The Total Nonstop Saturday Night Thread (7/24/21)

Got a date with the wife tonight, so like her, this one is short but sweet.

In the news….

Britt Baker hurts her wrist carrying the entire women’s division

Booker T is all about that D Bry, sucka. Um, word up. Player?

Canyon Ceman, nine time winner of Funniest Backstage Name Award, released when it’s no longer funny

HHH takes a hard look at WWE’s woes. Hard. Rock hard. Sledgehammer hard. (grunt)


Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 24th July 2021

It’s the weekend!

I’ve actually not watched any of the Olympics yet, which is the first time since probably 1996 that I haven’t at least watched some of it. I’m not sure why, but I’m just not feeling it this time for whatever reason. I might try and take some of it in over the weekend, we’ll see.

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Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 23rd July 2021

S’up Bros and Brosettes!

We have finally reached Friday after a long warm week. Of course the rain is due to fall again here in England at the weekend, after it’s been sunny all week and I’ve been stuck inside working. We call that “Sods Law” over here in the UK. Yes, misery and disappointment are such an entrenched part of our lives that we have gone to the trouble of creating specific terms just to describe it.

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Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 22nd July 2021

Holy Fudge Balls, it’s still warm as heck here in Merry Ol’ Blighty!

Dynamite was a fun show last night, with a hot crowd helping make up for some of the weaker in-ring matches and the show in general just breezing by. It’s just darn nice to have a wrestling show to watch every week that reminds me of why I actually like wrestling to begin with.

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The S.T.F’n Wednesday Night Thread (7/21/21)


Are you tired of WWE trying to endlessly milk your nostalgia for every penny to distract you from the fact that their current product is hit or miss at best?!

Do you like headline stories with NO relevant information?!

Then welcome to the Blog Of Doom. I’m PMH, one letter stands for Paul, the others don’t. CM Punk may be headed to AEW, and tonight, Dynamite has night 2 of the Fyter Fest! Britt Baker and The Mox will defend their titles, and Chris Jericho will get hit with a chair numerous times! (Don’t tell Mick Foley)

I think I accidentally stole my “get to it” line from Tommy Hall. Doomers, I need a new go-home line… winner gets an authentic near mint Marvel No Prize.


Blog of DOOM Daily News Thread – 21st July 2021

Good day to you all!

I decided to go back and play Dynasty Warriors 4 last night after the movie put me in the mood for some Hack ‘N’ Slash excitement, and I actually spent most of it getting clobbered because I had it on a higher difficulty level than usual without realising and it had been a while since I played it so I was pretty rusty. I still had fun with it though. Xiahou Dun and his Kirin Blade don’t take no prisoners yo!

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The Slammin’ Tuesday Night Thread (7/20/21)

Tonight, watch the show whose champion lost on Raw last night in two minutes.

If they don’t care about the show, why should we? Sorry, I’m extra cynical about last night. Not even Nikki cashing in can cheer me up. Sigh.

AEW Dark has various people in various matches, all of which take place in something SQUARE, but called a RING. huh.

In the news…. two billionaires battle to go to space like we’re living in a Ducktales episode. Meanwhile starving children in Africa, who could use that money, also don’t know what DuckTales is.

Ok, Paul, calm down…. let’s check some wrestling news.

Mick Foley speaks out against chairshots?! What even is this world?!

I’m gonna go lay down. Get to it.

Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 20th July 2021

Blimey it’s another scorcher here in the UK today. Getting health warnings and everything. I’ll be spending most of it stuck inside working, but I’ll try and nip out in the evening for a lovely stroll.

Raw was last night and quite a lot seemed to happen, so they are clearly trying to load up the shows now that they’ve got fans back. I might give Smackdown a look on Friday night, but 3 hours is just too much Raw for me thank you. I might YouTube a segment or two, but that’ll do for me.

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Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 19th July 2021

Howdy Gang!

I had Money in the Bank on in the background this morning and it seemed like a decent show. That’s two for two when it comes to WWE having shows in front of crowds and me enjoying it. I don’t think I’m willing to brave a 3 hour Raw though.

I actually watched the Dynasty Warriors movie on Netflix last night and I didn’t hate it. They did a reasonable job of recreating the madness of the games into a movie setting, with big Musou moves and bodies flying aplenty. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms series obviously has an absolute cluck-tonne of characters and there are only so many you can include in a 2 hour movie without it getting ridiculous.

As a result, they mostly focused on the main Shu guys and Cao Cao, with Wu pretty much taking a backseat in a “Yeah, Sun Jian and his family also exist” role. I’ll be interested to see if they try making another one and whether Wu will feature more in that one. You’d think the Battle of Chibi would make a good set piece for a movie due to all the stuff with the fire boats and Zhuge Liang trying to summon up the wind, so that could be something to build the sequel around.

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Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 18th July 2021

Happy Money in the Bank Day!

I’m probably not going to stay up to watch the show as I’ve got work first thing tomorrow, but I might have it on in the background at some stage if it gets some good reviews. I haven’t had chance to watch the Impact Slammiversary show, but feel free to share thoughts in the comments if you did.

It’s sweltering today here in the UK, and it was the same yesterday. Make sure you slap on the sun cream if you’re UK based and heading out for the day.

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The Straight Fire Saturday Night Thread (7/17/21)

Guess who’s coming around again? Hint: she married an Architect.

