What ya gonna do brother…

“What if time” mofos.  This is geared mostly for the old school heads and the wrestling historians we have here on the BoD.  I’ve read everything I can on this topic, but since I was 1 at the time, I ask this question mostly out of ignorance…

What if Hulk Hogan chooses to stay with the AWA in 1983?  

Things to consider:
– Is Vince still successful in going national without Hogan?

– Was WWF the dominant territory promotion at the time, and was expansion inevitable with or without Hogan?

– Most interesting to me, who does Vince choose to be the face of the expansion if Hogan is not around?

– Is the first WM as successful without Hogan?

Fun fact: Wikipedia claims Vince wanted Hogan to color his hair red upon his original WWF stint.

Like I said, I ask this question mostly out of ignorance so will digress to you guys.

Fwd: Extreme Rising vs. TNA

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Extreme Rising owner Steve O’Neill revealed the changes within the company over the past year, specifics on the TV deal, and how competitive he views TNA.


John Corrigan

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What the World Was Watching: Monday Night Raw – February 2, 1998

by Logan Scisco

D-Generation X
gives a special report, with WWF Champion Shawn Michaels and Triple H breaking
down what language they will use on different parts of the show.  Michaels parodies President Clinton by saying
that he was “up all night” with his intern.
Jim Ross, Kevin
Kelly, and Michael Cole are doing commentary and they are live from
Indianapolis, Indiana

D-Generation X
comes out, with Shawn Michaels and Triple H dressed like Uncle Sam.  Red, white, and blue balloons fall from the
rafters and DX is holding signs calling for a match between Steve Austin and
Mike Tyson.  They lead the crowd in a
“let them fight” chant before Austin comes out. 
Austin says he didn’t win the Royal Rumble to fight Tyson, he won it to
fight Michaels for the title.  Michaels
does not respond on the mic, which is unusual, and Austin carefully walks out
of the ring and flips Chyna off.  You
could cut the tension between Austin and Michaels with a knife in this segment
and that’s the sign of a great build.  1 for 1
Call 815-734-1161
to get your RAW is War varsity jacket for $199.99 (plus $21 shipping &
handling).  Now I remember why I never
got one of those…
Opening “King of
Hardcore” Contest:  Cactus Jack and
Chainsaw Charlie wrestle to a no contest at 8:16 shown:
Before the match, a clip of Jim Ross talking to Mick
Foley and Terry Funk is shown and Foley says that he wants to fight Funk
tonight to establish a legacy for himself. 
Funk says the winner of this match will be “king of hardcore.”  In Foley’s first book he discussed how he
pitched the idea to Vince McMahon about a death match series between he and
Funk that would culminate at WrestleMania, but it was not picked up.  You could argue that this is the first
“hardcore” match of the Attitude Era, as both men bring weapons to the ring in
dumpsters and take turns bashing each other with them.  This is a spectacle for its time with the
audience, who has not been desensitized to this degree of violence, so it gets
a good reaction.  Charlie takes a nasty
looking piledriver when Cactus has a trash can over his head and when both men
brawl near the entrance, Cactus backdrops Charlie into a nearby dumpster and
proceeds to climb up on the Titantron and delivers a flying elbow drop into the
dumpster.  The New Age Outlaws then run
out of the back, tie the lid of the dumpster shut, and then push it off the
entrance, which draws an 8.0 on the Jim Ross outrage meter.  A good brawl under the time constraints, with
an insane finish that took the Cactus Jack/Chainsaw Charlie-New Age Outlaws
feud to another level.  Rating: 
**½ (2 for 2)
WWF officials and
wrestlers proceed to pour out of the back to help Foley and Funk and Sunny
proceeds to curse the Outlaws.  Ross then
goes into his “how do you learn to take a fall from that?” shtick.  Vince McMahon confronts the Outlaws by the
entrance and they try to argue that they just got caught up in the moment.  The Outlaws end up in a brawl with some of
the WWF superstars, like Flash Funk and the Headbangers.  An ambulance eventually comes to get Foley
and Funk.
The Outlaws are
interrogated by Jim Ross over their actions and they are confronted by
D-Generation X, who tells them that what they did was good for ratings and that
they need to man up.
Kane giving Vader
a Tombstone is the Playstation Slam of the Week
Jerry Lawler comes
out to do commentary with Ross for the second hour.
Championship Match:  Owen Hart (Champion)
beats “Bad Ass” Billy Gunn (w/The Road Dogg) by disqualification when the Road
Dogg interferes at 5:28:
Owen fires away on both of the Outlaws, taking vengeance
for what happened to Foley and Funk earlier. 
This is a typical television match, with both men running through their
usual offense and Gunn controlling most of the match as a heel.  You would think that Gunn would find a way to
make his heel offense flow more smoothly, but that’s not the case here.  Gunn does a sunset flip, but Owen rolls
through it and applies a Sharpshooter, which triggers the interference and
disqualification.  Rating:  ** (3 for 3)
After the match,
D-Generation X wanders out and they overwhelm Owen.  Triple H gives Owen a DDT on the stage and
then try to get the Outlaws to toss Owen off the stage.  However, WWF officials intervene before that
can occur.  DX tells the Outlaws that
they need to keep their edge and do whatever it takes to get over.
Ross and Lawler
talk more about the New Age Outlaws actions on tonight’s show.  Michael Cole calls in from the hospital and
says that doctors are working on Mick Foley and Terry Funk.
“Marvelous” Marc
Mero (w/Sable) beats Mosh (w/Thrasher) with a schoolboy at 2:27:
Before wrestling, Mero makes a scantily clad Sable wear
his robe, disrobe him, and then he banishes her to the back when someone
delivers chocolates to her.  To replace
Sable, Mero calls out Marilyn, which is Goldust dressed as Marilyn Manson.  Goldust keeps interfering so Mero can
maintain the advantage and when the Headbangers finally figure out how to
counter him, Mero gives Mosh a low blow and rolls him up for the win.  This match just existed to keep Mero’s issue
with Sable going and put Goldust into it. 
3 for 4
1-900-737-4WWF to find out what WWF superstar was rushed from the Indianapolis
airport to a local hospital!
-Barry Windham
tells Bradshaw that he is the reason the New Blackjacks failed and that if
Bradshaw can find a tag team partner then he can see him in the ring.
A vignette shows
Tiger Ali Singh saying that his goal is to be the best fighter in the
world.  It shows him as a rich playboy.  If Singh was as good as he says he is he
would have been on the active roster by now.
Chainz (w/The
Disciples of Apocalypse, Ken Shamrock & Ahmed Johnson) beats Faarooq (w/The
Nation of Domination) by count out at 3:35:
This is this week’s showcase of the men involved in the
“war of attrition” tag team match at No Way Out.  Speaking of which, the announcers have not
been clear about what that actually means. 
It only takes seventeen seconds for Ross to remind us that Faarooq was
an All-American at Florida State. 
Michael Cole calls in during the match and says that Terry Funk has
regained consciousness at the hospital, but Mick Foley has not.  Ugly brawl, which ends when Faarooq and Kama
suffer a miscommunication and the ensuing argument causes Faarooq to get counted
out.  After the match, Faarooq orders the
rest of the Nation behind him on the entrance and they give the Nation salute
to their opponents.  Surprising to see the
faces go up 2-0 on the Nation in these matches thus far.  Rating:  ½* (3 for 5)
Kurrgan using the
Paralyzer on jobber Michael Modest on Shotgun Saturday Night is the Western
Union Rewind segment.
Bradshaw & Flash
Funk defeat Jeff Jarrett & Barry Windham (w/Jim Cornette & The Rock N’
Roll Express) when Bradshaw pins Jarrett with a lariat at 3:59 shown:
Bradshaw has a mystery partner for this match so that he
can get into the ring with Windham, which turns out to be Funk.  The heels utilize a smart strategy, as the
Express give Funk a double hot shot on the guardrail and take him out of the
match.  Bradshaw manages to fight his own
battle effectively, though, and stuns Jarrett with a lariat to win.  After the match, the NWA beats Bradshaw down
to get some of their “heat” back.  They
are really trying with this feud, but Bradshaw-Windham just isn’t the kind of
battle that is going to set the world on fire. 
Rating:  *½ (3 for 6)
Ross and Lawler
recap the dumpster attack that took place in the first hour.  Michael Cole calls in again to say that all
hell has broken loose at the hospital and police have been called in.  There can be too much of a good angle and
this is entering parody territory.
Ross and Lawler
hype the WrestleMania press conference, which will be carried by ESPN News,
CNNSI (remember that failed channel?), and TSN.
Wink Collins
announces that WrestleMania XIV tickets sold out in ninety seconds and in case
you are wondering why this is happening, Kane comes out.  However, before he can do any damage to poor
Wink, Vader comes out and tells Kane that he cannot wait to face him at No Way
Out.  Vader blasts a fire extinguisher in
Kane’s face and Kane is forced to flee. 
So the Big Red Machine has to flee because of a fire extinguisher?  3 for
“Stone Cold”
Steve Austin beats The Road Dogg (w/Billy Gunn) by disqualification when Billy
Gunn interferes in 26 seconds:
This match barely gets started, as Austin tears apart the
Road Dogg and gives Gunn a Stone Cold Stunner when he interferes.  D-Generation X rushes out and a five-on-one
beatdown leads to Austin being tied in the ropes and Shawn Michaels taunts him
with the WWF title and says that is the closest he is going to get to it.  Foley, bandaged up, and Funk, who is in a hospital gown,
rush out to make the save and DX and the Outlaws flee.  I was with this entire segment until Foley
and Funk ran out because that just defies all logic.  3 for 8
The Final Report Card:  At the time, the dumpster incident was pretty
crazy, but the WWF had no idea what to do with it for the rest of the
show.  That segment would have been much
better as a main event and then played into the next week because the idea that
Mick Foley and Terry Funk are on the brink of death, yet show up to rescue
Steve Austin in the main event segment is ridiculous.  Vince Russo must have been pulling ideas from
the Bible and the rise of Lazarus for this week’s show.
Monday Night War Rating:  3.5 (vs. 4.9 for Nitro)

