WWE on Peacock deets

Sooooooo, basically those in the US are screwed as far as classic content being added back are concerned.  They say “by Summerslam” but they said a lot of similar promises for the main Network and there’s still shit that never got added to it.  
Whatever, luckily it won’t affect me because I just use the browser version which will continue as is in Canada.  GO CANADA!

One more thing about the Megapowers

While it’s on my mind tonight, I will say that for as awesome as the buildup to Wrestlemania V might have been, the actual match remains a crushing disappointment and one of the main things dragging the whole feud down a lot.  It was a good Hogan-Savage match, but you would have expected Savage to be out for blood and attacking Hulk all over Orangeman Plaza, and instead they just had a match.  I guess they couldn’t top what they delivered at the Main Event and really with the dead crowd it wouldn’t and couldn’t have been a classic anyway.  But still…I wish it had been.  

Trump The Movie!

I wouldn’t be surprised to see the eventual movie about Trump’s time as president. Who do you and others on the blog think should play him? My vote goes for Ray Winstone.

Trump was President?  Huh.  Don’t even remember that.  

Herbie cookies

If you watched the DSOTR episode on Herb and UWF, it seemed to me he was just a lonely rich outsider/outcast who wanted to have these larger than life superhero/villain wrestlers as friends. Pretty sad. Just my take

Yeah the episode really highlighted a different take on Herb than we’ve ever seen before.  It was a really great show.  Also the Dr D one was an interesting chance to hear from Schultz that you didn’t ever get before.  

How bad is YOUR Spotify?

Oh man this is amazingly funny.  

It’s an AI program that analyzes your Spotify and snarks on it.  And of course mine is clogged up by Taylor Swift and Hamilton as a result of my child using it all the time, skewing the results away from
 my much more awesome collection of Poison and Def Leppard playlists.  

Billionaire Ted

Who were the performers who played the roles of Nacho Man, Huckster, Billionaire Ted and Scheme Gene?

No idea.  They actually switched Hucksters before WM12, didn't they?  Also, Vince Russo plays one of the yes-men in the early skits, but I don't know who the main players were.  



So if they were to do a live action Thundercats movie using wrestlers as actors, who do you cast where?  The John Cena as Liono idea was great.  Battista as Panthro sounds good to me.  Ronda Rousey as Cheetara?  Pretty much anyone long
and lithe and lean and not named Charlotte works there.  HHH as Tigra?  Most important – who is Mumra – Vince?  Bray?  Puppet Vince from the Funhouse?  Le Champion?  Tony Khan?


You would think that Thundercats would be right in my wheelhouse, but I literally never watched an episode of it.  It's one piece of pop culture that somehow sat completely outside of my personal Venn diagram of 80s kid essentials.  That and the Goonies and the Lost Boys.