Daily News Update – 05.09.21

Happy Mother’s Day!

WALTER says “WWE was never a goal” for him


Major creative changes occurred on post-WM RAW


Throwback Smackdown sees big viewership increase



Daily News Update – 05.08.21

Today’s new reason to fear for the intelligence of the world:  Private school teachers spreading a theory about Covid vaccinations causing “protein spike shedding” and thus forbidding students to hug their vaccinated parents for more than 5 seconds.  Do we even need to ask which state this originates from?  HINT IT’S FLORIDA.

I gotta stay off Twitter for a while.  Let’s see what’s in the news via Cultaholic this morning.

Update on WWE’s plans for Summerslam this year


Jimmy Uso returns to Smackdown


Universal and tag team title matches added to Wrestlemania Backlash: Rise of the Machines 2 Furious


Daily News Update – 05.07.21

The weekend is almost here, providing the metaphorical crash pad as life tosses us off the top of the metaphorical cage.

TNA Slammiversary set for JUST after all the no-competes expire


Renee Paquette received someone else’s makeup in HER trashbag


Dario Cueto signs long-term deal with MLW



Daily News Update – 05.04.21

TODAY IS THE DAY.  I’m getting some kind of vaccine shoved in my arm tonight and I don’t care which one because I’m READY for this shit to be done with.  I don’t know if I’ve made that clear over the past year or so.  Maybe I’ve been too subtle on my feelings about how miserable this whole deal has been for myself and everyone else around me.  Anyway, if you have the chance to get vaccinated, please do not be a selfish moron.  Stomping your feet and screaming about MUH FREEDOMS and government oppression can wait until herd immunity is achieved and we can all go to movies again in time for Black Panther 2: Wakanda Forever.

WWE Considering Working With MLW


Throwback Smackdown Next Week


Two Upcoming Dynamite Preempted By NBA Playoffs



Daily News Update – 05.01.21

Farewell, Daniel Bryan! Because we know WWE always upholds their stipulation matches.

Health Update On Road Dogg


More Backstage Changes In WWE


MVP Might Need Surgery


Daily News Update – 04.30.21

Well we’ve made it through another month.  Also I put a pop socket on my phone just like the kids do.  I’m not a fan.  I know, life in the pandemic is a thrill every minute.

Also, if there’s any WordPress gurus out there that know of an alternative to the excellent Featured Images plugin that I use, that DOESN’T charge $100 Canadian for the ability to randomize which header comes up, let me know because I’d really like to just have it pick one of the excellent Update headers randomly but I ain’t paying that kind of money to get that feature.

Video: Ted DiBiase On NXT


Why Omos/AJ Styles Have Been Missing


Former AEW Star Sadie Gibbs Retires



Daily News Update – 04.28.21

Well, my child got sent home from school yesterday with a headache, so due to Covid precautions I’ve gotta take a day off work and stay home with her today.  I’m pretty broken up about it.

Mickie James Responds To Garbage Bag Situation


MC Hammer Is A Naomi Fan




Daily News Update – 04.27.21

Hey there hi there ho there.

WWE Concussion Lawsuit Completely Done


AEW Dynamite May Need A New Night


Braun Strowman Added To WrestleMania Backlash Main Event


Daily News Update – 04.25.21

OK, it’s back to Lucha Underground for a bit.  We’ll see how badly it dies this time.  Thing is that I’m willing to sacrifice a day of revenue for Mid-Atlantic because I goddamn love reviewing it so much, but LU has no particular sentimental value to me so I can’t cut it the same slack.  As Dario Cueto would surely understand, it’s just business.

Bianca Belair vs. Bayley Set For Wrestlemania Backlash


Watch: Return Vignette From Smackdown


WWE Changes Course On Firing Over Garbage Bag Situation




Daily News Update – 04.24.21

Good morning, I picked up an HP Chromebook for cheap yesterday because I wanted to mess around with one and plus my current tank of an HP laptop is slowly nearing the end, and I just need something lightweight for writing and such.  Unfortunately the keyboard layout is NOT condusive to touch typing, or at least not until I get used to some odd design choices from Google, so I don’t think it’s useful as my daily driver quite yet.  But it’s kind of cool to have a laptop that’s dead silent and doesn’t burn my leg off if I’m running two apps at the same time.

Two Main Matches For Double Or Nothing


WWE Is Developing Its Own Anime


(Too bad “Attack on Titan” is already taken as a name!)

Charlotte Is Not Hapy With Dave Meltzer



Daily News Update – 04.23.21

Sorry, but I had to let the new anti-AEW guy go after this failed second e-mail yesterday.  I’ve sent his belongings home in a garbage bag with HIT THE BRICKS, GOOFY in green tape on it.

Mark Carrano reportedly told to HIT THE BRICKS


Ricky Starks updates us on his status after injury scary on Dynamite


Christian Cage surprised by Samoa Joe’s release


Ooooh, here’s a good list video this morning!

Daily News Update – 04.22.21

Happy Thursday! Today is the day I fall into the age range for the vaccine in Saskatchewan and I’m hitting the registration site like I’m trying for concert tickets this morning!

Daniel Bryan Thought He Might Be Dying At Wrestlemania


Natalya Got More Women On Wrestlemania


Hugo Savinovich Says Charlotte Missed Wrestlemania Over Andrade’s Release


Daily News Update – 04.21.21

It’s Wednesday. You know what that means.

Randy Orton Possibly Injured On Raw


WWE Dealing With Another Coronavirus Outbreak


Final Wrestlemania Attendance And Gate