Better for Business

I’m going to throw you 2 different ideas.

You gotta give me what you think (or thought) would have been better for (future) business.
Sort of like the Quick N Dirties Scott gets from time to time, but WITH A TWIST!
1. HBK/Bret II @WM13 OR Austin/Bret  @WM13
2. Goldberg/Nash @Starrcade 98 OR Goldberg/Hogan @Starrcade98
3. Raven jobbing at Wrestlepalooza 97 OR Raven going over at Wrestlepalooza 97
4. Jericho winning WWF Ttile in 2000 OR Holding off until Dec ’01
5. Hogan/Koloff WM2 OR Hogan/Bundy WM2
6. Hogan/Piper WM OR Tag Match
7. Slaughter/Hogan @WM7 OR Heel Warrior/Face Hogan @WM7
8. CM Punk returning 3 weeks after leaving with the title OR CM Punk coming back after a Royal Rumble, while Cena is “fake” champ.
9. Taz never signing with WWF OR Taz leaving in ’99
10. Blog Otters OR whatever you can think of in 10 seconds.
1. Austin/Bret
2. Shit, at that point, I guess Hogan/Goldberg. Goldberg didn’t really need the belt.  
3. Dreamer, wasn’t Raven already going to WCW after the match anyway? Gotta try to put the guy over who is staying. My mind is a little foggy about that time period.
4. Holding off until December 2001.
5. This one is tough as the WWF already had Sheik/Volkoff as evil heels but Bundy wasnt exactly the greatest. I guess I will just go Bundy as even in 1986, the evil stuff was starting to become tiresome.
6. The WM tag match. The whole celebrity involvement with Mr. T was money. That nade sure that WrestleMania wasn’t a disaster.
7. Heel Warrior vs. Hogan. Slaughter hadn’t drawn anything since 1984 and him as the Iraqi sympathizer wasn’t going to boost business in 1991.
8. Punk coming back after the Rumble. Stretching the angle out longer would have really worked out better.
9. Taz never signing with the WWF. He was a better fit for ECW.
10. Whatever I can think of in ten seconds. I thought of BoD Nation in three seconds and I would take that, even as lame as that sounds.

BoD Daily Update

Update on Kane’s Return

Kane is advertised to return on the 11/6 show in Columbia, SC. He is scheduled to team with Cody Rhodes and Goldust. Their opponents have not been named but the Shield are advertised for an overseas tour that same weekend so it is highly doubtful it will be against them

Credit Mike Johnson,

Rey Mysterio Returned to Action

Rey returned last night at a house show in Guadalajara, teaming with Sin Cara against Alberto Del Rio and Wade Barrett. It was Rey’s first match since March.


WWE High on Xavier Woods

The company wants to bring up Woods, feeling that he is a good representative for the company due to the fact that he has his master’s degree and is working on his doctorate. Woods wrestled as “Consequences Creed” in TNA from 2008-2010. He has been in Developmental for over three years.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Promo of the Day: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

This is Stone Cold Steve Austin on LiveWire right before Bret comes back to face him in the critically acclaimed Survivor Series 96 match. 

Can we get a 2013 Scott Sez? What happened to that gimmick? Did it go to the red-hot "Abeyance"?

Anyways, great live promo work from Steve as he is running the gamut. He is hard-selling Bret's return. He is making you laugh. He is making you want to see him get his ass kicked as well at the PPV. It just shows that, while not a "money promo", he is using his time on camera to the fullest of his ability.

Toad Pedophile and Sunny (looking great in the whore-red lipstick) are virtual non-factors as soon as Austin comes on set. 

As an aside, how awesome would you think Austin would have been with no neck injury? The knees would probably been shot to shit, but 2000 with Austin? Does HHH ascend and have the critically acclaimed year he has? Does Mick become 3 time champ? Does Rock host SNL and start the process to becoming a crossover star?

Your thoughts… as well as the rest of the midcarders and Obi-Wan Jabronis from the BoD.

Imagine Austin's resurgence in 2001 with Angle and multiply that over the years he was active, and that's how awesome he would have been if he didn't have the neck of a crippled 80 year old.  
And really, when DIDN'T Sunny look great in 1996?  

A thought on Barely Legal 97

Always thought this,

I wonder why they had Taz beat Sabu on this show? I mean, the big angle coming out of the show was that Bill Alfonso screwed Taz and joined up with Sabu and RVD. Wouldn't it have been a stronger turn if it had led to Sabu winning via chicanery rather than just doing it at the end of the match?

It's not like a loss in that fashion would have hurt Taz. It would have kept him strong but also given a new dimension to Sabu's character (He didn't believe he could get it done on his own so he instead made a deal with the devil to win)

Sabu beat Taz a few months later at Wrestlepalooza 97 anyway, so it wasn't like they had a Taz streak to protect or anything



Here's the thing with Paul Heyman that everyone always overlooks when discussing his booking:  He does fantastic work with the buildup, but he's shit at nailing the landing.  The whole Taz-Sabu feud was built for MONTHS as babyface Sabu coming back to get his revenge on Taz and end the monster's streak, and then he just…lost.  It was a really terrible way to pay off the feud, especially since Taz then got into a chase of Shane Douglas that lasted WAAAAAAY too long and was also a disappointing payoff.  
But yes, your idea would definitely have been better for business, I think.  

QOTD 36: Youch!

Gentleman, my fapping arm (and shoulder) has been injured. I would appreciate a moment of silence.

What’s your most memorable injury. Funniest, most gruesome, most annoying, all fair game. 

Thank God I never broke any bones (knock on wood) but I was a kid on vacation once, dived into a pool, and sprained my ankle, which made it nearly impossible to get around and a burden to my family as we went around New Hampshire.

This shoulder thing I’m dealing with is the most annoying though, that’s for sure. I have to bat switch, and well, it don’t feel right.


Blog Otter Award: Dougie for making sense about continuity.

Impact Wrestling – October 17, 2013

October 17, 2013
Cox Business Arena, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Mike Tenay, Taz
the go home show for Bound for Glory and the card is almost entirely
set. The focus of the show will likely be just polishing everything
up and giving us the hard push to Sunday. Odds are we’ll also get
some development on the Dixie Is Evil story which seems to be where
we’re headed after the big show. Let’s get to it.

