This Roman Thing

This is definitely a work to take attention off of the Saudi Arabia thing.  He distracts from that, then gets to come back as a surprise entrant in the royal rumble and finally get over as a babyface.  Do they really think we won't see through that?  On the off chance that it isn't a work, frankly I'm happy I don't have to watch him wrestle anymore.  I wouldn't want him to die or anything.  Just be sick enough that the wwe can't force me to see his smug face.  Does that make me a horrible person?  Hoping that a 33yo guy with three small children has cancer so I don't have to deal with the unspeakable torture that is being made to watch him attempt to entertain me?  That's reasonable, right?

Man, watching this business really messes people up.  

The Goldberg push

Hi Scott 

I’m slowly working my way through nitro and Thunder on the network, I’m up to spring of 98 and I’m seeing the Goldberg push in detail for the 1st time. Without any real programme in his first 6 months (well apart from the crap with Mongo) he caught on like nobody I’ve seen before or since.

So to actually get round to my question, one of the oddest knocks I’ve seen on him at times online is that anyone would have gotten over with such a push but isn’t that just complete bs? Dude got over beating Scotty Riggs and Jim Powers whilst it took 6 months of Lesnar wrestling to crickets before finally beating Hogan and Rock to get half the reaction Goldberg got as just one example. So was he lucky right time right place or a true once in a lifetime phenom, what say you?

People online are stupid.  Goldberg got over because he got over.  If you could get anyone over with the same push, we'd be talking about how Wrath changed the business or that dude Crimson in TNA is a former multi-time champion.  They even tried the same push with Sid later on and that failed, too.  He was a once in a lifetime phenom, if you have to choose between those two options. 

Fwd: Change of Opinion: Non-Wrestler Addition

Instead of the obvious route of asking a question that's surely been answered plenty of times already (guys you like/appreciate more now than way back in the day), how about the same question for any non-wrestling performers. Announcers, commentary, those types of roles meant for TV. 

The one that jumps out most to me is Sean Mooney. I remember way back where he was considered one of the worst, and to this day his PBP was never anything better than "tow the company line" stuff that occasionally lacked enthusiasm. He did have moments of awesome, like when he'd join Lord Alfred in burying stupid crap like Battle-Kat, but as an Event Center host, it was such a perfect fit for him and his straight-man presentation. It doesn't help that he's come back over the years, poked a little fun at himself, and has shown his comedic side a bit more.

Sean was definitely solid and I've come to appreciate him over the years. 

I'd also nominate David Crockett, who annoyed the fuck out of me at the time, but now I enjoy him for his enthusiasm and over-the-top dedication to the storylines.

80s Wrestling TV Production

Hi Scott, hope you are well.

I've been watching a lot of old TV/pop culture from the early 80s as of late, wrestling and otherwise, and it has really struck me how behind the times, production-wise, pro wrestling was at that time. Seeing how poorly lit the shows/matches were, often with sub-par sound, amongst almost all of the companies (including WWF), and compared with other pop culture mediums that were popular at the time such as TV shows, sporting events and music videos, it was pretty plain to see that the wrestling industry was ripe for someone to come along and upgrade the look of the business with greatly increased production values. Even WCCW, which was at the top of the TV production heap circa 1983, would pale compared to what was being done in the WWF a couple of years later.

Now much has been said about why Vince McMahon was able to steamroll his competition during the 80s with his aggression and business practices (in addition to that competition's incompetence). My question to you is if Vince had done everything else to become the #1 guy during that time, with bringing in all the talent, getting all the TV stations and cable in his wheelhouse, and playing hardball with the various arenas, and yet did not improve his production values so much, do you think he would have had anywhere near the success that he had? We hardcore fans may scoff at their importance, but such things as improved lighting, camera work, and sound can certainly catch the eye of casual fans, who can definitely lead to much greater business. Your thoughts?

Absolutely, I've been banging that drum for years.  Say what you will about Vince's changes to the product and storylines and such, but the guy who deserves a large amount of credit for dragging him into the 20th century is Dick Ebersol.  Ebersol made Vince increase production values for Saturday Night's Main Event and brighten up the arenas, and then move from taping Superstars in crappy little studios and shift to full sized arena shows.  It immediately made the WWF product look light-years ahead of anything else in the market. 

The Important Question

I know you don't watch the full shows anymore, but please catch the Cutting Edge segment on Smackdown 1000 so you can answer the very important, totally un-PC in 2018 question of who's hotter: Evil Trish or Evil Becky Lynch?

Evil 2006 Lita. 

Was Rikishi always the Plan

To be revealed as the one who ran over Austin? Did they have a plan when they did the run-over angle at SS? Were there any other options for the driver? Or was it just a situation where they just shot the angle and the explanation would be decided later?

The initial plan I've always heard was Billy Gunn but he was variously injured and in Austin's doghouse, so they pulled the plug on the idea and came up with Rikishi instead.  Ultimately though it was always going to lead back to HHH no matter which way it went.  

More New Gen questions

Hey Scott, some more questions from the 93/94 WWF era:

1) after being made the unquestionable undisputed Intercontinental champion in a phenomenal ladder match at WM X, Razor dropped the title a month later already against Diesel. What the hell? Way to make the title prestigious. Just so Razor could enter the KOTR (and getting to the final) without the belt?

2) wouldn’t 93/94 have been the perfect time to bring in Sting? Whether as replacement for Lex (take a drink) or teaming up with Lex (kayfabe past in WCW, real life friends) to keep him fresh after his Summerslam choking (take a drink)….

