QOTD 140: Sunday Comics (and that asshole Ziggy)

This wasn’t in a newspaper

For many of us, our first like, actual interest in reading things probably came from the Sunday comics in the newspaper our parents got.

For youngin’s a newspaper is like an ebook make of paper.

Anyway, I used to devour them as a kid, waking up early on Sunday to read them and not get most of the jokes – all the while thinking the family circus was the lamest thing to ever lame.


What are your favorite newspaper comic strips? Feel free to include internet webcomics and parodies that are good, too – like Garfield Minus Garfield and Calvin and Jobs. 

Garfield minus Garfield

This is probably one of the funniest things I’ve stumbled across on the internet, essentially the guy who makes it removes Garfield from the equation (which makes sense, since Jon can’t hear Garfield anyway), and hilarity ensues.


I like this one simply because I started reading it when I was 12, am now older than the main character in the comic by a decade. Freaky stuff.


I love me some Dilbert, it only gets better the more you work in a corporate setting, which is both funny and sad.

I’ll leave you with the following, which is a real thing that happened in a real comic strip that was seen by millions of people. I’m assuming Jim Davis discovered bath salts.