Lesnar — 10/6 Sports Business Jornal

So I'm looking at the 10/6-12 issue of Sports Business Journal, which has "Who will step up for UFC" as one of its cover stories. Further into the story, they highlight UFC's top draws since January 2006. A quick recap, if I may:
  • Brock Lesnar has the two highest drawing PPVs in UFC history and 3 of the top 5, two of which were against Frank Mir and Shane Carwin. Let me repeat those opponents – Frank Mir and Shane Carwin.
  • Brock Lesnar made 7 appearances in UFC, 5 as headliner (top two matches on the card). As a headliner, Lesnar averaged over 1 million buys. the next highest, GSP (their most consistent draw), averaged more than 300,000 fewer buys. ronda Rousey is averaging 395,000 buys and we think it's a big deal.
  • After re-joining WWE, the company decided to put him in a B-show and then have him LOSE to John Cena.
Shouldn't the investors be filing class-action lawsuits over this and not the network? 

​I'm gonna have to stick up for WWE a bit here, in that it's apples and oranges.  Lesnar had a unique charisma in UFC precisely because he was a "fake pro rassler" who was coming in and daring to beat longtime "real" fighters while cutting WWE-style promos about it.  Hardcore fighting nerds HATED him and gladly paid $70 a pop a million at a time hoping to see him lose.  
The WWE audience dynamic was totally different, in that everyone basically was happy to have him back and didn't really associate him with UFC any longer at the point when he returned.  Yes, it was a fuckup to have him lose to Cena, of course, but his wrestling drawing power was in a totally different league than his UFC drawing power.  He was a giant WWE star, yes, but he was an invading monster in UFC and it was the kind of special magic that probably won't ever be duplicated again.
As for Rousey, 350K is good now because UFC destroyed their own PPV business by oversaturating the market.  Even Brock returning would probably only do 700K at the high end now.​

QOTD 106: Soccer Dog: European Cup (and friends)

I recently saw the best movie of all time.

Soccer Dog: European Cup. 

I don’t want to ruin anything – but lets just say there’s 1) A soccer playing, genetically enhanced dog 2) A second soccer playing, genertically enhanced dog that uses a regular toilet. 3) A guy who is NOT John Lithgow. 4) Scottish people! 5) The worst CGI Soccer you’ll see in your life.


What’s your favorite so-good-its-bad movie? Specifically movies that didn’t INTEND to be bad, but turned out that way and ended up like campy, silly fun. 

The above does NOT include movies like Sharknado as I’m in the camp that if you intentionally make a bad movie, it loses all camp and ‘silly fun’ value because the joy in such flicks comes from the unintended failings of the director and film crew while trying to make a mostly decent movie. Not that I think the folks making soccer dog thought they were about to win an Oscar, but the ‘bad’ in that feels more genuine than the bad in a SCI-FI movie or what not.

Also Toss in: On The Line, The Room, and Plan 9 from Outer Space