QOTD 146: Comic Book / Graphic Novel appreciation thread!

Shut Up, I though it was a good book.

Hey lets talk about comics some more! As previously stated I’m a casual / esoteric buyer, who spent three years living with a buddy who had a MASSIVE collection of DC stuff from weird periods of time.

So I read a lot of Kyle Rayner Green Lantern, All-Star Batman & Robin (good grief!), All Star Superman (So good!), and then a lot of the prestige stuff like Watchmen, the one drawn like people (“Kingdom Come?”), The Dark Knight Returns, The Killing Joke, and then some other stuff like Wanted, and then I’d start collecting Ultimate Spider-man up until the panel where Gwen and Peter are super forlorn looking on the last panel splash page.

Also is anyone incredibly impressed by how well the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going? This thing has been going on for YEARS and the movies have been pretty good to great, with Captain America being simply incredible. 
So, talk about comics / comics movies / comic documentaries, or Chasing Amy! What’s good, what’s cheap, what newbies like myself should check out, and in general just chat it up! Feel free to explain the digital services like comixology. 

I have a second question, too – does anyone else kind of not mind the way Man of Steel ended in theory? It was shot fairly poorly but I liked the idea of the no-win scenario where Superman has to kill a dude.