Daily News Update – September 19, 2020

It’s the weekend and ALL MARIO ALL THE TIME, BAY-BAY.  I’m also amused that nearly my entire friends list on the Switch is playing it as well.  120 stars by Sunday or bust!

Cameron Grimes is the next geek introduced for the Gauntlet Eliminator next week


G-1 starts today, and we’ve got coverage from Rick Poehling on the way! 

The Big Ol’ Super-Duper Wiz-Bang 2020 G-1 Climax Preview!

Daily News Update – September 18, 2020

Finally the weekend is nearly upon us and I can spend it playing Mario!

Ronda Rousey Teases WWE Return


Dynamite Match Turns Into Shoot


WATCH: Eddie Kingston Takes A Shot At WWE With A Cookie


Daily News Update – September 17, 2020

Oooo, my phone updated to iOS 14 last night.  And it mostly looks the same to me.  Who says Apple isn’t innovating?

But more importantly, at midnight tonight I can finally play SUPER MARIO 3D ALL STARS!  Apparently the games are being emulated by the Switch and they’re not actually new versions.  However, this does mean that the Switch can fully emulate N64, Gamecube and Wii, which is kind of mind-blowing in itself.

Next Takeover Set


Will Hobbs Is All Elite


Wade Barrett Is With NXT Full Time




Daily News Update – September 16, 2020

Oh man is it Friday yet?

Sasha Banks In New Mandalorian Trailer


No Current Plans For Keith Lee


Aleister Black And Andrade Not Being Pushed Soon



Daily News Update – September 15, 2020

Good morning and a pleasant Tuesday to you all.

Ivar Undergoing Surgery


WrestleMania Weekend Scheduling Conflict, WWE May Need To Change Things


Women’s Tag Team Title Match Set For Clash Of Champions



Daily News Update – September 14, 2020

Monday is upon us again!

I have to retract my burial of Angie Tribeca’s fourth season a bit, because the Fargo and Scandal episodes were amazingly specific parodies that really felt like the Zucker spirit that the show was going for earlier on.  It was clearly still out of gas otherwise, but I laughed at those ones a lot.

To the news…

Bayley vs. Sasha Banks Heading For The Cell


Dynamite Airing On Wednesday This Week


Vince McMahon Praises Dominik Mysterio



Daily News Update – September 13, 2020

DAMMIT.  Mario 3D All Stars is loaded and ready on my Switch, taunting me with redone Mario Sunshine goodness, but it’s time-locked until Friday.  That’s just COLD, Nintendo.

Kurt Angle says that an AEW run is “off the table”.  


Bellator’s Scott Coker doesn’t know if Brock would want to fight or nah?


Joey Janela had five root canals done.


Hopefully Britt Baker got him a sweet deal on them.

Daily News Update – September 12, 2020

Hey, there’s the Raptors team that Canada knows and tolerates!  Good to have them back last night after teasing the country with a comeback, and now I can go back to never paying attention to basketball for another year.

Also, I’ve been bingeing through Angie Tribeca because it’s on Crave and I can finally finish off the series after seeing the first one years ago and never getting to follow up.  It’s definitely hilarious for the first three seasons, but WTF happened with season 4, where they just jettisoned the premise of the show completely and changed up the cast?  I mean, it’s still funny, but I liked that it was funny with a very specific target and then it’s all of a sudden just a bunch of movie parodies.


VIDEO: Wobbly The Walrus Makes Firefly Fun House Debut (It’s Paul Heyman As A Walrus)


New Title Match Set For Clash Of Champions


Monday Night Raw: In Your Face Has A Pretty Stacked Card





Daily News Update – September 11, 2020

Uh oh, it’s WWE Bloodletting 2:  The Re-Bloodening.

Mike Rotunda, Sarah Stock and Gerald Brisco all officially released after being furloughed in April


RIP to Puppet the Psycho Dwarf


I think I’m done with the NWA-TNA shows, speaking of which.  Interest in the last couple has been way down and it doesn’t feel like it’s worth continuing on.  It was something different and interesting for a bit, much like the shows themselves, but it’s not really my thing at this point.

John Cena to host TBS revival of Wipeout


Seems like a good fit, to be honest.

Hey also, make sure to check out Inside the Ropes Magazine, which launches NEXT WEEK and is available for subscription pre-orders right now.  I’m continuing on with the Monday Night War documentary review in an exclusive column for the magazine, starting with the D-X episode and then next month it’s the Bret Hart one.  If you enjoy watching my brain explode like in Scanners, these are the issues you’ll want to pick up and read.  There’s contributions from talent like Bill Apter and Keith Elliot Greenberg to name two, and I’m proud and excited to be taking part in this.



Daily News Update – September 10, 2020

Good morning!  My quest to play through Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 continues, as I’ve now unlocked Great Muta, Terry & Dory Funk, Steve Williams, Terry Gordy, Bruiser Brody and Abdullah the Butcher.  However, much like Wrestlemania 2000, to unlock Andre the Giant you have to win a hellish Royal Rumble match against the entire roster, and holy cow that wasn’t happening. 

Here’s Joe Gagne’s thoughts on the game from years ago…

(Also I downloaded the English translation of the game, which makes it even easier to navigate!)

Miro Makes AEW Debut (Video)


WWE Seems To Be Closing Wrestlers’ Pro Wrestling Tees Stores


Impact Wrestling’s Crazzy Steve Reveals That He Is Blind


At least he’s got a future as a referee.

Daily News Update – September 9, 2020

I’ve got a dentist appointment and all kinds of other stuff going on this morning so I’m writing this WAAAAAAAAAAY in advance on Tuesday evening to be on the safe side.  So I’m just gonna use some leftover headlines from Tommy on the weekend.  Tommy, if you want to edit in some fresh stuff, have at it (Done).

