TCW Wrestling – Episode 13-48 Review

First, I want to wish all the little BoDers a very Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Righteous Ramadan.

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From the Vicksburg City Auditorium in Vicksburg, MS.

Your hosts are Matt Rhodes and Brian Thompson, and they are in the ring to run down this week’s card. Vordell Walker vs. Sigmon in a Submission Match! TCW Tag Team Champions The Hounds of Hell give Genetic Perfection a title shot in order to get revenge for the attack on Boyd Bradford last week! Tarver goes one-on-one with Titan! Fire it up and roll the opening video!

Match #1 – Vordell Walker vs. Sigmon – Submission Match.

Note from play-by-play guy Matt Rhodes: Vordell Walker made Dan Severn tap in some match that I probably need to find. Feeling out process to start. Then they lock up in a test of strength, where Sigmon gains the advantage, but Walker gets a throw to get out of it. Front facelock from Sigmon, but Walker powers out and takes him with a HUGE takedown. To the corner, and Sigmon gets a shoulderblock. Whip off the ropes, a series of up-and-overs for Walker and he takes Sigmon down with a cross armbreaker. To the ropes for the break. Sigmon backs Walker to the corner, hits a chop, then whips him to the opposite corner. Walker boosts Sigmon over the ropes to the apron, but Sigmon counters by dropping Walker’s arm over the ropes. Sigmon pulls Walker to the floor for a series of rights. Whip to the stairs is stopped by Walker, who hits a Moonsault off the stairs! Walker has Sigmon to the railing and hits some big chops. Back in the ring, Sigmon misses a knee drop and Walker takes him down by the leg and grabs an ankle lock. Sigmon gets out but Walker gets him back in the corner, and gets in some kicks to the thigh. Walker’s submission is the Stretch Muffler so the psychology is there with the leg work. Back to the ankle lock for Walker. Walker rolls him over and slams the knee into the mat a few times. Now to a spinning toehold. Walker tries another spin, but Sigmon kicks him off and Walker hits the post and he’s out on the floor! We take a break at this point, and when we come back, Sigmon is out on the floor for some work. Walker whipped into the stairs! Sigmon selling the leg work by limping. Nice job. Sigmon slams Walkers arm on the stairs. Now we’re back in the ring. Sigmon gets a backstabber to the arm! Sigmon’s move is the Winner’s Circle (Rings of Saturn), so both guys working on their body part gets bonus points. Sigmon gets an armbar now. Walker headbutts out, and runs the ropes, but Sigmon hits him with a shot to the throat. Sigmon can’t get a suplex, so Walker grabs a leg takedown, and there’s the figure four leglock! Sigmon fighting the pain! Sigmon trying to turn it over…trying…fighting the pain….he turns it over! But Walker gets out of it. Sigmon with some choking on the ropes now. Headbutt to the arm for Sigmon. Sigmon with a wristlock and an over the shoulder takedown. Armbar with Walker down on the mat. Sigmon gets a triangle choke! Walker fading…fading…fading…no, wait! Walker getting a second wind. He’s gaining his footing…he picks Sigmon up while still in the triangle choke! Way up! And he power bombs Sigmon into the corner! Walker rolls him up into a leglock, but Sigmon immediately rakes the eyes to get out. Sigmon limping around and tries to get the Winner’s Circle, but Walker fights him off. Running knee to the head for Walker! Stretch Muffler for Walker! But Sigmon somehow finds the ropes to break. Sigmon rolls to the apron, with Walker coming over to him, but Sigmon hits a few elbows and then, from the apron, stunners Walker on the top rope. Sigmon is to the floor, eyes the ring bell and takes it from the timekeeper. He’s in the ring with it now, where referee James Beard (beardless, of course) attempts to wrestle the bell away from him. Sigmon shoves him off, turns around and Walker dropkicks the bell into Sigmon’s face! Sigmon is out cold, and Walker gets the Stretch Muffler! The referee gets no response from Sigmon and calls for the bell! Of course, there is no bell because it’s in the ring. But call the match time 15:04.

WINNER: Vordell Walker by KO. ***1/2 – Fine, fine wrestling match here. Both guys were working the body part related to their signature submission, there were a couple good counters, and various other submission holds employed by both guys. The booking will more than likely leave the door open for a rematch, because, technically, Sigmon did not tap. Good stuff, here.

Match #2 – Genetic Perfection (Michael Barry and Alan Steele) vs. The Hounds of Hell (Cerebus and Roosevelt) (c) – TCW Tag Team Championship.

