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A+ Match of the Day

I end this work week with the ultimate A+ player, the man with the 24″ pythons and the five…six…how many demandments did we have? Let’s see…training, prayers, vitamins, believe in yourself…believe in Hulk Hogan…wasn’t there a sixth demandment? Fuck I don’t remember.

Anyway here’s Hulk and his old nemesis that left us way too soon, Randy Savage, in an MSG Wrestlemania rematch from 1989. Have a good weekend Blog O’Doomers!

BoD Daily Update

Vince McMahon Unhappy With SummerSlam Numbers

During yeserday’s conference call, Vince stated that they “didn’t buy the attraction” for SummerSlam and that the PPV’s are all attraction driven.

Credit PWInsider.com

TNA “Tournament of Champions” PPV Airs Tonight


RoH Main Event Changed for This Saturday

Due to Adam Cole suffering a concussion, Jay Briscoe’s first match back with RoH will be against Kevin Steen


The SmarK Rant for WWE NXT–10.30.13

The SmarK Rant for WWE NXT – 10.30.13 Taped from Orlando, FL Your hosts are William Regal & Byron Saxton & Renee Young Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady v. Alexander Rusev & Sylvester Lefort As the announcers note, this is the in-ring debut for Lafort. Surprising, because he looks like someone they’d push the shit out of based on six-pack alone. Rusev wallops Big Cas to start and the crowd wants Enzo. I dunno if Enzo wants that. And indeed, Rusev beats the hell out of him as well, but then turns on Lefort as well before finishing Cas with the camel clutch at 1:33. I’m guessing he’s looking for new management. And once again, the blonde chick is watching him and liking what she sees. This was a total squash for Rusev, as he even beat up his own partner! ½* Aiden English v. Jason Jordan They HAVE to get English on the main roster, like now. This guy is ready for prime time with a gimmick that will instantly get him over. He wrestles Jordan down and applies a sleeper, WHILE SINGING, but Jordan powers out of it into a dropkick for two. English finishes with the Side Effect, now called the Director’s Cut, at 1:20. And then people in the front row throw roses into the ring! This gimmick is AWESOME. On another note, I feel like I should know Jordan from somewhere. Paige v. Summer Rae No title on the line here. Paige tosses her around by the hair, which causes the Mean Girls to freak out and regroup. Back in, Paige clotheslines her on the top rope for two and stomps a mudhole in the corner for two. And we take a break, during which we get a LENGTHY recap of RAW. Um, this show is only 40 minutes this week as it is, do we really need that much filler? If I GAVE a shit about Randy Orton and Big Show I wouldn’t be seeking this show out week after week to give me what RAW doesn’t. Finally we return with Summer in control, pounding Paige down for two. Paige makes the comeback with a dropkick for two, and finishes with the Paige Turner (spinning neckbreaker) at 12:08, much of which was a RAW recap. Emma pre-emptively attacks Sasha Banks to prevent any heel shenanigans, but accidentally lays out Paige in the process. Pretty dull match, but not actively bad or anything. *1/2 I still don’t know why dead weight like Alicia Fox and Aksana are on the main roster but they can’t find anything for Paige to do. Tyler Breeze v. CJ Parker Parker pounds on Breeze to start and gets a suplex for two, and a crossbody that results in shots TO THE FACE. And a headbutt! Doesn’t he realize that Breeze is a model? Airplane spin as the crowd is pretty merciless to Parker, and Breeze bails as we take a break. Back with Breeze in control via a backdrop suplex and some choking, which allows him time to stop for a selfie. There’s always time for a selfie. Parker fights back with clotheslines and a leg lariat for two. The crowd continues to ignore him and cheer for Breeze instead. Breeze with a jawbreaker, but Parker finishes him with the Third Eye (palm thrust) at 10:18. *1/2 The crowd just HATES Parker and it’s probably time to repackage him into something else. The Pulse Even at an abbreviated 40 minutes they were still cramming filler into this show, which isn’t surprising given how thin the roster was thanks to an overseas tour. This was a very skippable episode as a result, but once again Aiden English steals the show.

QOTD 50(?): Halloween Havoc

Happy end of Halloween Blog Otters! I’m on my way to an organ performance at Brown university and figured I’d post this, else miss two QOTDs in a row!

What are you best and worst Halloween adventures? 

I have a few involving sailor Jerry’s, k2 , cops and German chicks but ill save it for a real keyboard

So I’ll post my costume. I’m the king of kings…. Personal band.https://mobile.twitter.com/MeekinOnMovies/status/396121149018349568/photo/1

Impact Wrestling – October 31, 2013

October 31, 2013
Maverik Center, Salt Lake City, Utah
Tazz, Mike Tenay
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
Halloween night and the main story is the TNA World Champion left in
a nice car last week, apparently not wanting to sign a contract and
taking the title with him. Since this is TNA, you can see the
brackets for the tournament being filled out as we speak. I’d assume
we’re heading for a champion vs. champion match because that’s what
WWE did a few years ago and if WWE can do it, TNA can as well, albeit
with more mistakes and stupidity. Let’s get to it.

