Wrestling Observer Flashback–08.29.88

Hope everyone enjoyed Shitload of Questions Saturday here on the blog!  Of course I got another 10 questions in the inbox by the time the afternoon was done.  Much like Monopoly, it’s a game that no one can win.

Maybe Sunday will also be Shitload of Questions Sunday!  For the moment, however, let’s go back to 1988 again for our weekly Observer fix.

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–08.15.88

But first, a letter!

Hey Scott,
So the latest observer flashback you mentioned Ric Flair was a rumoured to debut in Summerslam. Let’s have some fun fantasy booking , he makes his debut, then what happens? I feel they already were set on Hogan/Savage at Mania,so would he just been slotted in the Bossman role in the autum n/Survivor Series,but then what? I really not sure how he fits in that time period besides joining the Heenan Family.

Good question.  But given that Dusty was going to be a free agent by the end of the year, we could have ended up with a double main event of Hogan/Savage and Dusty/Flair for Wrestlemania!  Like, holy shit!

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–08.01.88

This is the extended obituary issue for Bruiser Brody, which is a really interesting history of the wrestler but not much for news, so this will be a quick one otherwise.

– Actual numbers for the Bash PPV, which in fact did between 350,000 – 400,000 buys.  That sounds REALLY high, but just shows how impressive the PPV market used to be.  That’s with a “universe” of 10 million homes, assuming a 4% buyrate.  Outside of WWF shows and some boxing, this makes the Bash the highest-grossing PPV in the short history of the medium.

– A Japanese paper is reporting that the TBS purchase of the NWA happens within 60 days, with Jack Petrick overseeing the merger and Dusty Rhodes left in control of the promotion. 

– Jerry Lawler and Kerry Von Erich have been doing “unification” matches in the Memphis area, typically ending with Kerry piledriving him for the DQ because a piledriver is illegal.  However, the World Class title is supposed to change hands on a DQ (really? I thought it was just countouts?) so someone dropped the ball on the booking.  Rematches will be no-DQ, there must be a winner matches, so Dave wonders how they’re going to get out of those ones. 

– Verne Gagne is planning “WrestleRock III” from the Metrodome in November, to be shown on PPV with 50,000 people in the stadium and ZZ Top playing a concert.  There is literally no part of that statement that didn’t turn out completely false.

–   DJ Peterson and Curt Hennig are both coming into the WWF.  I recall Peterson’s stay being extremely short-lived, like doing some house show jobs.  Hennig has a strong chance of not happening because he already agreed to terms twice previously and then burned Vince by staying with the AWA. 

– Hercules sliced his arm open taking a table bump in a match with Ultimate Warrior at a TV taping and needed 76 stitches.  Hopefully he’s got some kind of magic medical serum to help his muscle heal faster.  Apparently both guys have heat for smashing TV monitors in the process, which isn’t surprising because they’ve been seemingly using those same damn monitors since 1987 to save money.

– Dean Malenko has retired from wrestling and is working the counter for an airline.

Light news week this time around, but the Brody bio is well worth reading.

Observer Flashback: Jan 1988

The Observer site actually posted the Royal Rumble 88 issue of the Observer today because of the Rumble, which is interesting because previously 1991 was as far back as they’ve gone.  And I just can’t resist going through the newsbites and reports, back when Dave was much more gung-ho about giving opinions and snark…

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