WWF Superstars of Wrestling July 11th, 1987

July 11, 1987

From the Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, IN

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, and Vince McMahon

In action this week will be Ken Patera, Hercules & King Kong Bundy & King Harley Race, Honky Tonk Man, Can-Am Connection, and Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Iron Mike Sharpe vs. Ken Patera

Vince puts over Patera’s strength as he works the arm of Sharpe. Patera then hits a clothesline and slams Sharpe as Vince tells Jesse that Patera has already paid his debt to society when he referred to him as a jailbird then shortly after that, Patera got the win with a bearhug (2:46).

Thoughts: Vince was really pushing Patera hard here but the fans just weren’t buying.

WWF Update with Craig DeGeorge. This week’s subject is the “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase as we see him tossing money out to the fans as he is heard in a voiceover saying he gives his money away because he enjoys watching “swine” fight over it as he proclaims that everyone has a price. This was such an interesting character and it instantly clicked as a top heel act. You can tell Vince was heavily invested in the gimmick too, which helped a lot.

Vince plugs the WWF Magazine “Win Lunch With Hulk” contest as Jesse cracks jokes about that.

Mario Mancini & Jim Evans & Paul Roma vs. Hercules & King Kong Bundy & King Harley Race w/ Bobby Heenan

Before the match, Heenan yells at the crowd to bow as they boo. Match starts with Hercules destroying Mancini then we get an insert promo from Heenan, who states that he has signed Bam Bam Bigelow. Back to the match as Bundy is now destoying Mancini. Evans tags as Bundy hits the Avalanche then drops an elbow then demands a five count and that gets the win (2:23).

Thoughts: The action was forgettable but the biggest takeaway again was the intrigue about Bam Bam Bigelow and the multiple claims by various matches that they have signed him. It was a good way to build for the debut of Bam Bam.

Gene Okerlund is with Brutus Beefcake, who will be facing Greg Valentine at Madison Square Garden. Beefcake talked about the rush he gets from cutting hair.

Can-Am Connection vs. Terry Gibbs & Dusty Wolfe

The Can-Ams take control early, hitting stereo monkey flips and atomic drops then partake in a lame celebration. The match settles down as they use their high flying offense while we get an insert promo from the Islanders as they promise to destroy the Can-Ams. Back to the match as Gibbs pulls the ropes on Martel as he dumps to the floor. However, Martel fights back shortly after that then holds up Wolfe as Zenk comes off the op with a missile dropkick as the Can-Ams get the win (2:56).

Thoughts: Zenk had actually quit the WWF by the time this made it to air, making this is last appearance on “Superstars of Wrestling.” They seemed to have big plans for this feud too.

Okerlund is now with Hulk Hogan, who will face Killer Khan at the August 1st show at the Meadowlands arena. Hogan promises to eat Khan alive and warns him and Mr. Fuji that Hulkamania is coming. After several weeks of strong build on TV, Khan is now facing Hogan for the title at house shows across the country.

A replay of last week where Khan sprayed mist into the face of Outback Jack as they build up Khan as a serious threat to Hogan in their upcoming matches.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Brian Costello

Jake beats on Costello in and out of the ring. Back inside, he hits the short-armed clothesline then follows with the DDT for the win (1:45). After the match, Jake dumps the snake on Costello, who freaks out and leaves the ring.

Thoughts: Not a whole lot of talk about Jake and his feud with Honky here as it was merely a showcase for Jake to get a quick win and for the fans to see him use the snake.

WWF Special Report with Craig DeGeorge. This is about Danny Davis as they show clips of him that led to Jack Tunney suspending him for life as a referee. Then, DeGeorge shows us the clip of Mr. T being named the new “Special Enforcer” of the WWF as we hear from Davis, who says that he is a good wrestler.

A small clip of Jesse Ventura from the film “Predator.”

New Dream Team w/ Johnny V. vs. Sivi Afi & “Leaping” Lanny Poffo

Poffo’s pre-match promo was poking fun at Johnny V’s haircut courtesy of Beefcake. The New Dream Team beat on Afi as we see Johnny V. in an insert promo saying that he has signed Bam Bam Bigelow. Beefcake joins the announcers table as Bravo hits Afi with a dropkick. Beefcake says that he has something special for the New Dream Team. Bravo misses a top rope senton as Poffo tags in and cleans hammers away. Valentine breaks up a pin after a moonsault then the New Dream Team take control of the match. Valentine stares down Beefcake then puts on the Figure Four as Poffo submits (3:32). Valentine keeps the hold on after the bell then Beefcake runs down to the ring and cuts off a piece of Valentine’s hair as the crowd goes nuts. The New Dream are flipping out as they are outside of the ring while Beefcake is playing with his hair.

Thoughts: They continued the Beefcake vs. Dream Team feud here as it was at least helping Beefcake get over. Bravo & Valentine sucked as a team but the important thing was getting over the guy with the new push and it worked in that aspect.

DeGeorge is with Slick and Butch Reed, who are not impressed with the latest Superstar Billy Graham video, which shows him in various poses. Reed then promises to show us a posedown next week.

Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Omar Atlas

Atlas reverses an Irish whip then gets two with a sunset flip. However, he ducks his head on a backdrop attempt and gets kicked in the face as we see an insert promo from Jimmy Hart as he tells us that is the one who signed Bam Bam Bigelow, even promising us exclusive footage next week. Back to the match as Honky catches Atlas with a clothesline then puts him away with the Shake, Rattle, and Roll (1:41). After the match, Honky poses for his fans.

Thoughts: Match was nothing but this segment sure made Hart seem like the favorite to land Bigelow.

In action next week will be Brutus Beefcake, Demolition, One Man Gang and the featured match of Junkyard Dog & Billy Jack Haynes & Hillbilly Jim vs. Don Muraco & Bob Orton & Ron Bass. Plus, Mr. T will be the guest on the “Snake Pit.”

Final Thoughts: The show was fine this week in pushing newer acts. They put over DiBiase’s gimmick a lot and are hyping up Bam Bam as good as you can without having him actually appear on TV. They also are getting Beefcake’s barber gimmick over with the crowds as well. Hogan has a new opponent for house show matches in Khan, who they are making an attempt to get over by having him spew mist. Still, they need stronger feuds at the top of the cards and Patera vs. the Heenan Family is not working.

Here is my schedule for the rest of the week:

Thursday: RF Video Shoot & Undercover with New Jack (2004)
Friday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 7/12/87
Sunday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 7/18/87
Tuesday: WWF Wrestling Challenge7/19/87

WWF Superstars of Wrestling April 11th, 1987

April 11, 1987

From the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas, NV

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, and Vince McMahon

In action this week are the Hart Foundation, Koko B. Ware, Honky Tonk Man, and the New Dream Team.

We are shown a replay of last week when Jim Duggan ran off Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff.

Jimmy Jack Funk vs. Koko B. Ware

Funk attacks Koko before the bell and beats him up in the corner. He then taunts the fans before walking into a dropkick as Koko takes control of the match. He hits a fist drop from the middle rope but misses a corner splash as Funk then drops him across the top rope. Funk rakes Koko’s eyes across the top rope but ducks his head as Koko uppercuts him before hitting the Ghostbuster for the win (2:18).

Thoughts: Solid action. Koko gets the win but has nothing at all going on for him. He is languishing in the midcard.

WWF Update with Craig DeGeorge. We learn here that Mr. Fuji is now the new manager of Demolition as we get a promo from them. Fuji was also wearing face paint here. Demolition said that all they have to do to be successful is to listen to Fuji and demolish their competition. Good promo that them even more of a threat. In their shoot interview from RF Video, Ax said that he requested Fuji to be their manager because he felt that Johnny V. never grasped what the team was supposed to be about and was too much of a goof on-screen.

Tommy Sharpe & Nick Kiniski vs. New Dream Team w/ Johnny V. 

Dino Bravo has replaced Brutus Beefcake as Valentine’s partner. Bravo is sporting Canadian flag trunks. He starts off the match with Kiniski as they work a crappy sequence that included a botched arm drag spot. Bravo catches him with an inverted atomic drop as we get an isnert promo from Johnny V. as he runs down Beefcake. Kiniski avoids an elbow drop from Valentine then tags out after a brief flurry of offense. Valentine drops Sharpe with an elbow smash as the New Dream Team take turns beating him down until Bravo puts gets the win with a side slam (3:18).

Thoughts: Unmemorable debut for the New Dream Team. The crowd was practically silent and Bravo looked bad in the ring. Its no wonder this team did not last too long.

Gene Okerlund, wearing sunglasses, talks to a woman who is off screen who tells Gene he deserves all that he can get then we segue into a Hogan promo who runs down Bobby Heenan for trying to use his money to get people to go after him. Hogan says that he gets off on taking down all his guys as he warns Harley Race about being able to hang with Hulkamania.

“Leaping” Lanny Poffo recites a poem about WWF Ice Cream Bars.

Jim Young vs. Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy Hart

Hart is holding a sign that reads “Ban the DDT.” Match starts with Young grabbing an arm wringer that gets broken up quickly with an eye rake. Hart is shown in an insert promo telling us to join the movement on banning the DDT as Honky takes it to Young. Honky hits a fist drop from the middle rope before tossing Young to the floor. Young gets punished outside of the ring then gets rolled back in and is put away by the Shake, Rattle, and Roll (2:20). After the match, Honky thanks his fans then dances to his theme song as the crowd rains down on him with boos.

Thoughts: They are using the ban the DDT angle to keep the Roberts/Honky feud alive. Honky was getting a ton of heel heat here with his act as well.

Okerlund is backstage and still speaking to this woman who is off camera. Looking at Gene, I’m guessing the shades are on due to a hangover. He looks hurting. Anyway, a bald Adrian Adonis comes out to hype his match against Brutus Beefcake in Boston. Adonis blames Beefcake for losing against Piper and says that he is here to tell the whole world that he will get revenge on Beefcake. No makeup for Adonis here either. He was fired a couple of weeks after this aired and according to Dave Meltzer it was due to repeated dress code violations and being a slob in general.

Rougeau Brothers vs. Terry Gibbs & Bill Howard

Match starts with the Rougeaus getting the best of Gibbs. They then clear the ring after Howard ran in as we get an insert promo from the Rougeaus, who say that Bravo is no good and promises to get revenge. Back to the match as the Rougeaus work over Howard until they put him away with the Rougeau Bomb as Jesse accuses them of cheating (1:55).

Thoughts: This match was designed to make another team out to be a threat to the Tag Titles. We also are going to get a feud between the Rougeaus and the New Dream Team. Joy.

Craig DeGeorge is with Elizabeth and asks her what its like to be with Randy Savage after he lost the Intercontinental Title as she says that he has been possessed and how she has never seen him like this before.

Ricky Steamboat is with his wife Bonnie. He holds the Intercontinental Title as Bonnie tells us that they are expecting a “Little Dragon.” Steamboat came off as very wooden here. That announcement was basically the end of Steamboat’s push with the company as he requested a few weeks off but Vince wanted the belt defended at house shows so he dropped it to the Honky Tonk Man. Steamboat was originally supposed to have a year long run with the belt as well.

Craig DeGeorge is backstage as we awaits Randy Savage, who comes by and says no comment. DeGeorge then looks at the camera and talks about those doubting Savage can regain the title as Savage himself comes back and intimidates DeGeorge as he talks about how he will indeed get the title back. Great stuff from Savage.

