Daily News Update – January 7, 2021

Hopefully the election nonsense will be done with by the time this goes live.

NXT Running Another Tournament


Watch: Impact Wrestling Champions On Dynamite


Roddy Piper Biopic Coming



Speaking of Herb Abrams…

Daily News Update – January 6, 2021

Once again, a reminder to vote in the DOOMIES. CNN is already projecting that Dino Bravo is losing the race for Worst Of All Time to Joey Marella!

Watch: Jay White Has Incredible Breakdown, Says He’s Done


Why Raw Legends Ended In Such A Strange Way


Why Marty Scurll Is More Likely For WWE Than AEW


Daily News Update – January 5, 2021

Hope everyone enjoyed Wrestle Kingdom!


Watch: Jon Moxley Appears On Wrestle Kingdom


Goldberg vs. Drew McIntyre Likely For Royal Rumble


Marty Scurll Done With Ring Of Honor


Daily News Update – January 3, 2021

OH BABY, we got a new batch of magazine headers in the mail today!

Also, 2020 broke my microwave last night, just like the back-fighting slime that it is.

Smackdown drops below 2 million viewers again


Hmm, maybe it WAS the football and not Roman Reigns.

Ashley Vox to debut on AEW Dark against Thunder Rosa


Yes, the NWA raid continues, although with Leyla Hirsch there it’s not surprising Vox would show up as well.

Wrestling Challenge’s first 13 episodes coming to the WWE Network this month


About time we got some stuff from that era on there!  Honestly I don’t know why they don’t backfill with more All-Star Wrestling to cover the Hulkamania era’s early days as well.



Daily News Update – January 2, 2021

First day of the new year and no new pandemics.  I call that a win.

I was going to do my annual rundown of the top 20 posts of the year on the blog, but unfortunately Google changed their analytics system in August so I only have results from then onwards.  Really I don’t want to dwell on 2020 much more anyways.

Mick Foley reveals positive Covid test


Sonya Deville returns to WWE TV on Smackdown


GCW announces 24 hour wrestling marathon



Daily News Update – January 1, 2021


Trish Stratus talking to WWE about being a producer


Smackdown draws best ratings since debut on FOX


Final card for New Japan Wrestle Kingdom set


Daily News Update – December 31, 2020

Time to HIT THE BRICKS, 2020.

For as horrible as this year has been for me personally and the human race in general, last night’s AEW show was a wonderful catharsis for a fan base that needed one. I actually was debating not recapping it while I was in the first match because it was such a weird energy and I didn’t know if I could deal with it. But I took my annoying dog for a walk to clear my head and came back and I was glad I did. It really was the best TV show of the year. Everyone have a Happy New Year, and hug your loved ones, and let’s hope 2021 makes the hot tag and pins 2020.

Video: The Brodie Lee Tribute Video


Erick Redbeard (Rowan) Makes Surprise Cameo On Dynamite


Full NXT 2020 Year End Award Winners


Daily News Update – December 30, 2020

It’s Wednesday. You know what that means. Means tonight is gonna be a tough watch.

Watch: Four Year Old Does Steve Austin’s Entrance


Video: Wrestlers Use Chairs To Help Fight Coronavirus


WWE Planning Bigger Jon Huber Tribute


Daily News Update – December 29, 2020

Two days left in this wretched year.

WWE Title Match Set For Legends Raw


Miz Is Mr. Money In The Bank. Again.


AEW Announces Special Brodie Lee Tribute Episode Of Dynamite


Watch: Top 5 Raw Moments Of 2020


Daily News Update – December 28, 2020

Watched Soul this weekend. Pixar, you get me every damn time.

WWE Lists Top 25 Matches Of 2020


CM Punk Helping Brodie Lee’s Family (And You Can Help Too)


Video: Randy Orton And His Family Sing Bohemian Rhapsody


Daily News Update – December 27, 2020

RIP Brodie Lee.  Just a few days ago it seems like we were talking about what a great ready-made feud they’d have by bringing him back from wherever he was to be all pissed off about what the Dark Order was turning into while he was gone.  And now he’s gone for good at 41.  Absolutely gutted me last night, and it’s a good thing I had already written my review of the Luger deal earlier in the day because I would have been in no mood at that point.  I think Brodie’s reveal as the Exalted One was one of the biggest moments in AEW’s short history to date, and the first huge broadside against WWE that showed they could compete and make something of someone that had been cast off.  His last run was great stuff and I was already missing having him on TV every week, and now even more so.

