arrest. Other than that, the were relying on the likes of Blackjack Mulligan (who was gone from the company before this show aired) and a newly turned Brutus Beefcake, which were not all successes.

Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Tuesday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 5/17/87
Thursday: 1986 WWE Timeline as told by George Steele
Friday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 5/23/87
Sunday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 5/24/87

WWF Wrestling Challenge November 16th, 1986

November 16, 1986

From the Civic Center in Glens Falls, NY

Your hosts are Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

Tonight’s featured match will be Koko B. Ware against Randy Savage in a non-title match. Also, Corporal Kirchner will take on Harley Race and Capt. Lou Albano’s final match will take place as he teams with the British Bulldogs to face the Dream Team and Johnny V.

Randy “Macho Man” Savage w/ Elizabeth vs. Koko B. Ware

Savage attacks Koko as he enters the ring and beats on him while still wearing his robe. He tosses Koko to the floor and roughs him up before going back into the ring. Koko finally fights back and takes Savage down with a dropkick. He hits a missile dropkick but Savage gets his foot on the rope. Savage ducks a crossbody and Koko spills out to the floor. He tries a double axe handle but Koko hits him with a punch to the gut then sends Savage into the railing then into the post as the ref counts to ten and its ruled a double countout (3:10). Savage is pissed off at the result.

Thoughts: Fun while it lasted. Koko was actually over despite the goofy gimmick and this result would have you to believe that a rematch would be happening in the near future.

We have “Wrestler’s Rebuttal” with Ricky Steamboat as he is pissed at Randy Savage for mistreating Elizabeth and wonders what goes on behind closed doors with them. You’re probably not the only one who wondered that, Ricky.

A clip of King Harley Race on “Piper’s Pit” is shown when Piper puts the toilet seat over Race’s head.

King Harley Race w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Corporal Kirchner

Johnny V. replaces Heenan in the booth. Danny Davis is also the referee for this match. Race attacks Kirchner from behind and takes him down with a kneelift. Race stops a comeback attempt with a thumb to the eye then hits a belly-to-belly suplex for two. Kirchner fights back and slams Race but misses a top rope elbow drop. Race then hits a flying clothesline before putting him away with the cradle suplex (2:20).

Thoughts: Kirchner is now just a TV jobber at this point and Race, despite Heenan’s best efforts, was not getting the King gimmick over. To be fair, he was miscast in that role.

Ken Resnick is with Hulk Hogan, who tells Paul Orndorff will feel the brunt of his punishment and will be humiliated as he realizes you cannot cheat and stab your friends in the back. He says that the belt will stay where it is and promises to get both Orndorff and Heenan. They got a ton of mileage out of that feud.

John Jackson & “Mr. Electricity” Steve Regal vs. Pedro Morales & Tito Santana

Regal slams Santana then struts around for a bit. Santana unloads on Regal as we get an insert promo from the Hart Foundation as Neidhart said the only thing Morales can beat them at is eating burritos. Morales tags and applies a side headlock then Jackson tags and Santana puts him in a front facelock then Morales tags and hits a backbreaker for the win (3:01).

Thoughts: Morales was dead weight as the crowds loved Tito and barely cared about Pedro. 1986 was not the year of Tito Santana, that’s for sure.

Resnick is with Randy Savage. He congratulates Savage for having a top selling wrestling figure as Savage talks about how he just beat the Junkyard Dog. Resnick then asks him about Jake Roberts challenging him for the Intercontinental Title. Savage says that the “Snake Pit” is nothing to be proud of and that he is nobody until he beats somebody and that he can experience “Macho Madness.” The were really hammering home the angle of everyone gunning for Savage’s Intercontinental Title.

Kurt Koffman vs. Kamala w/ The Wizard & Kimchee

Koffman is about a half-foot shorter than Kamala and weighs at least half as much as he does too. Kamala tosses Koffman around to start. Koffman tries to use his speed as he crawls under Kamala’s legs but gets tossed back down then Kamala finishes him off with a splash that looked like it killed the poor guy (0:53).

Thoughts: Kamala completely dominated this poor jobber and as a result the crowd bought him as a legitimate threat which is a good thing as he was about to start a program with Hogan.

Snake Pit with guests Slick and Butch Reed. The Slickster is afraid of the snake as Jake, sporting a vinyl jacket, talks to him about letting Hercules leave. Slick says that Hercules is great but wanted to see what it felt like to buy and sell a man as while he sold Hercules, he bought Butch Reed. Reed spoke briefly before the segment ended. Not a whole lot to this segment.

Johnny Mann & Nick Kiniski vs. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff w/ Slick

Sheik and Kiniski go back and forth as we get an insert promo from Slick, guaranteeing that he will lead Sheik & Volkoff to the titles. Mann hits Volkoff a few times but gets kicked by Sheik from the apron. Volkoff hits Mann with a backbreaker then tags the Sheik who hits a gutwrench suplex then makes Mann submit to the Camel Clutch as Danny Davis waits a long time before signaling for the bell (2:31).

Thoughts: More or less the same from Sheik & Volkoff that we have been seeing for the past year or so. Even still, Volkoff’s singing of the Soviet National Anthem got them a ton of heel heat.

Johnny V. & The Dream Team vs. British Bulldogs & Capt. Lou Albano

Dynamite takes down Valentine then hits a snap suplex. Davey tags as Valentine hits him with a slam. Beefcake tags and hits a vertical suplex for a nearfall. Davey comes back with a slam but gets trapped in the opposing corner. Johnny V tags in and Davey slams him down then catches him with a sleeper as the match breaks down. The Bulldogs dropkick the Dream Team out of the ring then Davey hits Johnny V with a powerslam and Dynamite follows with a diving headbutt then tags Albano, who covers for the win (3:39). Heenan goes off on Albano for getting a cheap win.

Thoughts: Decent for what it was as Albano left the company with a victory.

They show Albano coming into the locker room as he gets sprayed with champagne by Corporal Kirchner and George Steele. Johnny V then runs in and shoves a cake into Albano’s face before running out.

Next week, Moondogs vs. Hart Foundation and the Killer Bees vs. Don Muraco & Bob Orton. Plus, Hulk Hogan will be the guest on the “Snake Pit.”

