The Saturday Night Fight Thread

Man, nobody likes the Mid-Atlantic reviews, it seems like.  I don’t care, I still love them.

TONIGHT!  Um, nothing really.  Tomorrow is AEW Revolution and everyone is pretty pumped for that, it seems like.  We’re into the weird dead zone now between WandaVision’s end and the beginning of Falcon & Winter Soldier.  And now I’m gonna have to go back and watch Age of Ultron again, aren’t I?  DAMMIT, MARVEL.  You magnificent bastards.

Smackdown’s ratings were up a bit again.

UFC is tonight as usual and features three title matches and the only one featuring someone I’ve heard of is Amanda Nunes.

Have a great night, everyone.


The SmarK Rant for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – 05.01.82

The SmarK Rant for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – 05.01.82

I had wanted to do some Crockett stuff earlier in the week, but I already had Superstars in the can when he passed so I figured I might as well get it posted first.  But what better way to pay tribute to an all time great promoter than by taking a look at Slaughter’s Privates for our weekly check-up.

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Daily News Update – 03.06.21

Less than two weeks until the Snyder Cut is a real thing that happens.  Much like the Chinese Democracy album, I’m not going to be 100% convinced it actually exists until I can watch it.  I mean, I probably WON’T watch it because FOUR HOURS LONG, but I’m still at even money that it’s all an elaborate troll on us all.

Speaking of trolling us all, Disqus put new “moderation rules” in place that you have to opt out of, which basically filters out comments that it considers “toxic”, which has been resulting in some people’s comments getting put into moderation against my wishes.  I’ve removed the rule so it shouldn’t keep happening, but if your comments go missing, DON’T PANIC and rage quit the blog, just shoot me an e-mail because I likely just need to manually approve them as a worst-case scenario.

Also, with Revolution this weekend, I’d like to once again thanks those who ordered the show through my affiliate link on Fite, and would request that if you’re planning on ordering the show from there, please do so at the following link because I make a couple of bucks off it for the blog:


Mustafa Ali Working Injured

Four Cameos On AEW Dynamite

Next Takeover Accidentally Announced

The WandaVision Spoiler Thread

And it’s a wrap!

Man, for a series that started out as previews that looked like an odd sitcom spoof, this ended up as a mind-bending, meme-generating, home run of a debut for the Disney Plus Marvel shows.

I will say I much prefer the weekly format to the Netflix content dump.  Makes it easier to follow along with the zeitgeist.

My only major disappointment was that what seemed like a giant step towards a multiverse just ended up as a cruel nerd-baiting tease instead.  He he, Bohner.

Discuss it here, and spoilers will be plentiful, I’m assuming, so enter at your own peril if you haven’t watched yet and have been waiting to binge it!

Daily News Update – 03.05.21

Yuck, sinus headache yesterday.  Thanks to Andy for doing the update while I slept in.

Next Takeover May Be Two Nights

Title Match Set For Fastlane

One Possible Name Who Will Not Be AEW’s Surprise Signing


RIP Jim Crockett Jr.

So unfortunately the news got buried a bit by the Wednesday Night War last night, but Jim Crockett Jr. finally passed at 76 after going into hospice care due to a series of failing organs and worsening health.  Obviously his shows were a huge influence on me as a fan, and on the people now running AEW, and hopefully Vince buries the hatchet once and for all and gives him a tribute and/or puts him into the Hall of Fame.  RIP.


Wednesday Night War Thread

Well, we approach the end of the Wednesday Wars.


Of course AEW features Shaq and Jade against Cody and Brandi Jr. in the main event, plus a 10 man tag with the Dark Order against Big Money Matt and his crew.

NXT will feature Lorcan and Burch defending the tag titles against Ciampa and Thatcher.

I’m off to see the Croods with my daughter so I’ll catch Dynamite a little later. Have a great night!

Daily News Update – 03.03.21

Enjoy the Wednesday Night Wars while you can tonight!

Powerrr Coming Back Following NWA Pay Per View

Asuka May Have A Concussion

NXT’s Wes Lee Has A Broken Hand, Tag Team Title Match Postponed



Tuesday Night Streaming Thread

“Thursday afternoons are no fun anymore.”  – Tony Khan on a podcast somewhere, probably.  


The numbers are in, and MIZ = RATINGS.

I’ve been telling you this for weeks!  But my truth of Miz’s awesomeness was just too much for most people to handle.  It’s sad.

Also, the NWA is returning, sort of.

So…free YouTube content removed, all the stars gone, no crowds for the new show, and you have to pay to watch it on FITE.TV.  So that’s a hard pass from me, sorry.  The moment is gone, William Patrick Corgan.  Maybe just accept it.


AEW Dark presents another gaggle of matches, plus Impact returns with another show I’m not watching.

Have a great night.

Marathon over

Bryan Alvarez was hinting very strongly at this move last week as well.  I think it’s the right thing for everyone.

Daily News Update – 03.02.21

So that was the big payoff for the Miz’s title reign, huh?

WWE Drawing Strong Online Audience (Among Certain Fans)

Video: Randy Orton Has An Evil Twin

Big E. Producing Educational Animated Series