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Any chance you’d review this?

I'd probably give it a look, although they're really playing fast and loose with the definition of "Unreleased" with these things now. 

Alternate Bret

Someone pulled something really great out of an upcoming book on NBA Jam – Bret in a weird alternate outfit

I believe the reason for that is that Bret's top would change colour for first or second player in the game, so they'd key out the green and insert pink or whatever the actual colour would be.

The AMAZING thing to think is that means everyone else in the game presumably ALSO had alternate-coloured outfits.  Green Yoko! Green Taker! 

I was confused for a minute there because I was wondering what Bret had to do with NBA Jam, but I guess it’s In Your House they were shooting.  And there is indeed pictures of Red Undertaker further in that thread.  


I know why we’re being force-fed Baron Corbin.  Shane gave him the mysterious lock box and he’s now the one using it to blackmail Vince.

So why doesn't Vince just buy the Olive Garden where Corbin works and have him fired, I wonder?  HE'LL NEVER BUS TABLES IN THIS TOWN AGAIN, PAL!  

Fwd: Crazy Roman idea:

I’ll preface by saying it’s unlikely/almost impossible… but 

The WWE through his cancer diagnosis/return, feud with Shane, and careful booking have somehow kept Roman as an over babyface since his return. Roman realizing what it has taken WWE fans to embrace him after years of hate has orchestrated this angle himself, paying others to “attack” him to play the fans into cheering him.

He reveals this in a grand “It was me Austin!” type promo when he’s confronted by Rowan and Bryan. He calls out the fans for being pathetic and only willing to cheer him when he’s on the verge of death. He could say he’s proven he has to literally die for the WWE Universe in order to get a positive response.

This could be the Rock 97/98 heel turn mixed with Hogan 96. I’d go double turn and have Bryan end up the sympathetic face. After all, Roman was booed initially for stealing Bryan’s spotlight and now he falsely accuses the man of vehicular homicide to get fans to hate a guy they used to love.

I know this won’t ever happen, but on the fantasy booking scale, how’s this as Angle to build to WM

So, you're saying they should turn Roman Reigns heel, then? 

Disney Plus launches in Canada!

About time they announced this.  I'd call $9 a month totally fair given what you get, although we're never getting the Hulu bundle deal up here.  Can't wait for the cable monopolies to start crying foul, though, so hopefully this won't get tied up in court for years while Rogers claims the loss of Canadian culture or whatever.   

Fwd: Tessa Blanchard: WTF?

Seriously, she had a great showing at the Mae Young Classic. She's light-years beyond the rest of the women in Impact. Her matches with men are compelling and credible. She has the name, the pedigree, and WWE is panic-signing everyone under the sun so they don't wind up in AEW.

Why on earth isn't Vince willing to do business with this…

…oh my god, Tessa Blanchard had an underage sexual relationship with Stephanie, didn't she?

Wouldn’t that be the other way around?  Well, whatever, I’ll leave it to the fanfic writers to hash out the details.  
Anyway, she had heat. Shocking that Tully’s offspring would piss people off, I know.  

Rebook 27

Hi Scott 

Now that the blog has had a go at rebooking WM XI, how about a more recent candidate for the worst of all time? 
What could have been done in retrospect to liven up WM 27?
Pull the trigger on Cena-Taker?
Have Punk win the title?
Drive a dump truck of money up to Stings house?

Any thoughts?

Every time I say "Don't have the Miz in the World title match" people get mad at me, so I guess I'm not allowed to go with that one.  

It was definitely too early for Punk, though.  

I'm one of the people who really loved HHH v. Undertaker, so I don't know that I'd mess with that one.  

Fwd: AEW: Has the buzz worn off

After watching the AEW show, it's looking like they've put all their eggs in on Double or Nothing, the last 2 shows have been average as the day as long and it seems are fans are kind of crapping on the product even moreso now, I admit there are some
issues with the product, the roster needs some more depth, the characters need to be built up a little more than just flippity flip indy geeks, the production qualities need to be tightened up and someone like Cody isn't exactly a guy I want to see on the
top of the card.

