Hi Scott, hope you’re well and safe.


So, Renee Young has tested positive for Covid-19 (hope she gets well soon)… and it all starts to fall into place.


Young is married to the AEW Champion, Jon Moxley, who debuted in WWE as part of the SHIELD.


SHIELD-ing is what people with pre-existing conditions have to do in this current GLOBAL pandemic.


GLOBAL force wrestling was a creation of Jeff Jarrett’s. Jarrett’s other famous creation was With My Baby TONIGHT.


TONIGHT TONIGHT is a song written by NWA owner Billy Corgan.


The NWA were the major enemies of TRUMP bootlicker Vince McMahon, who’s major nosebleed they inflicted on him was the scheduling of Clash of Champions against Wrestlemania 4 at TRUMP Plaza.

TRUMP’s major vow is to make AMERICA great (details of how unavailable at this point).


Lex Luger is the AMERICAN Original


Is this all therefore a ploy to go back in time to ensure that Luger wins at Summerslam 1993?


You really put in the work for that one.  However, the Trump line should have ended “(Citation needed)” for full points. 

Fwd: IYH: Canadian Stampede

Hi Scott

Any chance of a Canadian Stampede re-rant?  I just got past it in my own re-watch of 1997 and it's still an all-time great pay-per-view, and a reminder that less can definitely be more.  I notice that a year or two back you missed it while you were alternating between WWF and WCW rants – sure it's worth another look?


Not sure what insight I could add to it.  That’s why I skipped it in the first place.  


Hello Scott, hope all is well.

So, reportedly, AEW will be resuming a live/taped schedule now that Florida's opened up.

Tony Kahn's a scumbag who doesn't care about the health of his employees, right?

Only if his monthly cheques stop coming. 


…to the Network.  For 10 episodes.
Still, they haven't uploaded anything since a year ago, so this is very welcome content for me to review and get 10 weeks out of it.  I'm very pumped about this and I just hope we get another dump of Heat episodes soon so I can carry on with that as well.   

Fwd: March Bashness 2020: Decide the Unbreakable Eight

Some interesting matchups this round. Fortunately it's not an all chalk tournament as we've got our own Cinderella. 

First link is for the second round results:

For folks who just want to vote, here it is:

Thanks again!
Keep those action figures six feet apart in between matches.


Now that Mania’s spread out over 2 days and the battle royals are axed, I’m setting the over/under at 18 total matches.  You got the over or the under?

Under.  I still think it’s getting axed by the CDC next week unless they pull off a miracle and tape everything in a few days.  

Pipe Bombed

To me it seems like there is a large crowd of fans that gave up on wwe around 2003-2005 and then came back after the pipebomb in 2011. I'm definitely a part of that crowd but I can't seem to figure out why. Was the pipebomb that good? Just wondering what your thoughts are.

It was a combination of Punk saying things that fans had been saying for a while and then kind of hitting on the zeitgeist, with the Cena storyline that was itself a perfect representation of the frustration that Punk and the fans were feeling.  And then they fucked it all up, but sometimes all you need to do is hook the people again for a bit and then they start watching out of habit.  

Fwd: Question for Blog: Closing Mania

Hi Scott

I know you aren't exactly enjoying the product at the minute but are you paying enough attention to suggest what should get the main event slot this year? 

Personally I think as crazy as it is in 2020 the safest choice is to send the crowd home happy is with Edge celebrating? Particulary if he's coming back for more than just one match as expected. It's the best angle with the most over superstars at this moment. 

Surely they aren't going to finish with Roman again and there's quite a few people who think Drew is losing?


I’m curious as to what in the past decade would lead you to think they AREN’T closing with Roman?


What is your opinion on Sid? What makes him so likable and popular? Is it just his intensity? Something beyond all that. Should he go in the WWE Hall of Fame?

I don't mind Sid in a midcard attraction role, but the times when companies tried to build around him always resulted in him overreaching his bounds and ugliness resulting.  But as a goof who cuts dumb promos and squashes geeks with a powerbomb?  Sure, bring it on.  

Frankly I'm shocked he's not in the WWE Hall already.