QOTD 126: Funny Money

Today’s QOTD suggestion comes from Wes A, whose work I loved in “Anonymous”. 

I was recently reading Cornette’s latest rant on “funny doesn’t draw
What are your thoughts on comedy in wrestling? Should it be
regulated to promos? Do you think comedy matches have a place in the
business? Any examples of good comedy matches/promos that you like?

I love GOOD comedy in wrestling. The key to comedy is playing it straight and not overselling the gag – and restraint isn’t really pro wrestling’s strong suit.

Poor Jared from Subway.

It’s one thing if at RAW 1000 there’s a scene with Mae Young and she’s standing next to a giant foam hand. It’s a hilarious gag for long time fans. But I think at Raw 1000 he went as far as to say “Hi, I’m Mae Young’s Son!” Which over sold the whole dang thing.

You can also get a lot of fun juxtaposition going, too. I watched Survivor Series 2008 I think, and during the pre-match interview Kane and Jeff Hardy were curious why exactly they were working with Triple H, who sent Hardy to hospital and accused Kane of being a murderer, then pretending to have sex with his dead ex girlfriend. It was a great little gag. Toss in Headcheese and all the great Rock v. Hurricane stuff and you’re giving me a ton of reasons to tune in, but I’m not buying a PPV or a ticket because I get to see Santino shave his unibrow, ya know?

That time Foley got The Rock with the “IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK” and then ran around the ring to chants of “Foley! Foley! Foley!” was cool, and wasn’t “This is your life” one of the highest rated RAW segments, ever?

But in terms of selling tickets?

I don’t know. If I rack my brain and think of some of the ‘funny’ moments in big programs I’m a little sour on them. I thought the Rock v. Austin concert thing they did was a little silly and funny, but didn’t really make me want to watch the match. The Spirit Squad was kind of a joke, and The New DX was a gag-a-minute, but didn’t really do anything substantial to transcend just silly jokes.

I DO like that promotions like CHIKARA and Beyond Wrestling have some
fun with wrestling tropes. There’s a bunch of funny ‘slow mo’ matches
that somehow managed to coordinate the audience into a slow mo “This is
awesome” chant, and Beyond Wrestling has Star Man from the NES wrestling
game on the roster. 

Comedy in wrestling is at its best when it’s gratifying the long-time fan. Hogan’s jokes about being old during the Lesnar feud, the time the “new” DX plastered Triple H’s face over a picture of Vince’s granddaughter, Crash Holly fighting in all manner of places against all manner of foes. The Ho Train, Val Venis, Santino’s Power Walk, Molly Holly’s baldness, fuck, even Sexual Chocolate, are all things I remember fondly and with warmth. While there’s not the reasons I watch wrestling, They’re a great reason to keep coming back.  

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