Show Evaluation:  Thumbs Down

BoD Afternoon Update

Rey Mysterio Injured Again?

Rey was seen limping around backstage after RAW.

Credit Mike Johnson, PWInsider.com

“The History of WWE” DVD Released Today

Details of the DVD are provided in the link below


Match announced for Thursday’s NXT Tapings

Antonio Cesaro vs. William Regal will take place. Also appearing will be Kane, JBL, and Kofi Kingston

Credit Mike Johnson, PWInsider.com

The SmarK RAW Rant–11.18.13

The SmarK RAW Rant – 11.18.13 Live from Nashville, TN Your hosts are Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler & JBL COOHHH and Steph join us to start, reminding us how important they really are to the show, and they couldn’t be any more disappointed in RAW last week. Join the club. Randy Orton interrupts and he’s pissed off at being so disrespected lately and needs more protection. So HHH brings out Brad Maddox and Vickie and punishes them with matches tonight for some reason. So….the babyface here is….who? I don’t even understand who I’m supposed to be hating. Are fans sitting at home going “Oh man, last week was so disorganized! I’d enjoy the show much more if matches were made by the right person!” And was I supposed to find last week particularly chaotic and disaster-filled, or am I supposed to not think that because HHH said so? This whole storyline is just completely off the rails. Randy Orton v. Brad Maddox Maddox, forced to wrestle in his nice clothes, tries running away, and then whacks Orton with the microphone in desperation and sends him into the post. Into the ring, a DDT gets two. This only annoys Orton, who tosses Maddox and destroys him outside, then back in for a beating with the mic. The ref stops the match at 4:00. And another thing…what is the point of the Brad Maddox character now? We have three layers of authority figures and Brad’s at the very bottom, despite being RAW GM. Intercontinental title: Curtis Axel v. Big E Langston Big E overpowers him for two and gets a backbreaker for two. Axel gets a cheapshot to take over and we take a break. Back with Axel holding a facelock, but Langston tosses him around with suplexes and hits the Warrior splash for two. Axel escapes the Big Ending, but gets clotheslined and the Ending finishes at 7:48 to give Big E the belt. Good for him. *1/2 Meanwhile, Orton clarifies to the Shield that they WILL have his back tonight. What exactly is “country” about the show tonight anyway? Big Show v. Ryback Show slugs away in the corner and puts Ryback on the floor. Back in, Ryback’s offense goes nowhere until he clips Show to take over. Big splash gets two. DDT gets two and we hit the chinlock. Show fights out, so Ryback puts him down with a spinebuster for two. The clothesline sets up the Shellshock, but it only gets two. That’s kind of a waste of a huge spot. Ryback tries it again, but this time Show punches him out at 8:00. You’d think they’d have Show squash some geek to build up the title shot he’s losing. * Randy Orton tries to attack and gets laid out as a result. Meanwhile, Vickie “collapses” backstage as a rib on AJ’s dehydration scare in Europe. STAY CLASSY, WWE. Stephanie is not sympathetic. Vickie Guerrero v. AJ Lee So the EMTs, who are supposed to be medical professionals, wheel Vickie out to the ring for a match on the stretcher, just because Stephanie told them to do it. Vickie faints again because she’s DEHYDRATED you see. DEHYDRATION. HILARIOUS. This company can’t make pop culture references newer than 10 years old most of the time, but when it comes to humiliating their own employees they’re right on the pulse of things. Vickie tries to run away, but AJ puts her in the Black Widow for the submission. Meanwhile, Randy Orton is mystified as to where the Shield was. GET THE MAN ANOTHER ICE PACK! Meanwhile, HHH promises Orton that there will be no Shield, no interference and no help at Survivor Series. So expect the Shield, interference and help. John Cena joins us to opine that he will win the World title bout on Sunday. Alberto Del Rio interrupts and he also feels that he has a good chance of winning. It leads to fisticuffs and Del Rio gets chased off. Next week, Michael Strahan is the guest host. I don’t really know who that is. Florida Georgia Line does a song. They’re drinking whiskey and stuff. THIS they leave in? Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, Goldust & The Usos v. The Shield & The Wyatt Family The babyfaces control the Shield, and the heels are squabbling as we take a break. Back with Cody getting worked over by the Shield, who are pointedly ignoring the Wyatts. Finally Rollins tags in Harper, allowing Cody to hit the disaster kick and bring in Daniel Bryan. He runs wild on the heels, but walks into a powerbomb from Harper that gets two. Bryan gets the heat now for a while, and we take another break. In this case, Hulu actually omits the commercial and cuts right back to the match. So we return with Punk getting a hot tag and running wild on the Shield. Macho Elbow on Ambrose, but Bray interrupts the GTS. And then it totally goes nuts, with the Usos tossing the Wyatts and hitting them with double dives. Reigns spears Goldust, Cody hits Crossroads on him, Punk & Bryan give Rollins a Hart Attack, and Punk finishes Ambrose with the GTS at 26:08. A heel beatdown follows, but Rey Mysterio returns to make the save. ***1/2 The Pulse Main event was great, but the rest of the show continues to freefall. Survivor Series might be scary bad, especially with a 7-on-7 Divas match. Why do they even HAVE that many women employed? And both title matches look like clear screwjob finishes to set up a round of rematches at TLC. Not looking promising for the next few months.