And now its Part 2 of the Ken Patera story. Okerlund narrates as they play up how Patera’s image was tarnished and brainwashed by Bobby Heenan. They show clips of Patera with Heenan from TNT and other shows. It ends with Okerlund telling us that all of Heenan’s promises ended up leading him to jail. Okay, this was pretty ridiculous and a lot worse than I remember. Even fans being less smart to wrestling in 1987 could probably tell this was all horseshit.

Hercules w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Billy Anderson

Hercules destroys Anderson as we get an insert promo from Haynes, telling Hercules he will never forget what he did to him at WrestleMania III and to bring his chain where ever he goes with him as Hercules then puts Anderson away with a full nelson (1:04).

Thoughts: Really short but Haynes’ insert promo was designed to start a series of “chain matches” these two would have a house shows.

We get dueling promos from both Brutus Beefcake and Adrian Adonis. Beefcake cuts a weird promo about his mom holding him in her hands, relating it to cutting Adonis’s hair as Hart brings out Adonis, who is now sporting makeup and a pink bow on his shears as they warn Beefcake about what will happen to him. They have done a good job at establishing this feud on the show.

Rick Hunter & S.D. Jones vs. Hart Foundation w/ Jimmy Hart & Danny Davis

S.D. suprises Neidhart with a small package then tags Hunter, who gets beaten down. The British Bulldogs are shown in an insert promo warning the Hart Foundation how they are watching them. The Harts continue their assault on Hunter until they put him away with the Hart Attack (2:24). After the match the Harts attack their opponents until the Bulldogs run in and chase them off with Matilda.

Thoughts: The Hart Foundation continue to look great in the ring. They also re-established the Bulldogs as a threat as their feud has not ended.

Okerlund is with Bobby Heenan and mentions how he failed at WrestleMania III. Heenan tells Okerlund that he has never failed at a thing in his life and how no one will call him a failure after Harley Race defeats Hogan in Boston.

Next week, we will get Part 3 of the Ken Patera story. In action will be the Can-Am Connection, Kamala & Sika, Jake Roberts, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and King Harley Race.

Final Thoughts: I thought this was a solid show. Last week’s episode was the fallout from WrestleMania III while here they started to plan feuds going forward. The Ken Patera Story stuff was not too good though but besides that just about everything else was done for a reason.

WWF Wrestling Challenge January 11th, 1987

January 11, 1987

From the Community Center in Tucson, AZ

Your hosts are Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

In action tonight will be Randy Savage, Tito Santana, Kamala, and the featured match of the Killer Bees vs. Don Muraco & Bob Orton

Steve Gatorwolf vs. Randy “Macho Man” Savage w/ Elizabeth

Gatorwolf works the arm but Savage knees him after reaching the ropes and takes control. He hits him with a knee drop after a snapmare before hitting a suplex. Gatorwolf manages to fight back and does a tribal dance that does not excite the crowd. Savage fights back and tosses Gatorwolf to the floor then flies out and hits him with a double axe handle. Savage then rolls Gatorwolf back inside and slams him down before putting him away with the flying elbow smash, covering him with one foot (2:16).

Thoughts: The announcers didn’t talk all that much about the Savage/Steamboat feud here but rather they put over Savage for being a fighting champion.

We get another Outback Jack vignette of him with the Aborigines.

Jimmy Jack Funk vs. Tito Santana

Tito and Funk battle over a lockup as we get an insert promo from Tito wishing us a Happy New Year. Tito takes control then clotheslines him to the floor. Back in the ring, Funk breaks up an arm wringer with an inverted atomic drop. Funk follows that with a belly-to-belly suplex then gets a nearfall with a fist drop from the middle rope. The fans chant for Tito as both men fight over a backslide in a weird spot as it took Tito forever to get Funk’s shoulders to the mat and the move looked awkward. Tito fires away and hits Funk with a backdrop and a slam. Funk calls for a timeout but Tito stomps him then slams his face off of the mat. Tito softens up Funk a bit more befor getting the win with a flying forearm (4:19).

Thoughts: Nice to see Tito get a singles match. The crowd loved him still,despite being buried in the midcard. Tito was damn good in the ring here too, unlike his opponent.

Ken Resnick is with Slick and Butch Reed. Slick warns us that anyone who messes with him in 1987 will have to deal with Reed, who says that he will take down the top competition.

Jesse Cortez vs. Kamala w/ Kimchee

Before the match we get an insert promo from Jack Tunney talking about banning Kamala’s top rope splash but it was interrupted by Heenan, accusing Tunney of leaking the story of Andre’s suspension and knows it wasn’t Andre. They dropped a lot more hints than I remembered. Anyway, match starts with Kamala tossing Cortez around until he splashes him then finally puts him away with a top rope splash (1:00).

Thoughts: Same old Kamala squash match. No Wizard for this match. He wasn’t gone from the company yet though. That would happen in a couple of months

Resnick is with Koko B. Ware and Frankie. Koko tells us that Frankie has a girlfriend named Lucille and knows that they are not related because he asked Frankie himself. Koko the Bird Whisperer! This ends with Koko doing the bird. Vince did love the bird on commentary so I am sure he personally put this segment in because it was completely pointless.

Jerry Monti vs. King Harley Race w/ Bobby Heenan

Heenan cuts off ring announcer Mel Phillips so he can do it himself. He also orders the crowd to stand. Johnny V. has replaced Heenan on commentary. The Junkyard Dog is shown in an insert promo talking about how Race is not a king. Race starts the match by decking Monti. He hits him with a swinging neckbreaker and roughs him up for a bit. Race pulls Monti up after hitting him with a powerslam then bores the crowd with his offense until hitting the cradle suplex for the win (1:58).

Thoughts: Race’s gimmick was so bad that Heenan couldn’t even get him heat from the crowd. No one cared when he wrestled here.

Snake Pit with guests Butch Reed and Slick. Reed declares himself a natural man then calls the crowd “morons” as he says he is in the WWF to go straight to the top. Boring stuff from Reed, who really struggled to get over.

We are now shown a video highlight package of the Ricky Steamboat/Randy Savage feud.

Another Blackjack Mulligan vignette. This time he talks about his honey wagon.

Don Muraco & Bob Orton w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Killer Bees

Blair gets the best of Orton to begin the match. Muraco tags and beats on Blair in the corner. Blair comes back and appears to have messed up as he went for a dropkick but just landed on his feet after jumping and got two with a small package. Brunzell tags and gets two with a slam. Blair tags back in but Muraco takes him down with a Samoan Drop then tags Orton, who slugs away. Blair avoids a clothesline and tags Brunzell as the Bees regain control of the match. Orton hits Blair from behind as he had Muraco in an abdominal stretch then tags and hits a neckbreaker. Gorilla goes off on referee Danny Davis, who is frequently yelling at Brunzell on the apron. Davis did not see the tag from Blair and yells at Brunzell some more as the heels double-team Blair. Both Bees get sent to the floor then they put on their masks. Blair hits Muraco then slingshots back in the ring with a sunset flip and has him on the mat forever but Davis comes over and rings the bell as he has disqualified the Bees for putting on their masks as the Bees thought they had the match won (5:39).

Thoughts: The match was fine but this was more about the Danny Davis angle than the guys wrestling, who had nothing going on at the time.

Resnick is with the Junkyard Dog, who loves the holiday season. He says that in 1987 he is going to do things right because in 1986 he was coming in late, problems with his ex-wife and getting fined and that was because he “got a lot of money and the new wife stuff.” Judging by this promo, I’d say he still had the “white stuff.” Blackjack Mulligan comes out and is pissed that his wife got him a Timex instead of a Rolex watch. He then tells us his wife gained 15lbs before wishing us a Happy New Year as JYD is bobbing around in the background. I wonder how many people watching this caught on how JYD was cutting a promo about how he was not going to fuck around and get high and stay straight? Below is the link to the promo:

Next week in action will be Blackjack Mulligan, Honky Tonk Man, and George Steele

Final Thoughts: The tag match was decent and JYD cut somewhat of a shoot promo but other than that, this was a skippable show. Minimal angle advancement took place as well.

Ring of Honor: Revenge on the Prophecy January 11th, 2003

January 11, 2003

From West Mifflin, PA

Your hosts are Ray Murrow and Chris Levy

Backstage, Steve Corino is with Simply Luscious. He declares that he is no longer the “King of Old School” as he is done with nicknames. He then tells us that the next member of the stable is someone he spent time with in bars in Japan and toured all over the world with and that person is…………………….Samoa Joe. He comes out and tells the Prophecy that he and Corino will be paying them a visit.

We are then shown a clip from RoH Impact TV as Corino, Joe, and Luscious interrupt the Prophecy’s meeting. Daniels tells him that he has replaced Luscious with Corino’s sister, Alison Danger, who warns her brother to stay out her business then Corino claims that his stable will take all the titles then almost comes to blows with Daniels.

The Special K come out acting like they are all fucked up as Deranged cuts a rambling promo about how the Special K is all about drugs and partying. Da Hit Squad and the SAT’s interrupt and beat the shit out of them. Mafia then grabs the mic and pumps up the crowd about how they will be seeing great in-ring action tonight.

Paul London is backstage who talks about how the guys in the locker room always bust their asses then talks about his four-way match tonight and how he needs the win to crack the “Top 5” ranking system. London says that there is a special vibe in the air tonight and also acknowledges the “please don’t die” chants, saying how they pump him up.

Matt Stryker vs. Chad Collyer

They start by going back and forth on the mat and end in a standoff, capping off a solid sequence. That is followed by another sequence that ends in a stalemate. Both guys fight over a key lock and that ends in a stalemate. Stryker works the arm as someone finally takes control in this match. Collyer catches Stryker with a hiptoss but misses an elbow drop and Stryker goes for a cross armbreaker but Collyer reaches the ropes. Collyer works over the leg after hitting a shinbreaker as he tries to soften up Stryker for his finisher, the Texas Cloverleaf. Stryker fights back with chops then a backdrop. Stryker continues to sell the leg. Collyer holds the ropes on a dropkick attempt then locks on the Texas Cloverleaf. Stryker is able to climb to the ropes. Stryker counters a shinbreaker with a sunset flip then takes down Collyer with a leg lariat. He hits a few clotheslines then gets two with a powerslam. Stryker hits a neckbreaker but misses a quebrada attempt and Collyer gets a nearfall with a rollup. Stryker comes back with a rollup of his own then puts Collyer in an ankle lock. Collyer reverses that into a cradle and Stryker comes back with a cradle of his own but Collyer catches him with a powerbomb then locks on the Texas Cloverleaf in the middle of the ring as Stryker taps (10:47) **3/4.

Thoughts: Solid match. This would have been rated higher but Stryker’s non-selling of his leg later in the match hurt things. These two were also the definition of “Vanilla Midgets.”

CM Punk is backstage wearing a “D.A.R.E” t-shirt. He talks about losing to Michael Shane in the #1 Contender’s Trophy and that he can handle losing but feels a rage since that happened because Shane cheated to win. Punk then says that he will get redemption by beating Shane tonight and if he doesn’t he will not be able to live with himself.

