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Here are my picks for the week:

Indianapolis (-2) at Houston
Baltimore (-1.5) at Cleveland
New Orleans (-6) at New York Jets

Last Week: 0-3
Season: 8-13

“What if…”

Greetings BoD,

Ive been giving the keys to the castle!  I now know how HHH feels.

Taking some mandatory time off from the E.R., so have some time to contribute around here.  Full disclosure…a few weeks ago, Fuj had mentioned running with a regular “what if” type of thread, an idea I really liked. Since wrestling is a world where success and opportunities are often dictated by numerous factors (in ring ability, mic work, politics, others ability to help put you over, injury, etc.), I find “what ifs” fascinating.  Since Fuj is to lazy, you know protecting our country and stuff to write this, I’d figure I would give it a go.

We will start with a basic one, with huge repercussions…what if Rock never goes away from the WWE?  He started taking major time off around 02…does he stay “the unquestioned guy” from 02ish – present day, giving him a Hoganesque run on top?

– Does Vince push him aside in favor of Cena?

– Does he clearly supplant Hogan and Austin in terms of historical “A+ ness?”

– Would WWE have done better business  than they did during HHHs 03-04 reign?

– The most fascinating to me, whats the political dynamic between HHH, who was really coming into power at the time, and Rock, who’d be the unquestioned top guy?  Would they begrudgingly play nice?  Would Rock eventually get run out by HHH?  Would a Bret/HBK dynamic eventually emerge, splitting the locker room?

Lets hear your thoughts.  If you have a “what if”, email it to me and Ill post it.

[email protected]

Daniel Bryan hate

Hey Scott, I seem to remember a report a while back that Vince McMahon liked Daniel Bryan because he seemed like a legit tough guy, as opposed to someone like John Morrison, who just seemed like a pretty boy who looked good but didn't seem tough. So, my question is, who do you really think dislikes Bryan backstage, or doesn't see him as a true main eventer, if anyone, Vince, HHH, or Stephanie? Because, I don't know why Vince wouldn't want someone he liked, or felt seemed tough, to be on top.
I think you're confusing the storyline with the reality a bit.  They like Bryan just fine and in their minds they've elevated him with the storyline.  To them, it's not a punishment at all.  He got some main events while the real star was away, and now he can go back to being a B+ guy again in the midcard.  

Good Reads at Place to Be Nation

Hey Scott –
Thanks again for your support. Wanted to share some big pieces we've done in the last week.
We rank the ten best *wrestling* matches from Halloween Havoc – complete with videos of the matches and commentary:
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Thanks again for your support of the site!

No problem.  I'm working graveyard this week so I'm prepping episodes of the Place To Be podcast as we speak.  

Royal Rumble

Hey Scott,

Love the blog, check it daily. I'm a huge fan of the Royal Rumble – for me, it's easily my favorite show of the year. So I say it's never too early to start talking about this year's show. A couple questions for you:

1. Who is your early pick to win this year's Rumble? I'm thinking Daniel Bryan or CM Punk.

2. Do you think Brock Lesnar will be on the card this year? Or will he just continue this Mania-Extreme Rules-Summerslam then disappear run he's on?

3. I love your Rumble rants and see 2011 stands as the only show you haven't ranted on. Any chance the completest in you will check it out?

Thanks and take care,

1.  I presume it's Bryan v. Michaels or HHH at Wrestlemania, so it seems more likely to be Punk who would then challenge Orton.
2.  I think he's likely to work the show in some form to set up his presumed deal with Undertaker.  Destroying John Cena to win the World title would be awesome.  
3.  There's always a chance.  

Great American Bash 1998

American Bash 1998
June 14, 1998
Baltimore Arena, Baltimore, Maryland
Mike Tenay, Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
at the big summer PPV which originally gave us everything between the
first War Games and the worst major PPV of all time, so it’s hard to
say what to expect here. There’s a double main event with Sting vs.
Giant for control of both tag titles and an actual tag match of
Hart/Hogan vs. Piper/Savage with Piper and Savage agreeing to fight
each other after it’s over. Hopefully the lower part of the card can
save the top guys again. Let’s get to it.

