Monday Night Raw – April 19, 2021

Monday Night Raw
Date: April 19, 2021
Location: Yuengling Center, Tampa, Florida
Commentators: Adnan Virk, Corey Graves, Byron Saxton

Things should be a bit more back to normal this week as Wrestlemania season is over. That is probably a good thing after last week’s show was not exactly worth bragging about. This time around we have Asuka vs. Charlotte in a match that has been done quite a few times before so let’s get to it.

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AEW Elevation: April 19, 2021

The PG Era Rant for AEW Elevation Episode 6 (“The Champ Is Here!”), April 19, 2021.

TONIGHT! Austin Gunn steps up in singles competition against QT Marshall’s trainee Aaron Solow! Madi Wrenckowski tries out for the Vicious Vixens as she teams with Nyla Rose against Leyla Hirsch and Ryo Mizunami! Fallout from the Darby/Hardy match continues as Private Party get their hands on Alex Reynolds and Colt Cabana! And in the main event, AEW Champion Kenny Omega teams with DDT star Konosuke Takeshita and M.T. Nakazawa to face the Sydal Brothers and Danny Limelight!

PLUS: Best Friends, Jurassic Express, Sky and Ethan, Cage and Starks, Abadon, Hangman Page, The Hybrid 2, Thunder Rosa, Orange Cassidy, and Dr. Britt Baker!

From the AEW Arena.

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What the World Was Watching: WWF Royal Rumble 1990

Tony Schiavone and Jesse Ventura are in the booth and they are live from Orlando, Florida.  According to, this show drew a sellout crowd of 16,000 fans.  It also drew a buyrate of 2.0 (an estimated 260,000 buys), an increase from the 1.5 number the Rumble did the previous year.  This would also be the last pay-per-view that Schiavone would call for the WWF.

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Joshi Spotlight: Crane Yu

SUSPICIOUS TUMBLR — Dump Matsumoto & Crane Yu with Shiro Abe (1985)

Crane is on the right, Dump Matsumoto on the left.

Real Name: Yukari Honjo (aka Masked Yu, Dynamite Jack)
Billed Height & Weight: 5’8″ 220 lbs.
Career Length: 1980-1989

-So on the famous Atrocious Alliance bouts of the 1980s, you’ll see a pretty wild assortment of punk rock girl characters backing up the legendary Dump Matsumoto. Most notable of these is a baby Bull Nakano, but there’s also this HUGE, muscular woman with curly hair, and one that’s effectively a “Clone Buddy” of Dump (like how WWF would add Typhoon to Earthquake and Phineas to Henry Godwinn). That’d be Crane Yu, the former “Masked Yu”, who continues to befuddle Westerners as to the naming theme of the group, as according to our own Manjiimortal, they are named after CONSTRUCTION VEHICLES, not animals- Dump Truck, Bulldozer and Crane. So the “Crane” in her name isn’t the animal, nor is Bull’s “Bull”. That there is a Grizzly on the team confuses this further, though.

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Triller PPV – Jake Paul vs Ben Askren

Hi Scott

I'd be interested to hear your take on this show. Meltzer wasn't far off when he compared it to Heroes of Wrestling or some Howard Stern special. The production seemed to be deliberately chaotic and was bizarrely entertaining. It sold like hotcakes, too.

Dammit that wasn’t on my radar at all and then Dave went and called it a cross between Heroes of Wrestling and Howard Stern’s New Years Eve special and now I might have to watch it.  

WWF Superstars – July 1st, 1995

July 1, 1995

From the Stabler Arena in Bethelem, PA

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Dok Hendrix

The show starts off with the video package on Diesel appearing at the celebrity softball game in Oklahoma to benefit the children who lost parents during the Oklahoma City bombing.

This week, we will get the world premiere of Jeff Jarrett’s “With My Baby Tonight” music video. Plus, the debut of Waylon Mercy, featured match of Adam Bomb vs. Henry O. Godwinn, and the Allied Powers in action.

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The SmarK Rant for WWF Wrestling Challenge – 11.29.86

The SmarK Rant for WWF Wrestling Challenge – 11.29.86

And so we come to an end of the original 13 episodes on the WWE Network, and who knows if and when more will follow.  I’d assume they will though.


Taped from Rockford, IL.  Oh sure we finally get to a new taping cycle and we’re out of episodes.

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Redoing the Flair/Savage “She was mine first” storyline in NXT

With the recent rounds of cuts, can we all collectively hope that Santana Garrett doesn't get cut so we can have her and Indie Hartwell fighting over Dexter Lumis? 

Bonus points, they can re-enact the whole “he was mine first” storyline Flair and Savage did decades ago by bringing up how Santana (as Brittany) was with Dexter in Impact until she up and quit/left Dexter and maybe build up towards a Dexter/Karrion Kross showdown with regards to fudging continuity to establish Dexter and Santana as former friends and allies of Kross/Scarlet, until Dexter renounced evil after dumping Santana? 

And perhaps work in a face turn for Gargano as he gets roped into helping Indie save Dexter from Santana and Kross/Scarlet? Especially if a jilted Santana gets her mitts into Tommaso Ciampa, corrupting Tommaso back to the side of evil and into an alliance with Kross/Scarlet and having him hurt Candace and Austin Theory, just to further torment Indie by attacking her loved ones? 

