The Wednesday Night Commotion Thread

… featuring Spaniels.

Tonight, it’s Dynamite! Preview, courtesy of our friends at All Elite Wrestling:

  • TNT Title: MIRO v. Sammy Guevara
  • Adam Cole v. Jungle Boy
  • Cody Rhodes & Lee Johnson v. Dante Martin & Matt Sydal
  • Anna Jay & Tay Conti v. Penelope Ford & The Bunny
  • A 16 man tag match with all those guys in the picture.

Tonight is going to be a night to honor Brodie Lee.

Also, CM Punk will be on commentary.

After Dynamite, the first episode of RHODES TO THE TOP is on TNT!

Also if you stay up way late (or wake up way early!) there’s a G1 tournament show at 5:30EST/2:30PST. Shingo Takagi v. KENTA is the main event of that one.

Enjoy the night of wrestling and bring the commotion to the comments!

The Wednesday Night PEACE Thread

War is over, now is the time for healing.  AEW and NXT fans can now come together, join hands, and watch Dynamite on Wednesdays, putting all the bitter feelings aside in the name of enjoying some wrestling.  AEW wrestling.

My hope is that tonight’s show will be enjoyed by all lifelong enemies watching together:  Cats and dogs, Republicans and Democrats, Bruce Prichard and the truth.  I heard that even Simon and Garfunkel might get back together and maybe buy an Orange Cassidy shirt that they can share.  Not sure how that’s gonna work, though.  M/W/F for Simon, T/T/Sat for Garfunkel, and then alternating Sundays?

NXT’s ratings were up another chunk on Tuesday.  Good for them.  See, we can all be happy for each other now.

Enjoy the evening.  Peacefully.


The Wednesday Night War (Is Over) Thread!

TONIGHT!  Two years of fighting and tribalism comes to an end, as it’s the final AEW v. NXT showdown on Wednesdays, before NXT crawls off with its tail between its legs in defeat to Tuesdays.  I’M KIDDING.

I’m gonna do both shows tonight because I’m HARDCORE and I really want to see WALTER v. Ciampa, plus NXT is live on the WWE Network so I actually can watch it live tonight.

Enjoy the final skirmish, and remember:  War is over, if you want it.

The Wednesday Night War Thread

TONIGHT!  Dynamite is pre-empted to another TSN channel AGAIN, but this time I checked first and adjusted the DVR.  Go me.

AEW features what should be a banger of a six-man, and NXT will figure out what to do about the tag team title situation.

I’m still trying to avoid doing that NWA PPV, honestly.  I kind of wish he would have asked before sending me the money to buy the show.

Enjoy the war tonight!


The Wednesday Night War Thread


AEW Dynamite presents the post-Revolution followup show, which will hopefully come up with a reasonable explanation for, you know, the lack of explosion and why Eddie Kingston thought there was one.  Plus Matt Jackson faces Fenix and THAT’S probably gonna be a good un.  Plus it’s probably not going to be a good night to be Chris Jericho.

Hey, speaking of AEW, you can finally get some of the Unrivaled figures at Toys R Us and Walmart here in Canada!  The bad news is that they’re literally all Dustin Rhodes.  That feels like one of those monkey’s paw deals.

NXT features Adam Cole challenging Finn Balor for the NXT title, plus Io Shirai defending against Toni Storm in the match that should have been on the last Takeover, plus William Regal makes some HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS.  Hopefully it’s not Christian, because he’s already signed a long-term deal with AEW.

Be well.

Wednesday Night War Thread

Well, we approach the end of the Wednesday Wars.


Of course AEW features Shaq and Jade against Cody and Brandi Jr. in the main event, plus a 10 man tag with the Dark Order against Big Money Matt and his crew.

NXT will feature Lorcan and Burch defending the tag titles against Ciampa and Thatcher.

I’m off to see the Croods with my daughter so I’ll catch Dynamite a little later. Have a great night!

The Wednesday Night War Thread


Well…it’s a big show for one side.  A big bad show tonight, y’all.  Perhaps we should crank it up and turn out all the lights?

Actually a pretty big show for NXT in the Canadian sense as well, since they finally launch NXT on Sportsnet 360 live on Wednesdays up here instead of being confined to the ghetto of Fridays, delayed a week, and edited down to an hour.  Unfortunately I don’t actually subscribe to Sportsnet 360 because my sports package includes literally every other TSN and Sportsnet channel besides that one, so you’re stuck with Dynamite reviews from me, sorry.

Have a great night!

Wednesday Night War thread!

It’s Wednesday. You know what that means.

I’m not 100 percent sure what’s on Dynamite tonight. I’m sure NXT will have the fallout from Takeover and the breakup of the Undisputed Era.

RAW ratings were up a bit.

Young Rock did OK. Haven’t watched it yet.

Have a great night!

The Wednesday Night War Thread


AEW presents Kenny Omega & KENTA v. Jon Moxley & Lance Archer in a lights out main event and not much else on the show.

NXT continues with the tournament matches I’d assume as we’re at the go home show for Takeover: Worst Subtitle Name Ever.

Enough with the cold already.  I WANT TO SPEAK TO SASKATCHEWAN’S MANAGER.

Have a great night.

The Wednesday Night War Thread!


It’s a beautiful union of souls on AEW Dynamite, as Penelope Ford marries Kip Sabian, with the Best Man in attendance, and his wacky butler Charles.  Shenanigans to be had by all.

Over on NXT, it’s the moment that everyone is waiting for, as CURT STALLION challenges for the Cruiserweight title, and then probably keeps on ramblin’ down that road.

Speaking of rambling, does anyone else get triggered by Bryan Alvarez repeatedly saying that John Cena is “shooting a Marvel Comics movie for HBO” on the radio shows?  Maybe just me.  If only there was some equivalent in wrestling to a pair of opposing companies who are aligned with different TV stations.

Have a great night.

The Wednesday Night War Thread!

The world seems so much less crazy after this afternoon for some reason.  Huh.

TONIGHT!  It’s Dynamite, back live again, with the battle of the Inner Circle and Hangman announcing his decision about the Dark Order!

NXT has more Dusty Classic matches.

RAW was up a tick in the ratings.

Have a great night!

The Wednesday Night IMPEACHMENT Thread

Well kiss another week of ratings goodbye probably.  Unless people are tired of watching CNN for the next few hours.

I got my 10 year old kid her own cell phone plan today.  THAT didn’t make me feel incredibly old or anything.

TONIGHT!  Dynamite will hopefully not see Chris Jericho infect anyone with his stupidity, plus Darby Allin defends the TNT title against Brian Cage.

NXT is advertising Shotzi Blackheart v. Candice LaRae and more on the Dusty Classic tournament.

And just because a bunch of people have sent this to me already today, here’s Tom Magee deadlifting A THOUSAND POUNDS OF GODDAMN CHEESE.


Wednesday Night War Thread

Tonight!  The shows aren’t actually head to head because AEW isn’t on until a couple of hours later.  This would be the perfect opportunity to watch both shows.  Unless you live in Canada where NXT doesn’t air until Friday and gets edited down to one hour.

NXT presents a very Gargano Christmas!

AEW has another interview with Sting, and the Young Bucks defending the titles against The Acclaimed!

The Slammys were awarded today.

Have a great night!

The Wednesday Night War Thread


AEW goes for the kill, trying to beat RAW in the 18-49 demo.  Also some matches are signed, including Kenny Omega v. Joey Janela in a non-title match and probably more shenanigans involving Impact.

NXT has the return of Karrion Kross and Finn Balor is doing something as well.

Have a great night!