3) as good as the Backlund heel turn was, and he played it perfectly, he had so little credibility as a threat after two years of jobbing to the big names. Suddenly being dangerous and threatening came out of nowhere, and the Survivors title win was just unnecessary. Bret dropping the strap at MSG against Diesel in a competitive match would have been better I think

4) Tatanka seemingly lost all his overness after the Borga loss in the fall of 93. He was basically just there until his heel turn at Summerslam 94. What a waste. Why not a Luger/Tatanka team or something to keep him busy?

5) why not use Lawler as the head of a heel stable in 94 (instead of the horrible Million $ corporation)? Could have pushed young guys like Glen Ruth, Louie Spicolli, Duke Droese this way

Sorry for the longwinded questions, hope you can answer them soon!

1.  I think the Kliq guys just really wanted to make sure Diesel got put over huge. 

2.  I mean, I suppose, but he was making so much guaranteed money with WCW that he would have been stupid to go to the WWF at that point.

3. I completely bought the Backlund heel run.  I thought he did a great job playing a legit scary guy.

4. I think they had ideas of what Tatanka could be as a heel, and it just didn’t work.

5. I think Lawler was fine in the role he was in. 

Nostradamus Keith

So remember your rant on the Brian Pillman DVD and the quote on Pillman’s son:  –” We get closing comments from everyone, including Brian Pillman Jr, who is probably destined for a push in wrestling with that name”

Sure enough here he is part of the new Hart Foundation attacking Kevin Sullivan  Feel old yet?

More and more every day, thanks. 


So 2K pretty much said “screw it” this year. Instead of the grand revealing they have been doing past few years before SummerSlam with Austin and Renee Young, they opted to have Rusev and Lana stream 3 parts from their HOUSE. About 2 weeks and a half left before the games released and we still have not gotten any gameplay released other then the same Daniel Bryan Showcase stuff. Big head mode from freaking NBA Jam, a golden AJ Styles and Zombie Triple H. The new match types? Final Deletion and the freaking House Of Horrors match. Worst part? No TOMMASO CIAMPA. 

I don’t wanna be that “In my day…” guy, but I’ve bought a few of the modern 2K games and I just can’t figure out the gameplay.  I’m horrible at the timing and usually get pinned the first time someone tries it on me.  They sure look pretty, but the last next-gen game I really had fun with was WWE All-Stars, which strayed more towards the casual arcade style controls.  Plus I got my trusty Raspberry Pi with No Mercy, Virtual Pro Wrestling 64 (English translated!) and Revenge that play 100% awesome to this day.  But the last couple of 2K games have popped up on XBox Gamepass, which I’m paying for anyway, so they’re installed on my Xbone if I ever wanted to try them again.

Roman’s future

Hey Scott,

Hope you’re doing well. Love the blog. Love your work with Sporting News. I hear they have the best wrestling content, and the most handsome editors and writers. I digress.

All the talk with Roman losing to Brock at Greatest Royal Rumble made me wonder: is there any salvation for Roman at this point? It certainly felt his suspension was the WWE’s opportunity to start from Square 1. He bounced back a bit after that, and it’s unfortunate that the Shield reunion was ended prematurely. (I wasn’t digging it, anyway, because it just felt like a vehicle to get Reigns over, and not the unit, but that’s beside the point.)

Everyone says “turn him heel” but I’m not even sure that’d help him at this point — short of dominating the division as a heel champion, which, let’s be honest, doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

So, how do you salvage Reigns? If you were a booker, how would you approach Reigns’ future?


NOT Joe Rivera.

I’d back off a lot, move him to Smackdown and maybe give him the US title or tag titles or something. Ideally he could be an awesome hot tag guy with fellow main event washout Dean Ambrose, and maybe let people WANT to see him pushed again after a while.  Alternatively, turn him heel on Smackdown and have the Usos be his muscle, which could also organically turn him into someone people would cheer.  I really think getting him off RAW is the biggest thing at this point, but no matter how they proceed, he’s done as a top guy.  He’s failed in the main position too many times to salvage and the fans will remember.  Back in the old days, this would be when you let your contract expire and then go to WCW to immediately be a fresh top guy, but we don’t have that option any longer so moving to Smackdown is the closest thing.

Michael Cole: Idiot or Victim?

Hey Scott,


I listen to quite a lot of podcasts and the general view of Michael Cole falls into 1 of 2 categories: 1) He’s just an obnoxious dork who doesn’t know or care about wrestling or 2) He’s just doing a job where he’s sabotaged from constant micro-managing and no one could possibly pull that job off.


I tend to fall into the camp 2 just based off the fact that he obviously is a hard worker and Vince McMahon is Vince McMahon. Thoughts?




I know WWE 24/7 isn’t around anymore, but go back in your time machine and listen to him calling the Shea Stadium show with Mick Foley, free of Vince interference and left to his own devices.  He’s GREAT there, joking around and talking at a much more human pace about stuff that’s actually relevant.  I’d lean towards #2.

Owens is FAT?!

Everything we read is that the backstage argument about Owens is his conditioning and “he’s fat”? But someone just brought up Mick Foley.  He was the least WWE/Vince looking guy and he walked in to a feud with Undertaker and WON!  He was made instantly and Taker didn’t get the win back for months. Foley feuded with main eventers his entire WWE career including famous feuds with Austin and Rock.

Bret and Shawn weren’t the WWE style big men. Benoit, Jericho, Eddie were the “vanilla midgets”.  Recently, Bryan, Punk, and even Ziggler to an extent aren’t the main event mold.  So why suddenly are people making Owens’ look such a big deal?

Normally they wouldn’t, but apparently Kevin Dunn has some sort of beef with Owens and thus here we are.  Plus Vince has a habit of defaulting back to the Reigns-Batista-Orton musclehead type when business is down.  It is what it is.