Daily News Update – February 4, 2020

All kinds of stuff coming out of RAW last night as they build to SUPER DUPER SAUDI SHOWDOWN III at the end of the month.

DATELINE:  Brock Lesnar defends against Ricochet in the main event of the show, which should be awesome because Brock’s best stuff is when he’s got a little guy to hurl around the ring and then pin.

DATELINE:  Ruby Riott is back, so that one guy who e-mailed me about her that one time should be happy.

DATELINE:  Charlotte will be facing Rhea Ripley at Wrestlemania.  I bet Bayley is so upset at being overshadowed that she’s gonna SPEAK TO YOUR MANAGER about it.

Meanwhere, here’s some AEW.

Daily News Update – February 3, 2020

Oh my god aren’t you all thankful that the pre-season level nonsense of the “NO FUN League” is done with and now we can get to some REAL football?  Because it’s almost time for the XFL!

DATELINE:  The Kansas City Chiefs won their first BLAH BLAH BLAH god I can’t even finish typing that sentence because I’m still so BORED from the whole “football” season.  Why can’t someone bring back real football the way it was meant to be played, which is so very important to me as an 18-49 year old white male who likes sports?  Well, some sports.  Mostly hockey.

DATELINE:  Minoru Suzuki will be facing Orange Cassidy at Joey Janela’s Spring Break show in April.  THIS IS A REAL THING THAT’S HAPPENING.  THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

DATELINE:  Dio Madden is apparently a wrestler again.  I honestly didn’t know he was a wrestler in the first place or where he came from before being a terrible announcer.  So we’ve all learned something today.

Let’s all celebrate HHH this morning with WWE’s Top 10 Returns from Injury, shall we?

The Cheap and Lazy SUPER BOWL SUNDAY Thread!

Who’s ready for some FOOTBALL?  Although we here at the Blog of Doom do not normally care about the sport or endorse specific teams, there is one team that I do take a rooting interest in.

DATELINE:  MLW and Dragon Gate now have a working relationship.  Really, the more of these smaller groups that can band together, the better it is for everyone.

DATELINE:  Tegan Nox will now face Dakota Kai in a street fight at Takeover Portland.  Goddamn that show is gonna be a banger, innit?

DATELINE:  The Guerrillas of Destiny regained the IWGP tag team titles on New Japan’s USA tour.   Not a very auspicious tag title reign for Juice, sadly.

And if you want something to watch today, Impact has posted the first ever TNA PPV to YouTube.  Midget garbage wrestling and all.  I might actually bookmark that one and redo it on Monday, actually.

Strong Style Saturday Thread – 02.01.20

I was actually working on the Smackdown review last night, but then literally fell asleep mid-show, so you get 95 RAW instead.  I think it’s safe to say I’m gonna leave it to Tommy from now on.

DATELINE:  Apparently the firing of Barrios and Wilson came as a complete shock to everyone, although the stock plunge is something of an overreaction according to Dave Meltzer.  TV deals are still pumping hundreds of millions into the company for the next five years.

DATELINE:  ROH is reviving the Pure Title.  Not sure why.  Considering that their current World champion is a goddamn Frankenstein monster, pure wrestling doesn’t seem high on their current list of needs.

Daily News Update – January 31, 2020

We made it through the first month of the year!

DATELINE:  As noted yesterday, WWE fired both Michelle Wilson and George Barrios yesterday, ahead of what sounds like a disaster of an earnings report.  Stock had plummetted to $48 as this is being written.  Maybe they spent too much time hanging out in catering?

DATELINE:  MVP has officially retired again following RAW.  I don’t want to be that way about it, but no one cares.

DATELINE:  Ronda Rousey is officially not going to be at Wrestlemania.

Daily News Update – January 30, 2020

Good morning, and unfortunately my PVR destroyed Dynamite last night so I was unable to watch past the first 3 minutes when I got home.  I’ll have to check out the online replay on TSN later today.  For the moment, please enjoy the NXT and Dynamite reviews from Tommy Hall, and just pretend he really loved Dynamite and rated everything **** or higher if you miss my review.

DATELINE:  Pro Wrestling NOAH has been bought by the parent company of DDT.  I’m assuming this is some good news for a company that hasn’t been doing great lately.