open with a recap of last week’s events with Angle returning and
Sting angering Magnus by getting the pin in their tag match.
Dixie to open the show, flanked by two goons with one carrying a
briefcase. She talks about being an artist like Michelangelo but she
has to deal with a redneck like AJ Styles slinging paint everywhere.
This coming Sunday is going to be her masterpiece but she what if AJ
doesn’t make it there? The fans chant WE WANT HOGAN as Dixie offers
a $50,000 bounty to anyone that can keep AJ out of the main event of
Bound For Glory.
brings out Bully and Brooke with Bully saying that he took out AJ
last week so he’d be glad to do it again for the $50,000 (clearly
fake money in the briefcase). Cue Magnus to say that 12 men over 3
months fought for a chance to be the #1 contender, but now the title
shot might go to whomever takes out AJ Styles tonight.
starts a Dixie Sucks chant and says that $50,000 is a lot of money to
him, but he’ll fight Bully Ray right here tonight for free. Ray
praises Magnus and says that Sting believes in him, but Magnus hasn’t
proven himself yet. He’s a disappointment, just like everyone else
in Oklahoma. Magnus drops him with one punch and Ray bails to the
floor. The match is on for later tonight.
gives Bischoff and Knux a pep talk. Things seem to be ok and if Knux
needs Ray’s help in his match with Gunner tonight, just throw up the
Daniels vs. Robbie E. vs. Hernandez vs. Eric Young
winner of this gets the final spot for his team in the gauntlet match
on the preshow with the winning team getting a title shot at the PPV.
Robbie and Young get us going but Young tags in Hernandez for the
slingshot shoulder to E. Robbie brings in Daniels who has to escape
the over the shoulder backbreaker but gets caught in the choke suplex
for two. A cheap shot from Robbie takes Hernandez to the floor
before he comes in legally and gets two off a middle rope elbow.
comes back with a double clothesline to take down Daniels and Robbie,
allowing for the tag off to Eric. Daniels and Robbie get in an
argument (despite not being a team), allowing Hernandez to do the
running clothesline from the ramp. Hernandez misses a splash in the
corner and falls out to the floor before Eric suplexes Daniels down.
Robbie makes a blind tag in and pins Daniels off the top rope elbow
from Young at 5:18.
D+. This might as well have
been a tag match until the ending which is about all you can expect
out of something like this. Odds are we’re getting Chavo and
Hernandez vs. Gunner/Storm because that’s the least interesting match
out of the options available. Nothing match but it wasn’t too bad.
fights off Jesse Godderz.
AJ to the ring with something to say. He talks about Dixie being
desperate by sending everyone after him because she knows he’s
winning at Bound For Glory. She’ll pay after the PPV but tonight, he
isn’t running and hiding so come get paid. This brings out Knux and
Bischoff but AJ jumps them as they come in. This brings out James
Storm and Gunner to clear the ring with Storm staring AJ down but
letting him go.
vs. Knux
immediately grabs Gunner’s leg to give Knux the early advantage.
Gunner comes back with a hard clothesline and pounds away, only to be
sent into the middle buckle to stop him cold. Another clothesline
puts Gunner down before Knux drives him into the corner. Gunner
finally slams him into the corner before a double clothesline puts
both guys down. Storm spits beer in Bischoff’s face as Gunner makes
his comeback and hits a decent fallaway slam on the big Knux. He
can’t hook the Gun Rack so Knux gets two off a cross body of all
things. Knux calls for Bully, allowing Gunner to spear him down for
the pin at 5:03.
C-. Knux looked decent here,
but why aren’t Knux and Bischoff at least in the gauntlet match on
Sunday? It would at least give them something to do and add to the
match a bit. A four team gauntlet isn’t much to see but it could be
worse I guess. As long as Gunner doesn’t become the 194th
wrestler to use the spear I’ll be ok with him.
Sabin is going for the bounty.
and Bischoff want to know where Bully was. It’s going to be
interesting the next time he wants their help.
recap Lei’D Tapa’s attacks on the Knockouts.
Kim suggests an alliance with Brooke to take care of Tapa but she’s
not interested.
on the Ultimate X match.
asks a security guard if he’s seen the not-so-Phenomenal AJ Styles
but finds Joe instead. Joe threatens him with violence both tonight
and Sunday so Sabin backs away.
Sabin vs. Samoa Joe
takes him into the corner to start but gets poked in the eye to slow
him down. A flurry of punches take Sabin down in turn and there’s a
running elbow into the standing enziguri. Sabin bails to the floor
to avoid the running boot in the corner before firing off chops and
punches with Joe selling nothing at all.
tries to bail but Joe grabs him on the ramp, only to have Chris slam
him onto the steel. Joe dives back in to beat the count at nine and
catches a charging Sabin in a release Rock Bottom out of the corner.
A boot to the chest and the backsplash gets two for Joe but Sabin
comes back with a springboard tornado DDT for two. Not that it
matters as Joe grabs a quick Koquina Clutch for the win at 5:17.
C. Nice match here to preview
the big title match on Sunday but a bit more high flying would have
helped. Granted these aren’t the best choices for flying given that
Sabin is a heel and that Joe is fat, but it wasn’t a bad match at
all. Sabin is rocking the heel character so at least his world title
reign was only mostly worthless.
match Aries, Hardy and Manik come in for a big brawl. Hardy pulls in
a ladder, allowing Manik to dive onto Aries and Sabin.
Influence goes after AJ but he holds them off with a fire
Carter III debuts at Bound For Glory.
Ray vs. Magnus
of course. Feeling out process to start with Magnus grabbing a
headlock for early control. Ray shoves him away but gets
clotheslined, allowing Magnus to go up top and get crotched as we
take a break. Back with Ray throwing Magnus down and posing a lot
before missing a big elbow drop. They’re going very lightly here so
wins a quick slugout and clotheslines Bully down to speed things up a
bit. A big boot puts Ray down and the top rope elbow gets two.
Magnus charges into the referee by mistake so Ray gets the chain,
drawing out Sting for the save. The referee throws Sting out,
allowing Ray to low blow Magnus for the pin at 10:42.
D. This was really boring stuff
and the ending was never in doubt. Obviously you can’t put anyone
over the world champion three days before the biggest show of the
year but it did advance the Sting vs. Magnus story a bit more. I’m
guessing they were going slowly to avoid any injuries for Sunday,
which is a constant problem with go home shows.
isn’t pleased with Sting but they don’t come to blows.
break Magnus yells at Sting for getting in his business. Sting says
he’ll be alone on Sunday.
run down the BFG card.
Angle with his first comments since being back. Kurt says it’s good
to be home before talking about Bobby Roode being great. He even
reminds Angle of himself about five years ago. However, Roode is
just one of the great ones at the moment rather than being one of the
best of all time. When Roode starts messing with Angle’s legacy,
that makes it personal. This brings out Roode to says he’s ok with
not being Kurt Angle. Roode says he wanted to be Kurt Angle years
ago but now, Angle hasn’t done anything at all.
only thing Roode remembers Angle doing recently was beating Roode two
years ago at Bound For Glory. That was Roode’s wakeup call and the
reason he won the world title which he held longer than anyone,
including Angle. Roode says he’ll win on Sunday but Angle says he’ll
make Roode tap. Roode sucker punches Kurt and here’s the rest of EGO
to send Angle shoulder first into the post. Angle gets put in the
Crossface to damage his shoulder even worse.
are Dixie, AJ and Ray for the contract signing. Ray signs and says
he’ll keep it simple: AJ can’t beat him no matter what he does on
Sunday. He talks about Flair vs. Rhodes from 1985 and the Hard Times
that Dusty talked about Flair putting wrestling through. Ray has put
wrestling through hard times over the last year by getting rid of
Sting, Sabin and Hogan. Ray is going to put AJ on hard times and
send him back to the trailer park in Georgia, where AJ’s family
probably won’t be waiting. He’s the Darth Vader of professional
wrestling and AJ isn’t Luke Skywalker.
says he appreciates Ray’s story but he’s no Ric Flair and AJ is no
Dusty Rhodes. This is the future instead of the past and Ray doesn’t
deserve to compare himself to Bully Ray. AJ has to win on Sunday
because he has nothing to lose. He has to win to make Dixie beg and
take everything away from Bully Ray. AJ signs but Ray says he takes
it back. He’s not putting the title on the line but he will take the
$50,000 right now. Ray swings the chain but gets hit with the
briefcase. AJ throws the money at Dixie and her security so a
staredown can end the show.
C. The show did a good
job of selling what Bound For Glory has to offer, but the show really
doesn’t have a flare to it. This Sunday’s show feels like any other
show but it happens to be the biggest show of the year. Nothing on
it feels really special and the big moment is going to be what?
Hogan returning? After nearly four years of sitting through him, two
weeks of no Hogan doesn’t make a return mean anything. Decent show
tonight but it doesn’t change how I feel about Sunday at all.
E. b. Eric Young, Hernandez and Christopher Daniels – Robbie pinned
Daniels after a top rope elbow from Young
b. Knux – Spear
Joe b. Chris Sabin – Koquina Clutch
Ray b. Magnus – Low blow

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MOTD: Jake vs Macho

Here’s a MOTD for you, from SNME. It’s not a technical masterpiece, but it’s got some of the best psychology and in-match character work ever from two of the masters (Jake taunting Elizabeth while pinning Savage is a highlight for me), and a really fun story as they both just shamelessly try to out-heel each other. Proof you don’t need to have an incredible moveset or a million reversals to put on an entertaining match if you just understand character and story. *looks pointedly at WWE Creative* 

I fucking love this match. Wasn’t it on the SNME DVD?  I seem to recall it being somewhere recently. 

