What the World Was Watching: ECW November to Remember ’95

Joey Styles handles the commentary for the show, which took place at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 18.  According to thehistoryofwwe.com, the show drew a sellout crowd of 1,150 fans.

Buh Buh Ray Dudley walks to the ring to do guest ring announcing duties for the Broad Street Bully-Don E. Allen opener.  He is accompanied by the other members of the Dudley clan except for Dudley Dudley, who is no longer part of the company.  Buh Buh is wearing a top hat and suit coat like he is running a circus.  Buh Buh gets through the welcome until he tries to mimic Michael Buffer and stutters over the word “rumble.”  Frustrated, Buh Buh takes out the jobbers with Buh-Buh Bombs.

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What the World Was Watching: ECW Hardcore TV – November 14, 1995

Cactus Jack says he is proud of Mikey Whipwreck for winning the ECW Championship.  However, he blames the crowd for ruining his moment and tells them to get ready for the most boring match they have ever seen.  Jack adds that he will take care of Tommy Dreamer by himself and does not need Raven in his corner to do it.

Tommy Dreamer tells Jack that he is in for a fight tonight.

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What the World Was Watching: ECW Hardcore TV – November 7, 1995

The closing moments of Mikey Whipwreck beating the Sandman for the ECW Championship on last week’s show air.

Joey Styles tells viewers that the Sandman is incensed over losing the ECW Championship and has vowed revenge.

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What the World Was Watching: ECW Hardcore TV – October 31, 1995

Beulah McGillicutty promises “an up close and personal feel” and talks about TNT.  This gives way to Steve Austin doing an Eric Bischoff impression on Monday Nitro, talking about his joy in firing people over the phone.  Austin calls WCW’s talent old and their show “Monday Nyquil” where “the big boys play with each other.”

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What the World Was Watching: ECW Hardcore TV – October 24, 1995

Joey Styles calls the action on this episode, which continues to come from The South Philly Jam.

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What the World Was Watching: ECW Hardcore TV – October 17, 1995

Beulah McGillicutty tells fans that mail is pouring into her box and that the size of her segment does not matter but how it is used.  A video package showcases her past appearances at the ECW Arena.

The Extreme Encyclopedia segment returns, hyping Rey Misterio, Jr. and Psicosis in Spanish.

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What the World Was Watching: ECW Hardcore TV – October 10, 1995

Steve Austin cuts his famous promo that denounces his treatment in WCW and puts over how he is now in an environment where no one can hold back his wrestling abilities.  The segment marks the end of the “Stunning Steve” character as Austin promises to reach new heights because no one can stop him any longer.  And what makes this promo so great is Austin would later become one of the most famous wrestlers in history and helped bring down the company that cast him aside.

Amid terrible camera work that keeps shaking, Lance Wright hypes the October 28 ECW Arena show which will feature the Sandman defending the ECW Championship against Mikey Whipwreck in a ladder match.

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What the World Was Watching: ECW Hardcore TV – October 3, 1995

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Beulah McGillicutty says she is going to have a segment on future broadcasts that will answer any fan questions, whether they are about romance or wrestling.  She promises that her “[mail]box is always open for you.”

As a follow up to the previous segment, Joey Styles tells fans that they can send their mail for Beulah to P.O. Box 17280, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19105.  Styles adds that the Public Enemy will face the Gangstas in a street fight this Saturday that will literally take place on the streets as a ring will be setup underneath a trestle a block away from the ECW Arena.  The show will also feature the Sandman defending the ECW Championship against Mikey Whipwreck.

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Mike Reviews – ECW Guilty As Charged 2001 (07/01/2020)

Hello You!

Here we are with the last pay per view of the original ECW, with it tying a bow on my 23 month odyssey of reviewing the ECW product from 99-2000. ECW had promised a big surprise going into the show online, with the internet being their main way of promoting the show due to them losing TV in most of their markets, including New York of all places. Paul Heyman was seemingly prepared to struggle on but, as Ok Go once put so eloquently, the writing was on the wall.

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What the World Was Watching: ECW Hardcore TV – September 26, 1995

Highlights of the Pitbulls winning the ECW tag team titles from Raven and Stevie Richards at Gangstas Paradise air.  After, the Pitbulls and Francine brag about winning the titles and Richards woman.