Final Thoughts: Not a bad show. Albano’s retirement was the main thing here. Koko vs. Savage was fine and they are still building towards a Steamboat vs. Savage match (It takes place on the 11/22 edition of Superstars that I will be posting Sunday evening) and continue to build up Kamala so he can be fed to Hogan. They continue the heavy push of Danny Davis’ evil referee angle as well. The company is shaping things up for WrestleMania III.

Here is my schedule:

Saturday: RoH Night of Champions 3/22/03
Sunday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 11/22/86
Tuesday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 11/23/86
Thursday: Shoot Interview TBD
Friday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 11/29/86

Ring of Honor Scramble Madness November 16th, 2002

November 16, 2002

American Civic Center in Wakefield, MA

Your hosts are Jeff Gorman and Chris Levy

The show starts with the Prophecy talking backstage. Once again Xavier wrestles in a non-title match, this time against Jeremy Lopez. Samoa Joe and Daniels get into a beef when Joe yells at Daniels about not being paid enough to disrespect the Code of Honor. Dunn & Marcos then interrupt with their schtick and asked for a shot at the Tag Team Titles. Daniels goes off on them before telling them that they will be facing Samoa Joe in a handicap match. The problem with the Fallen Angel gimmick is that Daniels played it too goofy to be taking seriously. Joe showed some personality here at least.

Jay Briscoe and Amazing Red are in the ring. Jay said that he picked Red as his partner then calls out his brother Mark, who calls out his partner, which turns out to be Christopher Daniels. The Fallen Angel comes out and says that not only is he Mark’s partner, he is his master as we now know that Mark is in the Prophecy. I like the idea of Mark joining the Prophecy. It gives them a lot of ways to further his feud against Jay and the story that he is splitting their family apart and it sets up for a nice turn down the road when he breaks away from them.

Jay Briscoe & Amazing Red vs. Mark Briscoe & Christopher Daniels

Mark starts the match by attacking Jay from behind. Jay fights back and they trade kicks. Red tags and they work a crisp fast-paced sequence that the crowd appreciates. Daniels tags and hits a shoulderblock but Red comes back with a headscissors and a dropkick. Jay tags and beats on Daniels for a bit. Mark tags and he takes it to the mat with his brother as they go back and forth. Jay gets the best of that and holds up his brother, allowing Red to hit a springboard STO. Daniels then sends Red to the floor and drops him on the guardrail. Red plays face-in-peril for a bit as Mark and Daniels use quick tags to cut off the ring. Red manages to catch Daniels in a small package but Mark distracts the ref. Mark gets two with a back suplex then puts Red in a surfboard. Super Ace Crusher gets two. Red goes to the wrong corner for a tag then gets powerbombed by Mark. Daniels charges but Red boots him in the face and hits a hurricarana before making the tag. Jay runs wild on Daniels. Gordbuster gets two. Fisherman’s Buster gets two. Mark comes in and Jay plants him with a DDT. Daniels hits Jay with an enziguiri then Mark clotheslines him as they both spill to the floor but that was after he tagged Red, who hits Daniels with a missile dropkick. Spin kick gets two. Code Red (Sunset Bomb) gets two. Red tries a rana but Daniels blocks that then gets the win with the Last Rites (15:47) **3/4. After the match, Mark walks up the ramp and laughs at his parents, who are on the verge of tears.

Thoughts: Decent match but really nothing more than that. The angle with Mark joining the Prophecy was more impressive to be honest. The match dragged in the middle as the heat segment on Red went on for far too long.

Joey Matthews is backstage with Special K. Izzy is shaking a pill bottle as Joey wants to know if they are with him. Alexis Laree interrupts and wants to know why he did not have his back last week as Joey is all fucked up and laughs. Laree leaves and says that she wants nothing to do with him if he going to act like this. Sadly, I think this was the case on real life too.

Mace w/ Allison Danger vs. Alexis Laree

Mace pie-faces Laree then taunts the crowd. Laree comes back as the announcers talk about how Buff E has left Mace and that their team is done. Laree hits a headscissors and a dropkick then flies out with a tope. She rolls Mace back into the ring but gets hit with a suplex. He taunts Laree, who comes back with a low blow then hits a tornado DDT that looked horrendous but it gets the win (2:37) 1/4*. After the match, Danger comes in and kisses Laree but ends up getting hit with an inverted DDT.

Thoughts: This was pretty bad but it was kept short. The finish was botched too. The feud between Danger and Laree continues.

Steve Corino cuts a promo on Homicide and how he got attacked by him with a fork last week. He even has his eye patched up. Corino puts over how he has a full-time job with Japan and despite his best efforts, the fans do not respect him and he says that he doesn’t care about Philly as he will go back to Japan and will also get his revenge on Homicide. Corino cut a solid promo here.

Jeremy Lopez vs. Xavier w/ Simply Luscious

Xavier grounds Lopez and attacks the arm. Lopez comes back and they battle over a key lock. Lopez hits a pair of armdrags and a dropkick but Xavier puts on the breaks on the second dropkick attempt. Xavier beats on Lopez then rams him in the corner. Brainbuster gets two then Xavier applies a chinlock. Lopez fights out but Xavier yanks him down by the hair and follows that with a backbreaker for a nearfall. Lopez fights back again but Luscious trips him up and that allows Xavier to send him to the floor with a knee smash. Xavier beats on Lopez before ramming him into the post. In the ring, Xavier hits the X-Slam for a nearfall then Lopez works an ankle lock. Xavier escapes and knees Lopez in the face. They trade chops and Lopez wins that battle. Lopez comes back with a Yakuza kick then gets two off of a neckbreaker. Xavier blocks a tornado DDT attempt but Lopez comes back with a double underhook tornado DDT. Tiger Bomb gets two. Xavier stops a charge and comes back with a nasty Cobra Clutch Suplex that gets two. He signals for the X-Breaker but that gets countered and Lopez hits him with his finisher, the Chicken Wing DDT, but that only gets two. Xavier floats over on a suplex attempt and knees Lopez in the back of the head before hitting the X Breaker then getting the win with a 450 splash (10:45) **1/4.

Thoughts: Average match. Having your champ face off in a competitive match against a former WCWSN jobber is not going to do them any favors. The crowd was practically silent for the duration of the match.