opening video is a seizure inducing series of videos of the people in
almost all the matches with various patriotic symbols in between.
announcers talk about the main events a bit.
talks about the Giant vs. Sting tag title match. Apparently Giant
will pick Disciple if he wins both belts. That’s quite the team.
the announcers preview match #7 (really 8th) match in the
Booker vs. Benoit series. We get a video of the original seventh
match from Thunder where Bret Hart tried to give Benoit the match but
Chris didn’t want to win it that way. Booker agreed to another match
tonight, winner take all.
T vs. Chris Benoit
winner gets a TV Title shot tonight against Finlay. Feeling out
process to start with Benoit hooking a very quick armdrag to take
over. Booker might have a bad knee coming in after the match on
Thursday but he comes right back with an armdrag of his own. Benoit
bails to the floor and it’s right back to a standoff a few seconds
later. Booker grabs a hammerlock to take Chris down before hooking a
half nelson into a rollup for two. Benoit fights up and cranks on a
hammerlock of his own, only to be elbowed in the face.
is sent into the corner and peppered with more forearms before
charging into a boot to the jaw. Chris will have none of that and
takes out the bad knee with a dragon screw legwhip to get his first
real advantage. They head to the corner for some WOO inspiring chops
from the Canadian before he elbows Booker in the face for two. We
hit a chinlock on Mr. T. as Tony compares Booker vs. Benoit seven
times to Finlay fighting guys like High Voltage. There’s a snap
suplex for two on Booker as things slow down a bit.
belly to back superplex is countered into a cross body for two but
Benoit comes right back by stomping Booker down and putting on
another chinlock. Booker fights up again but a hard knee to the
stomach puts him right back down. Benoit drapes Booker’s ribs across
the top rope for two but doesn’t seem sure how to follow up. Back to
the chinlock as the fans immediately start cheering for Booker again.
Off to a surfboard hold with Benoit’s knees in the back but Booker
fights up and scores with a powerslam.
goes up but Benoit steps to the side to avoid a spinning cross body
ala Samoa Joe in a nice counter. A Crossface attempt lands right in
the ropes so Benoit goes right back to the chinlock. Booker elbows
up and hits an enziguri to put Benoit back down. There’s the snap
spinebuster followed by a flapjack, allowing Booker to spin up. The
missile dropkick is broken up with Booker getting crotched on the
top, allowing Chris to superplex Booker down in a great looking
guy can immediately follow up though until Benoit gets a very delayed
cover for two. Here are the rolling Germans but Booker breaks it up
before the third. Instead Benoit busts out the dragon suplex for a
very near fall. Booker is sent into the corner and tries the
spinning sunset flip but Benoit is still in the middle of the ring in
a nice bit of psychology. Benoit suplexes him down again and hits
the Swan Dive but still can’t cover. Booker comes back with a side
kick to the back of the head, setting up the missile dropkick for the
100% clean pin.
B. This would have been better
with a minute or two cut out to lower the chinlockery levels, but
even with them this was a great opening match and a perfect way to
fire up the crowd. It’s one of those matches where both guys come
out looking great though I would have liked to see Booker win more.
Still though, very few complaints here.
is on the internet and says he needs the punishment that Eddie will
give him tonight.
vs. Kanyon
believe this is Kanyon’s first match under that name. Someone comes
out in the Mortis gear but the real Kanyon sneaks in behind Saturn
and gets two off a rollup. A neckbreaker gets the same as Kanyon
starts fast. Saturn gets stomped down in the corner as Kanyon still
has his vest on. An electric chair into a faceplant gets two but
Kanyon has to deck Kidman off the apron. There’s a clothesline to
put Saturn on the floor as this is all Kanyon so far. Saturn trips
him up though and scores with a slingshot splash for no cover.
gets back up and hits a kind of Fameasser out of the corner as Lodi,
Riggs and Horace are all on the floor. Saturn kicks him to the floor
for a triple team from the Flock, followed by a BIG dive over the top
to put everyone down. Nick Patrick throws the Flock out and Kanyon
is whipped into the barricade (called the post by Tony) to injure his
ribs. Back in and Saturn kicks away at the head and puts on an ankle
lock. Off to something resembling Cattle Mutilation but Kanyon gets
his feet in the ropes.
is crotched on the ropes and a springboard clothesline from Saturn
puts both guys on the floor. Saturn throws a chair into the ring as
apparently this is Raven’s Rules. Perry uses the chair as a
springboard for a dropkick in the corner and a Sabu Triple Jump
Moonsault gets two. Saturn tries a sunset flip but gets caught in
midair with a northern lights suplex for a close two. Saturn comes
right back with a swinging neckbreaker for two of his own and we hit
the chinlock.
get back up with Saturn getting suplexed down and then dropped throat
first across the top rope. A jumping back elbow to the jaw puts
Saturn down and a fireman’s carry flapjack gets another near fall.
Kanyon’s downward spiral is countered into a half nelson suplex from
Saturn but the Death Valley Driver is escaped as well.
kicks Kanyon in the face but he loads up a superplex instead of
covering. Kanyon fights back and both guys get crotched before
falling out to the floor. Cue the guy who played Mortis
earlier….and another guy in a Mortis mask as well. The Mortises
(Mortisi?) slug it out and brawl to the floor as Kanyon hits a quick
downward spiral for the pin.
B. Take two guys who can do a
ton of moves in the ring and let them beat the tar out of each other
for fifteen minutes. The pair of masked guys near the end had me
worried but thankfully they didn’t do anything but throw Saturn back
inside. Kanyon had a ton of potential as the guy just showing off
every night but like everything else in WCW, that wouldn’t get very
of the Mortises holds up Kanyon’s arm but pulls him into a DDT. That
one is Raven but we don’t get to see who is under the other hood.
Raven says Saturn had one job but couldn’t even do that right so
here’s the Flock for the big beatdown. Saturn will have none of that
though and fights them off, including a suplex for Raven.
recap so far, we’re about 45 minutes into this show and two of the
matches have been GREAT. You’ve had Benoit, Booker, Saturn and
Kanyon tearing the house down and firing the crowd up over a match
for a shot at the lower card title and a story that makes little
sense. These guys are tearing the house down, but how long would it
be before any of them got anywhere? Nearly two years, with Booker
and Benoit becoming world champions because the original choices for
champion were unavailable. It’s amazing what politics and idiocy can
do to a company.
recap Malenko vs. Jericho since Slamboree. Basically Jericho has
been demanding the title back because Malenko wasn’t announced as an
entrant in the battle royal and saying Dean was letting his dead dad
down. Malenko agreed to give up the title for a shot against
Jericho. Chris freaked out because he wanted to be handed the title
instead of having a match for it.
Title: Dean Malenko vs. Chris Jericho
title is vacant coming in. They stare each other down before
charging into a double clothesline. Jericho pops back up and hits
another clothesline to take over but Dean comes right back with a
German suplex. Malenko stomps Jericho down in the corner as Chris
screams like a coward. Jericho gets up a boot to stop a charging
Malenko before putting on a headlock. Malenko rolls out of a quick
Liontamer attempt and gets two off a suplex. Dean puts a knee in
Jericho’s back and pulls on his arms to give us more screaming.
whips him into the corner for a Flair Flip, but Jericho takes it two
steps further by hitting his head on the post and getting caught in
the Tree of Woe. Jericho falls out to the floor but slides back in
to hit a pescado to the floor to take over. Back in and a suplex
gets two for the blonde before it’s off to a sleeper. Dean fights
out but gets suplexed back down for another two.
is getting frustrated at not being able to finish Malenko so he
