Greatest Super Heavyweight

Hey Scott, who do you think is the greatest Super Heavyweight in terms of workrate? I know some of the easy ones I think, Vader, Bam Bam. I have never seen early Andre, but I am watching Yokozuna and now that I am older, I see that he had a decent moveset. I also watched some Big Daddy V clips, and while he was sloppy at times, top rope splash, piledrivers, guy was decent. 

​If you're just talking workrate, it's Vader and it's not even close for anyone else.  ​

Bonus Challenge For You

One good Jesse Ventura match.  Any gimmick, any type of match.  Bonus
points if it's on The Network.  Go.

​There was a Maple Leaf Gardens show on 24/7 from Sept 85 where Tito Santana defended the IC title against Jesse in the main event, and it was a pretty decent match.  Searching for Jesse's name on the Network brings it up, in fact, so it's on there.

  Ventura & Adonis had a zillion great matches against the High Flyers in the AWA as well.  ​Here's a six-man variation from the Network:

Wrestlemania 2000 main event/backlash question

After your reading your rant on the Wrestlemania 2000 main event and rewatching backlash with Rock going over HHH finally, why in their right minds didn’t they just do that at Wrestlemania? You had the overbooked smoz, Austin’s big return, wouldn’t that have been a much better ending to Wrestlemania? 

I think Austin was literally only able to do the run in that he did by Backlash, and even then he was barely able to walk out there and was still months away from returning.  Wrestlemania would have been too soon, so it all worked out in the end. 

I’m onboard…

…for the Daniel Bryan show, but, I can't help but have a massive knot in my throat after throwing himself around the ring on Smackdown. Doesn't he owe it to the fans to just take it a little easy for the next month
or so? He's got this incredible second-chance we really didn't think was possible, he's got a family now and surrounded by people that love him more for himself as a person than his wrestling. SURELY he can give himself, the fans, the WWE medical team a bit
of rope and go slow for a bit? If the rumours are he's going to work a full-time schedule, can we just get a few *** go through the motions TV matches, so we can save the five-star-Bryan for guys like Miz, Nakamura, Cena and Styles who deserve it?

 I'm catching what you're pitching there, but that's literally the opposite of Daniel Bryan's philosophy for his entire career, so I wouldn't hold my breath.

What If? Bryan vs Lesnar

So all we know about Brock’s contract is it ends after Mania and, according to Meltzer, he can’t do anything outside of the WWE (without permission) until sometime in August.

I’m not going to ask “does it make sense to leverage giving Brock a UFC match and have him job at Summerslam to Bryan”, because I don’t see how it doesn’t.  Brock goes out on a money match, we have an anointment we actually WANT, and you could even run an #1 Contender angle out of it.  Assuming Bryan stays healthy and Brock feels like playing ball, this should totally happen, right?

​Hey, as noted before, the Brock slaughter of John Cena at Summerslam 14 was supposed to be Daniel Bryan taking that beating, but his concussion changed the plans.  So clearly they've had it in their minds before.  ​If Bryan is healthy, they can draw a bazillion dollars doing the "We apologize to the fanbase for everything" tour with Bryan by having him go over Lesnar at Summerslam, finally enter and win the Rumble in January, and then get the title back at Wrestlemania.  

Arolucha, owned by fans?


I read a story earlier today about how Arolucha is planning to sell equity in the promotion to fans. The same story also reported that Rey Mysterio Jr is a co-owner of the promotion.

They hav a page on with different tiers you can buy into.

Oh and apparently the promotion has a pre-money valuation of $9.48 million? Is this the biggest wrestling scam since Global Force Gold?

​Wow, they're bridging the gap between "money mark" and "actual mark".  Good for them, bringing the carny con into the 21st century.

Brock Failure

Hey Scott,

With Lesnar possibly leaving after WM, is it fair to say that, at the end, his run was essentially a failure?

WWE has given him UT's streak (which could've gone directly to Roman), put him over their ENTIRE locker room, made him look like a king in all ways and, at every turn, made the rest of the roster look like losers by comparison and all just to put over Reigns at mania in a move that everyone is already saying will never work.

Meanwhile, with the Network, there's no way of knowing if Lesnar is affecting business and every reason to assume he isn't. I can't even guess how anyone could argue that this has turned out well for WWE.

On a related note, if this isn't the end for Brock and WWE does resign him, WHY?