Matt Thompson & Tony Mamaluke vs. Da Hit Squad

Thompson is really tall and skinny. Who is billed at 6’8 but weighs about 175lbs. Mack and Mamaluke start the match on the mat. Mamaluke grapevines the leg for a minute. Mamaluke makes a blind tag to Thompson who comes in with a springboard crossbody then hits a headscissors. Thompson eats a clothesline then gets caught with an overhead belly-to-belly before tagging Mamaluke. Mafia beats on Mamaluke in the corner to the fans delight but Thompson makes the save when he goes for the pin. Da Hit Squad use quick tags to beat on Mamaluke as Mack gets a nearfall with a wheelbarrow suplex as Thompson made the save. Thompson is really green by the way and just about everything he does looks mistimed. Mamaluke continues to get his ass kicked. Mack hits Mamaluke with a dropkick as the announcers make reference of Maritato being called “Nunzio” in the WWE. Thompson roughs up Mack outside the ring as Mamaluke hits Mack with a leg drop inside. The crowd wants Thompson in the match as Mamaluke hits a tornado DDT as both men are down. Thompson tags and hits a fanastic quebrada for two. The match breaks down Mamaluke gets slammed down in midair then Mafia picks up Thompson and hits the Burning Hammer for the pin while Mamaluke had Mack in the Butterfly Lock but the pin was made before Mack tapped out (9:50) *1/2.

Thoughts: Not a whole lot to this match. Thompson did a few nice highspots but in reality was far too green overall. On commentary, they pushed that this was his 4th or 5th match ever. I have no idea what became of the guy.

Joey Matthews & Izzy & Slim J & Deranged & Angel Dust vs. Quiet Storm & Spanish Announce Team & Amazing Red w/ Trinity

Jose starts off by overpowering Deranged. They take it to the mat and it is just okay. Deranged looks decent but also looks to weigh about 140lbs. Jose hits a snap powerslam then hammers on Deranged outside of the ring. Slim J and Red are in the ring now as in Scramble rules, anyone can enter once someone leaves the ring. Slim blocks an armdrag but ends up getting turned inside out with a clothesline. Izzy and Joel work a sequence as Levy (Sapolsky) bashes those dismissing these matches as a “Spotfest” due to the athletic ability these guys possess. Izzy looked good. Angel Dust and Divine work a solid sequence and now everyone is on the floor except for Storm and Matthews, who works a headlock on the mat. Now all of Special K is in the ring and they all dive onto the opposing team who are on the floor in a car crash sequence if there ever was one. Back in the ring, Deranged gets beat on by the SAT’s and Red. Deranged eats a flying knee smash from Red that gets two. Storm tags and puts Deranged in a tree of woe then after the rest of Red’s team knock Special K off of the apron, they all take turns hitting Deranged with baseball slides. Divine gets two with a brainbuster but gets caught with a tornado DDT that gets two. Matthews tags in and gets hit with a crossbody. He does come back with a clothesline as Divine gets hit with a triple enziguiri as Deranged’s timing was WAY off. He actually attempted the move after Divine was on the mat. Special K takes turn hitting Divine with elbow drops. Red then hits Slim J with some sort of powerbomb variation that I have never seen before and this triggers a sequence of all sorts of powerbombs and DDT’s that is too fast to recap. Storm hits Matthews with the Spinal Shock then after Red hits Matthews with a running flip dive, the remaining members of Special K all get powerbombed off of the top rope, which is followed by Special K hitting the other team with moonsaults. Slim J gets killed with the Storm Cradle Driver but that gets broken up and that leads to another sequence of hot moves that ends with Joel powerbombing Deranged five times until hitting a backdrop driver then shortly after that, Red gets the win with the Infrared on Angel Dust (17:47) ***1/4.

Thoughts: The crowd went nuts for this match, which was fun to watch at least. Some of it was really sloppy at points but the choreographed stuff was at least new. Izzy continues to impress and stands out as the most promising member of Special K. I remember Slim J wrestled a match for TNA in the infancy of the company and never really impressed me and just kept grabbing his crotch. He only did that once here but still had the Eminem look going. As you will notice, a few wrestlers were pulling double duty, with Red being one of them.

Handicap Match
Dunn & Marcos vs. Samoa Joe

Dunn & Marcos charge Joe but just end up bouncing off of him. Joe slaps them around and gets two with a powerslam on Dunn. He pulls Marcos’ shirt over his head and hits him with the Island Driver then hits Dunn with the Island Driver after that for the win (1:39) 1/4*.

Thoughts: Just a quick little match to put Joe over as a monster.

Street Fight
Paul London & Rudy Boy Gonzalez vs. Michael Shane & Bio-Hazard

Shane and Bio-Hazard attack their opponents from behind on the ramp. Shane and London are in the ring as Rudy Boy is beating on Bio-Hazard on the floor. London hits Shane with a few kicks as the camera work keeps switching around and it makes it tough to get into the match. Rudy Boy and London beat on Shane in the ring. They hit him with a few double team moves then Rudy Boy fucks up when he tries to fake a dive to the outside as he gets caught in the ropes then London hits both guys with a somersault plancha. Rudy Boy roughs up Shane in the ring as London hits Bio-Hazard with a standing moonsault on the floor. Rudy puts Shane in the Tarantula as London sends Bio-Hazard through the guardrail. Shane then hits Rudy with a DDT on the floor as Bio-Hazard hits London with a flying mare as he was seated in a chair inside the ring. Bio-Hazard hits London with a Death Valley Driver then asks the cameraman where he can find a ladder. He finds it and places it across the guardrail but London comes out and rams him into the post. London then lays it across the apron and guardrail as Shane gets a nearfall on Rudy Boy. London stands on the ladder but Bio-Hazard kicks it and London crotches himself on a rung. Shane gets shoved off of the top rope and through a table as everyone is down. In the ring, Bio-Hazard suplexes Rudy Boy onto the ladder then follows that with a Swanton Bomb. London comes in and holds a chair as he moonsaults Bio-Hazard then heads up top but gets cut off by Shane. Rudy Boy then super kicks Shane and London hits the Shooting Star Press but Shane kicks out as London is shocked. Bio-Hazard yanks out London and whips him into the guardrail. Shane catches Rudy Boy with a super kick but London comes back in and dumps him outside. London then places Bio-Hazard on top of Rudy Boy’s shoulders who hits him with a top rope powerbomb then London finishes him off with a running Shooting Star Press (14:24) *1/4.

Thoughts: This match was a mess. It had no heat at all, the layout was terrible as was the camera work. It was like two separate matches were going on at the same time. Crowd was dead for this one too.

