Women’s Tag

Now that we know more about the women’s tag belts, is it safe to assume that the bella twin and the other bella twin are going to somehow be simultaneously booked as dominant and yet underdogs while winning the belts and holding the division
hostage again?

Do we know more about them?  I wasn't really paying attention to anything on RAW.  Regardless, I think they're gonna end up with Sasha and Bayley.  

Jon Jones pisses clean!

So I’m confused here:  Since the point of contention with the previous failure was that it was supposed to be leftover from the OTHER previous failure 17 months before, shouldn’t it then still be in his system?  How is he suddenly “clean” again now?  Was the extra two weeks the magic amount of time for the remaining picograms of steroids to disappear?

Punk v. Demon

Hey Scott,

I know this might be an unpopular one with some of your audience, but who do you think is a more overrated in-ring worker: Finn Balor or CM Punk?

Balor does not seem any more special in the ring than a guy like Neville ever was. I didn't watch him while he was actually in Japan, but when I've gone back and watched his work there, Prince Devitt seemed special. Finn Balor is definitely not Prince Devitt. And while Punk had a unique connection with the audience and was always a great talker, any time I watch his matches I just don't find him believable…and I started feeling that way before he ever fought in the UFC, so I don't believe he was "exposed" by his MMA career. Do you find the ring work of either of them overrated?

Oh, spicy question!  I find Balor a bit overrated, actually.  He was great in NXT but has never really transitioned to being a top guy on the main roster.  Punk at least had tons of high level great matches in that spot.  

So, have you seen this?

That's Jon Jones for you, pissing away his own legacy with classy behavior like that and a trail of positive drug tests.  Sorry, I meant "positive", because it's ludicrous to think a guy with a record of steroid use and multiple test failures could have failed another one just before a fight.  It's much more plausible that a trace amount of the same drug from months prior would still be in his system, and we should all just listen to the experts presented by UFC and give him the benefit of the doubt.  

UFC goes full carney

So since no one emailed me about this nonsense this morning, let me start the discussion.  What the actual fuck?  There’s being a carny huckster in the mold of pro wrestling and then there’s moving your entire show to another state to avoid regulation.  That’s some next level bullshit.  It goes to show that Brock probably doesn’t have to worry about entering the drug testing pool after all, because they’ll just move the Cormier fight to international waters if it ever happens.  

Mixed Match Challenge

Mixed Match (Team) Challenge Series on Facebook Watch, must-see show if there ever was one

Jinder & Alicia vs R-Truth & Carmella as the final…I have no words. FB partners must be excited. Also Truth as nr 30 in the women's Royal Rumble? Trainwreck would be an understatement

There's many causes for concern in Titan Towers at the moment, but this is the least of them.  However, for all those who e-mail saying "HEY WWE SHOULD DO A G1 CLIMAX TOURNAMENT ON THE NETWORK IT'D BE AWESOME!" bear witness to what happens when they have to plan something for more than two weeks.  Do you WANT Jinder Mahal as #30 in the Rumble?  Because that's how you get Jinder as #30 in the Rumble.

Current Projected Mania 35 Card

I was listening to the Barnburners podcast from the guys who run Ringsidenews.com and according to them and if true, the card is gonna look something like this…

Daniel Bryan vs Shawn Michaels for the WWE Championship

Triple H vs Batista (dependable on how fast Triple H can recover from the torn pec)

AJ Styles vs Randy Orton

Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship

Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey for the Raw Women's Championship

Drew McIntyre vs Kurt Angle or Braun Strowman

Rey Mysterio vs Shinsuke Nakamura/Andrade Almas/Samoa Joe (one of these 3 will be champion come Mania time) for the US Title

Andre The Giant Battle Royal

Women's Battle Royal

Not bad at all….

I don't wanna impugn the fine name of ringsidenews.com because apparently they attack anyone on social media who calls them out for their bullshit "stories", but I'm gonna leave this link here from Reddit….

Also, no fucking way Shawn Michaels main events Wrestlemania.  Like, zero.  


Hi Scott 

I've been watching WM 30 recently,  perhaps the biggest example of WWE snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. However,  what if the original card had gone ahead? Lets suppose Vince had been stubborn enough to press ahead with Orton- Batista as the main event and Bryan-Sheamus somewhere on the undercard.  Let's further assume, since its fantasy booking, that getting his win back over HHH is enough to persuade CM Punk to stick around a bit longer.  How do you see WM 30 going under these circumstances ( I'm assuming Lesnar still ends the streak and Cena still goes over Wyatt), both from a work rate perspective and in terms of how its recieved?

I think Orton-Batista would have been a complete disaster and ended the show on a real down note.  However, Punk and HHH probably would have put together a really good match somewhere in the midcard, so it might have balanced out to a certain degree.  But if 30 becomes remembered for the streak ending and then Orton boring the people to sleep in the main event, it's probably a forgotten thumbs down show.

Loose Morals and Looser Ropes

I was down a youtube rabbit-hole last night and couldn’t help but notice – especially when Hogan beat the Sheik for the title –  how loose the ropes were.  Likewise, if you watch the old Rocky movies, the ropes there were also extremely


Around when were they tightened up?  And which came first, the chicken or the egg?  Was it to aid aerial maneuvers or did they follow as wrestlers took advantage of the new norm? 

