Daily News Update – 06.01.21

Man, almost halfway through this slightly less shitty year already?


Report:  Logan Paul open to working with WWE again


Peyton Royce comments on “strange” match with Asuka


Sting comments on “unity” in AEW locker room


Daily News Update – 05.31.21

Quite the show last night.

Two Debuts At Double Or Nothing



Double Or Nothing Title Change


Update On Keith Lee’s WWE Absence


Kurt Angle Teases Coming Out Of Retirement


Daily News Update – 05.29.21

The weekend is here!

WWE Negotiating With New Japan


AEW Broadcaster Caught Using Racial Stereotype During Dynamite On Hot Mic


Shaquille O’Neal Says He Is Wrestling Again This Year


Daily News Update – 05.28.21

Went with the family to see Cruella last night.  It was really good!  Soundtrack must have cost Disney a fortune to license but I’m pretty sure they’re good for it.

And yes, I watched the Friends reunion special.  Felt like two hours was a bit much in terms of padding and some of the guest star choices were bizarre to say the least, but it sure made me smile.


Creative Plans For Eva Marie


Video: John Cena Parodied On The Late Show


WWE Wanting To Push More International Stars


Daily News Update – 05.27.21

I had a proud moment as a parent last night, as I was watching the episode of Rick & Morty on Adult Swim with the parasites and Mr. Poopybutthole and my daughter joined me and then said “I can see why you love this show so much!” and I could feel a little tear of joy in my eye.

Also I was having some Dynamite withdrawal symptoms last night, but I pulled through.  I mean, I could have watched NXT on the Network and reviewed that instead, but I actually want people to visit the blog and read the articles, so I passed.  Ha, I kid.  But not really.

Update On Edge’s WWE Status


Jim Ross Names Randy Orton As Best In The World, AEW Wrestlers Weigh In



Daily News Update – 05.26.21

It’s Wednesday! You know what that….oh wait, it doesn’t mean that for a couple of weeks.

Money In The Bank Nearly Sold Out


Stadium Stampede To Be Partially Live


WWE Fires A Bunch Of Executives


Daily News Update – 05.25.21

Hope everyone is recovered from Victoria Day! No NXT in Canada tonight, no Dynamite on Wednesday…it’s gonna be a slow week!

Edge and Sasha Banks’ Returns Confirmed


More NXT Callups Coming


Shimmer Releases Bayley’s Resume From 2011


Daily News Update – 05.23.21

The MODOK series is actually on Disney Plus in Canada, which is awesome.  The first episode was pretty funny, kind of like MCU crossed with Robot Chicken, so I’m glad to have something to fill the void before Loki starts.

Also, I got a pretty huge bonus on my last Tony Khan cheque thanks to the TBS deal, so I bought a new(er) computer to replace my tank of a laptop, which was an ancient HP Elitebook that I think literally weighed 15 pounds and had an exhaust fan that sounded like a jet engine most of the time.  So now I have one of those Lenovo Thinkpads that weighs less than 2 pounds and runs silent and has actual connections from the 21st century!  Did you know that there’s a new UNIVERSAL serial bus now?  Mind blown.


WWE Returning To Live Touring In July


Aleister Black Returns On Smackdown


Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre Likely For Hell In A Cell



Daily News Update – 05.22.21

Here’s a shock:  The WWE Network continues to give me trouble.  I was suddenly kicked out last night and couldn’t sign back in, even though I have an active subscription through my cable provider, so I had nothing to rant on last night. I sent in a ticket with Sasktel because for $15 a month I feel like they better figure this shit out.

Also, here’s a story about “Marky” Mark Kinghorn and his recovery from the ICU in Edmonton after contracting Covid and nearly dying:  https://edmontonjournal.com/news/edmonton-pro-wrestler-in-icu-with-covid-19?fbclid=IwAR2n-q9m_Wr2xu1S2194E6NUO7mrA6tqDH82Ebqk3eHDKUj7yOXNFdzGsZE

Impact in talks with Chelsea Green


Big Cass wants to wrestle Kenny Omega


Daily News Update – 05.21.21

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is enjoying a hearty snowfall in May! Oh. That’s apparently just Canada. Never mind.

IWGP World Heavyweight Title Vacated


Velveteen Dream Released


Two Title Changes In Two Different Companies



Davey Richards Coming Out Of Retirement, Joining MLW


Daily News Update – 05.20.21

Breaking news this morning: Will Ospreay vacates IWGP title due to injury, and considering he worked five star matches with broken bones you KNOW he must be messed up.

Several NXT Names Released


Four New Title Matches Set For Double Or Nothing



AEW Goes Back And Forth With Wendy’s Twitter


Daily News Update – 05.18.21

Good morning, thoughts and prayers to my friend “Marky Mark” Kinghorn, an indie wrestler from Edmonton who got COVID last week and is currently in an Alberta hospital in a medical coma for three days with double pneumonia in his lungs. Get well and beat this, my man.


Kenny Omega vs. Moose Set For Impact Wrestling Against All Odds


Wrestling World Reacts To New Jack’s Passing



Daily News Update – 05.16.21

It’s Sunday!  I’m taking my daughter to see some movie called Demon Slayer later today because she’s into anime and is losing her mind wanting to see it.  And yet I tell her about how awesome Robotech and Battle of the Planets were and she still doesn’t think I’m cool.  Sigh.

Watch: Pat McAfee’s Vince McMahon Impression


Aleister Black Segment Cut From Smackdown


Daily News Update – 05.15.21

Hey yo.

Title Change At Smackdown


Bea Priestley Likely Coming To NXT UK


Sonya Deville’s Stalker Not Mentally Competent To Stand Trial


Daily News Update – 05.13.21

Good morning!

AEW Dynamite Match Ending Changed Due To Injury


Title Change Takes Place On Dynamite


Several Matches Added To AEW Double Or Nothing