​I wouldn't call it a failure, but by the same token the goal posts have moved so much now that we have no idea what a "success" would entail, either.  Has it made the Universal title seem insanely important compared to the Jinder Mahal belt?  Yeah.  Does he boost ratings?  Sometimes.  Does anyone else?  No.  Does he draw big houses when he works them?  Sometimes.  Does anyone else?  No.  So there you go, by comparison, he's the biggest star they've got.
That being said, if they do re-sign him, it's 100% to have him front and center for the FOX deal and make sure UFC doesn't.  And frankly given the money at stake with that one, they'd be foolish not to try.  ​

Women’s Tag Team Tournament

I'm sure your inbox is filled with Daniel Bryan e-mails, so maybe this could be a nice break.  After watching the WWE24 Women's Empowered special on the network, it reminded me just how deep the women's division is right now. I know you hate more belts/championships/titles, but I think the women's division would benefit from a secondary title. Asuka and eventually Rhonda are almost unbeatable, Charlotte and Nia are the next level.  That leaves people like Alexa, Becky, Sasha, Bayley, Naomi, and the rest with no direction.  A Women's Tag Team Title Tournament would make a lot of sense, and they could push it as another first for women.

​Although I do hate the idea of more titles for the men, the women could absolutely use a tag team title to go after to break up the monotony of the "It's my turn to chase the champion so everyone else in the division just does battle royals" formula they've been going with for a couple of years now.  It doesn't even need to be defended on PPV, just being a TV-only title would be fine.​

A challenge for you

15 good Brutus Beefcake matches.  Any gimmick, any type of match.  Go.

​- vs. Bulldogs at WM2
– vs. Rougeaus at the Big Event
– vs. Rougeaus at WM3.  
– vs. Rude on SNME
– vs. Savage on SNME
– vs. Perfect at WM6
– Summerslam 89 main event
– 2/3 falls match vs. Bulldogs on SNME
– Survivor Series '87 match vs. Honky Tonk's team
– ​Probably a zillion Bulldogs matches from house shows.  I know I've seen a bunch and there's a couple on the Network.  
Sure he turned to crap after the accident, but he was fine up until 1990.

TV Title

Hey Scott, I guess WWE had pulled it together and they have a good card for mania.

I have a question. Why hasnt WWE brought back the TV Title?  The title could be defended across all brands. I know adding a 3rd midcard title doesnt make much sense, but if you defend across the 4 brands, makes it interesting.

Also, have you ever ranted on WCW/NJPW supershows?

​You know, I was just thinking they needed another title to defend!  
And no, I've never done the Supershows.  WWE doesn't seem to count them as "real" WCW PPVs (or When Worlds Collide for that matter) so who knows if they'll ever show up on the Network.​

Brock Lesnar/UFC

I was listening to a Podcast with Chael Sonnen and Chris Jericho recently. Jericho asked Sonnen if he believes Brock can just return to UFC despite what happened with the testing right away. Sonnen said that Brock would not be able to fight for 14 months from the date he signs with UFC so therefore does not see Lesnar ever going back for that fact as he is not getting any younger. Would you or anybody here on the blog whose well informed of how that works be able to elaborate on that?

​He's referring to the fact that Brock "retired" from UFC before he could finish serving out his suspension for doping in the Mark Hunt fight, so in theory if he returned he would probably need to finish the remaining two years of the suspension.  However, he can put himself into the pool of USADA testing before he actually signs, and that starts the clock again.  Plus realistically there's ways to make things happen if you're UFC.  They could always do the fight on a yacht in international waters, where no laws apply!  Plus then the undercard would be filled with monkey knife fights. ​

Missed opportunity – Bryan VS Roman

So we know they are higher on Roman Reigns than they ever were on Daniel Bryan. Well, they blew their opportunity. They should've have Roman win the match against Brock, then do the over the top celebration and have a bunch of legends come out to congratulate him. Then, as Daniel Bryan congratulates him, have Roman turn, sucker punch him, and then give him a crazy beat down.

Everyone would be shocked because they kept the news that he was cleared, a secret. Then we'd actually have our shocking moment that we rarely get anymore because of the internet.

Then boom, bryans first feud is set up against newly minted uber heel Roman Reigns, and they are set through summerslam.

Missed opportunity.

​Yeah, turn the guy who they've spent four years building up as the top babyface, leaving them with nothing on RAW and the hope that Bryan won't be concussed again.  I'm gonna say that's not great long-term planning.​

Austin Turn: Did you know?

Hey Scott,
Lots of love for WM X7. Did you know beforehand that Austin was going to turn? Did Meltzer or anyone else report it in advance? And whether or not you knew before, what was your reaction in the moment?

