Hey Scott, whats up?

1. Has WWE ever looked into signing Fedor? I know he cant speak english, but add the right manager or advocate, monster heel.

2. Why has WWE never had a Tyson , Lesnar confrontation? Just the face to face would be money.

1.  I can’t imagine Fedor having any interest in doing pro wrestling or WWE meeting his redonkulous asking price.  
2.  Do kids today even know Tyson as anything beyond the wacky celebrity from the Hangover or the cartoon?  Again, can’t imagine the asking price would justify the cost.  

Local Endorsements for wrestlers

Hey Scott-

Any sports fan knows that athletes in your local sports town will have endorsements with car dealerships, delis,  restaurants etc.

Can WWE talent do that?  And if so, do they have to give the company a cut?

All that stuff has to be negotiated through WWE, and yeah, WWE definitely gets a piece of the action. 

Hatred for Stephanie

Hello Scott,

I’m not what you would call a knee-jerk McMahon loyalist, but I’m not sure I understand your venom toward Stephanie.

I understand that they’ve sort of made her the figurehead/spokesperson for the Divas Revolution/Evolution/whatever, but did i miss some specific incident where she personally (outside of kayfabe) took credit for the rise in women’s wrestling?  I don’t ask this
sarcastically – I really want to know if there was some specific incident where she literally painted herself to be both the inventor and savior of modern women’s wrestling.  

On a related note, I think that a lot of fans don’t realize that those inside the business look at things from a different perspective.  With certain well-known exceptions, most aren’t as obsessed with their legacy outside of whether or not the fans are currently
enjoying what they do.  They are obviously passionate enough about the business to have devoted their life to it, but when it’s your job and lifestyle, the fact that you’ve made it to the big-time tends to make you fairly secure in your abilities – this is
why it’s pointless to shout “you can’t wrestle” at even the shittiest wrestler on a WWE program.

Again, I want to stress that there are very obvious exceptions to this, but by and large, when you’re Paul Stanley, you don’t sweat whether or not people think you’re the world’s greatest guitarist – you’re more interested in whether or not people love KISS.

That being said, I would be surprised if Stephanie was hell-bent on making sure that the world thought she personally played a huge and important role in the resurgence of women’s wrestling.  

​The problem with Stephanie and HHH in particular is that it’s incredibly difficult to determine where kayfabe ends and reality begins.  Stephanie feuding with Ronda Rousey is clearly Stephanie The Character, but what about when she’s doing commentary for the Women’s Rumble and Michael Cole is scripted to say that she’s far too humble to say it herself but she’s the driving force behind the Women’s Revolution/Evolution?  Or when they announced the Rumble and every woman on the roster, heel and face, had to come out to the ring and celebrate the opportunity being given to them by Stephanie? 
I think what bugs me foremost is that they already own the company and we know it, but they still remind us of it every week and put themselves on TV instead of using someone who could the extra merch sales or videogame royalties.  Remember when Vince McMahon was just the announcer for two decades and had no interest in being an on-screen character because he didn’t want to overshadow his larger-than-life superheroes?  ​

Sweet Daddy Siki Doc

Hey Scott – here’s something from the “wrestlers I never thought I’d see have a documentary devoted to them” file (a very specific file, I know) –  Sweet Daddy Siki.  I’m not sure how many will have heard of him, but he was a *major* heel in the 70s here the Maritimes back in the Atlantic Grand Prix days.


I saw that!  Actually kind of interested in it, as well.  

Backlash Women’s Title Matches

Scott –

2 trains of thought:

1. Charlotte and Bliss have been on top long enough, so move on to new blood.


2. Carmella is not believable as a champ, and Nia isn’t ready to carry the A show’s woman’s division, so have them both drop the belts on Sunday.

Which way are you leaning?

​#2.  They clearly want Bliss as the long-term face of the division on RAW and Nia’s already had her revenge.  Carmella is a complete nothing as champion and more proof that they had zero plan for that briefcase beyond “Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Ellsworth won the first women’s MITB match?”  I think they switch both belts tomorrow.​

New Day

Whats up Scott,

I was listening to Brad Shephards podcast and he was saying how New Days merch sales have been going down. Is this indicative that the gimmicks run its course? If so, whats next? Break up? Gimmick change maybe? Heel turn?

