Women’s Royal Rumble Question

With the Royal Rumble in Philadelphia and the building up of the women's match, what music played for the #30 entrant would cause the most outrage?

A. James Ellsworth's

B. Stephanie McMahon's

C. Roman Reigns's

​I feel like it'll only be 20 people because finding 30 is kind of a stretch.  They could only scrounge 7 people for lumberjacks at the PPV!  
Also, I don't think Stephanie would compete, she'd stand at the gorilla position so everyone coming to the ring can shake her hand and congratulate her on the way by.​

XFL News from Brad Shepard

Hey Scott,

Brad Shepard, the freelance reporter who broke the XFL story over the weekend, visited Corrigan's Corner to share more details on the proposed relaunch. 

Hope your readers enjoy. 

Thanks as always,


I still don't understand why he doesn't just buy an NFL team if he wants to invest in football so desperately.  The Panthers are for sale and everything!

Women’s Rumble

I've got a great idea for the first women's Royal Rumble… Instead of a title shot at WrestleMania, the winner gets the chance to personally thank Stephanie McMahon for inventing women's sports entertainment.  That's an even bigger honor, if you ask me, pal!

​I like where you're going with this, pal!  You've got a future in this business!​

Russo in WCW

Which era of Russo in WCW was worse, and which one did he have more creative control over, the 1st one with the Powers That Be and NWO 2000, or the Bischoff/Russo Millionaires Club/New Blood one when he came back in April

Also what was the plan for the Powers That Be if Russo hadn't gotten sent home before Souled Out 2000?  Would it have stayed around or disappeared in favor of the NWO?  Was Russo supposed to be in the NWO 2000 group with
Bret/Double J and the Outsiders?

​Russo had basically zero control in 2000 when he returned.  He was essentially playing an on-screen character and Bischoff was the real person behind the scenes. ​
And I think it's cute that you think there was any "plan" whatsoever at any point.


Do you believe had they chose Gable instead of Jordan, that the "Angle's Son" storyline would of worked better? Jordan is not a bad in ring wrestler at all but watching Gable at COC sunday just showed how much more better and natural then Jordan he is at everything, mannerisms, selling ect. And he has that natural underdog babyface charisma. Btw hes being so miscast right now as a heel for no reason.

​Considering that Gable's entire shtick in NXT was shamlessly ripping off Kurt Angle, and he's an Olympic wrestler…I mean, it's pretty obvious that he SHOULD have been the guy in the role!  
Also, Shelton Benjamin is wasted in that team.  He looks like he could throw down with Brock Lesnar right now. I dunno if he's having a midlife crisis or what, but dude is JACKED right now and they should cash in before he hurts himself again. ​

Big Cass

        When Big Cass returns from injury do you think they'll keep him heel, or turn him face seeing as Enzo went heel in his absence?

I think they're gonna do something where Cass teases beating him up, and then they'll SWERVE us and put them back together again. 

Stables in wrestling

Hey Scott,

When people use the term ‘stable’ in wrestling, did it originate with the Four Horsemen, or was the term used prior to that legendary group?

Prior to the Four Horsemen, were there any significant wrestling groups that may not be well known today? Were stables uncommon prior to the 80s?

​The first "official" ones were both around the same time, and predated the Horsemen.  You had the Legion of Doom in Georgia/Mid-South (which was Ellering's group of the Road Warriors, King Kong Bundy and Jake Roberts in various forms) as the most notable "named" one. The one that was closest to what we'd consider a stable today, with rotating membership and a manager with a clear motivation ala Bobby Heenan's family, would have to be Jimmy Hart in Memphis in the very early 80s and his vendetta against Jerry Lawler.  Hell, you could even say Bobby Heenan in the AWA all the way back into the 70s!  
So no, they weren't uncommon and certainly there were significant ones before the Horsemen.​

Allied Powers

Why did they put them together in the 1st place? Case of nothing else for either to do? Was there any endgame?

​Yeah, rough plan was always for them to get the tag titles at some point between Wrestlemania and Summerslam inclusively, and then it just kept getting put off and put off and they got less over​ and finally Vince lost interest all together.  Story of Lex's career in the WWF.

More Strike Force


To follow up on the previous e-mailer's question about Strike Force, I was curious if you had any insight on when the decision was actually made to split up the team.  If Martel had stuck around past June 1988, would they have done the breakup at say, Summerslam, of that year?  Once they jobbed to Demolition, it didn't seem like there was much more for them to do, especially considering that the Rockers and Powers of Pain entered the company as face teams just after WM IV (plus, the Harts turned face that summer).  Then again, you had the Rougeau Bros. turn heel and the Bulldogs leave the company, so there may have been a need for an upper-midcard face team for awhile.  (And if you replace the Young Stallions with Strike Force at the 88 Survivor Series, the 20-man match becomes that much more awesome).

When Martel came back in early 1989, was there ever any consideration to giving Strike Force another run or was it pretty much decided from the beginning of his comeback to turn him heel?  I would think the latter, but I checked the Observer flashbacks for that time period, and there didn't seem to be much foreshadowing for the turn before WM V.
For me, I was pretty sure that Martel was only returning to screw Santana over, and I was a 15 year old teenager at the time.  It seemed like a pretty obvious setup for a feud, even at the time without the benefit of hindsight.  I think Vince would have indeed split them up much sooner if Martel hadn't been hurt. 