open with a recap of AJ literally driving away from TNA and Dixie
with the title in hand to end last week’s show.
Dixie to open the show, talking about how she served AJ the world up
on a plate but he just walked away with his nose in the air. From
here on out, AJ is no longer world champion and is just like everyone
else that buys replica belts. The title is officially stripped and
the car is a present to AJ for all his work.
we need a new world champion so we’ll be holding an eight man
tournament over the next few weeks for the vacant title. Seven of
the entrants are former world champions, so here are James Storm,
Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode and
Chris Sabin. Everyone gets a video bio of their accomplishments.
There’s a spot left so here’s Bully Ray to interrupt.
he can say anything though, Dixie announces a gauntlet match for the
final tournament spot. Ray gets in the ring and says he’s been
forgotten but the fans tell him he tapped out. He blames Earl Hebner
and Ken Anderson for the losses, but the lights go out and here comes
Anderson. Ken slowly stomps on Ray in the corner as we take a break.
the break Anderson was taken away by security where Brooke yelled at
her. Bully jumps him from behind and whips Anderson with the chain.
He yells that Anderson is nothing without the club so stay out of
club business.
Bischoff is asked what he thinks of this and says it’s club business.
Knux comes up and says he needs Bischoff’s help in his match
Titles: Bro Mans vs. James Storm/Gunner
challengers jump the Bro Mans in the aisle before Gunner sends Robbie
into the corner to start the official beating. A splash crushes
Robbie and a slingshot suplex gets two. Off to Storm for a double
back elbow and a knee drop to give James a two count. Jesse comes in
and takes a big chop in the corner to mess with his blood vessels.
to Storm who gets two off a back elbow to the jaw followed by Storm
getting the same via the Eye of the Storm. Things break down a bit
with Gunner being sent out to the floor and Storm backdropping Jesse
onto the back of his head. Robbie pulls his partner to the floor to
avoid the Last Call before tripping up Storm on a suplex attempt and
holding the foot down to give Jesse the pin at 4:15.
D+. Not much to see here but
it’s good to have the Bro Mans get a win like this. They’re the kind
of team that is going to have to cheat all the time to keep the belts
and it’s just going to make the reaction even bigger when they lose
the titles. I’m not wild on Storm and Gunner but they’re good enough
for stuff like this.
goes in to see Dixie who is willing to lift the ban on Sting getting
a world title shot for tonight only. He can be in the gauntlet but
has to start first. Sting leaves without saying yes or no.
get a recap of Abyss returning last week, leading to Bad Influence
dressed up as Sherlock Holmes and Watson. They promise to solve the
Abyss mystery and unveil the monster tonight.
Fernum vs. Ethan Carter III
is the guy Carter squashed at BFG and weighs about 104lbs. Carter
tosses him around to start before putting on a standing chinlock.
Fernum comes back with some flying shoulder blocks but can’t knock
Carter down. Norv scores with a missile dropkick but walks into the
bulldog driver (which might be called the 1%) for the pin at 3:10.
D. Yeah it was a squash, but
I’m digging Carter’s character. The turnaround from his character in
WWE is reminding me of Rick Rude when he jumped to WCW. In the WWF
he was a glorified comedy guy but in WCW he was nothing short of a
killer. Carter has gone from Derrick Bateman who was nothing to
Carter who looks solid in the ring and has a great look. Well done
Roode asks the doctor how Angle can be cleared in just a week. He
wants Angle checked again.
Influence run into ODB and Eric, with the latter promising a surprise
for them later.
Battle Royal
starts out with Kazarian as this is over the top only with two minute
time intervals. They start with a WOO off until Sting rams him into
some top turnbuckles. A backdrop puts Kaz down and a suplex does the
same. Kaz comes back with some shots to the ribs but can’t put him
out in the corner. Knux is in at #3 and we take an early break.
Back with Eric Young coming out and no eliminations so far. It’s
been way more than two minutes since the break so screw the clock I
cleans house on the heels and pounds away in the corner as Sting gets
back up. Kaz pulls at the beard to slow Eric down as Taz rips into
Utah and all the wives the people around here have (his words not
mine). Knux tries to put Eric out but he “pulls some of the pubic
hair out” (again Tazz’s words) to escape. Christopher Daniels is
#5 and saves Kaz before he even gets to the ring. Daniels comes in
and pounds away on Eric as Bad Influence takes over. Sting suplexes
both of them down and we take our second break in than eleven minutes
since the opening bell.
with Manik in at #6. They’re clearly not doing anything during the
break as the guys are in virtually the same positions as when the
cameras went off. Manik cleans house and saves himself by
headscissoring Kaz down. No eliminations so far and the ring fills
up even more with Magnus at #7, the last entrant. Magnus cleans
house but gets taken down by a cross body from Knux of all people.
Manik escapes a pumphandle slam and catches Knux in a hurricanrana
for the elimination.
hits a springboard elbow to eliminate Manik a few seconds later.
Tazz says Aces and 8’s suck. Eric goes up but gets crotched down and
kicked in the head by Kaz for an elimination. We’re down to Mafia
vs. Bad Influence with Sting clotheslining Kaz down before Magnus
hits a Snow Plow on Daniels. Sting gets his eyes raked so the double
teaming of Magnus can begin, only to have the Mafia come right back
with a clothesline to eliminate Kaz. Magnus sneaks up on Kaz and
Sting with a double elimination for the win at 19:40. I’m pretty
sure there was no extra action during the commercial though.
C-. This was pretty lame with
just seven people and no real need for the match to go this long.
Magnus winning the way he did extends his heel turn a bit more which
is the right idea, but I can’t picture him winning the tournament to
set up an eventual champion vs. champion match.
has been advised to take the night off but will wrestle anyway.
has a surprise for us later: the Wheel of Dixie.
Title: ODB vs. Gail Kim
spears her down to start and pounds away on the champion in the
corner. A splash sets up a Bronco Buster attempt but Gail bails to
the floor. Gail loads up Eat Defeat on the floor but gets caught in
a fallaway slam instead. ODB looks to go after Gail’s enforcer Lei’D
Tapa but gets dropkicked into the announce table instead. There’s
the Figure Four around the post as Tenay announces Turning Point for
free on November 21.
in and Gail puts on a headscissor choke, only to have ODB counter
into a half crab. Gail gets to the rope but a Thesz Press gets two
for ODB. A front suplex out of the corner puts Gail down but Tapa
distracts the referee. Gail grabs a rollup and a rope for the
retaining pin at 6:25.
D+. I am so over the Knockouts
as a whole. It’s the same five or so girls having the same feuds
with the same dull stories (calling them stories is a stretch. It’s
more like Knockout A is champion and Knockout B wins a contenders’
match) resolved in the same dull matches. Nothing to see here and
ODB continues to get on my nerves.
Influence has solved the mystery of Abyss.
from a break with Daniels and Kaz in the ring to explain their
findings. With British accents, Daniels and Kaz say they’ve figured
out the on again off again monster Abyss. Apparently it’s under the
ring, which is certainly not a ripoff of when Santino dressed up like
Sherlock Holmes and was told to solve the mystery of the Raw GM and
it wound up being under the ring.
a pumpkin under the ring though, which apparently has more brains
than the entire Knockouts roster put together. This brings out Eric
Young dressed as Joseph Park in a decent imitation. He has no proof
that Halloween is a real holiday but it’s the big guy’s favorite
holiday. Eric has a message for bad Influence so he punches them
both, earning himself a beatdown. Abyss comes out for the save and
crushes Bad Influence before helping Young up in the corner.
are the world title tournament brackets.
simple as this sounds, the wheel of Dixie will determine what the
gimmick is for Sabin vs. Hardy. It’s Full Metal Mayhem, which is
basically TLC.
Angle vs. Bobby Roode
would be the third Bound For Glory rematch of the night. Roode was
inducted into the EGO Hall of Fame to mock Angle, but since Angle
declined the induction into the TNA Hall of Fame, the whole thing is
kind of worthless now. Angle takes him into the corner to start but
Roode bails to the floor to escape the ankle lock. Back in and Roode
chops away but gets caught in a belly to belly. Roode bails to the
floor again and has to rake Angle’s eyes to break up another suplex.

