Big E

I don't know how much of Smackdown you've been catching, but after seeing the serious promos and limited silliness from the New Day lately my question isn't about Kofi — my question is why isn't Big E a bigger star? When he's not clowning he can talk and work and he has a unique look. Have you ever seen anything special in him?

No, I think he's slotted right where he should be.  Wasn't he IC champion for a cup of coffee?  He's overachieved a bit with the New Day gimmick, although given his look and moveset I could see Vince giving him a shot.  


Hey Scott,

Since you, like me, are a longtime subscriber to the Observer and regular listener of Observer Radio, I want to know if you've noticed something that's really been bothering me over the past couple of years in particular. Doesn't it seem like Dave falls back on the "if you only knew the actual story behind this situation" crutch a lot more than he used to? I understand that there is a necessity of protecting your sources when you're a journalist, but it feels like, more often than not, Dave will say that and then never actually get into the backstory of whatever it was he was originally referencing — even when things have eventually played out. I still enjoy Dave's perspective and institutional knowledge, but WOR feels more like a review show than it used to. Wouldn't it be nice for Dave to actually break these stories that he claims to have insider knowledge about once in a while instead of waiting for everything to happen and then giving a half-assed tick-tock of how things went down? He has gotten worse about this lately, right? 

Oh yeah, for sure.  One of the main criticisms levied against the show, even by the F4W Board, is that Dave treats it like a barker advertisement for the newsletter a lot of the time, when in fact anyone listening to the show already subscribes to the newsletter.  Basically it should be an audio version of what we're already paying for.  Which actually it was during the couple of weeks when Dave broke his hand recently and it was just him and the amazing Garrett Gonzalez doing a news recap for an hour every day, which was then transcribed into the Observer for that week. That was a great week for the show.  That's why I prefer the Garrett shows to the Bryan ones, because Garrett asks follow-up questions and coaxes information out of Dave whereas Bryan lets him ramble and then moves onto the next point.  

XFL 2.0

So on Observer Radio this morning, Dave and Garrett were talking about how Vince made Colin Kaepernick a ridiculously lowballed offer because he had no knowledge of the lawsuit win.  And that led into the news that came out recently about how the AAF guys wanted to buy the XFL name and rights for $50 million (!!!!) and air games on the WWE Network. So Vince relaunched out of spite and then did his press conference before they could, even though he had no plan and no clue what he wanted.   
So yeah, Vince gonna Vince.  

New New Day

Since we can safely assume Kofi is not getting the title, what is the end-game for this chapter in his story?


When his feud with DB finishes, can we maybe get an angry, bitter New Day turning heel, ditching the stupid pancakes, and going out and just turning into a bunch of asskickers, maybe a variation on the Nation of Domination?

Maybe he can be Intercontinental champion again and feud with Dolph Ziggler!  That'd be something fresh!

Fwd: AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Controversial RVD documentary, “Headstrong” to be released February 19th

Hi Scott,
Longtime reader. I have been working for the past couple of years on a documentary with RVD on his life in professional wrestling. Would love to have you share! Thanks!

AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Controversial RVD documentary, “Headstrong” to be released February 19th on iTunes/Google Play/VUDU

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Official Trailer:

Up up? Down down.

Hey Scott,

 I have a quick question for you.  I was reading the post about calling Ciampa up and got to thinking.  How much backlash would there be if they wanted to call someone up and they say no?  With the track record they have of completley screwing up pretty much everyone they've called up, and if the talent are happy in their position right now would Vince get cheesed at them?

I don't really see where anyone would refuse to go up, especially since that would be breach of contract.  We sure know Velveteen Dream won't say no when they ask him. 


Jeff Jarrett has been perceived as more of a star by WWE audiences in 2019 than he ever was at any previous time in WCW or WWF, right? How is there a nostalgia pop for someone who never got any sort of pop outside of Tennessee in the first place? Isn't the reaction to Jeff Jarrett at the Royal Rumble and on Raw the most obvious example that WWE crowds just want to see something different than the same cookie-cutter shows they produce every week with the same 50/50 characters?

Clearly.  As long as he never wears that outfit from the Rumble again, I'm fine with him as an onscreen character here and there.  

Tech question

Hey Scott,

I'm not a tech guy, so maybe you could help explain this: during the height of the Monday Night War (1996-1998?), why does WCW's video look more modern and sharper today than WWE's (even up to the mid-2000s, I guess before HD?)? Is this because WCW was owned by a television company and Turner had better equipment and production values? Was it the design and the colors of sets? That black and metallic WCW Nitro set looks years ahead of WWE's Raw sets until the time of all the video boards and LED displays. As someone who watched both shows at the time, it is odd how much more modern WCW looks than WWE during that time when I watch it today.

Yeah, Nitro was absolutely shot and produced with better equipment and it’s still noticeable today. RAW from that time looks kind of dark and murky and Nitro is bright and seems to be a higher resolution.  Probably because TBS was a TV company. 

Possible Title Match Spoilers

Local TV ads for a house show on March 10th in Youngstown, OH are listing Bryan defending against Styles, and Becky defending the Women's Title against Charlotte. Of course, card is subject to change.

Yeah, well, the house show here on the 1st was advertised as Dean Ambrose defending the IC title against Seth Rollins up until last week, so I wouldn't read much into anything being advertised.  

Women’s Tag

Now that we know more about the women’s tag belts, is it safe to assume that the bella twin and the other bella twin are going to somehow be simultaneously booked as dominant and yet underdogs while winning the belts and holding the division
hostage again?

Do we know more about them?  I wasn't really paying attention to anything on RAW.  Regardless, I think they're gonna end up with Sasha and Bayley.  

Jon Jones pisses clean!

So I’m confused here:  Since the point of contention with the previous failure was that it was supposed to be leftover from the OTHER previous failure 17 months before, shouldn’t it then still be in his system?  How is he suddenly “clean” again now?  Was the extra two weeks the magic amount of time for the remaining picograms of steroids to disappear?

Punk v. Demon

Hey Scott,

I know this might be an unpopular one with some of your audience, but who do you think is a more overrated in-ring worker: Finn Balor or CM Punk?

Balor does not seem any more special in the ring than a guy like Neville ever was. I didn't watch him while he was actually in Japan, but when I've gone back and watched his work there, Prince Devitt seemed special. Finn Balor is definitely not Prince Devitt. And while Punk had a unique connection with the audience and was always a great talker, any time I watch his matches I just don't find him believable…and I started feeling that way before he ever fought in the UFC, so I don't believe he was "exposed" by his MMA career. Do you find the ring work of either of them overrated?

Oh, spicy question!  I find Balor a bit overrated, actually.  He was great in NXT but has never really transitioned to being a top guy on the main roster.  Punk at least had tons of high level great matches in that spot.  

So, have you seen this?

That's Jon Jones for you, pissing away his own legacy with classy behavior like that and a trail of positive drug tests.  Sorry, I meant "positive", because it's ludicrous to think a guy with a record of steroid use and multiple test failures could have failed another one just before a fight.  It's much more plausible that a trace amount of the same drug from months prior would still be in his system, and we should all just listen to the experts presented by UFC and give him the benefit of the doubt.  

UFC goes full carney

So since no one emailed me about this nonsense this morning, let me start the discussion.  What the actual fuck?  There’s being a carny huckster in the mold of pro wrestling and then there’s moving your entire show to another state to avoid regulation.  That’s some next level bullshit.  It goes to show that Brock probably doesn’t have to worry about entering the drug testing pool after all, because they’ll just move the Cormier fight to international waters if it ever happens.