Would an ECW Invasion have saved WCW?

By mid 99 WCW was in serious trouble and of course their woes got a bit worse month by month. If Paul Heyman sold ECW to WCW would an ECW Invasion have saved WCW at any point during their dying days? I mean don't just treat it like another nWo or the New Blood,
have the ECW guys have their distinct personalities and for a little while at least have them wrestling their extreme style. It'd be something new and flashy and I'd have to think at least RVD would get over
like rover (just like he ended up doing in the actual
“Invasion”). Hell maybe a correctly pushed RVD alone would be enough to buy WCW some more time? What do you think? 

It doesn't matter what WCW did or who they had or what their ratings were, they were dead in March 2001 no matter what because TNT wanted them off the stations and off the books.  It wasn't related to anything connected to the business and couldn't have been prevented.  

Marty janetty in 94

When 123 Kid & Janetty won the belts from the Quebecers in January 94, i was PUMPED!! One, because as a kid those 2 teaming up was awesome, and two, i would get Kid/janetty vs. hart Brothers at the Rumble!!!  But alas, quick change back to Quebecers. Oh well.

Looking back now, how reliable/unreliable was Janetty at this time?  Was there any firings/gaps in the timeline, because he made it to Survivor Series 95.  If he stayed focus, the possibilities i've come up with is Kidd/Janetty beat Quebecers on RAW, successfully defend in a barn burner against the Harts as that storyline plays out the same, I'd say defend and defeat the Quebecers in a rematch at WM10 (anything but MOM), and they are the team that loses the titles to Micheals & Diesel in another great match, either on tv before summerslam or at Summerslam.  But now i've jepordized the Razor win and would they still open with IRS/Bigelow vs. Shrinkers?  Help me please,  i'm an American and i don't know if you'll let me back in even after a vaccine, and i don't blame you. 

Wow, we've reached the point of fantasy booking Marty Jannetty in 1994. 

Inner circle Vegas Elvis

Is it sad that I wish this Elvis impersonator was played by the Honky Tonk Man?

Dude have you SEEN the Honky Tonk Man lately?  He looks more like Hillbilly Jim than an Elvis impersonator these days.  

Gobbledygooker on WWE Champions

The Gobbledygooker is now a playable character on the WWE Champions game & there's a multi-day event centered around him. On a scale of The Reveal of the Giant Egg to 10, how excited are you about this news?
Would have been more so had they deliberately nerfed him and given him ridiculous moves that didn’t work together.  It would give the big baller whales a real challenge for once.  That’s what I hoped they were going to do with Typhoon as Shockmaster, but sadly he’s actually pretty useful.  

Scott Keith: Exposed!

From your SNME review:

“Damn, between his shitty refereeing job at WM3 and his subpar work all night here, one thing is for certain: Joey Marella is the WORST.”

… ?

It is universally understood and recognized that Dino Bravo is the worst.

Explain yourself, sir.


Super Random Question

Mace's tights say “01 No Sound Selected” on one leg. What on Earth does that mean? I assume it's some sort of meme or videogame reference, but I'm an old man now and get upset at things I don't understand. Any ideas?

Sounds like a sound test menu in a video game.  Perhaps he’s a fan of Game Sack.  

The Yang-SAG Connection


So I know the argument against wrestling ever developing any kind of labor solidarity is that 1) Vince would never let it happen, and 2) not enough of the boys/girls would be willing to stick their necks out to get there.

But in the wake of Zelina Vega getting canned, tweeting out that she supports unions, and a national politician as well as the president of the Screen Actors Guild seemingly very interested in furthering her cause – could the potent combination of the federal government AND the Hollywood elite be enough to finally even slightly loosen Vince's deathgrip on his talent's lives and fortunes? And factor in a company like AEW that seems much more progressive in some of its policies regarding treatment of talent – are we nearing any kind of shift in the classification and treatment of wrestling talent?

Take care and stay healthy over the holidays!


Here’s how the process goes:
1.  Yang and SAG come in and force unionization on WWE.  
2.  Vince immediately fires anyone who takes part. 
3.  Vince calls up any Indy guys willing to work as scabs for RAW and Smackdown, makes one of them champion, continues laughing all the way to the bank.  

Lex Luger…underrated?

I always read about how Luger was a flop, an underachiever, “rightfully forgotten” etc. I mean the guy was never a great worker by any means but he was easily better than the likes of Ultimate Warrior for example. And how is the guy a flop or an underachiever

-Was WHITE hot throughout 1997 as a defender of WCW against the nWo. He was only behind Sting in popularity that year in WCW i'd say and during their hottest period no less.

-It's not like 97 was the only time he was over. As a Face or Heel the guy was always over in WCW from his debut to his exit in 92. He was over as a Heel in 95 and then later as a tweener turned face in 96. And he was REALLY over as a member of the wolfpac
in 98. Now come mid 99 his reactions pretty much died, face or heel, but to be fair most WCW guys stopped being over halfway through 99.

-Several time world champion. One of which was a CLEAN victory over Hogan during the nWo stronghold days. In fact Luger made Hogan his bitch multiple times in 97. Also a slew of other championships including an incredible US title run.

-Top of the card feuds and wins over the likes of like Hogan, Sting, Flair, Savage, Nash, DDP, Whindham, Hart and others. He was a main eventer at one point in the WWF as well.

-First one to slam Yoco.

-Co winner of a Royal Rumble

-A part of one of the more interesting tag angles with Sting, where Sting was a clear babyface and Luger bounced back and forth between Face, Heel and Tweener. That sorta dynamic was extremely unique at the time and hasn't really been tried (to success anyways)
since and his natural charisma and ability to go back and forth between getting face and heel reactions was a part of that.