Mahal/Triple H Results

Now I don't mind that Mahal jobbed (probably cause they'll never go back to India again after the shows didn't sell well) but if anything, isn't it indicative of the fact that they have officially given up on Mahal? I feel like had the 2 originally announced house shows did very well along with him as champ, then he would of not only went in as champion but went over both nights. The Triple h add was definitely used as a way to move more tickets since Mahal's name alone wasnt moving like they wished. I read the building was about 70% full.

We'll find out for sure tomorrow night, but it sure feels like the Jinder experience is nearing the end. 

Talking Taker Podcast Plug



Longtime fan and reader of yours here, all the way back from the Rantsylvania days. Was wondering if you could put a plug up for my friend and mine’s new podcast called Talking Taker where we are going through every PPV match of The Undertaker’s career one by one. We’re up to Survivor Series 1995 as of this week: http://bit.ly/2inFwDP 
Believe me, I know the last thing the world needs is another wrestling podcast. That’s why we are trying to do something a little different than just analyzing Raw and SD or going through random PPVs (not that there’s anything wrong with that). The idea is to trace the history of the WWE’s greatest creation to see the evolution of one character while also charting the changes the in the wrestling business across the many different eras the Undertaker transcended over 27 years. Plus as fans who grew up watching Taker we talk about what it was like being a young fan in the 90s and 2000s. 
We don’t have any backstage scoops or insight to give out, we’re just two fans who love to talk about wrestling recording the conversations and hoping someone else might enjoy them too. We’re on Twitter and Facebook (@TalkingTaker) as well as iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, YouTube and Podomatic. We’d love any feedback you or the blog could offer!  


Even MORE rip offs

Scotty – All of the rip offs discussion has me thinking of this new Enzo/Jax angle and how it's just a half assed attempt to recreate other wacky love relationships like Beth/Santino and Eddie/Chyna.  I get it – it's an easy story line that can be recycled every 5 years or so, but in this case it grinds my gears for two reasons:

1) Jax has been built to be a monster.  Sure she's pretty awful in the ring, but making her a bubbly, giggly girl smitten in love does nothing for her as an in-ring performer.

2) The WWE doesn't really have a clue when it comes to anti-bullying, do they?  The joke here is that Jax is big and fat, and it's hysterical that tiny Enzo would be in love with such a beast.  How does Cole, Booker and Graves snickering at this like school kids help promote anti-bullying??


​I think the joke, as such, is more that a woman is being sexually aggressive to Enzo, who thinks of himself as a player but then backs down when his bluff is called.  Which is like, fine, whatever.  Nia wasn't going anywhere thanks to the Paige group anyway, so it gives her something to do now.  ​


Glow ,Did you watch this on Netflix ? It’s good. It’s a shame they didn’t get the original wrestling show too it’d be great to watch it after.

Yup, the show was great and had just the right amount of full frontal Allison Brie.  Which is to say, any amount.  I will say that I've watched enough of the real GLOW for one lifetime though. It doesn't hold up at all.

Turn site

Hi Mate
I was wondering if there is a site anywhere which details where a ppv or wrestling programme tells that there is
ie A Tag Team Split Manager wrestler spilt Heel Turn Face Turn I database my DVDS and want to put a sidenote on my database etc
Never heard of such a thing.  Although tracking Kane and Big Show's turns alone would be a lifetime endeavor.

Coliseum Video

In light of the unreleased matches that looked like they were supposed to be on Coliseum Video but never got there, I wonder who chose which matches from TV Tapings would be for Superstars, Prime Time and Coliseum Video? 
Was it Vince's decision?  How were they chosen, was it just random parings to come up with the exclusive matches?  Were guys happy to do them and did they get paid extra for the exclusive matches that weren't on Superstars or Challenge?

Also why didn't WCW ever pick up on this and do something of their own?  Do you think this type of thing would be good today with Youtube or WWE Network, just have exclusive matches from the Raw and Smackdown shows that
wouldn't make TV?

God, more new content to follow?  No thanks.
WCW was literally a subsidiary of a TV and home video production empire and they couldn't figure out that strategy.  They were stupid. 
WWF guys were happy to do the Coliseum stuff because they got residuals. Well, not Jesse Ventura, but you know…

Hogan to the WWF in 1994?

It's been said that Bischoff and WCW had to load up Hogan's contract offer in 1994 with huge money and incentives to keep Vince from swooping in and matching. Let's say one of the parties gets cold feet at the last minute and either Vince matches or WCW rescinds/Hogan declines, how does 1994 and beyond play out for the two promotions? Does Hogan go right back in to the world title picture with Bret and Diesel? Does he eventually turn heel? Or would he have just end up in WCW eventually anyway since he would have been so miscast in the New Generation era?  

I feel like the relationship would have went South again during the trial and Hogan would have distanced himself and left.  I don't see it playing out well for either side, really.