What was the original plan with the Jackal and Kurrgan?  It seemed like there was a push in the works, and then it vanished.  Jackal was good in that cult leader role…just curious.

I don't think there was ever any specific planning behind it.  They started with the Commandant leading the Truth Commission, then phased Jackal in, then split off Sniper & Recon and went nowhere with that, and then just kind of forgot about Kurrgan before repackaging him with the Oddities.  I never got the sense of any big plan behind any of it.  Just Russo being Russo.  


ROH TV 12-1-12

week’s ROH TV has the long-awaited return of The Headbangers to TV, and a
rematch of the Davey Richards vs. Michael Elgin match from Showdown in the Sun.

First, a bit of ROH news, as Jim Cornette is now officially out
of the company. Of course, he had already been removed as booker in favor of Delirious,
but after a blow-up at these TV tapings ROH has decided to put him on an
indefinite sabbatical.  This is very much
a good thing, as the guy just hasn’t kept up with the times, and his abrasive
attitude in general sure wasn’t doing the promotion any favors.
We open with the introduction of our new commentator, Caleb
Seltzer. On one hand he’s not that good (though no worse than a lot of people
that call WWE/TNA), on the other he never mentions the words “vintage” or “Twitter”
and actually sticks to just calling the matches. I’m just not happy that Nigel
McGuiness is out, his commentary was one of my favorite parts of the show.
The Headbangers vs.
The Briscoes:
The Headbangers have of course been on ROH TV before under
really cheap looking masks as the Guardians of Truth, but they quit the House of
Truth and unmasked at the last TV taping. Both teams start brawling before we
can even do the Code of Honor. We get that sorted out and it’s Mark and Mosh as
the legal men, but Thrasher attacks Mark from behind and drops him on the
guardrail. The members of each team pretty much look just like their respective
partners, so forgive me if I get them mixed up. Thrasher gets tagged in and he
tosses Mark outside and they do some more brawling on the floor, Mark gets sent
face-first into the ringpost and then gets knocked off the apron by Mosh as he
tries to get back in. He tries to get back in again, and Mosh drops him on his
face with a front suplex from the apron to the floor as Thrasher distracts the
ref. Nice bump there. Mark finally gets back in the ring and a flying
clothesline gets 2 for Mosh. He tries the running butt splash but gets caught
and Mark drops him. Thrasher gets tagged in and knocks Jay off the apron before
Mark can get the hot tag, but runs into a boot on a blind charge and the hot
tag is made. Jay pounds away and hits the Death Valley Driver for 2. He tries a
backdrop suplex but kind of blows it, Mark hits a second rope elbow anyway and
Jay covers but Mosh makes the save, Mark gets backdropped over the top for
another nice bump as Jay gets double-teamed in the ring. Mark pulls Thrasher
out and Jay gets a small package on Mosh for the 3 at 5:35. **1/2, all brawling
and very little wrestling, but action-packed and short enough to where it didn’t
wear out its welcome.
Veda Scott is in the back with Nigel McGuiness and Davey Richards.
Richards asks for a match at Final Battle with him and Eddie Edwards against
Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish. Problem is, Edwards is in Japan touring with
NOAH. McGuiness Oks the match, but tells Davey that if Edwards doesn’t show up,
well, tough shit.
Adam Page vs. QT
Marshall (w/R.D. Evans):
Only info I can find on Page is from his own
website: He’s 21 (not 20 as the graphic would tell you), from Aaron’s Creek VA,
and was trained by Justin Flash, Jason Blade, and Jimmy Valiant. He’s done time
in Evolve and various lower-level Mid-Atlantic indies, and apparently he can
also be seen eating a mess of greens in the background of an episode of NXT. At
any rate, like last week with some unknown guy, I’m betting on a squash here.
Evans joins us for commentary as they do a bit of an Irish whip battle that ends
with a spinning wheel kick from Page. He tries to go up but Marshall drops him
throat-first on the top rope. Marshall (pronounced Mar-SHALL) is somehow bleeding hardway
from the bridge of his nose, and to my shock and delight we neither get
blurring nor the wide-angle shot of doom. Scoop slam and some elbow drops from
Marshall, Page tries to come back but a tilt-a-whirl slam puts him down for 2.
He backdrops out of a suplex attempt and hits a powerslam for 2, standing
shooting star press (Nice!) gets 2, but a crossbody attempt from the top finds
nothing but Marshall’s knee. God’s Gift (that move where you put a guy in the
Razor’s Edge position but instead of dropping him on his back he drops him on
his stomach, can’t remember what it’s really called off hand) finishes it at
3:25. *1/2, which is about as good as a match that short is going to be. Page looked
good, Marshall had his best outing so far, IMO, and I would have liked to see
them go another 5 minutes. Prince Nana attacks Evans from behind and for some
reason starts tearing Evans’ clothes off before Marshall chases him away.
Marshall and Evans are still in the ring as we come back
from commercial, along with McGuiness. Evans cuts an absolutely awful promo,
tripping over his lines and just trying to force it way too hard. As bad as
Truth Martini is (I don’t think he’s that bad, but everyone else seems to hate
him) at least he sounds like he’s done this before, and I’d hate to even hear
how bad Marshall is if having Evans talk for him is considered an improvement.
McGuiness says he won’t be pushed around by a guy that has the genitals of a 4
year old, announces Evans vs. Nana for Final Battle, and tells him that if he
doesn’t like it he and Marshall can leave ROH forever. Good riddance…
Inside ROH: WGGT
vs. Titus/Whitmer in an NYC streetfight is announced for Final Battle, and
clips from the matches involving those guys from last week are shown. The Bobby
Fish/Kyle O’Reilly/Davey Richards segment from last week is also shown.
Davey Richards vs.
Michael Elgin:
Davey does a half-assed job of selling the crossface from last
week (or an hour ago, however you want to put it), but at least he makes the
attempt. Before we get started Truth Martini joins us to try to convince Elgin
to call off the match with Roderick Strong at Final Battle. Elgin refuses, of
course. The match between these guys at Showdown in the Sun is widely
considered a MOTYC, and was even given ***** by Meltzer (which is kind of
surprising considering it didn’t happen in Japan), so they’ve got a lot to live
up to here. I haven’t seen it, so I can’t give an opinion either way. Richards
gets the anklelock about 15 seconds in but Elgin quickly gets free. Both guys
throw forearms, Elgin gets dropkicked and bails, Richards misses the kick from
the apron but nails Elgin in the shoulder on the second try. He tosses Elgin into
the barricade and nails a kick to the face, Elgin responds with the same. Back
in the ring Richards gets the anklelock again, but Elgin rolls out of it and
sends Davey to the floor. That just looked silly, as it’s clear that Richards
just let go and then dove out of the ring under his own power. Richards gets
back on the apron and they fight it out there, then Elgin gets on the second
rope and suplexes Richards back in the ring from there, it gets 2. I should note
that there’s way too many shots of the crowd during this episode, it’s like an
early-90s WCW show. Another forearm battle as the fans go into the dueling chants
(with the Elgin contingent winning by quite a bit), Richards tries a handspring
elbow but gets caught in the Burning Hammer position. He gets free and tries a
crucifix, but Elgin holds on, deadlifts him right up, and DVDs him into the
corner for 2. Fans do the (bleeped) “holy shit” chant as we go to commercial,
which I think is a bit of an overreaction.
Yet another forearm battle as we come back, Elgin ends up on
the floor and Richards follows him out with a dive through the ropes. I
personally always thought that move was totally insane but not all that
impressive visually, if your foot gets snagged on the ropes you’re probably
breaking your neck. I wouldn’t try it if I was a wrestler, is what I’m saying.
Richards tosses Elgin back in and hits a missile dropkick, runs into both boots
on a blind charge, but no-sells it and hits a German suplex. Elgin no sells
that but Richards gets a rolling cross-armbreaker, Elgin just lifts him up and
launches him into the corner. That isn’t sold either, they fight it out and a
jumping enziguri attempt by Elgin leads to the anklelock AGAIN, Elgin makes the
ropes. Elgin works an O’Connor roll right into a German suplex for 2 and both
guys are down. They both get up and Elgin tries to superplex Richards but it’s
blocked, Richards misses the double stomp but gets a tombstone for 2. Both guys
go out to the apron (with the corner in between them) for more forearms, then
Richards throws the weakest looking Kawada kicks I’ve ever seen, Elgin responds
with some equally terrible knees to the face. They both do them again, and that
whole sequence is bad enough to knock * off the rating on its own. Elgin tries another
apron-to-ring suplex but takes a jumping enziguri (which seems to be the
signature move of ROH, I swear that everyone on the roster does it) and they
slug it out on the second rope. Richards throws some headbutts as Kelly
exclaims “Great camerawork”, despite the camera clearly showing that Richards
is throwing them with no force at all and putting his hand in between to block.
Richards finally gets the superplex (with Elgin obviously doing all the work)
and tries to roll it into something else, but Elgin blocks it and hits…
something, not sure if that was a botch or intentional but it didn’t look too
good. It gets 2 at any rate, and Elgin goes for the corkscrew senton but
misses. Richards hits a high knee and puts Elgin on top of another superplex
attempt, but Elgin blocks it and hits a sort of spinning fireman’s carry slam
from the top for 2. Corkscrew lands for 2 and Elgin locks in the crossface, but
Richards rolls him over for a 2 count. Elgin has had enough of this match (as
have I) and just smokes him with a high knee, lands a couple shots to the back
of the head and the turnbuckle powerbomb, and the spinning sitout powerbomb finish
this one at 14:59. Crowd chants “This is awesome!” I have to vehemently
disagree, this was no great match by any means. **, and I only go that high
because of all the nice power spots from Elgin, Richards sucked for the most
part. This was rather sloppy, quite repetitive (WAY too many forearms and ankle
locks), the selling (or lack thereof) killed it, and some parts were downright
business exposing, though the usual shit production work from ROH is as much to
blame for that as the wrestlers. It’s pretty clear that they were trying way
too hard to re-create the magic of the earlier match and this one suffered because
of it, though if that match was anything like this one (I’m guessing it wasn’t,
these guys usually kick it into a higher gear for PPVs, plus they get a lot
more time) than the people calling it a MOTYC are nuts. Take out that weak-ass sequence
from the corner, back off on all the forearms and meaningless anklelock attempts,
and actually sell things properly (Davey, I’m mostly looking at you on this
one) and it’s maybe ***+, but as it stands this was really disappointing.
Not exactly must-see TV here. Next week: Bobby Fish &
Kyle O’Reilly vs. The Bravados, Jay Lethal squashes some guy I’ve never heard
of, and Kevin Steen defends the ROH world title against Mike Bennett. 