What do you think Scott, has the shine worn off on AEW a bit or is it just a slight bump in the road and come October they'll be off and running

I think doing these two mini-PPVs was kind of a mistake, honestly.  But once they get onto TNT, I think they'll be off and running.  

I'm telling ya though, Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy are EXACTLY what they need to push the shit out of, because they're gonna draw teenage boys.  Guaranteed.  They're got something with those guys.  

Obsessive Fan Alert: Best Matches of the Decade

Hey Scott,

I went ahead and compiled all your best matches of the 2010s. By my count, you have 22 matches ranked at 5 stars or above (not counting Ospreay vs. WALTER and Punk vs. Bryan from OTE 2012, did you rank those 5 stars?)

The full list is below, and I took a shot at ordering them in the order I thought you might consider them. Looks like it's safe to say Okada/Omega; Omega/Tanahashi; and Gargano/Ciampa are the three best matches of the decade and maybe of all-time, according to you?

Also, Gargano is on here 7 times. Omega 3 times; Naito 3 times; Ciampa 3 times. Would you say Gargano is the best wrestler of the decade?

And last question: are there any of these that you would downgrade/upgrade or re-rate with the benefit of hindsight?

No, because clearly I am perfect and my opinions are resolute and indisputable.

Gargano is pretty friggin' great, yeah. I think you forgot Jericho v. Omega from last year, which I'm pretty sure was also the full monty. I'd also add Dustin v. Cody to the list the more I think about it.

And yes, I gave Ospreay v. WALTER five stars, as well as Bryan v. Punk after doing an extended bit that only got funnier with each iteration.
Best Matches of the 2010s
  1. NJPW Dominion 2018: Kazuchika Okada vs. Kenny Omega (2/3 Falls Match) *******

  2. NJPW WrestleKingdom 2019: IWGP Heavyweight title: Kenny Omega v. Hiroshi Tanahashi ******½ 

  3. NXT Takeover: New Orleans 2018: Tomasso Ciampa vs. Johnny Gargano ******

  4. NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 2018: Kazuchika Okada vs. Tetsuya Naito *****

  5. NJPW BOSJ: Will Ospreay vs. Shingo Takagi *****

  6. WWE Money In The Bank 2011: John Cena vs. CM Punk *****

  7. NJPW Dominion: IWGP Junior Heavyweight title: Dragon Lee v. Will Ospreay *****

  8. NXT Takeover: Philadelphia 2018: Andrade Cien Almas vs. Johnny Gargano *****

  9. NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 2018: Tomasso Ciampa vs. Johnny Gargano *****

  10. NXT Takeover: Toronto 2016: The Revival vs. Tomasso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano *****

  11. NXT Takeover: Phoenix: Ricochet v. Johnny Gargano *****

  12. WWE SummerSlam 2013: CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar *****

  13. NXT Takeover: New York: Johnny Gargano v. Adam Cole *****

  14. NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 2018: Kenny Omega vs. Chris Jericho *****

  15. WWE Hell In A Cell 2018: Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose *****

  16. NXT Takeover: 25: Johnny Gargano v. Adam Cole *****

  17. NXT: July 11, 2018: Kyle O'Reilly & Roderick Strong vs. Tyler Bate & Trent Seven *****

  18. NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 2019: IWGP Intercontinental title: Chris Jericho v. Tetsuya Naito *****

  19. NXT Takeover: Dallas 2016: Sami Zayn vs. Shinsuke Nakamura *****

  20. NJPW Dominion 2019: IWGP Intercontinental title: Kota Ibushi v. Tetsuya Naito *****

  21. WWE Royal Rumble 2010: Royal Rumble Match *****

  22. WWE WrestleMania 28 2012: Triple H vs. The Undertaker *****




Given Vince’s new edict that matches should not occur during commercial, what do you think of bringing back time limits?  Instead of having terrible 50/50 booking, guys can get their stuff in and run into a time limit draw rather as a means
to protect the guy you don’t want to job that week.  Aside from the obvious – that WWE would screw it up – do you think it would help reduce the damage from the 50/50 booking?

I don't really see where it would fit into the "No wrestling during commercials" thing, though.  I'm definitely not adverse to the idea of 10 minute TV time limit draws, though.  Easy way to build up a rematch without anyone jobbing.