Royal Rumble Countdown 2019: The SmarK Rant for WWE Royal Rumble 2018

(Hey, this worked really well last year, so let’s see how many of these we can squeeze in before this year’s show.  100% I’m redoing Rumble 2000 this week, too.) 

The SmarK Rant for WWE Royal Rumble 2018 – 01.28.18

Live from Philly

Your hosts are Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, Corey Graves, Tom Phillips, and special guest Stephanie McMahon!

Mojo Rawley, huh? That’s the sound of 15,000 people groaning in unison.

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The Wednesday Wackness

Tonight!  It’s NXT and NXT UK, with Tommy having coverage.

Voting is now open for the 2018 RSPW awards!  Check it out here:

RAW and Smackdown ratings were up a bit this week.

No idea what the Hidden Gems are tomorrow.  Maybe something Rumble related?

Anyway, enjoy the evening and probably try to avoid the “Justice” thread if you’re not into meta-drama from the blog.  I’m kinda liking Tommy’s “switch dumb e-mail and Impact jobs” offer.

The SmarK Rant for WWF Sunday Night Heat–02.21.99

The SmarK Rant for WWF Sunday Night Heat – 02.21.99

Ugh this show annoys me SO MUCH but it’s a quick recap and there’s usually material to talk about. So we’ll soldier on for now until Superstars replaces it as my go-to quickie Network recap.

So on the episode of RAW after St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, Mankind lost the WWF title back to the Rock, and X-Pac lost the European title to Shane McMahon in a title change I had blocked out of my mind. Also, some guy named “Paul Wight” is now working for Vince.

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The SmarK Rant for WWF Monday Night RAW–01.17.00

The SmarK Rant for WWF Monday Night RAW – 01.17.00

It’s Martin Luther King Day! Don’t tell Hulk Hogan. Not a holiday in Canada, of course, because we’re all unified as the same shade of blue from the freezing winter temperatures.

Anyway, it is a giant understatement to say that all hell was breaking loose in WCW at this point, specifically the night before at Souled Out, and this is the last show before what we think of as “WWF 2000” begins for real as a result.

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Lazy Sunday Thread

It’s more football today!  So much football!  MOVING THE CHAINS!

I didn’t watch NXT Takeover UK yet, but I did watch the UK Hidden Gems and they were pretty great.

Venom was…OK.  Definitely a rental.  At least he didn’t break into a dance number in a bar, though.

Enjoy your sleeping in, if that’s your thing, and don’t forget FOOTBALL!  BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!

Samurai Night Thread

NXT Takeover UK was earlier today and sounds like it was a kickass show.  Available now on the WWE Network and Tommy has the recap pinned to the top.  I’ve got other stuff on my plate so I’ll probably pass for now.

NFL football playoffs out the wazoo tonight!  They’re no XFL, that’s for sure.

I legit have casual, non-wrestling nerd, people at work asking me about this All Elite thing, which is weird.  They might have something here.  WWE has a house show here in Saskatoon on Feb 1, so we’ll see what the t-shirt ratio is like.  Last few times have been heavily Bullet Club, so maybe they’ll be some AEW this time?

Tonight:  Hidden Gems of some sort and I’m gonna watch Venom, since I didn’t get a chance to see it in theaters!  Have a great night!

Strong Style Saturday Thread

Time for the weekend!  Not for me, I’m working, but for most of you, I’m sure.

NXT Takeover UK is later this afternoon on the WWE Network, with the following card:

  • Pete Dunne vs. Joe Coffey for UK title
  • Trent Seven & Tyler Bate vs. James Drake & Zack Gibson to determine first UK tag champions
  • Rhea Ripley vs. Toni Storm for UK women’s title
  • Eddie Dennis vs. Dave Mastiff no DQ
  • Travis Banks vs. Jordan Devlin

I know of many of these people and this should likely be a good show, which I’m sure Tommy will be recapping later today.  I may also, I’m not sure.

I’ve got a brand new version of WCW Road Wild 97 up in a little bit for your reading pleasure.

I’m assuming there’s football games and such today, so enjoy that and chat about your Saturday here!

The SmarK Rant for Edge & Christian Episodes 5 & 6

The SmarK Rant for Edge & Christian’s Show That Reeks of Awesomeness – Episodes 5 & 6

A reader asks…

“Please pull yourself out of 1999 to review the most ridiculous episode of E&C ever uploaded to Vince McMahon’ interwebs. So many insane gags I don’t even know where to begin. Beth deserves an Emmy.”

This is a complete departure, so let’s see if reviewing these shows on their own instead of part of the Hidden Gems for the week works or what. January has been kind of a shit month for ad revenue anyway so it’s worth a try. As always, I’m sure my readership will let me know if it’s not working.

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The Wednesday Night Wackness

The excitement over AEW is building!  Judging by the amount of e-mails I’ve gotten already, they might have something here.

Tonight it’s NXT and NXT UK pts 1 and 2, to be recapped by the esteemed Tommy Hall as always.  Apparently there’s an NXT Takeover UK this weekend on the Network as well.  Guess I’ll have to tackle that one?

I wanna get back to Nitro, but I really wanna see if Road Wild 97 was as shitty as I remember first, because I’m that way about it.  I’m debating the Heat situation and it seems like more people want me to continue suffering.

Anyway, chat about whatever’s going on tonight!

The SmarK Rant for WWF St. Valentine’s Day Massacre–02.14.99

(Originally written during the 24/7 era, somewhere around 2009 I think?) 

This was one badly in need of a redo, so it works out well. This was during the heyday of Vince Russo, as Vince McMahon had won the Royal Rumble and put his Wrestlemania title shot on the line against Steve Austin in a cage match, the first true in-ring meeting between them.

Live from Memphis, TN, drawing a massive crowd of 17,000 but a disappointing 1.21 buyrate. 

Your hosts are Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler. I think the introduction music is changed from the original. 

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Tuesday Night Thread

It is the evening for Smacking Down, live!

RAW ratings were up a tad.  Baby steps, I guess.

Big Dave sez that Braun Strowman is still uncleared by doctors, which is why he couldn’t do anything physical with Brock last night.  Perhaps he’s also uncleared to do promos, which is why they still suck.

Chat about sports and TV but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD not abortions.  Sorry for even giving someone a launching point this morning.  My bad.

The SmarK Rant for WWF Sunday Night Heat–02.14.99

The SmarK Rant for WWF Sunday Night Heat – 02.14.99

Live from Memphis, TN, and this is the pre-game show for St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

We get highlights of the god-awful Skydome RAW where Vince pinned Austin to win the gauntlet match to start, which hopefully isn’t setting the tone for this show.

Your hosts are Kevin Kelly & Shane McMahon

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