Monday Night Raw – May 17, 2004

Monday Night Raw
Date: May 17, 2004
Location: San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, California
Attendance: 5,600
Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler

We’re less than a month away from Bad Blood and we need a card. That can get started tonight with the naming of a new #1 contender, who will be crowned in a battle royal. The winner gets a shot at Chris Benoit and while HHH seems very interested in winning, Shawn Michaels is likely to be lurking around. Let’s get to it.

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NXT UK – October 17, 2018 (Debut Episode)

Date: October 17, 2018
Location: Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge, England
Commentators: Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness

So over the last few years, WWE has been going over to the UK for some one off shows and they’ve been pretty good. Since it’s WWE though, that means it’s time to start a whole new weekly show (currently their fourth show on Wednesdays) under the NXT banner. I’m not sure what to expect here so let’s get to it.

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Wrestlemania III questions.


Not sure if this has ever been touched on. 

What came first.  The Hogan/Andre angle or deciding you book the silverdome? 

If it was booking the Venue.  Hypothetically, if Andre could wrestle for any reason. Is there another match that could have filled that building at the time? 

Wwf was in their own successful little bubble that I don’t think bringing in Flair or Nikita would have worked. 

Piper? Orndorf?  What say you?

Hogan-Andre came first and then they booked the venue to be filled by the match.  Vince had been reportedly toying with the idea since Hogan originally won the title, with the original plan being Hogan v. Andre at Shea Stadium in the summer of 84 (as noted by Meltzer in the Observer at that time) which is why Andre was celebrating with Hogan in the dressing room after he won the title. But then the whole Hogan thing took off bigger than Vince could even dream and they didn't need to do it. 

If Andre's not available, no way they run the dome.  There was just nothing else big enough at the time.  

Smackdown – October 16, 2018 (1000th Episode)

Smackdown 1000
Date: October 16, 2018
Location: Capital One Arena, Washington DC
Commentators: Corey Graves, Byron Saxton, Tom Phillips

This is a milestone show as we’re hitting the 1000th episode in the show’s history. The big deal here is a variety of cameos and appearances from some of the biggest stars the show has ever seen. I’m not sure what to expect here, but WWE’s record with important shows like this has been hit and miss. Let’s get to it.

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I'm assuming this stuff with Austin Aries is an elaborate work & not him throwing a fit on a show being unprofessional. Did get me wondering about something.

As a fan, do you appreciate or like when booking tries to surprise you? Or have you gone full snark (like many, I would imagine) and look at "blurred lines"/"worked shoot" as just being annoying? Do you prefer wrestling sticks to established wrestling booking?

I'm going to be honest, I have only barely been paying attention to the Aries stuff, but the fact that it hasn't enticed me to watch at all probably says all you need to know.  Maybe I'm just grumpy about watching months of Vince Russo RAW in 1998 recently, I dunno.  But yeah, just give me good storytelling that makes sense.  Or randomly have Apollo Crews turn babyface off-screen, whatever, same thing.

Pre-’86 Kerry von Erich

Hey Scott,

Have you seen any Kerry von Erich matches before he lost his foot? If so, how was he?

On a similar topic, there was ever a wrestler with a bigger upside that got completely squandered? KvE was able to become one of the greatest stars on just one foot. If that motorcycle accident hadn't happened, do you see him becoming the biggest star of the '90s?

Most of Kerry's documented career came before the accident.  Really he was a much bigger star in the small pond of World Class than he was as the Texas Tornado.  I would classify him as "Pretty damn good" and I've seen lots of great matches between him and Flair and a hell of a match between him and Harley Race.  

I'd still vote for Magnum TA as the biggest waste of talent and potential, though.  Kerry was gonna self-destruct regardless.  

Tuesday Night Thread

It’s SMACKDOWN 1000, which admittedly sounds like an As Seen on TV product.

They’re still pushing ahead full force with going to Saudi Arabia, so there’s that.

Baseball playoffs!  Hockey!  Basketballs!  Lots of stuff going on tonight.  Talk about it here!

What the World Was Watching: WCW Main Event – March 5, 1995

Footage of Hulk Hogan attacking Vader on WCW Saturday Night is shown.

Gene Okerlund and Bobby Heenan are the studio hosts for tonight’s broadcast.  Heenan says Hulk Hogan is out of control because he knows he made a mistake signing a strap match against Vader.