CM Punk vs. Michael Shane

They go back and forth and barely avoid disaster as they came dangerously close to smashing their heads together at one point. They take it to the mat where Punk has a side headlock. Punk fucks up a bridge spot and does it again then they trade rollups. Shane takes a breather outside then starts trying to get the crowd behind him until Punk does the same. Shane grounds Punk after a test of strength but they still maintain the hold as they perform all sorts of moves and counters. Punk knees Shane in the back repeatedly and finishes with a dropkick that gets two. Shane tosses Punk over the top rope then beats him up on the floor then blows a kiss towards two girls who look barely legal. In the ring, Punk comes back with a jawbreaker but Shane counters a crossbody attempt by sticking out his knee. Shane beats up Punk again on the floor before rolling him back inside. Shane gets a nearfall then puts on a front facelock. Punk comes back with a backbreaker but runs into a clothesline then Shane puts him in a chinlock. A sloppy reversal sequence ends with a double clothesline as both men are down. Punk is up first and hits a backdrop then the Shining Wizard that gets two. Spinebuster gets two. Shane knocks Punk off of the top rope then tries for a swinging DDT but Punk turns that into a powerslam then gets two with a split-legged moonsault that was not even close but covers and gets two. Punk tries a sunset flip from the apron but Shane blocks it and grabs the ropes. However, the referee sees it this time and stops his count. Shane drills Punk with a super kick and that gets two. Shane is pissed and tries for a piledriver but Punk blocks it then uses a double wristlock rollup for the win (13:50) **1/4. After the match, these two go face-to-face and almost come to blows after the handshake.

Thoughts: Disappointing match. Punk was really sloppy and Shane didn’t seem to give a fuck. This was Shane’s last match of importance with the company. Multiple guys have said in shoot interviews that he was difficult to deal with and I have to believe that was the reason his pushed stopped as he was teased as a member of Corino’s stable for a while but that was dropped.

Four Corners Match
BJ Whitmer vs. Colt Cabana vs. Paul London vs. Homicide

This is the RoH debut of Whitmer. Two men are in the ring at the same time in this match as London and Whitmer start off by working the arm. Whitmer catches London with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker then works the arm for a bit. London then catches him with an overhead throw as both guys tag out. Homicide puts Cabana in an armbar and works that for a bit. Homicide ends a reversal sequence with a drop toehold then he chops Cabana in the corner. Homicide hits him with a running knee smash and gets two off of that. Whitmer tags in and catches Homicide with a leg lariat for two. He then leg drops the arm and puts on a cross armbreaker that London breaks up. Cabana tags back in and briefly roughs up Homicide before he gets it with a superplex. He gets two with a dropkick but the ref broke it up as London made a blind tag. London gets two with a spinning heel kick but Cabana fights back and takes him down with a clothesline. Whitmer tags himself in and beats on London. Snap suplex gets two then he puts London in a chinlock. Cabana tags and hits a slam and a knee drop that gets two. London lands on the apron after a backdrop and comes back with a crossbody that gets two but Cabana flattens him with a clothesline then tags Whitmer as those two seem to be working together to beat on London. After a few minutes, London comes back with a dropkick for a nearfall then Cabana teases tagging in Homicide before going to tag Whitmer as London takes some more punishment. London then uses a few somersaults to tag Homicide, who takes it both Cabana and Whitmer. The match breaks down as everyone breaks up pinfalls. Homicide flies out and hits Whitmer with a tope then London catches a charging Cabana with a dropkick then Cabana flips London over the top ropes and onto both guys in a contrived but cool looking spot. Cabana caps it off with a springboard somersault senton as everyone is down and the crowd going nuts. Homicide rolls Whitmer inside and hits the Super Ace Crusher but London runs in for the cover and that leads to Homicide and London going back and forth until Homicide hits the Cop Killer that looked like it killed London but Cabana makes the save. Cabana avoids a Cop Killer attempt then hits the Colt 45 but Whitmer breaks up that pin attempt. Whitmer and Cabana trade shots until Whitmer hits Cabana with three consecutive Dragon Suplexes but on the third attempt, London flies off of the top with a Shooting Star Press onto Whitmer and gets the win (19:29) ***1/2.

Thoughts: Good stuff. The finish was awesome and Whitmer impressed in his RoH debut. Cabana ad Homicide did fine but the other two stood out a lot more than they did here.

Samoa Joe vs. Bryan Danielson

Joe overpowers Danielson to start. Danielson keeps fighting back and bounces off of Joe a few times before taking him down with a dropkick to the legs. Danielson chops Joe down then uses a Dragon Screw as he attacks the leg. Joe uses crossfaces but Danielson still maintains the leg lock. They are now trading shots as Joe wins that battle. Danielson comes back and puts him in an Indian Death Lock then uses a butterfly lock but Joe makes it to the ropes. Danielson chops Joe in the corner then hooks the leg on the rope but eats boot on a charge then gets turned inside out with a clothesline. Joe covers for two then kicks Danielson in the face a few times before hitting him with a running face wash. Joe bends Danielson in half with a single leg crab then tries to suplexes him on the floor as Danielson lands on the floor and was lucky that he did not break his tailbone. He sits Danielson in a chair then takes him down with a running boot that also knocked down the guardrail. Back inside, Joe gets two with a powerbomb then locks on a STF while yelling to Danielson that he owns him. Joe chops down Danielson as he keeps coming back. Joe misses a charge in the corner then takes Joe down with a running forearm. Danielson uses a suplex then climbs up top and hits the diving headbutt that gets two. They trade more strikes until Joe kills him with a knee smash to the head then finishes him off with the Island Driver (13:21) ***1/2.

Thoughts: Another really good match. The story here was that Danielson refuses to stay down, even when facing a monster like Joe. These two worked stiff and Danielson got over good with the crowd.

SAT’s & Ghost Shadow vs. Divine Storm & Konnan w/ Trinity

The fans hate Konnan. Ghost Shadow was trained by Homicide and wrestled in one other match for RoH before leaving. Shadown ad Storm start off the match trading moves as we are informed that the Amazing Red is not here because he is touring All Japan. Divine works on the arm of Ghost Shadow and they work a sequence that ends in a standoff that was not particularly exciting. Joel and Storm trade moves now. Konnan finally tags in and he and Jose actually work a decent fast-paced sequence. Ghost Shadow and Divine are back in a work a terrible sequence filled with botches. Divine was a horrible wrestler. Storm and Joel go at it then engage in a slap fest that ends with a and shake. Konnan is back in and hits Jose with a rolling clothesline then everyone gets in the ring and work a lucha reversal sequence that ends with a dance. Seriously! They trade missile dropkicks then Jose takes out everyone with a quebrada then Shadow hits a somersault senton as someone is yelling “back up” to the other wrestlers. Trinity caps off that with a moonsault then the action goes back in the ring. Konnan & Storm use a rolling leg lock submission on Shadow but the SAT’s break that up. Shadow hits Storm with a Muscle Buster as both guys are down. The match breaks down again as the SAT’s run wild. Storm beats on Joel, who cuts him off on the top rope then hits a super brainbuster that only gets two. Konnan tags and his Joel with a cradle DDT that Shadow breaks up then hits Konnan with a swinging DDT. They all hit a series of big moves then Konnan makes Shadow tap to the Tequila Sunrise (16:39) **.

Thoughts: The match was okay but would have benefited if it was several minutes shorter. Konnan did not work a lot in the match but did okay when in the ring. His stamina was awful at this point in his career so that was for the best. This was a lucha-style match for the RoH crowd.

Weapons Match
Carnage Crew vs. Da Hit Squad

They brawl in the aisle then make their way ringside. Mafia attempts a dive but the Carnage Crew block that with a guardrail in a spot you could see coming a mile away. Devito sends Mafia into the guardrail in the corner with a Northern Lights Suplex as he is busted open. Devito beats on Da Hit Squad with a steel pan then after knocking down the referee, walks into a hubcap shot from Mafia, who then beats on the Carnage Crew with a pair of cowboy boots. Mack hits Devito with a frog splash as Mafia is yelling all sorts of obscenities at Loc while choking him out. Da Hit Squad bring a ladder into the ring and use that as a weapon. Mack then climbs a ladder and tries a splash but it breaks as he jumps and it falls way short. Oh boy. The Carnage Crew beat on Da Hit Squad with the ladder and hubcaps. Loc cuts open Mafia’s head with a cowbell but Da Hit Squad fights back. They put the ladder over the heads of the Carnage Crew and whack them with chairs but that does not get the pin. The Carnage Crew come back with chair shots then set up Mack on the table but Mafia cuts off Devito on the top rope and place him on the table then Mafia powerbombs Loc onto Devito and through the table for the win (11:38) **1/2.

Thoughts: Decent garbage-brawl, which was the only times these teams could be entertaining.

We see a clip from Impact TV with Special K all passed out in the locker room after their New Years Eve party. This was the first time their bodyguard was identified on camera as he was called “Slugger” here.

Dunn & Marcos & Outkast Killaz vs. Deranged & Angel Dust & Hydro & Yeyo w/ Lit & Slugger

The Outkast Killaz were Oman Tortuga & Diablo Santiago, who along with Dunn & Marcos, put together the ring before the shows. Special K jump their opponents from behind then take them all out with dives. For those of you who do not know, Hydro is Jay Lethal. Dunn and Angel Dust are in the ring and work an okay sequence until Hydro breaks it up with a dropkick. Santiago comes in and powerbombs Hydro as everyone else is brawling on the floor. Dunn and Deranged work a nice sequence that gets the crowd into the match. Tortuga comes in and counters a fireman’s carry with an inverted swinging DDT but Slugger comes in and hits Tortuga then everyone else not in Special K with a chokeslam. Special K comes in and hits a few big moves until Slugger comes in and hits Marcos with the Bodybag then lifts Deranged on his shoulders as they all cover Marcos for the win (7:06) *3/4.

Thoughts: A few decent moves here and there but that was all. The focus of Special K was on Deranged in the match and that made sense as he was easily the best worker out of the others in the match.

AJ Styles and Low Ki are backstage. Ki tells us that they are both in RoH as they can compete as athletes and that tonight, they are here to end the war against the Prophecy.

No Holds Barred
Christopher Daniels & Xavier w/ Allison Danger vs. AJ Styles Low Ki