from a break with Roode working on the ribs with an abdominal
stretch. Angle escapes and puts on Rolling Germans, getting up to
about five of them this time. Roode fights up but has to escape the
ankle lock. There’s the Crossface but Kurt tries to grab the ankle
lock to counter. Roode rolls back and puts the hold on again, only
to have to let go to escape a cradle and get it on for a third time.
Angle rolls backwards again and puts on the Angle Slam for two but
his shoulder is almost gone.
the ankle lock but Roode rolls through into a cradle for tow. Roode
comes back with an AA into a neckbreaker for a close two as this
starts getting better. Angle gets the ankle lock again with the
grapevine but Roode is too close to the ropes. Roode goes up but
Angle runs up the ropes for the big Angle Slam for two. Angle stops
moving and the match is stopped at 16:23.
B. Good match for the most part
here until the storyline finish, which was again, THE SAME THING WE
SAW AT BFG. Is this company really that creatively bankrupt that
they can’t come up with something else? Like Roode dropping him in
the fisherman’s suplex and Angle being knocked out that way?
ANYTHING else? Good match until the ending though.
is shaking badly to end the show.
C. The show wasn’t bad
tonight but it was yet another rehash of Bound For Glory with over
half the matches being rematches from the PPV. The tournament will
help things out but they need something new to light a fire under
this company. Maybe the changes behind the scenes will help out but
they rarely have before. Not a bad show this week but nothing that
set the world on fire.
Mans b. Gunner/James Storm – Suplex reversal to Storm
Carter III b. Norv Fernum – Bulldog driver
won a gauntlet battle royal last elimination Sting and Kazarian
Kim b. ODB – Rollup
Roode b. Kurt Angle via referee stoppage

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Webseries Plug

Hi Scott. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind giving a shout out to a webseries I co-wrote and directed on the BoD? It’s called Project Hollywood. It’s a comedy, sort of Entourage meets Arrested Development/It’s Always Sunny. The first two episodes are up on www.projecthollywoodwebseries.com, with two new episodes released every Wednesday. People can also find us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/projecthollywoodseries). I think some of your readers will dig it.

