Brock still a UFC draw?

Paul says:

“The three biggest box office attractions in UFC history are Brock Lesnar, Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor. Ronda Rousey is now full time with WWE. Conor McGregor is a cottage industry all of his own, which frees up Brock Lesnar to come in and take over as
the preeminent box office attraction in UFC. The UFC needs someone they can bank on and not spend a year negotiating with just getting them into the cage, which is the case with Conor McGregor. If Ronda Rousey ever goes back, it won’t be within the next year,
so I think it’s a perfect time for Brock Lesnar because UFC is in desperate need of a top box office attraction and his box office receipts speak for themselves.”

Do u agree or is all to work the marks?

​I completely agree.  UFC is coming up on a new contract and they're DESPERATE for big stars and PPV draws.  ADVANTAGE:  Bear-puncher.  ​

Female fans

Something that has been turning my mind over for a while – which wrestler / tag-team / manager do you think has been responsible, over their career, for the most tickets / PPV sales to
female fans?


A team like the Rock n’ Roll Express?  Shawn Michael when being pushed as a sex symbol?  Trish Stratus? Someone else?


​Hardy Boyz, I'd bet.  The RNR weren't much of a draw on their own and I bet the screaming girls were there with their boyfriends or husbands or whatever, but Jeff Hardy moved ratings and sold merchandise.​

Bret Hart in WCW

What were the plans for Bret Hart in WCW prior to Montreal?  Was he always going to be brought in as a face or would he have been a heel like he was in the WWF?  If not for Montreal, would he still have been the ref at
Starrcade for Bischoff-Zbyszko?  Did he have any discussions about creative with WCW before signing, or just took the money?

Also do you think they do the whole Sting-Hogan Fast Count angle if the Screwjob at Survivor Series doesn't happen?

​Trying to attribute a “plan” to anything that happened in WCW during that time is madness.  I'm sure Bischoff's thinking was:
1)  Sign Bret Hart.
2)  ???
3)  Profit!
And it never went beyond that.

WM is a 2 match show for me.

You've been getting lots of mail about Cena-UT and Reigns-Lesnar, but I just can't bring myself to care. The former is going to take up too much time and the latter has been a foregone conclusion for a year.

The only two matches I'm unequivocally looking forward to are AJ-Shinsuke and Asuka-Flair. How about yourself? For me a bunch of the others include one person I wish wasn't there (Shane, Miz, Rowan, Jinder). 

​There's certainly nothing I'm dreading, outside of maybe the US title match, but even that will be worth the boredom of Orton and Jinder in the same match if Rusev Day is April 8.  So that's a good sign.  I had completely forgotten about the Smackdown tag title match until you mentioned it, so that's probably NOT a good sign.  Overall, I'm looking forward to seeing if they can actually provide a payoff for the Strowman angle, and of course AJ v. Nakamura, and I'm very curious to see how much smoke and mirrors is needed for Rousey.  Luckily the matches themselves are intriguing enough that the shit build hasn't dampened my interest in them too much.  ​

Hogans Original Mania 9 Opponent

Theres a few interviews with Matt bourne where he said the company wanted to do Doink/Hogan at Mania 9 which he turned down then supposely also turned down Bulldog also for the same show. Any truth to these? How the hell do you even get to Doink/Hogan?

​Yeah, everyone in the wrestling world was, I'm sure, originally booked to headline Wrestlemania against Hulk Hogan at some point in their own minds.  
Also, British Bulldog was released about six months before Wrestlemania, so I'm assuming that one's not correct, either.  ​

Question about great booking angles

Scott, love the website.

Unusual question for you. Can you think of an old school booking angle that was well crafted and totally took you of guard.

Kind of like the surprise of the Chuck and Billy Bischoff reveal, but you know, good?

Many people here like to talk about the awful angles. Yet, I feel that the best wrestling angles are the ones you never see coming.

Basically, I’m talking about a plot twist booking angle. Angles that were just masterfully done and were kind of hiding in plain sight. Lord knows I could use something good that you suggest after watching today’s product. Looking forward to what you come up with.

​Bill Watts used to do it all the time in Mid-South.  Stuff like Wrestling II turning on Magnum TA because he was becoming jealous of the way that the student was eclipsing him.  Totally shocking turn but it made sense in retrospect and all the clues were there.  I'd also nominate Randy Savage showing up in Memphis to challenge Jerry Lawler after months of running outlaw against him, but that was more a case of real life creating an angle that the bookers ran with.  ​

Undertaker’s gimmick

Do you think there is any chance that Taker is passing on his gimmick to someone else at WrestleMania and they are facing Cena instead? Imo a perfect candidate would be Aleister Black.  I think an exact copy of Taker would seem like a rip-off but someone who
could make the gimmick their own wouldn't be a bad idea.

Yes, it would.  

Taker on Smackdown?

Hi Scott,

Maybe I’m grasping at straws here, but what are the chances that Undertaker appears on Smackdown to answer Cena’s challenge? After all, Cena is a free agent so he can very well appear and Smackdown WAS the Undertaker’s show for years.



