Parker Boudreaux Can Lose?

So what the hell happened to Parker Boudreaux? Seriously, shaved head and Nailz's old get-up and stalking Joe Gacy of all people?

Did he piss Vince off shilling himself online with his own self-made moniker (Destroyer of Gods) before he was even officially introduced on TV? Or did he piss people off backstage? Or was Parker's tattoos, including puppy prints too much for even Vince to take seriously?

Or is Parker's current state being Vince's attempt to personally recreate Dexter Lumis, especially as Dexter is now officially transitioning into the Nash to Johnny Gargano's Shawn Michaels? And if so, why freaking emulate Nailz? Just put Parker in a zentai suit to hide his tattoos, give him a Kane style mask, and have him rampage about until Gacy manages to calm him down, at which point he's basically using Parker as his own personal attack dog monster? If you want him to be a monster, at least go the Kane route if you are convinced no one will take Parker seriously once they see the puppy prints. 


You're much more worked up about this than I am.  Who's Parker, the bald guy? 

Bischoff with the hot take

Yeah, let's listen to the guy who was fired by VINCE MCMAHON for not understanding the modern wrestling business in 2019.  Eric and Roman Reigns should do a podcast together called “Tweets Aging Badly”.  It's not the 90s, they can't just put Dynamite on Monday nights opposite RAW.  Plus they already put a show on against WWE and won.  That's why NXT is on Tuesdays and got gutted into whatever it's supposed to be now.  

What went wrong?

Hello Scott,

reading how you hyping and loving most of what AEW throughs at the wall and trolling hardcore WWE fans and at the same time seeing how much fun you have reviewing elder/former WWE content and loving it…
What went wrong?
Yes RAW and NXT 2.0 drags the whole WWE experience down, at the same time NXT UK and most of SD and their PPV have some great quality and content. It is great to have a bigger chance of watching what you want to see…Minoru vs. Brian is the best example…and not depending on Vince and his monions to give us what we maybe want to see.
Is it about time to get WWE at that point again before the 83 weeks?
Or can we just enjoy having great wrestling at our fingertips and choose what we want to see?
Do we need WWE as the Main Event?
What made you and a whole of wrestling fans go mad at them?
Is it just Vince or does WWE need to hit rock bottom to get up?
Or has all the all the money the network and its selling to Peacock made them just lazy? I am glad they have that network and some indie, uk and old school content.

Greetings and a good week from Austria…(i am glad our WWE Network is still not affected by Peacock by the way)

From WWE's perspective, it's mostly that they're so, so, so very lazy now that they have all the money.  Not just on the main shows, but in stuff like the WWE Network, which has been around for 7 years now and is still lacking most of the basic content that should be on there for people who want a meaningful archive of wrestling history.  It's not that I want MORE wrestling to watch because I have more than enough in my life, but I want to be excited about what I watch at the very least. 

Would Flair still be employed?

If Flair hadn't left WWE shortly before the disastrous Dark Side of the Ring episode, do you think WWE would've kept him on the payroll? They already knew about the allegations. Seems Flair an a really ill-timed career decision. 
I suspect WWE knew what was coming and decided to get ahead of the story.  

diminishing returns

Morning, Scott –


Wrestling has a well-documented history of wrestlers overstaying their welcome or tarnishing their legacy – Goldberg being the latest victim to such circumstance.


Hogan’s legacy dive bombed as well (for different reasons), and Ric Flair is a parody of himself at this point.


Who are some that got out and never hurt their legacies?

HBK, Austin, and the Rock come to mind – and CM Punk would be on this list if he hadn’t come back but he’s still performing at a high enough level that he will probably stay on it.


Austin did kind of overstay his welcome though.  I think Rock is the perfect example.  Also Cena, he got out when he knew that he wasn’t at that level anymore.  

Black Saturday Part 2: Electric Boogaloo??

Hello Scott,

Now that Ruby Soho v. The Bunny tied Roman's Main Event Contract Signing in the demo, how long until we get Black Saturday Part 2, with Tony Khan welcoming us to Friday Night Smackdown and throwing it to squash matches taped from Universal Studios?

Hail Cobra,

Oh man, Bruce Prichard is gonna be sleeping on the couch tonight!  

“Will he get him now? YES HE DOES!”

Hi Scott, we're coming up on the 30th anniversary of Dustin Rhodes and Ricky Steamboat vs The Enforcers from Clash of Champions 17 I believe it was in 1991. And it's still probably the greatest “classic formula” tag team match I've ever seen. In terms of an angle payoff, I have it ranked right there with HTM-Warrior in terms of execution. And the match, it's perfect…Steamboat's selling, cutting the ring off and the switching by Arn and Larry (not to mention their awesome selling), and Dustin finding his groove as a hot tag guy, it's an awesome piece of business. 

Where does it rank on your list of all time favorites?

Quite high.  I’ve watched it a lot of times and it was really a moment that turned me around on Dustin.  I mostly stopped hating him after that.  

Roman on AEW

Hi Scott,

your thoughts on Roman Reigns’ opinion of AEW?

I don’t see the real competition with AEW because I think their fan
base legitimately is a hardcore fan base. So there’s like a ceiling and a built-in ground to that viewership. The WWE is trying to connect with everyone. We’re trying to connect with the mainstream. We’re trying to pull in the casual fan. We’re trying to engage
the new viewer, while also servicing our hardcore fan base and give them compelling stories to fulfill them as well. I don’t know if I’ve said it before, but I’ve said it before, when the audience is probably the biggest character in your show, that’s strange
to me. You’ll hear it all the time, the reviews and the comparisons. I think because they are the new kids on the block, they’re the cool kids in town, I guess, because of how premature and how novel it kind of still is, I think they’re still being babied
by these hardcore wrestling fans.”