~Scotty J

Paul Heyman article

Here is an excellent article describing the on-screen character of the manager, promoter, commentator, et al that we love to hate. Heyman/Dangerously portrays a misogynist to the Nth degree and improves the quality of programming in doing so. While some men shy away from his true distaste for women in prominent roles women despise the character to the core. That, to me, is what makes Paul Heyman a fascinating player on the wrestling stage. Enjoy! https://medium.com/p/311b4cd1d4f9

NXT – October 30, 2013

October 30, 2013
Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
William Regal, Renee Young, Byron Saxton
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
still in the Abu Dhabi era, meaning it’s still time for the lower
level guys to shine on this show. That opens up a lot of doors as
it’s hard to tell what the show is going to focus on. The strength
of NXT has always been its ability to put the focus on anything at
any time though, so hopefully this show holds up well. Let’s get to

Amore/Colin Cassady vs. Alexander Rusev/Sylvester LeFort
and Big Cass think LeFort and his Legionnaires are just like chicken
tenders: SAWFT! I believe this is Sylvester’s in ring debut and the
guy is in great shape. Rusev plows through Cass to start and hits a
standing splash (think Vader) before pulling Enzo in as well.
Sylvester wants a tag but Rusev runs him over as well before beating
Cassady with the Accolade at 1:33.
mysterious blonde comes back to look at Rusev.
Raw ReBound is the big ending segment where Big Show returned after
that whole two weeks away to have his life ruined.
English vs. Jason Jordan
does his song on the way in and Regal admits to having a mancrush on
him. Jordan jumps him to start as Renee lists off his other athletic
accomplishments. For some reason they’re much easier to listen to
coming from her than Cole or JR. Off to a sleeper with English
singing a lullaby. Jordan fights up and gets two off a dropkick,
only to get caught in the Director’s Cut (sitout cobra clutch slam)
for the pin at 1:44.
gives us an encore and has roses thrown at him.
look at Corey Graves beating Adrian Neville last week and attacking
him post match.
congratulates Corey for last week but it’s just the beginning since
Corey went after Adrian’s livelihood.
on the Abu Dhabi tour.
vs. Summer Rae
Paige stars fast by throwing Summer around by the hair and out to
the floor. Summer avoids a baseball slide but hides behind Sasha to
stop Paige’s momentum. Back in and Paige gets two off a sunset flip
as Regal continues to awkwardly hit on Renee. Regal snaps back into
reality as Paige uses a headbutt, thrilling the Brit. Sasha tries to
interfere and gets thrown out as we take a break. Back with Summer
sending Paige to the apron and having her legs swept out from
underneath her to give Summer control.
head back inside with Rae hooking a leg lock as Regal talks about
some old girlfriend of his coming to Orlando next time. Renee goes
into girly mode and Saxton reminds them that he’s here. Paige fights
up and hits a standing cradle DDT for two. Some clotheslines put
Summer down and a running dropkick does the same. Summer comes back
with a nice spin kick to the face for two of her own, only to get
caught in a quick Paige Turner for the pin at 6:12 shown of 9:12.
C-. Not bad here as I wonder
why Summer didn’t have this match with Natalya on Monday. She’s more
than capable of having decent matches like this but I was bored out
of my mind from her Raw stuff. This was good enough but they need to
mix things up with the title as Paige has held it for months now.
match Banks comes back and beats down Paige until Emma makes the
save. Emma stomps away on Sasha in the corner and accidentally
blasts Paige as the champ goes after Banks as well.
Breeze says it’s time to send CJ Parker back to the streets where he
Harper vs. Kassius Ohno and Rusev vs. LeFort next week.
Breeze vs. CJ Parker
chases Breeze around the ring before sending him face first into a
buckle. A nice suplex gets two for CJ and a cross body out of the
corner gets the same. Apparently there’s a small community in
southeast Asia that worships Breeze’s hair. I’m not sure why but
that cracked me up. Parker hooks an airplane spin of all things
before headbutting Breeze down. He loads up a big palm strike but
Breeze bails to the floor as we take a break.
with Parker suplexing Breeze down but getting caught in a quick
powerbomb out of the corner. Breeze stomps away but stops for a
picture. We hit the chinlock for a bit before Tyler goes up and gets
slammed down. Parker hits some shots to the face and a side kick for
two before the Third Eye (palm strike) gets the pin at 7:50 shown of
D+. This didn’t do it for me.
Breeze is great but Parker is just flat out boring in the ring. I
know we’re supposed to get behind him due to the hair cutting thing
last week but at the end of the day there’s nothing to him at all.
The fans there don’t like him and I can’t say I disagree with them at
match Parker goes for Breeze’s hair but Tyler bails to end the show.
D+. If this is as bad
as NXT gets, I can certainly live with it. There wasn’t much here
but Aiden English is always fun and I can tolerate looking at Summer
and Paige for ten minutes if you force me to. This was just a filler
episode and that’s fine all things considered. Not a great episode
but like I said, if this is as bad as it gets, that’s not bad.
Rusev/Sylvester LeFort b. Colin Cassady/Enzo Amore – Accolade to
English b. Jason Jordan – Director’s Cut
b. Summer Rae – Paige Turner
Parker b. Tyler Breeze – Third Eye
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A+ Match of the Day

Steve Austin and the Undertaker had weird chemistry for being two A+ guys that often crossed each others paths. The matches ranged from solid, but not memorable to flat out boring. It seemed like Summerslam 1998 was when they were aiming for their classic but Austin got concussed real early in that match and needed ‘Taker to guide him through.

Well this isn’t that match but rather their 2001 encounter with Austin in full-blown heel mode.


