Daily News Update – February 11, 2020

Hey, 15 in a row for the Raptors.  Not too shabby.

DATELINE:  Brandi Rhodes put the final nail in the coffin of the Nightmare Collective, saying that things went a lot differently than she had planned.  That’s an understatement.

DATELINE:  The Tuwaiq Trophy is the latest bullshit “title” set for Super Showdown this month, with 6 geeks in a gauntlet match.  They’re really doing the hard sell for this one.

DATELINE:  Rock’s daughter Simone joined the WWE Performance Center.  The Pebble?

Hey, here’s Edge v. Eddie in a ladder match to start your day.

The SmarK Rant for Jerry Lawler’s Classic Memphis Wrestling – 07.20.19

The SmarK Rant for Jerry Lawler’s Classic Memphis Wrestling – 07.20.19

After a weekend of Flair v. Steamboat, I wanted the exact opposite of Flair v. Steamboat.  Which has gotta be this.

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Daily News Update – February 10, 2020

Whoa, Parasite.  Not gonna lie, I was 100% Team Tarantino for this year’s nominees, but at least the movie got a couple of awards.

Thank god someone finally used their acceptance speech to speak up for the plight of the bovine nation.

Also, I don’t know if Brian wants to take these over again post-concussion or what, but I’m usually up at 5AM for work these days anyway and I know you all love my snarky humor first thing in the morning.

To the news!

DATELINE:  The XFL did 3.3 million viewers for the debut on ABC.  It’s a good-ish number, but of course the real test will be what it looks like by four or five weeks in.

DATELINE:  New Japan will be returning to MSG with “Wrestle Dynasty” in August.  Um, but how are they gonna draw a crowd without Matt Taven and ROH to prop them up?

And here’s a WWE show about the best wrestling weddings, given the proximity of Valentine’s Day…

Bonus Repost: The SmarK Rant for WCW Saturday Night – 05.15.94

(Continuing on with the Flair-Steamboat theme this weekend, here’s one of their last matches together, the rematch from Spring Stampede 94, which I reviewed on WWE 24/7 shortly after the amazing Flair DVD set came out!) 

The SmarK 24/7 Rant for WCW Saturday Night – May 15 1994

– Man, this channel is crazy sometimes.  After the last Flair DVD came out, people were like “Why put the Spring Stampede match on there when there’s a much better one from TV a month later?”  Well, apparently that’s what 24/7 is for.

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The Biggest Star?

Who is WWE’s biggest star right now, i.e. the one who sells tickets, moves merchandise, draws attention to the product?

Fiend is certainly moving merchandise but I don’t know that anyone else is doing any of those things.  Maybe Becky Lynch?  No one’s selling tickets, that’s for damn sure.  There’s a strong case to be made that it might be Goldberg, in fact.


Hey Scott,
Are you done reviewing current day RAW/SD/NXT?
Also, have you seen the trailer for the new documentary about the Ruthless Aggression Era that premieres next week after Takeover:Portland?
Any chance of reviewing that series?

I’m definitely done with Smackdown.  RAW I might check out here and there because I’ve got a couple of months left on my fake US Hulu account.  NXT is tricky for me because realistically I can’t watch until Friday and by then no one cares about it.  Plus Dynamite does ungodly huge numbers on the blog anyway whereas NXT does very small ones, so there’s not much return on investment for me.

I haven’t seen the trailer but I’m glad they’ve hopefully moved onto naval gazing about something else other than the fucking Attitude Era.  RATINGS WERE VERY HIGH, WE GET IT.  Anyway, no, I’m not watching it.

The SmarK Rant for WWE Network Hidden Gems – NWA Boogie Jam 84

The SmarK Rant for WWE Network Hidden Gems – NWA Boogie Jam 84 (03.17.84)

I totally forgot that this one got added as a Hidden Gem show a while back, mostly because the interface is such dogshit now that I can barely find anything unless I know exactly where I’m supposed to be looking.  And since Clash VI is apparently hacked to pieces on the Network anyway, we’ll go with this one as our second version of the Flair v. Steamboat celebration this weekend.


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The Cheap and Lazy Sunday Thread – Febuary 8, 2020

The XFL is back!  I don’t feel like many people were ready for some more football.  But whatever, it’s Vince’s money.

DATELINE:  Smackdown had better ratings this week, although they’re basically the same audience every week.

DATELINE;  Chris Jericho is teasing that EC3 might be coming into AEW.  Hey, if they could rehab Jake Hager, anything is possible.

Strong Style Saturday Thread – February 8, 2020

Hoo boy, there’s some stuff going on this morning.

DATELINE:  Former noted wrestler Bryan Clark is now a noted drug dealer, facing a bunch of very bad charges from January and April of last year.

DATELINE:  Newest wild speculation from people who should know better is that Amazon is a possible buyer for WWE, so they can put all that sweet, sweet content on Amazon Prime.  I’m just leaving this one here and walking away from it.  Although MLW is also reportedly in talks with Amazon.

DATELINE:  Taynara Conti is gone from NXT after some kind of “disagreement”.  No big loss there, although it must have been bad if WWE voluntarily lets someone go without at least throwing a $500,000 a year contract offer at them first.

So also this week, be sure to stop by and vote in the RSPW Awards over at MightyGodKing’s site:  http://cromwell.mightygodking.com/index.php/514782?lang=en

Chris also sent me a cool and fun infographic as we attempt to determine the FIGHTINGEST CHAMPIONS EVER.  The winner should come as no surprise.

Daily News Update – February 7, 2020

Well, we made it to Friday, and there’s a new Observer out last night!  Let’s see what’s in the news…

DATELINE:  The secret streaming service apparently bidding for Wrestlemania is Peacock, which launches on 4/15 and will carry a $9.99 price tag.  The idea being that all the PPVs move to that service and the WWE Network moves towards the Fight Pass model of the old WWE content plus hosting other indie promotions like Evolve and WXW.

DATELINE:  New Japan is looking at a return to MSG in the summer, assuming that Vince doesn’t try to get it shut down again.  However, regardless of whether they can strike a deal with AEW for talent exchanges, it wouldn’t appear likely for Tony Khan to allow AEW guys to work that show.

DATELINE:  With Awesome Kong off to film GLOW again, AEW taped a segment for YouTube where Brandi Rhodes goes to a psychiatrist and is cured of her evil side.  So the Nightmare Collective is offically done.

And here’s Brock Lesnar squashing Hulk Hogan to kick off your day!

Revenue up, stock down…


Most interesting part is that Vince is apparently open to selling the rights to the major PPVs outside of the Network. I guess if FOX wants to pay another chunk of money and air Wrestlemania on free TV, good on them. We already have commercials on the Network airings anyway.

Regardless, I guess Wall Street didn’t like what they heard because stock dropped another $6 after the call.

Daily News Update – February 6, 2020

It’s EARNINGS CALL DAY for WWE.  This should be an interesting one.

DATELINE:  WWE stock opened up at $49 this morning ahead of the call and has rebounded slightly from the disaster following the Barrios/Wilson firings.

DATELINE:  Conor McGregor should probably list himself on the stock market, because UFC 246 became the first streaming PPV to do one million buys according to ESPN.

DATELINE:  WWE has abandoned the trademark to EC3 because EC3 already registered it for himself.  I’m thinking he’s not sticking around much longer.  Just a hunch.

Meltzer finally breaks Cornette

Cornette’s really making friends on Twitter lately, isn’t he?