Wrestling Observer Flashback: 07.11.88

Back on track after our detour back to March yesterday. 

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–07.04.88

This week:  Actual big, business changing news.  Sort of.  To the retro-mobile!

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–06.27.88

Back to the summer of 88 again!  This is actually a slow news week, as opposed to Dave’s usual definition of one. 

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–03.28.88

Since I had the March 28 / 88 issue of the Observer handy for the AWA show I reviewed last night, I figured I’d do another look back at the week that was since people seemed to like the one from January.  This of course was the week just before the Clash vs. WM4 showdown, and Dave’s pretty jazzed about it in this issue.

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