Big Update from Place to Be Nation!

Hey Scott –
Wanted to share some awesome stuff going on over at Place to Be Nation of late.
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Our lead MMA writer, Callum Leslie, has his press credentials for UFC 166 and will be reporting from the event this weekend. Here’s his weekly newswire:
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Thanks as always for your support!

NXT – October 16, 2013

October 16, 2013
Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Tony Dawson, William Regal, Renee Young
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
is a very big show for NXT as we FINALLY get the showdown between
Sami Zayn and Bo Dallas. This is a match that’s been built up for
months now and tonight is the blowoff. Imagine that: setting up
match and building up to it for months as the fans want to see it
more and more. Why is that so complicated? Let’s get to it.
opening video sets up the title match tonight with Zayn wearing a
mask and pinning Dallas a few weeks back.
Titles: Ascension vs. Adrian Neville/Corey Graves
is defending and won the belts from Neville and Graves two weeks
back. Corey sends Victor into the corner to start as the announcers
talk about how much more aggressive Graves has been since losing the
titles. Victor is knocked into the corner before putting on a
headscissors choke over the ropes before bringing in Adrian. The
Brit loads up a quick Red Arrow but has to kick O’Brien away, only to
hurt his leg in the process.
from a break with Victor slamming the back of Graves’ head into the
mat for two before it’s off to Conor again. Adrian quickly gets over
to the corner and dives to Corey for the tag. Graves goes for
Conor’s leg and puts on Lucky 13 but Victor makes the save. Adrian
is still hurt but Graves tags him back in anyway. O’Brien throws
Adrian shoulder first into the post but Neville comes back with a
kick to Victor’s face. He goes for the tag but Victor kicks Adrian
into Corey which isn’t a tag for some reason. Ascension hits the
Fall of Man on Neville to retain the belts at 5:52 shown of 9:22.
C. This was all about finishing
off the Graves/Neville team for good which was the right move. They
never felt like anything more than transitional champions and in both
matches they’ve looked outclassed by Ascension. It was a glorified
squash and there’s nothing wrong with that at all.
match Graves yells at Neville for losing their shot before destroying
him, turning heel in the process. It takes a little bit before the
fans really get onto him but the YOU SUCK chant gets going after a
is coming back in case you didn’t know.
break the announcers are stunned at what they just saw.
Breeze vs. CJ Parker
usual, the fans are entirely behind Breeze and can’t stand Parker.
Renee Young continues to be awesome on commentary by saying she and
Breeze get along so well because they both have blonde ponytails,
shop at the same stores and are about the same size. Fans: “BREEZE
IS GORGEOUS!” Parker hits a hard chop to the chest to start as the
announcers debate which kind of cell phone would be the best weapon.

misses an elbow drop and gets rolled up for two, protecting his face
in the process. Parker misses a dropkick and gets kicked in the face
but Breeze has to go take a picture in the corner. Breeze pounds
away and freaks out when CJ loads up a right hand to the face. Fans:
“NOT IN THE FACE!” Breeze uses the distraction to poke Parker in
the eye and hit a spinwheel kick for the pin at 3:25.
C-. If there is a more fun
character out there than Tyler Breeze, I have no idea who it is. The
match was nothing special but the thing that stood out the most here
was Renee Young. She is so perfect as the laid back commentator and
actually makes the matches a lot easier to listen to. She’s funny,
she adds stuff to the match, she sounds natural and above all else,
she isn’t corny at all. In short, she sounds like a normal, bright
person talking about what she’s seeing and offering some intelligent
thoughts to it. That’s the polar opposite from how forced most
commentary is and it’s very refreshing.
praises Tyler for his tactics. Breeze goes to take a picture but
Parker hits him in the face and steals the phone to take pictures of
himself. Regal has the right idea: “CALL THE POLICE!”
cancer is bad.
vs. Sasha Banks/Summer Rae
insists that she gets to start and erupts on Summer to start. It’s
quickly off to Emma who sends Summer running off to Banks. Emma
avoids a charge in the corner and gets a quick sunset flip for two.
Sasha takes her into the heel corner and brings in Summer as Renee
takes jabs at Tony for calling her the foremost authority on Divas.
hits a faceplant for two on Emma before pulling on Emma’s arms. Emma
backflips over into a rollup for two and there’s the hot tag to
Paige. The champ cleans house and fires off some knees to Summer’s
ribs before getting two off a PerfectPlex. Everything breaks down
and Summer hits a quick standing legdrop for the pin on Paige at
C-. The looks of the girls made
this a lot easier to get through but it still wasn’t much of a match.
Much like earlier, this was there to do little more than stet up a
future match, presumably with Summer finally taking the title from
Paige. Still though, good stuff here as the Divas of NXT continue to
be the best in the business today.
Title: Sami Zayn vs. Bo Dallas
have a ton of time for this. Bo is defending if you’re new around
here. Feeling out process to start with Sami sending Bo into the
ropes. Sami gets a pair of rollups for two, sending Bo into the
corner. Back up and the champion grabs a headlock to take Zayn down
and drops some knees for two. Dallas hooks a cravate for a few
moments before Sami comes back with clotheslines and a backdrop. The
running boot in the corner…..WINS THE CHAMPIONSHIP AT 4:35?????
fans are so shocked they forget to cheer but before I can even type
Rating:, here’s JBL
to say it doesn’t count because Bo’s foot was on the rope, which was
clearly before the bell. JBL tells the referee to not make him learn
his name so restart the match. Bo elbows Sami out to the floor and
we take a quick break.
with Sami fighting out of a cravate but getting clotheslined down for
another two. Sami fights up again and low bridging Dallas out to the
floor. There’s the big flip dive from Zayn followed by a high cross
body for two. Dallas blocks the running boot in the corner but gets
caught in a spinning blue thunder bomb for two. Bo hits a boot to
the side of the head and a bulldog out of the corner for a close near
reverse DDT gets the same but Sami avoids a powerslam and spears
Dallas down for two. Dallas blocks a climbing the turnbuckle armdrag
and spears Sami down for two. The fans are losing their minds on the
kickouts. Dallas puts Zayn on the top rope for a superplex but gets
countered into a great looking sunset bomb for an even closer two.
Sami rolls some German suplexes but Bo rips off the turnbuckle pad
and sends Zayn face first into the steel to block the last German,
allowing Bo to roll him up to retain at 14:26 shown of 17:16.
B+. Really fun match here where
you genuinely didn’t know who was going to win until the end. At
this point Zayn shouldn’t be in NXT for awhile as this was his big
moment and he came up short. He’s more than ready for the main
roster so there’s no need to keep him around in developmental
anymore. Dallas’ best match ever by a few thousand miles.
A. My goodness NXT is
amazing. This felt like their biggest show ever and it delivered in
spades. We have angle advancement in the tag title match, a
challenger for Paige, a fun match with Breeze and a great match with
a false finish for the title. This is by far the highlight of my
wrestling week and somehow it keeps getting better. Excellent show
this week and great stuff all around.
b. Adrian Neville/Corey Graves – Fall of Man to Neville
Breeze b. CJ Parker – Spinwheel Kick
Rae/Sasha Banks b. Paige/Emma – Standing legdrop to Paige
Dallas b. Sami Zayn – Rollup