Wrestler’s Union?

Hi Scott,

Hope all is well. I'm sure you've got this question before but do you think we'll ever see a wrestler's union? I feel sick reading stories about guys like Marty Jannetty and his bad ankles and Kamala and his amputations/diabetes. Surely they could get SOME help if there was a union or some kind of medical help after their careers are done.

I know that for a union to happen, a guy who is indispensable to the company, like John Cena, would have to lead the charge. But I don't see that company man/doofus would ever do such a thing. I remember reading that Jesse Ventura and the Killer Bees (or one of them) were working towards it in the 80s but Hogan put the kibosh on things. At least that's what Jesse says.

I think there should be inclusion for wrestlers into the screen actor's guild. They work on television in "entertainment" so why not? Don't Hollywood stuntmen have a union? If those dudes do, surely wrestlers should as well. Of course, Vince still considers wrestlers like circus performers even though the rest of his corporation has made it to the 21st century.

What do you think?

Never gonna happen.  WWE won't even admit that their contracted wrestlers are EMPLOYEES, let alone recognize a union.  I would imagine that guys like Cena and Orton are members of the SAG already because of speaking roles in actual movies, but I can't see any legitimate entertainment boards like AMPAS or even the Emmys bothering with wrestling as far as enacting change from that direction, either, since it would require Vince to subject himself to regulation.  
Basically, until someone is able to break the legal seal and get a court to rule that WWE's circus performers are employees, nothing will happen from any front.

Punk/Rock Rumble starring Ken Resnick (Question for the blog)

Its your friendly neighborhood Fuj here and I was thinking about Punk/Rock at the Rumble.

How could they conceivably job Punk to Rock on the Road to WM? (Just to say if he doesnt do the job at Survivor Series beforehand.) 

I dont see Rock showing up as the WWE champ on RAW every week, and/or defending it at the Feb PPV because of his schedule and what not.

So does that mean Punk holds the belt til WM?

Holla back pimpin,

PS- You are gonna put me over one of these days.

Yeah, that's what Bret Hart said to Shawn Michaels in 1997, too.  
Rock wouldn't be showing up as champion every week and probably not even in February, which would make it super-special when he DOES show up at Wrestlemania to defend the belt against Cena.  Two months without the WWE title being defended at every house show isn't gonna kill anyone.  Hell, they can even have Punk carry the belt around and claim to be the real unbeaten linear champion so people can get a "title match" on the shows until Undertaker finally returns to shut him up on behalf of Jerry Lawler.  It'll be fine.

WCW and the WWF Invasion of the Mid-90’s


Going through the WCW PPV's, and I'm just beginning in 1995, having watched all of 94.  I haven't seen these since I was a kid.  Looking back, you can see that it looks like a bunch of old WWF guys retreading their characters and stories in the WCW.  Sounds lame, bad booking, and such.  But to my surprise, the crowds are HOT.  When Austin jobbed to Hacksaw in 12 seconds or whatever it was, the crowd exploded.  The crowd is hot for all these guys in their matches so far, even in through this terrible Superbrawl V PPV.  So my question is, are the crowds hot because these guys are talented workers and know how to pull them into the match?  I mean, this retreading of WWF talent always seems to get a bad rap, considering it led to the departure of some home grown guys who had big careers.  But was the money coming in, considering how hot these crowds are?

WCW was doing OK for itself, if that's what you mean.  The Savage-Flair program in 95 and the first part of 96 especially did surprisingly well on top, like shockingly well.  Duggan always gets a big pop so I wouldn't read much into that reaction, especially since he was mainly positioned to be the guy that Vader beat up anyway.  But in a larger sense, yes, certainly the older WWF guys had longevity because they knew how to work a crowd and get themselves over and all that good stuff.  The main problem was that Hogan wasn't drawing money proportionate to his ridiculous contract until they did the heel turn.  The other guys were making far less money and were doing fine for themselves mostly.  

A Different Kind of Plot Twist

Hey Scott,

I just noticed that WWE posted a video from back in 2000 when Cyrus "cancelled" ECW from the Network.  That got me thinking.  Wouldn't that be a great plot for the current state of Raw?  I mean we all know that Vince is getting frustrated with the ratings and he could turn it into an angle.  Have say on the next Raw, the main event end (just for the sake of it, make the match Cena vs. Dolph) and then cut to the announce table where a stunned Michael Cole says we have footage that we would like everyone to see.  Then it cuts to the never seen "Gorilla Position" showing McMahon with his headset on.  A guy in a suit comes up and says to Vince that USA is cancelling Raw.  This leaves a cliffhanger for the next week's Raw, where it can be announced that the WWE has until the end of the year to increase ratings and make the network happy.  Vince can go all crazy and start firing people left and right and doing other stuff to try to keep Raw on the air.  At the end of the year, the network executive announces that Raw will be cancelled and a the final show would be next week.  Have a big "Tribute to Raw" show and make it look like this is the end of an era.  Then at the end of the show, have Vince in the ring thanking the WWE Universe for over 1,000 shows of Raw.  Then, the executive comes down and then announces that the network had a last minute change of heart.  Raw will be able to continue on USA under on condition.  And that McMahon hires the person that USA wants in charge of Raw as General Manager and that this person cannot be fired by Vince.  Vince of course agrees as he doesn't want to see Raw end and then the executive announces that new General Manager of Raw is…Paul Heyman.
This can then work on many levels.  Paul can then announce that Raw will be going back to two hours, Brock Lesnar will be announced as returning to take part in the Royal Rumble match, and can increase Punk's heat heading into the Rumble match against Rock.
I don't know, that's just one man's thought on something to make the show interesting again.

I really don't think that telling the audience that your show is terrible and on the verge of cancellation is a really great way to make the audience want to watch it again.  Plus it would add yet ANOTHER layer of figurehead to the already convoluted power structure.  Sorry, no buys here.