​Wow, Big E throws pancakes out of his pants and merch sales go DOWN.  Big shocker there.
I think they’ve run their course and it’s time to do something different with them and split up.  Kofi is due for another token singles run anyway.​


Hey Scott. Hope you’re well, thanks for all the content over the years. 

Jericho’s recent attack of Naito put me in mind of the classic he and Omega put on at Wrestle Kingdom 12. In the comments for the rant you wrote for the show, a reader marveled at the fact that Jericho put on the best match of his career at 47 years old. Do you agree that it was, in fact, his very best match? While I certainly believe that it should be in the conversation, Jericho’s put on so many tremendous performances over the years that it’s nigh impossible to point at one as head and shoulders above the rest. If forced to choose, I’d probably put Jericho/Benoit vs. HHH/Austin at the top – if we’re limiting the conversation to singles matches, I think the Jericho/Benoit ladder match for the Intercontinental Title is my favorite. 


Based on his age and limitations today, it was by far his best PERFORMANCE.  But his best match is still the Benoit one, I think. 

Okada/Omega IV predictions

Who you got? Does Omega finally win the big one or does Cody screw him out of the title to continue their feud? Or just another clean Okada win?

Meltzer is pretty sure that if they can sell out the Cow Palace, that’s where they’re finally changing the title.  God knows Omega is due. 
Or maybe they’ll do a cage match and they can both go out at the same time!

Time for Plan C (Obscure Star Trek reference) for Roman Reigns?

At this point, would the only way to salvage Roman Reigns be to just say “fuck it” and make him a comedy character?

And before you say anything, remember that Big Show was basically DOA before he stopped being a scary monster for a while and just went full farce and managed to FINALLY cross over .Similarly, Kane added countless years to his character by embracing comedy into his character.

And also factor this in; a comedy Roman Reigns would actually give him a leg up over the other top guys, who are all pretty humorous.

They can even go the Bulworth route; after countless defeats, Roman stops giving a fuck and starts acting silly as far as having a complete mental breakdown. Silly mentally unhinged Roman could be fun; bonus points if they go the 4chan route humor-wise (as given Vince’s being behind the ball pop-culturally, he should be reaching the point in 2008 when 4chan and /b started breaking into the mainstream)

​Pretty sure they’re not doing that.​

The Greatest Royal Rumble

WWE Paid $70 million? sounds like Kayfabe to me

Jesus, those numbers keep going up all the time.  Previously the claim was $25 million and even that is ridiculously high.  Well, if it is $70m, you sure can understand why they’d sacrifice their morals for that kind of oil money.  

Roman Reigns – What’s the Goal?

The Roman Reigns experiment, as over-analyzed and discussed as it is, really is one of the most fascinating studies in modern pro wrestling. 

The question becomes, after almost 4 years, what is WWE’s goal at this point?  Is it to be a merchandise gold mine for kids, women and more casual fans that aren’t as smart as the true die-hards?  If so, then he really isn’t that different from 2007 or 2008 John Cena at this point, relatively speaking.  Cena has been getting booed for 12 years at this point and it hasn’t effected his star power at all.  I guess my point is that if “booking” from a wrestling perspective is secondary to marketability, then I guess it doesn’t matter how Luger-esque he becomes.

​I honestly don’t understand the point now, either.  You’d think that they would understand that star power means more merch, so turn him heel and let him be a bigger star because the brand is bigger than everyone anyway.  But no, apparently the Reigns push must be done in a specific way​ that bears no relation to reality or crowd reactions to him.  I don’t get the endgame, and I don’t get why Brock needs to be champion for a year and a half, either.  

Overworking Daniel Bryan

Hi Scott,

So I have no clue what Bryan’s medical situation is but it seems kinda weird that he went from seemingly “One bump could kill you,” to “Eh, do a full-time schedule, why not?” I’d assumed he would stay as GM and wrestle intermittently like Flair was initially doing in ’02.

But now they not only have him wrestling full-time, but going out and doing 1-Hour Plus matches where other wrestlers are trying to rip his chest open.