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The Coliseum Video Rant 1A

The Coliseum Video Rant 1A: Into Dorkness Jesse Baker writes: “please do a review of the first WWE coliseum home video if only for completion sake” How could I have guessed that he’d be the one with the OCD reaction to me skipping it? So here’s the first ever Coliseum Video in a special single tape edition! Wrestling’s Bloopers, Bleeps & Bodyslams! Hosted by Gorilla Monsoon. Did you know that WWF superstars can LITERALLY fly in and out of the squared circle? This is an 80 minute collection of clips rather than matches. – Andre the Giant humiliates Don Muraco during a 10-man tag match. 0 for 1. – Freddie Blassie gives advice to the lovelorn on TNT. Funny for a little bit but runs way too long. 0 for 2. – Iron Mike Sharpe squashes some dude, who loses his toupee during the match! That’s a funny bit. 1 for 3. – Tiger Chung Lee tries to break bricks on TNT, without much success. Vince McMahon is nearly cracking up watching him fail. 2 for 4. – Lou Albano has a soundbite on TNT. 2 for 5. – Tony Atlas and Paul Orndorff have a posedown at what appears to be the nightclub from the intros of Seinfeld. Atlas wins the popular vote and Orndorff attacks him. Dunno if this went anywhere. 2 for 6. – Iron Sheik introduces Vince McMahon to his camel. Sheik is actually trying to focus the interview on Sgt. Slaughter and Vince keeps trying to crack him up and throw him off by insulting the camel. 3 for 7. – Vince interviews Kamala and Fred Blassie on TNT, and Kamala tries to eat a live chicken. 3 for 8. – MIDGET MADNESS with the Haiti Kid. 3 for 9. – Ivan Putski teaches Vince how to polka. 3 for 10. – Hulk Hogan’s PYTHON POWDER. This of course is the greatest segment on any wrestling tape, ever. 4 for 11. – Lou Albano gives advice to the lovelorn on TNT. Lou complains about people who don’t use deodorant and are fat. Albano improvising and getting more and more worked up is funny stuff. 5 for 12. – The Samoans give a cooking demonstration on TNT, which Lord Alfred describes as “smelling worse than the bubonic plague.” Oh, that wacky racism. 5 for 13. – Rocky Johnson & Tony Atlas win the tag titles from the Samoans when Lou Albano accidentally breaks a chair over Afa’s head. Then on TNT, Lou Albano denies all responsibility and throws his team under the bus. Now that’s a heel. 6 for 14. – Sal Bellomo makes pizza for Vince and Alfred. This gets a point for Vince making a joke about Alfred’s cocaine use. 7 for 15. – Adrian Adonis and Dick Murdoch take Mean Gene on a tour of the mean streets of New York. Okerlund and Adonis basically just riff and interact with various weirdos they meet along the way. Mean Gene stiffing the hot dog vendor because he’s too cheap is just tremendous. 8 for 16. – Johnny V gives his advice for the lovelorn on TNT. His gag is that he misses the obvious sexual overtones of the letters, and it’s not that funny. 8 for 17. – Andre sings the Fish Song on TNT and cracks everyone up. Gotta love him. 9 for 18. – Cyndi Lauper appears on Piper’s Pit and Lou Albano interrupts. 9 for 19. – Butcher Vachon gets married on TNT, and we get a wacky array of terrible wedding gifts at the reception. Blassie buys them glasses so his wife can inspect the tiny cheap diamonds on the ring. Ha! George Steele gives a toast while the heel managers egg him on and everyone seems to be legitimately pounding back the sauce. You can see Sika sitting in the background and just losing it every time some crazy thing happens or Lou Albano says something stupid. Even Jesse Ventura breaks up after Albano randomly comes by and burps into Vince’s microphone. Dr. D, drunk and pissed off at Vince, shoves the cake into the bride’s face, triggering a food fight to Vince’s horror. But then he goes ahead and throws a pie at George Steele anyway. It was lacking a snake in the wedding gifts and thus can’t be the greatest wrestling wedding reception in history, but it was damn close. Well worth looking up on YouTube and it basically saved the tape. Anyone know who the girl with the wrestling mask was? Albano and Steele tear her shirt off at the end before she’s hustled off to the side by the producers. 10 for 20. The Pulse Pretty middling stuff most of the way, but that wedding reception was one of the craziest things you’ll see from the 80s and ran for about 15 minutes on its own. And with a .500 record, that makes this one a thumbs up.

Kayfabe Commentaries Timeline Series: 1994 WWF as told by Sean Waltman

This interview was conducted this year and released four months ago. It is hosted by Sean Oliver and last two hours and fifteen minutes long



On January
10th, Sean and Marty Jannetty defeated the Quebecers for the Tag
Team Titles. One week later, they lost the belts back to the Quebecers. Waltman
is asked if Marty was a suitable partner and immediately said that he was. He
then said that he learned a lot about tag team wrestling by teaming with him.
He is then asked how the one-week title run was proposed to him. Waltman said
that Vince was under indictment at that time and was bringing in guys like
Jerry Jarrett and Bill Watts at the time incase he had to go to prison. Waltman
said that it was a Jerry Jarrett idea. He didn’t get why they lost a week later
and when they lost it was the main event at Madison Square
Garden. Sean said that
they sent the fans home angry that night.


At the
January 17th house show at Madison Square
Garden, Owen Hart won a
30-man Royal Rumble match. During this match, Waltman injured his leg. He said
that he did a spinning head scissors, he believed it was on Adam Bomb, and he
did not know how to take the move so he tore up his knee. He said that he had
to share an ambulance with Ludvig Borga that night as they only two of them at
the arena and one of them was for Ivan Putski so he could get a ride back to
the hotel.


Up next is
the 1994 Royal Rumble PPV and when Owen kicked Bret’s injured knee. Waltman is
asked if there was any doubt if Owen and Bret could have a good feud and he
said that there was some doubt amongst the other wrestlers as they did not
think Owen was a big enough star to feud with Bret. Sean said that Owen turned
and it didn’t matter about cheers. He also said it was much easier being a
heel, due to not having to worry about fan response as much. Waltman said they
were happy for Owen but business was bad at the time and they were worried about
the gates. Waltman said that they would get home after being on the road and
come home to a tiny check.


Still on
the Royal Rumble, Waltman is asked about the angle of the Undertaker’s casket
exploding and him being lifted to the rafters. Waltman said that it was silly.
He is asked if Undertaker took time off because his wife was having a kid and
he said his son was already born and that he was working through a lot of
painful injuries and could barely get around. He also adds that they wouldn’t
even let you wrestle today if you had the same injuries.


Waltman is
asked about Lex Luger and Bret Hart being the co-winners of the Royal Rumble
match. He said that the office was behind Lex, joking that the first clue was
that they gave him a “huge, fucking bus” and brings up the angle on the
aircraft carrier. Waltman said at that time, Vince wanted to keep on pushing
Luger but the fans just wanted to see Bret. He brings up a tag match that
featured both guys and how Bret came out for his entrance and went to the
middle of the ring and the fans cheered while Luger went to the corner and
yelled and you could hear his voice echo due to the lack of crowd noise.
Waltman also adds how Bret told him to never go into the corner after his
entrance, because everyone else already does that. According to Waltman, even
Luger brought up his lack of crowd noise in the locker room and soon after
that, the decision was made to put the belt on Bret.


Waltman is
asked if Kevin Nash’s star-making moment was when he eliminated several people
in a row during the Rumble match. He said that it was and before that, he
usually looked bad in the ring. Waltman then is told about the fact that Nash
was getting cheered, despite being a heel, and Waltman talks about how the fans
let you know what they want and it makes it a lot easier on everyone, instead
of pushing a wrestler down your throat.