chokes Dean on the top rope. A slam sets up the Lionsault but
Malenko rolls away to get a breather. Malenko comes back with a leg
lariat and a rolling cradle for two. A middle rope facejam out of
the corner gets another close two and Dean puts Jericho on the top.
Jericho is able to fight out of the super gutbuster and hook a top
rope hurricanrana. A very quick cover gets two for Chris but his
powerbomb is blocked by right hands.
rolls through the cover into a regular Boston crab but Malenko
quickly makes the ropes. Dean tries to jump over Jericho in the
corner but gets caught in an Alabama Slam. Jericho still can’t hook
the Liontamer so Dean grabs the Cloverleaf. Chris gets to the ropes
even faster than Dean did and grabs a quick butterfly backbreaker.
Jericho slaps him in the face and says Dean is nothing, just like his
dead father. That’s enough for Dean and the brawl goes to the floor
where Malenko cracks Jericho with a chair for a DQ.
B-. Logical but frustrating
ending aside, this is the third straight good match of the night.
Malenko snapping is a great thing to see and Jericho being forced to
shut up and wrestle is always worth a look. This feud has been
really solid and Jericho using his brain to take away Malenko’s calm
was really smart.
isn’t done and takes Jericho to the back, ramming him into various
things along the way. They go outside the arena with Jericho being
rammed into a mailbox. They get too near the traffic and security
steps in, so Jericho sprints across the street and into another
building. Jericho is announced as the winner via DQ.
begs Chavo for forgiveness and for Grandma to get him out of this.
Guerrera’s music starts but stops after a second so the announcers
can talk about Jericho having a claim to the Cruiserweight Title.
on Juventud Guerrera who won’t give up. By this I mean him walking
around ancient ruins in Mexico.
Guerrera vs. Reese
giant bully vs. scrappy little guy story coming into this. Guerrera
prays before the match starts and we get a LONG staredown. Juvy
tries a right hand but is easily sent backwards into the corner. He
charges right back and scores with some shots to the face but Reese
shoves him right back down. Guerrera bails to the floor and gets
Reese to chase him, only to slide back in and try a dive. Reese
pulls him out of the air and tosses Juvy back inside but the small
man kicks at the knee as Reese gets back in.
grabs Juvy by the head and holds him back to show just how much
bigger he is than Guerrera. Juvy goes up and tries a choke before
ripping at his face. Reese goes down to one knee where he still
comes up to Guerrera’s shoulders. The big man finally just drops
back to crush Juvy and the beating begins. There’s a backbreaker
with Juvy being bent over Reese’s knee like a toy.
HUGE beal sends Guerrera across the ring and Reese stands on his hair
and pulls on Juvy’s arms. There’s the bearhug with Reese shaking
Juvy around like he’s made of paper. Reese lets him go so Juvy kicks
him low a few times, which is legal since Reese is in the Flock ala
Saturn earlier. In a smart move, Reese drops down to a knee to punch
Juvy in the face.
vertical suplex puts Juvy down but he climbs up the referee to beat
the ten count. Now Reese gets a chair but referee Charles Robinson
pulls it away. Juvy goes up top for a hurricanrana but gets caught
in midair. Lodi has the referee for no apparent reason and Van
Hammer pops up to blast Reese with the chair, allowing Juvy to flip
him over (even more awkwardly than you would imagine) and get a pin
with Reese’s shoulders only about four inches off the mat.
C+. They were THIS close to
hitting this out of the park but the ending didn’t quite work. The
hurricanrana looking terrible and the pin being a disaster brings
this down but that’s about its only problem. They had the crowd
right where they wanted them and could have blown the roof off if the
underdog won like he should have. Hammer coming in was fine as if
Juvy overcomes too much it becomes comical which is the wrong idea.
This was a tightrope to walk and they almost pulled it off.
Guerrero vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.
is the match I’ve wanted to see more than any other after seeing the
buildup. Eddie tried to turn Chavo into an Eddie clone and kept
tormenting Chavo when he couldn’t get it right. Chavo finally
snapped and completely turned the tables on Eddie, sending his uncle
running scared. Chavo is all ticked off to start and slaps Eddie in
the corner, causing the uncle to pound him in the face. Eddie takes
him down with a trip but Chavo gets on top and pounds away with right
up and Chavo rushes at Eddie but gets dropped face first on the top
turnbuckle. Eddie misses a charge into the post though and Chavo
rams him into all three buckles in a corner a total of about 15
times. Chavo drags him around the ring by the hair and dropkicks him
down, sending Eddie out to the floor. He tries to walk out but Chavo
is still ticked off. They head back in where Eddie kicks the rope
into Chavo to take over.
in and Eddie works on the arm for a bit before sending Chavo to the
apron. The nephew goes up top and tries a flip attack but lands on
his feet, only to run across the ring and go up top for a moonsault
press, good for two. Eddie sends him right back into the corner and
out to the floor as this has been very physical for the first six
minutes or so. Back inside and a brainbuster puts Chavo down, but
Eddie slaps him in the face to make Chavo snap again. Chavo chases
Eddie around the ring until Eddie gets back inside and hides behind
the referee.
distraction lets Eddie get in a shot to the knee and Chavo stops
cold. A dropkick to the knee sends Chavo down in a heap so Eddie
puts on a figure four. Eddie yells at the fans and lets the hold go
before putting on the Gory Special. Again Eddie lets go of the hold
and kicks Chavo in the face to set up a camel clutch. The fans chant
for Goldberg so Eddie lets go of the hold to act as a conductor.
There’s an over the shoulder backbreaker but Eddie spins him around
and drops Chavo down to the mat for no cover.
blocks a slam and LAUNCHES Eddie over the top in a backdrop. A big
running dive completely misses Eddie as Chavo jumps too high but it
looked great. Now the fans want Flair because a good match with a
good story isn’t good enough for them anymore. Back in and a bulldog
gets two for the nephew but he takes WAY too long setting up a frog
splash, allowing Eddie to shake the ropes to bring him down. Eddie’s
frog splash misses though but he still blocks a tornado DDT. Chavo
is sent to the floor so he springboards back in for a tornado DDT and
the stunning upset pin.
B. I can’t believe I’m saying
this but this has been an AWESOME show so far with good match after
good match. This was the perfect blowoff to the story with Chavo
showing he was learning the entire time, but not in the way Eddie was
hoping for. He’s gone from a generic cruiserweight to an interesting
character who just pinned a former US Champion clean. Good stuff
here, as has been the case all night.
get the Piper vs. Savage confrontation from Nitro to remind us that
the last hour and forty five minutes of awesome are going to be
brought down into the abyss very soon. Given that there are five
matches left and about an hour to go, things are about to get very
screwy in a hurry.
Title: Booker T vs. Fit Finlay
doesn’t have any elbow pads or gloves on here which is a weird look
for him. There’s an undefined extended time limit over the usual ten
minutes here. Booker sends him into the buckle to start followed by
an awkward looking clothesline. A kick to the face gets two for
Booker but he misses an enziguri, allowing Finlay to hook a leg lock.
Back up and Finlay forearms his way out of a headlock, only to have
Booker come back with a flying forearm for two.
chops put Finlay on the floor but he comes back in to block an ax
kick and go after the leg again. There’s a half crab followed by a
regular crank on the leg to keep Booker in trouble. Finlay slams the
knee onto the apron and wraps it around the ropes for good measure.
Booker comes back with the spinning sunset flip out of the corner for
two, only to have the champion come back with another leg crank. He
wraps Booker’s knee around his neck ala the Brock Lock before going
off to a kind of half Liontamer.