Joey Styles announces that the Pitbulls will defend the ECW Tag Team Championship against Raven and Richards on October 7 at the ECW Arena.  The match will feature dual special guest referees.

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Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #401 (30/12/2000) – Last Ever Episode

Hello You!

Before we go any further, I’d like to send my sincere condolences to the friends and family of Jon Huber. 41 is no age and by all accounts he was a smashing bloke and loving family man. An absolute tragic passing in an already miserable year.

Back in February 2019 I decided to try something new by reviewing all of the ECW Hardcore TV shows up to Living Dangerously 99, being as that had been the first ECW pay per view I had ever watched way back in the day. Once I’d finished Living Dangerously I decided to keep going, reviewing each episode Twenty Years to the day of the original airing. Along the way I saw the TNN TV deal form and crumble, as well as enjoying some cracking matches and some fun angles.

On more than one occasion I wanted to jack it all in and do something else, but I felt compelled to keep trudging on with it, and ultimately I’m glad I did as this represents nearly two years of work and reaching the end feels almost like some kind of bizarre achievement.

I’d like to thank the small, yet loyal, readership of these Hardcore TV reviews that has stuck with them throughout, especially when the show took a notable dive in quality once it was clear it was playing Velocity to the TNN show’s Smackdown. The fact there was still some people willing to read these certainly helped with motivating me to stick with them. I hope the quality of the reviews themselves didn’t dip too much when it became clear that the show was starting to become a drag for me.

The relatively small regular readership these had did kind of ram home a point to me though, which is that ECW really doesn’t have the pulling power it once had amongst the IWC anymore. It’s funny to think that as the company’s legacy survived for a long time after it died, with the Rise and Fall DVD that WWE released in 2004 selling really well. I’m not sure why exactly, but that enthusiasm for ECW just doesn’t appear to be there anymore.

The simple fact that ECW’s hot peak happened nearly 25 years ago is probably the biggest factor, but it wouldn’t shock me if the WWE’s miserable attempt at rebooting the brand in 2006 didn’t contribute also. Another possibility is that a lot of fans who weren’t around to watch ECW back in the day have discovered it on the WWE Network, where all the music is dubbed out and the product itself can be censored from the original airing, which means they have never watched it the way it was intended. The wrestling business as a whole has moved on as well, and a product that features lots of dangerous unprotected chair shots, shedloads of extreme violence and mountains of unapologetic misogyny probably isn’t going to connect as strongly with the modern wrestling fan as it did back in 1996.

About a year ago now in a pre-COVID world I attended a Christmas wrestling show and it had a holiday themed hardcore match where guys were hitting each other with Christmas presents and whatnot. I decided to jokingly start an “EC-Dub” chant at one stage, because it was a relatively smarky crowd and I thought it would get over in an ironic way. Absolutely no one joined in and quite a few people shot me and my friend a quizzical look as if they had no idea what we were doing. That not only rammed home how old I personally was but it also kind of startled me, because even ten years ago that sort of crowd would have gotten the reference and joined in, even if they’d never actually watched ECW themselves at any point.

Anyway, thank you for reading these if you are one of few who dug them and I’ll try and make this review a fitting end to the series. I’ll do a more general recap on what I’ve enjoyed and disliked during the past couple of years in the final conclusion, and I’ll also update you and what I’ll be doing next now the Hardcore TV reviews are done with.

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What the World Was Watching: ECW Hardcore TV – September 19, 1995

In another great promo, Cactus Jack begs Tommy Dreamer not to go down the path of being a hardcore icon.  He recalls when Terry Funk sliced him with a bottle and when he looked at the crowd there was a sign that read “Cane Dewey.”  Seeing that broke his heart because it was an attack on his family.  Jack also regrets giving up a $100,000 contract in WCW to work for a promotion run out of a scummy pawn shop, a switch motivated by his hardcore dream.  He emphasizes that he is going after Dreamer because he loves him, not because he hates him, and it really hurts him that Dreamer turned down an offer from WCW to keep wrestling for the ECW faithful.

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Mike Reviews Shows Considered To Be Stinkers – ECW December To Dismember (03/12/2006)

Hello You!