Austin Heel Turn in Retrospect


With over 11 years of perspective on the Austin heel turn at Wrestlemania 17, what is your take today?  Should they have done the heel turn and just conducted it differently?  Should they have just had him win the belt from Rock as a face and do one more run on top against Angle, Benoit, Jericho, and HHH, then return the face vs. face job to a returning Rock at SummerSlam?  Should they have kept him face and had the Invasion start the next night, with DDP, Booker, et al challenging him?

I think a face Austin made the most sense, given the fact that Rock was leaving for a while and Stone Cold was still the fan favorite.  Rock & Austin could do a respect handshake and beer toast on Raw only to have Shane unleash the WCW guys, 'injuring' Rock til summer and beating down Austin.  You could have a precarious Austin/McMahon tandem brought together against a common enemy despite their disdain for each other.  Team WWF vs. Team WCW at Backlash 2001?  Austin could perhaps face DDP and Booker for a couple PPVs.  Then, when Rock returns in summer, you could have Steve go heel and join the WCW guys just to stick it to Vince and reinforce the DTA thing.  Heel-ish Austin vs. babyface Rock could happen somewhere in there, maybe with Rock leading the WWF against Austin and the WCW guys at Survivor Series.  Maybe Austin vs. Rock vs. HHH at Wrestlemania 18?

Hey!  No sneaky "rebooking the Invasion" questions, buddy. 

The problem was not Austin turning heel.  The problem was Austin turning heel on THAT night in THAT stadium.  Clearly the character was staler than John Cena and needed to shook up, I don't think anyone's arguing against that.  However, they rebuilt him by having him win the Rumble and then beating Rock in his hometown to win the World title, which is all kind of a babyface thing to do.  If they did that as a babyface and then had him go mad with power over the next couple of months and shockingly join the Alliance at the Invasion PPV, then you've got something.  Anything further would be rebooking the Invasion, so I shall say no more.

Humble THQ Bundle

I buy all the Humble Bundles just on general principles, but this is a HELL of a deal right now to assist the cash-strapped THQ.

Basically if you pay $6 or more, you get (via Steam only) Saints Row 3, Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction Armageddon and the three Company of Heroes games.  Ho. Ly. Shit.  Darksiders by itself is pretty awesome for a God of War ripoff and well worth the price.  Plus if you don't want support THQ, you can just direct all the money to charity.  Bravo, THQ.

The Ascension, Descended

So apparently Kenneth Cameron of the Ascension was arrested for a DUI and fired, thus breaking up the Ascension team.  Yeah, it's a shame for the tag division and another black eye on the "young wrestlers in WWE just hang out in hotel rooms and play video games" nonsense, but really, the biggest WTF thing for me is that his real name is Tom Latimer.  What kind of butt-ass stupid writing system do they have when the best wrestling name they can come up with someone is KENNETH CAMERON?!  I had just assumed that name was so stupid that it had to be his real one, but no, someone actually thought that was a better name than "Tom Latimer".  Why not "Lazarus" instead of "Latimer", which at least kind of sounds like his real name and would play better into the mysterious heel team gimmick?  Even sillier, his partner Conor O'Brian's real name is Ryan Parmeter, which at least sounds more exotic and dangerous than a play on a talk show host.  

I would seriously sit at home and think up awesome wrestling names for these goofs if WWE would pay me for it, because I seriously couldn't do any worse with only 15 seconds of thought than they do.

Couple of Questions

Hey Scott,

I've got a couple of questions for you, and would appreciate your insight.

1) What was the deal with WWE no longer doing those UK Pay Per Views anymore? Is it because they weren't making any money on doing pay-per-views for just the UK and Europe? Or was it because they wanted to start taping Raw and Smackdown over here twice a year, and PPVs on top would have been overkill?

2) I would love to know your opinions The Miz and Sin Cara. Are they any good in your eyes, or a complete waste of time?


1)  It was indeed because they weren't making any money.  
2) Miz was terrible, got a lot better, but hit a plateau sometime around the first Cena feud and the problem is that they just kept pushing him way past the level where he should have settled into the midcard.  Miz trading the IC title with Kofi is fine, Miz wrestling Cena in the main event of Wrestlemania is a fucking joke.  He's a robot who reads his lines the way that the writers write them, and that's fine for a midcard guy, but not for someone who was supposed to be a main event guy.  Sin Cara is fine doing exactly what he's doing and hopefully he'll be smarter about injuries than Rey Mysterio was.

Smackdown – November 30, 2012

November 30, 2012
CenturyLink Center, Bossier City, Louisiana
Josh Matthews, John Bradshaw Layfield
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
when Smackdown used to be good? Like when it was the best wrestling
show on TV? I’m trying to give myself a nice feeling before I get
into this show. We’re going to get the Shield interview from Raw I’m
sure, along with Cena and AJ’s latest kiss at least once or twice on
top of that. Oh and the world champions will get a quick bit of time
too if we can squeeze them in. Let’s get to it.

