Rename the Gooker award?

Hey Scott

Given the number of shitty things Bray Wyatt hasn't necessarily been directly responsible for but significantly involved in do you and the blog think there's a case to be made for the annual award for the worst thing in wrestling to be renamed the Wyatt? I know it doesn't have the same ring to it but just off the top of my head I can think of:

The match where Dean Ambrose jobbed to a fucking exploding TV
That obvious as fuck Final Deletion rip off against the New Day
WM 33 against Orton with the bugs projected onto the ring 
House of Horrors against Orton
Hell in a Cell against Rollins
Firefly Fun House against Cena
Wyatt Swamp Fight against Braun
Whatever the fuck Sunday was supposed to be

I massively dug his early Wyatt Family stuff and was interested to see what he could do as the Fiend which is why it's so frustrating to see him reduced to this unwatchable bullshit.

 Say what you will but he’s probably putting his kids through college with that stupid Fiend belt.  Stupid like a fox.  

Saving the WrestleMania 13! Bringing about Attitude Era Boom A Year Early!!!

The Ahmed Johnson comes out and issues the ultimatum to The Dead Mang. He's like “yeah you beat the crapping Sid but you haven't face a man like me yet and I beat off THREE guys earlier tonight in a brutal stret fought” Undertaker accepts match on the SPOT.
They go 30 minutes Meltzer gives the full monty. Undertaker wins when Paul Bearer comes out as a member of the nation of domination and Undertaker joins them as the dead zombie white black supremacist! Ahmed takes the mic after bloody loss and chuckles and
says “sheeeit at least I got my mojo back jack!” Suddenly he starts dancing to his own theme music for like five minutes while a bunch of overweight grandma's come out and dance with him in unison while the crowd smiles and laughs and cheers. Ahmed does this
every match now as he target schemes for Nation OF DEAD-DOMINATION.

I find it a little hard to buy that Meltzer would give it the full monty at only 30 minutes.  


In the Two Dudes Doc, they talk about Vince meeting Diesel, and sending him to Albany to help Shawn win back the IC belt from Jannetty.

When Jannetty won the belt on RAW, was Shawn always getting it back so fast?  Was Marty's run just to do a surprise title switch on RAW?

If there is no Diesel, does Shawn win it back that quick anyway?

Yes to all the questions.  

Crikey mate, get Gus quick

I honestly don't know what to think of this. It's probably gonna be a complete sheep dip, what dyareckon Scott??

At least it's not Tout!
Outback Jack or we RIOT.  
Wait, is he even still alive?  I heard he was eaten by a dingo. 

That’s Enough Mickie James


Is anyone else sick of hearing Mickie whine about being fired from WWE?

People get fired from their job all the time, and some probably have also shockingly and horrifically got trash bags full of their stuff as well.

The apologies apparently weren’t enough for her as she gave numerous interviews bashing the company that made her name over and over after the fact.

Even today, she tweeted something expressing incredulity that they would rehire Eva Marie.

Sorry to break it to Mickie, but there’s way more $ and future in Eva.

Sad way for her to go out this bitter, as she probably could have got a Hall of Fame induction in the coming years if she kept it civil like other former female wrestlers who were fired and then later inducted.

Your thoughts?


I’m sorry, there’s way more money in EVA MARIE?!?!  LOLwut?  Maybe for hair dye companies.  

Macho man doc

Hey Scott- 

Did you watch the macho man doc on A&E?
Correct me if I am wrong. But I have never heard so much open steroid talk in any doc that had WWE participation. 
I understand that Randy is gone. But it seemed like quite the burial. 

 Especially bringing up alleged drug use for in his later years. Just seemed a little petty. 

Just wondering. Your thoughts. 

I don’t think there was anything “alleged” about it.  Human beings do not look like Macho did in 1999. The stuff about Stephanie Bellars and the cameras was pretty icky, but the rest was nothing I haven’t heard before.  I usually prefer the WWE docs and their version of his history because at least they acknowledge WCW as a thing that happened and tend to focus more on the larger than life legend rather than the sad details of his later life.  I dunno, not my favourite one thus far, but it was fine and pretty fair. 

I’m interested to see the contrast in stories between the Warrior bio and the Dark Side episode, though.  

Oliver Humperdink

I’m exhausted tonight and just threw on Wrestlemania 4 for no particular reason. Why the fuck would you pair Bam Bam Bigelow with a guy who looks like the Mayor of Muchkinland if he were also the wizard, of like, an arcade. Bam Bam looks like a key lieutenant in Hell. The pair looked weird then, and it looks even weirder now. Do you remember / did you ever even hear what the thinking behind this pairing was? Why would Bam Bam need ANYONE, let alone this bearded ginger disco ball?

Bigelow was a pretty bad promo at that point and he did need someone.  And to be fair, Humperdink was good in Florida for what he was.  But that wasn’t a babyface manager and the pairing never worked.  

Andy Kaufman

Hey Scott, hope you and your family are well. I was watching the Most Wanted Treasures on TV about Lawler and Kaufman. If Kaufman would have survived past 1984, do you think he would have run a program for WWE, possibly Wrestlemania 1? Thanks.
Doubtful.  Vince wouldn’t have put up with his shit and Kaufman didn’t want the hassle of fame anyway.  

NWO: Biggest Angle with the most waste

Since the network debut and the countless podcasts covering a range of shows, stories and talents, the retrospective of the NWO Angle has been disected and examined more than i ever imagined it could since the monday night wars ended.  Alot of things stand out, and for such a huge angle, storylines, threads, matches and wrestlers involved, two things also stick out in the back of my mind:

– No payoff.  I can't even find out exactly if and when the nWo died in wcw or it just went away with the sale.  Even the Sting/Hogan match wasn't a satisfying end to that particular feud due to everything that happened. 