rolls away and just pounds Fit in the head with right hands, only to
have Finlay come right back with a shin breaker and another leg hold.
They head outside again where the referee has to stop Finlay from
getting a chair. The knee is wrapped around the post and Finlay hits
a Vader Bomb for no cover. Instead he yells at the crowd and kicks
Booker’s knee even more but stops to yell at the fans.
comes back with a spinwheel kick and a powerslam before hitting the
ax kick. He spins up so Finlay clotheslines him inside out. The
tombstone from Finlay is countered into an AWFUL looking sequence
where Booker was supposed to backflip into a tombstone of his own,
but instead he fell down and got covered for two. Back up and Finlay
misses a charge into the “post”, allowing Booker to hit a
kneeling piledriver (Finlay was facing forward but Booker dropped to
his knees like a tombstone) for the pin and the title.
D+. And there goes the really
good match streak. The match wasn’t horrible but you can only watch
Finlay lay on Booker’s leg and pull on the ankle so many times in
thirteen minutes. The ending was HORRIBLE too with the sequence
being botched and the ending coming out of nowhere. Also Booker not
selling the knee at all after coming in with a bad knee and having
Finlay work on it for ten minutes was inexcusable. I think everyone
knew Booker would win here after taking the series, which made him
look like a star.
Title: Konnan vs. Goldberg
and Rude are with Goldberg’s dinner tonight. Goldberg is now from
Parts Unknown instead of Atlanta. To say the place has gone nuts is
an understatement. Konnan is easily shoved to the floor and wants to
know what that was. Back in and Goldberg grabs a headlock followed
by a botched roll thru into a legbar. Konnan grabs a rope and gets
two feet up in the corner to stop a charge. Not that it matters as
the spear and Jackhammer make Goldberg 100-0.
match Hennig and Rude turn on Goldberg and join the Black and White.
That’s the best move as neither of the fit with the Wolfpack at all.
Luger and Nash come out for the save.
going to pause for a minute here and recommend that you go do
something else. So far this has been an excellent show with logical
booking, good matches and hard work from almost everyone involved.
No more good can come from the remaining parts of this show. You
would be better off being stuffed inside a bag and beaten with large
wooden clubs. I might recommend going to a blind dentist with
Parkinson’s Disease for a root canal. Or better yet just go watch
the first two hours of this show again. Don’t say I didn’t warn you
if you keep going.
Piper/Randy Savage vs. Hollywood Hogan/Bret Hart
is the real main event though we’ve been promised Savage vs. Piper
post match as a “bonus”. Savage is Wolfpack, Hogan is Black and
White, Hart is technically NWO but never made it official and Piper
is one of the last heroes remaining in WCW. He might be the only one
in the main event picture actually. Sign in the crowd: Savage/Piper
the shock of no one, it’s a stall fest to start. It’s Hogan vs.
Piper to get us going but Roddy spits at Bret. Hogan backs into the
corner so Piper calls time out before jumping him for our first
contact about two minutes in. Hogan gets poked in the eyes and has
his bandana taken off to reveal a bald head. Off to Savage who rams
Hogan face first into the buckle before it’s back to Piper for some
biting and right hands.
hits Piper in the back with the world title to give Hogan control.
Yeah remember the guy that has been beaten up like he’s in a Three
Stooges short is world champion. Bret gets the tag and hits a few
forearms before bringing Hogan back in for right hands. Piper
staggers around and won’t go down so Bret cheats a bit to get him on
the mat. Bret comes back in for a Russian legsweep and the middle
rope elbow for two.
chokes Piper from the apron but Piper comes back with one of the
worst small packages ever. He flails his arms and tags Savage which
doesn’t count for no apparent reason so Hart puts on a front
facelock. Piper makes another tag which doesn’t count due to Patrick
not seeing it, allowing for another double team. Savage comes over
with a chair and puts it on Piper’s chest so Bret’s headbutt hits
hot tag brings in Savage and the pop from the fans pales in
comparison to pretty much any given pop of the night so far. Hart
and Hogan stop Savage pretty easily, only to have Hogan deck Hart by
mistake. Everything breaks down and Savage goes up for the elbow,
only to have his knee give out. Hogan and Piper head outside where
Hogan wraps Savage’s leg around the post. The Sharpshooter goes on
and Savage is done.
F. I would pay big money to be
in the production meetings to hear Hogan and Bischoff explain why
Hollywood should be pushed so hard. These matches aren’t even
acceptable or decent. They’re absolutely horrid with no redeeming
value whatsoever and making the entire promotion look like a joke. I
can’t believe I’m saying this, but Hogan is coming off like the Honky
Tonk Man. He wrestles glorified comedy matches, gets destroyed for
good chunks of them and then survives through some sort of
shenanigan. I knew these matches were bad but I didn’t realize how
horrible they really were.
that wasn’t enough though, IT’S A RODDY PIPER DOUBLE FEATURE!
Piper vs. Randy Savage
still has Savage in the Sharpshooter when the bell rings so Randy is
pretty much done already. Wait or was that the closing bell for the
opening match? Gene comes in to talk to Piper but he helps Savage up
instead, only to have Macho punch Piper. Savage chokes him down and
actually hits the elbow but Piper, superhuman that he is, gets to
kick out at two. The referee gets punched out so Piper hits Savage
low and pokes him in the eyes. A figure four makes Savage quit for
the second time in five minutes with his finisher only getting two in
between. That’ll teach him for getting cheered.
Titles: Sting vs. Giant
if you haven’t been following the Nitro and Thunder reviews leading
up to this, you’re a schnook. Go read them now. Anyway, Sting and
Giant won the belts when Giant joined the Black and White. Sting
turned down an offer to do the same and is in the Red and Black, but
the titles were held up because Giant tried to replace him with Brian
Adams, leading to this match. The winner gets to pick his new
partner to be the tag champions.
smokes a cigarette on the way to the ring to get the fans to boo him.
He blows smoke in Sting’s face in the corner but misses a charge
into the corner, allowing Sting to fire off kicks to the ribs. The
Stinger Splash lands on a boot though and Giant sends him to the
floor. Back in and Sting’s cross body just bounces off of Giant so
he lifts Sting up into a gorilla press, LAUNCHING him face first into
the buckle. That looked awesome.
hit the bearhug for a good while as we’re almost out of PPV time.
Sting bites his way out of the hold and dropkicks the knee out. A
Stinger Splash to the back and one to the front have Giant in trouble
and there’s a slam for good measure. The Deathlock goes on but Giant
easily powers out of it. Instead a Death Drop gets two and Sting
blocks a chokeslam. Another Death Drop gets another two but a Death
Drop from the middle rope is enough for the pin and the titles.
D+. It wasn’t a masterpiece but
this was better than most recent Nitro main events. This felt like a
dark match to send the fans home happy and there’s really nothing
wrong with that. It ends the stupid titles in two camps story and
lets Sting pick a partner later on. In a word, this was acceptable.
B. If you cut out the
tag match and put in ANYTHING else, this is one of the best PPVs WCW
ever put on. Everything ranges between very solid to acceptable at
worst and most of the booking makes perfect sense. That tag match
really hurts it though because it’s just so horrid.
I were booking this show, I would have thought about putting Goldberg
on last. It’s a B-level show and the last match was just less than
seven minutes long and for the tag belts. Make Goldberg vs. Konnan a
five minute match for the US Title and do the Hennig/Rude turn the
next night on Nitro. On top of that it was to make him 100-0. That
would send them home happy. Shockingly good show here though,
embarrassing real main event aside.
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Thunder – June 11, 1998

