Wrestling Observer Flashback–04.25.94

Take two!  I started this one on Boxing Day and ended up getting distracted by going to see Jumanji and a hockey game and stuff.  So instead I reposted Spring Stampede in preparation for this one and did what I do best:  Procrastinated!

But before all the big stuff this week, Titan Sports loses a landmark court case that would end up having ramifications to this very day!

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–02.14.94

Happy Valentine’s Day for those of you in 1994 who were engaged in relationships at the time. Not me, I was busy skipping all my university classes and playing Doom in the computer labs with other wannabe programmers and reading RSPW during programming classes.  I don’t remember how to write in C++ or machine language anymore, but I could sure tell you how to use nn on a Unix box if you asked me. 

I feel like I’m off-topic already.  To the news!

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