You'd think they'd advertise that sort of thing in advance, but really nothing about this bizarre buildup surprises me at this point. 


Hey Scott, I know people complain about Wrestlemania being long, but, the way I look at it, the WWE is giving people their monies worth. I subscribe to the network for $9.99, and I feel its cool to get a long show. You could always wait and just fast forward what you dont want to see.

​Yeah, but they literally spent all of RAW having Michael proclaim that “SUBSCRIBE TO THE NETWORK AND WATCH WRESTLEMANIA FOR FREE!!!!!!1!!!!!!” so….yeah…​

A possible way to have Cena/Undertaker close WM while letting Reigns have his moment and sending Brock off to wherever

Hi Scott,

Was wondering what you thought of this scenario, and whether fans would be receptive to it:

Roman/Brock goes on last, with maybe some Cena appearances throughout calling out Taker, continuing his campaign unsuccessfully. Roman defeats Brock for the Universal title, gets to celebrate with fanfare etc etc, and then leaves up the ramp while Brock is still in the ring wondering what just happened while Heyman tries to keep him calm.

Lights go out, The Gong hits, and a video package plays on the screens showing Brock defeating Taker at WM XXX.  Lights come on, Taker is in the ring, he attacks Brock to a thunderous ovation, lays him out and sends him on his way.

Cena's music immediately hits, he runs down and gets in Taker's face and audibly challenges him one last time.  After a moment of hesitation and Cena talking trash to Taker's face just to pump up the crowd even more, finally Taker does the thumb to the throat/bug-eyed tongue-out deal, and the ref from the Universal title match (who's been at ringside the entire time still) gets in the ring, calls for the bell, and then Taker/Cena closes the show.

I think this would keep the crowd incredibly hot, and pay off in a spectacular way all the weeks of Cena baiting Undertaker, right down to the last minute where it seems like nothing was going to come of it.  How they book the match, I have no clue, but I think this would be a great way to pay off the angle.

What do you think?

​I think your subject line is longer than that Fiona Apple album title, but that's beside the point.
I have no idea what they're doing with the Cena-UT thing at this point, but that idea is probably as good as anything.  I'm pretty sure that Roman-Brock is killing off the crowd, though.​

Mailbag Question: Betting Odds

Hey Scott! Long time reader. My question is about betting odds. Up until a year ago I didn't know they existed and was shocked they are real and the odds within a few hours of the fight are usually accurate.

My questions are:

1. Have you ever heard of any wrestlers or backroom staff  ever placing a bet on their own match to make some extra money on the side? I know things can change last minute but it seems it would be tempting for a lesser paid talent to call a relative to place a bet for him. 

2. Does WWE ever get concerned about how accurate the odds get close to the match and have they ever considered changing a finish in spite of them? 

Bonus Question: Just got the WWE network and I was trying to find the best Andre the Giant  match. What was his best match where he wasn't burdened by physical pain.

​1.  Yes, it literally happens every show, which is why odds swing so dramatically as it gets close to the show.  
2.  Yes, and Vince has literally switched finishes to mess with the odds for reasons that escape anyone with a brain.
Bonus:  Andre was in pain most of his life, sadly.  I'm fond of his matches with Ernie Ladd from Mid-South, though. ​

Should the No Mercy main events have happened at WM?

Hey, Scott. With this year's WM card feeling really cold, doesn't it now seem that much more obvious that Reigns vs. Cena and Strowman vs. Lesnar should've been held off for this year's WM instead of being wasted on No Mercy? Trying to boost network subs during a notoriously slow period was a fine idea on paper, but they really wasted top-tier matches in the process.

Strowman destroying everyone all year and finally facing the one man who's been as dominant for the title would've made for a classic immovable object vs. unstoppable force story at WM. Instead he loses and gets stuck in limbo. Braun getting hot as a babyface (in a company that struggles desperately to get faces over) and then being relegated to an absolutely ice-cold throw-away tag match is now one of the most baffling WM season turn of events I can recall.

As for Roman and Cena, it's always been obvious that no one wanted another Reigns coronation anyway. Roman not being forced into another unwanted babyface title win could've actually helped him get over, and Cena jumping to Raw to test the merit of the company's “new Cena” at the biggest event of the year would've made perfect sense. Instead John's now relegated to strangely bullying a legend because…he just wants to wrestle at WM. Pretty lame to say the least.

I know it's been said, but this insistence on “Reigns wins the title” and nothing else screwed up what could've been a damn good WM build.

​Absolutely agreed.  And that way Cena wouldn't have to buy a ticket and show up as a fan!​

Dino Bravo…not the worst?

Hey Scott

Dino Bravo sucked. No argument here. However, I've always hated ECW. The reason is three of the their big "stars" were Sabu, New Jack & The Sandman. All these three idiots ever did was fall off things and smash items over their opponents heads. Bravo was lame and boring but at least he tried to wrestle. Can you please tell me just ONE good match these three morons ever had. I think I would rather watch a 60-minute Iron Man match between Dino Bravo vs Vladimir Petrov.