Date: June 11, 1998
Location: Marine Midland Arena, Buffalo, New York
Commentators: Bobby Heenan, Tony Schiavone, Lee Marshall
Reviewed by Tommy Hall.
at the final show before the Great American Bash and to say WCW is
going through some tough times is an understatement. Their solution to
the sudden rise in popularity of the WWF seems to be focus more on the
NWO war, because clearly the solution is to go back in time. Luckily for
us though this is only a two hour show, so maybe Hogan will only make 5
appearances this time. Let’s get to it.

NWO Black and White are here with some rather good looking women.
that major announcement that we were supposed to get tonight? Naturally
it’s been postponed. At least they got it out of the way early.
We get a clip of Rodman and Hogan attacking Page to end Nitro.
announcers talk about Page but Bischoff cuts them off via the house
mic. There’s an NWO section next to the announcers’ desk where the Black
and White are chilling and Giant and Bischoff have a candlelit table.
Make your own jokes on that one. Anyway, Giant runs down Sting for a bit
and vows to keep both belts on Sunday. Tonight though there’s an open
challenge to any Wolfpack members to face Giant and Bru…..Giant stops
himself from starting a copyright war and calls him the Disciple.
We see Hogan/Rodman complaining about all the money Nash cost him with the powerbombs from Monday.
Cruiserweight Title: Dean Malenko vs. Riggs
takes him down into a front facelock before cranking on the arm with a
variety of holds. A snapmare sets up a chinlock by the champion but
Riggs sends him into the corner and stomps away as Heenan suggests Dean
shifts the patch to the other eye so Riggs can’t see. That’s kind of
brilliant actually. Off to an armbar on the champion before driving his
knee into Dean’s back. Back up and Dean gets two off a sunset flip
before leg lariating Riggs down. A belly to back suplex gets two for the
champion and a vertical edition gets the same for Riggs. He goes up but
gets shaken off, injuring his knee. Cloverleaf and we’re done.
Rating: D+.
The match was fine from a technical standpoint, but Riggs is just
limited in the ring. He doesn’t do anything past really basic offense
and it’s not easy to build a match around that. The biggest move he used
here was a vertical suplex, which is something almost anyone can do.
Nothing to see here but it wasn’t awful.
Video on Goldberg.
Jericho with something to say. He wants Jo Jo Dillon out here right now
to give him the title back but of course JJ doesn’t show up. Jericho
gives him one more hour.
Kidman vs. Juventud Guerrera
Black and White gets up and leaves at the bell. Kidman takes over with a
headlock before things speed way up in a hurry. Both guys jump over
each other until Juvy blocks an O’Connor Roll and dropkicks Kidman out
to the floor. Kidman kicks Guerrera’s knee out and sends him into the
barricade. The Seven Year Itch off the apron crushes Juvy and pops the
crowd a bit before throwing Juvy back in for two.
hit the chinlock from Kidman for a good while until Juvy fights up with
some clotheslines for two. Kidman comes back with something resembling a
German suplex and sends Juvy to the apron, only to have him come back
with a top rope spinwheel kick for two. A powerslam gets the same for
Billy and a short powerbomb gets another two. Back up and Juvy grabs his
namesake driver, setting up the 450 for the pin.
Rating: B-.
Take two guys, let them jump around and dive at each other for seven
minutes, listen to the crowd cheer a lot. This is one of those ideas
that even WCW couldn’t screw up and it worked very well here. Kidman and
Juvy were two of the best in the division but I’m wondering when
they’ll actually challenge for the title.
comes out and says that the Black and White ran on Monday because they
were scared of the Wolfpack. DDP still has an open invitation to join
the team. As for tonight, it’s Luger/Savage vs. Giant/Disciple. Riveting
and Hart have mics down and after Bischoff rambles about power, Bret
offers Benoit a spot on the team. He talks about Benoit’s history with
the Hart Family and thinks Chris would fit in perfectly. That’s a pretty
big jump up the card for Benoit.
Chris Benoit vs. Booker T
is the last match in the best of seven series for a TV Title shot on
Sunday. Benoit stops and glares at Hart who is holding up a t-shirt.
Stevie is with Booker for the entrance here. Benoit starts fast,
pounding away on Booker and getting two off a back elbow to the jaw.
Booker comes back with a kick to the ribs to send the Canadian to the
floor but they head back inside so Chris can elbow him down again.
goes after the knee and cannonballs down onto it as we take a break, a
rarity in WCW for the most part. Back with Benoit chopping away in the
corner before Booker’s knee goes out on a whip across the ring. A dragon
screw legwhip takes Booker down and he puts on a standing leg lock.
Booker fights up and escapes with an enziguri but Benoit pops up with
another chop. Benoit hooks a bridging Indian Deathlock while grabbing
the face before pulling back on Booker’s arms like a reverse backslide.
Naturally, we take a break.
with Booker kicking Benoit in the face and hitting the flapjack before
spinning up. The knee is too banged up though and Benoit slaps on the
rolling Germans for two. The fans are getting WAY into this. Benoit’s
Swan Dive gets two and he stomps away on Booker in the corner but the
referee pulls him away. Bret sneaks in and blasts Booker with a chair
but Benoit won’t cover. The referee starts a ten count on the
unconscious Booker but Benoit stops it at nine and tells the referee
what happened, so that’s a DQ, giving Booker the series and the title
Rating: B.
That’s an interesting ending and a quick way to turn Benoit face again.
I’m glad that they didn’t put him in the NWO here as it’s what everyone
does and maybe we’ll even get Bret vs. Benoit as a result. The match
itself was really good stuff with both guys getting to let it all hang
out in a twenty minute match to close out the series. Best match of the
series by far, which is saying a good deal.
Heenan goes NUTS about Benoit giving up the series like that.
are JJ Dillon and Dean to address the Jericho situation. Dean says that
Jericho demanded the title be vacated….and that’s ok with him if it
means getting his hands on Jericho again. Malenko hands the belt over
and here’s a thrilled Jericho to sing I Am The Champion. JJ says not so
fast my friend, because the title will be on the line on Sunday. Jericho
freaks out but his DAD, former NHL player here in Buffalo, comes out to
call Jericho a whining bellyacher. Chris claims a conspiracy and is
promptly told to shut up so his dad can talk about being a real athlete.
Until Jericho beats Dean in the ring, he’ll never be a champion.
Konnan vs. Scott Putski
pounds away to start but Scott actually kicks him out to the floor.
Back in and Konnan snapmares him down before hitting a seated dropkick
for two. Off to an armbar for a bit before Scott fires back with a
suplex, only to go up and jump into Konnan’s boot. The 187 and Tequila
Sunrise end Putski quick.
Saturn vs. Glacier
this feud hasn’t gone on long enough. Glacier jumps Saturn during the
entrance like Saturn did to him a few weeks ago. After a few kicks from
Glacier, Saturn takes him down with a quick judo throw. Raven and the
riot squad are in the aisle as Glacier hits a snap suplex but Saturn
hits a release northern lights suplex. There’s an STF of all things on
Glacier but Saturn quickly lets go. Back up and another kick to the face
puts Saturn down and more kicks do the same. Lodi has to be kicked off
the apron but Saturn low blows Glacier down as the referee is
distracted. Death Valley Driver hits and we’re done.
Rating: D.
Now never let them fight again. This “feud” is so boring and it’s
mainly because of Glacier. His complaint is stupid, his matches SUCK and
his character is more of a joke than anything else. Why they’re wasting
Saturn on this guy when he could be working with ANYONE else is beyond
match Raven cuts off Saturn’s music and wants Kanyon to come face him
right now. He promises to set Kanyon free but no one shows up. Raven
finally does the smart thing and fires his inept riot squad for letting
him get beaten up so often. Saturn and Raven clean house but naturally,
Kanyon is a member of the squad and lays out Raven before running into
the crowd.
calls out Booker because he’s looked at the tape from earlier. Dillon
doesn’t want the series to end like this and neither does Booker, as the
series had the best matches of his career. He wants Benoit one more
time at the Bash with the winner getting the title match later in the
night. Stevie Ray calls his brother an idiot.
are Eric and Liz to make jokes about Savage’s sexual prowess. Liz
doesn’t think Savage is over her because she left him. The only good
thing about Savage was his checkbook but Eric has an even bigger one.
We see Savage and Piper hitting each other on Nitro.
Disciple/Giant vs. Randy Savage/Lex Luger
have about four minutes of TV time left. The brawl is on quickly with
no tagging at all of course. Giant clotheslines Disciple down by mistake
but Eric pops up and says come get Liz if you want her. Savage goes
after him but Bret and Hogan pop out of the limo for the big beatdown. 
Nash comes in but Giant takes him out, allowing Hart and Hogan to
destroy Randy as the show ends.
Overall Rating: B.
This might have been the best show in the entire series so far. We had
an awesome twenty minute match with Benoit vs. Booker and another solid
one in Juvy vs. Kidman, meaning this was about 400% better than Nitro in
the wrestling department. On top of that they toned the NWO stuff WAY
down and actually advanced stories other than the tag match on Sunday.
Good show here and something WCW was really needing.
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QOTD 52: Basic Cable Classics

