The Princess’ ECW Report.

“Live” from Reading, PA

If this report sounds a little flat, please understand that my area is under a tropical storm and flood watch. Of course I pretty much live on sea level so a car wash is enough to cause a flood.

— We open the show with “Mr. Heyman” and he talks about his concept and his life and this and that…I loved Heyman promos much more in the 80s-90s as Paul E. Dangerously. It’s hard to generate a real hatred for the guy because he’s been put out there so much in the past 10 years. Oh yeah he promises to pin Sabu. I’m psyched.

Rob Van Dam vs. Hardcore Holly. Not a horrible choice for an opener. Slugfest to start but RVD hits a savate kick and clotheslines ol’ Sparky Plugg over the top. They take it to the floor and RVD hits his legdrop off the ring apron onto Holly. RVD continues hammering away but Holly tries to counter with the Alabama Slam. RVD goes on defense to block it but Holly just dumps him over the top. That was effective. Holly adds a standing legdrop and works the chin. Yay a resthold, now that’s hardcore. Resthold doesn’t last long however, as Holly gets a BEAUTIFUL drop kick for two. Holly lays on some DOWN HOME SOUTHERN VIOLENCE~! in the corner but RVD counters the blind charge. Two clotheslines and another savate kick gets two. RVD hits the windmill kick and rolling thunder but Hardcore escapes the five-star. Holly grabs a chair but misses and RVD hits another spin kick. Something tells me that was supposed to be a Van Daminator but Holly blew the spot. RVD, rightfully pissed, grabs the chair and waffles Holly with it to draw the DQ. Good lord, why does ECW have DQs? It’s stupid. (Holly d. RVD — disqualification, **1/2). Solid opener but probably needed another three minutes. Of course the ICW is going to bitch about Holly, but he looked good and I think he’ll work in the brand and these two will mesh to have some decent matches.

— Rene Dupree continues trying to channel the awesomeness that was Rick “The Model” Martel and failing miserably.

Oh no, the Big Show is going to speak. Nothing good can come out of this. Yadda yadda yadda, “I am the most dominating in ECW…I destroyed DX….Hell in the Cell…mmmm Beefy…” Show challenges DX to a handicap match next week there in ECW. Well at least he kept it fairly short.

— “The Reject” Shannon Moore is ready to fight the power. Dude, Public Enemy did that 18 years ago. Talk about recycling catchphrases.

C.M. Punk vs. Stevie Richards. Crowd gets a C.M Punk chant going already. Wrestling sequence starts things off and both guys no sell chops. Punk disposes of Stevie and follows it with a suicide dive. Richards turns the tide with a couple of knees and a suplex that gets a fast two. Richards gets creative with a lower abdominal bearhug but Punk hits a dropkick on a counter and a few more kicks to take control again. Punk executes a double-armed powerbomb into a backbreaker for two. That looked impressive. Richards makes another feeble comeback attempt but a urinage and the anaconda vice ends things. ( C.M. Punk d. Richards, anaconda vice — submission, **1/4) Another decent Punk outing although the crowd really didn’t respond like they have been thus far.

— Another trailer from “The Marine” with EXCLUSIVE~! commentary from John Cena. Time for some Crystal Light.

— Matt Striker tries to get some cheap heat. I will admit the little tie is a cute touch but Shane Douglas pulled off this gimmick a million times better despite bitching about it the whole time. Striker rips on The Sandman until he answers the call but Striker hits him with the blackboard and works him over with a stapler. Not exactly Brian Pillman with the fork, but I can appreciate the attempt. Striker quickly escapes before Sandman can rally.

— Balls Mahoney gets ready to go into his usual spiel when Kelly Kelly interrupts him. Yeah, she’s an exhibitionist and that is an exhibition in poor acting.

— Styles and Tazz talk about Kurt Angle and give him some kind, parting words. The WWE has treated this with some class and it’s a sad state of affairs that I am a little surprised that. But Vince has made me skeptical.

— Sabu cuts a promo and sounds like he’s from Bombay….Bombay, Michigan…Why not just call him Terry “The Arabian” Brunk?