Is that his decision? I assume Bryan wouldn’t force himself into situations he wasn’t completely comfortable with but why would WWE throw him smack into the thick of things like this? Why book your one guy who a concussion away from Paige-city into situations that go over and above what anyone else is doing?

Why not just ease Bryan in?

​100% Daniel Bryan’s call.  Even before the clearance happened Daniel made it perfectly clear that he wanted to go somewhere and work a full-time schedule if he couldn’t do so in WWE.​

Saudi Arabia

For all the people claiming that WWE is taking the Saudis’ “blood money”, I get it.

HAVING SAID THAT, is it also bad that Black Panther was the first movie screened in the nation in 35 years? Where is the outrage there? Also, Americans (and probably Canadians, I assume) have their tax dollars given to the Saudis every year, so a WWE show is pretty low on the outrage scale for me.

Overall, maybe having “Western” movies and shows in the nation is a net-positive? I don’t know, but it certainly can’t be OK for BP just because Chadwick Boseman didn’t physically go to Arabia, right?

​I have to say I don’t get the point you’re making.  ​

THIS Is The Blueprint To Conquering The Beast

Hey Scott, I think I know the blueprint to beating Brock Lesnar. Here me out:


What you gotta do is cut him off at the legs/knees. If you can take him off his feet – and the way to do that is to build up enough velocity and speed running the ropes and then drop kick him at the knees at the right moment – the goal is to stomp his legs and his PCL relentlessly and try to keep him down. If possible, get his legs near the ring apron and slam them down repeatedly. Do the same on one of the ring posts, too.


While doing all of this, alternate between that and raining down relentless punches and elbows and knees onto his skull while playing it smart and making sure he doesn’t grab a hold of you. Even he can only take so much damage, and after enough of it he will eventually go out and you will have knocked out Brock Lesnar with a near flawless technical performance.


I tweeted this blueprint to AJ Styles last year during the build up to Survivor Series because I thought he could maybe pull it off, but I guess he didn’t see it or just didn’t bother listening to it. Maybe Daniel Bryan could pull it off? That’s a tall order, but it could happen.


It’s just frustrating watching no one do what should be obvious.


You’re right, it IS crazy that no one listened to you. Very, very crazy.

On that dumb Summerslam call-in show.

Hi, Scott! Long-time stalker of your content here.
I was reading your most recent Wrestling Observer Flashback (the 8/29 one as of this writing), and you mentioned that trainwreck of a call-in show prior to SummerSlam 1994. One of my most vivid memories as a pro wrestling fan was when I called into that show as an 11-year-old kid, in his second year as a wrestling fan. Yeah, I got into wrestling during this garbage time to be a wrestling fan. I don’t know how I stuck around, either.
I remember calling all night trying to get in on that, and getting busy signals. But once, just once, I picked up and got… silence. No instructions or anything. Having never called into a show like that before, and being a dumb 11-year-old with a minimal amount of sense, my reaction to getting nothing but silence was to shout “Hello? Hello? Mikey!” and then hang up. For the record, I can’t say that I really remember what I was going to ask if I had been aware that I was going to be “live”.
So, I kept watching the call-in show, because I was 11, didn’t have good cable, and there was nothing else on the air for me. Towards the end of the show, Vince and the King got to this guy named “Vinnie from New York”. And for some crazy reason, he shouted “Hello? Hello? Mikey!” at them in a confused, yet obviously handsome 11-year-old’s voice. 
I remember Vince and Lawler looking very confused themselves, until Lawler pushed the toilet flushing button that I think every soundboard is federally mandated to have to get rid of the voice.
I would say it’d been ten minutes since I hung up then, but I know that was me. 

My name is not Vinnie, and I was from the most dogshit part of rural Tennessee at the time. I’m a New Yorker in the same way that Tommy Rich and Tracy Smothers are full-blooded Italians. Even the call-ins were kayfabed.

Wrestling, am I right?
So, what I’m trying to get at is that it was indeed a representative sample of WWF/E’s actual audience. Children and dumbasses called into that show. Sometimes both!
Vinnie from New York


​An inspiring story!
*toilet flushes*