Time to talk about movies again! Well, a specific type of movie – the basic cable classic. Movies that are infinitely watchable that you’ve seen countless times on networks like TBS, AMC, TNT, USA, and even Bravo, occasionally.

What are your ‘Basic Cable Classics’? Movies you can watch over and over again? Bonus points if you found them on basic cable.

To qualify as a basic cable classic, in my humble opinion, you (typically) need a couple of things:

1) Process – the movie shows you something cool / interesting while telling a great story – normally through narration. “The Shawkshank Redemption” shows you the inner workings of prison life in a cool way, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” shows you the process of how to properly play hookey, and “Dawn of The Dead” (the remake), gives you several slice of life segments inside a shopping mall while trying to avoid evil zombie folk. “Goodfellas” and “Casino” do the same thing.

This makes these movies easy to watch and enjoy because even if you come in half way through, there’s enough interesting stuff going on.

2) Ensemble – memorable characters are super important, even if they’re not super fleshed out. We remember Brooks and the Warden from the Shawshank redemption, despite them both being relatively two dimensional. Same with Dawn of the Dead – there’s the big angry black guy, the douchey dude with the boat, the guy with the weird ass mustache, the old guy, and the blonde bad ass dude.The Dark Knight had Harvey Dent, Jim Gordon, Alfred, The Joker, and fuckin’ Batman.

Memorable doesn’t always mean ‘good’ but you can point to any number of characters in a basic cable classic with fondness – Charlie Sheen from “Day off”, Joe Peschi from “Goodfellas” and “Casino”, that guy from Star Trek: TNG in “Dawn of The Dead”

3) Watch-ability – Typically basic cable classics focus on entertainment FIRST. While classic and great movies can be slow and a little self-important – to great affect, I don’t think anyone is carving four hours out of their Thursday night to watch “The Tree of Life” or a Goddard film. Goodfellas is an amazing movie, but it’s primary focus is entertaining the audience, versus telling some nuanced and symbolic story.

Thus here are some of my favorite ‘basic cable classics’:

The Dark Knight, The Shawshank Redemption, Dawn of The Dead, Casino, Goodfellas, Ferris Beuller’s Day Off, Limitless, Lethal Weapon 4, The 40 Year old Virgin, X2: X-men United, Iron Man.

Wrestling on the Marquee will have a video series called "When Wrestling was on the Marquee" with 3 hours shows of classic wrestling.  Two reasons I'm posting this:

1) I'm not sure if it has any connection to the posts of the same name made on  If it does, kudos to getting a video series.

2) Many famous wrestlers from the past appear here, from the Fabulous Kangaroos to……Paul Christy?  (Check the 2:30 minute mark for the commentary)

Looks like they got rights to a bunch of footage from Joe Blanchard's territory, which is one of the few not owned by WWE.  You could put that together with some of the public domain Memphis stuff and make a pretty good classic wrestling DVD for cheap, actually.  I'd check it out when it's released.  

Smackdown – November 1, 2013

November 1, 2013
Tampa Bay Times Forum, Tampa, Florida
Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
the first Smackdown after what I thought was one of the best Raws in
a long time. We’re also coming off an eventful PPV which saw Cena
and Orton win the titles, meaning there’s a good chance that Cena is
here tonight. Tonight will probably have a lot more action rather
than the mainly story driven show we got on Monday. That’s exactly
how Raw and Smackdown should work if they’re going to have a single
roster. Let’s get to it.