The Prophecy attack their opponents from behind to start. Xavier gets kicked by AJ then Ki beats the crap out of Xavier outside and inside of the ring. AJ & Ki use quick tags to isolate Xavier. AJ flattens Xavier with a powerbomb then uses a cradle to get a few nearfalls. Xavier comes back with a gutbuster then tags Daniels but AJ is able to tag Ki, who goes right after Daniels. They trade chops in the corner and Ki wins that battle. Double Underhook Suplex with a bridge gets two. Xavier tags and Ki hits him with the Krush combo before tagging AJ, who kicks Xavier a few times as well. Daniels breaks up a pin attempt after a brainbuster then Xavier boots a charging AJ and hits him with a DDT. Daniels tags and busts open AJ’s nose with a leg lariat that gets two. AJ hits a neckbreaker after a reversal sequence then tags Ki, who gets two with an elbow drop. Ki slams Daniels on the floor then rolls him back inside for two. Ki applies a Boston Crab but Daniels is able to reach the ropes. The match breaks down and Ki tosses Xavier to the floor as AJ hits Daniels with a discus clothesline for a nearfall. AJ hits three straight backbreakers before putting on the Muta Lock as AJ refuses to break as Daniels has the ropes but since this is a “No  Holds Barred” match it is allowed. Ki tosses Xavier then he and AJ double-team Daniels for a bit. AJ hits Daniels with a powerslam for two. Ki tags and puts Daniels in a Camel Clutch and doesnt break as Xavier is kicking him in the back. AJ takes care of Xavier as Ki gets a few nearfalls on Daniels. Ki tries a reverse rollup but Daniels sends him throat-first into the middle ropes. The Prophecy now isolate Ki for a while, working on his neck. I must admit that Xavier looks pretty good here. Danger chokes out Ki while Daniels distracts the referee. Daniels gets two off of a fisherman’s suplex then locks on a headlock. Danger hooks the leg of Ki and that allows Daniels to get two off of a Blue Thunder Driver. Xavier tags and softens up Ki’s neck before applying the Camel’s Clutch. Daniels calls for the Angel Wings but Ki turns that into a sleeper. Daniels drops Ki who makes the tag to AJ, who runs wild for a bit. Xavier attacks AJ from behind then works the leg until Ki breaks that up with a double stomp from the top rope. Daniels stretches out AJ in the ropes until Ki kicks him in the back of the head. Xavier tags in and AJ greets him with an enziguiri then tags Ki, who runs wild. Ki hits Xavier with a rolling Koppu Kick but gets caught with a slam afterwards. In a cool spot, AJ handsprings into the ropes, that knocks off Xavier from the top, and comes back to hit Daniels with a back elbow smash. Ki stretches out Xavier on top but Daniels slaps Ki and takes him down with a superplex. AJ climbs up but Xavier reverses a superplex as all four men are down on the mat. They get up and reverse each other’s finishers as the match has broken down. Ki flies out and hits Daniels with a tope after being whipped by Xavier. AJ tries a dive but Xavier breaks that up with a back elbow smash. Xavier tries a dive but Ki stops that with a Koppu kick then AJ hits him with a German Suplex and a wheelbarrow facecrusher but Daniels breaks up the pin. Ki breaks up a pin after a Cobra Clutch Suplex as the match breaks down again. Danger breaks up a pin after a Tidal Crush but Ki comes back and knocks Daniels & Xavier outside as AJ flies out with a twisting pescado. Ki grabs a chair and a concrete slab that Xavier used to win the title from him and puts it on Xavier’s chest and whacks it with a chair. In the ring, AJ kicks out of the Angel’s Wings as Daniels is in disbelief. He sets up a table on the floor as Xavier is still down. He calls for the Angel’s Wings again but AJ blocks that and takes him through the table with a Styles Clash. In the ring, Xavier comes in but Ki puts him in the Dragon Clutch while in the ropes as Xavier taps out (28:40) ***3/4. After the match, Daniels gets carried to the back.

Thoughts: Really good match. Ki and Styles finally got their revenge on the Prophecy (heh). All four guys looked good here too.

Daniels is backstage with Danger. He is all beaten up but happy that he still has the belts. He tells AJ and Ki that they got lucky tonight then yells at Corino about how he has his sister.

Final Thoughts: I thought this was a solid show from top to bottom. Also, the order in which these matches were reviewed are not the actual order from the card but rather the order from the copy I watched. They are setting up storylines for 2003 and have an awesome three-way match planned for the 1st Anniversary show, which is Ki vs. London vs. Styles. The company is also starting to shape up the roster as they are establishing the top guys from the rest of the card, which was tough here with guys leaving constantly or touring Japan. A good way to kick off 2003.

WWF Superstars of Wrestling October 11th, 1986

October 11, 1986

From Baltimore, MD

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino, Jesse Ventura, and Vince McMahon

Tonight’s featured match will have the British Bulldogs face the Dream Team in a non-title match. Also in action will be The Islanders & Pedro Morales, Big John Studd & King Kong Bundy, Hart Foundation, and Don Muraco & Bob Orton.

The show starts with Jesse Ventura interviewing the British Bulldogs and their mascot Matilda, making it’s WWF debut. Jesse starts by saying English women have beautiful bodies but not faces then asks the Bulldogs about the Matilda while asking Davey & Dynamite if she is their girlfriend.

British Bulldogs vs. The Dream Team w/ Johnny Valiant

The Dream Team attack the Bulldogs before the bell. Dynamite backdrops Valentine then hits a snap suplex. Davey tags and works the arm until Valentine catches him with an elbow. Beefcake tags and drops the knee for two then hits a suplex but Davey get up first and makes the tag. Beefcake backdrops Dynamite then tags Valentine. The Hammer hits a backbreaker but gets tossed off of the rope and Dynamite covers for two. Valentine manages to back Dynamite in the corner and tag Beefcake, who gets a nearfall with a backbreaker. Dynamite blocks a figure four attempt from Valentine then rolls away from an elbow drop by Beefcake and makes the tag. Davey hits Beefcake with a press slam then a dropkick. Delayed vertical suplex gets two but as Beefcake kicked out he pushed Davey on top of the referee. Valentine runs in and covers but the referee stops as he realizes Valentine is not the legal man. Valiant jumps up on the apron to distract the ref as the Dream Team hit Davey with a double suplex and Valentine covers but the ref signals for the bell as he disqualifies Valentine for refusing to get out of the ring (4:54).

Thoughts: Good action, which is usually the case when these two teams face off. The way this ended would lead to believe that rematches would be coming.

WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. This week’s subject is Jake “The Snake” Roberts and how he showers with his snake, Damien. They show a clip of Jake in the shower with Damien, cutting a basic promo hyping himself up.

Sivi Afi & Billy Jack Haynes vs. Don Muraco & Cowboy Bob Orton w/ Mr. Fuji

Muraco & Orton come out to bagpipes while wearing kilts. Before the match we got an insert promo of Muraco and Orton laughing about how Piper will walk with a limp for the rest of his life. The faces work over the arm of Muraco to start. Orton tags and works an Irish whip sequence with Haynes that ends with a hiptoss. He misses an elbow drop though and that allows Haynes to hit a slam and an armdrag. Afi tags and chops away but Muraco attacks him from the apron and that allows Orton to hit the superplex for the win (1:47).

Thoughts: They are trying to establish Muraco & Piper as a team and it worked here. Having them come out in kilts also got them a lot of heat. Billy Jack sure hasn’t been doing anything since the switch to the Superstars and Challenge shows

Ken Resnick runs down the card for the next show in Boston. We then get a promo from Randy Savage, who will be facing Ricky Steamboat. He tells Steamboat that he is not that good and will go down again, just how he did against Don Muraco and Jake Roberts. They are planting the seeds for the Steamboat/Savage feud on this show.

King Kong Bundy & Big John Studd w/ Bobby Heenan vs. “The Rebel” Dick Slater & Rick Hunter

Slater & Hunter got an entrance for this match, oddly enough. Slater starts the match by hammering away on Studd but gets picked up and rammed into the corner. Bundy tags as the crowd chants for Andre the Giant. We get an insert promo from Super & Big Machine as Bundy beats on Hunter. They say that the Machines are here to stay. They would be gone in a month. The heels continue to destroy Hunter and this lasts for a while as the fans chant for the Machines. Bundy tags then hits the Avalanche for the win (3:58).

Thoughts: With the Machines gimmick flopping, Studd & Bundy became somewhat of an afterthought. The crowd still hated them and chanted for Andre so at least they still had their heat.

Resnick runs down the card in Boston again as we get a promo from Steamboat. He says that he keeps on climbing the ladder to the top and has one more step to go and promises it will be the best fight of their lives.

The Rougeau Brothers vs. Hercules Hernandez & Barry O. 

This is Barry’s first appearance on TV in several months. Hercules is out there without a manager tonight. Raymond hits Barry with a hiptoss then a dropkick. Hercules tags in then we are shown an insert promo from referee Danny Davis who tells us that he always calls his matches right down the middle and does not care if people think he is a bad referee. Hercules tags out after Jacques hit him with a dropkick but knees him from behind and that allows Barry to take control. He hits a sideslam but misses an elbow drop and Jacques flips Raymond off of the top rope and onto Barry for the win (1:48).

Thoughts: The Rougeau Brothers got a lot of matches during the early days of Superstars/Challenge. They worked great as a team too. Hercules had been doing a whole lot of nothing during this time.

We see a brief clip of workers constructing a new set for “Piper’s Pit.”

A clip of Piper whacking Adonis with his crutch on “Saturday Night’s Main Event” then he cuts a promo on how he rid Adonis from wrestling then runs down both Muraco and Orton.

Ken Glover & The Hart Foundation w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Pedro Morales & The Islanders

The graphic for Glover as his first name as “Kim.” The faces attack the heels before the bell as the match starts off in a six-man brawl. The faces use a triple noggin-knocker on the heels then the match settle down with Morales working over Glover. We are shown an insert promo from Jimmy Hart saying all the Hart Foundation need are the Tag Team Titles as the Islanders beat on Glover until Tama puts him away with a top rope splash (1:26). After the match, the Hart Foundation destroy Glover and hit him with the Hart Attack.

Thoughts: A quick squash to put over the Islanders and the Hart’s, who barely wrestled and beat the crap out of Glover at the end for some heel heat.

We are shown a clip of Slick riding in a limo with the Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff. He tells them how they will be staying in the finest hotels. They arrive to the arena and are greeted by Jesse Ventura, who thanks Slick for bringing class and style into the WWF.

“Mr. Electricity” Steve Regal & Terry Gibbs vs. Junkyard Dog & George “The Animal” Steele

JYD attacks Regal before the bell and whips him into the corner. He hits him with his crawling headbutts then tags Steele. Gibbs tags as we get an insert promo from Butch Reed and Slick. Reed says it as been a long time since he has met JYD, who puts away Gibbs with a powerslam (0:52).

Thoughts: Very brief match, which is a good thing since JYD was involved.

Resnick is with Bob Orton, who puts over Jimmy Hart for being a great manager. He then talks about Piper and how he should stay home before talking about his opponent in Boston, Billy Jack Haynes. Then, we are shown a prerecorded promo from Muraco, who bashes Piper for leaving to go to Hollywood.

Next week in action will be Ricky Steamboat, Butch Reed, and the return of “Piper’s Pit” with guests the U.S. Express.

Final Thoughts: An alright show this week. They planted the seeds for Savage/Steamboat and continued the Piper feud. Matilda made it’s debut and the opening tag match was good so it was decent all around.

WWF Championship Wrestling January 11th, 1986

January 11th, 1986
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
Tonight, the Junkyard Dog will team up with George “The Animal” Steele. Also in action are Tito Santana & Pedro Morales, Ricky Steamboat & King Tonga, Terry Funk, King Kong Bundy, and Don Muraco. Also, Roddy Piper will be here to host “Piper’s Pit.