Given Dexter's popularity and Gargano finally embracing sports entertainment regarding developing a character and personality, it would be a great way to further their storyline and give Dexter a backstory and feud with Kross that will put the belt on Dexter/allow them to move Kross to the main roster when he loses, push Indie as a top face, and give Gargano a redemption arc as he has to return to the side of the angels to fight a villainized Ciampa as far as giving new fans an actual reason to care about Gargano and Ciampa fighting?
Dexter’s popularity?  With who, the fake wall of fans?  

Huge flops during a hot period

What are memorable massive misfires (storylines, pushes, concepts) during a promotion's hot period? My nominees:

– Jeff Jarrett's strange heel/face/tweener storyline with the 4 Horsemen in 96/97 in WCW. NWO was red hot and no one cared about this weak oldschool crap.

– Brawl 4 All in mid-1998 during one of the greatest and most entertaining times in WWF history

– young up-and-comer Sam Houston getting a hard push in 1986 NWA/WCW, with some of the worst promos ever. Gone soon after

– The brutally bad hillbilly stuff in 1985 WWF with Uncle Elmer's wedding and co. Vince = Vince

What do you say?

The hillbillies did big ratings and Jim was hugely over.  In retrospect yeah it fell apart when he got injured but you always need midcard gimmicks.  Brawl for All was a stupid idea on every level though.  And what was so bad about Sam Houston in the role he was playing?  

Bret’s first title win


Bret's title win over Ric Flair was famously done seat-of-the-pants.  The video wall at the entrance way prominently displayed the Coliseum Video logo, which suggests it was always intended to be a “Coliseum Exclusive,” but what's interesting is how long it
took to finally come out: I don't know the exact release date, but the “Smack 'em, Whack 'em” tape was clearly produced during the lead-up to WM9, several months after the title change happened.  I don't know what the production schedule was on these videos
and how much lead time was needed, but did that lag , not to mention the fact that it was never televised to begin with (despite the Prime Time Wrestling banners) have something to do with the haste in getting the title onto Bret, in order to prevent the various
politicians backstage from nixing it (so the story goes)?

Incidentally, Bret has slagged the match, but it actually is terrific.  One could give it **** 1/2 without feeling any shame.  The only thing I'd really mark against it is that it has an ending, but not really a *finish*.  Bret does his stuff, then just slaps
on the Sharpshooter, and Flair gives up, almost like how Bret would wrap up a TV squash.  I was hoping for something a little more intricate, especially given that creative finishes were a speciality for Bret.

I don’t think there was any malice with the release schedule, it was just a messy period for the company and they didn’t have it together.  And you’re right, it was a great match!  

Rock Star Gary reflects on AWA on ESPN 09-17-1985

Taped from St. Paul, MN

Airdate: September 17, 1985 (taped 09/08)

Attendance: 4,000

Hosted by Larry Nelson, Ron Trongard, & Verne Gagne

Can Hennig, Hall, and Greg overcome the vicious combination of Bockwinkel, Stevens, and Zbyszko? What happens when Slaughter challenges Flair for the NWA World title? Can Zumhofe defeat Roberts, or will the wily Freebird prevail? Let’s find out!

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Sunday Night Reset: April 18, 2021

Tonight’s baseball Game of the Week is Atlanta and Chicago Cubs.  Both teams are… disappointing so far, shall we say.

But first: Hello, I’m Andy PG, B-show recapper for Scott Keith.  You can see me on IWTV with Nova Pro and with CRAB Wrestling.  You’re watching BOTCHAMANIA!  (I always wanted to do that.)

FEATURING: Mad Man Pondo, Terry Funk’s book, WrestleMania hiccups, rain, rain, more rain, lots of endings, Tazz on commentary, Paul Wight on commentary, and DC legend Jim Vance (RIP) making his return.

Enjoy the night.

Acid Cup 2021 Part 1

Acid Cup 2021 Part 1
Date: April 8, 2021
Location: Cuban Club, Ybor City, Florida
Commentators: Kevin Gill, Various

This is another show from GCW’s the Collective and as you might have guessed, it is part of a tournament called the Acid Cup. While I’m not entirely sure, I would assume that it is held in honor of the late Trent Acid, which I’m sure will be confirmed during the show. Tournaments are about as easy of a concept as you can get in wrestling so hopefully this works out. Let’s get to it.

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WWF Monday Night RAW – June 26th, 1995


June 26, 1995

From the Whitey McCloskey Center in Danville, PA. The arena this took place in is not listed anywhere but after a minute of searching on google, saw the roof of this building exactly matched the roof in the photo of the McCloskey Center, which is part of the Danville Area High School so another set of RAW tapings from a high school gym.

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels, who is subbing for Jerry Lawler who is suffering from the effects of losing the Kiss My Foot match last night to Bret Hart.

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The SmarK Rant for WWF Monday Night RAW – 04.24.00

The SmarK Rant for WWF Monday Night RAW – 04.24.00

OK then!  It’s time for a random Patreon request, in this case someone wanting the go-home show for Backlash 2000, which I can easily accommodate.  I had been kind of doing the 2000 shows again off and on but lost interest a while ago.  And hey, if you’d like to become a Patron and earn the ability to influence my reviewing decisions, head on over to the PATREON OF DOOM at and check it out.

Live from Raleigh, NC

Your hosts are JR & The King

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Smackdown – November 17, 2006

Date: November 17, 2006
Location: Manchester Evening News Arena, Manchester, England
Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield

We’re over in England here too and that means it is time to continue pumping up the build to Survivor Series. We know most of the card, including the World Title match with King Booker defending against Batista. Odds are that gets built up this week, as it always needs to be. Let’s get to it.

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