Man, 2020.  Enough already.  Stop the damn match, we’ve got families.

Watch: Kane Reads Twas The Night Before Christmas


Roman Reigns Delivers Presents To Children’s Hospital



Daily News Update – December 26, 2020

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. We’re almost done with this year, thankfully. I got Rick and Morty season 4 and Miles Morales for PS4 so that’s a win for me.

Big E. Wins Intercontinental Title


First Name Set For Royal Rumble


The Merry Christmas News Update – December 25, 2020

Good morning, and a Merry Christmas to you all.

I don’t think there’s really much in the way of news this morning, but I just want to thank everyone sincerely for continuing to support the blog through these horrible times and this horrible year.  To say that 2020 has had some ups and downs for me would be an understatement.  From a business perspective things went into the toilet for the website when the virus hit in March, but around Summerslam we rebounded strongly and for the year overall I’m actually above where I was at the same time last year, which is a huge relief.  Patreon and the Fite.TV partnership really helped to keep me afloat for a while there, so a big thank you to anyone who contributed in any small way.  I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m going through a really hard time right now on a personal level, and doing my silly recaps of wrestling shows is one of the things that has really kept me sane while being mostly locked down and trapped in the house and not able to go to movies or concerts or any of the other activities that would usually recharge my batteries.  It’s a different world now.  I don’t know if I’m really ever going to want to eat out at restaurants again instead of ordering in, to be honest.  This year has been one non-stop awful ball of stress and anxiety for me, and for many other people in my life and social circles, and although people have written to me thanking me for continuing to produce content and entertainment, I am also thankful to have a fanbase still sticking with me after all these years when my contemporaries are literally dropping dead.  This year is so messed up, man.  I want 2021 to storm in like Ultimate Warrior and destroy 2020 like it’s Honky Tonk Man.

Anyway, have a very Merry Christmas and be kind to each other, and I will do my best to continue entertaining you as much as I can.

Daily News Update – December 24, 2020

‘‘Twas the night before Xmas and Santa was having a last minute COVID test…”

Full 2020 Slammy Award Winners


Daniel Bryan Moving Away From Full Time In-Ring Career


MVP Wins Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championship


Daily News Update – December 23, 2020

I’m doing this one early again, so we’ll hit up Cultaholic for the news because they’re cool guys and I love screwing over WhatCulture wherever I can.  I’m kidding.  Mostly.

The Young Bucks turned down “several offers” from WWE


Women’s tag title match added to Smackdown on Christmas Day


Magnum TA comments on Tessa’s departure from Impact





Daily News Update – December 22, 2020

Three days until Xmas!

WWE Considering Lucha Libre Series (Basically NXT Mexico)


Shelton Benjamin Paid Tribute To Shad Gaspard At TLC


Multiple Title Matches Set For Smackdown


Daily News Update – December 20, 2020

So I spent most of my Saturday finally beating Arkham Knight for the first time, after figuring out that the proper strategy was to dump all the upgrade points into the stupid Batmobile and worry about pumping up the combat and gadgets later if needed.  And man was that ending a letdown, mostly because for all the tank battling you have to go through to get there, to be told that “Oh yeah go grind out another bunch of side quests to see the REAL ending!” is kind of a kick in the nuts.  I’m gonna be BOLD and say it’s my least favorite of the series, with Asylum still the one I replay the most, followed closely by City and then the underrated Origins (which I’ve beaten a few times and will probably beat again) and then this one, which I just can’t see myself going through to fully finish like I do with Arkham City.  The story’s just not there (with a couple of notable “screw you” fakeouts and unreliable narrator shit dragging it down for me) and the tank stuff is SUCH a drag.

NXT Getting Its Own Developmental Show


Madusa Wins PWI Lifetime Achievement Award


Why WWE Isn’t Pushing Lars Sullivan On Smackdown


Daily News Update – December 19, 2020

Thank god I have the weekend off.  It takes two days to clear the stupid tank stealth segments in Arkham Knight.

Report:  The Lucha Bros signed new deals with AEW over the summer


TLC 2020 card finalized


More on why Keith Lee was sent down to the PC