-No MOTY-Candidates.  There was a few good Savage/DDP Brawls, maybe Syxx had some decent cruiserweight action.  But is there even a single match involving them that comes to mind that you think is a Classic? 

Can you think of any other huge storylines & angles that produced such little satifying outcomes? 

There was a pretty big one in 2001…


At some point in some wrestlers careers, Vince or Bischoff or whoever is the boss of a wrestling company will decide to turn some wrestler into a jobber to the stars, usually a respected  veteran.  Or even hire a wrestler from another company and make them a JTTS.   My question is are there some wrestlers you think got turned into a JTTS too soon?  Could Tito Santana have done more post Strike Force breakup? Bobby Eaton post Dangerous Alliance?  Pretty much any NWA/WCW wrestler Vince hired in the late 80s?  How about any wrestler now?

I think Ricochet sure as hell got turned into a JTTS too soon.  

Tito was perfectly cast in the role he was in, however.  Bobby Eaton got a TV title reign and that was going to be his ceiling anyway, he was better off as a tag team guy.  

The reign of Reigns

So they finally gave Roman a new entrance theme that didn't come from the SHIELD days and it is an absolute banger. Is it safe to assume that he's keeping the Bluniversal belt at least until he breaks CM Punk's record?

We can only hope. 

Vince McBunny

Justin Gabriel pitched Adam Rose's bunny develop into a hardcore wrestler and would go through tables, constantly be drinking, and taking crazy spots. They'd
find him backstage passed out, Vince McMahon under the mask


What do you think Scott? Best idea or bestest idea we never saw make it to TV?


Hey, if they didn't WANT to make millions of dollars, it's their business.   

WWF New Generation Era


After reading the April 1996 Raw review, it got me thinking about the New Generation years. Then I quickly got a headache and took a nap. Then I started thinking again: Do we have any accepted beginning and end points for the New Generation era?

Does it start when Bret beat Flair? When Luger hiplocked Yokozuna? Does it end with the Curtain Call? 

(I always associate that era specifically with American hero Lex Luger, but also Bret, Shawn, Razor, Diesel, Yoko, Bam Bam, Double J, Doink, Adam Bomb, etc. Since most were gone or on sabbatical by spring 1996, I don’t consider anything after that point to be New Generation.)

P.S. Sources tell me none of the above were in Dallas in 1963.

I think the accepted starting point was Diesel beating Bob Backlund, actually.  The period with Bret and Yokozuna could kind of retroactively be appended onto the New Generation, but Imma have to make a call on behalf of internet wrestling nerds and say it's not officially part of New Gen.  I'm sorry, discussion over.

Hogan in WCW

Why did Hogan cut the legs out from every challenger in WCW, pre-NWO? Whether it was Flair, Vader, the Giant, the Dungeon…he killed all of them as being a threat before the feud payoff. Hurting WCW & his own payoffs in the process it would seem. Egomania running wild?

Much like Vince Russo, he needed Vince McMahon to know how to rein him in.  

Meltzer PPV numbers

Who says they're legit? Where are his sources? I don't believe AEW and Impact did such high numbers for their last PPVs. Why is no one double-checking Meltzer's words?

You’re right, you better call the PPV companies and get on that.  Misleading wrestling fans into thinking a PPV did higher numbers is the biggest threat to democracy since Dominion. 


What's big deal about Uncle Dave, like why do people care so much about his opinion? I hate to kick the guy while he is down, as I am sure he will have a long weekend ahead of trying to spin Dynamites huge rating drop, but what makes his opinion such a big deal? I get that his like a historian but just because you watch alot indie and Japanese wrestling doesn't make you the end all be all. If that was the case Mel Kiper would be running an NFL team.

Obviously he was ahead of his time as a wrestling journalist back in the day, but nowadays most of his “exclusives” are either wrong or stolen from alot of the up and comer like SRS. And some of his takes are just the cringest, like the bad bunny take or what he just said about Charlotte/Peyton. Add on top his bias towards Vince while having blinders towards his nephew and disciple deathmatch Tony, he is basically the new age mean Gene hotline. At least you admit to taking Tony's checks. He will not spoil anything for AEW but has no problem ruining surprises for anyone else. They can't even talk about a botch on AEW without immediately comparing it to something that happened on WWE, the guy is a shill. Look, Vince has put on some terrible matches the last 20 years, but to say they had like 2 five stars matches in that time frame while AEW has had like 10 in a 1.5 years proves the Observer is as unbiased as Newsmax. 

Has anyone pulled back the curtain on his inner workings and subscription count? I think I saw like 1500 people voted on the 0bserver awards, that doesn't seem like alot. I would be curious how many people are actually signed up these days with the observer? Although according to him you can't name 3 booker of the year award winners in the last 25 years who didn't grow up reading his work or studying his stuff. I am pretty sure not alot of bookers lost sleep losing that award. 

Oh there you are.  I was wondering when you’d chime in following the other anti-AEW emails.  

All Forbidden Doors lead to G1

With all of the Forbidden door opening, what are the chances Kenny Omega makes his return to New Japan by declaring for G1 to play into his story of trying to collec ALL of the gold?

Bonus: Also, the return of Moxley as the G1 killing machine he was for the first few matches in the G1 he did a few years back?

I think we're gonna have to work on Japan actually allowing people into the country again before we worry about that.