Waltman is
asked about Bob Holly, who debuted this month. He said that it was quiet and
when he was in the WWF, he always craved knowledge, especially about other
wreslters, promotions, and even television ratings. Waltman tells a story about
one time, he brought up to the other wrestlers that RAW received a 3.2 rating
and for a while, he was known as the three-two Kid.” Waltman was asked if Holly
was stiff and he said that he wasn’t anymore stiffer than himself. He adds that
they add good matches.





On February
6th, during a tour of Germany, Marty Jannetty was fired
for the fourth time by the WWF. Waltman did not recall how he got fired that
time, saying he wasn’t around, then is asked why Marty kept on resurfacing in
the WWF. Waltman said that he always had good matches. He then said he could be
sleeping under a table and wake up in ten minutes and go out and have a great
match. He is then asked if it was a personality conflict with management of
partying. Waltman said that it was partying and Marty was like a kid who
wouldn’t grow up, even adding it sounds hypocritical coming from himself.


He is asked
about Jim Ross and his contract not being renewed. Waltman said that it was
cold, as he just suffered a Bells Palsy attack. He is then asked about the
relationship between Ross and Vince McMahon. He tells a story about being in
the office with JR and Vince. JR was eating a plate of food while Vince and
Waltman had a disagreement. Vince told Waltman that sometimes, you have to
learn to like the taste of shit then spoke to JR and said “isn’t that right,


Waltman is
asked about how he would work guys who were having tryouts. Waltman said that
he didn’t tryout guys but would work with the new hires and would get a feeling
for their personality and workrate. He talks about the Shane Douglas matches
during his Dean Douglas run. He said it was a rotten gimmick and wasn’t in
shape but worked with him later on and he was much better.


During a
February 22nd taping of “Superstars,” Lex Luger was announced as the
WWF Champion and came to the ring with the belt. This show was airing right
after WrestleMania. Waltman was asked if Luger winning was the original plan or
were they just trying to throw people off. Waltman believes that they were just
trying to see how the crowd would react to Luger being the champion but doesn’t
know which reason was correct.


Up next is
Jerry Lawler and how four criminal charges of statutory rape and sodomy were
dropped in exchange for him pleading guilty to harassing a witness. Waltman
said that there was talk about the charges in the locker room. He is asked if
Lawler had a well-known reputation amongst the boys for liking underage girls.
Waltman said that people did not act surprised when it happened.


Waltman is
asked about Mabel and if he was hurt by him. At this time, he fell on Fatu in a
match and ended up hurting him bad. Waltman said that he got roughed up a bit
but nothing bad. He also brings up how he hurt Nash bad one night and almost
got fired as a result but claims Nash did not want him to lose his job.





Waltman is
asked about Chief Jay Strongbow as an agent, who is unpopular amongst most
wrestlers. Waltman said Strongbow liked him and his friends and people did not
like him because he was a hardass. Waltman brings up how Strongbow tried to
teach him when he first got there and called him “trailer,” because he was the
last to arrive to the building. He then took a liking to Waltman when he found
out that he was trained by Boris Malenko, who helped out Strongbow a lot when
he first broke into the business.


He is then
asked about a joint show between the WWF and Smoky Mountain.
Waltman is asked about the pay and he said it was shit and that he made about
$200 from that show.


Waltman is
asked about the first “meet & greet” before WrestleMania and if they got
paid any extra. Waltman doesn’t believe that they were but that it was expected
of you. He is asked about WrestleMania paydays but at the time, Waltman said he
was on the bottom of the pay scale and didn’t get much anyway.


Next is
when Bret won the title from Yokozuna. He is asked about the decision to go
with Bret over Luger. Waltman said that it was not only the fans, but also the
boys. Waltman is asked how someone approaches Vince to tell him what to do,
asking if you have to be blunt or subtle. Waltman just said that they let Shawn
Michaels take care of that stuff.


Waltman is now
asked about the ladder match between Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels and if they
knew before the match that it was going to be a classic. Waltman said they did
a little bit but most people do not know that those guys had much better ladder
matches at house shows before that. He is then asked if they practice ladder
moves before the match as Waltman tells him you never, ever practice using a
ladder as you could easily injure yourself before the match.


He is then
asked if he got paid for his ten-man match at WrestleMania that got bumped off
the card due to time restraints. Waltman said that he got $10,000. He then said
that he was bummed out as it was his first time at WrestleMania. He confirms
that it was the ladder match that ran long.


then talks about the celebrities that appeared at Mania. He called Burt
Reynolds “whiskey nose” as he was royally shitfaced that night. He is asked if
he got the business. Waltman said that he did and William Shatner did as well.
He said that it was cool meeting Little Richard and Jennie Garth.


The tuxedo
match between Howard Finkel and Harvey Whippleman is brought up. Waltman said
that Howard was a whipping boy for a lot of people. Waltman said that he always
liked Howard. He is asked about Howard’s position behind the scenes. Waltman
said that he would tell you what was said in the dirt sheets and was a source
of information.


He is asked
why they brought back Capt. Lou Albano to manage the Headshrinkers. Waltman is
asked about Albano. He said that he was funny
after two weeks but after that would just repeat the same jokes. Waltman said
that he was always a little drunk.





Waltman is
asked about the “Heartbreak Hotel” segments hosted by Shawn Michaels. He said
that it went with his persona at the time and thought it was good. When asked
if Shawn was dealing with injuries at the time, Waltman smiled and said “sure.”


He is then
asked if he heard about Vince’s reaction to Jesse Ventura being awarded money
in his videotape lawsuit. He said that he didn’t but ended up getting the same
lawyer as Jesse. He also thinks that the only reason Vince worked with Jesse
again was due to him being governor and going beyond wrestling. He did recall
one time before the gym, Vince muttered “that’s my fucking money.”


Up next is
when Charles Austin was awarded $26.7 million dollars after getting paralyzed
from taking a Rocker Dropper. Waltman said that it was sad and that Austin had no business
being in the ring. He is then asked about all the money problems at the time in
the WWF and if he or the other wrestlers considered jumping over to WCW or
somewhere else. Waltman said no, that they were in it for the long run, but he
did try to see if he could get into movies.


On April 30th,
Diesel defeated Razor Ramon for the Intercontinental Title. Waltman is asked if
the Kliq were all friends at this point. Waltman said that they were and there
was no resentment from anyone about Diesel winning the belt.





Next, is
the WWF Tour of Japan. Waltman thought he would be able to make his mark at the
show. He said that he tried to school the others on how to work in Japan but no
one would listen. He said the first night he had an awesome match with Rick
Martel. The second night, they wanted to have a DQ finish and Waltman brings up
how the Japanese hate that. Waltman said the fans were happy to see the stars.
He also said that he got the second best reaction on the show, first was the
Undertaker, due to wrestling with Hakushi. He is asked about the agents that
went over. JJ Dillon went and Waltman said that he and Owen Hart were ribbing
him all night. He also said that Vince did not make the trip.


Waltman is
asked about Don Muraco, who was a guest ring announcer during his match in Hawaii against Adam
Bomb. Waltman joked that he spoke “Muraconese” and mentions that he didn’t get
to know him well but heard stories, including that he was part of a clique in
the 1980’s WWF with Roddy Piper, Bob Orton, and Adrian Adonis. He is asked
about being in Hawaii.
He said that he hung out with Bret and almost missed their flight and was
nearly fined by Jack Lanza.