Roman needs to not talk about this stuff.  He comes off much better that way.  

What if

What if Steamboat and Rude don’t get injured and forced into retirement?  What do you think their roles would’ve been in WCW?  Do they ever sniff the main event again? 
Rude for sure.  He would have been multiple time World champion.   Until he gets Hulked. Steamboat I doubt.  He probably would have jumped back and forth for a bit in the wars and retired multiple times based on how well his gym was doing. 

WWE House Show Crowds?

Hey Scott,

I attended a house show here in Rio Rancho, New Mexico last night and I must say it was a great show with a women's fatal 4-way being the surprise highlight. However, what really stuck out was the live crowd. It was a near packed house and the crowd was
far hotter then most of their live television crowds. 

It just got me thinking, would WWE benefit from doing television away from the bigger markets and doing them from markets they don't visit often because the crowd was great and not dead like some of the more saturated markets? I'm curious because I remember
a time when they did the most unique markets for television back in the mid-late 90s.

It might benefit but probably not as a short term fix, and so I can’t see them trying it.  Plus USA wants big cities and big arenas.  

Punk on Commentary

Listen, he's great on the mic and all, no question, but if Punk is going to be at the booth, he simply has to have the sports coat.

Anything else just ain't right.

Salmon sports coat or we riot, yes?
What about Vince's banana yellow one from the early 80s? 

Proving WWE wrong… and right.

One of the unlikely surprises so far is how much progress Tay Conti has made, showing some personality and improvement in the ring (though still obviously limited). Compared to her WWE tenure, where she was programmed to work the same basic style that wasn't catching on, and never given a chance to be anything more than one of the countless warm bodies thrown on TV from time to time. I'm sure her cut was likely due to a backstage issue over not being used, but shows how you can find a gem where others have already written someone off.

Then you have Ruby Soho. She came in with a lot of buzz and “under-used” taglines, and has been a huge disappointment in everything she does once the bell rings. No matches stand out as “wow, how did WWE miss out with her?”, and often matches fall apart, regardless of the opponent. You can't blame the other worker when it's every match and a different opponent each time. Maybe WWE got that one right, she wasn't worth the push that others were clamoring for. 

Maybe, but at least she got the chance this time and you can't argue she didn't get a fair shake.  

Division One

Assuming Vince doesn't Vince things up with some of this promising young talent now in NXT, who do you think has more potential to be a star, Bron or Gable? It seems like if either or both of them live up to half of the expectations it could be gamechanger for WWE. My thoughts are which either one Vince believes in more you could pair him with the Creed Brothers, who are freaking awesome, and start a stable called division one, since they all are former division athletes. Then after the 2023 rumble have that winner choose the Raw champion instead of Roman, who will still be champion. Just when Roman thinks he will have it easy breezy, boom division one stomps out the bloodline Nexus style and you have your Mania Main event/star building moment ready to go. 

Pretty sure Big Nephew Pump is gonna be the biggest star in Vince's eyes for the next decade.  Have you SEEN his meaty thighs, pal?  

Paige Vanzantin Aew

What’s the take in her? Do you think she could be something if she took the time in to train? She definitely has a charisma to her.

I still have no idea how UFC missed the boat on her so much.  They should have put her over some scrubs like they did with Ronda before and then just merchandised the crap out of her.  But yes, Paige gets it (and CAN GET IT, amirite?) and the more she's on AEW TV, the more she'll be a big star.  

Did you know she has an Instagram?  She totally does.

Being the Marty Jannetty

Good morning, Scott –


We know the phrase in wrestling in being “the Marty Jannetty” of a tag team – but besides Jannetty, who else qualifies for that term?

A lot of tag team breakups didn’t lead to major success for either person – but I can think of a few off the top:


Stevie Ray (Booker T)

Scotty Riggs (Buff)

Charlie Haas (Shelton Benjamin)


You could throw Bart Gunn into the mix, but I’m not sure if “New Age Outlaws” Billy Gunn counts since it was another tag team.


Who else qualifies as being the Jannetty of a team?


Bart Gunn.  John Kronus in a sense.  

Wrong Time and Place Tag Teams

Curious if you think there are any tag teams, from otherwise mediocre to bad eras, that would have been remembered or loved if they wrestled another time or place?

Like, were any of those mid-90s WWF teams worthwhile and just stuck with mediocre competition? Would the Smoking Gunns get any fandom if they had the Hart Foundation, Demolition or Bulldogs to go at it with? 

Nooooo.  The Gunns only survived the first couple of years because there was literally no other teams to be in the mix.  They’d be the Moondogs by comparison in there with those other teams.  The 90s were just bad.  Although Kid and Marty could have been something without their other issues.  

Max Mini and the Owen Hart tragedy.

Hi Scott,

I’ve just come across a story claim from Meltzer that could be just bullshit but it’s so specific that it’s worth a discussion.

Basically the original plan for Over The Edge 1999 was for Owen Hart dressed as The Blue Blazer to carry Max Mini dressed as a miniature Blue Blazer.

This means that if the original plan had gone ahead there might have been two fatalities that night.

Interestingly what Meltzer claims saved Max Mini’s life was that Owen no showed the practice sessions earlier in the day, where they were showing him how to get in and out of the harness safely.  So when Owen finally turned up WWE simplified the stunt so it was less for Owen to learn in such a short space of time.

Is this story one you have heard of before & do you believe it?


Definitely a new one on me.  

Missed resurgence

Who’s a wrestler, deceased or otherwise out of the business, who you think could be having a resurgence right now thanks to how the wrestling world is shaking out?
Diesel, because he was already used to headlining for 3000 people as World champion.