opening voiceover is about Shield and Show vs. Sheamus at the end.
Cena to open the show. Before Cena can eve talk, we get a recap of
him vs. Ziggler. Cena talks about now being on Smackdown that often,
but he’s here tonight because Dolph is in the main event. He makes
fun of Ziggler for being world champion for about ten minutes once
and for losing the MITB case whenever he cashes it in. Tonight it’s
Sheamus vs. Ziggler and Cena is excited about it.
brings out….Alberto Del Rio? Cena sucks up to the fans a bit as
Alberto says the show belongs to him. Del Rio lists off his
accomplishments, all of which Cena himself has done if I remember
correctly. Alberto tells Cena to get out but Cena wants to see the
main event. Cena says he won’t leave now because he has a match with
Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio
a break we come back for the opening bell and to see Cena shoulder
block Del Rio to the floor. We head to the outside and Cena gets
rammed back first into the announce table. Back in and Alberto hits
a top rope ax handle/punch to the face for two. We get a recap from
before the break that set this match up via a splitscreen. Do they
really think we need that much assistance in getting through a show?
running kick to the face puts Cena down and a suplex gets two.
Ziggler is watching in the back as Del Rio hooks an armbar. Cena
blocks a second suplex attempt into one of his own, only to have
Alberto hit a running kick to the arm in the corner. Another ax
handle gets two and it’s back to the armbar. We take a break and
come back with Del Rio missing a backsplash off the middle rope.
initiates his finishing sequence and hits the Shuffle but the AA is
countered into a Backstabber for two. The armbreaker is countered
into a neckbreaker by Cena and both guys are down. John heads up top
but Del Rio takes him down with an enziguri. Another enziguri misses
but Cena can’t get the STF. A backbreaker puts Cena down for two
more so Del Rio goes up yet again. His third attempt at an ax handle
is blocked by a Cena dropkick to put both guys down. The AA is
countered into the armbreaker which is countered into the STF by
FINALLY makes a rope and heads to the apron. As Cena tries to pull
him back in, there’s an armbreaker over the ropes to slow Cena down.
Alberto tries a sunset flip but gets caught in another AA attempt.
THAT gets reversed into a German suplex for two so Alberto puts Cena
in the Tree of Woe. Del Rio tries a spear to an upside down Cena but
hits the post shoulder first instead. The top rope Fameasser hits
perfectly for the pin on Alberto at 11:23 shown of 14:53.
B. This was a solid nearly PPV
quality match with one thing that really set it apart: the ending.
It’s nice to see something other than one of Cena’s two finishers
ending a match for a change. Seeing the same moves get the same two
counts over and over can start to seem like a waste of time after
awhile, so having one of those moves get a pin every now and then is
a good thing. The match was good stuff too and one of their better
Cena poses on the stage, Dolph blasts him in the back of the head
with the briefcase. Josh: “You don’t want to see something like
that happen to John Cena.” John: “Why not?”
for another recap, this time of the main event of Raw where Punk beat
Kane and then the Shield ran in to beat up the monster. The beatdown
on Ryback isn’t shown.
NO is glaring at each other in the back when Kofi comes up to tell
them to get along because they have a six man tonight. The tag
champions shout compliments to each other and agree that they can get
along. Kofi doesn’t know what to think of this.
yells at Booker that he wants Ziggler. Booker says let the match
with Sheamus vs. Ziggler take place tonight. Cena agrees because of
his past with Booker.
Khali vs. David Otunga
says this might be harder for Otunga than passing the bar exam,
causing JBL to go on a big rant. Khali knocks Otunga to the floor
where Horny jumps him, only to get chased away. Khali pulls Otunga
back into the ring for the big chop and the pin at 1:26.
and Khali dance post match.
Time Players/Wade Barrett vs. HELL NO/Kofi Kingston
two feuds, put them into one match. This is something that could be
done far more often. Kane vs. Darren gets things going here with
Young getting punched down very quickly. Off to Bryan for a running
dropkick in the corner and some regular kicks to a seated Young as
well. Kane hits a seated dropkick of his own for two as Young shouts
for Titus.
finally gets in a single shot and runs over to Titus for the tag.
O’Neal has his head kicked off for two and he’s sent to the floor.
There’s Bryan’s running knee off the apron and we take a break. Back
with Kofi getting two on Young off a dropkick. Back to Kane who does
nothing so here’s Bryan again. Daniel fires off kicks and chops but
Titus comes in off a blind tag to take over for the first time.
Players take Bryan down with a double shoulder for two by Young. Off
to a surfboard hold with the knee in the back by Darren. That goes
nowhere so here’s Barrett for the first time. Pumphandle slam gets
two on Bryan and it’s off to a reverse chinlock. Titus hits a
reverse slam on Bryan before suplexing Young down onto him for two.
hooks a chinlock but Bryan fights up with a bunch of forearms. Young
comes back with a northern lights suplex for two as we’re waiting on
the big hot tag. Titus works on the back of Bryan but charges into a
boot in the corner to give Bryan a breather. There’s the tag to Kane
who beats the tar out of Young, getting two off a side slam.
top rope clothesline connects but Titus breaks things up. Kofi comes
in sans tag (such a bad influence on the children) and everything
breaks down. Young tries to come in of the top but jumps into a
chokeslam. Swan Dive and the NO Lock from Bryan get the tap at 10:38
shown of 14:08.
C. This might as well have been
the Players vs. the champions with Kofi and Barrett as managers. The
two singles guys were in the match for maybe a minute each at most
and I actually forgot who they were when I was writing up the
results. The match wasn’t bad or anything, but I’m not sure why
Barrett and Kingston didn’t get more time.
is very excited about kicking Ziggler in the head later.
ReBound is the ending of the show, most of which we saw earlier.
Damien Sandow, who says he’s going to be focusing on individuals
instead of the masses from now on, which is why he’s going to search
for an apprentice. He goes through the front row and finds a guy in
a Punk shirt that suits him. Damien asks the fan some basic
questions (how many wheels on a tricycle and how often does the US
hold presidential elections) before asking what the velocity of
Jupiter’s moon Europa. Sandow’s reply of “YOU IGNARAMOUS!” when
the guy doesn’t know is hilarious. He says the fan has disgraced
Louisiana and wants him out of his country.
Sandow vs. Tyson Kidd
chases Sandow to the apron but Damien rams him face first into said
apron to take over. Back in and the Wind-Up Elbow gets two but Kidd
comes back with kicks to the head for two of his own. Sandow heads
to the floor and gets caught in a suicide dive from Kidd. Back in
and Kidd tries his springboard elbow but it lands on Sandow’s knee.
For some reason this hurts Kidd instead of Damien’s knee is beyond me
but whatever. Terminus ends this at 2:49.
on Cena’s 300th
Make-A-Wish granted.
says that Cena is a liar and liars get what they deserve: MITB case
shots to the back of their heads. There’s a really bad superhero
parody skit in there somewhere.
vs. 3 Man Band
Slater/Mahal again. Slater vs. Jey to get things going here as the
fans go pretty silent after booing 3MB’s entrance. It’s quickly off
to Jimmy who now has a sleeve tattoo which helps tell them apart. A
middle rope splash gets two on Slater but it’s off to Mahal to take
over with a knee and chinlock. A hot tag brings in Jey for some fast
paced offense including a shot to the face and a Samoan Drop for no
cover. The running Umaga attack in the corner gets two but some
Slater interference lets Mahal hit the full nelson slam for the pin
at 2:41. This was nothing.
recap Show and Sheamus’ staredown from Raw with Show breaking a
Ziggler vs. Sheamus
takes over to start but the showing off lets Sheamus get in a few
shots to take control away. Dolph sends him to the floor but dives
into a fall away slam into the barricade. Ziggler is thrown back in,
only to fall right back to the floor. Sheamus throws him back in
again but Ziggler guillotines him down to break up the ten forearms.
We take a break and come back with Ziggler hitting a splash in the
corner for two.
to a chinlock by the smaller guy, followed by a kick to Sheamus’ head
for two. Ziggler chokes and stomps away in the corner but his charge
is countered by a backdrop to the apron. There are the ten forearms
to the chest but Ziggler avoids the top rope shoulder. Brogue Kick
misses and Ziggler gets two off the jumping DDT. The Fameasser
misses as well and there’s the Irish Curse for two. White Noise is
countered but Sheamus counters the counter into the Cloverleaf but
here’s Big Show for the DQ at 8:45 shown of 12:15.
C. Nothing significant here as
it was all leading up to a run-in finish. It’s nice to see Ziggler
not lose clean for once which happens way too often for a guy who is
likely going to be a world champion in the next few months. Other
than that though, nothing to see here for the most part but it wasn’t
comes out to save Sheamus from a double team. There’s an AA to
Ziggler and a double suplex to Show. A double shoulder puts Show on
the floor and the good guys celebrate to end the show.
B-. Let’s see: recaps
kept far lower than previous weeks, some pretty good and long
matches, nothing being horrible for the most part, and a 3 Man Band
sighting. By comparison to most of what we’ve gotten from WWE
lately, this was one of the best shows in months. I’d be much
happier with Smackdown if it were like this all the time, as in NOT
Cena b. Alberto Del Rio – Top Rope Fameasser
Khali b. David Otunga – Chop
NO/Kofi Kingston b. Wade Barrett/Prime Time Players – NO Lock to
Sandow b. Tyson Kidd – Terminus
Man Band b. Uso Brothers – Full Nelson Slam to Jey
b. Dolph Ziggler via DQ when Big Show interefered
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WWE.com’s Fifty Most Beautiful People List

A few days ago, WWE.com released arguably its weirdest list ever, with "The 50 Most Beautiful People in Sports Entertainment", which ranks both women and men together. 

It's a gallery-style list, so for those who want to avoid clicking through the whole tiring thing:
50. Kaitlyn
49. CM Punk
48. Melina
47. Matt Striker
46. Dolph Ziggler
45. Molly Holly
44. Triple H
43. The Kat
42. Eric Bischoff
41. Mickie James
40. Stan Lane
39. Bella Twins
38. Jack Brisco
37. Ted DiBiase, Jr.
36. Kimberly Page
35. John Cena
34. Justin Gabriel
33. Jim Londos
32. Maria
31. Wade Barrett
30. Kelly Kelly
29. Magnum T.A.
28. Jeff Hardy
27. David Otunga
26. Lita
25. Chris Jericho
24. Kofi Kingston
23. Paul Roma
22. Candice Michelle
21. The Miz
20. Layla
19. Rick Rude
18. Alberto Del Rio
17. Shawn Michaels
16. Maryse
15. John Morrison
14. Sable
13. Rick Martel
12. Edge
11. Batista
10. Torrie Wilson
9. Cody Rhodes
8. Sunny
7. Ricky Steamboat
6. Stacy Kiebler
5. The Rock
4. Eve Torres
3. Trish Stratus
2. Randy Orton
1. Miss Elizabeth
So yeah…figured I'd forward the list for discussion, as I'm sure there are some who would take umbrage with the assertion that Randy Orton is more beautiful than Trish Stratus, or that HHH (schnozz and all) is more attractive than both Kaitlyn and Molly Holly. 
I've personally given up trying to explain the weirdness of WWE.com.  I think that in some ways the whole site is just a rib on everyone and WWE itself doesn't even care about it anymore.  