DATELINE:  Matt Riddle is still talking shit about Brock Lesnar.  That just doesn’t feel like a great career move to me.  Plus I’m pretty sure Brock would stomp on his bare feet.

DATELINE:  John Cena seems to be replacing the Rock in Fast & the Furious 9.  He’ll be ideal for running from the cops, because, you know…

…you can’t see him.  That’s where I was going there.

Anyway, here’s a Top 10 Edge Moments list from WWE.  Have a great day.


Daily News Update – January 29, 2020

Well, here I am in the 21st century now, as I bought my wife a Series 3 Apple Watch for an early Valentine’s Day present, and ended up with her Series 1 watch in exchange.  It’s pretty awesome, actually.  And to think I was such a hardcore Android guy just a few years back.

DATELINE:  Samoa Joe suffers a concussion at Monday Night RAW.  That poor bastard just cannot catch a break, injury-wise.

DATELINE:  RAW was down 12% from last year’s Rumble show ratings.  Again, really, it means nothing.

DATELINE:  The Performance Center took in three new recruits from India.  Trained by the Great Khali.  That doesn’t sound encouraging.

And since I probably won’t get a chance to review it, here’s yesterday’s AEW Dark, which, in case you haven’t heard, was ON A BOAT.

Daily News Update – January 28, 2020

Oh, we’ve got some stuff going on this morning!

DATELINE;  Andrade has been suspended for 30 days due to a Wellness violation.  What the heck is with all the failures all of a sudden after years of radio silence?

DATELINE:  The original winners of the Rumbles were actually supposed to be Roman Reigns and Shayna Baszler, like everyone in the world predicted, but Vince switched things up shortly before the show.

DATELINE:  AJ Styles is out with a shoulder injury and he might be gone for a while.

And finally, WWE has released a better camera angle of the Edge return, so here you go…


Daily News Update – January 27, 2020

That Rumble match is proving pretty divisive!  However, we as a people can still all come together and agree that we’re tired of Charlotte at the very least.

DATELINE:  Vic Joseph got bounced as lead RAW announcer before the show and will be replaced by Tom Phillips.  I honestly can’t tell the difference between them anyway.

DATELINE:  Edge has signed a new 3-year deal and will be working with Orton at Wrestlemania, according to Observer radio this morning.

DATELINE:  The Briscoe Brothers have signed a new deal with ROH.  Was anyone else gonna put them on national TV anyway?  Doubt it, so good for them.

Today’s free match is from New Japan, as Goto takes on Jeff Cobb from the G1 San Fran special last year…

Strong Style Saturday Thread – January 25, 2020

The weekend of wrestling BEGINS.  Well, last night, but wrestling on the WWE Network begins tonight.

Tonight is Worlds Collide on the WWE Network, which is baffingly taking place in the US instead of the UK, where people would actually know everyone.  Apparently tickets aren’t selling for the show, surprise surprise, but it should be a neverending lineup of **** matches, or as we call it on Wednesdays, AEW.

DATELINE:  The NWA announced the return of the Crockett Cup in April, which will be their next PPV.  I’m all over that one.

DATELINE:  Daniel Bryan is making eco-friendly t-shirts.  This is what you call a “slow news day item”.

Today’s free match on WWE’s YouTube channel is the 2018 Women’s Rumble match!

Daily News Update – January 23, 2020

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives with no more wrestling on boats.  Until next year.  Try to cope.

DATELINE:  Keith Lee won the North American title from Roderick Strong on NXT last night, thus breaking up the Undisputed Era’s stranglehold on the titles.

DATELINE:  Hangman Page and Kenny Omega won the tag team titles from SCU.  Which, in case you haven’t heard, happened ON A BOAT.

And tomorrow night sees HARD TIMES for the NWA, only $20 on Fite.TV.

Daily News Update – January 22, 2020

Not much in the way of news updates on the Observer site because everyone’s ON A BOAT for a few days.

DATELINE:  Tonight is of course AEW from the Jericho Cruise, featuring Moxley v. Pac for the #1 contendership and SCU defending the tag titles against Kenny Omega and Page.  Although I have not read the above link, there’s spoilers for the show tonight, so BUYER BEWARE.

DATELINE:  Marty Scurll will appear on Friday’s Hard Times PPV as the ROH and NWA relationship seems to be getting more serious.  Can a promise ring be far behind?

