NXT Thoughts 04/30

Finally watched the new episode of NXT last night, and I have some thoughts!  Yay!
– Pretty nothing episode overall from a wrestling standpoint, although they've actually got some intriguing storylines going and thus are able to keep building towards Takeover even when there's nothing going on in the ring.  I'm actually interested to see where Dubstep Cowboys v. Team SAWFT goes, for instance, although I'm assuming it's Carmella turning on the Jersey boys to allow the champs to win.  Hopefully then we'll get a Megapower-like union of Enzo/Cass and Blue Pants to take the mooks down once and for all.  
– Kevin Owens is just so great and it's insulting to have him waste his time down there at this point.  He even kills it on commentary.  "He's in a cage?  How does he shower?  Actually, he probably doesn't, just look at his hair."  BOOM.  
– Speaking of poor Alex Riley, I'm actually kind of feeling bad for the person and the character at this point, because both are so ludicrously out of their depth.  Sami Zayn throwing him a pity match to shut him up was great, and the poor guy gets killed with another powerbomb on the apron and still can't get the job done.  Despite all his rage, he's still just a rat in a cage.  But now watch, he'll get called up to the main roster because Vince loves his new look and work.  
– Speaking of which, Dana Brooke has suddenly lucked into the most interesting character they've done in a while:  Super green rookie who the company loves and pushes against the fans' wishes.  That heel reaction she got from the Full Sail crowd was very easy to decipher, because we know exactly how they think.  As long as she actually improves in the ring, I'm OK with that direction, but setting someone up as the golden child and then having them fail to deliver is a recipe for disaster.  That being said, FIND A NEW HEEL POSE.  Yes, your double biceps into sexy stripper routine is very nice, but we don't need to see it multiple times before the match even starts.  
–  Itami should squash more dudes.  I think it really helped him out this week.  
– I liked that they actually gave Baron Corbin a promo and a purpose.  
That's all I got this week.