Also, any plans for a December Starrcade countdown? I imagine the 1997-99 shows are the origin of all WCW-related scorn. Either way, keep up the great work with the blog! 

I already did the Starrcade countdown last year on the blog, but I might repost the reposts to InsidePulse because I don't think I did them there.  


TNA cutting back on PPVs


What do you think about TNA cutting back on PPVs? 

Are they just trying to be smart with their money and give the product breathing room, or is this a sign that they're running out of money?

They don't HAVE any money, they're being kept alive at the whims of Panda Energy and Spike TV in that order.  Running 12 PPVs a year at this point is just something they'r doing because it's something they've always done.  There's no way the paltry amount of buys they get possibly justifies the cost of doing the shows, so the more they can cut back, the better.  Honestly they'd be 1000% better off cutting down to Lockdown, Slammiversary, Destination X and Bound For Glory and then just doing everything else as Clash-style (as opposed to Styles Clash) TV specials on Spike or maybe even a different Viacom property like MTV2 as something different.  

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #20

November 13, 2002
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
Goldylocks opens the show by singing the national anthem. She did a good job.
Tenay lets us know that Mr. Wrestling III has not contacted Tenay, so he never signed the Truth’s open contract
West and Tenay run down the card:
Amazing Red vs. Jimmy Yang
Brian Lawler & April vs. Jorge Estrada & Priscilla
Kid Kash vs. Jerry Lynn for the X Division Title
Syxx Pac vs. Jeff Jarrett in the semi-finals for the #1 contender spot