BoD Daily Update

Survivor Series Preshow Match Announced

The Miz will be facing Kofi Kingston


RoH Stars Report to the WWE Performance Center

Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards have reproted to the Performance this week for a tryout. According to one source, they believe that the tryout will lead to a short-term deal to stay in developmental. TNA was interested in the duo but neither guy was interested in wrestling for that company.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Radio

John Cena Launches New Weight Loss Program


Cucch’s Query of the Morning

Well, its been a fun few weeks you Bag O’ Dicks (BODers). Just to fill you in (and yes, I have been able to snag a certain said someone and fill her in) I just picked up two new fresh shiny wrestling books: Gary Michael Cappetta’s “Bodyslams” and David Shoemaker’s new shit…which, from thumbing through a few chapters, is just fresh to death. So anticipate reviews of those right after or during the holiday season, depending on my mood after having to basically live in a Holiday Inn Express for a few weeks. (You know I am gonna crush that mini bar).

Anyway, my question, non wrestling related, is this: I recently picked up Eminem’s new CD, MMLP2, and think it is hot fire like Dylan. As a recovering addict, naturally “The Monster” speaks to me, as does “So Far”, “Rap God”, and “Love Game.” Question is this: What is your opinion of the album and what is your favorite track?

Greatest Feuds with Dissapointing Payoffs

Evening Mr. Keith.  Just thought I'd start a discussion of Great F'n Feuds that had little, disappointing or No Proper Payoff.  My Top Picks:

Damn, so many to discuss, so little time.  

Savage/Roberts:  I think this ended on an episode of SNME, but DAMN! this was one of the best rivalries of the early 90's and needed to end in a chaotic brawl/bloodfest, specifically WMVIII.  One of the biggest disappointments of my childhood.

Well, the whole feud was happenstance because of Warrior leaving and Jake needing an opponent, so really anything was gravy.  And Savage was then needed to move into the World title program by WM, so I can kind of see why they had him finish off Jake so decisively. That being said, fuck this should been awesome.  

Santana/Martel: When/did this even properly end?

Once Tito became El Matador and ditched the Strike Force tights.  Other than that, it was mostly a house show feud won decisively by Martel.  Timing and PPV just didn't align properly to get them a singles blowoff in proper manner, although the Summerslam 89 six-man is kind of a lost classic. 

Hart Foundation/Bulldogs:  I know these guys had tons of great matches, but did any of them actually signify "And this feud is over, here is your winners.."

…The Hart Foundation.  They won the titles and then won the blowoff at Wrestlemania III, complete with the evil ref getting the pin, then screwed the Bulldogs out of the belts in the 2/3 falls match on SNME before the Bulldogs moved down to the Islanders feud.  Yeah, the Bulldogs kind of got the moral victory on SNME by winning by DQ, but really once the Harts won the belts it was all uphill for them and downhill for the Dogs.  

Piper/Flair:  Seriously, before/after they decided to not do a Hogan WM8 match for whatever reason, (I've seen them make worse decisions on wrestlers still fighting each other after less than stellar House show reviews), these guys were Golden against each

other on the mic and in the ring.  Was RR92 their definitive ending? 

This was a pretty major feud without any kind of TV or PPV blowoff, which was weird.  Vince taking the chairshot was HUGE at the time.  I dunno, chalk it up to "plans change" I guess, but I'm thinking Survivor Series 91 might have been it.  

I tried to go beyond WWE late 80's/early 90's, but it was my peak of interest, so sue me.  Any ones that also really pissed you off?  Keep up the good work Mr. Keith

KURT ANGLE AND HHH.  Still infuriates me to this day.

The PG Era Rant: Raw, 11/18/13

When last we left our heroes, all heck
had broken loose. Twelve men were brawling like maniacs, trading
opponents like dance partners, until two Survivor Series matches
formed from the activity. But with only four matches on the dance
card so far, plus one spot open on a pre-formed match, excitement is
in the air and advancements will be made. But whose paycheck is
getting a Thanksgiving bonus? And on top of that, how will the
matches we know of become even more intense?
The pre-show look-in ad specifies it’s
Country Night, and also says the family will open the show with
possible sanctions.
– The PG Era Rant for Raw, November 18,
– Live from Nashville, TN.
– Your hosts are JBL, Lawler, Cole, and
likely a few thousand Stetson hats.

