Hey Scott,

What would you say is the best example of a singles (or even tag) match where you could honestly say it was the best match in the careers of the participants? I was reading a piece on Miz vs. Ziggler at No Mercy 2016 (the most shockingly great match ever), and I'd have to concur that it's each man's best.

For that matter, if you exclude the 1992 War Games, Cody vs. Dustin from Double or Nothing has to be on that list.

Any to add?

I’d actually vote for the Ziggler tag match against Rollins and Ambrose as his best.   

RIP Snowman

Not a hugely notable death, but we’ve talked about Eddie “Snowman” Crawford with regards to Mid South lately, and his famous connection to the USWA title later on.  But Dave didn’t even tell the pawn store story this morning when talking about him!  


So which of the following would you go for if you were in charge:

-Bullet Club invades WWE.

-NJPW in its entirety invades WWE.

-No invasion. Just exchange of talent from time to time and have some dream matches here and there.

-Hey bro no Jap wrestling bro is ever gonna get over on American tv bro….BRO.

Anyone who thinks this potential deal is anything but a 95-5 split in WWE’s favor is nuts.  This is a way for Vince to send guys to Japan and expand his brand there, period.  


Hi Scott

If Ric Flairs issues with Bischoff had lead to him leaving or being fired how do you see him fitting into AE WWE? Does he provide a relative breath of fresh air or would it just be too much of a mismatch?

It’s been said before but Flair as Vince’s Corporate Champion against Austin would have been MONEY.  


Hey Scott,

I rewatched WrestleMania V the other night and I hope you can help fill in some of the details on the question that I think everyone has been asking for the past 32 years: What the fuck was Rockin' Robin doing singing “America the Beautiful” to open the show?!?

Was that part of a settlement to a lawsuit filed against Vince? Was it a rib? If so, on who? Us? Her? Vince? Jake? America? Was it WWE's first big involvement with the “Make a Wish” Foundation? I mean, the WWF went from Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin to Rockin' Robin in three years!

And while we're on the subject, was there any attribute of Robin's that was actually “Rockin” or were we actually lied to by a wrestling promoter? Because it sure as shit wasn't her musical ability.

I can only assume they blew the budget on Morton Downey Jr. and Run DMC.  


Did dutch mantell  wrestle  jim jamison  a few times  in cwa memphis 

That's what they WANT you to think.  But we know better, don't we?  

Exploding expectations

Hey Scott,

I'm wondering if you feel cheated at all that AEW promised an exploding ring and didn't deliver? It reminds me of that Seth Rollins vs Fiend Hell in a Cell that ended in a cop out ending and people felt ripped off. AEW promised an exploding ring and when it didn't happen they retconned the story so it was always planned to not happen. Which means one way or another you weren't getting what you paid to see. 

Yeah but the cell match was the PLAN.  That’s what they booked.  The AEW match was just a bad circumstance that was supposed to be something different.  

WWE on Peacock deets

Sooooooo, basically those in the US are screwed as far as classic content being added back are concerned.  They say “by Summerslam” but they said a lot of similar promises for the main Network and there’s still shit that never got added to it.  
Whatever, luckily it won’t affect me because I just use the browser version which will continue as is in Canada.  GO CANADA!