AJ Styles and Mortimer Plumtree come down to the ring. Crowd is rowdy, with a loud “You Suck” chant directed towards AJ. He grabs the mic, calling Tenay “Sugar tit,” then says how the match between Kid Kash vs. Jerry Lynn will not happen. He turns it over to Plumtree, who says that AJ had an automatic rematch clause. He suggests that Kid Kash go away because he doesn’t have a match tonight. Lynn comes down to the ring, thankfully with new theme music, and calls Plumtree “Mr. Nerd.” Lynn tries to be funny but he is not good at all on the mic. Anyway, he says unlike AJ, Kash earned his shot at the title tonight. He calls AJ a “Whiny ass biatch” and says that he went to TNA management and turned the match into a three-way. The three way should be decent but that segment was largely terrible.
Tenay tells us that 100% of the box office receipts will go to the
Tony Mamaluke vs. EZ Money
Tenay mentions how after WCW was sold, EZ Money was on the verge of breaking out. He looks in good shape here, as he was just released from the WWE several weeks before this match. EZ gets a monkeyflip but gets dumped outside when Mamaluke pulls down the ropes after a charge. Mamaluke takes EZ out with a tope. He climbs up top and flies off  but EZ meets him with a dropkick in midair. EZ stalls as Mamaluke regroups. He flips in and clotheslines Mamaluke. He drops Mamaluke from the press position and follows with a standing moonsault. Only his shins made contact on that move. A loud “TNA” chant breaks loose. They do a nice sequence that ends with Mamaluke locking in a Fujiwara Armbar. EZ makes the ropes but runs into a boot off a charge. Neckbreaker by Mamaluke, who then climbs up top and hits a Guillotine Leg Drop gets two. A reversal sequence ends with EZ getting a legdrop for two. Mamaluke escapes from the powerbomb position but EZ catches his foot then hits the Cha-Ching (Forward Reverse Suplex) for the win (4:51) *3/4.
Thoughts: Nice debut for EZ Money. I have no idea why he never got a chance in the WWE. He has the look that Vince likes and was good inside of the ring.  
Chris Vaughn vs. Sonny Siaki
Vaughn doesn’t even get an entrance. He is billed as 219lbs and might actually weigh 165 lbs. He walks into a clothesline from Siaki. He is able to get his foot up on a charge but Siaki quickly sends him in the corner with a belly-to-belly suplex. He hotshots Vaughn then gets a pumphandle throw, picking him up before the three count as the crowd is starting the “Rocky Ripoff” chant. He puts Vaughn in a tree of woe and hits a few shoulder thrusts. He hits a Samoan drop then a backbreaker before hitting three straight Siakalypses for the win (2:06)
Thoughts: A squash for Siaki, who was pissed after losing in the tournament last week. He looked good and they seem to be shaping up for him to feud with Lynn over the X Division title.
Pre-Taped interview with Goldylocks and Brian Lawler. Lawler says that his relationship is going great as we hear moaning from the female locker room. Lawler gets concerned and barges in on April, who is naked but lathered in soap as to not see her tits. She is mortifed and yells at him to leave and orders the cameras to go away. We then see Bruce peak his head out from the curtain as the segment ends. This was surprisingly decent for a comedy segment. Plus, April was hot.
Father James Mitchell is on the ramp as the arena goes dark. He mentions the argument between wrestling and sports entertainment, citing that the New Church is neither but rather evil. He then introduces us the newest face of evil, Belladonna. She comes out, then turns around and reveals her ass. It’s a fantastic ass I must say. He then reveals his “weapon of mass destruction” as Malice comes running out to the ring. Someone else is in the ring as the bell rings.
Kaos vs. Malice
This is the same Kaos who wrestled in WCW as part of the team “High Voltage.” He looks completely different here, wearing all black. He looks about a foot shorter than Malice too. Malice tosses Kaos to the floor then grabs a chair and bounces it off his head He slams him into the guardrail then over the steps. He rolls Kaos back in the ring, who then fires away. Malice no-sells all of them and takes him down with a clothesline. Backbreaker by Malice as an “Evil” chant breaks out. Belly-to-belly by Malice who follows that with a big boot. He signals for the chokeslam and hits it but doesn’t cover him. He lowers his knee pad and heads up top, dropping the knee for the win (2:57).
Thoughts: An impressive return to TNA by Malice. He was the biggest wrestler they had so he did come across as a monster instead of another guy like he would if he as in the WWE. Speaking of the WWE, I remember a rumor around this time that he had left TNA because he signed a developmental deal with WWE.
Jorge Estrada w/Priscilla vs. Brian Lawler w/April
Lawler also has new entrance music, which is much better. This was billed as a tag match but it is now a singles match between the men. Lawler asks for the mic before the match and stands on the announcers table. He demands to know why the crowd was laughing and snickering. Lawler ducks an attack and asks April for a kiss. Estrada attempts a double noggin knocker but Lawler escapes. He pulls up on a whip and backdrops Estrada to the floor but he lands on his feet and trips up Lawler. Estrada gets a legdrop from the top then throws some forearms. Estrada gets whipped into the ropes then ducks several chops and ends this nonsense with a shitty looking dropkick. Lawler counters a backslide and hits a neckbreaker and grabs a purse from April. He goes through the contents but Estrada kicks him then places the purse around Lawler’s neck. He hits a legdrop on Lawler. He then charges at Lawler but retreats towards April, acting as if she tripped him. Holy shit did this spot look terrible. Estrada grabs April by the hair then Priscilla slaps April. They catfight on the floor and that allows Lawler to get a low blow then a rollup for the win (3:20) DUD.
Thoughts: This match sucked. Estrada gets worse with each match too. The guy fucks up constantly. Lawler’s act is beyond stale at this point.
Goldylocks is with Jeff Jarrett. She brings up his match against Syxx Pac tonight as Jarrett says how he has been screwed by TNA since the beginning. He also says how Syxx Pac is not here tonight, suggesting that it might be due to a missed flight. We are getting some inside info here.
Jimmy Yang vs. Amazing Red
Yang has ditched the Elvis gear and is wearing black pants and a red “King’s Road” jacket. West and Tenay plug the AJ/Red match from two weeks ago as these guys do some matwork to start. Red gets a sloppy looking rana but comes back with a multiple twirling headscissor that draws a good reaction from the crowd. Yang catches Red off a baseball slide but that is turned into a headscissor, sending Yang crashing into the announcers table. Yang dropkicks Red off the apron and hits him with a quebrada. He rolls Red back inside and gets two. Moonsault kick by Yang who then gets some shoulder thrusts. Red comes back and locks on an armlock/bodyscissor combo off of a tilt-a-whirl. Yang breaks and has Red in the Styles Clash position then lowers Red down and he turns it into an STF in a cool sequence. Red reaches the ropes but Yang gets a spinning heel kick for two. Clothesline by Yang but Red gets a rollup for two. Yang kills Red with a spinning leg lariat, getting two. He puts Red in the figure-four necklock then breaks the hold so he can throw him outside. He sends Red into the rail then face first into the steps. A loud “Let’s go Red” chant breaks out as Yang beats on Red inside the ring. A weak looking clothesline by Yang who then places Red in the corner. He gets the hanging head scissors but gets dropkicked in midair after a springboard. They slug it out, ending with Red getting a spinkick. Bicycle kick by Red who then spikes Yang with a DDT, getting two. Red climbs up top but Yang knocks him down. He climbs up and they go at it until Red gets the Code Red off the top rope! That only gets two. Red goes off the top rope with a crossbody but Yang drops to one knee. Yang climbs up and misses the Yangtime and Red goes back up and hits the Infra-Red for the win (9:40) **1/2.
Thoughts: Decent match but it did drag at times when Yang was on offense. Red seems to be in line for a push within the X Division.  
Goldylocks is outback with BG James. She asks him what is going through his head and brings up his history with Jarrett and ends with his catchphrase. However, Jarrett comes out and offers a handshake. BG says he isn’t stupid as Jarrett once again wishes him luck for next week. He extends his hand and Jarrett attacks and gets restrained by security.
Spanish Announce Team vs. Rainbow Express
This is apparently part of a mini-tournament that will have the winner of this match face the winner of the Hotshots vs. Harris Twins match for the #1 contender spot. The Rainbow Express stall to start things off. Lenny leaps over Joel in a very effeminate way and gets tripped up. Bruce yanks the hair of Joel then Jose dropkicks Lenny into Bruce, knocking him off the apron. Jose ducks a clothesline and takes out Bruce with a suicide dive. Lenny then dives outside as Joel is back in the ring. Double team moves by the Rainbow Express then Lenny gets a weak splash as Bruce stands behind him, humping him in sync with the referee’s count. Lane spills outside as the SAT’s hit a top rope moonsault/legdrop combo on Bruce. Lenny breaks that up and dumps Jose. He slaps Joel on the top rope and nearly kills himself trying a rana. Tag to Bruce and he stomps Joel. He slams his face off the mat but misses a charge in the corner. Joel comes back with a missile dropkick. He tags Jose, who gets a crossbody on Lane. Leg Lariat by Jose but Bruce attacks him. Jose crotches Bruce and he falls in the tree of woe position. He sends Lenny into Bruce with a drop toehold and they drop into the 69 position as Jose pushes Bruce’s head into Lenny’s crotch. Facebuster by Bruce gets two. Joel whips Bruce against the ropes and he flies outside when Lenny pulls down the ropes. He necksnaps Joel and heads up top. Jose gets a dropkick and they hit the Spanish Fly for the win (7:19) *. Tenay says how Lane tried to hurt Bruce on purpose in order to be crowned Miss TNA.
Thoughts: A basic tag-match that was bogged down with the Rainbow Express and their homoerotic antics. At least the SAT’s went over, as they show some promise, even if Jose is really not a good worker.
Goldylocks is with Bullet Bob Armstrong. She says how Don Harris was fired as head of security but is still in the building. He says he is still able to wrestle and that he fined Harris but feels okay after last week’s attack.
Hotshots vs. Harris Brothers
Harris brothers jump the Hotshots to start things off as West’s mic is not working. Hotshots takes the advantage and attack Ron in the ring. They fuck up a double hiptoss spot as O’Reilly whiffed completely, getting two. Ron certainly didn’t help him out by tucking his arm to his side. Stevens lands a few shots but Don pulls him out and roughs him up a bit. He slides him back in as Ron hits a bunch of corner clotheslines. Don tags and boots Stevens. They double team Stevens in the corner before Ron gets a sideslam. O’Reilly breaks up the pin attempt. Stevens gets a boot up on a charge and hits Don with a shitty looking leg lariat before tagging out. O’Reilly hits a few clotheslines. Hotshots double dropkick Don and have the advantage. Don elbows O’Reilly off the apron and attempt the H Bomb on Stevens but he escapes and hits a springboard clothesline. He is quickly tossed outside as they catch O’Reilly with the H Bomb for the win (3:55) ¼*. After the match, they destroy the Hotshots.
Thoughts: The outcome was never in doubt but the Hotshots sold well for the Harris Brothers, who are terrible. Then again, its not like the Hotshots are a team that anyone would ever take seriously.
Tenay says that next week, the SAT’s will face the Harris Brothers in a #1 contender match.
BG James is in the ring. He wants Jarrett to pay attention. He then insults his own intelligence, which was kinda funny. He calls Jarrett a “low down piece of shit” and tells him to come to the ring, not wanting to wait until next week. Jarrett comes out that they have tonight off and will face off next week. Says it won’t happen tonight. BG says that the fact that Jarrett is a pussy was made official tonight. He calls his dad a pussy, even bringing up his mama. Jarrett has had enough and storms the ring. They are brawling ringside as the camera shows Bob Armstrong on the ramp. Shortly afterwards, the bell rings
#1 Contender’s match for the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship
BG James vs. Jeff Jarrett
BG hits Jarrett with a chair and they brawl into the crowd. Jarrett attacks him and hits him with a chair on the back. He uses a trashcan lid but BG fights back.  He pulls the lid away from Jarrett and grabs a trash barrel. He chases Jarrett up the steps and throws the barrel off Jarrett’s head. They brawl on the steps as the spotlight is used on them. They brawl up the bleachers and head down the stairs. Jarrett uses the lid a few times then stomps on BG. He clobbers BG with a trashcan as they head towards the ring. BG uses a chair as Jarrett is walking up the bleachers. BG gets a bunch of punches but Jarrett uses a chair and BG falls off the second level and through a table. Jarrett goes back into the ring as the ref counts. Jarrett counts along with the referee as James is down. This is quite possibly the slowest ten-count in the history of professional wrestling. He makes it in the ring and knocks down Jarrett but struggles to stand up. He tries the pumphandle but Jarrett escapes then hits the Stroke onto the chair for the win (7:17) *1/2.
Thoughts: The brawling was good for the first few minutes or so but it got really tiresome after that. Everyone knew Jarrett was going to win.
NWA-TNA Tag Team Title Match
New Church w/James Mitchell & Belladonna vs. America’s Most Wanted
AMW comes in from the crowd and attacks the New Church from behind. Harris takes out Lee with a plancha as all four men are know brawling outside of the ring. Harris bounces a chair off of Slash’s head. Mitchell and Belladonna run away from the action as we see Harris busting open Slash. Lee is beating on Storm as the camera focuses on Slash, who is on the ground. Mitchell tries to help up Slash as Storm is now bleeding. In the ring, Harris hits Lee with the Catatonic. He tries it on Slash but he counters that with a DDT. Lee busts open Harris and tosses him back inside. Helicopter Slam by Slash gets two. They neutralize Harris as Storm is shown on the apron, struggling to stand. Harris gets a spear on Lee. He tags Slash but he misses an attack and it allows Harris to tag Storm, who runs wild. Eight Second Ride gets two as Belladonna took a tag belt and placed it in the corner. She and Mitchell are on the apron distracting the ref. Lee puts Storm on his shoulders and Slash comes off top with a missile dropkick. Harris breaks up the pin attempt and clotheslines Lee to the floor. Slash eats boot off a charge and Storm his the swinging noose but the ref neglects to count and orders Mitchell to get off the apron. Slash with a belt shot to Storm but that only gets two. They do a reversal sequence that ends with Storm accidentally hitting the ref with a crossbody. Mitchell gives Lee a spike as AMW hits the Death Sentence but the ref is still out. Storm blocks the spike shot from Lee and Belladonna jumps on his back. Storm dumps her but Lee then hits him with the spike for the win and the titles (9:07) **1/2. After the match, Belladonna smears the blood of Slash onto her body.
Thoughts: The match itself was a bit all over the place but it was action-packed and entertaining. The ref bump was well done though. AMW suffered their first loss in TNA and it looks like they will be chasing after the titles.
Video highlights of last week’s X Division action.
NWA-TNA X Division Title Match
Kid Kash vs. AJ Styles w/Mortimer Plumtree vs. Jerry Lynn (Champion)
AJ whiffs on a double clothesline and gets taken out with a double dropkick. Lynn and Kash engage in some token X Division matwork but in a cool spot they both manage to send AJ back outside by using a double drop toehold. Lynn and Kash do some more reversals then have a stand off. They shake hands right before AJ flies across the ring with a double springboard clothesline. AJ and Lynn brawl outside for a bit. Kash tries a quebrada but Lynn pulls him off the apron. AJ and Lynn are in the ring as Plumtree distracts the ref, allowing AJ to get a low blow. Lynn tries a reverse rollup but Kash slingshots back in with a sunsetflip, as AJ goes flying before breaking up the pin. He goes after Kash but eats boot. Kash with a rana as we see a replay of the sunset flip spot. AJ tries the Phenomenon on Lynn but he counters with a stunner. Has brings up the pin and hits Lynn with a moonsault block and Lynn breaks up that. A “TNA” chant breaks out as AJ hits Lynn with a neckbreaker. AJ and Kash exchange chops until AJ kills him with an enziguiri. Kash pulls up on a dropkick and rolls up AJ for two. Kash snapmares AJ and chops Lynn in the corner. Lynn reverses but Kash rakes the eyes. Kash DDT’s AJ but gets kicked by Lynn. Tornado DDT by Lynn gets two as AJ breaks up that attempt. Plumtree pulls down the ropes on Lynn. Kash flies out with a double springboard crossbody then after a replay of that, AJ takes out both men with a springboard shooting star press! West then makes a joke about needing four screens to watch this match then breaks out in laughter. AJ beats Kash in the corner but gets flattened by a clothesline from Lynn. Kash and Lynn then clothesline each other as all three men are down. AJ gets caught with a TKO from Lynn but Kash breaks that up. Bankroll from Kash gets two. Kash blocks a Styles Clash but AJ turns it into the Kryptonite Krunch, getting two. Lynn clotheslines AJ as he was about to finish off Kash. Plumtree hooks Lynn’s leg then Kash backdrops AJ to the outside and onto Plumtree. In the ring, Lynn gets Kash and hits the cradle piledriver for the win (10:49) **3/4. Lynn celebrates with the belt for a while.
Thoughts: The match was fine but it was a bit disappointing. You had three of the better X Division wrestlers in this match and it was wrestled at a slower pace than the usual. The again, TNA has set some pretty high standards for three-way X Division matches with the Low Ki/Styles/Lynn matches. It is very, very tough to exceed those standards.
Jeremy Borash joins the announcers booth. He talks up the X Division as Bob Armstrong hands Don West the lineup for next week’s show. West is ecstatic and hypes it up.
AJ Styles vs. Crimson Dragon vs. Jorge Estrada
Harris Brothers vs. Spanish Announce Team
Jerry Lynn vs. Amazing Red for the X Division Title
Jeff Jarrett vs. Ron Killings for the Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Jarrett comes out with a microphone. He addresses Ron Killings, stating he is the first ever black NWA champion. He gives him credit for his accomplishments but says he has been screwed and held down by TNA, not getting a shot at the title. Jarrett mentions NWA title as a kid, with Flair, Jack Brisco, Funks, Sting and others. He says he went to wrestling matches and dreamed of being the NWA Champion. He says every place that he has been, he did his business in the ring. He closes by saying winning the belt is not his dream, but his destiny and promises that he will win the title next week. The promo was fine but a majority of what he said is something you would expect from a face, not the top heel in your company.
Final Thoughts: This show was fine. You had some decent matches and nothing came across as completely embarrassing. The have finally found a feud for the tag division and continue to build up the talent in the X Division. It was bit strange that there was only one brief mention about Mr. Wrestling III at the beginning of the show though. Next week has two title matches that look good on paper.