Waltman is
asked about Earthquake being upset about having to job to Yokozuna and leaving
the company shortly afterwards as a result. Waltman says that it was true and
that he was one of those guys who wouldn’t job. He brings up a story in WCW of
how Hacksaw Duggan stiffed him in a match because he was pissed that he had to


Next is the
angle that saw Ted Dibiase buy Nikolai Volkoff. Waltman is asked if this was
Vince sending a message and having fun with a character. Waltman said that
Vince did do stuff like that. He then said that he wanted to shoot himself in
the fucking head because he had to work with Volkoff on the road and he was
awful in the ring. He did say he was a nice guy but would never take a bump.


He is asked
about the Duke “The Dumpster” Droese character and if anyone thought it was a
good idea. Waltman said at the time, that was the mindset for the company, to
have wrestlers with characters based on occupations.


Waltman is
asked about the Hardy Boyz, who debuted at the RAW tapings as enhancement
talent. He said that no one thought to give a look at them, saying the agents
responsible for eyeing talent were terrible. They referred to Jeff as “Vanilla
Ice” at the time due to his haircut .He recalls locking up with Jeff when he
was an enhancement guy and thought he had no fucking clue what he was doing but
could do all of the highspots. He tried to do a new finisher on him, an Indian
Death Lock with a front facelock, bur it fell completely flat. He also said
that Scott Hall gave Jeff a bit of offense in one of their matches and went
over to the agent and told them that he had talent after the match but nothing
happened as a result.





Waltman is
asked about the 1994 Hall of Fame class. Waltman talks about James Dudley and
how he was very old and broken down when giving his speech but Waltman said it
was great. One time, Dudley was in the corner backstage and pissed himself and
just sat there. He said that Vince honored his dad’s promise to care for him
and that Vince really did honor that promise. He now speaks about the creremony
and how Bret Hart put him over in his speech as part of the young guys who are
going to be the future.


Up next is
the fake Undertaker (Brian Lee). Waltman said that they hope it worked and believed
that the actual Undertaker made the suggestion to use Lee in the angle.


Waltman is
now asked about the locker room reaction to the WCW parade for Hulk Hogan. He
said that Vince was not vocal about that situation but later on, Vince held at
meeting with talent and told them they were “not fucking going anywhere” during
the time WCW was handing out big contracts. Waltman said that you can take that
however you want


brings up the WWF attempt to push the next generation and asks if it was
mockery of older stars that were elsewhere or serious attempt to position the
company. Waltman said it was a serious attempt to transition the company into
the future.


Next, is
the King of the Ring. He is asked about Art Donovan and Waltman impersonates Donovan’s
“how much does this guy weigh” quotes. Waltman said he was watching and just thought
to himself that this was a fucking disaster. He is then asked about Randy Savage
and a rumor that he was pissed because he had to do commentary with him.
Waltman said it was hard to tell with Savage because he always had the same
expression and tone.


Waltman is
now asked about his KoTR matches with Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart. He said it
was great. He then said he saved himself in his first match so he could have an
awesome match against Owen. Waltman then said that Bret complimented him that it
was the best match he had seen in that time period.


He is then
asked about the debut of the Cubans, Ricky Santana & Dave Sierra with
manager Bill Alphonso, and how they were gone after a few matches. Waltman said
that he did not want to discuss what happened then Oliver tries to probe but
Waltman did not discuss any more of the situation.


Waltman is
asked about the rule against violence acts (chokes, eye gauges, weapon shots)
and threats made in interviews. He thought it was a rib then brings up how
Shawn and Razor were supposed to have a ladder match at SummerSlam with these
restraints. He then says how they were having to work around  everything and it took a lot of effort to
come up with that match.





Next, is the
resignation of Vice President Basil DeVito and Ann Bojack, who headed PPV’s and
International relations. Waltman said that it was a result of the steroid
trials. He then talks about Lisa Wolfe, who was brought in and very negative
and miserable to be around. Waltman said he never dealt with DeVito and Bojack.
He said that Vince never told anyone why people like Watts and Jerry Jarrett
were around. When asked about Watts, Waltman said that he liked him and thinks
that Watts lied him due to being a disciple of Malenko and Gotch. When asked
who could serve the WWF better, Watts or Jarrett, he said Jarrett.


He is then
asked about the death of referee Joey Marella, son of Gorilla Monsoon, who died
in a car accident at 3am. Waltman said that they just finished a long tour and
this was the first time someone close to him died. He then said that Marella
was well liked by everyone. He said that this broke Gorilla and that you could
physically see him decline from that point on.


On July 5th,
after the jury deliberated for sixteen hours, Vince McMahon was acquitted of
steroid distribution. Waltman said that Vince and Titan sports were not guilty
of distribution or pressuring people to take steroids. He then said that you
can take a look at reasons for why a person gets pushed then says that steroids
are just the nature of the beast that is the wrestling business. Waltman is
then asked if Vince acted differently after the acquittal and he said yes, then
mentions that night, they were all at a late night diner a little bit fucked


Waltman is
asked about his 25 minute match against Bret on RAW. Waltman said at that time,
despite being in the “Kliq,” he was driving with Bret. Waltman said that at the
time, he was influenced by the Calgary-style of wrestling. He got word of this
match after KoTR and had a few weeks to prepare. He said they were mutual fans
of each other and he was proud to have the match. Waltman also mentions a kid
with cancer who visited them before the match and felt he made an impression on
him with the match. Waltman is now asked about working with the “Make a Wish”
foundation. He said when someone’s last wish on earth is too meet you, you try
not to let the kid see you cry and even if you might not feel worthy of the
honor, you suck it up because it is that kid’s wish. Waltman says there is no
right thing to say to a kid. Waltman gets pretty emotional talking about this.


Waltman is
asked about Bob Backlund turning on Bret after a handshake. He said that
Backlund was a nice guy but there was a major styles clash. He is then asked
why Bob was involved in this angle and Waltman 
thought Vince believed that Backlund’s name would resonate across the
fanbase and that Vince still thought he was a big name. Waltman also said that
it spoke volumes about their lack of talent.





Waltman is asked about Bruce Hart. He said that he was crazy and was definitely
going into business for himself. He said that Bret was pissed about Lawler’s
insults about his dad and that it was never discussed beforehand. Waltman said
that when Bret applied the sharpshooter to him, he really tried to break him in


He is now
asked about Virgil, who had his last match in the WWF after getting hurt
against Nikolai Volkoff. He thought he was a nice guy but terrible wrestler and
says that they would give guys tryout matches against Virgil, who would have no
interest in putting over anyone.


Waltman is
now asked about Johnny Polo (Raven) giving notice. He calls him a brilliant guy
but could rub people the wrong way.


During a
match on Superstars, Shawn Michaels slapped a fan who was heckling him. Waltman
said that he had a short fuse but you took the good with the bad.


suffered a herniated disk in a tag match. He said that the ring was very hard
and not made for guys who were taking a lot of bumps. He goes into the differences
between rings in the North and in the South. He said the ones in the North were
made of steel, while the Southern rings were made of lumber and had cable
ropes, which were better for guys using them for highspots.


He is asked
about Walter Payton and his involvement in SummerSlam. Waltman said that he was
a fan and the crowd would erupt when he moved near Shawn Michaels. HE then said
you are given concrete rules when dealing with celebrities in a match or
segment to make things a simple as possible.


Next, is
the return of Davey Boy Smith at SummerSlam. Waltman said that he gave him a
ride to the building that night and said he was all jacked up and juiced to the
gills. He also said that Bret was not fond of him returning, thinking that he
would take away some of his momentum.


Waltman is
asked why the Fake Undertaker angle was dropped at SummerSlam. Waltman said
that Bret and Owen took as much time as they wanted in their cage match. He
even said that Bret told him so before the match. He said that it would happen
a lot, with guys taking time on purpose to screw over the other guys. When
asked why Lee wasn’t repackaged, Waltman said that Lee was fucked up a lot of
the time.