AJ Rizzo & Moondog Spot vs. Junkyard Dog & George “The Animal” Steele w/ Capt. Lou Albano
The faces attack the heels to start as the action spills outside, with Steele biting Spot. Albano pulls Steele away and the match settles down. JYD is in the wrong corner and Steele runs in and breaks it up then comes back in again very shortly after that as the match breaks down yet again. Steele beats on Rizzo and grinds his face into the mat then tags JYD, who works a neck vice. He then slams him and gets the win with a falling headbutt (3:22). After the match, Steele goes after Spot outside of the ring then goes back in the ring to dance with JYD and Albano
Thoughts: The match was all over the place but they are pushing Steele heavy, even more than JYD at this point. The crowd digs is crazy antics but remain bored during the matches.
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week, he talks about the feud between Ricky Steamboat and Don Muraco. We are shown a clip of Steamboat beating a jobber with a flying body press.
Mike Saxon vs. Terry Funk w/ Jimmy Hart
The crowd starts an “asshole” chant aimed at Funk, which Vince no-sells on commentary by stating he cannot make out what the crowd is saying. Funk attacks Saxon as he takes off his jacket and stomps it before tossing that and Saxon to the floor. Saxon chases around Hart after he hit him but gets taken down by Funk. He chops him down as the crowd starts up another asshole chant. They go back inside the ring where Funk uses JYD’s crawling headbutts then slaps him around before putting him away with a sleeper (2:57). After the match, Funk brands Saxon.
Thoughts: Funk was loathed by this crowd and he heeled it up big time here. I loved the spot where he used JYD’s headbutts. It is such an easy way to get heel heat by stealing the moves of your enemy.
Gene Okerlund is with Tito Santana, who will defend his Intercontinental Title against Randy Savage in Boston tonight. Tito cuts a promo that is just terrible. He flubs his words and says that it will be a cold day in hell before he hands over his IC Title to Savage.
Another plug to vote for the Slammy Awards. Man, these were tiresome.
Tito Santana & Pedro Morales vs. Al Navarro & Steve Lombardi
Tito hiptosses Lombardi then stomps him as he attempted a monkey flip. Tito tags Pedro, who works the arm. Lombardi backs him in the corner but Pedro comes back with a backdrop and a slam. Navarro tags and backs Pedro into the ropes then breaks cleanly. Pedro works a hammerlock but Navarro backs him into his corner and tags Lombardi. Pedro suplexes him as both men are down but Tito tags first and runs wild then makes Navarro submit to the figure four leg lock (2:58).
Thoughts: The crowd still loves Tito but since he has been relegated to tag matches on TV, the IC Title started to feel de-valued. He really has not had a feud since regaining the belt from Valentine in the Summer.
Okerlund is with Bruno Sammartino, who will be teaming with Paul Orndorff to take on Roddy Piper & Bob Orton at the Boston Garden. Bruno talks about how Piper and Orton cannot hide then Orndorff storms on the set and shows of his cast as he rants about beating them tonight.  
Handicapped Match
Jeff Cripley & Paul Dose vs. King Kong Bundy w/ Bobby Heenan & Big John Studd
Both men attack Bundy but he brushes them off with ease. He beats the shit out of both guys then slams Cripley onto Vose then puts them away with a splash for the five count (1:57).
Thoughts: The mega-push for Bundy continues as they make him look dominant. This push will continue for a few months.
Piper’s Pit with guest Jimmy Hart. Jimmy is holding a bag and tells us that he has a surprise. He then brings out the new “Adorable” Adrian Adonis, who comes out holding his leather jacket with bows all over his hair. Piper asks him about his new look and Adonis says that he has been tough his whole life and can wear what he want. He then says that he has “jumped out of the closet,” with Piper repeating the line, and says that he is from New York City and can do whatever he wants. He says he is retiring his leather jacket and gives it to Piper, who is excited. Adonis closes by mocking the Rockettes and telling them to eat their heart out. And this was the big start of the “Adorable” character.
Don Muraco w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Joe Williams
Muraco beats Williams down then hits a suplex as the announcers make fun of Williams’ slight physique and inexperience. He then tosses him to the floor as the crowd starts a “beach bum” chant. Fuji knocks down Williams behind the referee’s back then Muraco brings him back into the ring for some more punishment until he finally puts him away with the tombstone piledriver (2:37). After the match, Vince questions if Williams will ever step foot in a wrestling ring again.
Thoughts: Muraco actually looked motivated here but his weight gain was massive, even to the point that Vince was calling him out for having “stretch marks.”
Yet another reminder to vote for the “Slammy Awards.”
Ron Shaw & A.J. Petruzzi vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat & King Tonga
Tonga locks up with Petruzzi, who works the arm. Tonga breaks free then chops him down. He knocks him down again then tags Steamboat. The fans applaud Ricky who works an arm wringer. Petruzzi hits a slam but Steamboat goes back to work and the faces take turns working on the arm. Tonga hits a back suplex then Petruzzi rolls away and tags Shaw. Tonga headbutts him as Vince puts over his toughness and strength. Steamboat tags as Petruzzi hammers away. Steamboat fights back and tags Tonga, who hits a thrust kick then takes him down with a clothesline. He then tags Steamboat who puts him away with a flying body press (4:02).
Thoughts: They really tried to push Tonga here, giving him a majority of the offense. The announcers also put over his strength and toughness throughout the match but the fans still did not care and to be honest, Tonga did not have the charisma to pull off the babyface role the company wanted at this time.
Gene Okerlund brings out Roddy Piper and Bob Orton. The Cowboy says that Orndorff made a mistake by stepping back into the ring with them and calls him out for wearing a cast. Piper says the only thing he hasn’t touched upon with those two are their mothers and that they are just plain idiots for showing up in the ring to face them.
Next week, we will have an update about George Steele being in love with Elizabeth. Plus, we will see the “Peace Match” between Corporal Kirchner and Nikolai Volkoff from “Saturday Night’s Main Event. Plus, Ted Arcidi, Junkyard Dog, Bret Hart, and Ricky Steamboat & King Tonga.
Final Thoughts: A solid show. They dropped a bombshell with Adonis and began to heavily re-push other talents like Bundy and Steele. And with the pushes should come new feuds, as what they have going on now is starting to run out of steam.

WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event: May 11th, 1985

Unfortunately, my old VHS copy of this show was not working so I watched in on YouTube, which did not have the interview with Lauper & Albano before her music video was shown.

May 11, 1985

Your hosts are Jesse Ventura and Vince McMahon

Vince welcomes the crowd, which is absolutely jacked, and runs down the show. Both Mr. T and Cyndi Lauper will be here. Also, two championship matches will take place as Wendi Richter defends her Women’s Championship against the Fabulous Moolah and Hulk Hogan defends his World Heavyweight Championship against Bob Orton.

Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff & George “The Animal” Steele w/ Freddie Blassie vs. Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo & Ricky Steamboat w/Capt. Lou Albano

Windham works over Sheik to the delight of the crowd. The faces then all take turns working on the arm until Rotundo grabs a front facelock. The match breaks down then the faces clear the ring of the heels. Back from break, Steamboat is working the arm of the Sheik. He hits a powerslam then a missile dropkick. Flying body press gets two after Volkoff breaks up the pin. The faces take turns beating on Volkoff for a bit. Rotundo gets a few nearfalls until the Animal tags into the match. He runs around then looks for a tag but his partners bail and that allows Windham to rolll him up from behind for the win (6:29) **1/4. After the match, Sheik and Volkoff return to beat on the Animal. Albano comes into the ring and consoles his former client.

Thoughts: Good action and it was weird to see the faces completely dominate the match. Also, the first ever segment on SNME had George Steele turn to the lovable babyface he portrayed until he retired.

Piper’s Pit with guest Paul Orndorff. The segment starts with Orndorff ordering Orton to the corner, quoting Eastwood’s “make my day” line. Piper flips out about this then Orndorff finally sits down and calls out Piper for abandoning him after their match at WrestleMania. Piper accuses Orndorff of losing his guts then says that he has drinking “too much of his own bathwater.” Piper flat out calls him a piece of garbage and calls Orndorff an embarrassment to him, Orton, and his family. Piper tries to cheapshot Orndorff but he blocks it and goes after Piper and Orton. He has Piper up for the piledriver but Orton attacks him from behind. They beat on him until Mr. T runs out for the save. Good stuff.

Okerlund is with Hulk Hogan. He asks him about what just happened on “Piper’s Pit.” Hogan says that Orndorff felt what it was like inside to have people behind him and says that he now has a change of heart and wishes him the best.

WWF Heavyweight Championship Match
“Cowboy” Bob Orton w/Roddy Piper vs. Hulk Hogan (Champion) w/ Mr. T

Mr. T and Hogan rip off each other’s shirts in an attempt to showcase wrestling’s homoeroticism to a national audience. Orton tries to attack from behind ut Hogan catches him. He chases him around then gets a backdrop and a few slams. Orton bails then Hogan works the arm when he re-enters the ring. Orton comes back ith a knee smash then hammers away for a few minutes until Hogan hulks up. He hits a clothesline then drops an elbow for two. He works on him in the coner but Orton breaks that up with an inverted atomic drop. He sets him up for the superplex as the crowd is in awe but Hogan knocks him off the top and hits an elbow smash. Hogan then drops the leg but Piper cheapshots him and the ref rings the bell for the DQ (6:54) *3/4. After the match, Mr. T runs out but he gets duble-teamed in the corner. Orndorff runs out to back the faces, officially cementing his turn.

Thoughts: Not much of a match but decent enough. Lots of stalling and a good amount of attention was paid to the guys on the outside. We now have our main event matches set up for the next few months.

We are shown a music video from Cyndi Lauper’s song “Good Enough” from the “Goonies” sound track. The song was awful. Afterwards, Albano and Lauper call it the greatest song ever until Piper runs out and rants at Lauper, stating that Sreven Spielberg asked him to be in the video and she had him cut his part.

WWF Women’s Championship Match
Fabulous Moolah vs. Wendi Richter w/Cyndi Lauper

Before the match, Howard Finkel reads a note that orders Lauper to leave the floor and head back to the dressing room. Moolah kicks Richter out of the ring then stalls for a minute, allowing Richter to dropkick her out to the floor. Moolah gets roughed up for a minute then the girls slug it out in the ring. She pulls her off the ropes a few times but gets chopped and Moolah uses some cheap heel stuff until Richter hits her with a small package for the win (3:14) 1/4*. Lauper runs out with Dave Wolfe to congratulate with Richter.

Thoughts: The match was a lot of stalling but it most likely would have been a lot worse had it gone longer than several minutes.

Okerlund is with the Junkyard Dog and his mother. JYD says he took his mother to New York for Mother’s Day. That was it for this interview.

Pete Dougherty vs. Junkyard Dog w/Bertha

JYD headbutts Dougherty then hits a clothesline. Dougherty starts screaming outside then JYD yanks him up by the hair. In the ring, JYD no-sells a few punches then uses his crawling headbutts. He slams Dougherty off the top rope then uses some more headbutts then hits the powerslam for the win (3:15) 1/4*. After the match, JYD and his mother dance in the ring to the delight of Vince.

Thoughts: A long, dull squash match. I am pretty sure that Vince wanted to highlight JYD dancing on a national stage as he was always way into his dancing segments.

Okerlund is backstage with everyone at Lauper’s Mother’s Day party. Typical wackiness from the 80’s WWF including a drunk, ranitng Albano and Blassie lying to Okerlund about the hot young girl in a bikini being his mother. Moolah comes out, upset that she is not invited and ends up getting tossed into the giant cake that was on the table.

Final Thoughts: The wrestling wasn’t much but they ran a really hot angle and the production values were much better than their other shows so it turned out okay. Two free title matches on TV was a huge deal back then as well.

WWF Championship Wrestling: May 11th, 1985

May 11, 1985
Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon
In action tonight are Tito Santana & Junkyard Dog & Pedro Morales, who is making his return to the WWF, in six-man tag action. Plus, Ken Patera and Jesse Ventura.