The SmarK Rant for TNA Impact–11.29.12

The SmarK Rant for TNA Impact – 11.29.12 Live again from Orlando, FL Your hosts are Mike Tenay, Todd Keneley and Taz Hulk Hogan starts us out with the continuation of the stupid Bully Ray storyline. He wants Bully to fess up RIGHT NOW. Bully thinks that Hulk can’t handle the truth of who the real man in Brooke’s life is, which brings out Brooke via her ridiculously terrible entrance music. But Austin Aries cuts in from the back, wondering just how Brooke can lay on her desk without hurting her back. That was such a funny heel line that even the crowd was laughing with him. Minor note: The graphic for Final Resolution makes it difficult to see the “Re” part of “Resolution”, which makes the PPV appear a bit more politically incorrect than they’d like. Mickie James v. Gail Kim Gail gets a rollup for one and rakes the eyes to take control, then hits a corner clothesline and Sandow’s neckbreaker for two. She applies a headscissors on the mat for a nice alternative to the chinlock, and gets two from that. Mickie comes back with a flapjack, but misses something from the top and Gail gets one in the corner. Mickie reverses out of Eat Defeat and gets a spinkick for two. Mickie with the comeback and clotheslines, setting up a neckbreaker for two. Gail fights off the DDT, but a second try gets the pin at 4:58. I have no beef with this. **1/4 Meanwhile, Styles and Storm argue ahead of their tag match later tonight. Meanwhile, Hulk interrogates our X-Division contenders: Kenny King, Zema Ion, Austin Aries and Kid Kash. Hulk eliminates King right away for being too new. Bobby Roode v. Christian York This is set up by Roode coming out for a promo, only to be interrupted by a revenge-seeking York, who is CALLING HIM OUT. Wait, where’s the evil GM to set this up? Don’t you have to have one of those? Roode takes him down off a headlock, but York puts him down with a shoulder for two, and Roode bails. York stops to ask the crowd and gets pulled out of the ring as a result, but recovers to send Roode into the stairs. Back in, York goes up and gets crotched by Roode, allowing him to take over. Snap suplex and Roode goes up, but he lands on York’s foot, and York makes the comeback. Faceplant and York goes up with a double-stomp to the back of Roode, and he follows with a rolling senton for two. Roode escapes York’s finish and tries the cradle suplex, but York cradles for two. Roode clobbers him from behind and applies the crossface, and York taps at 5:20. I think it would beneficial if York actually won a match at some point, but he continues to look like a star despite going 0-3 thus far. **1/4 But hey, if their plan is for York to be a credible threat that the main event guys can beat, there’s certainly worse things in life to be. Meanwhile, Devon has an ultimatum for TNA: He wants his TV title back next week, or all hell breaks loose. Christopher Daniels & Kazarian v. AJ Styles & James Storm Storm gets a quick neckbreaker on Kaz and slugs away on Daniels, and it’s over to AJ for some subpar double-teaming, continuing his “bad luck” streak. The heels take over with a legdrop from Kaz and dropkick to send Styles back to his own corner, and Storm comes in to beat up the heels alone again. Storm with an enzuigiri on Kaz, but he blocks the backstabber and hits a springboard legdrop to make Storm your drunk-in-peril. Kaz with a slingshot legdrop and he goes to the chinlock, then follows with a leg lariat for two. The heels stop for some Gangnam Style, which allows Storm to make the hot tag to Styles. He runs wild and hits the suplex into neckbreaker on Daniels, but misses a dive onto Kazarian. Back in, the heels hit a nice double-team powerbomb/neckbreaker for two. AJ fights them off, but misses the Pele on Daniels. Storm tags himself in and finishes Daniels with the superkick at 7:50, however. So AJ continues to be a loser, even while winning. **1/2 Meanwhile, Hogan makes another elimination and then jumps right to giving the title shot to Austin Aries. OK then. Matt Morgan v. Doug Williams Morgan is now dressing like Thunderlips-era Hulk Hogan, although I don’t look for him to draw the same kind of money. Morgan of course completely destroys Williams, chokeslams him, and finishes with the Carbon Footprint at 2:12. ½* Meanwhile, D-Lo offers to step in for the missing Al Snow in the Gut Check challenge, thus putting the fate of Wes Brisco in his hands. This leads to the Gut Check judging, as Bruce basically says that his match sucked last week, but he’s known him for long enough that he’ll vote yes. Taz just thinks the match sucked and votes no. Wes does his promo, and SHOCKINGLY D-Lo votes yes to put his fellow Aces & Eights member into TNA. The crowd seemingly has not figured out that both guys are behind the masks, which is pretty telling of them. The idea behind this plot twist is really clever, but it’s just so obvious where it’s going. Not to mention that the plan would have fallen apart if both other judges had voted “no”. Meanwhile, Bully Ray thinks that Hulk is confusing business with personal. X title: Rob Van Dam v. Austin Aries Personally I would have put Christian York in this slot and switched the title. They trade wristlocks to start and Rob rolls him up with a scissor hold for two. Dropkick misses and Aries tries a slingshot senton, but hits knee and bails. Rob follows with a pescado and we take a break. Back with Rob hitting another dive, but missing the guillotine legdrop and landing on the railing. Aries gives him a neckbreaker over the railing, and sends him back in for two. Elbow to the neck gets two. Rob comes back with a kick in the corner, but Aries DDTs him for two. An Aries version of Rolling Thunder gets two and he goes up with his own frog splash, but that misses. Rob makes the comeback and hits his own Rolling Thunder, and the moonsault gets two. Aries puts him down with a rolling elbow, but Rob dropkicks him and goes up. Aries was faking, however, and sends Rob into the railing on a CRAZY bump, then grabs the microphone and cuts a promo instead of following up. His disparaging words about Brooke Hogan bring out Bully Ray for the attack and DQ at 12:24. That was quite the flat finish to a perfectly serviceable match. **3/4 The Pulse This Hogan storyline is making Aces & Eights look well thought out. I’m supposed to buy Brooke & Bully as a couple? I’m supposed to care about Brooke in the first place and somehow think Austin Aries is a bad person after months of Brooke acting like a bigshot with no credentials of her own to back it up? No buys all around. Weak storylines aside, this show had all good matches and no bad matches, which makes it an easy thumbs up despite the silliness of the main angle. Much like RAW, sometimes that’s enough.

