QOTD 137: Mmmmmmm Dat’s Good Post Production.

Billy Kidman, video editor.

Lets talk about video editing! There are a couple of cool tricks that a lot of editors…well, all video editors, use to create an emotional response for an audience. I’ll post some examples below.

For example if there’s a song in a trailer, 90 percent of the time the song’s beat with coicende with some kind of action, be it a character’s footsteps, gunshots, or cars crashing.

For example that Wrestlemania 17 promo with the Limp Bizkit song “My Way” had pretty much every Rock Bottom / Stunner hit during a specific beat of the song. I *love* this kind of thing, so I’m curious to see what you Wrestlerock Wombats think.

What are your favorite trailers / montages / music videos / sequences from films or television where the music, action, and camera work cut together so wonderfully you’re left in awe?

Here’s a good example – check out how the beat to Imagine Dragon’s song “On Top of the World” plays with the bounding of a lemur jumping across the ground. It’s cool. 
Here’s an example of how even something that’s really fucking bad – i.e something that I did for fun to test out my editing skills as a freshman, can be made a little better by timing edits / fades / cuts / flashes to evoke a response from the audience. Yes I know I spelled experience wrong. I was on <Rhymes with Dustfumes> at the time.
And here’s the masterclass, my favorite hype video of all time. I think the timing is a little off on this, but notice how all the swooshes and drum beats in the song all coincidence with a camera cut or some kind of action.
I like this trailer a TON because it actually subverts the stuff I’m talking about a bit. There’s a lot of “Footsteps to the beat” stuff, but I LOVE that they’re using a largely *not* serious song to highlight all this action. It’s fucking wonderful.