RF Video Shoot Interview with Ricky Steamboat

This was filmed in 2001 and has a run time of two hours and twenty-five minutes

He got started in wrestling while attending junior college. He was going to transfer to the University of Tampa in order to pursue a degree in teaching. He always wanted to be a Physical Education teacher. When he met with a guidance counselor, he was told that there was a 3-5 year wait to get a job in Florida due to the fact that a lot of coaches from the North would move down and get a job a few years before their retirement and the schools wanted experienced teachers. His girlfriend at the time moved to Minnesota and became roommates with Verne Gagne’s daughter, Donna. He said that one night, his girlfriend was invited to Verne’s house for dinner and his daughter Donna told her that Ricky was a good wrestler, as they were talking a lot at the time. Apparently, Verne heard of Steamboat’s real name, Richard Blood, through Eddie Graham from the time Steamboat wrestled his son, Mike. Ricky said that the old-time promoters always paid attention to amateur wrestlers. Verne then contacted Ricky and asked for a resume.

When asked who helped train him, Steamboat said that the Iron Sheik was instrumental in training him. Billy Robinson would pass through and stretch the guys out on occasion but most of the camp consisted of exercising.

When the camp started, there were 16 guys. After two weeks, only four remained. Besides Steamboat were Chad Nelson, Scott Irwin, and Buck Zumhoffe.

His first territory was the AWA. he only worked there for eight weeks then went down to Florida and worked for Eddie Graham. He only stayed there for a few months. From there, he met up with Jim Barnett and ended up working in Georgia Championship Wrestling in 1976 after he asked him repeatedly for two months.

He tells a story about the booker at that time in Georgia, Tom Renesto (The Assasin), and how he was told that he was going to get a push and work with Dick Slater. He put over Slater one week then the following week he was at TV then told that they were not going to start the program until the following week and that continued for a while.

Still talking about Georgia, he says that Dean Ho helped him out a lot. In the territory, they would work six days a week and have Sunday’s off. Dean would have a barbecue every Sunday with him and his wife. Steamboat said that he kept to himself most of the time.

After Georgia, he went to work in the Carolinas. Steamboat said that he was doing opening matches for the first six months there and is unable to recall who he was wrestling at the time. He then said that Ric Flair went to Jim Crockett and asked to work a program with him. At the time, Flair was the Television Champion.

In regards to Flair, Steamboat says that he doesnt keep in touch with him as much but that he can still go in the ring. He also talks about Flair’s partying for a bit but does not go into details. He then says that he owes his career to Flair as that was when he started to get popular.

Steamboat is asked about his work ethic, especially the 45-60 minute long matches. Steamboat said that he wanted to go at least 30 minutes a night as being in the ring was his time. He says that he cannot tell a story in just 20 minutes. He then talks about guys would get into shape before they worked a program with him.

He is asked about Roddy Piper. Steamboat said that he was crazy and wouldnt back down from anything. He also said that Piper was an incredibly loyal friend.

Steamboat says that Jim Crockett tried to project that he knew about the business but did not have a foothold on the business the way that Vince McMahon does. He said that Crockett was easily persuaded by others.

When asked about Harley Race, Steamboat said that he was loved going to Japan. Steamboat said that he did 12 tours of Japan and most of them were with Race. Steamboat said that if Race respected you, he would take care of you in the ring. Steamboat also puts over his strength and said he never went to the gym and recalls a time that Race picked him up from the apron with one hand and pulled him back into the ring.

Next, Steamboat is asked how he got teamed up with Jay Youngblood. They were paired up in 1978 when they used to ride together then came up with the idea to become a team then pitched the idea to Crockett. At the time, Crockett wanted Steamboat to say as a singles wrestler to work with the heels. He puts over their matches against Flair & Greg Valentine, Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernodle, and the Brisco Brothers. Steamboat then says while the general public will probably state that their favorite Steamboat match was his WrestleMania III match with Randy Savage or his matches against Ric Flair in 1989, his were his tag matches agaisnt the teams mentioned above.

Steamboat is asked about his retirement match against Sgt. Slaughter in 1982. He said that it was a build-up for a cage match with him and Youngblood against Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernodle and that had the stipulation if Steamboat lost, the team would have to split up and he would have to retire. Steamboat and Youngblood won that match. He then said that they were ahead of their time with the stipulations and puts over George Scott as a booker.

When asked about Ole Anderson, he calls him a “real hardnose” and that there was no gray area with him. He says that he was an okay guy.

Back to Japan, Steamboat says that his mother was Japanese and that the fans there took to him as a fae. He said that all of the Japanese were faces and that the Americans were heels but he was a face. He also said that the heels were happy to work against him as he was nowhere near as stiff as the Japanese guys. He talks about the brutal travel schedule in Japan and tells a story of how he took several different forms of transportation totaling sixteen hours in order to work a spot show.

He is asked about any road stories while in the Carolinas. He laughs for a bit then tells a story about the Brisco Brothers. He said that they loved to drink but that Gerald always drove and one several occasions, he would drive well past their destination and would keep driving until he ran out of gas. When that happened, Gerald would go walk to get gas and Jack would end up locking the car and go back to sleep. One time, Gerald came back to the car and had to get in so he could open up the gas cap but the car was locked and Jack was sound asleep. Gerald then banged on the window a dozen or so times, with Jack’s head bouncing off of it as he was asleep, before Jack awoke.