-Member of the 4 Horsemen when they were dominant.

-Made huge impact on the very first Nitro.

-A number of genuienly GOOD matches from a workrate perspective with guys like Steamboat, Whindham, Flair, Mutah, Pillman, Steiners etc.

I could probably go on. I feel Luger gets largely under appreciated for his contributions to the world of wrestling.

Finally, we get some discussion of Lex Luger on here!  
Anyway, he should have been way more.  WAY more.  

Raw, bleh


On Raw tonight, they made a point, to point out, that Nia Jax has put Lana through the announce table NINE WEEKS IN A ROW. It would be funny if it wasn't so ridiculously terrible. 

They’ll probably be switching that gimmick to Aleister Black any day now.  

New Age Outlaws

Scott – I’ve been rewatching some attitude era stuff on the network lately.  And I’ve got to ask New Age Outlaws question………

Are they one of the best examples of overachieving?   Both guys were basically jobbers who were just thrown together and during some of the attitude era Rawls and ppv’s they get some enormous reactions and of course had multiple title runs.   They’ve got to be high on the list at least???

I think Public Enemy in ECW topped them as far as getting over with nothing, but the Outlaws are way up there for sure.  

Prime Time

Scott, did you happen to notice that they finally added the complete

run of Prime Time to the Network?

If by “complete” you mean “eight random-ass episodes spanning three years” then yeah, it’s hella complete.  They can’t even help but do bait and switch on their own goddamn Network, promising 10 episodes and delivering 8, out of order.  

Most unbalanced Survivor Series team

In terms of big star plus three or four scrubs?

I'd go with The Darkside in 1995. Taker was over bigtime as usual. HOG, Fatu and Savio were getting ZERO reactions with their shticks and showcases in the beginning and then throughout the match. At least one of them got over with a drastic gimmick change (only four years later).

Sgt Slaughter’s team in 1990 was pretty much him and a bunch of scrubs, wasn’t it?  

Best job on departure

Hi Scott

Hope you're well.  A question about a time-honored tradition: who do you think did the best job on their way out of a promotion, be it when going to another company or retiring?  Could be in how they put the other guy over, put on a fantastic match, or both.  My vote goes to Diesel against Shawn at IYH: Good Friends, Better Enemies.  Though it clearly helped that they were, indeed, good friends.

Every time Terry Funk retires he seems to put someone over big in a great match.  

Few NJPW Questions

Hey Scott.

Two months ago I checked out NJPW for the first time (being
a rasslin’ fan for nearly 30 years now). I’m not going to say it’s 100%
perfect, but I’m certainly a fan. I do have some questions about their history.

1. I’ve heard commentators mention Wrestlemanias, ECW, and
even a UFC card from a few nights ago. Are they just not that uptight at mentioning
other organizations? Do they view WWE as competition? 

2. All the matches- that I’ve seen so far- have ended in a
pin or submission. Is there any history of guys having issues doing jobs?

3. Have they had to deal with someone on the level of a mid
90’s HBK (basically someone who is a pain in the ass) or a master politician on
the level of a Hogan/HHH?

4. Outside of the pandemic, how successful are they as a

Thank you so much for answering my questions!

1.  Yes, but not in the same sense Vince views competition.  They view them as a competitor with fans that can be won over, rather than trying to destroy the other guy.  
2.  Nope.  Well, Inoki.  But he owned the company so he’s an exception.  Otherwise, absolutely not.  
3.  See number 2.  
4.  Extremely.  In Japan.  In the US, they have a questionable record.  

Cruiserweights flopping in WWE

Other than Rey Mysterio, Daniel Bryan and maybe Tajiri, it seems cruiserweights who excel elsewhere around the world flop big time in WWE. Ultimo Dragon, Mistico, Kushida, Ricochet, Kidman, Low Ki, etc. were considered among the best in the business while in other promotions but bombed in WWE. Is it failure to adapt to “WWE style”, failure to learn English or something else?
With Ricochet it’s definitely failure to learn English but otherwise, it’s that Vince doesn’t see them as stars and so they got slotted in where they do.  



I know that hindsight is 2020 and all, but what big money match do you recall being totally in the dark about the winner at the time, but in retrospect, it seems so obvious as to who was going over?

I would say Hogan vs. Warrior. I remember the much younger version of me could’ve seen it going either way, but when I look back, it is obvious that the whole point was Warrior going over for the whole passing of the torch thing, which, well, didn’t go so swimmingly. 
I knew Warrior was going over even at the time.  To me that was obvious. 
For me it’s gotta be Bret vs Bulldog.  I mean of course Bulldog was winning, but at the time I wouldn’t have been shocked if they went either way with it.  In fact I thought Bret couldn’t lose because then he would have to be going to WCW and I couldn’t see that happening.  

Breaking out of the Uso penitentiary

I believe WWE has a way better Sting/Luger dynamic about to happen when Jimmy Uso eventually returns. Jimmy wants nothing to do with Roman but he's bound to his brother. They can win the tag straps at the Rumble and then Jimmy can't take it anymore and fights against his blood leading up to a very good mania match

I'd say that would fail because people won't want to see Uso v. Uso, but there won't be any people anyway, so why not?  

Joel Gertner

How did this guy not get a job with the E when ECW folded?  He's fucking hilarious.  Maybe his schtick wouldn't have gone over as well once the Attitude Era was over but imagine the shit he could have thrown at The Rock before eating a rock bottom.

I'm sure he could've gotten a job, but he seemingly didn't want to continue in the business after ECW folded.  He dabbled in TNA in the early days but you could tell his heart wasn't in it there.