The Streets Ahead Friday Night Thread

Tonight, we are all forced to wear shorts in order to play billiards in gym class. You can rebel or you can CHOOSE SHORTS!

Also, game 6 of the ALCS is tonight (yes, I know, I screwed up yesterday. Bite me), with Toronto looking to tie the series up at 3 and force a game 7.

We are counting down the minutes and hours to Hell in a Cell on Sunday night, so discuss your favorite HiaC match and where the matches that take place on Sunday will rank on the all-time list (answer: Probably somewhere around all the other Cell matches they’ve had the last few years).

Daily Update Thread

Briefcase Failure? 

Cageside Seats’ Daily Rumor Roundup reports that Sheamus may fail when he finally decides to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase, and the attempt may come sooner rather than later. The roundup also notes that Eric Bischoff and Ronda Rousey could be upcoming guests for Steve Austin’s WWE Network podcasts.

Retirement Talk Premature?

Despite an announcement earlier this week that the former Ezekiel Jackson has retired, his agent is denying these reports. Bill Behrens said his client, Rycklon Stevens, never made any announcements about his future.

Lana and Rusev Have Brunch 

Lana posted a photo to Instagram having brunch with Rusev. The comments on the photo are worth it.


Thursday Night Thread

We’ve got the final SmackDown! before Hell in a Cell tonight, with a special (not-so) surprise appearance; We’ve got Seattle and San Francisco on the gridiron;  We’ve got a quacky live watch of the Summer Slam 2003 (ALL HAIL BICYCLE SHORTS!).

We’ve got all this and MORE going on TONIGHT, right here on this very blog! It’s the Blog of Doom Thursday Night Thread!

Daily Update Thread

GFW Crowning Champs? 

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Global Force Wrestling will hold a new set of TV tapings Friday in Las Vegas, and rumor has it that they will be crowning new champions. Magnus is expected to win the first GFW championship.

James Storm Discusses NXT Debut has posted video of James Storm discussing his NXT match last night.

Lucha Underground Losing Star?

While a number of outlets have started citing an October 13 post with The Richest, where the site interviews Lucha Underground Executive Producer Eric Van Wagenen, the Observer is reporting that Alberto Del Rio/Alberto El Patron may be out for Season 2 and could be looking to return to WWE before WrestleMania 32.

Wednesday Night Thread

And here we are on Day 2 of me taking over as the Bayless of the Blog.

Both League Championship Series happened today. The bats came alive in Toronto and the Mets could put down the Cubs tonight. And of course we have NHL and preseason NBA action going on at various places.

Entertainment-wise, I’m sure there are Back to the Future marathons going on all over the place, which means references should be continuing until midnight. I expect nothing less.

BoD Daily Update

Hogan’s Restaurant Shuttered 

The Tampa Bay Times is reporting that a Best Western hotel in Florida that included Hulk Hogan’s Beach Shop restaurant has been sold for $34.5 million. The new owners plan to renovate the property and shut the restaurant down.

Cena on SportsCenter

Former WWE announcer Jonathon Coachman interviewed John Cena on ESPN’s SportsCenter, where both compared Cena to Tom Brady.


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Tuesday Night Thread

Forgot that Bayless is the one who usually does these…

Baseball playoffs continue tonight, and Toronto is getting shalacked as I type this. Mets head to Chicago to try and continue their streak. Hockey is also on the dole tonight sports-wise.

On TV, there’s Flash, Agents of SHIELD, Scream Queens and a bunch of other stuff.

BoD Daily Update

Orton Injured

During last night’s episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said  Randy Orton has a dislocated shoulder and will have an MRI done shortly to determine if he needs surgery (Thanks for the last-minute heads-up, Bayless!). This, of course, has led to the Orton/Ambrose vs. Harper/Stroman match being pulled from the Hell in a Cell preshow, and it will be replaced with Neville, Cesaro and Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev, Sheamus and King Barrett.

WWE Veteran Returning? 

Goldust replied to a tweet from a fan last night asking him when he would be back by saying, “Soon young Padiwan.” While he may be teasing a return, he may have also just been referencing Star Wars, as he was also tweeting about watching the new trailer shown last night…

Nash Breaks Kayfabe

Kayfabe Commentaries released the latest installment of its Breaking Kayfabe series today, as Sean Oliver interviews Kevin Nash.

Best. Headline. Ever. 

One of the headlines on this morning focuses on Brock Lesnar’s appearance on the Stone Cold Podcast last night. The headline? Stone Cold Podcast: “I Really Don’t Like People.”

You and me both, pal.

The Streets Ahead Friday Night Thread

Tonight, we go 40 lightyears outside the Buttermilk Nebula! At least until the sticker comes off and we get towed outside the City Limits…


The ALCS kicks off tonight with the Blue Jays at the Royals. I’ll admit to being more invested in the NLCS, since I live in Queens and I used to live in Chicago. As far as the ALCS goes, I’ve been to Toronto three or four times and I know that there’s a song that has the lyrics, “Kansas City, Kansas City here I come…” But I get why people here would be excited about that. I assume a baseball thread will pop up later to try and usurp this one, but that’s definitely NOT Streets Ahead.

Also, there’s hockey, stuff on television and maybe you can go catch a new movie. Goosebumps, anyone?  As usual, I’ll be stuck here at work.

Saturday Open Thread of Doom!

Stuff goes on, we should have a place to talk about it all. I’m catching up on TV from last freaking season before I head off to work to waste what seems like a rather nice day in New York City.

Talk about anything and everything.

The Streets Ahead Friday Night Thread

Tonight, we get ready for the Sophie B. Hawkins dance in protest to the school’s Sadie Hawkins dance. Will Sophie B. Hawkins show up? Or will the whole night be Britta’d?

Also, the MLB Playoffs continue tonight – can the Blue Jays continue on into the ALCS for our fearless leader? Will the Dodgers take down Queens’ favorite sons? Also, other games.

Talk about anything and everything, and hopefully Bayless didn’t post something to undercut me!

The Special Streets Ahead Saturday Thread

We’re back in the command center, here on the muthaship! It’s BoD Saturday Afternoon, and we be clubberin’!

We’ve got college football, baseball and pumpkin spice lattes (just kidding, all I want is a coffee with my bagel), so let’s get some non-bot conversing going, bay-bee!