I'd be lying if I said I ever noticed it before, but ring construction tended to vary from arena to arena anyway so I don't think it would have some kind of global loose rope conspiracy or anything.  

Pushing the Edge

Hey Scott!!

Whilst listening to a podcast recently I thought up a question I thought might be amusing blog fodder, but then forgot about it. (Un?)Luckily, I remembered it again!

Was Edge the last star to receive a true, old school main event push? Not ‘a few surprise main events and then back down you go’, mind you. I’m talking about someone who was around a few years, worked his way up the card to a certain point, and then finally broke through as a true main eventer when the right angle under the right circumstances occurred. If the Lita-Matt-Edge triangle does not occur, it’s not a safe bet necessarily that Edge gets to the main event. Today you are given your role out of the gate and only step outside of it, temporarily, or at least it seems so to me. Admittedly I only follow the WWE via your blog, watching only when something sounds REALLY awesome, so perhaps I am missing a few obvious candidates.

One of the key reads as to the WWE’s true intentions, in my view, is in presentation. If a guy gets to wrestle, let’s say, Cena after a huge storyline in a big main event, but their outfit, promotion and character are basically the same, they aren’t being elevated. It’s a novelty almost, a palette cleanser.

Am I off? Have Edges galore simply slipped under my radar?

Thanks dude.

I think CM Punk also counts, and his happened after Edge.  He was around "ECW" for a few years, then moved into the midcard of the main roster, and then had the pipe bomb promo to break through as a main event guy and stay there.  

The Jax Job



What are the chances that it turns out Nia was following Vince’s orders.  He mistakenly sees money in Charlotte and as a result we have the Kansas City Screwjob and turns out Nia was just doing what’s best for business?

 I have a hard time associating “Nia Jax” and “best for business” together.  

Fwd: Becky 3:16

So if they call the match and they advertise the Becky injury tonight, and she shows up Sunday to fight, is the transformation into Stone Cold complete?
She’s not gonna show.  They’re so hypersensitive about concussion lawsuits that there’s zero chance of them risking anything. 
I have to say, though, concussions on the female side are becoming a major concern.  I’ve been saying for a while that they need to tone it down again, especially girls like Sasha who weigh 100 pounds soaking wet and just don’t have the bone and muscle density to absorb that kind of punishment week after week.  Or they could get rid of Nia Jax.  Either way.  

Ronnie vs. The Man

Now that Rousey vs. Becky is off for Survivor Series, could it actually be a good thing that they put this off for a few months?  Considering it’s a fresh rivalry between the biggest name in the company and the hottest act in the company, wouldn’t it make sense to try and save this match for WrestleMania now?

Also, is Shane McMahon now replacing Becky at Survivor Series?  Isn’t that how this works when a Smackdown person gets hurt?

Hopefully he at least wears a wig to sell it.  

Fwd: Scott Casey: WTF?!?

Time for Survivor Series '88, Scott! Teams of Five Strive to Survive!

What in the holy mother of ass was Scott Casey doing on the Duggan/Roberts team? It's 1988: Vince has a billion people under contract. They really needed to reserve a PPV spot for a Superstars job guy? Was he a sub for somebody injured? Was there this strong 1988 Scott Casey push that I've blocked from memory?

Also, the Doomiverse has called to my attention that this e-mail requires a 1980s Survivor Series ending. Would you prefer clothesline, powerslam, or sunset flip? Also, if you're "not feeling it", the e-mail can brawl down the aisle for a double count-out.

It was just a last minute injury sub.  I can't even remember who he was replacing.  

And I always opt for the clothesline and feet on the ropes finish.


What are your thoughts on the Network getting the WWC library? Don't remember hearing much about that territory back in the day or any classic matches? 

And besides the TNA library that has some good to great matches they can pillage from, what library is their left for them to get?  

(I'm still waiting for them to drop the OVW footage especially when Heyman was running it)

Can't wait to see those hidden gems featuring Bruiser Brody getting murdered in the locker room!
But anyway, it's a very different style territory and I'm not sure what the quality was like, to be honest.  I don't feel like a lot of the bloodbath stuff is gonna make the Network.  
Otherwise, there's still tons of Memphis footage in legal limbo, Georgia Championship Wrestling (if it's even available), maybe the early Randy Savage ICW stuff?  I wanna say they already have anything that's currently legally available to them and actually for sale (so no TNA / ROH / etc) and the rest of the gaps are due to tapes just not being available or lost.  I don't know of a lot of significant gaps where they're actually able to get the footage, unless you're counting stuff like the Bruce Tharpe NWA library.


At any point prior to 2017 would you have believed someone if they told you that AJ Styles would hold the WWE Championship for over a year? At any point prior to 2018 would you have believed someone if they told you that AJ Styles would be on the cover of the WWE video game when he was 41 years old?

To this day I'm still shocked they didn't send him to NXT for a year to teach him where the hard camera is.  AJ is definitely the biggest case of overachieving that I can remember in the modern era.