Wrestling Observer Flashback–Bret v. Shawn Slapfight Special Edition!

Wrestling Observer Flashback – Bret v. Shawn Special Edition!

Okey doke, so in the 1997 RAW rants thus far, we’ve alluded to the all the crazy stuff happening behind the scenes with Bret and Shawn, but what EXACTLY was that? Well, Dave was covering it extensively in the Observer at the time, so here’s a mini-Flashback covering the top stories of the idiotic drama happening between two supposedly grown men, leading up to the blowup after King of the Ring…

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–08.22.94

In news that will mean absolutely nothing to you, faithful reader, I am now writing these in Word first rather than typing them up directly in the blog editor, which means that I can now start saving them in the archives for those of you who have been kind enough to pay for access.

This week, the NWA finally regroups and crowns a new champion, hosted by ECW in Philly! Sounds like a real feel-good story with a happy ending for everyone.

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Wrestling Observer Flashback–08.15.94

Well, since I was talking about Flashbacks this weekend, might as well do another one.

As a note, I write this directly in the blog editor, so I’ve never had a copy of them saved on my computer…UNTIL NOW!  Yes, thanks to blogbooker.com, I was able to create archived versions of every Flashback from 2016 until today, and they are now available as a part of the rant archives in very large Word documents.


OK, that’s enough cheap plugging.

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