Daily News Update – January 21, 2020

Well thankfully Monday is over.

DATELINE:  Chris Jericho announces another cruise in 2021.  Let’s face it, he’ll probably still be LE CHAMPION when it rolls around.

DATELINE:  Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy are the new RAW tag team champions after last night.  I don’t even remember who the champions before them were.  Apparently Royal Rumble is this weekend as well.  Hell of a buildup this year.

And here’s James Ellsworth challenging Nick Aldis for the NWA World title last year.  No, really.

Daily News Update – January 20, 2020

Hey, the only NFL team I give a crap about, the 49ers, have managed to make it back to the Super Bowl again!  Movin’ the chains!

DATELINE:  If you didn’t see it, Conor McGregor knocked Cowboy Cerrone into the middle of next week in just 40 seconds on Saturday night and it was pretty awesome.  Apparently Conor can still fight after all the millions.

DATELINE:  The Impact Women’s title changed hands at their tapings in Mexico this weekend.  Sorry, that might have been a spoiler for Tommy, who is the last person still watching the show in North America.

And finally, AEW added a supplementary episode of Dark to YouTube on Saturday, featuring the Gunn Club against Shawn Spears and the Librarian.  Not to be confused with the match from the week BEFORE that was cut out of Dark, which did not feature the Librarian but did feature the Gunn Club and Shawn Spears.

Daily News Update – January 17, 2020


DATELINE:  The NWA announced that Marty Scurll will be appearing at the January 26 tapings.

DATELINE:  Impact will be reviving the TNA brand for “one night only” at WrestleCon.   Is there really nostalgia for it?

DATELINE:  Taz signs a multi-year deal to do announcing for AEW.  Apparently they couldn’t get the rights to the second “z” for him, though.

Daily News Update – January 16, 2020

All kinds of stuff coming out of the Wednesday Wars last night!

DATELINE:  Kacy Catanzaro returned in the women’s battle royale on NXT.  However, it was Bianca Belair who won to set up the title match for the next Takeover.

DATELINE:   The new AEW TV show will indeed be Dark moving to TNT and getting better production.  Expect WWE to immediately move 205 Live to whatever night they pick while HHH declares that it was their plan all along to have it there.

DATELINE;  The Jericho Booze Cruise show next week features Hangman & Kenny challenging for the tag titles, plus PAC v. Moxley in a #1 contender match, as they load up the show.  Also, THEY’RE ON A BOAT.

And in honor of Rocky Johnson’s passing, WWE posted a clip from Championship Wrestling, where we see a young Dwayne in the audience watching this dad wrestle.  RIP to the original Rock.

Daily News Update – January 15, 2020

Happy hump-day, with a low of -39C here in Saskatoon.  I had to do Powerrr last night because hearing “Into the Fire” made me think of warmer places and how I’d rather be there.  Mmmm, fire.

DATELINE:  Elias signed a five-year deal to stay in WWE.  Really, where else was he gonna go?

DATELINE:  Nick Aldis will face Flip Gordon in the main event of NWA’s Hard Times PPV.  Plus the NWA TV title tournament.

I haven’t watched AEW Dark yet, but here it is in case you want to…

Daily News Update – January 14 2020

Good morning!  The news is shockingly thin going into Royal Rumble, but I’ll soldier on for you.

DATELINE:  MJF is now done with MLW and will be apparently exclusive to AEW.

DATELINE:  Conor McGregor is claiming that he’s making $80 million to fight Donald Cerrone.  Guys, I think he might be fibbing a little.

And here’s Being the Elite for this week, so you can catch up on all the AEW backstory.

Daily News Update – January 13 2020

Hey, it’s -30 degrees Celsius here in Saskatoon this morning and probably all this week.  How’s YOUR day going so far?

DATELINE:  Tessa Blanchard won the Impact World title at whatever their PPV was yesterday.  I’m sure that was a popular decision backstage.

DATELINE;  Kazuo Sakurada, better known as Kendo Nagasaki, passed away this weekend.

DATELINE:  Brian Cage has reportedly jumped from Impact to AEW.  Although his wife is denying it on Twitter.  Maybe he’ll start a mysterious group of evil heels.

This morning, enjoy Jeff Hardy v. Edge from Royal Rumble 2009!