The Special Streets Ahead Saturday Thread

We’re back in the command center, here on the muthaship! It’s BoD Saturday Afternoon, and we be clubberin’!

We’ve got college football, baseball and pumpkin spice lattes (just kidding, all I want is a coffee with my bagel), so let’s get some non-bot conversing going, bay-bee!

The BoD in NYC

So, we discussed this yesterday a little bit, and here I am to make it a reality. We’ve got a lot of Doomers here in the greater New York City metro area, so I was thinking of setting up a meet-up. Once I have an idea of who would be interested and a good time to do the thing, we’ll get down to specifics.

Anyone who would be down to be a part of the new greatest night in the history of this business, you can drop me a line, send me an email at [email protected]

Otherwise, feel free to continue on with your daily lives and ignore this.

Raw Thoughts 9-8-2015

Not a recap, not a rundown, just my thoughts watching Raw on a Tuesday morning, with a remote control in hand.

Seth Rollins is really getting a good feel for this “20-minute Triple H-style opening promo,” but he seemed to fade out there toward the end. Maybe next week, we can start the show with an actual match? HA! Who am I kidding?

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Another Fantastic Friday Night Thread

Tonight on a very special evening thread, the blog comes together to agree that they won’t agree on anything. Ever.

Here’s your open thread for the evening – talk about baseball, football, fantasy baseball and football and anything else that comes to mind, even wrestling.

Wednesday Night Thread

I come here for distraction and I find no place to be distracted! So I create my own. It’s entirely possible I should just go back to bed, but the wife is making dinner.

Talk about things.

NXT Takeover Open Thread

The first of three shows from the Barclays Center starts at 9 p.m. on the WWE Network, which you can order for $9.99 – first month is free for new customers! The show is highlighted by Finn Balor vs. Kevin Owens for the NXT strap in a ladder match and Bayley looks for the NXT Women’s title against Sasha Banks.

No Enzo and Cass on this show? FAIL!

Talk about your predictions and complain about how WWE will ruin Balor and the rest once they get called up to the main roster.

Friday Night at the BoD

It’s the eve of WWE’s Brooklyn weekend with Takeover tomorrow night, the Summer Slam on Sunday and Monday Night Raw all coming from the Barclays Center, which might be of WWE’s biggest weekends of the year.

Give your predictions, talk about tonight’s slate of baseball or anything else you can think of.

The Formidable Friday Night Thread

Tons of stuff going on, talk about it all right here. For added discussion, CBR’s The Line It is Drawn did a mash-up of wrestlers vs. comic book characters, which can be seen here:

TGIF Doomers.

Jerry Lawler vs. Ric Flair

From the YouTubes…

Location: WMC TV5 Studio, Memphis
Interview: Lance Russell

Hot take:  Flair and Lawler were tremendous professional wrestlers.
Also, here's Lawler v. Hogan from Memphis in 1981…