Barry O. & Jim Haley vs. Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo
Rotundo gets the best of Barry O. in a brief fast-paced sequence before tagging out. Haley messed up the timing off a Thesz Press and that legit pissed off Windham, who stiffed him with a forearm smash. Powerslam gets two. Rotundo tags and works the arm of Haley. The ex-champs take turns beating on Haley until Rotundo gets him up for the Airplane Spin and gets the win (3:30).
Thoughts: The former champs were wrestling aggressively tonight as they are pissed over losing the belts at WrestleMania. Once again, Albano was not with Windham & Rotundo.
WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’s focus is on the British Bulldogs as we see a clip of them in a TV squash. Hayes puts them over for their innovative offense and says perhaps they could take the titles away from the Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff.
“Judo” Joe Black vs. Ken Patera w/Bobby Heenan
Black is dressed in a gi and leads the crowd in a “weasel” chant. He also uses various martial arts poses. Patera grabs a front facelock then works the arm. Black tries to use “judo” moves but just ends up getting tossed around. After some stomps and turnbuckle smashes, which all looked horrible, Patera slams him off the top rope then drops the elbow for the win (1:45).
Thoughts: I have no idea who Black was and he might have been the single worst wrestler I have seen but this match was so bad it actually came off as entertaining. Even the announcers were ragging on “Judo Joe.” Anyway, here is a link to the match: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEZgvid1ckk
Gene Okerlund welcomes Tito Santana, who will be facing Brutus Beefcake at the Boston Garden on May 18th. Tito compares Brutus “Fruitcake” to a combination of Gomer Pyle and a “fruit” before wishing a happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers.
Aldo Marino vs. Jesse “The Body” Ventura
Before the match, Jesse points at Bruno. After some stalling, Jesse backs Marino to the ropes then knocks him down with a cheap shot. Jesse overpowers Marino, stopping to taunt Bruno, then puts him away with the Bodybreaker (2:35). After the match, Jesse continues to taunt Bruno, who is now standing up and pointing at Jesse. The fans are going nuts for Bruno.
Thoughts: They are looking to set up a feud between Jesse and Bruno in a battle between color commentators. Jesse wasnt much at all in the ring.
Okerlund is with the Junkyard Dog. Speaking of Okerlund, he is tanned to the point that it looks like he is wearing blackface. He then tries to teach JYD the Boston accent. JYD gets upset when Okerlund breaks up Jimmy Hart, who JYD refers to as “mouse.” JYD plays up his relationship with Tito during the interview and it is inevitable that they will be feuding against Greg Valentine and Brutus Beefcake.
Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentine w/Jimmy Hart & Johnny Valiant vs. Paul Roma & S.D. Jones
S.D. headbutts the heels before putting Valentine in a headlock. Beefcake interferes behind the referee’s back then tags in and beats on S.D. Valentine roughs him up too but S.D. rolls away from a pair of elbow drops and tags Roma, who promptly gets destroyed. Beefcake hits Roma with the running knee lift then tags Valentine, who makes him submit to the figure four (3:25).
Thoughts: Beefcake and Valentine looked good here and are starting to gel as a team.
Piper’s Pit with guest Ricky Steamboat. Piper brings up how the women are calling Ricky a heartthrob but then says that he is much better looking according to the ladies. He also calls Steamboat a cheater for using martial arts in his matches. Steamboat pisses off Piper by calling him “Rodney” and this ends in a stand off.
Mad Maxine w/Fabulous Moolah vs. Desiree Peterson
Maxine bails after Peterson hits a few armdrags. Maxine boots her down then overpowers her. Her offense looks bad but she does look the part as the was legitimately 6’2 and dressed like a punk rocker, complete with a mohawk. She hits a leg drop then works a headscissors. Slam gets two. Then, in one of the worst sequences you will ever see, Desiree hits Maxine with a dropkick and off the rebound takes her over with a monkey flip. Maxine had no clue as to where she was supposed to be. Maxine slams her down then hits a suplex for the win (2:57). After the match, Moolah attacks Peterson.
Thoughts: Maxine would be gone just as soon as she appeared. She was being groomed for a feud with Wendi Richter. She had a great look but was horrendous in the ring. She went on to the AWA then quit the business a few years after that and now apparently works as a journalist.
WWF Magazine Plug
Mike Powers & Doc Butler & Johnny Rodz vs. Tito Santana & Junkyard Dog & Pedro Morales
Rodz chops Pedro against the ropes to start. They go back-and-forth for a bit until Morales tags Tito. The faces then all take turns beating on Rodz until Morales gets trapped in the wrong corner. The match completely breaks down and Powers ends up landing right on his head after being thrown into the ring then submits to a Boston crab applied by Morales (4:17). After the match, the heels attempt to attack the faces as they dance but get chased away.
Thoughts: Pedro didnt really fit in the WWF at this time. He was old and part of the crew that Vince Sr. pushed that was being kicked to the curb at this time.
Okerlund is with Bob Orton, who is plugging his tag match with Piper against Hogan & Snuka. He makes a point that they cannot lose since Orndorff is no longer part of their team. After that, Luscious Johnny Valiant and Brutus Beefcake come out and run down Tito. Valiant thinks Tito belongs in a psychiatric unit then mocks Hillbilly Jim with a stereotypical hillbilly voice.
Next week, we will see a special episode of “Piper’s Pit” from the Nassau Coliseum. It was actually the installment that took place at the debut episode of “Saturday’s Night Main Event,” which aired on the same day as this show. Oddly enough, that show was not promoted on this episode at all, or even on the TNT show from the prior day.

Final Thoughts: Not much of a show this week. The Judo Joe match was so bad it has to be seen though and it did contain a rare TV appearance rom Mad Maxine but not much of note happenend other than that.

Sunday Matinee – August 11th, 2013


Today is all about the brawl for all. When you have to settle someone’s hash. When the King of England comes into your house and starts pushing you around;

Best fight scene.

I have 3 that juggle around the number 1 spot. The multi-floor, one-take fight scene from Tony Jaa’s The Protector. It’s incredible for a fight scene, and even more amazing due to the fact the entire thing was done in one take. No breaks. No cuts. It took them 7 tries to get it right. Great stuff. Another is the final fight from Drunken Master II. Ebert said it may not be possible to film a better fight scene. It needs to be seen to be believed. And the final one is the showdown between Braden & Cho from Revenge of the Ninja, arguably the greatest ninja film of all time. It’s a hell of a fight, and easily the greatest ninja go-at-it in history. Even more so than the golf-hating ninja taking on multiple cops in Ninja III. I loved Revenge of the Ninja as a kid and probably saw it 70+ times. Usually things from your childhood don’t carry over, but Revenge of the Ninja, and the final fight scene, have only gotten better.

How say you?

QOTD – June 11th, 2013

Greetings, goodfellas.

First off, some good discussion yesterday. That being said, I’m shocked that there can be a person out there who didn’t enjoy Goodfellas. I literally watch it every time it’s on TV. No matter where it’s at, I watch it. Commercials & censorship be damned. And I own it.

So, let’s turn it around. What’s a film that the majority hated, yet you were looking at them like “You’re nuts! BRAVISIMO!”

I have a few films like that, but the one I always get in fights over is Indy 4. People are just nit-picky whiners. The things they complain about are no less prevalent in the first 3. Nuking the fridge was brilliant, and completely classic Indy. It was less outlandish than the rubber raft escape from Temple. People forget that the Indy films are throwbacks to the Saturday serials from the 40’s. It’s suppose to be outlandish, escapist fun. But all these nerds want is Christopher Nolan crap. Indy 4 had a fantastic opening, great action scenes, fantastic scenery, and all the great stuff that made up the other Indy films. Sure, the triple agent thing was dumb, and the aliens thing was bleh, but the rest was game on.

How say you?

Anyone wanting to send in a QOTD send it on over to [email protected]

QOTD – June 11th, 2013

OK, today’s question is such….

If you could preform one finishing move, that would go off without a hitch, to anyone in your personal life, in any setting, without any legal ramifications, what would it be?

For me, and this is being cliche’, but I use to work security at Target, and my boss was the ultimate bitch. It was well known she hated men, and I was the first one she hired in YEARS. She was forced to hire me basically because I was the best candidate. She made my life absolutely miserable. Now, if I had my way, during the morning meeting we had, in front of everyone, I would have loved to kick her in her fat fucking gut and drop her with a Stunner that broke her jaw, and say I quit.

How say you?

ROH 11th Anniversary

A bit late, but it still fits in with the ROH taping schedule, so screw it…

Live from Chicago Ridge, IL. Hosted by Kevin Kelly and Caleb
Seltzer, as usual.