Obviously 2020 has been a trying year for most of us, and it’s probably led a lot of us to experiencing a very different type of holiday season than we are normally used to. I hope you’re all keeping well wherever you are and that this review can give you some kind of distraction from what’s going on in the world for a little bit at least.

This show was requested by JLAJRC, and at the bottom of the review I’ll give everyone a chance to suggest shows for the next Stinker review, which will happen on the 30th of January if all goes well, so stay tuned for that at the end.

For those who haven’t read one of my Stinker reviews, they’re basically what you’d think they are, as I review a show that has a reputation for being really bad for whatever reason and ask the immortal question of whether it’s actually a Stinker or not. It’s not too dissimilar from what the fine folk over at Wrestle Crap do, except I’m going to give the show a chance to prove it’s not awful before deciding one way or another.

ECW was WWE’s first attempt at dabbling with a third brand, which it continues today with NXT, with it lifting the ECW name from the dearly departed former company. The likes of Paul Heyman and Tommy Dreamer were involved in the rebirth of the brand, but ultimately Vince McMahon was the one calling the shots and the early days of the brand were a real hodgepodge that resulted in a product that wasn’t true to the original company whilst also not really presenting anything exciting or interesting that would really differentiate it from the other two WWE brands at the time, outside of adjusting the entrance way to give the arena a cosier feel.

December to Dismember was in a lot of ways the last stand for not just the brand in its current form but also for the existing creative crew, as they were given 3 hours of pay per view time to fill despite not having a roster that was really equipped for it and also having to deal with the fact pretty much every guy even approaching a genuine star on the brand had been shoehorned into one match, leaving the already threadbare roster even thinner.

Could ECW defy the odds and still put on a fun event? Let’s watch on and find out!

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Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #400 (23/12/2000)

Hello You!

This week we have the penultimate episode of Hardcore TV, with ECW very much on the ropes financially. The WWF have been nice enough to lend them The Dudley Boyz for a one shot deal, but that’s going to plug just one hole in sieve.

ECW actually has a pay per view scheduled for the 7th of January 2001 called Guilty As Charged, so we’ll see if they use this taping to officially set any matches up. They’ve been teasing another CW Anderson and Tommy Dreamer match under I Quit rules, so we’ll see if they make that official tonight or not.

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What the World Was Watching: ECW: Gangstas Paradise

Joey Styles commentates the matches, which come from the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 16.

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Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #399 (16/12/2000)

Hello You!

We’re getting into the last few episodes of Hardcore TV now, as the death knell for ECW approaches. I’m not going to get too mushy about it yet, but we’re about to enter a year where my wrestling fandom was probably tested more than it had even been before, so I may end up getting a bit wistful as we near the end of ECW’s existence.

Last week was just a recap show of the December pay per view. There’s actually a pay per view scheduled for the 7th of January 2001, so let’s see if ECW is actually going to bother hyping it or not. It’s almost become redundant at this stage to hype these shows when all ECW has left is a syndicated show that not everyone can watch.

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What the World Was Watching: ECW Hardcore TV – September 12, 1995

Joey Styles calls tonight’s action, which comes from the ECW Arena on August 26.

Lance Wright hypes Club ECW where for $100 you get the same ringside seat for the next four ECW Arena shows, get on ECW’s priority mailing list, and get twenty percent off all ECW merchandise.

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Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #398 (09/12/2000)

Hello You!

Massacre on 34th Street is in the books and was a kind of disappointing show. Steve Corino is still the ECW Champ, but the show ended with Sandman (the last remaining top of the card babyface) giving him a caning before leaving with the belt.

In addition to that, Jerry Lynn finally went heel after months of teasing it by aligning himself with Cyrus. Sadly the aforementioned lack of top babyfaces might mean he doesn’t really have anyone to work with, but it’s an interesting direction to take the character in if nothing else.

If you fancy reading my review of the pay per view you can do so by clicking HERE

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Mike Reviews: ECW Hardcore TV #397 (02/12/2000)

Hello You!

It’s the go-home show for Massacre on 34th Street today. Thankfully I’ve already reviewed that one before and the review is still somewhat readable, so I’ll post a link for it at the bottom of this review.

Thus far the only match announced is The FBI defending the tag belts against Danny Doring and Roadkill, so let’s see if we get the last minute hard sell on this show.

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