recap Cena winning the title on Sunday.
Johnny for his first Smackdown appearance in a good while. During
the entrance we look at Sandow’s cash in from Monday where he
actually had me believing he would win. Cena talks about winning the
title on Sunday and says that he and Smackdown are going to get real
close very soon. He sucks up to the Tampa crowd and says the World
Heavyweight Champion is here.
brings out the Real Americans of all people with Colter thanking Cena
for taking the world title from Alberto Del Rio. He says Cena has a
lot in common with the Real Americans such as being a real American
hero and supporting the troops, so Cena should join the Real
Americans. Colter asks Cena to do the WE THE PEOPLE but instead Cena
says you can’t see me. Cena says he sees three dumb people.
looks like Biff from Back to the Future so he should make like a tree
and get out of here. Then there’s Cesaro with his giant swing but
all Cena can see are his giant nipples. That leaves Colter, but Cena
doesn’t have enough time to make all the jokes he needs. Colter
looks like a cross between a drunk Yosemite Sam and the guys from
Duck Dynasty. Cena says the Real Americans are the people in the
crowd because this is the land of the free and the home of the brave,
so everyone can look and sound like anything they want.
tells them to get out of Tampa before violence starts, but here’s a
ticked off Sandow before the Americans can respond. John gets ready
to fight but Sandow calls him a hypocrite. He says you make your own
way in America like he did when he stabbed his best friend in the
back to win Money in the Bank. Cena has been handed everything since
he got back which makes him a false champion. Sandow is still the
uncrowned world champion and his purpose in life is to end the Cena
era in the WWE. The heels get ready to swarm but Cody and Goldust
come in to even the odds. Vickie, tag match, main event.
get a Shield promo talking about how the Usos aren’t contenders and
how they can beat any team on the planet. Roman is about to talk but
Ambrose cuts him off, saying the US Champion and Rollins will prove
Shield dominance tonight. The slow burn split has begun.
vs. Usos
and Ambrose here. This is a result of the Usos helping make the save
on Monday night. Jimmy and Dean get us going but Ambrose is quickly
dragged to the Uso corner for a double back elbow to the jaw. Dean
makes a tag off to Rollins but is easily taken down for a knee drop.
Rollins trips Jimmy down though and stomps away as Shield takes over.
Seth charges into a backdrop over the top and out to the floor, only
to have Ambrose tag him on the way down.
is sent to the floor as well so Roman goes after him. Cue Big E.
Langston to stare him down as we take a break. Back with Ambrose
holding a chinlock on Jimmy before it’s back to Rollins for a running
forearm in the corner. Seth goes to the middle rope but dives into a
right hand, allowing for the double tag off to Dean and Jey.
running Umaga attack in the corner gets a quick two and a jumping
kick to the face gets the same. Rollins comes back in and gets
caught in a spinebuster. A double superkick knocks Reigns off the
apron and as JBL puts it, “WE GOT A FLYING SAMOAN!” Back inside
and Jey dives over Amborse into a rollup for the pin at 6:44 shown of
C+. As usual the Usos are good
for a solid performance in a tag match. Shield continues to have
problems but it could still be awhile before they split. The good
thing about them is you can mix up the combinations to keep the story
going even longer like they did here. Nice match to open things up.
match Shield goes after the Usos but Langston makes the save. Reigns
wants to fight all three of them but Rollins and Ambrose hold him
recap the Shawn/Bryan segment from Raw. I still don’t think Shawn is
coming back for another match but it’s possible. We also look at the
Wyatts attacking Punk and Bryan.
Time Players vs. Wyatt Family
the match, Bray appears on screen and says we live in a world of
false heroism and he has the cure in the palm of his hand. Ashes,
ashes, we all fall down. He stops talking and the Family is in the
ring with Bray in his usual place. Rowan throws Darren around with
ease before standing on his throat and removing the mask.
to Harper for a big boot and a front facelock while rolling around on
the mat. Back to Rowan for a neck crank. Harper comes back in to
knock Titus to the floor and puts on the front facelock again.
Darren finally lunges forward for the tag off to O’Neil who cleans
house. Young and Rowan fight to the floor but Harper scores with the
discus lariat for the pin on Titus at 3:46.
D+. Just a squash here with the
Wyatts getting to look strong before they head into their big feud
with Punk and Bryan. The Players are fine in this role and can move
up to challenge for the titles in a low level program if needed.
Imagine that: actual tiers in the tag team division.
takes Sister Abigail’s Kiss post match.
look back at Kane joining the new regime and surrendering his mask to
Stephanie on Monday.
Miz for MizTV which was supposed to have Shawn Michaels as a guest
but we get WWE Champion Randy Orton instead. Orton says Shawn isn’t
here because Miz is irrelevant and no one cares about his show. He
wants to know why this isn’t a celebration of his 11th WWE
Championship because Big Show violated the previous one. Due to that
knockout, Big Show has been banned from WWE for life. Orton asks Miz
how that makes him feel but hits the RKO before Miz can answer. As
always, Cole makes it sound like Orton asked for more water at
Ziggler shills WWE merchandise.
Twins/Natalya vs. AJ Lee/Alicia Fox/Tamina Snuka
starts with Alicia and quickly takes her down before bringing in Brie
for a Poetry In Motion clothesline. Alicia brings in Tamina for a
nice clothesline to take Brie down as the heels take over. Off to AJ
for a modified dragon sleeper followed by a guillotine choke. Brie
fights out and makes the hot tag off to Natalya who cleans house. AJ
comes back with a quick rollup for two as everything breaks down.
Natalya grabs a quick Sharpshooter for the submission from AJ at
D+. I guess we’ve moved past
the Bellas and onto Natalya now. This is probably going to be the
season finale when someone takes the title from AJ because we need to
make sure book the wrestling show around a reality show. That being
said, I’d take Natalya any day over one of the Bellas.
Raw ReBound covers the end of the show with Orton’s celebration and
Big Show knocking Randy out cold.
get part of a sitdown interview with HHH where Cole reads from David
Otunga’s opinion of Big Show’s lawsuit. HHH gets tired of hearing
about it and bans Big Show from the WWE for life. This would be more
interesting if Cole hadn’t told us this earlier.
Cena/Goldust/Cody Rhodes vs. Real Americans/Damien Sandow
and Cesaro running to the ring like they’re on a battlefield is great
stuff. Cody and Cesaro get us going with Rhodes taking over off a
shoulder block. Off to Goldust with an elbow drop before it’s
quickly back to Cody for a jumping knee to the face. That gets two
as well and everything breaks down. We take a break and come back
with Sandow working on Cena’s arm before handing it off to Cesaro for
the same.
hurricanranas his way out of what looked like a powerbomb, allowing
for the tag off to Goldust. Swagger gets caught by clotheslines and
something resembling Stratusfaction before being backdropped out to
the floor. Back in and Jack hits a shoulder to the knee and Goldust
is in trouble. Cesaro comes in and pounds away before sending Goldie
to the floor for a clothesline by Swagger. Off to Sandow for some
knees to the chest and a near fall. Back to Swagger for a front
facelock as the fans get behind the gold one.
a hard clothesline to take Goldust down and it’s back to Cesaro for a
reverse chinlock. A gutwrench suplex gets two for Antonio and it’s
back to Swagger as we take another break. Back with Cesaro getting
two on Goldust via a suplex and we’re back to another chinlock.
Goldust fights up and drives into the corner for the tag to Cena but
the referee didn’t see it. I love that spot.
Real Americans do their Vader Bomb into the double stomp spot for
another two count. Goldust finally comes back with a quick DDT to
Cesaro but Damien breaks up the hot tag attempt. Sandow’s chinlock
is broken up and Goldust heads to the corner for a jumping back elbow
which mostly misses. The drop to the knees and uppercut staggers
Sandow but he still knocks Cody and Cena to the floor. A powerslam
puts Damien down again and NOW we get the hot tag to Rhodes.
comes in with a springboard dropkick to Sandow followed by the
moonsault press (he’s gotten much better at that move) for two.
Damien counters Cross Rhodes and makes a tag to Cesaro but there
Cross Rhodes takes Sandow out anyway. The distraction lets Antonio
come in for a 31 second Cesaro Swing to Rhodes for two. During the
Swing Cena speared Swagger on the floor so there’s no one for Cesaro
to tag.
second hot tag brings in Cena who initiates his finishing sequence on
Cesaro but the AA is countered into the gutwrench suplex. Cesaro
loads up the Swing on Cena but Cena counters into an STF attempt.
Antonio rolls through and hits Swiss Death, only to have Cody score
with a Disaster Kick to the European. Sandow hits You’re Welcome on
Cody but gets bulldogged down by Goldust. Swagger gets the tag and
suplexes Goldust down before putting Cena in the Patriot Lock. Cena
rolls out and hits a quick AA for the pin at 16:58 shown of 23:58.
A-. If you’re looking for an
old school tag team formula match with a hot ending, go find this
match immediately. Awesome stuff here with everyone looking good and
a great heat segment on Goldust. If there’s anyone out there that
can make someone look like a million bucks better than Cena, I’d love
to see them, as he gave Sandow his best match ever and now made the
Real Americans look competent. Great main event.
B. Not a lot happened
here but after Monday there wasn’t much left to do tonight. This
show is reminiscent of some old In Your House shows: nothing special
for the first parts but them an awesome main event takes up the last
fourth of the show to save most of it. The opening tag match was
decent enough and the other tags weren’t that bad so overall this was
good stuff.
b. Shield – Rollup to Ambrose
Family b. Prime Time Players – Discus lariat to O’Neil
Twins/Natalya b. AJ Lee/Tamina Snuka/Alicia Fox – Sharpshooter to
Cena/Cody Rhodes b. Real Americans/Damien Sandow – AA to Swagger
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QOTD 51: Spirit Animal!

