And the Emmy goes to…

JACK BAUER, MOTHERFUCKER! And then for a double-shot of awesome, 24 wins Best Drama. Sure, Scrubs didn’t win Best Comedy, but certainly The Office was deserving enough. Julia-Lous Dreyfuss getting Best Actress was a bit of a head-scratcher (does anyone watch that show?) but I think the rest of the night went well enough. And it ended EARLY. I guess threatening death to Bob Newhart was all they needed.

It’s party time in CTU tonight, however!

Angle fired

The whole Kurt Angle situation is really getting scary, as a public firing (or “mutual parting of the ways” in this case) means that he’s so messed up that even the company that gave Jeff Hardy tons of chances won’t give him another chance for a while. As much as I love to watch Kurt, it’s time for him to hang it up and find something else to do with his career. He’s a natural color commentator and would probably talk circles around Jerry Lawler at this point, for instance. JBL made the smart choice, hopefully Angle will too.

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“Hey Scott,
This is Matt Foster, fos4545 from the blog.  Sorry I
haven’t been at the blog for a while, I just got
married and started a new school year at a new school
and the kids are kicking my ass right now.
Anyway, I have a question/statement/musing:
With all of this McMahoning going around on RAW and
the DVD, it seems like the pinnacle of Vince being all
over TV.  Raw just doesn’t seem motivated, the
characters are bland, and the writing is at best
boring, and at worst offensive.
My question is, what if this isn’t Vince’s fault?  I
think the Attitude Era worked because Vince was
tempered by creative, extroverted personalities like
Austin, Rocky, Foley, HBK, the Undertaker, and the
rest.  Even HHH was a thousand times more entertaining
when he was getting over as the best wrestler in the
world.  It was entertaining because each guy was in to
their gimmick and running with it full force.  Now the
only people that seem to do that on Raw are Edge,
Umaga, and Vince himself.  Cena was a phenom until he
became bored and watered down.  What the hell ever
happened to having a personality on this show?
I guess in all this rambling, what I’m trying to say
is that the crapability of the WWE may not be all
Vince’s fault.  I’m sure if someone came up with a
good idea, he’d run with it.  But in the meantime,
he’ll keep fucking Katie Vick’s dead body and trying
to be Stephanie’s baby daddy.
Your thoughts?”

The problem is that pretty much everything is going to be Vince’s fault, because Vince takes the blame for what goes wrong and takes the credit for what goes right. It’s been clearly established that he’s in total control at this point, for better or worse. So no matter what, you have to lay the blame on him.

A Pillman DVD, if handled properly, could be really interesting. However, check out the match list:

Brian Pillman’s before my time of watching wrestling – I was wondering whether you’re looking forward to this:

The Brian Pillman DVD “Loose Cannon” will feature a 95-minute documentary on his career, touching on football, Stampede Wrestling, his run with Austin as The Hollywood Blonds, the Four Horsemen, ECW, his car accident, his time with Hart Foundation and will include the following matches:*Bruce Hart & Brian Pillman vs. Midnight Cowboys 4/23/88 for International tag team titles
*Pillman vs. Lex Luger 10/28/89 Halloween Havoc
*Pillman & Tom Zenk vs. Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin 2/12/90
*Pillman & Austin doing “A Flare for the Old” segment on WCW TV
*War Games 1991 with Pillman & Sting & Steiners vs. Four Horsemen
*Pillman vs. Ricky Morton 10/27/91
*Pillman & El Gigante vs. Barry Windham & Arn Anderson 6/12/91 loser leaves town match
*Pillman & Windham vs. Johnny Gunn & Zenk 12/26/92
*Pillman & Austin vs. Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas 5/23/93
*WCW Thundercage with Pillman & Sting & Dustin Rhodes vs. Paul Orndorff & Austin & Rick Rude
*Pillman vs. Jushin Liger from the first Nitro match
*Pillman vs. Dean Malenko 1/22/96 Nitro
*Pillman vs. Eddie Guerrero 1/23/96 Clash of Champions
*Pillman vs. Austin 6/16/97 Raw
*Hart Foundation vs. Austin & Shamrock & LOD & Goldust 7/6/97 Calgary Stampede
*Pillman vs. Goldust 9/7/97
*Pillman vs. Liger 2/29/92 SuperBrawl from Milwaukee

By my count, that’s two ***** matches (Wargames, Canadian Stampede), two ****3/4 (Liger/Pillman, Blonds v. Steamboat/Douglas) matches, and a whole bunch of awesome. Zenk/Pillman v. Midnights title switch from Capital Combat is missing, although that would have been great, too. Definitely I’m buying this one.