Sabu vs. Paul Heyman. Right away Heyman sends his security force after him but Sabu fights them off. The Big Show joins in and it quickly becomes a 3-on-1…well if you include Heyman it’s more like a 3.5-on-1. Sabu is busted open with a chair shot from Show and Heyman even gets some slaps in before laying on the badmouth. Pretty decent badmouth too. Big Show orders the goons to bring in a table as Heyman lays in some weak looking punches. This really isn’t the way to suck in viewers. Sabu tries to rally but a clothesline puts a quick end to that. Sabu tries a second rally and a headbutt ends it this time. RVD comes it to save the day and a Van Daminator puts Show on the canvas. RVD hits a somerset plancha on the security guards. Sabu finally gets a hold of Heyman and gives him an Arabian facebuster. RVD places Heyman on the table for Sabu to do damage but Show saves him at the last second. Hardcore Holly runs in and puts RVD through the table. Show does the sleeper/backbreaker combo and the showstopper legdrop on Sabu before dragging Heyman’s lifeless body and placing it on Sabu for the three count. (Heyman d. Sabu, Big Show/Hardcore Holly/Security Force/National Guard of Minnesota interference — pin, DUD). Show chokeslams Sabu through a table for good measure. Didn’t do much for me overall but the chaos to end the show isn’t a bad idea. Hello they could have tossed Knox and Dreamer into the run-in fest and went crazy with it. There’s nothing wrong with a wild brawl in ECW, that’s partially how the federation reached its height of success.

The Bottom Line: Ok, there’s a good and a bad. The bad is that the Sabu-Big Show feud really isn’t going anywhere and Paul Heyman is just hard to buy as the evil dictator boss guy. The good is that people are getting matched up as the brand builds towards its PPV. I’ve seen worse than Holly-RVD and I’m even willing to give Striker-Sandman a chance. Unfortunately the brand will continue (for now) without Angle, who was supposed to be one of the building blocks to help get the brand through this infancy. It’s really a sad ending to what turned out to be a very successful career and I hope Angle gets the help he needs because depression and pain pills isn’t the type of shit you play with. In the end this wasn’t a terrible hour of entertainment. I would’ve liked to see Sabu brutalize Heyman than Show runs in and saves him, instead Sabu got murdered for 10 minutes, got one move on Heyman before getting murdered some more and pinned. That’s called a squash in my book.

The Hall of Fame thread

Just reading through the new WON about the major candidates for the Hall this year, and none of the ones profiled really jump out as someone who deserves to get in. I’d say that the Rock N Rolls and Midnights are long overdue, and Eddie Guerrero will probably make it, but others like the Assassins and Andersons are just filling out the ballot. Can anyone seriously make a case for Booker T, for instance?


“Hey Scott, I had a quick question for you and the blogsters. I recentlysubscribed to WWE 24/7 and I was wondering how things were added onthere. For example, this month it says “WEEK 1″ spans from 8/28 to 9/3.I was wondering if everything was added on 8/28, or if it was addedbetween the two dates. I was also wondering what versions of thingswere being shown, for instance, SummerSlam 1996 is on there right now,would that be the live ppv version or the commercial releaseversion…Also while Im writing this, I was wondering if I could get afree copy of your newest book, since I’ve been a supporter of yours,spanning all the way back to the rantsylvania days and I have your 3other books. Hey…you cant blame a guy for trying right? Thanks Scott”

Ho ho, pretty sneaky at the end there. I do have a whole bunch of copies and I’ll probably do some sort of contest once my friends and relatives have siphoned all the books they need off me, but that probably won’t be a while.

Anyway, past about 1995 there was little difference between the live PPV and commercial versions of shows, because everything had to conform to the 2:40 standard that PPV companies set anyway. So I wouldn’t worry too much about that. Besides, Coliseum video was still distributing WWE stuff as of 1996, and I can’t see WWE using the Coliseum versions, because that’s just how they roll.

As for the other parts of the question, I’ve never used 24/7, so I couldn’t say.

The thread of that which is the opposite of Monday Night Cooked

If anyone is interested in going the Bill Yanney route and trying out for a spot doing RAW reports here on, drop me a line with a sample recap for tonight’s show. You’ve gotta be fast, though, as I’d like something I can have up around an hour after the end of the show.

And now, please feel free to discuss the first RAW on the new blog!

And the Emmy goes to…

JACK BAUER, MOTHERFUCKER! And then for a double-shot of awesome, 24 wins Best Drama. Sure, Scrubs didn’t win Best Comedy, but certainly The Office was deserving enough. Julia-Lous Dreyfuss getting Best Actress was a bit of a head-scratcher (does anyone watch that show?) but I think the rest of the night went well enough. And it ended EARLY. I guess threatening death to Bob Newhart was all they needed.

