Wrestling Observer Flashback–08.22.94

In news that will mean absolutely nothing to you, faithful reader, I am now writing these in Word first rather than typing them up directly in the blog editor, which means that I can now start saving them in the archives for those of you who have been kind enough to pay for access.

This week, the NWA finally regroups and crowns a new champion, hosted by ECW in Philly! Sounds like a real feel-good story with a happy ending for everyone.

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–08.15.94

Well, since I was talking about Flashbacks this weekend, might as well do another one.

As a note, I write this directly in the blog editor, so I’ve never had a copy of them saved on my computer…UNTIL NOW!  Yes, thanks to blogbooker.com, I was able to create archived versions of every Flashback from 2016 until today, and they are now available as a part of the rant archives in very large Word documents.


OK, that’s enough cheap plugging.

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–04.25.94

Take two!  I started this one on Boxing Day and ended up getting distracted by going to see Jumanji and a hockey game and stuff.  So instead I reposted Spring Stampede in preparation for this one and did what I do best:  Procrastinated!

But before all the big stuff this week, Titan Sports loses a landmark court case that would end up having ramifications to this very day!

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