WWF All-American Wrestling – April 17th, 1994

April 17, 1994

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Johnny Polo

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PPV’s Being Used to Build to Next PPV?

Hey Scott,

 One trend that I’m noticing out of WWE that has become more common is using some PPV’s to build to another PPV. While this was done on occasion in previous eras, it has almost become the norm now. To me, WWE’s PPV’s have lost their importance over the
past few years because of it, what do you think?

They've lost importance for a lot more reasons than that, but the worst is not PPVs building to the next PPV, it's PPVs building to TV shows.  

AEW must succeed.

It’s impossible to topple WWE in terms of fan loyalty and guaranteed income that it feels like any competition is unlikely to make any dent in its popularity.

When RAW is bad, if a WWE PPV is dull and uninspired it’s ok, it’s the norm, the accepted standard and seemingly enough people are fine with this and keep watching in hopes that one day things will get better.

I already know if AEW doesn’t draw an insane amount of views and every match isn’t at least 4 stars every single week, or whatever the goal post shifting target is, then everyone will write AEW off with their “told you so” attitude. You can already see the discussions where WWE gets a free pass for shitty TV programming but AEW has an impossible goal to even remotely appease a small fraction of the wrestling fan base and the first episode isn’t even out yet. AEW has an impossible task ahead of it.

I fear It doesn’t matter what AEW will do, it will never be good enough. If quality mattered then the WWE would have died a decade ago but alas here we still are.

AEW please save us. AEW please succeed.

I'd rather they both be good, personally. 

BoD Daily Update: September 20, 2019

NXT Wrestler Joaquin Wilde (Formerly DJZ) To Undergo Surgery For Broken Eye Socket



Bandido vs. Mike Bailey Announced For RoH UK Tour



RoH Throwback Match of the Week

You can see Colt Cabana vs. Nigel McGuinness in a “Soccer Riot Match” from the 2005 Night of the Grudges 2 show

Clash Of Champions 2019

Clash Of Champions 2019
Date: September 15, 2019
Location: Spectrum Center, Charlotte, North Carolina
Commentators: Michael Cole, Renee Young, Corey Graves, Byron Saxton, Tom Phillips

Even though titles are an everyday part of wrestling, we have here a full show all about them, because most shows need to have a theme these days. There are a lot of matches crammed onto this show, though thankfully they have moved King of the Ring to Raw tomorrow to save some space. Let’s get to it.

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Indies and Insanity: September 19, 2019

Okay, so note to self: next time Sunday has a PPV, the thread goes up at 5ET, not 7ET.  Thanks for covering, Scott.

Tonight’s NFL Game of the Week of the Day is Tennessee facing Jacksonville.  If you prefer the college game, Houston and Tulane face off.  In addition, we have the WNBA playoffs.

But you’re here (in theory) for wrestling, so let’s see what the weekend brings.

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Booked into a corner?

Hey Scott,

Is WWE booking themselves into a corner? First, Seth just beat Brock for the Universal Championship and shouldn't be jobbing yet, and The Fiend definitely can't lose. So I assume The Fiend wins the Universal Championship in October.

But that means, if Brock beats Kofi for the WWE Championship, then we get Brock vs. Fiend at Survivor Series. So they either job Brock (their new Fox Smackdown! champion) or they have Brock kill The Fiend and his character.

Seems like they're backing themselves into a corner they probably don't even see coming yet.

No shock there.  I think Seth can easily lose to the Fiend and then they can do a shmoz finish at Survivor Series if they indeed do that match.  

Mike Reviews: ECW Anarchy Rulz 1999 – 19/09/1999

Hello You!

Welcome to Anarchy Rulz 99, an event that is often looked upon fondly by fans of the now departed company. Certainly this show was one of my more treasured and regularly watched wrestling VHS’ back in the day, although I’m watching it on WWE Network this time just for the ease of being able to type everything up on the laptop. I’m not sure when this one was moved over to the Network, but it features some dubbed themes for the wrestlers that I’ve never heard before, some which suit them and others which don’t.

Scott sadly didn’t go back to recap this show as part of his revisit of ECW on TNN, but he did watch it back in the day and you can read what Scott from twenty years ago thought about it by clicking HERE. This review actually caused Scott some backlash from the ECW faithful back then, which led to possibly my favourite ever rant of his in the form of Netcop Vs The Mutants From Philly. This featured perhaps one of the most brain dead and hilarious emails that Scott has ever received from a reader, so I’ll post the link for it HERE.

Maybe if we all politely pester Scott he’ll go back to look at this one or again (or at least do a 2019 Scott Sez on his previous write up)? This show actually created quite a buzz online at the time as it was not only ECW’s first Pay-Per-View since getting national TV but it was also widely regarded as a good show with a big surprise appearance that got everyone talking? What was that big surprise? Well read on and you can find out!

So without further ado, let’s all recline in our favourite broken chair and nibble away on some shards of table as we take things to The Extreme!!!

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BoD Daily Update: September 19, 2019

SI.com The Week in Wrestling



ESPN.com Article “The Night That Changed NXT Forever”



Impact Wrestling Free Match

You can watch EV 2.0 vs. Fortune in a Lethal Lockdown match from the 2010 TNA Bound for Glory PPV


Staying on the floor in a Battle Royal?

When did the whole "stay on the floor in a Battle Royal if you weren't eliminated until near the very end" become a thing?  Obviously it became popular after Mr. McMahon did it to win the 1999 Royal Rumble, but were there any earlier examples than that?    
Oh man, I really wish they'd put Memphis on the Network already so I can review it and show where all this stuff came from originally…

No main roster greatness

You can argue that from a sheer talent perspective, the main roster WWE is as great as its ever been. But that coincides with a distinct lack of main roster MOTYC matches. Most MOTYC under WWE umbrella are NXT or NXTUK. Why is this? Is it the booking sucking drama out of great matches, overexposure of talent?  I mean it’s almost October and I’m thinking Kofi/Bryan is probably the main roster MOTY. Asuka/Becky from the Rumble, Seth/Brock? 

What’s missing?

Overexposure is absolutely a factor, because guys like Rollins are on TV every week doing matches and there's no specialness left for PPV.  I'm not saying everyone needs to be Brock Lesnar, but there's a happy medium.  Also, yes, booking is definitely a factor.  Although I'd probably go with Brock-Seth from Summerslam as the main roster match of the year so far.