Carnage Crew & Masada vs. Alex Arion & Don Juan & Fast Eddie

Eddie and Masada start things off with a back-and-forth sequence. The faces then clear the ring as Eddie hits them with a quebrada. In the ring, DeVito beats on Arion. He takes him down with a dropkick then Arion gets hit with a triple-team move. Arion fights back and chops down Loc as Don makes the tag. Loc hits him with a back suplex then tags Masada, who hits Don with a powerbomb. Don continues to play the face-in-peril as he kicks out of a few pin attempts. He manages to roll away from a moonsault attempt by DeVito and makes the hot-tag to Arion, who takes out all three men. Fast Eddie tries to snap Masada off of the top rope with a rana by leaping off of Arion’s back and he botched the move badly. Arion then hits Masada with a splash but as the ref was ordering Eddie back to the apron Loc hits Arion with a chair in a spot that took way, way too long to develop but could only get a two count. Really bad sequence there by everyone involved. Fast Eddie hits Loc with a springboard dropkick but gets overmatched and hit with the spike piledriver from the top rope as the Carnage Crew & Masada get the win (7:27) 3/4*.

Thoughts: Masada did not look bad in his RoH debut. Physically, he looks like a mix between Matt Hardy and Chris Hero, which is not ideal. The last few minutes were awful though. Arion was the most competent wrestler in the match by far.

Homicide vs. Samoa Joe

This match came about after Homicide stabbed Joe’s buddy Corino in the eye last week. Also, Joe made Homicide pass out in the Coquina Clutch at the same show in a six-man tag. They trade front facelocks on the mat to start. Joe then murders him with all sorts of strikes then backs him into the corner. He boots him in the face a few times then gauges his eyes. Homicide catches him with a drop toehold and attempts an STF but Joe manages to escape and duck outside. Homicide then flies out with a somersault plancha that wakes up the crowd. Back inside, Homicide chops Joe hard then returns the favor and gauges his eyes before hitting him with a running knee strike. Homicide hits some more chops until he gets caught in a uranage. Homicide rolls outside and Joe whips him into the guardrail. Back inside, Joe gets a nearfall with a Dragon Suplex. Homicide fights back and takes Joe off of the top with a rana that gets two. He then hits front-to-back clotheslines but Joe comes back with a Death Valley Driver. Homicide then comes back with a back suplex and gets two off of that. Homicide kicks Joe in the face a few times to little effect and he ends up hitting Homicide with a powerbomb then locking on an STF. Joe then switches to the Coquina Clutch but Homicide is able to reach the ropes. They trade slaps and chops until Homicide ducks a clothesline and rolls him up for the win (9:56) **1/2. After the match, Joe abides by the Code of Honor.

Thoughts: The match was going along fine but the finish came out of nowhere and felt anti-climatic. However, the match showed that Homicide could hang in there with a guy like Joe and helped establish him as a singles wrestler.

#1 Contender’s Trophy Match
Christopher Daniels w/ Simply Luscious vs. AJ Styles

The story here is that Daniels wants to win the trophy so the belt can remain in possession of the Prophecy. AJ works a side headlock to start. He keeps going back to the move as the announcers put over AJ’s work in TNA. They trade armdrags until the collide after both attempting crossbody blocks. AJ hits a dropkick and follows that with a neckbreaker that gets two. Daniels sends AJ into the corner with a monkey flip and they take it outside. Daniels drops AJ across the guardrail and yells at the fans. He whips AJ who does the spot where he leaps over the guardrail then catches his opponent with a super kick when they charge after him. Back in the ring, AJ hits a facebuster then puts on the bridging Indian Death Lock. Daniels reaches the ropes and AJ hits him with a wheelbarrow facebuster. He heads up top but Daniels cuts him off then hits a DDT. Daniels then goes to work on the neck then takes him down with a flying forearm. They are now choking out each other but Daniels breaks that up with an eye poke then hits a back suplex for a nearfall. Eye of the Hurricane gets two. Daniels hits an STO and tries the BME but lands on his feet. He catches AJ with a Flatliner and that gets two. AJ comes back with a neckbreaker as both men are down. AJ is up first and hits Daniels with a dropkick and a discus clothesline. Brainbuster gets two. Daniels comes back with a Blue Thunder Bomb as both men are down again. Daniels hits another STO then hits the BME but AJ kicks out. AJ fights back and they have a reversal sequence that ends with AJ hitting an inverted DDT for a nearfall. They now have a pinfall reversal sequence that finally ends with AJ catching Daniels with the Styles Clash and getting the win (15:12) ***. After the match, the Prophecy attacks AJ until Jay Briscoe, Amazing Red, and the SAT’s make the save.

Thoughts: Good match but disappointing considering who was involved. Daniels wrestling at the beginning of the show could have also played into the match being slower paced than usual. AJ will now get a shot at the title the next show.

30 Minute Iron Man Match
Doug Williams vs. American Dragon

The match starts on the mat with Williams working the leg. He then switches to the arm until Dragon gets a quick rollup for two. Dragon then works a stepover toe hold as a fan chants “boring.” He then puts on the Muta Lock but Williams elbows his way out of that. Dragon takes Williams down again and acts cocky which allows Williams to escape. More matwork follows until Dragon runs into a clothesline. They now battle over a key lock until Dragon takes him down. He works the arm for a bit then grabs a side headlock. Williams is now working a neck vise until Dragon drops down to escape. They are now trading Judo throws then Dragon beats on Williams in the corner before working a side headlock on the mat. Williams counters that with a headscissors as Levy runs down the next show on December 7th called “Night of the Butcher.” Bryan puts on a rear naked choke as this match is getting repetitive with all of the back-and-forth matwork. Dragon uses headbutts and chops to knock down Williams. He steps on the back of his neck and drops an elbow as we are at the halfway point. Dragon gets aggressive as he hammers away on Williams and chokes him out in the ropes. Williams gets him up in the Gory Special then turns it into a backslide for two. Dragon sends Williams into the corner and boots him as he is hanging off of the ropes. Dragon then hits a superplex and that gets two. Northern Lights Suplex gets two. Dragon is pissed and they work a reversal sequence that ends with Dragon hitting a Dragon suplex for a nearfall but Dragon follows that with a second one and scores a pinfall (18:23).