NXT – November 28, 2012

Date: November 28, 2012
Location: Full Sail
University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Tony
Dawson, Jim Ross, Tom Phillips
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
Back to the Florida
guys this week as we approach the title match between Rollins and
Mahal. We’re also getting towards the point where this show will
catch up to WWE and we’ll see Mahal as a leather clad rocker and
potentially Rollins as a guy in a police themed gimmick. Other than
that we’ve still got Langston vs. Vickie’s guys for the bounty.
Let’s get to it.

We open with Bryan,
saying that he’s coming back to the place where it all started for
him. Since he was here, he became world champion, started a
successful line of t-shirts and now HE IS THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!
Tonight he demands that no one say YES and that no one call him a
goatface. He also says that Kane, who is standing next to him, must
stay out of his way. Kane says HE is the tag team champions and for
Bryan to stay out of his way. You know where this is going. Bryan
lets out the biggest NO ever but Kane says yes to counter.
Theme song.
Trent Barreta vs.
Leo Kruger
Trent has banged up
ribs due to the presumed attack by Kruger last week. He takes Kruger
down with some running shots to the head to start, but the ribs keep
him from being able to follow up. Leo sends the ribs into the corner
and rips off the tape. A knee drop keeps Trent down and Kruger goes
after the ribs. Off to an abdominal stretch as the tape is rapidly
disappearing from Barreta’s ribs.
Kruger goes up to the
middle rope but jumps into a dropkick for two. Trent keeps hitting
moves but he has to stop to breathe after every single one. The
running elbow in the corner staggers Kruger but a release flapjack
stops the momentum cold. The Kruger End (neckbreaker into a cutter)
gets the pin on Trent at 4:39.
Rating: C-.
The match makes sense from a logic and psychology standpoint which I
like, but it wasn’t exactly an interesting match due to all of the
slowing down. Trent is a guy who will go out there and give you a
good match most of the time, but he wasn’t able to be himself here.
Odds are we’ll get another match soon when Trent is healthy.
Xavier Woods vs.
Memo Montenegro
Woods is billed as
being from Angel Grove, California. Isn’t that where the Power
Rangers were from in the first few seasons? Woods likes to dance
apparently and also is good in hip hop kido. JR doesn’t care for
whatever that is but likes headlocks. The voice Ross uses when
saying that was hilarious. Woods continues to control with the
headlock as JR continues to sound like he cannot stand Woods’
gimmick. Memo misses a clothesline and a dropkick puts him down. In
a stupid/AWESOME ending, Woods shouts that IT’S MORPHING TIME
(awesome) and hits a rolling clothesline for the pin at 2:14.
Wait a second. During
the match, Dawson said that Woods was trained by Zack Taylor in Hip
Hop Kido. A quick Wikipedia search shows that Taylor was the name of
the original Black Power Ranger and his fighting style was in fact
Hop Hop Kido. I take what I said earlier back. Woods is AWESOME!
Audrey Marie vs.
Emma is from Australia
and Audrey is officially a cowgirl. A dropkick puts Emma down
quickly and Audrey hooks a “unique submission” according to Tom.
JR: “It’s called a bodyscissors Tom.” That gets a few rollups
for two on Emma and it’s off to a move I’ve heard called a Tumbleweed
for more twos. JR continues to be funny because he’s annoyed and/or
bored, saying that he feels sorry for these girls because neither has
a last name. Tom calls a cross body a giant play to annoy JR even
more. After a backslide gets two for Emma, Audrey finishes her with
a Catatonic (spinning Rock Bottom) at 2:40.
Roman Reigns has issued
a press release, saying that he doesn’t want to give an interview
right now. He has meetings with his “team” to determine various
endorsements because he’s a blue chipper, but he’ll participate in
this interview at a later date. Ok that’s pretty awesome.
Here’s Michael Cole to
moderate a face to face meeting between Rollins and Mahal. Cole’s
music sounds like it’s being sung by a bad Frank Sinatra impersonator
and is called Never Thought My Life Could Be This Good. It sounds
like it’s describing a scene from Leave It To Beaver, talking about
having a mowed lawn and a picket fence. It’s kind of catchy
Anyway he brings out
Rollins and Mahal for the face to face confrontation. Mahal says
what he did last week wasn’t an attack. Rollins says it was the
action of a desperate man, because Mahal knows he can’t beat Rollins
one on one. Mahal talks about how it’s his birthright (his destiny
if you will) to be a champion. Rollins talks about being a man of
the people and sharing a mind and a spirit. Rollins says he’s better
than Mahal because he has the heart of a champion. Mahal goes on a
rant about prejudice and attacks Rollins, putting him in the camel
Tag Titles: Michael
McGillicutty/Johnny Curtis vs. HELL NO
Curtis is already
dancing and is apparently a stripper now. Oh joy. Apparently THIS
is Johnny’s cash in for winning NXT Season 4. Wow they actually
remembered that. Points for continuity! Bryan and Kane argue before
the match, which starts with McGillicutty vs. Bryan. Michael takes
him down to start and Bryan pretends to tag Kane, just to tease him a
bit. Now be nice to that monster.
Kane tags himself in
and clotheslines McGillicutty to the floor, only to have Bryan tag
himself back in. The challengers take over with some double teaming
and Goatface plays Ricky Morton. Curtis puts on a bow and arrow
submission hold before it’s back to McGillicutty for some shots to
the ribs. Johnny hooks a chinlock for a bit before a double
clothesline puts both guys down. Hot tag brings in Kane and house is
cleaned. Bryan tags himself in again and the champions argue.
McGillicutty gets two off a rollup as everything breaks down. A
chokeslam puts Curtis down as the NO Lock submits McGillicutty at
Rating: D+.
Nothing to see here as the whole match was just killing time until
McGillicutty and Curtis realized they were McGillicutty and Curtis.
Why in the world Curtis is getting repackaged and put on the main
roster instead of McGillicutty is beyond me, but it might be because
Michael is talented and might get over, and we wouldn’t want that.
The champs hug it out
to close the show.
Overall Rating: C-.
This wasn’t their best show. The Power Rangers thing is a great geek
out moment, but the rest of this show doesn’t work for me. The main
guys other than Rollins weren’t here and they were clearly missed. I
can’t complain about seeing Audrey Marie on my screen, but JR being
belligerent is sad to hear. He just doesn’t care anymore and that’s
very clear. Not a terrible show, but their worst in months.
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