It’s party time in CTU tonight, however!

Angle fired

The whole Kurt Angle situation is really getting scary, as a public firing (or “mutual parting of the ways” in this case) means that he’s so messed up that even the company that gave Jeff Hardy tons of chances won’t give him another chance for a while. As much as I love to watch Kurt, it’s time for him to hang it up and find something else to do with his career. He’s a natural color commentator and would probably talk circles around Jerry Lawler at this point, for instance. JBL made the smart choice, hopefully Angle will too.

The rules

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“Hey Scott,
This is Matt Foster, fos4545 from the blog.  Sorry I
haven’t been at the blog for a while, I just got
married and started a new school year at a new school
and the kids are kicking my ass right now.
Anyway, I have a question/statement/musing:
With all of this McMahoning going around on RAW and
the DVD, it seems like the pinnacle of Vince being all
over TV.  Raw just doesn’t seem motivated, the
characters are bland, and the writing is at best
boring, and at worst offensive.
My question is, what if this isn’t Vince’s fault?  I
think the Attitude Era worked because Vince was
tempered by creative, extroverted personalities like
Austin, Rocky, Foley, HBK, the Undertaker, and the
rest.  Even HHH was a thousand times more entertaining
when he was getting over as the best wrestler in the
world.  It was entertaining because each guy was in to
their gimmick and running with it full force.  Now the
only people that seem to do that on Raw are Edge,
Umaga, and Vince himself.  Cena was a phenom until he
became bored and watered down.  What the hell ever
happened to having a personality on this show?
I guess in all this rambling, what I’m trying to say
is that the crapability of the WWE may not be all
Vince’s fault.  I’m sure if someone came up with a
good idea, he’d run with it.  But in the meantime,
he’ll keep fucking Katie Vick’s dead body and trying
to be Stephanie’s baby daddy.
Your thoughts?”

The problem is that pretty much everything is going to be Vince’s fault, because Vince takes the blame for what goes wrong and takes the credit for what goes right. It’s been clearly established that he’s in total control at this point, for better or worse. So no matter what, you have to lay the blame on him.

A Pillman DVD, if handled properly, could be really interesting. However, check out the match list:

Brian Pillman’s before my time of watching wrestling – I was wondering whether you’re looking forward to this:

The Brian Pillman DVD “Loose Cannon” will feature a 95-minute documentary on his career, touching on football, Stampede Wrestling, his run with Austin as The Hollywood Blonds, the Four Horsemen, ECW, his car accident, his time with Hart Foundation and will include the following matches:*Bruce Hart & Brian Pillman vs. Midnight Cowboys 4/23/88 for International tag team titles
*Pillman vs. Lex Luger 10/28/89 Halloween Havoc
*Pillman & Tom Zenk vs. Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin 2/12/90
*Pillman & Austin doing “A Flare for the Old” segment on WCW TV
*War Games 1991 with Pillman & Sting & Steiners vs. Four Horsemen
*Pillman vs. Ricky Morton 10/27/91
*Pillman & El Gigante vs. Barry Windham & Arn Anderson 6/12/91 loser leaves town match
*Pillman & Windham vs. Johnny Gunn & Zenk 12/26/92
*Pillman & Austin vs. Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas 5/23/93
*WCW Thundercage with Pillman & Sting & Dustin Rhodes vs. Paul Orndorff & Austin & Rick Rude
*Pillman vs. Jushin Liger from the first Nitro match
*Pillman vs. Dean Malenko 1/22/96 Nitro
*Pillman vs. Eddie Guerrero 1/23/96 Clash of Champions
*Pillman vs. Austin 6/16/97 Raw
*Hart Foundation vs. Austin & Shamrock & LOD & Goldust 7/6/97 Calgary Stampede
*Pillman vs. Goldust 9/7/97
*Pillman vs. Liger 2/29/92 SuperBrawl from Milwaukee

By my count, that’s two ***** matches (Wargames, Canadian Stampede), two ****3/4 (Liger/Pillman, Blonds v. Steamboat/Douglas) matches, and a whole bunch of awesome. Zenk/Pillman v. Midnights title switch from Capital Combat is missing, although that would have been great, too. Definitely I’m buying this one.