​Yeah, everyone had known since around Royal Rumble I wanna say, it wasn't a well-guarded secret or anything.  However, to see them actually pull the trigger at Wrestlemania was kind of mind-blowing, kind of like the Hulk turn but without the financial upside.  ​

Wrestlemania Main Event

Hi Scott,

Does DBry's announcement change the main event of Mania this year? I'm not saying he should be in it. Much to my dismay, the tag match with Shane, Sami, and KO actually makes a lot of narrative sense and a tag match is a solid way to hide rust.

But if DBry is around does the crowd go into business for themselves during Reigns/Lesnar if that's the main? Are they happy if Styles/Nak finishes the night? What happens? What should happen? What's the meaning of life?

​Styles v. Nakamura should open because then it can get lots of time and they'll have a super-hot opener for the show.  I'd put the Bryan tag match midway through, let him go over clean and let the crowd get all the YES stuff out of their system and again I must stress for the love of Christ PUT HIM OVER CLEAN.  Then that way there's at least another 2-3 hours before the Reigns match and everything should be cool.  I'd even put the Bryan match on second to keep him far away from Roman.
Either way, they've got a hell of a card here.  ​

March Bashness 2018 Supreme 16

Hey Scott,


Just in time for the Sweet 16 today, here’s the latest with March Bashness 2018.

There were some surprises for sure especially with one bracket losing its No. 1 and No. 2 seeds. I had some fun figuring out how some of these teams would advance. I’ll be curious to see what BOD voters think this time.


Thank you again for sharing!

​Super cool tournament!  Demolition v. Money Inc would have been a pretty boss match in real life, too.  ​


If WWE is going to build guys to lose to put someone over, why can't they be built like Kassius Ohno? The guy is basically NXT's resident loser but at the end of every match he's in I feel like he's actually ENHANCING talent unlike other guys like Curt Hawkins who I don't even know if he's actually good or not because his matches are always less than the time it takes to fully heat a pop tart.

Spoiler for you:  He's not good.  
I like Kassius and I'm glad he's happy having great matches and putting guys over without the grind of the road.  I just wish the initial relationship between him and WWE had gone better, because he kind of wasted a few years doing the indies before coming back again.  

Working with the Flairs

Hey Scott,

I doubt you have time anymore to check out the gluttony of wrestling books, but I’d highly recommend Second Nature. Co-author Brian Shields talked with The Wrestling Estate about working with Ric Flair and Charlotte and the 10-year anniversary of Ric’s WWE retirement. Charlotte found it very helpful to journal before speaking with Brian, but of course, there’s no chance in hell Naitch is sitting down to put pen to paper. 
Hope your readers enjoy.
Thanks as always,
John Corrigan



Daniel Bryan’s Future

Hi Scott,

According to Meltzer, WWE plans on Daniel Bryan working close to a full-time schedule. If he is able to get through these next few months without an injury, how do you think he should be used? He pretty much solidified himself as WWE's top babyface in his first night back. They have to keep him strong, 
right? He is going to be the most popular guy in the company!

​If he's gonna be full-time and he's healthy, he should be the champion, period.  ​

Wrestlemania 1 retrospective

One of those shows that kind of gets a pass for historical purposes, but serves better as an intriguing artefact as opposed to a wrestling show

Amazing the sort of throw away stuff they'd stick on Manias back in the day. That being said, with all the filler scheduled for this year, maybe we've come full circle

Well, wrestling IS cyclical.

Taker at WM17

So if Michaels hadn't relapsed and fallen into a Doink-confusing stupor, he would've faced HHH at Wrestlemania 17.  What does Undertaker then end up doing on the show?  It couldn't have been Taker/Kane against Haku and Rikishi since Rikishi was already hurt.  The Brothers Of Destruction teaming up in some kind of hardcore tag match against Big Show and Raven seems like kind of small potatoes for Undertaker at Mania in his home state.
Shawn wasn't facing Hunter, he was scheduled to interfere in the match and set up a later feud.  It was always HHH v Undertaker.

“Serious” moments in wrestling you laughed at?

  What moments in wrestling that were supposed to be serious did you end up laughing at?  My all time favorite was around 2009 when HHH and Randy Orton were building up their Wrestle-Mania match on Raw.  Orton DDT'ed Big Steph in the ring and HHH made the save.  As Orton stood at the top of the ramp, HHH was in the ring "seething with anger starting Orton down."  In reality, it look like he was constipated on the toilet trying to squeeze one out.  I still crack up thinking about that.  More recently was on SD when Owens and Zayn beat up Shane, and Owens powerbombed him on a table backstage.  The noises Shane made sounded like a cartoon character old man fell and broke his hip.

​The ones I can think of most recently are the roster staging a sit-in because Miz & Truth were too dangerous ​and threatening the safety of everyone on the show, and then a couple of years later Big Show crying because HHH was kicking him out of his own house or whatever.