– For those who didn’t see it on WWE.com,
The Shield and We The People will face the Rhodes Brothers, the Usos,
and Vacant in a Traditional Survivor Series Match™.
– We recap last week and how no one knew
what was going on. I have to give them credit; this package makes it
look like last week’s show was exciting.
– Tonight’s highlights will include a
live performance from Florida Georgia Line, Langston and Axel for the
Intercontinental Title, and that 12-man tag we were teased last week.
For the record, I actually like when they open the show with a
teaser like that – let me know why I’m going to love this show.
– The McMahon Helmsley Era II do indeed
get the opening segment. And despite the abuse of power allegations,
last week proved WE NEEDED THEM to run the show. A lack of authority
means anarchy, you know. All those who were supposed to be in charge
will be “dealt with”, but fortunately, they’re back and recharged
to make something happen. Anyway, before we can get more
preliminaries, here’s a very angry Randy Orton. Orton blames the
Authority for last week because they didn’t name a successor, they
didn’t give the Shield orders to help Orton, they gave Big Show a
title shot, so basically everything last week is THEIR fault. You do
NOT treat the face of the company that way! Stephanie steps in with
“Randy, you’re probably right.” Orton: “PROBABLY!?” He’s
thinking in his condition he won’t win against Big Show. HHH and
Orton are in each other’s faces until HHH makes it clear that he and
Stephanie RUN THE SHOW. Before we can get any further, Brad Maddox
and Vickie Guerrero emerge, rather timidly. They admit to confusion,
and Maddox confesses that last week was… Vickie’s fault. Crowd
approves. They really don’t like Vickie. But HHH makes it clear:
everyone pays the price. Stephanie says the handicap matches clearly
make the General Managers desensitized to pain, so each of them get
matches. Vickie will face AJ, while Maddox gets THE NEXT MATCH.
Yes, in a suit and tie. And Orton is the opponent. Who’s the face
anymore? Oh, and it’s a no-DQ match. Maddox looks like he’s going
to throw up. He tries to leave, but Kane insists rather forcefully
that Maddox go to the ring. Doesn’t HHH know he’s a heel? Who am I
rooting for?
– No disqualification: Randy Orton v.
Brad Maddox. Maddox quickly exits the ring and makes sure he still
has a pulse. He slowly returns as the crowd is on Maddox’s side.
Orton charges and Maddox hides again. He gets on the house mic and
begs for his life. The chase is on, and Orton catches Maddox by the
timekeeper. Maddox hits Orton with the microphone before throwing
him into the post. Even Maddox is shocked at what he did. Maddox
with a DDT for two. Even JBL is on Maddox’s side. Orton gets up and
shoots a death glare at Maddox. He corners Maddox and throws him
over the top and out, then into the announcer’s table. Orton tears
it up to get to Maddox, throwing him into the steps. Orton rips the
shirt off and clubs him Sheamus style, then into the post. Orton
sets up the Barricade Draping DDT, and there’s no way Maddox is
stopping that. Orton drags Maddox’s corpse as the crowd wants a
table to get involved. He gets the house microphone, but eschews it
in favor of rolling Maddox back in. JBL jumps to Orton’s side as
Orton goes ground-and-pound WITH THE MICROPHONE. The thuds echoing
throughout the arena are just perfect. The referee declares the
match over at 3:56 (awww) as Orton walks away, message sent. I can
see they’re trying to turn Maddox face, and it seemed to work a
little, but it’ll take more than that. *1/4
– Later
tonight, Big Show will face Ryback.
– Bret
Hart, Booker T, and Mick Foley will discuss Survivor Series in the
– Meanwhile,
Maddox was taken out on a stretcher and neck brace. They pass by
Vickie, who seems to be very nervous about what this means for her.
– Intercontinental
Title: Curtis Axel v. Big E Langston. This match gets boxing intros.
No Heyman, as you might imagine. Crowd’s up for this match. Axel
goes for a waistlock, which Langston reverses to a takedown. Axel
kicks out and strikes away, but Langston reverses a whip and knocks
over Axel for one. Langston with a backbreaker for two. Back suplex
by Langston for two. I like that he’s covering every chance he gets
in a title match. Axel bails out, and Langston gives chase. Axel
hides in the corner, but his kick is caught and he’s knocked over.
Punch to the gut floors Axel, then another. Langston lifts Axel over
his shoulder and gets a walking back body drop for two. Axel drapes
Langston’s throat on the ropes and gets a Northern Lariat for one.
Axel pounds indiscriminately for two as we go to break. (Just a
note: they mentioned that Langston uses 405 pounds to do his reps in
bench presses. Understand that most people use 225 as the standard.
To someone who knows his weightlifting stuff, that’s impressive, but
they might want to explain why 405 is a big deal.) We return with
Axel holding a chinlock, but Langston throws Axel over his shoulder
and tackles him in the corner. Axel bounces back with a dropkick for
two. Axel pounds away again for two. Axel goes to the front
chancery, trapping the arm for good measure, but Langston powers
himself up and throws Axel off. Langston with clotheslines and a
Greco-Roman suplex as the crowd is fired up. Ultimate Splash gets
two. Langston goes for the Big Ending, but Axel kicks out for the
McGillicutter, but Langston shoves him off to a lariat and THE STRAPS
ARE DOWN. Big Ending connects for the pin and the title at 8:50.
Long overdue title change, and the crowd was hot for the finish,
which is a very good sign. **1/4
– Backstage,
Orton and the Shield discuss the title change. Orton says he and the
Authority have an understanding, and the Shield MUST have Orton’s
back. Reigns agrees, but he wants Orton to help them too. Orton
nods in agreement.
– Diva
Musical Chairs! YAY! Everyone’s in Daisy Dukes, too. And of COURSE
Lawler is hosting. It features all the Total Divas “and those who
didn’t make it”. (Alicia gives a sarcastic woo-hoo.) It’s game
on, and everyone argues about which way to go. Finally, they go
counter-clockwise, and Natalya’s first out. Summer Rae mocks her.
Alicia’s out next (Cameron pushed her out of her chair), and the game
falls apart as an argument and shoving match breaks out. Then the
music stops and they try to sit down again. It doesn’t work and
everyone gets in a fight instead. Cole and JBL clearly are taking
this as seriously as we are. “JERRY” chant breaks out. Lawler
or Springer? The Total Divas face off against the other Divas in a
shouting match. JBL: “I’m not sure what we just saw.” Me
– …why
did I just do play-by-play on this?
– On
the “here’s where we are” look, we have “WELCOME TO LAYLA’S
NASHVILLE” in the background. I thought she was from England
and/or Miami.
– Big
Show v. Ryback. Just a thought: why is being WWE Champion equivalent
to being the Face of the Company when John Cena still exists? Am I
supposed to ignore that? Ryback wins a lockup in a bit of a
surprise, but Round Two goes to Big Show more decisively. Show boxes
the gut of Ryback and headbutts him down. CHOP OF DOOM follows.
Show: “Stupid, huh?” Another CHOP OF DOOM follows. Big headbutt
adds to the pain, and a shoulderblock as Ryback rolls away to
refresh. Did JBL just say Show was 780 pounds? Ryback punches Show
in the gut back in, but a whip is reversed and Show knocks Ryback
over. More CHOPS OF DOOM come next. Ryback chop blocks Big Show and
gets on the attack, kicking away and clubbing the back. Legdrop
follows, getting two. Ryback goes ground-and-pound on Big Show, with
a splash following for two. Ryback into the front facelock, which he
changes to a side headlock. Ryback hooks the nose for extra pain and
adds punches to the gut. This part goes on for a while. Show
punches out, but Ryback gets a DDT to retain control. It gets two.
Ryback is ryBACK TO THE CHINLOCK. Show has trouble fighting out, but
manages to reverse to a side suplex. Show with clotheslines to
regain control, and an avalanche in the corner, but Ryback catches
show with a spinebuster for two. Well, then. Ryback calls for the
meathook, measuring Show, but he runs straight into the goozle.
Ryback fights out, getting the Meathook on the second time. He calls
for Shell Shock, and he GETS HIM UP and connects! It gets two, which
makes sense but in any other scenario than #1 Contender should’ve
been the finish. Ryback calls Show stupid and works the neck, trying
for a second Shell Shock. Ryback can’t get him up, and gets shoved
off the ropes into the KO Punch for the pin at 8:00. Very slow
start, but it ended as a decent power match. *1/2 Randy
Orton tries to jump Show, but gets speared instead. This gets a YES.
– Zack
Ryder is speaking with Florida Georgia Line, but 3MB arrives in
