Daily News Update – August 9, 2020

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.  I went to play Hitman 2 last night and sure enough, as soon as I popped it into my XBox, it’s like “Oh hey, I’d love to let you play this game, but first we have to install 20 GB onto the hard drive and then download another 50 GB of add-ons.  But come back tomorrow morning and see us then.”

Time to catch up on some headlines!

VIDEO: Tyson Kidd Training In The Ring Again


VIDEO: Bianca Belair Invades Zelina Vega’s Home During Interview


Former NXT Wrestler Making AEW Debut


Vince McMahon High On Three Women


Triple Brand Battle Royal Set For Next Week’s Smackdown


MVP Signs Long Term WWE Deal



Daily News Update – August 8, 2020


Well that was quite the night of hockey last night.

If anyone actually sees the AEW figures at their local Walmart, please hit me up because they’re not coming here until October and I REALLY want them before they disappear into collector purgatory.

Kevin Reilly, the guy who greenlit AEW Dynamite, is out at WarnerMedia.  


You wouldn’t THINK this would affect anything for the show, but the TV business is weird so you never know.

WWE to begin doing RAW and Smackdown live from Orlando every week again


You know, after they just had their most profitable quarter in HISTORY because of doing taped shows from the PC.  But Vince still has that “live shows mean ratings” mentality, even though it’s been disproven over and over for decades, so it is what it is.


Daily News Update – August 7, 2020

Welcome to the end of another work week!
WWE Confirms Takeover: XXX Grudge Match
Daniel Bryan Challenges The Rock, Rock Responds
VIDEO: What Happened After Dynamite Ended
Heat On Sammy Guevara Over Chair Spot

Daily News Update – August 6, 2020

Happy birthday to my one and only child, who is 10 years old today, going on 25.

Girls get easier to deal with once they’re teenagers, right?


NXT May Have Its Next Big Thing


Dexter Lumis Out Of Takeover, Replacement(s) To Be Named


Women’s Title Match Set For Takeover: XXX



Geez, Tommy, what’s with all the NXT content in the headlines?  Here’s an AEW video for some fair and balanced coverage here on the blog.

Daily News Update – August 4, 2020

As if RAW wasn’t far enough underground already.

VIDEO: Shane McMahon Presents Raw Underground


All Out Main Event Confirmed


Dynamites Preempted Due To NBA, Going Up Against Takeover


Daily News Update – August 3, 2020

Happy Regional Stat Holiday to those in Canada!

Another Former NXT Star Heading To AEW


WWE Confirms Champion Returning To Raw


The Bella Army Continues To Grow


Daily News Update – August 1, 2020

Wow, the NHL “playoffs” actually begin today.  In AUGUST.

AEW Officially Signs Eddie Kingston


Matt Cardona On Short Term AEW Deal


Update On Furloughed WWE Employees



Daily News Update – July 31, 2020

And so we’ve come to the end of another month as this year drags on.

DATELINE:  WWE makes all the money in Q2; Still can’t afford to keep Good Brothers


DATELINE:  Both Wednesday shows combine to beat RAW’s third hour



Thursday Morning Discussion Thread

Here you go, to prevent the natives from being restless.




Zack Ryder And Cameron Make AEW Debuts
Rusev Says He Is Done With Wrestling
AEW Running Special Event On August 12

Daily News Update – July 28, 2020

Well, we made it through Monday.  So that’s a start.

Summerslam Main Event Officially Set


Kairi Sane Confirms WWE Departure


Summerslam May Go Outside This Year


Vince McMahon Didn’t Know EC3 Had Worked For WWE



That EC3 story is pretty mind-blowing.

Daily News Update – July 27, 2020

Oh man, it turns out that L IS REAL 2401 was actually TRUE.  Leaks from Nintendo revealed that in fact Luigi was in Super Mario 64 all along.  2020 continues to amaze.

The big news for this morning…

DDT and Noah to merge into one promotion, called “CyberFight”



Monday Night Raw Title Match Changed


Trailer For Kevin Smith’s New Movie Featuring Chris Jericho


Why Vince McMahon Dropped Wrestlers’ Last Names




Daily News Update – July 26, 2020

Last day of vacation for me.  Sigh.

WWE Lists Top Ten Matches Of 2020 (So Far)


Who Is Next For Cody’s Open Challenge


Summerslam Officially Out Of Boston


VIDEO: Adam Cole Erupts, Storms Out Of Interview


WWE Almost Had Another Live Sex Celebration


Darby Allin Possibly Suffers Concussion



Daily News Update – July 25, 2020

Smackdown sounds like it was really awful.  And it’s going to die a horrible death against baseball.  They might set a new record low with this one.

NXT did quite well and held its own with Dynamite this week, as far as pageviews here on the blog go.  So if I can pull it off again next week, we’ll do that again.

Well, my vacation is coming to a close this weekend.  It’s been fun.  Probably won’t have a chance to review a bunch of PPVs and Clashes like I did for the past couple of weeks, so hopefully y’all enjoyed the trip back to 1989.

I finally did watch the SuperFriends Volume 1 DVD set I got for Father’s Day, and it was horribly disappointing.  Since it was the Wendy & Marvin era, it was only the Big Three and their fish-loving friend on the team, and it was really boring storylines and not the batshit crazy stuff that came later on.  I might have to turn back to Spider-Woman on Disney Plus for my stupid 80s superhero fix.

Big Wrestlemania XXXVII Grudge Match Planned


Edge And Daniel Bryan Now On Creative


Kofi Kingston To Miss Some Time


Daily News Update – July 24, 2020

I actually wrote a review of the March 83 MSG show last night but then I had some time and did NXT too. So look for the former one tomorrow.

I had a day trip at the beach yesterday and finally read Al Snow’s book! Fun read. Recommended.

WWE Possibly Bringing Back The Nation Of Domination


Keith Lee Vacates North American Title


WATCH: The Return Of The Spanish God


Daily News Update – July 23, 2020

Update:  It’s still goddamn hot today.  Hopefully it doesn’t short out my A/C again like yesterday.  #ThanksObama


Vince McMahon’s New Plan For WWE TV


Issues Between Rey Mysterio And WWE In Contract Negotiations


Another Ex-WWE Star Coming To Impact Wrestling



Daily News Update – July 22, 2020

Good morning!  To close out the headphone saga that I talked about a couple of days ago, I pre-emptively filed a claim with PayPal and the scam company immediately refunded me my $20.  If I wanted to get cheap knockoff product, I can do that from much more reputable sources.

Oh man, I’ve been going down the Mr. Show rabbit hole on Crave here on vacation and I completely forgot how insanely tight season 3 is.  They were just hitting it out of the park segment after segment.  The East-West Ventriloquist wars episode is a monster.  Also the killer roller coaster where no one can figure out why hundreds of people are dead.

Vince McMahon Changed Extreme Rules Ending


Two Extreme Rules Title Rematches Set For Next Week


TNA Wrestling May Be Returning Full Time