TONIGHT, it’s Impact TNA Global Force Panda Energy Slammiversary! Featuring AEW!

Well, one guy from AEW.

SUNDAY, it’s Dinero En El Banko! Who will job to Goldberg at the Summerfest?!

SmackDown’s rating was way up. No joke.

Big weekend for wrestling fans everywhere! WWE Universe rejoice; no more creepy ass Thunderdome, unless too many people boo Roman and the noise machine breaks. There is a downside, though; Lesnar and Cena are on their way back, and if they can still go, ok, prove it. But, Goldberg in 2021? I was a big fan of his in the ’90s, but dude is over 50, sloppy and dangerous. Build new stars, we’ve been telling WWE for decades, but they don’t care. I just don’t get this reliance on part timers, but I can’t change it either, so meh. AEW’S BETTER ANYWAY! Fight me!

On that note, to all the trolls: Scott Keith’s gonna Scott Keith. He has been a published author since before some of you were born, and his style remains the same (mostly). It’s his blog, so if you don’t like it, move along. People come here to chat and hang out, not be insulted or bullied. Be a star, shitheads.

Now get to it!

Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 17th July 2021

I had to take a break from the record covers today because just look at how magnificent this is!

I decided to stay up last night to watch Smackdown, and it was a breezy enough watch. I was happy to see people like Bianca and Big E so over with the crowd, and the pop for Edge was bone shaking stuff. I don’t think he’s got a hope in heck of actually winning the Title like, but based off last night the match should hopefully have some good heat from the crowd.

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Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 16th July 2021

Another Friday is upon us!

We’ve actually had some nice weather here in the UK this week so I’m potentially planning a nice socially distanced walk with a buddy I haven’t seen in a while to make good use of the sun this Saturday. They’re supposed to be lifting restrictions here in the UK on Monday, but the current figures aren’t looking too hot so we’ll see how long that lasts before they lock us down again. Seriously, I envy you American’s in having a President who at least seems to have some semblance of a grip on this thing. Our bungling flop headed doofus couldn’t organise flatulence after a spicy burrito, and yet he’ll still probably win the next election by a landslide because Keir Starmer is about as appealing as dry oatmeal in a sweaty gym sock.

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Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 15th July 2021

So how about that Dynamite last night huh?

I have to say that I really loved it, with even Matt Hardy and Christian setting the clock back and having a darn fine wrestling contest with one another. Having a hot crowd that was into the product helped immeasurably of course, as did AEW actually trying to give them segments and matches they would enjoy as opposed to trolling them for their own amusement.

I’ve no idea what’s happening with that new Rampage show over here in the UK by the way. I currently subscribe to AEW+ on FITE, because ITV Hub was pretty unreliable in regards to upload times when the show first started so I had to pony up in order to actually get the show at a reasonable time. I’ve not bothered asking if Rampage will be included in that, but maybe I should seeing as the 13/08 debut is looming on the horizon?

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The Explosive Wednesday Evening Thread (7/14/21)

TONIGHT, it’s AEW Fyter Fest Night 1, and they’re gonna party like it’s 1999: with caskets, the FTW title up for grabs, and Brood vs. New Brood! Hosted by JR, Tony… and some other guy.

ALSO TONIGHT, MLW on YouTube, and- I dunno, a game? Or something? I don’t like sportsball.

In the news…

John Cena is already back, we just can’t see him.

Stipulation added to Sami Callihan’s loss to Kenny Omega this weekend.

Mandy Rose traded to NXT; Corey Graves softly weeps.

Get to it!

Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 14th July 2021

It’s the Wednesday Daily Thread, and you know what that means!

I’ve been going back to playing Fire Pro Wrestling Returns during the evenings this week, as I can play Matchmaker Mode whilst listening to podcasts. I’ve been working my way through the 2001 Wrestling Observer shows and we’ve just reached the period after Mania X-SEVEN where listeners are calling in excited for this whole Invasion thing. I sure hope they don’t end up disappointed…

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The Wonderful Tuesday Evening Thread (7/13/21)

Rest in peace, Paul Orndorff.

TONIGHT, it’s a barnburner on NXT as Karrion Kross defends his title against Johnny Gargano…. and Samoa Joe is YOUR special referee. Plus, the Breakout tournament begins! (Insert lame Atari joke here)

ALSO TONIGHT, it’s AEW Dark, with 18 (?!?!) matches in store. Big Swole! Matt Hardy! The Acclaimed! Hobbs, but no Calvin! Dolph’s brother! Arn’s son! OTHERS!!!

In the news….

Big E says Vince wanted to break up the New Day after KofiMania (shocker)

More stuff added to Money In The Goofy Ladder Spots

So Tony Khan wanted a giant egg and a turkey for Thanksgiving? He already has Kenny and Cody.

And to comment on the Zach Gowan story from this morning, he needs to go back to WWE in January and enter the Royal Rumble. He has to win…. ’cause both his feet can’t touch the floor.


(cough cough)

Get to it!

Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 13th July 2021

Hey ya’ll!

Lot of talk about Stephen A. Smith going full Russo on that Shohei Ohtani fellow in the Daily Thread yesterday. Sadly it wasn’t Shinjiro Otani he had a go at, because at least we could have gotten him a plane ticket and he could have shown up to Bristol, CT and given Smith a Spiral Bomb through the First Take desk. Heck, give Kellerman the springboard dropkick for good measure whilst you’re at it! Catch The Rainbow baby!

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