Say what you will about New Jack, but I dropped many pesos on Sabu tapes in the early 90s and I will personally slap anyone who says he hasn't had a good match. I can name 16 against Al Snow and Sean Waltman off the top of my head.  
For Sandman, the ladder match with Mikey was pretty good. 

Biker Taker fascination

What is wrong with these people? Was this their first introduction to the Undertaker? I did not like leopard print wearing , tobacco spitting, WTF is booger red?, big dawg, this is my yard,  I am the big dawg who shits in this yard, come here and give me 10 corner punches so I can last ride you even though you never do that move in any other match, Butterface Sara, Kevin Nash tribute with the powerbomb/snake eyes/big boot, hell the best part of that gimmick was the buxom brunette he was supposedly having an affair with. I know I can't be the only one who hated that incarnation. What version do you want? I want 90-94 before he died the 1st time.

​I dunno, it's just a costume and he only works once a year.  If he wants to go back to riding a motorcycle and wearing a bandana, go nuts.​

Favorite non-big 4 pay-per-view

Hey Scott

Just rewatched No Way Out 2001. I loved this show. Rock/Angle, Hunter/Austin, Fatal 4-way for the IC Title, Tables tag team match. Hell, even Steph/Trish was wildly entertaining. Whats your favorite non-big 4 pay-per-view. Don't say IYH: Canadian Stampede. That's too easy

Also, I"m assuming we're restricted to WWE choices here.  In which case, Backlash 2000. ​



Is New Japan still a thing that this blog is going to cover in the future? No new coverings after WK and New Year's Dash. I enjoyed Ioan's posts a lot and especially during G1 this site kept me informed going ons and what stuff to make time and watch. 

I believe Ioan left to join a fundamentalist cult in West Virginia and thus is unable to continue his reviews.  However, I am certainly accepting applications for anyone who would like to pick up the gig.  

Evolution vs. Orton

Hey Scott,

I just watched the RAW after Randy Orton first won the World title at SummerSlam 2004 where Evolution turned on him and that was a great fucking angle, especially because Orton, even at 24 years old, and HHH were fantastic at the subtle things happening in the moment (Orton silently mouthing "fuck" when he realized what was happening was a nice touch). What was the main reason that it didn't get over very well? I know Batista was the guy that the audience really wanted to see take out HHH, but the movement behind Dave hadn't really started at that point and didn't really heat up until around the Elimination Chamber match at New Year's Revolution. Did they just hotshot the angle too quickly? Or was it because Orton hadn't yet become as good of a babyface as he eventually became? On its own that angle is awesome, so it's a shame that the feud which followed was such a disappointment.

Two reasons:
1.  Orton got over organically as a dick and people didn't want to cheer him as a smiling babyface.  The cake angle and all their lame ideas to get him over didn't help, either.  
2.  People wanted Orton to turn on HHH, not get drummed out of the group like a loser.  If Orton had been the one to take the initiative and turn on HHH first, it would have worked.  

American Badass Taker

With Wrestlemania being a stacked card, why not just keep Undertaker off of tv totally before Mania. Then at Mania have Cena come out to cut a promo about the Undertaker never answering his challenge.

Since Kid Rock will be in the house, have him interrupt with a live version of American Badass to bring out that version of Taker. Since he left the hat and jacket in the ring last year it would make sense for him to go back to the American Badass character.

It's certainly one way to go with the payoff.  Plus giving him a motorcycle to ride to the ring would eliminate the six hour wait for him to make his entrances in these stadium shows.  

Hi shinsuke

Hi shinsuke im your best fan 😍
Its my dream to hear from you🖤🖤
Pls anser me ❤

And if you can send me your Photo or film when you say "Helo Marco"

You are my best wrestler 
Take Care 
Bye and thanks😉
Is this because I left town for Easter weekend?  Saturday emails are always weird.  

Ronda Rousey Heel Turn

Hi Scott

I apologize if this has already been covered.  I just watched a few clips of the Ronda Rousey ESPN interviews and she really came off like a real a-hole.  In your opinion what are the odds that they turn her heel, causing Kurt Angle to take the fall at Wrestlemania thus keeping HHH and Stephanie strong?  

Thank you.  I love the blog.

Given that her bestie Shayna is a super heel in NXT, and the ultimate direction is a match with babyface champ Asuka…you might be onto something.

Early Footage of Andre the Giant

I came across this Andre the Giant channel on Youtube and they've uploaded some extremely early footage of Andre that might be of interest to the BOD.

March Bashness 2018 — The Fatal Four


Hey Scott,


Almost wrapped up with another successful year of March Bashness. Figured I’d actually take advantage of the wrestling format and make the build to the last four teams actually be the final match. NCAA can’t do that.


This round pays off some storylines in true Watts and Rhodes fashion. Hope you and the BOD enjoy and thanks again for sharing!



​What's with the Enforcers going on this run?  Sting and Luger all the way!​