Daniels tries for the Cattle Mutilation but Williams turns that into an Ace Crusher that gets two. They trade European Uppercuts until Williams knocks Dragon to the floor then follows him out with a tope. Back inside, Williams gets a nearfall with a pair of flying knee smashes. Williams hits a release German suplex then locks on the Cobra Clutch and swings him around. Dragon fights back and hits a snap suplex then hits a diving headbutt that gets two. Dragon dumps Williams outside as he avoided the Chaos Theory and they end up fighting on the top rope, ending with Williams countering a super back suplex in midair that gets two. Williams gets a victory roll for two as there are just five minutes left in the match. Floating DDT gets two. He hits the Chaos Theory but Dragon just kicks out at two, shocking the announcers. Williams slams Dragon and heads up top for a  flying knee smash but that only gets two. Williams hits a few more German suplexes and then another Chaos Theory but Dragon gets his foot on the ropes to break the pin. Brainbuster gets two. Dragon fights back and dropkicks Williams in the back of the neck. He sets Williams up on the top rope as there is just one minute left in the match. Dragon hits a super back suplex and goes to cover but Williams reverses it into a crossface as time expires with Dragon winning 1-0 (30:00) ***1/4.

Thoughts: Up until the first and only pinfall, this felt repetitive and more like an exhibition than a match. It was back-and-forth mat wrestling just for the sake of it rather than building up to something. It picked up near the end but I was not a big a fan of this one as some people were. The crowd did not really get into this until near the end either.

Dragon is backstage talking about how Williams was close to beating him for the second time but no one beats him twice. He reiterates that point and says that they are the two best indy mat wrestlers around and he knows that Williams will come back to RoH to face him one more time.

They catch up with a pissed off Williams backstage who says that in England, they wrestle best of three falls matches and challenges Dragon to that style of match, saying that he will beat him.

The Prophecy are backstage as Daniels looks like a goof with Luscious on the phone blowing him off and Joe punking him out after reminding him how he is just a hired gun. This is supposed to be the leader of the top heel group and the valet treats him like a joke. Joe leaves then Daniels tells Xavier that he will retain the belt next show.

AJ is with Alexis Laree when he gets jumped by the Prophecy. Xavier holds up Laree so Luscious can slap her. Daniels then yells at AJ about how the belt is not leaving the Prophecy.

Final Thoughts: I was not too thrilled with this show. The angle of Mark Briscoe joining the Prophecy was good and they are pushing Homicide as a singles wrestler, which is good as the crowd likes him. However, the middle of the show was pretty bad and burned out the crowd. None of the matches were memorable, to me anyway, and the depth of the promotion was shallow here with a few guys having to pull double-duty and a lot of the newer guys being at a lower level who did not impress. Another thing that bothered me was Levy (Sapolsky) on commentary. He was so obnoxious in stating how the fans in RoH were better than everyone else as they do not try to put themselves over, which was not the case, and in hyping up the promotion as the best in the world.

Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Sunday: WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event 10/4/86
Tuesday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 10/5/86
Thursday: Highspots Shoot Interview with Mike Awesome
Friday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 10/11/86
Saturday: RoH Night of the Butcher 12/7/02

WWF Championship Wrestling August 16th,1986

August 16th, 1986

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon

Tonight, the Machines will make their WWF debut. Also in action are the Killer Bees, Hart Foundation, and Tony Atlas vs. Hercules Hernandez.

Steve Lombardi & Rusty Brooks vs. Killer Bees

The Bees have on their masks for the entrance but no theme music this time. Blair and Lombardi trade hammerlocks until Blair escapes and hits an armdrag. Brunzell tags and they get a nearfall with a double elbow smash. Brunzell works the arm for a bit then Brooks tags and the Bees hit him with a double backdrop as Vince keeps mentioning how Brooks is fat. The Bees use quick tags as they neutralize Brooks until Brunzell puts him away with a dropkick (3:04). Brooks oversell of the dropkick was kinda funny.

Thoughts: The match was fine. The WWF continued to present several teams, with the Bees being one of them, as legitimate threats to the Tag Team Titles. They were doing a really strong job as promoting the division as a whole too.

Vince talks about how he will be hearing from Superstar Billy Graham and newcomer, the Honky Tonk Man, later on tonight.

WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. This week’s subject is the feud between Hulk Hogan and Paul Orndorff. We are shown a clip of Hogan calling Orndorff a sellout while cutting a passionate interview. This feud continues to heat up and they have been holding off on these two confronting each other on television, which makes you really want to see them when they actually do wrestle each other.

Hart Foundation w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Terry Morgan & Jim Powers

Powers leapfrogs Brett twice then takes him down with an armdrag. He works the arm for a bit as we get an insert promo from Superstar Billy Graham, who says that he is coming back to the WWF and going after the Iron Sheik. Morgan tags and the Hart Foundation destroy him until finally putting him away with the Hart Attack (3:05).

Thoughts: Another showcase for the Hart Foundation, who are really clicking as a team right now. I also forgot to mention that last week, they debuted the pink stripe look in their tights. The stripe was really thin but different than the red and blue they usually sported. The WWF tag-team division was really strong at this point.

Ken Resnick is with Capt. Lou Albano, who talks about how Bobby Heenan is upset about the Machines coming into the WWF. Pretty subdued for an Albano promo, actually.

Ivan MacDonald vs. Super Machine w/ Capt. Lou Albano & Giant Machine

The crowd popped a bit for the entrance of the Machines. Vince says that he is not sure if Giant Machine is in fact Andre the Giant. MacDonald bounces off of Super Machine twice before he gets beaten down. Super Machine puts on a chinlock as Bobby Heenan is shown in the aisle taking photos of the Giant Machine. Also, there is one fan who has been screaming the entire time while everyone else has been quiet. Albano sees Heenan and chases him away. MacDonald completely botches a clothesline spot as he fell before the move was performed so Super Machine really hit him hard when he got up then put him away with a swinging neckbreaker (2:45).

Thoughts: This whole segment flopped. First, no one cares about the Super Machine to begin with. Andre is the selling point of the angle and having this as their first TV appearance was a horrible way to start off the angle. Even with that being said, the whole mystique as to who was under the mask was non-existent and yes the fans did want to see Andre and for him to get his revenge on Heenan and his guys but the whole Machines gimmick was so ridiculous that no one was buying it at all.

Resnick is with Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff, who will be facing the British Bulldogs after beating the Hart Foundation in Boston to get a Tag Team title shot. Sheiky Baby was zonked out of his mind as he went on his usual tangent about how Volkoff, Iran, and himself are all number one.