Waltman is asked about Syndicated TV stations dropping wrestling shows
altogether and if TV squash matches ending would hurt the business. Waltman
said not really and when the competition is putting on PPV quality matches on
TV, you have to match them. He said when the product is hot, it doesn’t matter
how much you give away on TV as the people will keep coming back.


Waltman is
now asked about the passing of his trainer, Boris Malenko. , following a battle
with Leukemia. This is when Waltman gets pissed off. He said they were
traveling the Midwest and found out he was dying and asked the office for time
off to see him before he died. J.J. Dillon told him that he needed to stay on
the road. He said when he got home, he was supposed to get on a plane to see
him but his wife told him that he already passed. Waltman said that J.J. ran
the company like Johnny Ace did. He said that Randy Savage picked him up from
the airport and they went to the funeral together. Waltman is asked what it is
like having a successful mentor. He said that the training and wisdom he got
from Malenko was invaluable and he learned real wrestling and even made the
tickets and flyers for his shows, which is how he worked off the money for the
school as he didn’t have the money. He attributes his technique in the ring to
Malenko. He brings up a story of how Strongbow would always people to guess his
real name and everyone said that it was Joe Scarpa but he told them they were
wrong so Waltman called Malenko, who told him that it was actually Luke, and
the next day at TV, Watlman called him Luke and Strongbow was shocked.


Waltman is
now asked about a letter that Linda McMahon wrote to “TV Guide” after they
described the WWF as an “Eternal struggle between good and evil with steroids
used to up the ante.” Waltman said that Linda was head of the legal department
at the time, as she was an attorney, then states that she never was around the
locker room. Waltman is asked if wrestling is the bastard child of the
entertainment industry and he said that it was and occasionally feels like that
but was not embarrassed when he was in the nWo, as they were the coolest people
on television. Waltman then brings up how every professional sport has their
issues with PED’s and tells people that there will always be cheating in sports
as long as there is money involved.


Waltman is
asked about the time he filled in for Samu, who bolted from the company, and
wrestled with Fatu against Shawn and Diesel. He said that it was at a house
show in Boston and dressed up as an Islander. He said he did that on his own
and enjoyed the match, even doing the Superfly Splash off the top rope.





Next is the
return of King Kong Bundy. Waltman said that it didn’t work out with him
because he was a mark. He said that he refused to submit to Hart’s
sharpshooter, stating he wasn’t tapping to anyone. Waltman said that he definitely
got Visine in his water bottle last night. He then brings up how little people
respected Bundy then when he went to the referee and tried to have him bring back
the five count gimmick he used in his debut with the company and the referee
blew him off.


He is asked
about a push for young announcers, with the debut of Charlie Minn. Waltman is
then asked if it was a decision by Kevin Dunn then is asked about his role in the
company at the time. Waltman said that he makes the guys look good and that
some of the angles were his idea and sometimes the boys would smarten him up.
He said that when Razor wrestled job guys that would screw up, he flashed two
fingers into the camera, signaling for a second take, and they would repeat the


Waltman is
asked about Jacques Rougeau. He said that he liked him but that a lot of people
had problems with him. He said at the time, Rougeau would barely leave his feet
but when they were up in Canada, he would use dropkicks and planchas.


Next, is
his tag match with Razor Ramon against Shawn Michael and Diesel on the Action Zone,
which is considered one of the best TV matches in WWF history. When asked about
which member of the Kliq he enjoyed working with the most, he said Scott because
he was the best at laying out the foundation of the match. He then said that
Scott is the reason why Shawn and others, including himself, became so good in
the ring.


Waltman is
asked about Luna Vachon, who got fired right after her marriage. He believes
that it was due to substance abuse issues and also says that she was on some
heavy anti-psychotic medications. He said that she had Disassociative Identity
Disorder as well as Bipolar Disorder.





Next, is
Vince McMahon revealing on television that the WWF was not able to come to
terms with Randy Savage. Waltman said that they were all shocked, as he was the
guy after Hogan left. He recalls taking a leak with Vince and Arnold Skoaland,
who made a comment about Randy and Vince’s face turned white. He is then asked
if it was known that he was going to WCW and Waltman said of course, because it
was the only place to go. Oliver brings up how Lanny Poffo told him that the
WWF told Randy that they were going young at the time.


Waltman is
asked about Diesel as a babyface, when he turned at Survivor Series and if it
was something he wanted. He said that Diesel didn’t mind that Vince wanted it
after his performance at the Royal Rumble earlier in the year. He is then asked
about match layouts and who was responsible. He said that there was a hierarchy
amongst the agents, with a lot of them who couldn’t even put together a finish.
He is asked why guys like Tony Garea became an agent and Waltman said it was
due to him being loyal.


At the MSG
show in November, Diesel wins the belt from Backlund in eight seconds. Waltman said
the match would have been horrible if it went any longer. He did say that
Backlund did an awesome job selling the finish. He tells a story about
Backulund going up to Vince during a MSG show and wanting to put him over.


Goodwin debuts after weeks of vignettes. Waltman is asked what was in the
bucket. He said that it was usually lettuce and oatmeal. He also said that they
were warned to not put stuff into the bucket. He asked if someone got any “extra
ingredients” and Waltman said that it happened to Sunny one night but he did
not participate. He is then asked about the debut of Hakushi and his tattoos.
Waltman said that they were stenciled and it would take hours. He said that he didn’t
do them during the smaller house shows. He is then asked if he had a hand in
him getting hired and he said that he gave the office the thumbs up after their
match in Japan.


Next, is
the WWF RAW video game. Waltman is informed that his strength rating was 4,
while Luna Vachon was 6. He said that he didn’t make much money from video
games then but while in WCW, received a check for $50,000.


Waltman is
asked about Gerry Brisco, who became the director of road agents. Watlman said
he was good. Oliver then asks him about the term “stooge” as Waltman said it is
a horrible term then said the term didn’t apply to them until they started to
refer to Pat Patterson and Brisco as Stooges on RAW.


He is now
asked about the report that WWF wrestlers would be fired if they were found to
be talking with anyone from WCW. He said that Vince hinted at this in a group
setting. Personally, he didn’t talk to anyone but recalls that Jack Lanza
stopped talking to Bobby Heenan as a result.


Tammy Sytch
makes her debut as Tamara Murphy on the Action Zone. Waltman is asked if was
unpopular amongst the locker room right away. He said that happened over time
but at the beginning, most of the boys were trying to get into her pass.


He is asked
about the company’s view of UFC at the time with the debut of Kama. Waltman
said that they acknowledged it a little but that UFC derived from wrestling. He
then said that he did not like the gimmick and Papa Shango was better for him.  


Waltman is
now asked about the company and how they were wrestling in tiny high school
gyms and it came across as minor league on camera. Catering got cut down a lot
and he compares it to the spread that TNA had when they first started. He is
asked if the locker room was angry at the end of the year and he said it was “Disgruntled.”



Final Thoughts: I thought Waltman did an excellent
job with this timeline. The WWF was doing poorly at the time and Waltman went
into specifics about that. Even though he was not part of the main event scene,
he hung around people who were and made it a point himself to seek knowledge
about the company. I give this a high recommendation, as Waltman offers good
insight and I wonder what happened to the firing of the Cubans that led to Waltman
not wanting to discuss the specifics.

BoD Daily Update

WWE Projected to Earn $20 Million in Revenue from Corporate Sponsors

This number has nearly tripled in the past five years, when in 2008 they earned $7.4 million. This is due to promising advertisers that they will no longer have any risque television shows and their push for TV-PG content.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE to Refocus on the Tag Team Division?