cowboy outfits to butter them up and ask if they’ve heard of them.
3MB calls themselves the Rhinestone Cowboys. FGL doesn’t know how to
– Is
there a rule that Flo Rida has a 6-theme song deal with WWE?
– Backstage,
Orton is soothing his ribs with ice and asking where the Shield was
to help him. He thought they were in this together. He kicks the
trainer out and feels like he’s on his own.
– We
the People v. Kofi Kingston and the Miz. ANTONIO CESARO HAS A FAN
CLUB. YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID. Cesaro and Miz start, and Cesaro
works the arm only to get reversed. Miz keeps working the arm, but
Cesaro takes over with uppercuts. Miz with the through-the-ropes
corner clothesline and axhandle, getting two. The two fight over
headlocks, but Cesaro catches Miz and drops him with a backbreaker.
Swagger in, and he jumps outside and lariats Miz on the floor. Back
in, it gets two. Swagger works Miz in the ribs in the corner, and
Cesaro adds a shot for good measure. Vaderbomb and leapfrog stomp
gets two. Miz punches the gut, but Cesaro cuts it off with uppercuts
and brings Swagger in. Double elbow gets Swagger two. Swagger with
a butterfly lock, into an armbar, but Miz gets out and Kofi gets a
blind tag to clean house. Chops and dropkick to Swagger, and a
leaping clothesline thing sets up the Boom Drop. Pendulum kick to
Cesaro for good measure, but Swagger catches Kofi mid-dive and does a
spinning shoulder slam for two. Kofi reverses a clothesline by
BACKFLIPPING OVER SWAGGER into a DDT. Holy hell. Kofi goes for the
tag, but Miz refuses it! He leaps off the apron, turning heel, and
the Patriot Lock ends it at 4:46. Miz seems mad Kofi blind tagged
himself in and was teaching Kofi a lesson. Hey, anything that gets
Miz back to heel status is fine by me. *3/4
– Backstage,
Vickie pretends to faint in an attempt to get out of her match.
– On
SmackDown, the Rhodes Brothers will defend against We The People.
Enjoy, Tommy.
– Stephanie
sees Vickie and says that Vickie must go to the… ring. No one’s
falling for her trick. So they wheel her to the ring. Tied to the
stretcher. At least one of my Skype friends thinks this is a rib on
AJ passing out during the European tour. If so, that’s evil of the
– Vickie
Guerrero v. AJ. Yes, they’re wheeling her to the ring. Lawler heart
attack jokes abound. Cole brings up the GM of Raw history. Vickie
faints again. It’s rather transparent. The ref is fanning her off.
The announcers argue over who gives her mouth-to-mouth. She says she
needs water (yeah, stay classy, Vince) and washes herself off as the
bell FINALLY rings. Vickie instantly tries to run away and runs into
Tamina… and faints again. She pulls herself up using Tamina and
fans herself off with Tamina’s wrist… then walks out. AJ skips
after her and catches her, walking her to the ring. AJ stalks Vickie
and tries to calm her down, fanning her off before slapping the Black
Widow on for the submission at 1:27. In other news, Vince McMahon
needs psychiatric help. Vickie faints again for the heck of it.
Wait, is this one real?
– Divas’
Tag Survivor Series match: AJ, Tamina, Summer Rae, Kaitlyn, Aksana,
Rosa Mendes, and Alicia against Team Total Divas.
talks to Damien Sandow and Dolph Ziggler, making a Broadway Brawl (in
Nashville?), and he promises that the two of them will make it
entertaining. I love when they make a match and don’t explain it to
– David
Otunga is on the cover of Muscle & Fitness magazine. Who cares?
– Broadway
Brawl: Dolph Ziggler v. Damien Sandow. So the idea here appears to
be that it’s a hardcore match using country music instruments as
weapons. RD Reynolds needs to be paying attention. Sandow pounds
away on Dolph to start, throwing the knees and dumping him. Sandow
grabs a steel guitar, but thinks better of it and throws Dolph into
the steps. Now he takes the guitar, but nails the steps by mistake
and Dolph leaps off the steps to Sandow. Back in, Sandow uses a
display stand to attack Dolph in the gut, then throws him into the
buckle. He goes for another guitar, but Dolph punches Sandow down
instead. Dolph adds a dropkick to send Sandow out of the ring. JBL:
“George Jones just rolled over in his grave.” So did Bruno
Sammartino. Sandow throws Ziggler off the turnbuckle and through a
keyboard for two. Sandow stomps away as we go to break. We return
with Sandow working Dolph over in the corner with dozens of
headbutts. Sandow works Dolph over with that traditional country
music instrument – the chair – before wedging it in the corner.
Dolph catches Sandow with a small package for two and begins the
comeback. Sandow nails Dolph with the FIDDLE OF DOOM for two. Dolph
avoids the chair in the corner and gets the high jump DDT instead,
crawling over for two. Dolph breaks the violin over Sandow’s back
and gets the Rocker Dropper for two. JBL and Lawler are having way
too much fun name-dropping country music acts. Zig Zag is avoided,
and Sandow gets a flapjack and throws Dolph into the wedged chair.
It gets two. (Lawler: “It must be one of those musical chairs.”
Me: “Badumtish.”) Sandow sends Dolph into the double bass for
good measure before getting another steel guitar and using it for
two. Sandow winds up with the guitar and charges, but misses and
goes into the post instead. Dolph rolls him up for two. Dolph puts
the snare drum through Sandow’s head, then takes the big bass drum
and makes Sandow wear it. This match needs Oklahoma calling it.
Dolph with the Jarrett strut and El Kabong for the pin at 11:07.
Complete stupidity of the stips aside, it was pretty good for a
hardcore match. **1/2
– Backstage,
Orton demands more answers from HHH and Stephanie. He should have
respect as the WWE Champion, and he wants to know if they REALLY
believe in him. They say they need to think about it. Orton is a
little put off by that instead of getting madder.
– John
Cena has his arm in a sling while talking to Florida Georgia Line.
– You
know, with the Diva Musical Chairs, mocking AJ’s fainting
spell/dehydration, and a goofy weapons match, it’s nice to see Vince
McMahon likes to use Raw for his own petty amusement.
– The
Champ Is Here! I think it’s pretty clear that the arm in a sling
indicates that Cena/Del Rio will be a typical Hogan match. And I’m
okay with that. He talks about the sling as he shows us last week’s
footage. Cena is in a bad mood because of what happened, as you can
imagine. Cena talks about how the energy of the fans made him come
back, but he wonders if it was too soon. Was he trying to be a
superhero? Does he deserve to be World Champ? The answer is of
course he does because he owes it to the fans. Cena goes into a
locker room pep talk about how he’s not cheap shots, but
determination. He knows Del Rio has heart, but he also is in for a
rude awakening at Survivor Series. He’ll be in front of his family
at Survivor Series, and he’ll deliver as World Champ. Pain is
temporary and pride is forever, and he’ll remain champ on Sunday!
The whole crowd is on his side by the end of the promo. But here’s
Alberto to give sarcastic applause. Del Rio loves the speech. It
almost made him cry. Cena promises to make ADR tap on Sunday. Del
Rio points out Cena can’t even hold the title high right now because
of his arm injury. And on Sunday, Cena will be humiliated in his
hometown and defeated. A real champion, says Alberto, takes
advantage of opportunity… and Del Rio enters the ring. He’s
salivating over the bad arm. Cena agrees about opportunity… and
reveals the arm isn’t THAT poorly hurt. He throws Del Rio over the
ropes. The two have a staredown as the segment ends. Now THAT’S the
Cena we all fell in love with.
– Next
week, Raw will feature Michael Strahan. For the benefit of those who
are Scott Keith, let me explain that Strahan is a former NFL
defensive end, one of the best in the game for his time, and that
he’s since gone on to replace Regis Philbin on the talk show hosting
– Rhinestone
Cowboys (3MB) v. R-Truth and Xavier Woods. JBL, meet Xavier Woods.
You may know him since you’re the GM of NXT. It’ll be McIntyre and
Jinder. Truth and Mahal start, with Truth getting a headlock and
dancing to distract Mahal before slapping him. Woods with a dropkick
to Mahal, and he adds a tilt-a-whirl headscissors off a long whip
sequence. Blind tag by McIntyre, but Woods sees it and cuts it off
only to get hit with a flying kick. Woods is caught in the corner as
McIntyre chops away. Double slingshot suplex by 3MB gets Mahal two.
McIntyre in, and he works the arm. Woods fights out, slides under
McIntyre, and hot tag Truth. Big leg lariat to McIntyre and a front
suplex, but Slater gets knocked off the apron by Woods. Truth with a
Stunnerplex, and Woods in with the Honor Roll lariat and Lost in the
Woods to get the win at 3:05. JBL likes him. Me too. 3/4*
– Backstage,