GP with stereo dives to the outside, and this match starts on the floor! All four men brawl around the ring for a few minutes. In the process, Roosevelt is slightly busted open. Call it 0.1 Muta (using your Muta scale, Scott, thanks). This brawl outside lasts a good 2-3 minutes before we finally get to the ring, with Barry and Roosevelt. Barry takes Roosevelt to the face corner for some double teaming. Double team whip leads to a double team baaaaaaack bodydrop for the faces. Barry with the cover for 1. Whip to the face corner, and Roosevelt hits Steel’s boot. Now Barry takes Roosevelt to the neutral corner and does the ten count head to the buckle spot, with the tenth meeting the mat. Whip to the opposite corner, and Barry misses a move, and Cerebus hits him with a clothesline from the apron to take him down. Cerebus in now with a headbutt and some stomps. Cerebus just mauling Barry here with stomps, bites and fists. Now with the referee’s back turned, Roosevelt is back in for more stomping. Roosevelt dumps Barry in the corner and does a spot where it looks like he’s on a treadmill, except he’s running on Barry’s chest. Annnnd we take a break. When we come back, Roosevelt is still in control. Barry’s head meets the boot of Cerebus in the heel corner, and Cerebus gets the tag. Some double teaming in the heel corner to take Barry down. Now, Roosevelt is in to cause a distraction, and Barry gets the tag to Steel with the referee’s back turned. You know how well that fares for a face team. Meanwhile, as the ref gets Steele back to the face corner, The Hounds get in some double teaming. Always classic. Roosevelt to the rear headlock. Barry gets a back suplex to break that up. Before Barry can make the tag, Roosevelt takes him down with a clothesline. Tag to Cerebus. They try some double teaming, but Barry evades it, takes the heels down with boots, and tries to get the tag, but is cutoff by Cerebus. Another false tag for the faces, and more double teaming from the heels. Barry’s been in there a while. Cerebus hits Barry with a slingshot choke on the bottom rope. Whip to the corner, but Barry dodges the charge and gets a roll up that the referee misses due to distraction by Roosevelt. Cerebus hits a big clothesline to put Barry back down. Cover…1…2…broken up by Steele. Tag to Roosevelt. Whip to the corner, Barry dodges the charge, gets Roosevelt into a fireman’s carry, but Roosevelt gets out of it, only for Barry to grab a release German suplex! Roosevelt tags in Cerebus, and there’s the HOT TAG for Steele! Off the ropes for a double clothesline. Steele is a house o’fire! Steele PLANTS Cerebus with a DDT! Nicely done. Cover…1…2…broken up by Roosevelt! All four men in the ring now. Barry hits a sit out spinebuster on Roosevelt! 1…2…broken up by Cerebus. Roosevelt flung to the outside on to Steele! The referee is distracted by Roosevelt on the outside, while Cerebus grabs a title belt….waiting for Barry to turn around. Title belt to the skull! Cerebus makes the cover, but Rich Rude comes from the back, gets in the ring and wallops Cerebus in the head with his briefcase! The referee sees this and calls for the bell. (13:37). Now this triggers a brawl between the two teams and Rude. Now more referees are coming in, but they get tossed around. Now the locker room spills into the ring to break up this madness! This…has gotten ugly. Somebody make sure that one guy’s pants stay on!

WINNERS: The Hounds of Hell by disqualification. **1/2 – Some standard brawling to start, morphing into a solid tag team match with classic heel double teaming, a prolonged heat segment, but never really got clicking toward a hot ending of any kind. The pull apart brawl that occurred after the match adds to the story, but not to the match itself. Still, these two teams are probably capable of better.

Match #3 – Tarver vs. Titan.

Tarver starts with some quick combo jabs to the body, while trying to keep his distance. This continues for a few more attempts, and then Tarver gets a pretty good right to Titan’s jaw. Titan gets in a big boot on a Tarver charge, to put him down. Titan now stretching Tarver across the ropes. Big forearm across the chest. Tarver rolls to the apron, and Titan gets in some stomps. Titan goes outside to meet Tarver, but Tarver gets in a big knee to the jaw from the apron. Titan grabs Tarver from the floor and shoves him to the corner back first. The Titan sweeps Tarver’s leg, and Tarver takes a pretty good bump to the apron and falls to the floor. Titan scoops up Tarver and slams him back first to the apron. Now a second slam to the apron. Big boot from Titan. Back in the ring now. Titan stands Tarver up and hauls off with a big slap. This fires up Tarver, who comes back with some forearm, but that’s abruptly stopped by a Titan knee to the gut. To the corner now, and Titan with a huge biel throw to Tarver. Choking Tarver on the ropes now, and taunting the ringside fans is Titan. We take a break. Then we come back with Tarver attempting the comeback. Some body shots and forearms to the head stagger Titan. Titan grabs Tarver by the throat for a chokeslam attempt, but Tarver breaks the hold and hits a backspin punch. Tarver off the ropes, but he meets a back elbow from Titan, and he is down. Titan misses a legdrop. Tarver hits a DDT on Titan, who was on his knees. Tarver with a flurry of fists, but Titan pushes him off. Again with the flurry, and again Titan shoves him off. Big knee strike to the jaw from Tarver. Off the ropes, and a knee to the back of the neck. Spinning forearm from Tarver, and Titan is still to one knee. Tarver goes for a KO blow, but Titan dodges and hits a big blow of his own to put Tarver down. Both men to their feet, and Titan charges the corner, but Tarver evades. Tarver rushes in and hits a big forearm blow to the jaw of Titan. Titan is down! Cover…1…2…3! (7:09) WE’RE OUT OF TIME!!

WINNER: Tarver. * – This…was not good. Tarver’s offense is very limited to punches and forearms, but that may just be the opponent. I’ve only ever seen Tarver face Titan. But this was not a good showing. Titan is another guy with limited offense, but I can see him being dragged down a bit by Tarver. Please keep these two away from each other.

This show started off pretty good with the submission match, but then dragged it’s way to the end. This was a small misstep in a series of solid shows. I can see why WWE gave up on Michael Tarver, as he is not a guy who should be showcased in the main event of your show. After a month or so of doing these reviews, the guys to watch include Vordell Walker, Cerebus, John Saxon and Steve Anthony. Some solid ring guys make for an enjoyable program. Until next week, Merry Christmas!