The BoD Streets Ahead Saturday Night’s Main Event


Welcome everyone to the first OFFICIAL Streets Ahead Saturday Night’s Main Event, sponsored by Scott Keith’s Blog of Doom. It’s Halloween, which means it’s gonna be a WILD night here at the BoD.

Special thanks to Mr. Cresto for the banner.

College football has been on all day and will continue throughout the evening. The Mets will look to even up the World Series in Queens tonight against Kansas City.

And in our MAIN EVENT, our good friend Bobby has set up a compilation of the best Halloween Havoc matches for a live watch, starting at 8 p.m. You can watch along with the BoD by clicking RIGHT HERE!

All this and more tonight on the Streets Ahead Saturday Night’s Main Event!


The Streets Ahead Friday Night Thread – Halloween Eve Edition

If you’re going to a Halloween party at the local community college, don’t eat the food. You may turn into a zombie. Although, it may not make a difference to some of the posters here…

We’ve got Game 3 of the World Series tonight, the Royals visit Flushing and lose the designated hitter. Will this be a horror story for the Mets? Or can they start the beginning of an “Amazin'” comeback? Billy Joel sings the National Anthem to kick things off.

For the Canadians, Montreal takes on Calgary in the NHL. How ’bout it, eh?

Tomorrow night, look for the all-new banner for the BoD Streets Ahead Saturday Night Main Event thread, which will be posted at 6:05 p.m. Eastern! Bobby also put together a Halloween Havoc compilation, which will be the 8 p.m. live watch.

TNT II – The Thursday Night Thread

I assume there’s stuff going on tonight, but I’m in no shape to look up or find out what’s on TV tonight. All I know is that we are one week away from my birthday, which means the presents should start flowing in soon. I also accept cash, checks and gift cards.

There’s also a live watch at 8, as per usual, with I believe tonight’s being No Mercy 2003.

Talk about crap like SmackDown or whatever sports and other shows are on TV tonight.

Wednesday Night Open Thread

WWE Network has NXT and Destination America has TNA and ROH (right? Those are both still on the air, correct?) for wrestling night in America, while the Mets try and come back from a tough loss last night against the Royals in game 2 of the World Series. Because I have to work tonight, I have to DVR Arrow, but whatever.

WWE 2K16 review, part II – Spent the morning on the career Hall of Fame mode, building up the stats for WWE Extant. Got through a tough feud with Tyler Breeze and now it looks like I’m going into a program with Kevin Owens. After about three hours of the career mode, I’m ranked fourth in NXT, although I can’t seem to beat Hideo Itami. Gotta keep working those stats.

While I generally like the game (issues with the Steve Austin story mode aside), one thing has been bugging me this morning. Renee Young does backstage NXT interviews with your created superstar, and the rendering of Renee is TERRIBLE! She looks like someone took a render from a PS1 game and threw it in a game in 2015. I know she’s joked about it on Twitter, but damn, I’d be annoyed.

Anyone else enjoying the game?

BoD Daily Update

Ronda Rousey Interview

Fox Sports posted an article yesterday quoting Ronda Rousey as saying she wants to someday retire from MMA and become the greatest female athlete ever, including winning the Diva’s Title.

“What I would love to do, I got an Olympic medal, I would want to retire from MMA as one of the greatest of all time, I would love to have the chance to be the boxing world champion, and I would love to have the chance to be a jiu-jitsu world champion. I’d love to have the chance to be the Divas world champion and just be the best of everything at one point.”

WWE Diva’s Champion Charlotte responded.

As did WWE COO Triple H.


Possible Injury at tapings

Reports of an odd ending to a Rusev-Neville match last night have led some people to believe that Rusev suffered a shoulder injury mid-match. Of course, Rusev reportedly pitched a fit after the decision was announced, so it may all be part of an angle…

WWE Quietly Adds Raws To Network

A report from Wrestling DVD Network says that the WWE Network added two episodes of Raw from 2004. The Feb. 9 and Feb. 16 episodes heavily feature Chris Benoit’s road to WrestleMania XX. The website notes that the updates weren’t picked up by its automated updates page.