HHH and Stephanie give Orton their confidence as face of the company.
But that means Orton needs to win alone against Big Show. Orton is
not amused by this development, but he takes it as a challenge.
– Highlights
of tickets going on sale for WrestleMania 30.
– Florida
Georgia Line in concert! Good, I get time off. Although it wasn’t a
bad song.
– Main
event: Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, Goldust, Jimmy Uso, and
Jey Uso v. Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Luke Harper,
Erick Rowan, and Bray Wyatt. Crowd decides to give CM Punk the
chant. Wyatts and Shield have a tense faceoff as the crowd unloads a
YES chant. After some confusion, it’s Jimmy and Ambrose to start.
Ambrose gets the headlock, knocking over Jimmy but getting
clotheslined. A slam follows, and Jey comes in with an uppercut. A
blind charge hits the elbow, and Reigns enters. Yes, Erick Rowan is
still wearing his sheep mask. Jey with a forearm on Reigns, and he
backs him into the corner only to get punched hard for the escape. A
headbutt does nothing, and Jey bullrushes Reigns into the face corner
to bring Cody in. The Rhodes brothers double-team Reigns, with
Goldust getting a sliding uppercut for one half. Goldust is caught
in the wrong corner and Rollins comes in. Goldust backdrops Rollins
and gets a kneeling uppercut and atomic drop. Big kick follows for
two. Back in comes Jey with a thrust kick to the gut, but the charge
catches another elbow. Jey’s jaw is jacked hard, and Harper tags in
blindly which gets the heel side to argue as we go to break. We
return with Goldust working Rollins over in the corner with ten
punches, although Rollins is hung up awkwardly. It gets two.
Goldust gets a hammerlock on Rollins, and Cody gets a tag to take
over. Cody works Rollins over in the corner before getting a Brisco
rollup for two. Rollins reverses him into the turnbuckle to take
over, and Ambrose comes in to work on Cody. Ambrose with gut stomps
and Power Drive elbow for two. He brings Reigns in, who headbutts
Cody and chokes him in the ropes. Reigns tags Rollins in, as Rollins
drops an elbow for two. Rollins with a cobra clutch on Cody, adding
a hairpull slam. He mocks Goldust and brings Reigns in, as the
Shield wishbone Cody. Cody fights back, but Reigns with a back elbow
for two. Reigns with a big headbutt, and Ambrose is in with a kick
to the back and clothesline. He gets two. Ambrose works the hand
and gets a boot choke by the ropes. He boxes Cody and gets a hammer
throw, following up with a suplex for two. Rollins tags in (beating
Wyatt to it) and stands over Cody, taunting him. Cody fights back,
but Rollins stops the momentum and tries a suplex only for Cody to
reverse it with a front suplex. Harper blind tags Rollins, and
Rollins argues with him, ALMOST allowing Cody the hot tag. Disaster
Kick catches Harper and allows the hot tag to Bryan, who enters with
a missile dropkick and takes out all the Wyatts. YES kicks follow,
but the roundhouse is missed. Bryan recovers with a drop toehold and
cross-corner kick as the Shield is dumped. Harper catches Bryan’s
charge after that in a running powerbomb for two. Wyatt tags in and
drops elbows, working a mount as the crowd wants CM Punk in. Wyatt
to Ambrose: “Why won’t you trust me?” Wyatt holds Bryan up and
talks strategy with the Shield before bringing in Reigns, and the two
double team. Now the heels are working it out, but Reigns brings in
Ambrose to work over Bryan in the corner. Ambrose tags in Rowan as
Phase Two of the match begins. Rowan with a big slam on Bryan, and
he works a neck crank. Bryan punches out of it, but Rowan with a
spinning elbow as he forcefully brings in Ambrose. Ambrose with a
leaping stomp and STF-like move, but Bryan works free quickly.
Ambrose gets a knee to the gut, but Bryan returns the favor and tries
for a tag. Everyone on the heel side thinks alike and clears the
face corner as we go to break. We’re back as Ambrose and Rowan work
together, and Reigns comes in. Reigns goes CLUBBERIN, THEY BE
CLUBBERIN TONY as the faces work a Daniel Bryan chant and Reigns has
a front facelock. Bryan steals Dolph Ziggler’s high jump DDT off of
a backdrop try and the crowd is AMPED. VERY hot tag CM Punk, who
hits anything that moves. Leg lariat to Ambrose, neckbreaker to
Rollins (with a DDT to Ambrose at the same time for good measure),
and Ambrose and Rollins both eat running knees and short-arm
clotheslines. To the top, and the Heartbreak Elbow gets Ambrose.
GTS is called for, but Wyatt distracts Punk only to get a roundhouse
kick. Ambrose tries a sleeper, but Punk reverses to the Vice as
Harper and Rowan save. The Usos cut that off and dump Harper and
Rowan, adding a double plancha to the rednecks. Punk and Ambrose
back into each other, and Ambrose gets the bulldog driver, but
Goldust saves. Reigns spears Goldust, Cross Rhodes to Reigns, Buckle
Bomb by Rollins to Cody, but Punk and Bryan get the Hart Attack on
Rollins. Tope suicida to Wyatt from Bryan, and Punk puts Ambrose to
sleep for the pin at 24:05. I’m pretty sure I missed something there
at the end. Wild finish and hot match. ****1/4 Now
Swagger and Cesaro help the Wyatt Family get in on Punk and Bryan,
but REY MYSTERIO of all people makes his return and clears out Cesaro
and Rowan. Mysterio gets a double 619 on Harper and Swagger, and
Harper is put to sleep by Punk. Bryan with the Running Knee to Rowan
and it’s YES TIME. Well, I guess he’s your mystery partner. Faces
celebrate together as we end the show.
it’s a tale of three shows here. First hour had the Intercontinental
Title change and power match in Show/Ryback. Second hour was Vince
doing stuff that annoyed me like a goofy weapons match and mocking
AJ’s legitimate health issues. Then the third hour had good shilling
for the main event of the PPV, a debut, a big return, a rock show,
and a white-hot tag team main event. I’ll be honest: the middle hour
I’m willing to overlook because the ending was so insanely awesome.
The main event in particular told several stories at once (the heels
not getting along, Punk and Bryan overcoming everything, the tag
match, Mysterio’s back, etc.). I can live with this.
it’s time to look at the show and see how I’d book it.
  1. The
    Usos, Cody Rhodes, Goldust, and mystery partner Rey Mysterio defeat
    the Shield and the Real Americans with Mysterio the sole survivor.
    [ORDER: Cesaro pins Jimmy, Swagger taps out Jey, Goldust pins
    Swagger, Mysterio pins Cesaro, Reigns pins Goldust, Cody pins
    Rollins, Ambrose pins Cody, Mysterio pins Reigns, Mysterio pins
  2. The
    Total Divas win their match, with Brie, Eva Marie, and JoJo
    surviving. [ORDER: Naomi pins Aksana, Cameron pins Rosa, Kaitlyn
    walks out, AJ taps out Cameron, Tamina pins Nikki, Summer pins
    Natalya, Brie pins Alicia, AJ pins Naomi, Brie pins Summer, AJ runs
    away, and everyone teams up to pin Tamina.]
  3. CM
    Punk and Daniel Bryan beat the Wyatt Family by DQ when Bray Wyatt
    makes it a 3 on 2.
  4. Randy
    Orton successfully defeats Big Show.
  5. In
    a special added match that I realize is my idea alone, Miz,
    Fandango, Damien Sandow, Ryback, and Curtis Axel beat Kofi Kingston,
    Big E Langston, Dolph Ziggler, and Los Matadores when Miz and Ryback
    survive. [ORDER: Langston pins Axel, Sandow pins Fernando, Fandango
    pins Diego, Kofi pins Fandango, Sandow pins Ziggler, Miz pins Kofi,
    Langston pins Sandow, Miz pins Langston.]
  6. John
    Cena defeats Alberto Del Rio to retain the World Championship and
    send the fans home happy (in theory).
bonus match is because of the Miz heel turn requiring some payoff, as
does the title change. And really, there’s nothing wrong with this
crew getting time. Plus, if the booking goes right, you get
Miz/Langston and Mysterio/Ambrose as future title programs. Mysterio
and Ambrose in a ladder match at TLC? Yes please. Plus, in the
women’s match, the anomaly of Kaitlyn on the “wrong” team is
fixed by having her walk away from AJ’s crew. If need be, you can
have Eva Marie and JoJo DQ’d in the match to keep them from doing too
much. Orton can move on from Big Show here, while Cena and Del Rio
might still have legs heading to TLC.
TIME: 65:16 in eight matches
MATCH: The 12-man main event
MATCH: AJ/Vickie
MVP (kayfabe): Big E Langston
SCORE: 7.5. I can’t go higher because of the AJ ribbing which had no
place on TV, but even Brad Maddox brought the goods tonight and
entertained me. That’s all I ask for is entertainment. Survivor
Series seems hotter than it did last week, which is necessary.
all for today. I’ll get my camera fired up for a Survivor Series PG
PostGame discussion of the booking, while Scott and Tommy will keep
you updated on NXT, Impact, and SmackDown. In the meantime, try to
survive and enjoy the week.