Dream Team w/ Johnny Valiant vs. Mario Mancini & Jose Luis Rivera

The Dream Team take turns destroying Rivera to start the match. Rivera fights back and is able to tag Mancini, who immediately gets pummeled by Beefcake. Valentine tags and hits a shoulderbreaker before Beefcake tags and hits his flying knee smash but Beefcake pulls up Mancini before the three count and tags Valentine, who gets the win via submission with the figure four (2:51).

Thoughts: It seems like the Dream Team wrestle every week on these shows. They usually have fun squash matches. However, since their feud with the British Bulldogs ended, they have been put on the backburner as far as the top heel teams are concerned.

The Flower Shop with Adrian Adonis. He says that Don Muraco will be his guest but instead Roddy Piper comes out, who says that he is here to take his show back after thanking Adonis for filling in for him. Adonis tells Piper that he is here to stay and that it is not 1985 then brings out Bob Orton, who is wearing a pink cowboy hat. Orton tells Piper that he was getting paid peanuts before as Piper offers Orton a choice of staying or leaving with him. Piper then puts a flower in Orton’s hat and says that if he does stay with Adonis, we will have a case of “birds of a feather, flock together.” The fans cheered Piper a bit as he walked away.
The surprise return of Piper did not get much of an initial reaction, as I think they were in complete shock to be honest, but this was when they first planted the seeds of a Piper face turn and the segment itself was well done.

George Leech & Joe Mirto & Terry Gibbs vs. Sivi Afi & King Tonga & Tonga Kid

The Tonga Kid got a pretty good reaction in his return to the WWF. This guy should have been a star as he had everything it took. He also has 100x more charisma than Afi & King Tonga combined. King Tonga starts by overpowering Leech then tags the Tonga Kid, who does Snuka’s double leapfrog spot with Gibbs and tags Afi then plays to the crowd. Poffo is shown in an insert promo putting over the babyface team as King Tonga beats on Leech. He slams him then tags the Tonga Kid, who puts him away with a splash off of the top rope (2:32).

Thoughts: The Tonga Kid really got the crowd into this match and it was a decent six-man. His presence in the ring was huge, especially considering King Tonga and Afi lacked that in a big way.

Hercules Hernandez w/ Slick vs. Tony Atlas

Vince tells us that Slick bought half of Hercules’ contract too. Atlas takes down Hercules with an armdrag then slams him down as we are shown an insert promo from the Honky Tonk Man, wearing a gold suit, talking about how Hogan called him up and asked if he could come to the WWF to restore order. He closed by saying “woo mercy.” What an awful idea for a babyface character. Back to the match as Hercules hits Atlas with an inverted atomic drop. Atlas powers up soon after and uses some truly terrible offense consisting of headbutts and punches. He sends Hercules to the floor then tries to bring him back into the ring with a suplex but Slick whacks Atlas in the knee then Hercules covers for the win (3:36). After the match, Atlas chases Hercules out of the ring.

Thoughts: This might have been the last TV appearance of Atlas in the WWF until he returned as Saba Simba in the early 1990’s. Speaking of Atlas, he looked horrible in the ring and was rumored to be heavy into drug use too. The match also did not do a whole lot to elevate Hercules, either.

Ken Resnick runs down the September 6th show at the Boston Garden. He brings out Bobby Heenan, who will have his men, John Studd & King Kong Bundy face the Machines. Heenan says that he will prove that Andre is under the mask then wonders who is partner could be, joking that it could be Red Sox pitcher Oil Can Boyd or former Celtic Dave Cowens. Studd & Bundy come out and reference when they cut his hair almost a year and a half ago before promising victory in Boston.

Bruno and Vince run down the show and say that next week, Roddy Piper will be in action. Also, in action will be the British Bulldogs, King Kong Bundy & John Studd, Rougeau Brothers, Don Muraco, and Tito Santana & Pedro Morales.

Final Thoughts: A memoralbe show for sure. The return of Piper was a huge surprise this week as they set up a feud for him with Adonis. A basic, logical feud that features two capable performers can go a long way you know. However, the heaviest promoted segment of the past week was the debut of the Machines and that ended up flopping.  Besides that, most of the show featured the tag team division and they kept the Orndorff/Hogan program hot with the WWF Update segment. We also got word that Superstar Billy Graham was returning and saw our first glimpse of the Honky Tonk Man as well. It is nice to see that the WWF has started to develop new feuds and introduce new characters, even if they all didnt work out, as the promotion had been getting stale after WrestleMania 2.

Here is the schedule of my reviews for the next week

Saturday: RoH Honor Invades Boston (8/24/02)
Sunday: WWF Championship Wrestling (8/23/02)
Tuesday: WWF The Big Event (8/28/86)
Thursday:1992 WWE Timeline as told by Bret Hart
Friday: WWF Championship Wrestling (8/30/86, Final Episode)

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WWF Championship Wrestling March 16th, 1985

March 16, 1985

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
In action this week are Big John Studd, Ricky Steamboat, and the debut of King Kong Bundy.

Rusty Brooks & Terry Gibbs vs. Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo w/Capt. Lou Albano