WWE 2K16 Reviews 

While Metacritic does not have any professional reviews for the new WWE game that was released yesterday, the game currently has an 8.2 score from user reviews. As of this morning, there were 41 reviews, with 35 positive and 6 negative.

TNT – Tuesday Night Thread

I can’t believe I didn’t see that before. Definitely not Streets Ahead. I’ll try harder. The World Series starts tonight and I am thankfully NOT at work. Not because I want to watch the game, but because everyone in my office goes crazy-go-nuts for the Mets and it’s even harder than usual to get work done.

Preliminary thoughts on WWE2k16 – Action is fluid and the roster is great. The graphics are about par for the course with WWE games. The always improve so incrementally that it never seems like much of a graphical upgrade, although some of the faces look much more realistic.

That 120 characters promised with the game? A good chunk of them are unlockables through the Showcase mode, which begins with the Steve Austin WWF/E story, offering up a number of repeat matches from past WWE games. Why they felt the need to include WM14 when they didn’t have the rights to Mike Tyson is BEYOND me. There was a vaguely Tyson-looking dude outside the ring referred to as the Enforcer. That ain’t no Arn Anderson. And why isn’t HE in the game?

I’m enjoying it so far, but I feel like Showcase mode is a slog just to get a bunch of Attitude Era unlockables. I just REALLY NEEDED to play as Savio Vega, I guess… At least Rick Rude, Lex Lugar, Sting and Sami Zayn came playable off the installation…

More tomorrow as I continue to delve into the game. Until then, {insert Tuesday Night Titans reference here}

BoD Daily Update Thread

Young Bucks on the Move?

Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks tweeted out that he and his brother had signed with a major promotion, with Nick saying an announcement would be coming soon. The tweet was sent out in response to a tweet from Major League Wrestling which simply read, “Young Bucks #LuchaUnderground” Lucha Underground executive producer Chris DeJoseph replied to the tweet, sparking speculation that the duo will end up there.

Shane Sighting! 

Shane McMahon went to the premiere of the new James Bond movie, Spectre, with former WWE Superstar “Hollywood” Dave Batista, who posted the following to Twitter:

Brock Done For the Year?

In today’s Rumor Round-Up, Cageside Seats notes that Brock Lesnar could possibly be off TV until after the Royal Rumble, where he would start his WrestleMania: Star program with a to-be-determined opponent.

2K16 Out Today

The new WWE2k16 is out today on PS4 and X-Box One. I’ll be spending my day off playing.

BoD Daily Update Thread

Raw Five Point Preview 

The Wyatts lead‘s preview of tonight’s Monday Night Raw.  Taker is expected to lead a team against the four members of the Wyatts at Survivor Series.

Lesnar Photos 

Also on the Dot-Com, black and white photos were posted of Brock Lesnar getting treated after bleeding like a stuck pig during his match with Undertaker.

Scott Hall Interview 

Wrestling Inc. has posted an interview they recently did with the former Bad Guy. Hall is always a great interview, and he discusses what may have happened if he stayed with WWF instead of going nWo.

Ric Flair Interview 

Audio has been posted of Ric Flair’s interview with CBS Radio St. Louis to promote an appearance there over the weekend. Flair discusses three-hour Raws and the new direction of the WWE.

In a new Between the SheetsKris & Bix are joined by Chad Campbell to look at the news from this week in 1990. They talk Jim Cornette’s legal issues, Tatsumi Fujinami, Atlanta’s club scene and much more!

Saturday Thread of Doom

We’re one day away from Hell in a Cell, we have a World Series set as Kansas City will host the Mets in Game 1 on Oct. 27. It’s Saturday. so there’s college football on the docket, along with some hockey.

Me? My wife has Murder, She Wrote on the TV while she makes a smoothie for breakfast, and then it’s this week’s TV being DVRed before I head off to work.

The Streets Ahead Friday Night Thread

Tonight, we are all forced to wear shorts in order to play billiards in gym class. You can rebel or you can CHOOSE SHORTS!

Also, game 6 of the ALCS is tonight (yes, I know, I screwed up yesterday. Bite me), with Toronto looking to tie the series up at 3 and force a game 7.