Good News For Rey Mysterio’s Recovery Time
New NXT Champion Crowned
Marty Jannetty’s Murder Shenanigans And Hijinks

Surprise Debut At All Out


Matt Hardy Injured At All Out


WWE Teases Debuting Character


And here’s some particularly hard-hitting journalism from the WWE YouTube channel this morning…


Daily News Update – September 8 2020

Well it didn’t take long for the cold to hit the Prairies.

Smackdown Champions Appear On Raw, Champion vs. Champion Match Set


Ivar Injured


Retribution’s First Promo


Heel Turn On Raw


Daily News Update – September 7, 2020

I don’t know how well All Out did on PPV, but it sure did some business on the blog, I’ll tell you what.

Hopefully everyone has a good Labour Day, except for poor Matt Hardy, who is probably sleeping on the DILAPIDATED COUCH OF SHAME when he gets home from the hospital.

Good News On Matt Hardy


Details On AEW’s Upcoming New Weekly Show


Original Plans For AOP



Daily News Update – September 6, 2020

Thanks to everyone who offered condolences for the loss of my other cat today.  2020 can just fuck right off now.

On the brighter side, Tony Hawk 1 & 2 is just tremendous and helped cheer me up immensely yesterday afternoon.


WWE Bans Wrestlers From Third Party Platforms, Wrestlers React


I gotta go with the Chris Rock meme here…

Jey Uso Is The #1 Contender To The Universal Title


WWE Releases AOP


Rey Mysterio Getting His Own Animated Series



Daily News Update – September 5, 2020

Today’s gonna be a rough day for me, as our other cat has also reached the end of his lifespan and it’s time to say goodbye.  So if I’m a little distracted for All Out tonight, that’s why.  Hopefully it’s a great show and it can take my mind off things.

Hey, if you’re planning on ordering All Out via Fite.TV because you don’t live in America and you’d like to help out the blog, make sure to hit my affiliate link because I get a bit of a kickback from your order.  Although to be fair, the blog is actually doing better the past two months than it was at the same time last year, so at least this site has fully recovered from Covid’s effects:


And if you don’t have a Fite.TV account currently and you’d like to get $10 off the price of the PPV for doing literally NOTHING, just sign up with my friend invite!  https://www.fite.tv/invite/wwkgzk1

Betting odds for the show, if you’re into that sort of thing:

Odds for All Out from BetOnline.ag:

  • Jon Moxley -250 vs. MJF +170
  • Hikaru Shida -500 vs. Thunder Rosa +300
  • Chris Jericho -120 vs. Orange Cassidy -120
  • Matt Hardy -400 vs. Sammy Guevara +250
  • Battle Royale: Darby Allin +125 vs. Lance Archer +150 vs. Eddie Kingston +500 vs. Brian Cage +700 vs. Ricky Starks +1200 vs. Jake Hager +1500 vs. Rey Fenix +1500 vs. Shawn Spears +2500 vs. Chuck Taylor, Ortiz, Santana and Trent +4000 vs. Pentagon, Blade, Butcher vs. Austin Gunn and Billy +5000
  • FTR -500 vs. Adam Page & Kenny Omega +300
  • Dark Order -600 vs. Scorpio Sky & Matt Cardona & Dustin Rhodes & QT Marshall +350
  • Young Bucks -600 vs. Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus +350
  • Britt Baker -140 vs. Big Swole +100

I guess can see Darby as a high favorite to win the battle royale, but honestly Jake Hager at +1500 is crazy low odds for someone who rarely loses and is still fairly high on the card.  Personally I’m going with Archer though.  Interesting that Jericho/Cassidy is basically a pick’em though.

And hey, here’s AEW Dark episode 50 to get you in the spirit.

Have a great day, and hug your pets.

Daily News Update – September 4, 2020

It’s TONY HAWK DAY.  Plus Avengers, although the beta didn’t convince me to drop $80 on it.  But Tony Hawk 1 & 2?  Yes please.  I need something to fill the two weeks while I’m waiting for Super Mario All Stars to drop.

WWE Could Cut Way Back On House Shows


Brock Lesnar Not Returning To UFC


Roman Reigns Has Some Interesting Options For His First Challenger




Daily News Update – September 3, 2020

Another reminder that you can win a free showing of AEW All Out this Saturday, just by liking and retweeting the following:


I’ll pick one winner at random on Friday and send out a code for Fite.TV’s presentation of the show.  Non-US residents only, sorry.

To the news!

USA Interested In NXT Moving To Tuesdays


Two More Matches Set For All Out


AJ Styles Had Coronavirus





Daily News Update – September 2, 2020

I’ll update you on how my week is going, but I need an hour to tell you about it in detail but then you’ll have to wait until next week to hear what the conclusion is, sorry.

Good News On Rey Mysterio’s Injury Status


Broken Rules Match Set For All Out


Why The IIconics Split Up



Daily News Update – September 1, 2020

And another lousy month of 2020 in the books!

Brock Lesnar’s WWE Deal Expires


Wade Barrett May Be Sticking Around WWE


Rey Mysterio Tears His Tricep


WWE Signs Five Evolve Wrestlers



Daily News Update – August 31, 2020

Hey, it’s Monday again.  Hope everyone had a good weekend.  I saw the New Mutants and it was OK, certainly better than Dark Phoenix, so that’s something.

Why Paul Heyman Was Put With Roman Reigns


Why Sonya Deville Did Not Get Her Head Shaved


How The Steiner Brothers Influenced Cesaro’s WWE Career (Not major news but kind of a cool story)