According to Dave Meltzer, HHH has laid out a plan to build up the division which includes getting teams ready in NXT before reaching the main roster and to take underutilized and talented singles wrestlers on the main roster and pairing them up to see if they can get over as a duo.

Credit Dave Melzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE Disappointed that Brie Bella is not Getting over as a Babyface?

Company officials were apparently puzzled on RAW this past Monday when Brie was not getting much sympathy from the crowd when getting destroyed by Tamina Snuka.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

TNA Plans for Ethan Carter

Carter, who wrestled as Derrick Bateman in the WWE, will be called Ethan Carter III, or EC3 for short in a takeoff of Washington Redskins Quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Credit Dave Meltzer, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The SmarK Rant for WWE NXT–10.16.13

The SmarK Rant for WWE NXT – 10.16.13 Taped from Orlando, FL Your hosts are Tony Dawson (in his last appearance) & William Regal, with special guest Renee Young! Tonight: Sami Zayn v. Bo Dallas! FINALLY! NXT Tag Team Titles: The Ascension v. Corey Graves & Adrian Neville Victor slugs it out with Graves and loses that pretty easily, as Corey is apparently unhappy about losing the belts. He hangs Victor in a Tarantula on the ropes, and Neville comes in with a running elbow in the corner. O’Brien quickly low-bridges him to put him on the floor, however, and we take a break. Back with the champs working Neville over in the corner and beating on his now-injured knee, but he quickly makes the hot tag to Graves. Corey cleans house with an STO on Conor and a clip to the knee, which sets up his reverse figure-four. Victor breaks that up and Graves tags out again, but Neville is still hurt and looks pissed. Aha, the old Strike Force split! Good old Dusty booking with the team ending their usefulness and then moving on to a program against each other. And Conor quickly destroys the knee again before tossing him into Graves and finishing with Total Elimination at 9:20. Corey Graves, sore loser, bitches at the injured Neville, offers a handshake of peace, and then turns on him. You know, people rag on Dusty’s booking the bad end of Crockett Promotions, but as long as he’s held in check (like here) it’s just tremendous. **1/2 Tyler Breeze v. CJ Parker Holy cow, this is like NXT Wrestlemania or something. Crowd: “Breeze Is Gorgeous”. Indeed. Parker quickly gets an airplane spin while Renee compares ponytails with Breeze. Sunset flip gets two and they have a shoving match before CJ misses a dropkick and Breeze takes over. Parker with a cradle for two and Breeze begs off due to too much hitting in the face, and then goes to the eyes and finishes with a leg lariat at 3:22. William Regal gives the finish high marks from the perspective of an old villain like himself. How can you not love this show? Parker, the worst person in the world, hits Breeze in the face and then steals his iPhone and sullies it with his own ugmo face. Renee’s disgust at Parker stealing someone’s phone is yet another highlight. Match was junk but Breeze is owning this character and getting over bigger every week while the crowd continues to HATE supposed babyface CJ Parker. ½* Paige & Emma v. Summer Rae & Sasha Banks Paige attacks Sasha and pounds away on her to start, and brings in Summer Rae, who quickly runs away and tags out again. Emma comes in with a sunset flip for two and a cradle for two, but a cheapshot from Summer turns the tide. William Regal going off about his girlfriend Doris and just how ugly she is, while Renee analyzes the gear of the Divas, renders any action in the ring totally superfluous compared to the awesomeness of the commentary. Summer continues to work Emma over, but she rolls away and makes the hot tag to Paige. Paige throws knees on the apron and gets a dropkick for two. Perfectplex gets two. It’s BONZO GONZO and Summer hits Big Show’s Final Cut to finish at 5:42. Big night for the heels, and Summer is set up as the next challenger. *1/2 NXT Title: Bo Dallas v. Sami Zayn Big atmosphere for this one. Zayn takes Dallas down with a pair of rollups for two, but Bo goes to a headlock. After working on that for a bit, Zayn comes back and hits the running boot in the corner an wins the NXT Title at 4:32! However, JBL quickly comes out and points out that Bo’s foot was on the rope (“Referee…don’t make me learn your name! Restart the match!”) and so we continue after a break. Back with Sami tossing Dallas and splatting him with a dive. Back in, Sami with a crossbody for two. The running boot is caught by Bo, but Zayn powerbombs him for two. Dallas comes back with a springboard bulldog for two and an inverted DDT for two, and the crowd is going CRAZY for Zayn. Sami hits a spear for two and goes up, but Dallas brings him down and hits his own spear for two. The crowd’s reaction to the near-fall is tremendous, as they get sucked into the old school babyface-heel dynamic with no irony whatsoever. They fight to the top and Sami brings him down with a powerbomb for two, and Dallas manages to pull off a turnbuckle while trying to fight off a german suplex. Sami manages to throw two of them, but Bo runs him into the exposed steel and steals the cheap rollup win at 18:40. This has to be the end of Sami in NXT, as it’s obviously time to bring him to RAW sooner rather than later. Clearly Bo Dallas’s best match ever, by far. **** The Pulse Not only did this blow off FOUR ongoing feuds in NXT, but it set up two brand new programs! This show is not only insanely entertaining, but a lesson in how to book professional wrestling.

Building a Dream Territory

Got another question for you and the BoD Bayless.

People like to fantasy-book and armchair-QB, how about I throw you a fantasy-office?

This is your task:

Pick a classic territory, can’t be national (AWA, Memphis, Mid-South… can’t be WWF after 84, or WCW)

The rule is nobody can be used twice. Your Owner can’t be your booker. You champ can’t be an agent.

1. Owner (So you can do Stampede, but pick Watts)
2. 2 man booking team (main booker, finish guy)
3. 3 agents
4. Lead Babyface
5. Lead Heel
6. Lead Tag (face or heel)
7. Rookie, who is going to going to have the rocket strapped to his ass. (face or heel) 
I assume we are picking people that actually fit together in a certain time period.
For the territory, I will pick WWF 1983
1. Vince McMahon Jr.
2. Bill Watts & Eddie Graham
3. Pat Patterson, Verne Gagne, Ray Stevens
4. Kerry Von Erich
5. Ric Flair
6. Freebirds
7. Barry Windham (He was in the business for a few years but still very young)
What do you guys think?

Backlund vs hogan in 1984

Hey Scott,
I've recently been watching the weekly WWF shows from 1984 starting from hogans title win. One of the more interesting things from the shows I've noticed is Vince's constant hyping of backlund. I'd always sort of assumed he kind of instantly disappeared after hogan got the belt. However on the TV's Vince keeps hyping backlund like he used with HBK. In addition to praising backlunds greatness, Vince called him the undisputed #1 contender and they aired a huge video package (unheard of at the time) showing backlund wrestling as an amateur and training. It seems like a lot of hype for a guy they were gonna flush right away. My question is did backlund work any dates in WWF post January 1984 and did they ever consider running a backlund vs hogan program? I've heard the old story that Vince wanted backlund to turn into some kind of punk rocker heel, but that seems crazy. Do you think a face vs face hogan/backlund program would have drawn or did enough old time fans love Bob too much necessitating a heel turn for backlund? Lastly have you ever considered doing a book covering pre 1984 topics in depth?

I didn't even start watching any kind of wrestling outside of Stampede until 86, so I'd be useless writing a book about pre-Hogan.  
As for Backlund, he didn't take the title loss very well, to say the least, and basically disappeared for quite a while.  There was no consideration to a Backlund-Hogan program that I know of, as the intention with the Hogan win was to basically erase Bob Backlund and the old guard.  Much like what happened to Hogan in 93 with Yokozuna.  And no, I don't think that feud dynamic would have worked anyway, as Backlund was viewed as the white bread babyface and Hogan was like a rock star.  Fans wanted something different and by god it was gonna be Hogan.