6 Man Mayhem: QT
Marshall (w/ R.D. Evans) vs. Adam Page vs. Silas Young vs. Mike Sydal vs. ACH
vs. TaDarius Thomas:
This is under Lucha rules, where if someone gets tossed
to the floor anyone else can come in and be the legal man. Crowd is solidly
behind ACH. There’s too much going on to really describe, but some of the
highlights include Page hitting a SSP off the apron onto Marshall, Thomas
hitting a sort of Space Flying Tiger Drop to 3 guys on the floor, Sydal taking
those 4 guys out with a moonsault from the top to the floor, and ACH taking
everyone out with a somersault dive to the outside. Evans goes to the top for
some reason, and Sydal superplexes him onto all the guys on the floor. ACH wins
it with a bearhug DDT on Young at 7:20. ***, total spotfest, but everything
landed clean and it certainly got the crowd going.
Steve Corino &
Jimmy Jacobs vs. Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander:
C+C attack before
the bell and all 4 guys brawl for a bit, with Alexander getting in his usual
highspots. The required terrible Total Elimination gets 2 on Jacobs. Someone
needs to find Perry Saturn so he can teach them how to do that properly. Jacobs
gets a jawbreaker and tags in Corino, who runs into the leg lariat/spinebuster
combo. Jacobs back in now and he too ends up on the receiving end of some
double-team action, they do a pretty cool spot where Coleman slingshots Jacobs
into Alexander but holds onto the legs, and Alexander splashes Jacobs onto
Coleman’s knees. Corino nails Coleman from behind and S.C.U.M. takes over.
Nothing of note happens for the next couple minutes until Coleman badly blows a
diamond cutter (and how do you fuck THAT up?) and gets the hot tag. Alexander comes
in with a springboard clothesline on Jacobs, a sort of GTS gets 2, Corino
makes the save. He sends Alexander into the ringpost, then gets hit with a
horrible STO from Coleman that looked more like a Corino DDT. Coleman gets the
rolling Northern Lights on Corino, with both heels taking the third one for 2.
Jacobs spears Alexander to the floor and hits Sliced Bread on Coleman, Corino
hits him with a lariat and Jacobs gets 2 off that. Front suplex and a top rope
legdrop on Jacobs, Corino makes the save. He gets dumped and C+C go for
Overtime (top rope rana/frog splash combo), but Corino nails Coleman with a
hunk of chain and a double team spike piledriver finishes Alexander at 8:32.
**, fun match, but way too much sloppiness from the face side. Coleman and
Alexander amaze me, as they can do all these insane double team spots with
pinpoint precision but somehow fuck up basic moves in spectacular fashion (how
do you screw up an STO? Grab the guy, fall forwards). I take it back, these two
aren’t ready for the big leagues.
No Holds Barred:
Charlie Haas vs. BJ Whitmer:
Haas tries to sneak attack Whitmer as he comes
through the curtain, but BJ is ready for him and Haas gets pinballed into the
barricades. This was never announced as falls count anywhere, but the ref is on
the outside like he wants to make sure that he’s in the right position for a
pin attempt as they brawl on the floor. Whitmer tosses Haas into the ring and
grabs a chair and a trash can. He nails Haas with the can, then puts it over
Haas’ head and kicks him in the face for 2. Now BJ grabs a ladder and he goes
to work with that. Haas is sitting in the corner, and Whitmer nails him in the
balls with the ladder, then hits the ladder with a chair. Crowd pops big for
the genital abuse as both guys end up on the outside again. Whitmer sets up a table
between the ring and guardrail, but he takes too long and Haas finally gets his
first offense in by sending BJ into the barricade. He gets a chair shot and a
backdrop suplex onto the barricade, and back in with some shots with the
ladder. He tries to set the ladder up in the corner on the top rope, but can’t
get it to stay in place and is rewarded with a “You fucked up” chant, which
really would have been more appropriate in the last match. He finally gets it
set up and sends Whitmer into it face first. He tries to bounce off the ropes
and nail him with a cookie sheet, but here’s Cheeseburger/Rondell to grab his
foot and throw him the double bird, and Whitmer nails him with a cookie sheet of
his own. Whitmer wins the battle of the cookie sheets, but eats boot on a blind
charge and takes a can lid to the dome. Now Haas belly-to-back suplexes Whitmer
over the top and through the table, it gets 2 back in the ring. Haas lays the
ladder on top of BJ and pounds him with the chair for 2. He wedges the chair in
the corner and sends Whitmer head first into that, and heads outside for
another table. Belly-to-belly suplex off the top and through the table gets 2.
At least BJ didn’t land on his head this time… Haas sets up the ladder between
2 chairs, but Whitmer Hulks up and exploder suplexes him through the ladder for
2. He throws knees to the back of the head, but Haas is out cold and the ref
stops it at 11:57. **1/2, same hardcore match we’ve all seen a hundred times
(more so if you watched ECW back in the day), with some crazy weapon spots but
no flow or any sort of story being told. I also question Whitmer going over here,
especially with the crowd chanting “BJ sucks!” at the point where the crowd
would normally be cheering for him to make the comeback.
Forever Hooligans
(Alex Koslov & Rocky Romero) vs. American Wolves:
Koslov sings the
Russian national anthem before we begin. He’s actually from Moldova, but this
is wrestling and little details like that don’t matter. Richards and Romero
(who used to team together in NJPW and ROH) start, but don’t do anything
noteworthy. Romero hugs the ref for some reason, then tries a cheap shot off a
handshake on Richards but it doesn’t work and the Wolves do some double team
stuff. The Hooligans end up on the floor and the Wolves follow them out with
dives through the ropes.  Back in Edwards
and Koslov both gets tagged in and Edwards gets a headscissors. Shining Wizards
gets 2 for Edwards, but Romero nails him coming off the ropes. Romero goes
after Richards on the outside while Koslov does some choking in the ring. Now
Romero is legal and he chops away on Edwards, he comes back with chops of his
own but a dropkick to the knee takes him down. Koslov is back in with a
chinlock and a Russian legsweep (Kelly: “It’s just a legsweep for him”) for 2.
Romero in now with some pretty shitty clotheslines in the corner, the last one
misses and Edwards hits a lariat and we do the double KO. Koslov cuts off the
hot tag and the heels try the double team backdrop, Edwards escapes that and
Koslov tries a rana but ends up getting powerbombed onto Romero. Hot tag is
made and Richards hits a missile dropkick on Koslov, they slug it out for a bit
before Richards hits a handspring savate kick for 2. Northern Lights for 2,
German suplex for 2, but the double stomp misses and he takes a wicked
enziguri. A series of kicks and knees gets 2 for Koslov, Edwards gets
dropkicked off the apron and the heels hit a modified Sidewinder, Edwards makes
the save. They do some more striking stuff until Edwards hits the Chinchecker off
the top, Tombstone from Richards (with a kick from Edwards) on Koslov gets 2.
That should have been the finish. The Wolves both hit the double stomp but
Romero makes the save, Richards tries a powerbomb but Koslov reverses it into a
DDT. Koslov hits a rana on Edwards off of Romero’s shoulders while he’s on the
top rope for 2, Edwards comes back with an O’Connor roll for 2.
Powerbomb/double knee backbreaker combo finish Koslov at 15:42. Last 5 minutes
were good, but the rest was rather slow and plodding. **, pretty disappointing
match, though it had good heat. All 4 guys do the mutual respect thing after
the match.
Intermission time. Already? We’re only about an hour in.
Video packages hyping the matches still to come are shown.
2/3 Falls: Roderick
Strong vs. Michael Elgin:
Elgin doesn’t want to shake hands, so Strong
shakes hands with the ref instead. Strong starts by working the arm, Elgin
cartwheels out of it, which is kind of odd to see from a guy with his build.
Strong throws a jumping knee and a fight over a fireman’s carry ends with Elgin
getting the bucklebomb and the spinning sitout powerbomb to go up 1-0 at 2:00.
They get a 20 second rest period between falls.
Fall 2: Strong bails to the outside, Elgin follows and they
brawl on the floor, with Elgin getting the majority of the damage in. Stiff
stuff too, and they keep it up for the whole match. He gets caught on the apron
coming back in and Strong tries to sunset flip powerbomb him to the floor, but
Elgin holds onto the ropes to block it. The butt-splash misses and Strong gets
a belly-to-back from the apron to the floor. Now Strong controls the outside
brawling and they head back into the ring for a Strong 2 count. A dropkick gets
2 after a striking sequence, Strong grabs a sleeper but Elgin is out of that
pretty easily. They do some more stiff-as-fuck punchy-kicky stuff, Strong
charges in but gets caught and planted. Elgin gets a flying shoulderblock and
the Black Hole Slam for 2, he locks in the crossface but Strong rolls it into a
pinning combination and Elgin has to let go. More kicking, then Elgin hits the
Shock Treatment for 2. He tries the bucklebomb again, but Strong gets free and
hits some stiff kicks and knees before a suplex gets 2. Superkick gets 2, but
he runs into a boot on a blind charge. Elgin tries a powerbomb off the top but
Strong reverses it into the double-knee backbreaker to tie it at 1-1 at 11:24.
Final fall: Strong fires off some jumping knees in the
corner before the rest period is over and hits the double-knee gutbuster for 2.
He tries a crucifix, but Elgin rolls through and picks him right up and hits
the Death Valley Driver. Corkscrew senton barely makes contact but gets 2
anyway. Deadlift German suplex for 2, he holds on and gets another one for 2.
Strong bails to the apron and Elgin goes for the apron-to-ring superplex, but
Strong gets loose and lands a sitout powerbomb for 2. A fight over a rollup
ends with an Elgin powerbomb for 2. Crossface and Strong taps to end it at
15:34. This was fucking awesome, just a frighteningly stiff match, as these
guys were beating the living shit out of each other. Some of those kicks were
just horrifying. ****1/2, and if not for Punk/Cena this would be my MOTY so far
by a mile.
Matt Hardy comes out for some gab time, and is greeted with
some garbage thrown at him and a “Shut the fuck up!” chant. He brags about how
he is getting the next shot at the TV title. Don’t be so sure, Matt…
ROH TV title: Matt
Taven (w/Truth Martini) vs. Adam Cole (c):  
Hardy joins us for commentary, or tries to
anyway, as his headset isn’t working at first. Taven fakes a grab to the balls
during the Code of Honor for whatever reason. Arm-based chain wrestling to
start (which seems to be a theme for this show), Taven goes to the ropes to
break and heads outside for advice from Martini. He finally gets back in the
ring and some more chain wrestling ends with a Cole neckbreaker. He gets
backdropped to the apron, Martini distracts him and Taven sends him to the
floor with a dropkick. He tries a dive through the ropes but Cole nails him
with a jumping enziguri, Cole tries to slingshot back in but Martini grabs his
leg and Taven sends him to the floor again. He tries the Irish whip into the
barricade but Cole reverses it. Cole now chases Martini around the ring and
gets caught with a spinkick from Taven. This time the Irish whip isn’t reversed
and Cole tastes the steel. Back in a backbreaker gets 2 for Taven. Vertical
suplex and a twisting springboard senton gets 2, and now Martini gets involved
again while Taven distracts the ref. Cole comes back with forearms but eats an
enziguri for 2. Taven throws punches from the mount while talking shit to the
crowd, but runs into a boot on a blind charge. He’s right back with a
clothesline and a backdrop, fireman’s carry into a backbreaker gets 2. Taven
bails AGAIN and snaps Cole’s neck on the top rope. He tries a crossbody from
the top but Cole dropkicks him out of midair for 2. Hardy on commentary is
claiming that McGuiness is racist against him (despite both of them and Cole
all being of the same race) as a suplex battle ends with Taven hitting a sweet
neckbreaker. He puts Cole on the top rope but can’t get the superplex, Cole
hits a sunset flip powerbomb (that Taven fucks up his end of) and a release
German suplex. Shining Wizard gets 2, he pulls down the kneepad and tries it
again but gets rolled up for 2. Springboard enziguri for 2 from Taven, but Cole
hits the slingshot DDT onto the apron out of the corner. Frog splash misses,
but a vertical suplex into a neckbreaker gets 2. Cole gets the figure 4 (maybe
if he ever gets signed by WWE he can teach Miz how to do it right), Taven makes
it to the ropes. Truth nails Cole in the back with the Book of Truth as he’s
running the ropes and Taven hits a move that sort of looked like MVP’s
Playmaker to become your NEW TV champion at 14:05. Pretty shocking upset, but
the match wasn’t very good, as they could never get into a rhythm thanks to the
constant interference and fucking around. *1/2, would it have been that hard to
tell them “Go out and have a good match before Martini’s interference gives
Taven the win”? Because I know these two could have done better than this horseshit.
This is where I’d say that Cole is leaving, but he’s booked against Steen for
the title at Border Wars. Of course, cards are always subject to change…
ROH Tag Team Title:
Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish vs. The Briscoes (c):
Fish and O’Reilly are
now going by the stupid name of “reDragon”. O’Reilly and Mark start with some
mat-based stuff, O’Reilly eats a wheel kick and both guys tag out. Nigel
McGuiness joins us for commentary as Jay and Fish fight over a headlock. Some
jabs and a Yazuka kick knock Fish down and now the Briscoes do some double
teaming in their corner. Mark tries some of that idiotic redneck kung-fu (and
after seeing Elgin and Strong trying to kill each other earlier it looks even
dumber than usual), Fish kicks him down and tags in O’Reilly and now Mark is on
the receiving end of the double teaming. Fish back in and he charges but Mark
pulls down the top rope and he ends up on the floor, but he’s right back up and
he sneaks up behind Jay and kicks his leg out of his leg. The heels work on Jay’s
knee for a while, O’Reilly baits Mark into distracting the ref and Fish hits
Jay with the child-killer headbutt for 2. Now some more double teaming and knee
working in the heel corner, Jay gets dumped and O’Reilly tries something off
the apron but Jay nails him out of midair. He gets the hot tag, Mark cleans
house with some more of that shitty chopping before hitting a fisherman’s
brainbuster on Fish (heh…). Dragon suplex for 2, Jay tags back in and Mark hits
the Iconoclasm (SWEET!) on Fish and Jay hits a frog splash, O’Reilly makes the
save. Mark gets dumped and the heels hit Total Elimination on Jay for 2. Fish
goes up top but Mark sends him to the floor for a nasty bump, then the Briscoes
hit the Doomsday Device off the apron on O’Reilly. Falcon arrow and the froggy
elbow get 2 on Fish. O’Reilly saves him from the Doomsday Device and Fish
suplexes Mark from the apron to the floor and he’s done. Ouch… The heels hit
the Device on Jay, but he invokes the wrestling rule that says faces don’t have
to sell their own finishers and kicks out. The brainbuster/kick combo finish
him immediately thereafter and we have NEW tag team champions at 15:12. I’d
call that a bigger upset than the last match. ***1/2, I was expecting a wild
brawl and instead got a standard formula match with a lot of mat work, but it
was still pretty good. I assume we’ll be seeing the Wolves challenge for the
title in the near future.
ROH World Title: Jay
Lethal vs. Kevin Steen (c):
As usual, Steen has the support of the majority
of the crowd (including a loud “Mr. Wrestling” chant) despite being the heel
here. They slug it out to start, Steen gets the better of that and sends Lethal
to the floor. They brawl out there for a while with neither man getting much of
an advantage. Back in Lethal drop-toe-holds Steen into the middle rope and
dropkicks him from the floor for 2. Lethal controls with some basic stuff
before Steen misses a charge and ends up on the apron, a springboard dropkick
sends him back to the outside and Lethal follows with a dive through the ropes,
then gets back in the ring and does it again. He tries for a third one but
Steen trips him up and powerbombs him onto the edge of the ring. Steen sends
him balls-first to the ringpost and plays to the crowd before tossing him back
in. Slam and a senton for 2, then Steen chokes Lethal on the middle rope. Steen
is spending way too much time playing to the crowd here. Another slugfest ends
with Steen hitting a DDT for 2, Lethal is back up with punches but a
clothesline sends him back down. Steen goes up top, but spends too much time
fucking around and the senton hits Lethal’s knees. Steen fights free from a dragon
suplex but Lethal hits the backcracker for 2. Lethal tries an Irish whip but
Steen holds the ropes to block and lands a pumphandle neckbreaker for 2, but
the cannonball misses. Lethal gets a backdrop into a neckbreaker for 2 and
calls for the Lethal Injection, Steen goes for a fireman’s carry but
accidentally takes out the ref in the process. I don’t like where this is going…
Lethal Injection, but there’s no ref, and here’s Corino and Jacobs to hit the
double-team spike piledriver. Corino puts Steen on top of Lethal while Jacobs
wakes up the ref, but it only gets 2. Now Jacobs attacks the ref while Corino
grabs a chair, but here’s McGuiness out to stop that. He sends Corino to the
back, Jacobs goes after Lethal but he gets sent packing as well.
Steen and Lethal brawl some more, this time Lethal wins that
battle and hits the dragon suplex. Steen no-sells it so Lethal gives him
another one for a 2.9 count. Lethal gets an enziguri (Idea for an ROH drinking
game: Take a shot every time some hits an enziguri. Had you done that for this
show you’d be at about a 0.35 B.A.C. right now. Hell, that Cole/Taven match
alone would get you pretty shitfaced), but gets caught coming off the ropes
with a sitout powerbomb for 2. Steen misses a blind charge and takes a
half-dozen superkicks and the Lethal Combination, Hail to the King (Macho Man
elbow) gets 2. He hooks in the Koji Clutch, Steen makes the ropes. Both guys
end up on the apron and Steen F5s Lethal through the timekeeper’s table. Jacobs
is back out to try to give Steen the count out win, but Lethal makes it back in
at 19 (ROH has a 20 count), only to get hit with the package piledriver. It
gets 2, Jacobs tries to give Steen the spike but Steen has had enough of his
shit (“Get the fuck out of here!”), Lethal sends Steen into him to take him out
again and gets a rollup for 2. Steen no-sells a superkick and hits a huge
clothesline for the double KO. Both guys are back up at the same time, Steen
runs into a boot and Lethal goes upstairs, but he gets caught. Brainbuster onto
the top turnbuckle and the champ retains at 20:47. ****, a bit too much standing
around but still a damn fine match. I maintain that Lethal should have gone
over here, as Steen has been champ for nearly 10 months and really doesn’t have
any opponents left. Case in point: he’s booked against Jay Briscoe at the next
PPV. After that he’s got Adam Cole at Border Wars, and while I’m one of Cole’s biggest supporters
I don’t think he’s ready to get the title.
Now here’s Rhino to Gore Lethal while Jacobs takes out the
ref. The Briscoes try to make the save but get beaten down. Coleman and
Alexander try their luck next and do better, but Jimmy Rave makes his return,
coming through the crowd in a S.C.U.M. shirt to take them out. Rhett Titus and
BJ Whitmer are out next, but Titus immediately turns on Whitmer and reveals
that he too is sporting S.C.U.M. gear. Here’s Michael Elgin, and now Cliff
Compton comes out of the crowd to hit Elgin with some powder. While all this is
going on Steen is just standing around, not joining in the mass beatdown, but
not doing anything to stop it either. Elgin gets handcuffed to the ropes as
Edwards, Richards, and Cole try to make the save but can’t overcome the
numbers. Matt Hardy is out to attack Cole and join S.C.U.M. as well. The
Briscoes are zip-tied to the ropes as a gang of refs try to break everything up
but they get dealt with pretty quickly. Corino cuts a promo as fans fill the
ring with garbage, S.C.U.M. destroys an ROH flag as Steen just stands there
looking bored with the whole thing. “Tonight, honor has died!” End of show.
Final thoughts: I’m of two minds with this show. The “show
me good matches” part of my brain was more than happy, with 2 matches at ****
or better and nothing that I would call unwatchable. But the booking here made my
head hurt. Hey, a faction where guys tell us they’ve joined by revealing a
black and white shirt, where have I seen that before? Why is Steen still a
member? He’s obviously not into it anymore and is going face in the near
future, so why are they dragging their feet on the turn? And having 8 guys in faction
when your roster is only about 25 people seems like overkill to me. But hey, we’ll
see where it goes…
Still, a recommended show just for Elgin/Strong and the main
event alone. 