Steamboat is asked about Tully Blanchard. He called him a hard worker but said that he had an attitude problem back then and said that Tully himself would probably agree (Tully confirmed this on his shoot interview). He joked that sometimes you felt like slapping the shit out of him due to how he acted.

Now, Steamboat is asked about working a few shows up in the Northern cities. This had Steamboat talk about different styles then said how all of the mechanics (moves) were the same but that the differences are how people sell, get heat, and timing of comebacks.

Steamboat is asked how the territory changed when Dusty Rhodes became the booker. He said that he left as he saw the writing on the wall as Rhodes was a babyface and had the pencil. He was working a program with Tully and that he would have a time limit on which he could win the Television Title off of him and that he would beat him in 25 minutes but he could only win the title if he beat him in 20 minutes. They kept extending the time limits but he would never get the title and it did not get over with the fans. After a match in which Steamboat went 47 minutes with Tully, Dusty proceeded to beat Tully in 12 and Steamboat started to work with Nikita Koloff, who was fairly new to the business. Steamboat knew that they were building up to Dusty vs. Nikita and that George Scott was booking in the WWF at the time and decided to make the jump.

Now, Steamboat is talked about the differences between WWF and NWA. He said at first, everyone thought that flying instead of driving would be great but after a while, they got sick of the planes as they had a lot less freedom.

He is asked is initial thoughts about Vince McMahon. Steamboat talks about how Vince ended the old handshake deals of the past about not running TV in another territory’s market. He said that he liked him too.

Steamboat now talks about his feud against Don Muraco. He said when he saw him in Florida, he was 228 lbs and looked like a Polynesian God but when he faced him in the WWF, he was up to 280lbs and sometimes hit the 300lbs mark. He said that Muraco would blow up in the ring and looked on the verge of dying but would take every bump and be in the right spot at all times. Muraco would be hungover from the night before and would sometimes have vomit hanging off of his mouth.

At this time, Steamboat addresses his matches against Randy Savage. Steamboat said that Savage was a detailed guy and would spend a lot of time with you before the match and then give you some offense if he liked you but if he did not, he would go out there and take everything he could. He then said that Savage was detailed to the point that he would write down each step and for step one would actually go ahead and write “lockup,” which Steamboat thought was ridiculous as every wrestler would start out by doing that. Steamboat said that he had a spiral bound notebook with each step written out, with as much as 285 steps. They would meet in their hotel rooms and go over the matches the night before. He said that while Andre and Hogan sold the show, he told Savage that they should go out and steal the show. He mentioned that they had 22 nearfalls in a sixteen minute match that the fans were going nuts for the whole time.

Steamboat now compares his matches against Ric Flair to the ones he had with Savage. He said that they went into a 57 minute two-out-of-three falls match just knowing the three finishes and that they would call the rest in the ring. For that reason, he said that he liked his matches against Flair the best.

When asked about his relationship with Hogan, Steamboat said that it wasnt much and cannot recall a single time in which they ran into each other outside of an arena. He said that while Hogan stayed at the finest hotels, he was staying at the Red Roof Inn type of places in order to save money.

He is asked why his team with Jimmy Snuka did not get pushed. Steamboat said that he did not even know why they were teamed to begin with. He didnt say much other than that but for what it’s worth, multiple wrestlers who were in the WWF at this time stated that Snuka’s drug use was really out of control at the time.

Steamboat said that he realized WrestleMania was a huge deal during WrestleMania III. He said that the first one was more localized and that he didnt like WM2 as they had to fly to Australia that same night. He said that he wrestled Hercules Hernandez, who really wanted to try hard and have a good match that night but ended up having an anxiety attack and froze up in the ring. Steamboat said it was like wrestling a pole.

When asked about the drug use in the locker room, Steamboat said that it was used and that he would be lying if he said that he never dabbled in drug use himself, stating he took a “little bit” of speed a few times when he was run down due to their brutal schedule so he could work a match.

In regards to the Honky Tonk Man, Steamboat said that he was an okay guy but was sad that he had to drop the Intercontinental Title to him. Steamboat then reveals that he was originally promised that he was going to have the belt for the year but that Vince had to have the belt defended at house shows. Steamboat said that he just wanted a few weeks off for the birth of his son and that he defensively told Vince that they only wrestled in major cities once a month so why couldnt the belt be off the road for a few weeks? Steamboat then goes on to say how he never had a problem doing a job and that having a good match was the most important thing. He thought the Honky Tonk Man character was hokey but he worked his ass off. He also said that they had several others heels that had been with the company for a while who also worked their asses off who were upset that they were passed over for the belt.

Steamboat said that his realtionship with Vince was damaged after that. He also said that he was really down after coming off of his match with Savage at WrestleMania, he dropped the belt. He said that his feelings were hurt after that too and his outlook on Vince changed.

He loved working with Jake Roberts and calls him a great worker with excellent timing.

He is then asked how he wound up going back to WCW. Steamboat says that he came back after a six-month break in December of 1987. At WrestleMania IV, he was part of the tournament to crown the new WWF Champion. He first saw the brackets and saw that he was facing Valentine in the first round then figured that he would win and face Savage in the second round and return the favor by jobbing to him as everyone knew that Savage was winning the belt. Steamboat said that Chief Jay Strongbow came up to him and told him that he was going to be eliminated in the first round. He also said that his wife went out to the concession stands and found that he did not have any merchandise out at all then thought that Vince was making an example out of him for taking time off and that was when he decided to leave for WCW.