We are counting down the minutes and hours to Hell in a Cell on Sunday night, so discuss your favorite HiaC match and where the matches that take place on Sunday will rank on the all-time list (answer: Probably somewhere around all the other Cell matches they’ve had the last few years).

Daily Update Thread

Briefcase Failure? 

Cageside Seats’ Daily Rumor Roundup reports that Sheamus may fail when he finally decides to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase, and the attempt may come sooner rather than later. The roundup also notes that Eric Bischoff and Ronda Rousey could be upcoming guests for Steve Austin’s WWE Network podcasts.

Retirement Talk Premature?

Despite an announcement earlier this week that the former Ezekiel Jackson has retired, his agent is denying these reports. Bill Behrens said his client, Rycklon Stevens, never made any announcements about his future.

Lana and Rusev Have Brunch 

Lana posted a photo to Instagram having brunch with Rusev. The comments on the photo are worth it.


Thursday Night Thread

We’ve got the final SmackDown! before Hell in a Cell tonight, with a special (not-so) surprise appearance; We’ve got Seattle and San Francisco on the gridiron;  We’ve got a quacky live watch of the Summer Slam 2003 (ALL HAIL BICYCLE SHORTS!).

We’ve got all this and MORE going on TONIGHT, right here on this very blog! It’s the Blog of Doom Thursday Night Thread!

Daily Update Thread

GFW Crowning Champs? 

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Global Force Wrestling will hold a new set of TV tapings Friday in Las Vegas, and rumor has it that they will be crowning new champions. Magnus is expected to win the first GFW championship.

James Storm Discusses NXT Debut has posted video of James Storm discussing his NXT match last night.

Lucha Underground Losing Star?

While a number of outlets have started citing an October 13 post with The Richest, where the site interviews Lucha Underground Executive Producer Eric Van Wagenen, the Observer is reporting that Alberto Del Rio/Alberto El Patron may be out for Season 2 and could be looking to return to WWE before WrestleMania 32.

Wednesday Night Thread

And here we are on Day 2 of me taking over as the Bayless of the Blog.

Both League Championship Series happened today. The bats came alive in Toronto and the Mets could put down the Cubs tonight. And of course we have NHL and preseason NBA action going on at various places.

Entertainment-wise, I’m sure there are Back to the Future marathons going on all over the place, which means references should be continuing until midnight. I expect nothing less.

BoD Daily Update

Hogan’s Restaurant Shuttered 

The Tampa Bay Times is reporting that a Best Western hotel in Florida that included Hulk Hogan’s Beach Shop restaurant has been sold for $34.5 million. The new owners plan to renovate the property and shut the restaurant down.

Cena on SportsCenter

Former WWE announcer Jonathon Coachman interviewed John Cena on ESPN’s SportsCenter, where both compared Cena to Tom Brady.


Click to jump to comments if you prefer to not see things that may be happening…

Read more

Tuesday Night Thread

Forgot that Bayless is the one who usually does these…

Baseball playoffs continue tonight, and Toronto is getting shalacked as I type this. Mets head to Chicago to try and continue their streak. Hockey is also on the dole tonight sports-wise.

On TV, there’s Flash, Agents of SHIELD, Scream Queens and a bunch of other stuff.

BoD Daily Update

Orton Injured

During last night’s episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said  Randy Orton has a dislocated shoulder and will have an MRI done shortly to determine if he needs surgery (Thanks for the last-minute heads-up, Bayless!). This, of course, has led to the Orton/Ambrose vs. Harper/Stroman match being pulled from the Hell in a Cell preshow, and it will be replaced with Neville, Cesaro and Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev, Sheamus and King Barrett.

WWE Veteran Returning? 

Goldust replied to a tweet from a fan last night asking him when he would be back by saying, “Soon young Padiwan.” While he may be teasing a return, he may have also just been referencing Star Wars, as he was also tweeting about watching the new trailer shown last night…

Nash Breaks Kayfabe

Kayfabe Commentaries released the latest installment of its Breaking Kayfabe series today, as Sean Oliver interviews Kevin Nash.

Best. Headline. Ever. 

One of the headlines on this morning focuses on Brock Lesnar’s appearance on the Stone Cold Podcast last night. The headline? Stone Cold Podcast: “I Really Don’t Like People.”

You and me both, pal.