Yeah, about that Shawn DVD…

So yeah, when they said "all 17 of Shawn's Wrestlemania matches" what they REALLY meant was "16 of them and we'll pretend the 17th didn't happen."  
Honestly, the Benoit stuff is a bit ridiculous at this point.  If you want to not promote his match on the DVD, fine, but to excise a classic Wrestlemania match from history and cheat the consumers who would assume it was on the DVD?  Come on now. 

QOTD 65 / 66: Butterflies / Dialed In

I had a job interview today that played like one of those Slumdog Millionaire moments, every question had an answer from my past experience, and the stuff he asked about that I didn’t know, I turned out to be right about anyway.

Truth be told, I was ready for this interview, dialed in, and ready to rock this thing from the second I landed it.

What’s your best “I got this” moment? A moment where you knew you were in the zone and ready to play. I know a few of us played sports, and others are writers, so feel free to talk about ‘flow’ and all of that.

Of course I got lost on my way, and lost all that confidence in the span of three wrong turns in Boston Massachusetts, which I’m convinced is a living creature when it comes to highways and roads. So naturally I got nervous and lost a lot of that confidence, but got it back with some deep breaths and rap tracks.

How do you deal with ‘butterflies’ prior to big moments in your life? Deep breaths? Gooseefaba? Pot? What’s your trick to ‘getting up’ for big moments?

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Well it’s going to be tough sledding for RAW tonight with Monday Night Football hosting a game between two likely playoff teams. Of course they have done nothing to help them with this pretty poor build up to a Survivor Series (fixed it!) match that very few people are interested in and even less think Big Show actually has a shot at taking the strap.

The thought of a 30 for 30 on the Von Erichs should be very exciting to a wrestling fan and a little scary to those trying to protect the business. For the few of you that haven’t seen “Heroes of World Class”, try to watch it and that gives you the best idea of what a documentary that doesn’t have the WWE’s smooth hands over it.

Anyway enjoy the show or the game and come out swinging but please try to keep it clean!

Exclusive Hour Long Matt Morgan Interview

A site I write for has recently gotten Matt Morgan to sit down for an exclusive hour long interview.  It’s completely free and only requires you to sign up for our newsletter, which only comes out once a week and includes breaking news updates.

Morgan talks about where his career is headed, the major events in WWE this year, John Cena, TNA and much more.  Again, it’s free and brand new.


Hope you enjoy it.