Rotundo takes down Brooks with an armdrag then gets a reverse rollup for one. Windham tags and hits a dropkick. Gibbs tags in and Windham gets two off a sunset flip. He hits a slam then tags Rotundo. Brooks also tags but Rotundo slams him the hits a dropkick before Windham hits the bulldog for the win (2:49).
Thoughts: A fun match for the champs, who wrestles at a faster pace than 90% of the roster.
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’s subject is Wendi Richter and her quest to regain the Women’s Championship.
A video hyping WrestleMania airs.
Steve Lombardi vs. Ricky Steamboat
Steamboat gets a decent reaction in his Champinship Wrestling debut. Bruno puts over his athleticism. Both men stare each other down and Steamboat hits a few dropkicks. Crossbody gets two. Steamboat looks faster than anyone else in the company by a mile and the crowd is responding well. Steamboat hits another dropkick before Lombardi rakes the eyes. Lombardi hits a back elbow smash and dumps Steamboat, who skins the cat and hits a few more dropkicks and that sets up for the flying body press and the win (3:14). He does his martial arts poses after the match.
Thoughts: Steamboat wrestles at a faster pace than 99% of the roster and stood out as a result. The crowd was louder for him after the match than at the beginning, which is a great sign for someone starting out in a new territory.
Gene Okerlund is with Hulk Hogan. He says that he has to worry about his other commitments before WrestleMania, including his match with Don Muraco. He also said that he has hired Mr. T on a one-year contract, with an option, to be his bodyguard.
Mario Mancini vs. King Kong Bundy w/Jimmy Hart
Bundy is billed at 458 lbs. He chops Mancini against the ropes for a bit. Bundy runs over Mancini then beats the shit out of him in the corner until he hits the Avalanche (Charging Splash) for the win (2:14). After the match, Bundy drops the elbow and orders the referee to count to five.
Thoughts: An impressive debut for Bundy, who moved fast for a guy his size. You could immediately tell that Bundy would move up the card quickly. He looked as menacing as it gets.
Okerlund is with Don Muraco. He asks him about his match with Hogan and Muraco compares himself to a shark and that Hogan is busy with a lot of things except for being a man. More wacky stuff by Muraco but entertaining enough
Okerlund is shown in a taped segment with Billy Martin, who will be at WrestleMania as the guest ring announcer for the main event. They are doing a great job in making the show seem special.
Big John Studd w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Jim Young
Before the match, Heenan offers Young $15,000 to slam Studd. Young tries and fails then gets clotheslined. Vince tells us that Andre was scheduled to wrestle tonight but no one would sign a contract to face him because he is pissed. Andre then comes into the ring as the fans are going crazy. The bell rings for the DQ (1:18). Andre chops Studd down, who then ducks outside. Heenan orders Studd up the ramp and the fans start to boo.
Thoughts: Good segment that helped add more heat to the feud between both men.
Piper’s Pit with Brutus Beefcake and Johnny Valiant. Piper asks them if they signed a contract to face David Sammartino at WrestleMania. Valiant said that when you hang around Beefcake’s matches, you end up with a broken leg. He is referencing what happened to Hillbilly Jim, who ended up breaking his leg chasing Valiant around the ring during a match, thus ending the biggest push of his career. Beefcake is still not getting over.
Another hype video for WrestleMania airs, stating that Liberace will be the guest timekeeper and Muhammed Ali the guest referee.
Okerlund is shown walking around New York City then shows us a workout session with Piper, Orndroff, and Orton. Okerlund talks to Orton as Piper and Orndorff are meditating. Okerlund tries to talk to Piper, who hisses then groans like a lunatic. The session stops as Piper and Orndorff yell at Gene. Orndorff then cuts another 1980’s WWF-style racist promo at Mr. T, calling him “black and scummy” that has Okerlund yelling at him for speaking like that. Orndroff tells him that its trash-talk and after a minute, they toss Okerlund outside then beat the shit out of a guy asking Okerlund if he was okay. As far as making the heels look completely unlikable, this was effective.
Peggy Lee vs. Wendi Richter
Richter backs Lee into the corner. She then puts her in a single-leg crab and shows her aggressiveness throughout the match. Lee uses a hairpull and hits her with forearms across the chest. Richter fights back and gets a slam. Lee shoves her down and chokes her out with her foot. Richter gets one off a small package but Lee backs her in the corner. She uses a hairpull then Richter returns the favor. They work a few ugly Irish whip sequences which ends up with Richter getting knocked down. Richter gets her knees up on a splash and shortly after that, gets the win with a sunset flip (4:53).
Thoughts: The point of the match was to make Richter seem more aggressive after being cheated out of her belt and it worked to a degree. Richter was really lucky that she was at the right place at the right time because she was horrible on the mic and lousy in the ring but still managed to get aligned with Lauper, probably because she was the only lady they had who didn’t look like she was drinking all day in the members only side of the VFW.
Okerlund is with Mr. T and Hulk Hogan in the same interview they played two weeks ago.
Next week, Piper’s Pit with Mr. T airs from Madison Square Garden. Also, Junkyard Dog, Leilani Kai, Tito Santana, David Sammartino, and Nikolai Volkoff & Iron Sheik are all in action.
Final Thoughts: I thought this show was really good. They made WrestleMania seem like the most important event in wrestling, with all the celebrities and star athletes that were involved, and introduced newer talents in Steamboat and Bundy. They have done a great job with the main feuds too. The WWF was changing the landscape of wrestling at this point in a way that no one else had done ever before.

WWF Championship Wrestling February 16th, 1985

Just a quick note, I will now start posting WWF reviews on Sundays, in addition to Tuesdays. This Sunday, I will be reviewing the “War to Settle the Score” MTV special. I will also start adding house shows, Saturday Night Main Event, TNT, Prime-Time Wrestling, PPV’s, and the last four TBS shows will be coming up soon as well. Those were the only shows that were actually filmed in the TBS Studios.  

February 16, 1985

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
This week, Jesse Ventura returns to action. Plus, Nikolai Volkoff & Iron Sheik and Piper’s Pit with guest Don Muraco.