Steamboat is asked if had something to prove during the Chi-Town Rumble and he said that he might have wanted to show the fans that he still had it but that was about all.

After he dropped the belt to Flair, he thought that he was going to have some re-matches with Flair and had no idea that Funk was coming in to challenge for the belt. Steamboat then said that he had no ego in regards to his stance in the company about being the number one babyface. He said that he was happy that he would usually have the best match on the card that night.

He liked the Great Muta but said that he wanted to go 90mph all the time, which Steamboat did not want to do all the time as he wanted to save stuff for the end of the match. Steamboat then goes back to his WWF days and tells a story how he wrestled the second to last match on the card against Randy Savage in Chicago, with Paul Orndorff and Hogan as the main event. Well, Orndorff and Hogan were late and on a jet as they worked at the Nassau Coliseum that day. Blackjack Lanza was the agent and told them that they did not know when Orndorff and Hogan were arriving and said that when he came out and put his pencil in his mouth, they had to wrap up the match. He said that the referee saw him standing there and that they ended up going 52 minutes that night. He said after the match, he collasped on the floor, as was Savage. He said they were blue due to a lack of oxygen.

When asked about Terry Funk, Steamboat said that he would stiff you but when it was your turn on offense, he would let you unload on him. He is asked about Lex Luger and grabs a lamp post and says that working with that is what it’s like working with Lex. He said that he would help him and basically tell him what do during their matches as it happened. He said that Luger had no clue how to work as a heel but that Luger himself actually thanked him for helping him out. Steamboat said that he didnt know Sting much at all as he kept to himself but that he was cordial towards him in the locker room.

Steamboat is now asked about his WWF return and if he was against the fire blowing gimmick. He said at that time, Vince had an art lady who would draw up costumes as that was what Vince wanted at the time. Steamboat said that the costume looked cool on paper but the tail weighed a lot. He said orignally, he was only supposed to do the fire blowing gimmick at the big shows but that Vince loved it and convinced him to do it every night. Vince actually sent him to a guy in Florida to did fire-swallowing for the Carnival to learn and the guy turned out to be a huge fan of his. Steamboat tells a story of the guy showing him the trick on a windy day and that the wind shifted and blew the fire into his face and he was running around trying to put it out. Steamboat, who was with Bruce Prichard at the time, turned to Prichard and said that he was not going to do this but he eventually learned and did it safely each time.

He is asked if he felt insulted working opening matches and Steamboat said that he was. Steamboat said that he met with Vince at his house and they shook hands and buried the hatchet. Vince also promised Steamboat a main-event spot but told him he wanted to start him off slow and build him back up and that it would take three months. Steamboat said that after three months, he asked Vince about a program and he was told it would happen at the next TV but it never did and lasted for ten months until Steamboat landed in a town somewhere in the midwest and called up the office and gave his two weeks notice.

On the subject of Shawn Michaels, Steamboat said that he was surprised that he became the top guy in the company but thought that he ended up pulling it off. He called Rick Rude a hard worker but was very opinionated and that he was usually only looking out for himself.

Steamboat is asked about the rumor that he quit the WWF after refusing to job for the Undertaker. He said that his last show, a TV taping,  they wanted him to do a stretcher job for both the Irwin R. Schyster and the Undertaker and he said no. Steamboat said that he would job in the ring but if he did a stretcher job in the first hour then later on in the taping did another one, what would the fans think. Vince told him that if he did not do a stretcher job, he would be fired on the spot.

He wound up back in WCW after he called them up. He teamed with Dustin Rhodes and Steamboat puts him over as a hard worker and thinks that he wanted to prove himself because of his dad.

Steamboat said that Bill Watts respected him and wanted the heels and faces to be separate at all times, even during flights or at the gym. When traveling to cities that had multiple flights, he would try to have the heels go on one plane and the faces on the other.

He is asked about several other workers. Steamboat loves Arn Anderson, saying that he would help you out in a minute. He also calls Arn a great finish guy and said he was a great worker. He also puts over Cactus Jack as a great guy, both outside and inside of the ring. He loved working with Brian Pillman and Steve Austin. Steamboat recalls a story while wrestling at a small house show in Northern Georgia against Pillman & Austin while teaming with Douglas, an announcement was made that if you want to make it home, leave now because a blizzard is coming. They did not know about the announcement as the locker room was in a dark basement and when they came out to the ring, only twelve people were left in the crowd that was sold out and they were all from the same family. Their house was across the street from the building so they stayed. They ended up wrestling for 40 minutes and had a blast. He said that they mixed in comedy spots in their too and had a blast.

When asked how he became teamed up with Shane Douglas, he didnt know but said that Shane always tried to learn from him and that he was an intelligent guy. They still keep in touch today and occasionaly have dinner.

Steamboat then says that he has few guys in wrestling who will always be there for him including Shane, Arn, Nikita, and Flair.

He liked Vader and thought he had a big heart but said that he was stiff in the ring. Steamboat also said that he cant blame him for being a little stiff as he played in the NFL and to play at that level, you needed to have that edge and he would get wrapped up in his matches and start to really lay into you.