Who’s your “spirit animal”? Pretty much anything that you ‘see yourself’ in. I.E”Socially Awkward Penguin is my spirit animal” “Grumpy Cat is my spirit animal”, “Triple H’s purple tights are my spirit animal”, “Stone Cold Steve Austin’s middle fingers are my spirit animal”, and so on. Feel free to elaborate. 
FWIW, Gene from Bob’s Burgers is my spirit animal.

Let’s Talk About TNA Some More!

Hey, so Dave was talking about the TNA sale on the radio show yesterday (and a bit more in the new WON) and it sounds like everyone's guessing wrong.  He was doing the usual Dave "I can't talk about but we know it's not this" dance routine, but apparently you can eliminate the following suspects:
– The Jarretts
– Viacom / Spike TV
– Eric Bischoff
It's apparently people outside of the wrestling business, so anyone's guess now who wants to buy this company.  I would have bet that WWE would wait until their lowest point and then buy them up for peanuts, but I guess Vince really isn't interested.  So let the money mark guessing game commence!

A+ Match of the Day

I end this work week with the ultimate A+ player, the man with the 24″ pythons and the five…six…how many demandments did we have? Let’s see…training, prayers, vitamins, believe in yourself…believe in Hulk Hogan…wasn’t there a sixth demandment? Fuck I don’t remember.

Anyway here’s Hulk and his old nemesis that left us way too soon, Randy Savage, in an MSG Wrestlemania rematch from 1989. Have a good weekend Blog O’Doomers!

BoD Daily Update

Vince McMahon Unhappy With SummerSlam Numbers

During yeserday’s conference call, Vince stated that they “didn’t buy the attraction” for SummerSlam and that the PPV’s are all attraction driven.


TNA “Tournament of Champions” PPV Airs Tonight,-Nov-1-on-Pay-Per-View

RoH Main Event Changed for This Saturday

Due to Adam Cole suffering a concussion, Jay Briscoe’s first match back with RoH will be against Kevin Steen

The SmarK Rant for WWE NXT–10.30.13

The SmarK Rant for WWE NXT – 10.30.13 Taped from Orlando, FL Your hosts are William Regal & Byron Saxton & Renee Young Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady v. Alexander Rusev & Sylvester Lefort As the announcers note, this is the in-ring debut for Lafort. Surprising, because he looks like someone they’d push the shit out of based on six-pack alone. Rusev wallops Big Cas to start and the crowd wants Enzo. I dunno if Enzo wants that. And indeed, Rusev beats the hell out of him as well, but then turns on Lefort as well before finishing Cas with the camel clutch at 1:33. I’m guessing he’s looking for new management. And once again, the blonde chick is watching him and liking what she sees. This was a total squash for Rusev, as he even beat up his own partner! ½* Aiden English v. Jason Jordan They HAVE to get English on the main roster, like now. This guy is ready for prime time with a gimmick that will instantly get him over. He wrestles Jordan down and applies a sleeper, WHILE SINGING, but Jordan powers out of it into a dropkick for two. English finishes with the Side Effect, now called the Director’s Cut, at 1:20. And then people in the front row throw roses into the ring! This gimmick is AWESOME. On another note, I feel like I should know Jordan from somewhere. Paige v. Summer Rae No title on the line here. Paige tosses her around by the hair, which causes the Mean Girls to freak out and regroup. Back in, Paige clotheslines her on the top rope for two and stomps a mudhole in the corner for two. And we take a break, during which we get a LENGTHY recap of RAW. Um, this show is only 40 minutes this week as it is, do we really need that much filler? If I GAVE a shit about Randy Orton and Big Show I wouldn’t be seeking this show out week after week to give me what RAW doesn’t. Finally we return with Summer in control, pounding Paige down for two. Paige makes the comeback with a dropkick for two, and finishes with the Paige Turner (spinning neckbreaker) at 12:08, much of which was a RAW recap. Emma pre-emptively attacks Sasha Banks to prevent any heel shenanigans, but accidentally lays out Paige in the process. Pretty dull match, but not actively bad or anything. *1/2 I still don’t know why dead weight like Alicia Fox and Aksana are on the main roster but they can’t find anything for Paige to do. Tyler Breeze v. CJ Parker Parker pounds on Breeze to start and gets a suplex for two, and a crossbody that results in shots TO THE FACE. And a headbutt! Doesn’t he realize that Breeze is a model? Airplane spin as the crowd is pretty merciless to Parker, and Breeze bails as we take a break. Back with Breeze in control via a backdrop suplex and some choking, which allows him time to stop for a selfie. There’s always time for a selfie. Parker fights back with clotheslines and a leg lariat for two. The crowd continues to ignore him and cheer for Breeze instead. Breeze with a jawbreaker, but Parker finishes him with the Third Eye (palm thrust) at 10:18. *1/2 The crowd just HATES Parker and it’s probably time to repackage him into something else. The Pulse Even at an abbreviated 40 minutes they were still cramming filler into this show, which isn’t surprising given how thin the roster was thanks to an overseas tour. This was a very skippable episode as a result, but once again Aiden English steals the show.