Pro Wrestling EVE – The Kris Wolf Retirement Show


Alright, before we start this thing…..

Fairest of warnings – this is a ‘review’ of the EVE Kris Wolf Retirement show. I want to stress up front that it is just tangentially a review of an actual wrestling show, since there’s very little traditional wrestling on it. Also, I swear a lot in this one to seem edgy and give out goofy match ratings because I really want people to accept me and my originality in prose when in reality I’m completely insecure about those things as it relates to my musings about pro wrestling.

Bottom line – you probably barely know this promotion, this is barely a wrestling show, and I think I’m funnier than I am which will probably make this whole thing tedious and a chore to sit through, but we all like Scott so get him that sweet ad revenue and hit that ‘read more’ button. Besides, you can slam me in the comments for the moments of your life that I’m sadly stripping away from you by pseudo-promising something that I probably won’t deliver on.

Cool? Cool. Let’s go.

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WrestleQueendom 2018 Review


So what brought me out of my self-imposed retirement? It’s all Phred and Talbot’s fault, really.

I hang out on the night threads sometimes while I’m waiting for New Japan to start their shows, and lately, there’s been a lot of Joshi watching. I asked a few questions here and there, and Lawrence told me that there was a kick-ass Kay Lee Ray/Meiko Satomura match available on the Pro Wrestling EVE WrestleQueendom show from last year, and best of all, the entire show was streaming for FREE on You Tube! Free is a hell of a deal!

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Best of the Super Juniors 2018 – The Mathening!


The 2018 Best of the Super Juniors tournament has been ongoing for the past few weeks, and there’s one night to go before the Final. I thought I would take a moment for those that are interested to break down who still has a shot to win before tonight’s event, in the hopes that all of you that forgot to cancel your NJPW World subs after Jericho/Omega decide to tune in tonight!

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Ring of Honor Supercard of Honor XII – live blog!


Alright, for the like 5 of you that may be watching ROH over NXT, I’m liveblogging this one tonight. Reload and give Scott some pageviews every few minutes.

I don’t know if it will work, might, might not, we’ll see. Could suck, could be fun. This will just be stream of consciousness as the card is going. I’m gonna catch Takeover later, but how can I pass up the biggest crowd in ROH history?

Let’s watch some wrestling, shall we?

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Ring of Honor TV – February 14th, 2018


Tonight, we’ve got a little bit of everything on ROH TV! Coast to Coast takes on The Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas, the Women of Honor tournament kicks off with Mandy Leon against Madison Rayne, & the ROH World title will be defended as Dalton Castle defends against Punishment Martinez!

Let’s watch some wrestling, shall we?

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