BoD Daily Update

WWE.com RAW Preview


Storms Causing Delays in WWE Travel Plans

Due to storms, the WWE wrestlers had to land in Birmingham, AL yesterday instead of Nashville and will have to drive the rest of the trip.


Wade Barrett Update

Barrett, who has been out of action while trying to get his work visa straightened out, tweeted yesterday that he landed in the United States.

Credit PWInsider.com

AJ Styles Update

This past weekend, Styles successfully defended the TNA Heavyweight Championship at the Wrestle-1 show in Japan against Seiya Sanada

Credit PWInsider.com

Favorite run of your favorites?

Wondering what you're favorite runs were for some of your favorite guys?

Sprung to mind while watching some 92 era Michaels, which was such good heel work, mixed with a string of excellent matches.

Shawn was really an interesting case, because he transitioned so naturally from tag team worker into a singles worker without missing a beat, and became a totally different character.  
Personally I'm most a fan of Randy Savage's run from 86-89, but that's a pretty obvious choice.  The Steiner brothers in their glory years could basically do no wrong, even taking their lackluster WWF run into account. But even then they had a ***** match with Bret & Owen.  Rick Rude's WCW run was pretty fun until the back injury derailed his career.  

Blog discussion…

Scott, just listened to your P2B podcast.  Good stuff, kudos.  The guys briefly talked about rumors of Jim Ross writing a book!?!?!  Have you heard any info on this?  Is it in the works?  This would be fucking tremoundous…He seems like he would be bitter enough and have enough financial stability to write a legitimate, tell all book.  Chances we ever see this? 
Also, if you could ask JR and Vince ANY question while they're on truth serum, what would it be?
The JR book has been rumored for a while, although Meltzer doesn't think it'll ever actually happen.  I'm guessing the various non-disclosure and legal reasonings would leave the bodies buried where they are, so to speak.  
As for the second question, you tell me.  Call it a question of the day.

WWF Championship Wrestling May 25th, 1985

May 25, 1985

Your hosts are Jesse Ventura and Vince McMahon

Tonight, we will see highlights from the six-man tag match from Saturday Night’s Main Event. Also, Junkyard Dog & Tito Santana, Greg Valentine, Pedro Morales, Ken Patera, and Jimmy Snuka will all be in action. Plus, Piper’s Pit with the Tag Team Champions, Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff, and the manager Freddie Blassie.

Matt Borne & Steve Lombardi vs. Tito Santana & Junkyard Dog

The match breaks down as the faces gain the advantage. The heels flee as Jesse doesnt think the faces can communicate together because JYD is illiterate and Tito cannot speak good English. Tito hits both men with atomic drops then tags JYD. They use some quick tags until Tito puts Lombardi away with a flying forearm (2:45).

Thoughts: They continue to push Santana & JYD not only as a team, but also as a threat to the Intercontinental Title. The fans dig this duo too, especially JYD.

WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week’s subject is David Sammartino. Hayes puts over his power and thinks that one day, he could capture the gold. We see a clip of him pinning a jobber with a powerslam. It’s been about nine months and Sammartino still has not gotten over as much as his push.

Jimmy Londos vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine w/Jimmy Hart

Londos surprises the Hammer with a few sloppy armdrags to start, which even has Vince making fun of him. Valentine pounds away as Hart is riling up the fans. Valentine hits a slam and a shoulderbreaker then tosses Londos to the floor. Valentine hits a few suplexes then drops an elbow before applying the figure four, getting the win (2:55).

Thoughts: Good squash match as Valentine destroyed this guy. He was still awesome in the ring in 1985, one of the best in the company to be honest. He has been good as the IC champ too and Hart has helped him get heat.

Okerlund is with Hulk Hogan. This took place in the locker room during “Saturday Night’s Main Event.” Hogan cuts a promo on Big John Studd, his next opponent at the Boston Garden. Hogan says that he will slam Studd and win the $15,000.

Pedro Morales vs. Mr. X

Pedro gets a hiptoss and a slam. Mr. X works a side headlock until Morales counters that with a shinbreaker. Mr. X bails then comes back in and goes for another headlock but Pedro counters that with a backbreaker. Pedro takes him over with a headlock then hits a slam before applying the Boston Crab for the win (2:56).

Thoughts: Morales came back for another run but it didnt catch on and he mostly wrestled on the beginning of the card after returning.

Okerlund is with the Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff, with manager Freddie Blassie. Sheik does most of the speaking, or ranting, and promises to send Lou Albano to Hollywood with Cyndi Lauper.

Garry Starr vs. Ken Patera w/Bobby Heenan

Vince brings up last week and how Heenan put a bounty on Orndorff as Jesse agrees with the decision. Starr gets tossed halfway across the ring as the crowd starts chanting for Orndorff. The fans are getting louder as Patera is tossing Starr all over the ring. He drops several elbows then chokes him out on the mat. The crowd continues to drive Heenan and Patera crazy with the chants then Starr gets it with the swinging full nelson and covers him with one foot for the win (2:43).

Thoughts: Watching Patera toss jobbers all over the place is fun. Also, the crowd being all over Heenan makes it fun whenever his guys wrestle.

Piper’s Pit with Iron Sheik, Nikolai Volkoff, and Freddie Blassie. Before they come out, Piper talks about Lauper slapping him in the face and continues the angle from SNME in which Piper accused Lauper of telling Steven Spielberg of keeping him out of her video for the film “Goonies.” Blassie also comes out and talks about Lauper and Albano ruined the deal for them too.

We are shown the last few minutes of the six-man tag from “Saturday Night’s Main Event,” that ended with George Steele turning babyface after being attacked by Sheik & Volkoff then getting consoled by Lou Albano.

A.J. Petruzzi vs. Jimmy Snuka

Snuka stalls before entering the ring. He breaks a full nelson and takes down Petruzzi but gets caught with a thumb to the eye. Snuka no-sells a few turnbuckle smashes then uses a chinlock. AJ escapes and lands a few shots but runs into a chop. Snuka slams him down then finishes him off with the Superfly Splash (3:30).

Thoughts: Snuka was struggling to move around here but could still perform his splash well, which is all the fans want to see from him anyway.

Jack Reynolds is with Barry Windham, Mike Rotundo, and Capt. Lou Albano. They all put over Steele as a changed man and an American, despite the fact that Albano thinks he needs the proper psychiatric care.

Vince informs us that Bruno Sammartino will return next week which upsets Jesse as he refers to Bruno as a “hook-nosed vagabond.” Next week, Hulk Hogan will face Ken Patera in a non-title match. Plus, Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo, Tony Atlas & George Wells, Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart, and Paul Orndorff.

Final Thoughts:   Decent show this week. With Ventura replacing Bruno on commentary, the show feels a lot more lively as Bruno really only spoke when prompted by Vince. Jesse does a great job at elevating the talent, even if he does mix in politically incorrect jokes with his commentary. Next week’s main event is huge, especially for this time period as it was very rare for stars of that caliber to meet up on TV for free.