WWF Championship Wrestling August 11th, 1984

August 11, 1984
Your hosts are Tony Garea and Vince McMahon
This is the first show from the Poughkeepsie tapings. This would be the home for Championship Wrestling until it ended in 1986 and became WWF Superstars. At that point, tapings were done on the road.
Tony and Vince run down the show, which features Ivan Putski, Iron Sheik, Rocky Johnson, and the tag champs, Adrian Adonis and Dick Murdoch in action. Plus, Piper’s Pit and the WWF Review. They did a bit in which Vince would name someone and Garea would give a brief comment about them afterwards.
WWF Magazine plug, putting over Hogan and Andre mingling with celebrities and also mentioning that Kerry Von Erich beat Ric Flair for the NWA Heavyweight Championship.

Iron Sheik w/Freddy Blassie vs. Jose Luis Rivera
The crowd is quite lively for this taping. Sheik gets some heat by praying as the fans start a “USA” chant. Sheik jumps Rivera from behind then chokes him out with his headdress. Sheik poses to a chorus of boos after a backdrop then hits Rivera with a gutbuster. Sheik takes a break and talks with Blassie before beating on Rivera. He throws him to the floor then bounces a chair off of his head. He pulls Rivera back into the ring and beats on him some more. Rivera leapfrogs Sheik and gets in some punches as the crowd goes apeshit. Rivera ducks his head on a backdrop attempt and Sheik boots him down. Sheik hits a waistlock suplex then makes Rivera submit to the Camel’s Clutch (5:31). After the match, Sheik proclaims that Iran is number one then tosses Rivera to the floor.
Thoughts: The crowd was red-hot all match long. Sheik was getting a strong heel reaction everywhere he went during this time anyway though. No mention of Slaughter on commentary.
Charlie Fulton vs. Rocky Johnson
Johnson has a boxing-style robe and is shuffling his feet more than ever. Vince put over his physique, a trend that would continue throughout the match. Fulton backs him in the corner and gets a few forearm smashes but Rocky reverses a whip and gets a backdrop. He takes Fulton down with a few armdrags, who then ducks outside. He comes back and goes right back outside after escaping from an arm wringer. Back in the ring, they go for a test of strength. Rocky somersaults around and puts Fulton in a wristlock. They do the criss-cross spot and that ends with Rocky getting an armdrag. Fulton gets in a few forearms but Rocky takes him down with a monkeyflip. Rocky goes back to the arm again and does some more somersaults before hitting a dropkick then a sunset flip for the win (6:03).
Thoughts: The crowd remained red-hot throughout the match, which wasn’t much at all. They are really trying to get Rocky over as a singles wrestler, as there was no mentioning of his teaming with Tony Atlas. Rocky did a lot of the feet-shuffling and somersault stuff throughout the entire match. Vince was practically drooling over his physique too.
Jeff Lang & SD Jones vs. Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch
The crowd is solidly behind Jones. Adonis starts things off with a shoulderblock but SD takes him down with a hiptoss. He hits a few armdrags on Adonis then on Murdoch, who ran in to help his partner. The tag champs bail as the crowd is going nuts, chanting loudly for SD. Murdoch is now the legal man and gets a knee smash. He misses an elbow in the corner and SD goes to work. SD headbutts both men as the crowd is going crazy. He hits Murdoch with several punches before he goes down. Murdoch catches him with a headlock and punches away. Tag to Adonis and they hit SD with a double elbow smash. Adonis gets two off of an elbow drop and the crowd chants for SD. Adonis goes for an Irish whip but SD reverses it and sends him into the post. He makes the tag to Lang, who gets taken down immediately by Adonis. Tag to Murdoch and he roughs him up for a bit until they hit their finisher, a backsuplex/top rope clothesline combo for the win (5:17).
Thoughts: This crowd was great. They were loud for everything. The match itself wasn’t much at all, the champs sold for most of the match, but the atmosphere for the show is awesome.
WWF Update with Vince McMahon. They show a picture of him with model Susan Anton then show a clip of him walking to the ring, with all of the fans going nuts. They did a similar update for Andre a few months back, but they used a different entrance clip and photo. Nothing to see here.
Piper’s Pit with guest B. Brian Blair. The crowd barely reacts to Blair at all. Piper puts over his credentials then asks him why he wanted to become a wrestler. Blair said he dreamed of being in the Olympics and Piper asks why no one wanted to go this year, mentioning that Russia, Poland and the rest of the communist countries did not go. He then says the only way the USA can win was to have the other countries stay home, which prompts Blair to make a skirt joke then call him a jerk before walking off. Piper flips out afterwards. The Piper’s Pit formula is starting to get too formulaic, with the face responding with skirt jokes and Piper yelling at them.
Ron Shaw vs. Ivan Putski
The crowd is going crazy for Putski. Shaw tries to mimic Putski but gets booed. Putski then poses, drawing cheers, then points to Shaw, which gets boos. Just as the match is about to begin, a jacked-up guy (the future Brutus Beefcake) wearing a shiny vest and a bowtie starts to strut around the ring. Vince’s reply to his appearance was “what is that.” This distracts the wrestlers as Vince tells us he does not know who this man is and he has a great physique. Anyway the crowd boos this guy and the camera cuts back to the action and Putski hits Shaw with the Polish Hammer for the win (2:57).
Thoughts: The crowd was crazy for Putski but the focus of the match was on the unknown guy strutting around the ring. They showed about 20 seconds of in-ring action for this segment.
WWF Review. This week’s segment features the song “I’m Free” by Kenny Loggins and features clips of squash matches from The Spoiler and Nikolai Volkoff. Neither guy had been on WWF TV for several years. One would assume they would be back on TV very soon. They show the Spoiler doing the ropewalk, going across the entire rope, during his clip.
Final Thoughts: Decent show with a red-hot crowd. They were going nuts for everything. A good crowd can really make a show seem better. They are putting over Rocky Johnson as a singles wrestler and seem to be introducing new wrestlers, with the packages of The Spoiler and Nikolai Volkoff, along with the unknown man from the Putski match.