About his last match in WCW against Steve Austin, he said that he hurt his back and had two months left on his contract yet WCW decided to terminate him anyway. He said that guys came up to him and couldnt believe that he was fired as he gave his all and was a decent guy yet there were others who were hurt for several months and nasty in general that still got paid to sit home.

Steamboat is then asked if he could come back and work a match today. He said that he could but not the same way he used to wrestle and could only take a limited amount of bumps. He would love to work with Flair and thinks after a few weeks of training, could work an hour-long match with Flair although at a much slower pace.

He talks about Teddy Long and how he still keeps in contact with him. He also says that Teddy calls him every Christmas. Steamboat says that Teddy thanks him for telling management that he should be a manager when he was a referee for the NWA. Steamboat says that he is not sure if he even was the reason that Teddy got that into the role.

On the current product, Steamboat says that he feels for the new guys in the business today when it is all geared towards TV and PPV and all of the matches are short. Without working long house show matches, you cannot get a feel for psychology and without territories, there is nowhere to practice and learn. He brings up a seminar that he is conducting and said that he asked a lot of guys what to do in certain situations and they are lost as what do to. Steamboat really shows off how much he knows about psychology and stresses once again that all of the moves are the same but it is the body language and movement that makes it special. From that, he said that a card is varied and that they all portray different characters and sell moves in different ways.

When asked about the Rock, he said that he doesnt know him personally but is doing a great job. He calls Steve Austin a hard worker.

He is asked about his son being a fan of wrestling and he said no but loves watching NASCAR. Steamboat also adds that his son’s friends all watch and cannot believe that he doesnt because he is a wrestler.

Steamboat says that he doesnt really watch much today but will stop and watch when he sees Rock, HHH, and Austin on TV.

Now, he is asked about guys who we thought should have made it bigger. He brings up the Guerrero’s, specifically Chavo Sr. and Eddie.

About working as a heel, Steamboat said that he wanted to work heel during his second WWF run as for once, he wanted to tell someone in the crowd to shut up and sit down. He said that Pat Patterson told him that he could cut off Bret Hart’s head with a chainsaw and that wouldn’t work as a heel. He also told Steamboat to never work heel as it would hurt his career.

He says that he has no regrets about the business.

When asked about good rib stories, he says that Mr. Fuji would put super glue on door handles and one time in the 70’s in the Carolinas, Fuji wrapped a chain all around a car and put an M80 on the distributor so when the car started, it would blow up. He then tells a story of how Johnny Valentine did a really bad rib when crapped in someones bag then put lighter fluid in Harley Race’s inhaler. After that, Race came back with a gun and shot holes into Valentine’s bag.

He closes by stating he will never forget his fans and the support that they gave him and will never, ever turn down an autograph or photo from them. He thanks them for evverything that he has then tells a story of a fan named George Silva. He wrote a letter and sent a picture of how when he was 15 years old and at an autograph session, he was at the back of the line and after the time was up, Steamboat said that he was going to stay and sign for everyone. In the letter, he said that he was going to try to make the seminar and that he showed up and went they met, Steamboat pulled out the picure and gave him an autograph.

Final Thoughts: After a really slow start, the first 20-25 were dreadfully boring, it ended up turning out to be a decent shoot. I felt like shutting it off at the beginning to tell you the truth. Steamboat also speaks slowly and relaxed so that ould also turn people off. Steamboat did not have an agenda here and seems to appreciate everything wrestling has gotten him. However, you could tell that he was still bitter about losing the Intercontinental Title and the way he was booked in his last WWF run, despite saying at one point in the interview that he did not have a problem jobbing to someone clean in the ring. The part about the stretcher job I can see it from his perspective about the fans at the building not buying him coming out after being stretchered out only to have it happen again but at the same time, they were television tapings and the fans are seeing them a week apart. In closing, I give this a mild recommendation but would not blame you if you tuned out early.

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I think that we need a good old fashioned GOAT thread, so that we can talk about great wrestlers, who still aren’t A+ wrestlers.
And by “talk” I mean yell at each other a bunch.  It’s pretty fun.

Have at it.  

“We Want Flair!”

Hey Scott,

Do you think the Daniel Bryan situation plays out similar to a Ric Flair scenario where the fanbase vocally starts chanting for him during any segments with Randy Orton and Big Show? Would it possibly culminate in the proposed Randy Orton/Big Show Survivor Series match just getting bludgeoned with “We want Bryan” chants?
-Vintage Gamer

You might want to ask Zack Ryder how well that worked out for him.   WWE doesn’t care what the fans want unless it overlaps with their own desires.  

HBK question

Hi Scott, 
A few months ago you insisted that you still think Shawn Michaels will one day return to the ring. In this week's RAW review you said you doubt that this Daniel Bryan business will lead to a match between them. If putting over his protege isn't a good enough reason for Shawn to work a match, what would be? Do you think he's still holding out hope that the Rock will work with him?

According to the latest WON, Shawn is still vehemently denying that he's going to wrestle again, but people who know him think he's working Wrestlemania.  In which case, Daniel Bryan going over him in a show-stealing ****+ match would mean way more than winning the title again.  I think it would be a worthwhile cause for Shawn, as long as it's not some goofy variation like Evil D-X v. Punk & Bryan in a match where the loser gets pooped or something.