Terry Gibbs & Carl Fury vs. Tony Atlas & Junkyard Dog

The camera focuses on those dancing in the crowd. Atlas easily overpowers Gibbs, toying with him in the process. Atlas hiptosses both men then tags JYD. Vince cackles at the antics from JYD then shortly after that, Atlas hits a press lam and finishes him off with a splash (3:11). After the match, Vince promises that we will be seeing more from this team.
Thoughts: The crowd was jacked for these guys. As far as I know, these two never teamed up again. Atlas was gone a few weeks after this aired too. The crowd was in love with JYD in 1985 and if this duo stayed together, they could have had some success.
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. The focus is on Big John Studd, Ken Patera, and Bobby Heenan as they show a clip of them from TNT dumping all sorts of grooming products onto some volunteer in from the audience.
Mario Mancini vs. Brutus Beefcake w/Luscious Johnny Valiant
Beefcake slams Mancini then pounds away. Beefcake drops a few knees and dominates Mancini until finishing him off with a running knee smash (2:23).
Thoughts: They really tried to put over Brutus as a significant threat here. He completely dominated the match but again, the crowd doesn’t seem to care about him. He needs a feud if they want him to be taken seriously.  
Gene Okerlund plugs the March 2nd show at the Boston Garden and brings out the tag-team champions, Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo. They cut a promo on their opponents, Sheik & Volkoff, and said they will be ready in Boston. Rotundo is very wooden on interviews.
Brett Hart & Ivan Putski vs. Gino Carabello & Charlie Fulton
Putski takes care of both men with slams and hiptosses. Tag to Hart and no one cares. Hart roughs up Caraballo and looks miserable in doing so. Putski uses windmill punches on Caraballo and tags Hart, who locks on a sleeper for the win (3:20).
Thoughts: I guess they were trying to give Hart the rub by teaming with Putski. He was really awful as a face at this point, showing no emotions at all and looking miserable the entire time. Not too long after this match aired, he would find himself a permanent tag partner.
Okerlund runs down the March 2nd show at the Boston Garden
Steve Lombardi vs. Jesse “The Body” Ventura
Before the match, Jesse looks into the camera and challenges Sammartino. McMahon tells us about the commentary of Ventura, who does “All-Star Wrestling” and “Prime Time Wrestling” with Jack Reynolds. Ventura uses cheap heel tactics on Lombardi for a bit. He hits a slam and drops a knee before making him submit to the Bodybreaker (2:42). After the match, Ventura points at Sammartino and says he wants a piece of him.
Thoughts: Ventura looked noticeably worse in the ring, which shouldn’t be unexpected since he was back from a pulmonary embolism. He was settling into his commentator role anyway. The attacks on Bruno were interesting, though.
Piper’s Pit with Piper on the set of the television show, the “A-Team.” He goes over to the star, Mr. T, and taunts him for having his name written on the back of his chair. Piper said he is a bad guy and beats people for a living and asks him what it’s like to impersonate someone like himself. Mr. T calls Piper a wimp as Piper taunts him in hilarious fashion. Mr. T tells Piper that Cyndi Lauper is her friend and this escalates to the point that T shoves Piper and they get separated with Piper telling him that he is putting an “X” on him. A fantastic segment and Piper was great throughout. Man, in 1985, Piper was the best heel in the business.
Jeff Craney vs. Tito Santana w/Hillbilly Jim
Jim is in Tito’s corner for tonight. Craney is a middle-aged guy with no physique. Craney starts off with a few clubbing forearms but gets caught with a flying forearm. Craney rolls out for a breather then gets caught with a side headlock. The crowd chants for Tito and the two have a rough looking sequence that ends with Craney landing a few shots but he misses a leg drop and Tito fires away then puts him away with the figure-four (3:20).
Thoughts: Craney was horrible even by jobber standards. More importantly, they continue to build Tito up as he attempts to regain the Intercontinental Title.
Aldo Marino & Tony Garea vs. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff w/Freddie Blassie
Garea grabs a side headlock on the Sheik. Sunset flip gets two. Garea grabs a few punches then an atomic drop. Tag to Marino who gets to land a few punches before getting kicked after ducking his head. Sheik takes control and tags Volkoff, who stomps away. He hits a piledriver before finishing him off with a backbreaker (3:41).
Thoughts: They are really building up Sheik & Volkoff as a powerhouse team. I must say that it gets tiresome watching Tony Garea, who sucked, always getting in his moves in the squash matches.
Roddy Piper interview. He begins with his back facing the camera and the back of his shirt reading “woman maker.” Piper references the December MSG incident and said he kicked a woman (Lauper) as he is an equal opportunist. He calls Albano a fat slob and makes fun of David Woolf and how he powerslammed him. Piper finishes by calling out Hogan. This was done to plug the February 18th MSG show and their match that aired on MTV during the “War to Settle the Score” special. Great stuff by Piper.
Next week, Hulk Hogan will be here in a non-title match.
Final Thoughts: A very memorable show, mainly due to the great interviews from Roddy Piper. You also cannot forget how big of a deal it was to get Mr. T to appear on WWF television too. With stars like Cyndi Lauper and Mr. T involved in main storylines, you can really tell that the WWF is on the verge of something huge. After the MTV special in a few days, the main event for the first WrestleMania will be born.

QsOTD – August 16th, 2013


Today we’ve got two questions on the ol’ itinerary. First up, is from a man who calls himself my biggest fan, which means he is a man of unquestionable taste & moral superiority, the man known as Satan.

Dearest Caliber, Master of the BOD,

Simple question: You’re in WWE, and you get a pick of any song.

Personally, I would choose ‘You Dropped a Bomb On Me’ by Gap Band. You gotta get people in a groove, man.

Sincerely yours, your biggest fan,


I think I’d have to go with an instrumental version of Blink 182’s Dammit. It’s a great riff, and a fast paced, rawkus type of tune. It’d be one of those riffs that would be great as a “bad guys are beating the hell out of the good” sorta thing, to just blast out of the speaker for the save. It also has a nice build of a few riffs before the drums & such kick in.

Our second question comes from a man known as Bobby, regarding a sitcom he feels got the slight:

I have a question for you.A few weeks ago, you were given the
question of what was your favorite TV show, you and bloggers then gave
your opinions. During this time I notice 2 things, 1. You guys
completely destroyed Full House which was one of my favorite childhood
shows (not that there was any problem with that, I thought it was
great), and 2. out of all of the TV shows out there, I was kind of sad
that no one mention How I Met Your Mother. So, this is my question, what
do you and everyone on the blog think about the show? I personally
think that the show has almost perfect continuity which is better then
WWE seems to be these days. Things like bringing people from season one
back on the show 6 seasons later plus the slap bet are things that make
me enjoy the shows writing. Not to mention the character progress of
Barney going from a man who has no personal feelings for a woman to one
who cares for someone in the end. That’s my 2 cents about it so what
about you?

I just can’t stomach the show. I really don’t enjoy it’s type of humor, or characters. They’re doing things that have been done to absolute death or already, and drenching it in laugh tracks. I will respect their love of continuity though. So many shows/movie franchises don’t give a shit about continuity, and that’s a slap in the face to the fans. Props to HIMYM for that.

How say you?

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QOTD – July 16th, 2013

Greetings, Jedi.

Thanks for all those sending in QOTD. Much appreciated.

For today we’re going with a question from your fearless scribe.

Right now I’m amidst True Blood & Dexter, with Breaking Bad returning soon, and Sons of Anarchy following shortly after that. It’s good times getting better. So, my question is such…

Your all-time favorite TV drama? For me, it’s a real toss up between Dexter & Sons of Anarchy. With Dexter, it’s had some of the most gripping, & flawless seasons of any TV show ever. Although, the season with Colin Hanks was pretty lacking, and this one isn’t doing too much either. Sons of Anarchy hasn’t had a bad-season yet. But when Dexter is great, such as season 1 or season 5, it’s likely the greatest.

How say you?