Billionaire Ted

Who were the performers who played the roles of Nacho Man, Huckster, Billionaire Ted and Scheme Gene?

No idea.  They actually switched Hucksters before WM12, didn't they?  Also, Vince Russo plays one of the yes-men in the early skits, but I don't know who the main players were.  



So if they were to do a live action Thundercats movie using wrestlers as actors, who do you cast where?  The John Cena as Liono idea was great.  Battista as Panthro sounds good to me.  Ronda Rousey as Cheetara?  Pretty much anyone long
and lithe and lean and not named Charlotte works there.  HHH as Tigra?  Most important – who is Mumra – Vince?  Bray?  Puppet Vince from the Funhouse?  Le Champion?  Tony Khan?


You would think that Thundercats would be right in my wheelhouse, but I literally never watched an episode of it.  It's one piece of pop culture that somehow sat completely outside of my personal Venn diagram of 80s kid essentials.  That and the Goonies and the Lost Boys. 

Dr Evil says…

One MILLION viewers for Dynamite.  

So yeah, PPV bump is a thing.  Vince is gonna be dead in the ground before he lets them keep those numbers so I wouldn’t count on NXT moving to Tuesday any time soon.  But a shared audience of nearly 2 million between the shows can only be good for wrestling.  

Bob Backlund

I know you’ve stated in the past that you weren’t a big fan of Backlund, but what was the actual plan for bringing him back in 1992?

Looking at his matches upon his return, he wrestled much less aggressively than he did during his initial run. To tell the truth, the notion of him being “bland” and “boring” must stem from his return, and his final year as champion; I’ve been watching his matches on YouTube and I was amazed at how often they ended up being a bloody brawl, or at the very least physically brutal . I mean, he got a great match out of Dusty Rhodes, and he often showed off how strong he was by dead lifting people you’d never expect (like Hogan). Yet in 1992, he acted goofy, never took bumps, and wrestled the same match no matter his opponent (including Papa Shango, which led to a weird visual of Shango mat wrestling ). Even stopped using the chicken wing and used a roll up as his finish.

So what’s the deal with that? Brought him back and took away anything that could’ve got him over, then turned him heel brilliantly…then turned him into a comedy heel.

Was this the plan all along?

Thanks in advance for response…interested in what the blog says.

Oh and for my obligatory weekly plug for my band (which includes my daughter).

Sorry…had to do it.

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I think the “plan” is pretty much what we saw.  Bob doing a nostalgia act as a bland midcard babyface and then unexpectedly catching fire with the crazy old man gimmick.  

Bull Buchanan – 2000

Hi Scott,

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 Bull Buchanan is a head-scratcher. They seemed quite up on him for a while, being the Regime's hired gun for a time, then he got thrown in to the Right To Censor thing. I'm not saying the guy was world champion material, but he seemed like a guy that could
have gone toe-to-toe with Taker or Kane for a while. Maybe something might have come of it. Were there big plans for him at any point?


I wouldn’t say BIG plans but you’d hear through the 90s that they wanted to push him and then it would never amount to anything.  I think the deal with Bossman was their best shot but Albert ended up doing a better job in that spot.  


So I wake up on a Sunday morning to THIS…
I know I complain a lot about Braun Strowman being a lousy choice for champion, but NJPW just decided to make it a real arms race of terrible finishes leading to bad champions here.   Like, why not just go back to Okada if you want the belt off Naito so badly?  I mean, I like the guy well enough as a tag team wrestler and I even have one of his shirts, but I've gotta vote NOPE on this decision.

TNM: The Wrestling Simulator

A word from Oliver Copp, creator of TNM!

The TNM wrestling simulator recently celebrated its 25th anniversary with the release of “TNM Tournament Edition“, the first version created for Windows. At its core, the new sim specializes in creating and running various kinds of tournaments with each match being simulated move-for-move and the user following along with the play-by-play.

TNM Tournament Edition has Elimination Tournaments where half the competitors are knocked out of the tournament in every round. It has Round Robins where each competitor faces every other competitor. It has multi-block Round Robins where the highest-ranked finishers advance to either an Elimination Tournament or another Round Robin to determine an overall winner.

And it has Swiss-Rules Tournaments which gained popularity through eSports. These combine the advantages of Elimination Tournaments, being fairly quick, with the advantages of Round Robins, not being out of the competition with one loss or draw, and are the best choice for tournaments with many competitors. Competitors are matched up randomly in the first round. In each of the three of four – depending on the size of the field – rounds afterwards, teams with similar records are matched up, quickly separating those who have a shot at winning from those who don't. The four or eight top finishers move on to a knock-out tournament to determine the overall winner.

Users are able to customize each tournament to their liking. Have losers advance instead of winners. Make the top two finishers from each block advance instead of just the block winner. Change the wrestlers' winning strategy by assigning different points for different types of finishes – pins may be with more than DQs, losses could even award negative points and so on. Have an Iron Man tournament or have all matches take place in a cage or perhaps all over the arena. You can even have every round rebracketed to keep the top people away from each other for as long as possible.

TNM Tournament Edition was designed with ease of use in mind, and many of its more powerful features will be hidden underneath the surface until players want them, addressing one of the main points of criticism of earlier sims from the TNM series. And it is casual-gaming-friendly in that sessions can be as long or as short as your time permits. You can always pause a tournament and go back to it at a later time. TNM TE is compatible with all wrestlers created for the TNM 7 line of simulators so you have immediate access to export files containing thousands of wrestlers from the 1970s to today.

If this sounds appealing to you, please head on over to, and get your free 28-day trial version of TNM Tournament Edition. All you need is a PC running Windows 98 or higher… and some free time.