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#1 Contender for the Worst?


For a long time, you've touted that Dino Bravo is, in fact, THE WORST.

However, reading the recap of the Warlord/Blazer match from Primetime, should we now be giving consideration to the fact that… Warlord might be The Worst?

Even Dino could weave some kicks into the "clubbing forearms/body slam" move set…

Yeah, but Warlord was so bad he was hilarious to watch, plus he had the bonus of having his career ended via pizza truck.  Bravo can’t top that, so he’s the worst.  

John Hennigan

When "John Morrison" left WWE I remember it being related to Melina's issues and you saying that he wanted to become an actor or something along those lines.  While I didn't think he would ever become someone who would be THE GUY, he definitely had the look, in ring ability, and charisma to be near the top of the card for years and make a lot of money for the company.  I think a lot of fans have been expecting him to come back for years, but it hasn't happened.

Now he's on Survivor(as a fan of that show I can tell you that he has been great and incredibly likable so far), appeared on GLOW, and has gone to the top of two other promotions.  This guy's stock has never been higher. 

Here is my question: Why has Vince not brought this guy back yet? Did he burn a bridge, or do you think he has been holding out for a better deal?  I have to believe he would make more money as a top guy on Smackdown than he has been doing all of these other things.

Hey, I’ve been advocating for him coming back as a top guy for ages, but I think he’s happier doing his own thing on his own time, and good on him.  He’ll be back eventually and the longer he holds out, the bigger offer he’ll get.  

BoD Daily Update: October 16, 2018 Smackdown Live Preview


Austin Aries Contract Allegedly Ended at Bound For Glory


Tetsuya Naito Signed for Ring of Honor “Global Wars” Tour


Impact Wrestling Free Match

You can watch LAX vs. AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels from the 2006 Bound for Glory PPV

Monday Night Raw – October 15, 2018

Monday Night Raw
Date: October 15, 2018
Location: Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Renee Young

We’re two and a half weeks away from Crown Jewel from…..wherever WWE wants to announce it from being at the moment. Tonight we have more World Cup qualifying matches, which seems to be the main force of the entire show. Other than that, expect the tall old guys to talk about the smaller old guys. Let’s get to it.

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Clubber Lang

So according to Rocky canon Ivan Drago did win the Heavyweight title and retire undefeated, (as a pro. His match with Rocky was, of course, an exhibition,) but whatever happened to Clubber Lang? As champion wouldn't he have been entitled to a rematch and wouldn't
the Rocky/Clubber rubber match have made all the millions?

For that matter what about Tommy "the machine" Gunn? I mean  he was still champion even though Rocky beat him up.

Tommy Gunn was the Billy Gunn of the boxing world.  They probably stripped him of the title after the movie.  
As for Clubber, I can only imagine that he immediately retired and became a motivational speaker.  

Bound For Glory 2018

Bound For Glory 2018
Date: October 14, 2018
Location: Melrose Ballroom, New York City, New York
Commentators: Don Callis, Josh Matthews

It’s the biggest night of the year and the card is looking pretty good this time around. The main event is fairly lackluster with Johnny Impact challenging Austin Aries for the World Title, but the better built match is LAX vs. the OGz, in a match that could go either way. You never can tell with this company though so let’s get to it.

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Vince for HOF Class of 2019

You said there’s no real runaway option to headline next year’s Hall of Fame, but – with the show being in New York – wouldn’t it be the perfect year to induct Vince McMahon?

He’d probably never go for it, but maybe HHH and Stephanie could just announce it on Raw without telling him and then he has to do it.

Gotta be better than trusting Sid to be the headliner and risking him bailing for an April softball game, right?

They could always induct the Saudi prince.  I hear they’re very progressive now. 

Shot to the Crown Jewels?

So, as I write this, Saudi officials are preparing to acknowledge that they did murd- um, I mean, accidentally interrogate a dissident journalist to death and then lie about him leaving their consulate alive to the world.  So, yeah…is this admission enough to force Vince’s hand, or is the specter of a breached contract and, more so, all that oil money, just too damn much for him to cut bait when he should know better?

At this point he’s fucked either way. Really it’s a deal where $500 million is just too much to give up. As Dave noted this morning, if they survived Benoit they will survive this.